A Quiet Sunday with Lisa


A Quiet Sunday with LisaAnother day has dawned and it was nice to wake up with Lisa asleep and resting her head on my chest, home comforts. Yesterday was a heavy day and the plan for today is to chill. It was 10am so I decided to go put some coffee on and as I got out of bed Lisa partly woke up and smiled, “Good to be home Dad” she said softly, made my heart melt.She looked down at my morning wood and giggled, “Nothings changed there then” she said as I threw on my boxers and headed down to the kitchen.Lisa followed soon after and pointed to her stomach, “Hmm dad, what is all this flaky stuff huh!” she had a knowing look on her face so maybe she just wanted me to admit it, I smiled at her..“When I put you to bed babygirl you looked so tempting” I said with a grin, mind you she had come down as she was in just her thong so again she looked tempting.“Hmm” she said, “Quick coffee and then a long shower” she said as she sat at the breakfast bar, I poured the coffee, “Can I tell you something dad?” she asked and I was all ears to what she had to say, me and Lisa have always had an open and honest relationship so I wasn’t overly concerned.“Remember when you used to put me to bed and then come up later to check on me” she said with a glint in her eye, I nodded for her to continue as I remembered those days so well“And you thought I was asleep and you got your cock out and had a wank” she continued and I was happy we could talk about those days,“Well I wasn’t asleep and knew what you were doing, I loved it and would often lick up your cum and play with myself after you went”, well that was some revelation as I always thought she was a heavy sleeper and never woke, it got me thinking of many missed opportunities, “Are you mad dad?” she asked and how could I be mad, I remember they were good wanks too.“Not at all, I am just glad that you enjoyed those days too babygirl” I said and could feel a bulge growing,“I used to spy on you a lot” she continued; I was gobsmacked but certainly not mad, just proud that she can talk about it.“Really” I said but disappointed that she didn’t make herself known, so many missed opportunities but then she has made up for it since, both herself and her friends.She giggled as she recalled a time when she came home with a friend, I was in my bedroom on my bed naked and was cracking one off, I never heard them come home and apparently my door was ajar and they both peeped through the crack, how she knew I was into her panties and used to leave them laying around and even walked around the house in her panties because she knew I liked it.She even got her friends to wear just panties on sleepovers and then she dropped the big bombshell.“I even sucked your cock in the park toilets, many times in fact and so have some of my friends”, she seemed very easy about telling me all this, I was amazed but very happy.“Wow” I said trying to process all this information, Lisa was a good girl, always happy to play roles to please me and always brings friends home I leant forward and kissed her on the forehead before realising that I had a tentpole sticking out the front of my boxers, Lisa just giggled, “I love you Dad” she said, “Always here for you”, her words were sincere and loving.I let her go take her shower while I tidied up, my mind was racing at her honest and open revelations, thinking back at all the times she could have been spying, I was wondering how she knew about the hole in the toilets but thinking back I am glad she did, how many other cocks did she suck? WOW!Lisa wasn’t as long as I thought she would be and came bundling into the lounge looking fresh Aksaray Escort from her shower, she looked good in her trademark tight tee shirt tucked into her short denim cut-offs, I looked up at her and smiled, “Feeling better babygirl” I asked and she smiled, “Much better Dad, thank you” she said, “Fancy a walk into town and some lunch?” she asked and I had no problem with that, but there was more..“Tiff messaged me and wanted to meet, thought we could all go for lunch” she continued and to be honest I don’t remember Tiff, apparently she is an old school friend so I happily agreed and went to get dressed.As tee shirt and shorts were the order of the day I didn’t want to disappoint and dressed appropriately, we took a slow walk to the park and sat on a bench by the kiosk, Doris and Lisa had a bit of a catch up and then when customers arrived we sat and chatted with a bottle of water.We both glanced at the path leading to the toilets, “Do you still come here dad?” she asked and I had to be honest and tell her that I did, probably more than I should but there is something about a glory hole suck that can’t be beat.