A Quaint Visit Planetside


“Helmsman’s log, stardate 6701.3. We’re finally at the planet Teira for some shore leave! While we don’t know much about them, we’ve been told they’re great people to hang around with. Just something about tuning organic filters on a gas mask or whatever?” The log recording ended as the Enterprise approached the atmosphere of Teira. It was their selected planet for their break with intrigue, exploration and relaxation for them to look forward to. Erica looked out of the thick glass panels and nodded her head, “Well, here we are, Teira.”

“Sir, the gas masks have been prepared with the special filters,” A crewmate announced, making Erica turn her head slightly and nod.

“Good, I’ll be giving this new planet a shot,” She declared with a smirk and her usual bravado, “Who knows, it could even be entertaining.”

“Very well, Sir, your mask is available upon touchdown,” She nodded and went back to focusing solely on the controls of the ship.

“Crew,” the captain spoke on the ship wide communication system, “Prepare the transporters to Teria’s surface, gas masks obligatory for all who choose to leave the ship,” Erica smiled as she looked at the planet. She had briefly read through the documentation that was available on the planet but she didn’t have a complete idea about the planet, making it all the more exciting and intriguing. She left her post to her replacement and grabbed a turbolift towards the transport bay. Resting time was something she looked forward to, less responsibility, less stress, less orders and more time for herself and her entertainment. Everyone in the crew would agree with her opinion if they were asked, even those who loved the thrill of the job needed a break from the adrenaline of their usual duties. Erica smiled as she hummed to herself as she arrived near the transporter room and got onto the communication system to contact the surface of Teira. There was no need to just land uninvited in this case so having a bit of information from a local would be useful, “Enterprise to Teira, helmsman Erica speaking,” She said before her signal was picked up.

“Greetings, you are speaking to the mayor of Ta-Shapar, southern continent, we noticed your ship overhead,” A man replied as a strange noise was heard by Erica through her combage.

“What is it like down there?”

“Warm, around 28 degrees Celsius,” She heard the strange noise once more and her expression showed her confusion before shaking her head and listening in once more, “Sunny, no strong winds or rain in sight. Middle of a great season!”

“Anything else my crew should know?”

“Just not to be too judgy of our people, we hate that.”

“Copy that, have a good day.”

“You too, helmsman,” She put the combadge down and stood up. She grabbed her gas mask and turned to the group that was the first to head out.

“Looks good down on Teira, have a good time,” Erica smiled as the group was teleported to the surface of the planet they were orbiting. It was time to have a break and the warm, sunny weather was something Erica couldn’t lie about liking.

The escort vip group arrived on the surface of the planet with gas masks strapped on. It looked like a simple seaside town albeit covered with some luscious, colorful vegetation creating a very green look. They walked about town with their gas masks on, greeting the locals with shopkeepers waving at the new faces, being very friendly with one another, even with the complete strangers they just met, “Alright, rendezvous at sundown to head back to the ship,” Erica announced to the ensigns as she looked around, “Enjoy yourselves,” The group broke up and began exploring their new surroundings. It was summer and with summer came pollen that infested the air forcing the group into their gas masks. Erica couldn’t care less about the effects that were reported about the pollen as rumors of “aphrodisiacs” are almost always exaggerated and sex was something she wouldn’t mind doing during her free time anyway.

While she walked around, she spotted many people partaking in public and completely indiscrete sex. While she initially just factored that in as an interesting aspect of this “new civilisation”, it quickly began having an effect on her, from blowjobs to women being mounted over park fountains to the lustful scream inducing fucking that Erica couldn’t help but salivate at. Her mind began to slip into such a lustful craze her mind contorted to Teira’s people, making her ready to have sex with someone that she found attractive. Seeing a man grabbing a woman by the hair and slamming his cock deep into her mouth, reaching her throat, made the pilot softly bite her lower lip and her hands moved to start feeling herself up, “Damn, I don’t think this mask is working too well,” She mumbled before her logic and reason left her mind, leaving the lustful reasoning to take over.

A local man, taller than she was, approached her. He wore only a pair of baggy pants as his muscular, etched body was mostly revealed to the already excited Erica, “Hey there, pretty girl, I haven’t seen you around here before, are you new?” The locals seemed to have their lust still somewhat under their control but Erica had no such luck, “How about you stop sucking on that filtered air and start sucking on my dick, pretty girl?” He whispered as he raked his hand through her short hair, pointing her eager head towards his bulge. Erica could only oblige as her hands began to undo the pants of the local man who had approached her and revealed his semi-hard cock, sending her mind into a lustful overdrive.

Her tongue and hands made short work of the lack of rigidity in the man’s shaft and soon she was running her tongue excitedly around the head of his dick. The taste of the stranger’s cock was too enticing not to start blowing him and Erica began moving her head in a bobbing motion. The man smiled as his hand moved onto her head and began pressing it down further than where the helmsman had initially gone. Erica’s hands held the man’s thighs as her whole body was added to the blowjob. The woman’s squatted position escort rus allowed her to push forwards while her hands made the man move forwards into her thrusts when she bobbed her head, “Damn girl, you have a mouth men could kill for,” He moaned as his hands were now both on her head, pushing her down to the base of his cock on each bob. Erica’s gag reflexes tried to stop her but regardless of the tearing eyes, the lustful woman forced herself to keep sucking the stranger’s cock.

