A Night to Remember


I stood in the middle of the room and looked around, trying to figure out the best arrangement. My stomach felt as if it were full of butterflies. I couldn’t tell if I was nervous or just extremely excited about my plans tonight. How often does an opportunity like this come along? A kinky fantasy of mine was about to become a reality. Time was running out and I still had to get ready. I went through my mental checklist one more time: rope, mp3 player, head phones, and oh yes, the blindfolds. Smiling, I raced upstairs to shower and get ready. My husband, Stan, was due home in about an hour, but Carter would be here very shortly.

The doorbell rang as I was putting the finishing touch of my lipstick on. Taking one final glance in the mirror, I made my way to the front door. The sheer fabric of the sexy lingerie I had slipped into made a swishing sound as I went down the steps. As I opened the door, Carter’s brown eyes lit up when he saw what I was wearing. I guess he approved of the black, laced chemise, judging from the naughty smile that spread across his face.

“Well, hello there,” he said with that deep sexy voice of his.

“Hey there,” I said, giggling. It was killing me not telling him what I had in mind.

“Before we get started, I wanted to show you something downstairs first.”

He, of course, agreed, and I led him down the steps to the den area. He was extremely curious, but I wouldn’t give in an inch. Once downstairs, I gently placed a blindfold on him and led him over to a chair. I was confident that every bit of this was right up his alley. I wrapped the soft rope around his wrists and then to the chair itself. Once sure that he was Rize Escort bound securely, I pulled his shorts off, to find happily, that he was already really enjoying this.

“Okay,” I said, “here are the rules: the blindfold is only temporary, but you have to promise me to stay completely silent the entire time, agreed?”

“Absolutely,” Carter agreed.

I ran my finger slowly down his chest, admiring his dark skin, then down his stomach, down to his massive, black, already stiff cock. I was so wet already, just anticipating what I was about to do. Shaking off the urge to just climb aboard, I softly kissed his cheek and went back upstairs.

A few minutes later, my husband, Stan pulled up in the driveway. I stood right inside the door, waiting. When he finally came through the door, he looked pleasantly surprised at my choice of outfit for the evening. Feeding him the same lines I gave Carter, I placed the blindfold on him before leading him carefully down the steps. Both men were keeping their end of the bargain so far, neither had said a word. I dragged another chair across the floor and had Stan sit down so I could bind him as well.

I walked over to Carter to whisper in his ear. I told him that I was going to take the blindfold off, but that he must stay absolutely quiet. I took it off so he could see Stan across the room, naked, blindfolded, and bound as well.

“He has no idea that you are here,” I explained.

The expression on Carter’s face was priceless. Almost like a little boy who just received the best Christmas gift ever.

I walked across the room to Stan and straddled him. He kissed my neck, my shoulders, Rize Escort Bayan then kissed between my tits. I pushed my tits together and he slowly circled each nipple with his tongue. I felt him getting harder and harder underneath me. I threw a glance in Carter’s direction and locked eyes with him, I wanted him to watch everything. I saw that this scenario had excited him and was pleased at how solid he’d become.

I rose up a bit and let Stan slide up into me. He groaned with pleasure. I rose up again slowly and stopped with just the head of his dick inside me. The rest of his shaft glistened with my juices. I asked Stan how much he wanted it…while looking straight at Carter. He told me he wanted it bad and wanted me to ride him. So, I continued to ride him slowly, still watching Carter, and it felt so good.

I moaned softly and I could see that Carter’s breathing had increased dramatically. I climbed off of Stan because I knew what he really wanted. Kneeling in front of him, but turned in a way that I could still see Carter, I seemed to swallow Stan’s dick whole, tasting my own sweetness. My tongue flattened against that oh so very sensitive spot underneath that he loves me to pay attention to, making him moan with pleasure. He was as hard as a rock and I saw that Carter was practically drooling.

Even from where I knelt, I could see that Carter was so ready, precum was dripping off of his throbbing cock. His eyes are begging me to give him his release, but it wasn’t quite time yet. Stan’s moans start coming more often. My lips make their way up and down, bringing him closer and closer to cumming. I start pumping my hand Escort Rize in unison with my mouth as Stan got more vocal. He was so close to cumming and Carter looked as if he’d do anything to be untied. Stan told me not to stop; he was ready to cum. And in a few short seconds, he exploded an enormous load into my mouth, of which I swallowed every drop. I stood up and explained to Stan that I had loaded his mp3 player with some erotic music and I wanted him to listen for a few minutes, while I freshened up. I placed the headphones on his ears and started the music.

I proceeded to walk over to Carter, who was about ready to bust at the seams. I left him bound and slid him into me. His dick felt so firm and went so deep. I kissed him and as our tongues intertwined, the remnants of me being with another man sent him over the edge. It wasn’t going to take him long at all to let loose. I pressed against him closer and reached behind, to finally unbind him. I wanted to feel his strong hands on me. His hands flew up to my face and gave me the most passionate kiss we’ve ever shared. Then he held me tight as I continued to ride him. Our body heat radiated between the two of us. I could feel my orgasm building fast. He furiously pushed and pulled my hips in time with my own motions and with each thrust brought my excitement higher and higher. At last, I came with the most incredible intensity. He placed his face between my tits finally, with one last thrust, released his ecstasy deep inside me, shooting spurt after spurt of warm, sticky cum. Feeling completely satisfied, I unstraddled Carter and he quickly gathered his stuff.

Carter whispered a thank you in my ear, and then I sent him out the back door. I quickly returned things back to normal, and walked over to my husband. I took the headphones and blindfold off and also unbound him. The erotic music had made him horny once again, so I dared him to chase me to the bedroom…

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