A real friend…


A real friend…So the girlfriend is out of town visiting family, nothing new as she normally goes there about once a month, but things worked out really well Friday night. For those who’ve read other posts by me, you may know I have a buddy that I do a lot of stuff with (hobby and business wise) and his wife and my girlfriend are good friends. All four of us know about our sexual desires and such, but his wife is sometimes unsure about us all playing….with that said, Friday night really threw me!!Since my buddy and I work together, we sometimes carpool, so after work I took him home and asked what the evening’s plans were. He wasn’t sure yet as his wife was working late and wasn’t sure his parents were taking the k**s for the night yet or not. Fair enough I thought, so I told him to call me when he knew what the plan was. About 2 hours later, he called and said they were working at the shop (side business they have) late and I was welcome to come up there if I was bored….which I did. The evening went on as normal. We cleaned and straightened and wrapped up a project they had going on. When we looked up, it was after midnight and we all decided to sit down and relax in the office chairs they had set up. I sat in the middle, he sat on my right and she sat down on my left. As I glanced at a magazine on the desk in front of me, I could tell they were up to something…..just wasn’t sure what. When I looked at them, and asked what the deal was, she just shook her head and he chuckled…”Did I miss something?” I asked. “No” he replied and adjusted his package. Strange, I thought….no big deal….whatever happens, happens! We sat there for a few more minutes then decided to finish cleaning up and head for home. As we swept up the last pile of trash, I asked him what was so funny earlier. He responded with, “We are both really wound up tonight and thought about jumping you!!” “So why didn’t you?” I asked. “Not the right place and time” he said. I can understand that and responded with, “well, you know my place is empty tonight, she’s out of town again”…..all he did was smile. About 20 minutes later we were done and getting ready to leave. I left without asking what their plans Escort were but decided to text them on my way home. All they responded was: On your way now. Awesome!! When we all got to my place, we decided showers were in order and headed to the master bedroom shower. I stripped right away and started the shower, when I turned around, there he stood naked with a nearly erect cock pointing right at me. All I said was, “Looking good” and he once again smiled. He wandered over to his wife and helped her finish stripping and grabbed her ass and whispered something into her ear…not sure what but it motivated her quite well!! They joined me in the shower where we washed and rubbed and stroked on each other and made sure we were all clean. Once the shower was done we toweled off and headed out of the bedroom naked and headed to the living room. He sat on the edge of the couch as I spread out a blanket and she kneeled down and began to play with his cock, stroking him then sucking on him. I walked up and stood next to him just watching her work his thick cock into her mouth. With that, he reached up and grabbed my cock and began to stroke me. His wife stopped sucking him for a moment and watched his hand on my hard cock, smiled at him and began sucking him again. I could see her looking up at my cock as her husband’s hand gripped my shaft…he was watching her and saw her intrigued by his actions so he went for it and pulled me in close putting my entire cock into his mouth and began sucking!! Her eyes lit up and she began sucking him even faster and watching him work my cock in and out of his mouth…..then she reached up and grabbed my nutsack and gently tugged at it while he sucked away!! After a few minutes, she sat up some and began to kiss at his mouth and lick at my nuts….damn was it hot….then they each wet their lips and began to run their open lips up and down each side of my shaft…tongues occasionally ran out from their lips to tease me just a little more as they used their warm wet mouths to work me into a frenzy!! As they worked over my shaft I commented on how hot it was and they both just smiled at each other and began to kiss. We decided to Escort Bayan move to the blanket on the floor, so he laid down on his back and she straddled him in the 69 position. I helped her blow him and suck on his nuts as she worked him over…then I could feel him tapping me so I looked up to see what he wanted. He motioned for me to come to him and pointed to her pussy that he was eating out gently. I looked puzzled at him and he grabbed my cock and pulled it towards her. I straddled his head with my knees and slowly worked my throbbing head into her now wet pussy….I could hear her moan and breathe deep as I entered her. I’m not sure what was more erotic, her moans or the fact that my nutsack was now hanging across my buddies face, rubbing his nose and mustache….it almost tickled but damn did it feel great!! I plunged my cock in and out of her pussy as he licked on it….she stopped sucking on him and began to moan with delight, breathing heavier and eventually let out a deep groan as she had her first orgasm. She bucked and pushed back into my cock as hard as she could and I could feel her pussy contracting around my cock all the while pushing my nuts and shaft back down onto his face where he was feverishly licking both her clit and my shaft, taking in all the juices we could produce!! After several more minutes of hard fucking, I was about to come so I pulled out and fingered her a little, I could see my buddy looking up at me so I mouthed, “I’m not ready to cum!!” He smiled and went back to eating her out. After a couple minutes of settling down, I went back to our previous position and was going back to fucking her when he grabbed my cock and took it into his mouth, cleaning off her pussy juices and licking up my precum.She flipped around and kneeled down between his thighs and began to suck on him once again, the whole time watching her husband suck on my cock….I think she gets off on watching that!! After a while he removed my cock and motioned for me to fuck her doggie style while she was sucking him so I positioned myself behind her and slid my cock back inside her warm wet pussy. I began slow and could feel her pushing back into me Bayan Escort so I sped up my thrusts and fucked her harder and harder until she let out a huge moan and once again she came, even more wet than the time before…what made it funny was he had his arms crossed behind his head just watching her cum, smiling the whole time….he was getting off on seeing her cum!! Just moments after she came, I knew I was getting close and let out an almost painful grunt as a warning when he said, “Oh man….come in her….fill up her pussy!!” and with that encouragement, I came and unloaded a huge load inside her willing pussy…over and over my cock pumped out cum as she bucked and pushed back into me. When I finally finished and pulled out, he grabbed her by the hips and pulled her up on top of his eagerly awaiting cock…she climbed up on top of him and slid it in, he let out a light moan of approval as they used my cum as lube to fuck each other. She rode him for several minutes then laid down on top of him exposing his cock and her pussy…I had front row seating for the wettest pussy pounding I’d ever seen!! I could tell by his breathing that he was about to come so I reached over and began to rub and tug on his nuts….moments later they tightened up and he exploded inside her, adding his load of cum to mine. I could see it begin to ooze out of her and reached up with one finger and wiped some of it off and lick it off my fingertip…..damn….the 3 of us tasted pretty damn good!! With his cock still inside her, I ran my tongue up and around her pussy lips, making her twinge a little….he chuckled as her face apparently had quite the reaction!! She rolled off onto her back in exhaustion, leaving his still swollen and cum covered cock exposed to me….I couldn’t resist….into my mouth his cock went!! After all, it needed cleaned off!! She propped herself up on her elbows long enough to watch me engulf every inch of him into my mouth, then rolled over to him and gave each other a deep sensuous kiss. After a few minutes I could feel his cock begin to deflate….it’d been a long day and we were all wore out by now! I stopped sucking on his cock and went and got a warm wash cloth and wiped off her pink pussy and the 2 loads of cum that were still dripping from it. A little while later when we all caught our breath, they got dressed, thanked me for a great time and headed for home….not a bad way to start the weekend!!

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