Before he finished, Erica felt the man grip her head and pull her head back despite her deep desire to continue to blow him. She looked up at him both confused and annoyed that she had not been given a chance to keep going and made him bust, “How about we move on to the real deal, pretty girl?” He whispered, caressing her face, “Stand up and I’ll make you feel good,” She nodded and stood, controlled by her growing lust. He guided her to put her hands on a tree near them and face away from him before he moved close to her from behind. Erica gasped and then grinned as she realized what was coming next, “Do these come off?” The man asked, lightly groping her butt. Erica reached down and removed the pants that were in the man’s way and was left in just her panties, her mostly nude body there to be openly admired by not just her sexual partner but some other locals who had noticed the new girl and her fit body. He leaned over and kissed her back as she held the tree and made sure to expose her backside as much as possible.

“Are you going to keep me waiting?” Erica asked, looking back with a begging look as the man grinned and rubbed his cock against the entrance of her body. He moved his cock between her buttcheeks and gently moved back and forth while the fingers of his left hand penetrated her already wet pussy and his right hand groped her butt, “Come on,” She whined as she pushed her butt backwards, “Stop just teasing me,” The man grinned as they had attracted a small audience and Erica felt the tip of the Teiran man’s dick pushing against the entrance of her body. The Enterprise’s helmsman closed her eyes and softly bit her lower lip in anticipation of the man’s large rod penetrating her body.

It finally did and her mind somehow reached a new level of lustfulness, her mouth letting out a noise that Erica had never made in her life. A moan that was so filled with lust it surprised the woman who was holding onto the tree as her sexual partner began with slow, deep thrusts, “Hey, mind if we join in?” Three men approached the Teiran man who was balls deep in the moaning foreign girl.

“Ask her,” He replied nonchalantly as his hips were still slow but his thrusts were more vigorous, causing Erica to rock with each deep thrust. The three guys looked at each other then shrugged.

“Hey baby girl,” One of them moved to lean on the tree Erica was holding onto while being pounded, “Want some more dicks to play with?”

“Is that even a question?” She replied between her lustful moans, “Just fuck me,” Erica demanded in her lewd frenzy and the three men didn’t escort elit have any opposition to being ordered around to fuck a sexy foreign girl.

The quartette of men moved Erica like a toy, placing her on the man she had been fucking initially, on her back. She had penises shoved into her mouth, pussy and ass while the fourth was in her right hand, her left hand trying to stabilize herself as her body was being overloaded with lustful stimulation. Each man found something to enjoy with her body from the first man who was slowly, in a very relaxed fashion, thrusting deep into Erica’s ass while the man penetrating her pussy was nearly the opposite, high on the dopamine of sex and thrusting furiously. The taste of a stranger’s cock in her mouth as he facefucked her made her want to just deepthroat him herself as she did her best to provide pleasure to the fourth man with her hand.

Everything was exciting and the sex was entrancing. Erica couldn’t get enough and couldn’t care less about the comments and envious looks she was getting from Teiran men and women alike: men wanting to fuck her and women wanting to be used in the same way the helmsman was being used. She had a fleeting logical thought as her clouded mind realized something was off, she had often liked sex on her breaks but here on Teira it seemed a bit extreme. Erica had usually gone for 1, rarely 2 at a time but here she had 4 men using her body in public without a care in the world, what was going on? She heard one of the men moan before her face was painted with some of his cum but he didn’t ask her to stop so she continued, sex quickly dominating her thinking once more.

“The analysis of the air shows a high concentration of a certain type of plant matter that is native to Teira,” A crew scientist explained, “It has an aphrodisiac effect.”


“Based on my discussion with the cultural minister, the plant it comes from wants other organisms to mate and releases large amounts of pollen during its own reproduction in order to stimulate other organisms, including sapient organisms,” The other scientist looked at the pollen through the microscope, “Being unable to have those emotions, I have been able to theorize that all of our crew that is on break on Teira are in a pollen induced sex frenzy.”

“We have masks for that.”

“We think we do, but the pollen may be bypassing the organic separators,” The other man looked confused, “The ministers said that they tested it themselves and cloth, gas masks and other simple filters are ineffective against the pollen.”

“What does that mean?”

“Fully isolated gas masks and breathing systems should be given to every away team. We need to get the crew off of Teira and see what effect the pollen has had on them,” The first scientist declared.

“Okay, I’ll give the order to beam them to sickbay immediately,” The first scientist nodded before going back to observing the Teiran air sample.

“Fascinating, truly fascinating.”

Erica, her body covered in Teiran sperm, awoke in sickbay. Darting her eyes around, she noticed the former vacationners in similar states as her. From a drenched Uhura, sweaty operations men to some ensigns who could barely stand up, she knew she had a great first contact.

“So! Who’s ready to go again?”

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