A night to remember


A night to rememberA friendly reminder: English isn’t my first language. But I try. And I appreciate hints towards grammar or spelling mistakes.Awakening. Restless. Wet.I can feel his manhood poking against my cheecks, he moves – I spread my legs a little bit – if we were naked, he would be in me now.It is dark, I can’t really see a thing. The pale moonlight that is falling through the window doesn’t help at all. Merely outlines, shadows. Shapeless silhouettes. The sound of my boyfriend, who had two or three drinks too much, snoring to my left, peacefully sleeping. The sound of his best friend, gasping, to my right.Touch me. Please, have the guts and touch me.I rest my head on my boyfirends chest. The sound of his heart beating calm and soothing fills my ear.A deep sigh to my right, when I push my ass against him, against his hard, poking rod. Touch me. Please!I can feel your excitement, your lust. Touch me. What more invitation do you need, than getting your cock massaged by my ass?!I love the beating of your heart. So innocent, so pure, so comfortable. So unaware. So soft.A deep sigh. Out of my mouth. You finally took the chance. I enjoy the feeling of your fingertips exploring my naked legs so much. Don’t stop. Don’t you dare to stop!Snuggling. Enjoying. At the same time. But not with the same man.You need a signal, don’t you? What if… I reach Çapa Escort back behind me, grab his arm, place my hand on his, just in the moment he reaches the tiny area between my thighs and my crotch. And lead him to my private parts. Restless. Wet. Needy.The sound of my boyfriends heart is ripped away from my ear, as he pulls me over, grabs me, full of lust. His tongue wrestles with mine, in a fraction of seconds I can feel his hand in my slip and his tongue in my mouth. And his cheeks in my hands.As I lower myself, kissing, licking every part of his sweaty, shaking body, I try to see more. Adapting my sight to the pale light. His skin somehow shines. As does mine. Touch me, yes. Explore me. I love that feeling.Gasping. Damn, you are good! Let’s see what hides in your boxers… Holy shit!The taste of your salty precum fills my mouth. Running down my throat. Moaning silently. Secretly. Touch me. Slide in.A move to my left – my heart nearly stops. Or is it bursting out of my chest?Deep snoring, he turned around, facing the wall to the left. Away from us.I can’t take it all. No matter how hard I try. Be gentle, don’t make me gag. We can do this when we are alone next time. For now – silence is our best friend here.Fuck! What a cock! The moonlight shines on it, this big, fat, wet, throbbing cock. What a massive dick… I wonder, how it would Çapa Escort Bayan feel if we…Sneaking out of the room surely wasn’t a bad idea. Damn, he is a good kisser.Close the door please, I don’t want to hold anything back.As I look into his eyes, gasping, trembling, I reach out for his head, pushing him hard into my crotch. I am cumming soon… soon… sooooooooNOW!I can feel your cock on my leg, smearing a warm, quickly coldening trail of precum on it, upwards, to my thighs. Your enormous balls, following this trail. Your weight, pressing me down, your hands, holding me in this position, helpless, gasping, needy, wanting more, wanting you. Inside me. Spreading me open. Filling me up.Sucking on your tongue I realize what I am doing here, what we are doing. And it turns me on even more. Without even thinking about it, I spread my legs wide open, grab my legs around your waist, pulling you down to me…That moment, when his big, throbbing cockhead enters..No holding back. No remorse.My moans fill my own ears, as he slides into my body. So easy. So big.Fuck me. Please, please, please… Fuck me!He fills every part of me. Sucking, licking my nipples, kissing my neck, my shoulders, grunting, moaning, sticking his tongue into my throat, squeezing my tits, my cheeks. He is so warm, so damn hot, the heat of his body fills my crotch, Escort Çapa and all I can do is enjoy. I want to give him the same, but I can’t, as his thrusts turn me into a slavering, whimpering something, no longer in control of my own flesh.I know, you are not far from bursting your load into me. Filling me up with your hot, fresh cum. Your sperm. Your semen. I can feel your cock expanding even more. It get’s even more hard. Bigger. I want it. Give it to me.The taste of his tongue crawling deep into my mouth makes me shiver. I want to be taken, to be ripped apart, I lift my body, pushing myself against his thrusting, impaling cock.Your hands, holding mine, tighten, as your orgasm inexorably makes its way through your rockhard boner. Your swollen balls, slamming hard and fast against my anus, will soon find relief. Inside me. You will cum. As will I.Fuck me, please, fuck… oh my fucking… FUUUUCK!Sneaking back into the bed I can feel his cum squirting out of my still pumping pussy into my my slip.One last kiss. Don’t do that to me. Please… stop… please… please… don’t stop.His fingers make me cum so quick, so dirty.One last kiss.I lower my head on my boyfriends chest. So comforting to hear this soft, peaceful heartbeat. So comforting to feel a more or less stranger‘s hand massaging my ass and tits in the dark at the same time.The sound of my boyfriend, snoring to my left, peacefully sleeping. The sound of his best friend, snoring, reliefed, satisfied, to my right.This upcoming orgasm is just for me, and no one else.Never let this happen again.Never… let.. this…Never…Again.Oh fuck, please, again!AGAIN!

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