A Red Nightie For You


The most important thing I want you to remember is that making love to my man means that he is the center of my attention and my focus is on making sure that he is pleased to no end in every aspect of his life. I make it a point to learn all I can about pleasing my man and he being apart of my world and I apart of his world.

You’ve had a hard day at work. When you get home, I’ve cooked all of your favorite things to eat including me. I fix your dinner and allow you to relax for a bit, while you are relaxing I go and draw you a nice hot Jacuzzi bubble bath. When you’re done with your dinner, I lead you to our bedroom for your bubble bath. I undress you as seductively as I can, already beginning the excitement of our night of pleasure. Once I have you naked, I step back to admire you wonderfully handsome body. I lead you to your bath, let you get in and soak for a little while. I want you to unwind from your long day. I leave you to soak and enjoy the bubble bath.

When I come back I have on your favorite nighty, the Red one that turns you on as soon as you see it. I come back to give you your bubble bath, you don’t have to do anything, just lay back and let me to all the work. I want to give you the best bath you’ve ever had. I start at your Bostancı Escort feet and work my way up your body, paying special attention to each sexton of your body, all sextons. After I have given you your bath, I dry you off. Making sure all of your sextons are dried. I lead you to our bed and lay you down so that I can give you a full body massage. My massages are a combination of nice soft gentle rubs, firm rubs, and gentle kisses. I like to give my baby a full body massage, nothing, and no parts are missed. I massage your backside first starting at your shoulders and work my way down to the mid of your back, massaging and kissing everywhere. I love the way your body feels to me, just touching you give me sheer excitement. I take my time with you b/c I want you to relax and enjoy every moment. I take my time making sure my man is being well pleased.

I slowly continue down your body massaging and giving gentle kisses. Mumm, I have to make sure my babies bottom is massaged too, can’t forget your nice ass, I love to see in it in the buff. Watching you take the pleasure I am giving is always a turn on to me, knowing that I am giving my man what he wants make me excited. I continue massaging your body down so that I can get to Ümraniye Escort my favorite part of you. I ask you to turn over so that I can see if my back work is getting the desired effects. Mumm, I see that it is. I slowly crawl up your body to your sexy lips and being giving you long passionate kisses. Starting with your lips, I come down

Your neck,

Your chest,

Your stomach,

Your thighs,

Your inner thigh

Mummmm, my baby is nice and woke now, and standing at attention, waiting for me. I reach over to the side of the bed and get one of our favorite flavors, Banana. I take some and rub on you so that I can give you a nice tongue bath. As you lay there, I slowly begin to plant nice wet kisses to your wonderfully erect dick. Starting at the bottom of your manhood, and working my way up until I am at the top, you taste so good to me. Tasting you my babe gets me excited and my tongue wants to taste more of you. I reposition myself so that I can make sure that I can take my babe inside my warm wanting mouth. I start at the tip of your dick and make small circles, kissing, nibbling but never biting. As you get harder from my tongue, I want you more and more. I take you in and out of my mouth slowly Anadolu Yakası Escort and then quickly, using my hands to match the movement of my mouth on your dick. Just as you start to get harder, you let out a moan that let’s me know that I am pleasing you. This turns me on even more b/c I know my baby is feeling me. I quicken my pace because I want to taste you inside my mouth. I want to taste your wonderfully warm cum deep inside my mouth.

As you being to release your cum, you let out the most wonderful moan of satisfaction that I have ever heard. This makes me feel so good and more turned on by you b/c I know that my babe is satisfied. I move myself upward at your motioning; you take me and begin to kiss me just as passionately as I kiss you. We are both so hot and worked up that you nor, I can contain ourselves. You pull me on top of you so that I can take your fully hard and erected manhood deep inside my wanting and waiting pussy. I am hot as fire just for you. I take you inside me, deep until the base of your balls are at the base of my extremely hot pussy. I take you in and out of me slowly at first, then as I get my rhythms going you being to match my movements. Being with you is the most wonderful thing I have felt in a long time. You inside me, me inside you, us inside each other, pleasing one another to the fullest. You have never been so fulfilled and neither have I. We lie inside each other and take a much needed rest; slowly we both drift to a sound sleep, just having loved each the best way we knew how.

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