“What time are you meeting Tiff?” I asked and Lisa replied “12.30 Dad” and I looked at Doris’s clock which said 11.45 and I was wondering why we were here so early. Lisa looked up the path again and leant over and whispered in my ear, “For old times sake dad” and I knew exactly what she meant as we both got up and walked down the path to the toilet block, knowing my luck there will be a line waiting but as it happened both cubicles were vacant.I did need a piss so it was a good idea so I shut the door behind me and heard Lisa shut her door, I walked up to the bowl and dropped my shorts and taking my cock in my hand proceeded to relieve myself, I glanced to my left and could see Lisa peeping through the hole and I wondered if she had ever watched me piss before, certainly not to my knowledge anyway.I finished my piss and pulled the skin right back to shake the drips before turning slightly to my left so Lisa could get a better view, I walked towards the hole which I noticed had been made bigger and it was now possible to get a whole hand through it, as I got closer that is exactly what happened, Lisa’s hand came through and took hold of my stiffening cock pulling it through the hole, I stood up close to the dividing wall and let her do the business.Her expert tongue didn’t take long to get me totally stiff and with my thoughts running back a few years to when she first did this it wasn’t long before I felt my cock start to pulsate and shoot a fresh load of hot cum straight down her throat, she didn’t even flinch as she swallowed all that I could throw at her.As I slowly pulled myself back I could hear a gentle ‘Mmm’ coming from the other side of the wall, she flushed quickly before I even had time to pull my shorts up and left the building, I was practically 10 seconds behind her and found her waiting outside, she smiled and we walked back to the benches by the kiosk.We were doing our usual people watching and there was a few people about, some hot joggers which are always worth watching, “Here she is” Lisa shouted as she stood up and waved to a girl walking up the path, as she got closer I could honestly say that I didn’t recognise her if I had met before, interesting.Tiff was cute though, tight white crop top and white sports shorts, thin body which showed a nice tan which always looks sexy if with white, Lisa and Tiff hugged and I was sure kissed on the lips, she turned to me, “Dad this is Tiff, Tiff this is my dad” she announced and I gave Aksaray Escort Tiff a somewhat awkward hug.As we walked through the park the girls walked in front and I could see the outline of Tiff’s panties under her shorts, obviously white and looked like bikini type. We got to the café and found a table in the corner and ordered a full English each and a coffee, after cumming earlier I was in need and excused myself to go find the toilet. I returned to the table and they were having a giggle and a catch up, it was all light hearted and I let them get on with it, it was nice staring across at two pretty girls laughing and joking, the meals came out and we all got joking together which was nice, I already felt comfortable with Tiff although I did get the impression she was a bit simple or maybe just shy but I liked her.As we ate one thing did amaze me and that both girls had the same nail varnish on, a dark pink which was odd but then if I remember girls always asked each other what they were wearing back in the day, nobody wanted to be the odd one out so I guess I understood it.Tiff whispered something in Lisa’s ear as I paid the bill, she looked up at me, “Dad” she said softly, “Pretty please!, Can Tiff come back for a smoke, please dad?” she was almost pleading with me and as I felt her foot run up my leg I had no hesitation in agreeing, Tiff smiled, “Thanks daddy” Lisa said with a smile.We walked back through the park and the girls again walked ahead, they seemed to have a spring in their step as the giggled together, they are a totally different generation.We got home and as it was a warm afternoon we decided to sit in the garden, I sat first and Tiff was in front of me looking at something on her phone and the sun was behind her, this made her white sports shorts totally transparent and I could clearly see her bikini type panties beneath. It was nice, we passed the joint around and all had reclined the chairs, the girls sat with eyes closed looking up at the sky feeling the effects and both had their legs slightly parted, what a nice view and could see both their panties up the leg of their shorts, we all seemed to get giggly as we finished off the joint and I could see that Tiff was high already, her head was back and she was looking up at the sky giggling, I stood up, “Fancy another one ladies?” I asked not realizing that the upshort view had aroused me and a bulge had appeared in my shorts. We decided to go inside and I held my hands out for Tiff who took them and I helped her up, her nail colour stood out again and she had nice hands.The girls sat on the sofa, Tiff looked funny as she tried to focus mumbling something or other under her breath, Lisa sat next to her looking all innocent and I sat in my chair and lit up another, I got on my knees in front of the girls so it would be easier to pass around and I just happened to be more in front of Tiff, she was definitely enjoying the smoke and her limbs were like jelly, her legs more or less fell apart and confronted me with another view up her shorts, I don’t know if she could see me looking or even cared but Lisa certainly did.Her shorts were a little baggy so with her legs open it was easy to see her tight white panties, it looked like she had a little tuft of pubes hidden beneath and I could clearly see her little lady slit.She looked at me as she passed the smoke back and I was convinced she could see where I was looking, “You look hot sir, you should take your shirt off” she said with a giggle, Lisa joined her and I had no option but to pull my tee shirt off and dare I admit it was quite hot.Lisa’s Escort Aksaray eyes widened and Tiff tried to focus on my bare chest, she managed it and smiled, “Nice chest sir!” she said looking at Lisa and giggling, “Yes Daddy, nice chest!” she said softly.I had my arm on her thigh and she didn’t seem to show an objection and I still had a view up her shorts, she was very light hearted. As she passed me the joint my other hand which was on her thigh slipped between her leg to her inner thigh and again no objection nor acknowledgment for that matter.As I passed on to Lisa she could see that my hand had slipped inside the leg of Tiff’s shorts and I could feel the warmth of her panties through the back of my fingers, Lisa smiled, “Do you like my friend Daddy?” she asked and I totally nodded my approval, “You have such nice friends” I said playing along.I moved my hand against her panties under her shorts and the only reaction I got was her passing the smoke back and smiling, mind you she did shudder a bit when my finger made contact with her little button.I could see her nipples stiffening a bit under her little crop top as I passed back to Lisa, she took a big hit and passed to Tiff, “Do you think Tiff looks good daddy?” she asked me, I didn’t have to think but then I wasn’t playing all my cards at once, “Hmm, I don’t know, stand up Tiff” I said and I moved out the way to allow tiff to stand up, I looked at her stunning thin figure deep in thought, Lisa saw me thinking, “Do you think she would be better without the shorts Daddy?” she asked and I nodded my approval, “Yes, maybe” I said and instructed Tiff to take her shorts off.She stood there without question in her crop top and small bikini type white panties, I needed a closer look so got on my knees with her panties to my face, I could feel the heat and leant forward to take a good sniff, OMG the head rush that followed enhanced by the weed, I put my hands around and took hold of her arse cheeks and pulled her closer, Lisa sat patiently, “Is it nice Daddy?” she asked and as I nodded my head Tiff let out a moan as my nose brushed her clit.I stood up and faced Tiff, I ran my hands up her body and up to her small 32a’s hidden in her crop top, her nipples stood out now as she looked me in the eye, totally emotionless and not a word was spoken.I put my arms on her shoulders and pushed her down to her knees, she was now confronted by a tent pole in my shorts, she looked up at me and then took hold of the elastic waistband and pulled my shorts down to the ground, my cock sprung out and she just stared at it in front of her face.“Ooh daddy, your shorts fell down” Lisa said looking shocked as she waited for Tiff to react, she was in a trance as she stared at my erect cock in front of her, eventually she raised her right arm and took hold of the veiny shaft giving it a gentle squeeze, she pulled the skin right back over the swollen head, her eyes widened as she saw a little goblet of pre-cum appear. I ran my fingers through Tiff’s hair and gently pulled her towards me, she opened her mouth and took the head, I felt her tongue flick around every bit as she gently sucked, Lisa sat on the edge of her seat watching intently as my cock disappeared from view before Tiff gagged a mouthful of spit and rubbed it all around the shaft, she held my balls as her head went back and I felt the tightness of her throat as she took all of me in.Tiffany knew what she was doing, slurping and spitting on my cock as she explored every inch, Lisa looked on with an open mouth as Tiff bobbed her head in time with my thrusts, I knew I was going to explode and grunted loudly as my cock shot out a stream of hot cum, Tiff just took it and swallowed, I pulled out and Tiff looked up at me licking her lips and smiled.“Wow! Daddy, that looked so awesome” she said softly as she saw my cock softening.To Be Continued….

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