A New Office Jade Ch. 05


This is the fifth and closing chapter of this series. It may be a good idea to refresh on the first four chapters since this has taken a while to get out. All characters are of legal age and clean.

Constructive criticism is always welcome.


Bern let his thoughts overtake him for only another minute before he stood and crossed the room to the large cloches of food. When his plate was full he searched for a space at the table and was called to an empty chair sitting between Aadhya and Maria. He sat and everyone had a nice dinner, talking, laughing, and having a good time.

Suddenly, the closed double doors of the room slammed open and five men walked in. Four of them each looked like the little brother of the Hulk, save that none were actually green.

When the fifth guy centered his eyes on Bernard he said, “D’ere you are mu’dd’erfucger.” The man pointed his finger at Bernard and tried to smile but the brace on his nose and the clip underneath it to keep his nose in line warped his mouth so it looked like he might have had a severe harelip. “Tage ‘im.”

Bernard stood to defend himself by kicking his chair over behind him and making space. Bern’s eyes actually turned red and he smiled. The other man’s eyes stopped smiling.

Dahlia stood and yelled, “What the hell is going on here?” She tried getting in the way of one of the hulks but he just calmly pushed her aside with the back of one hand.

Bern was livid now. He knew who this piece of shit was, coming in here like he was a gangster or something from The Godfather. As he was on the opposite side of the table from the door Bern just clambered up onto the table, kicking over dishes and food like it wasn’t there, and made a beeline across the space to the man who cuckolded him.

The hulks were already out of the line when Bern jumped from the table with an elbow leading his fall. The forearm of his right arm was behind his head with the elbow up and ready to tomahawk right down. And that’s what he did.

Robert, or whatever his name was – Bern wasn’t caring enough to remember – brought his hands up and let out a girly scream which stopped as soon as Bernard’s elbow connected to the center of his enemy’s face. Blood splattered from underneath the nose brace all over the face of the wish-to-be-wise guy.

The hulks had frozen in their attempt to get to Bernard when he jumped on the table. When they saw him attack they all changed directions but that’s when all of the ladies in the room did their own attacking.

Dahlia had risen from her off balance turn and jumped on the back of the one who pushed her aside. Her fingernails sought to play the harp across the skin of his face. Maria joined in the fray with Dahlia by jumping on some part of the large man and biting, tearing, scratching or any other way they could think of to cause damage.

Pepper, Lisa and Jennifer jumped on another of the hulking brutes and began stabbing with butter knives or forks. A moment later Junie jumped in throwing kicks from some martial art. The kicks weren’t really doing anything beyond annoying the fellow.

The third giant was attacked by Teresa, Aadhya, Kerry and Sharon who all used their nails, steak knives and even choking the dude. They were slowing the man down but stopping him was another matter.

Kristen stood her larger self in front of the last hulk and smiled at him. When he said, “Are you sure?” he found she was when she double jabbed him in the nose and the mouth which set him back a step. She didn’t stop as she came in with her hands held up and just began a controlled tempo of swings all over the fellow’s head – face, temple, ears, chin and eyes were all part of the rhythm. Not too long after she started the blood flying from his nose and leaking from his mouth caused the large man to hold his hands up as he went to down to one knee, obviously giving up and asking her to stop.


“Why’d you have to do this,” Bernard asked the man who’d come for him. “I let you go after you fucked my fiancé and you should have left well enough alone.” Bern punched him again and the man’s head lolled back while he cried from the pain. You ever break your nose and then have someone touch it? Yeah, don’t.

Letting the man cry on the ground he stood and saw that a couple of the restaurant employees were just standing there in awe. When he called on them and told them to call the police it took a moment for one to get the thought into his head and he left.

Bernard looked down at the pathetic man on the floor and shook his head in disgust. Oh, sure, if the hulks had gotten to him this situation would be completely different. He’d have to find a way to repay all of those lovely ladies in there.

When Bernard was finished with the little man who’d come for him he reentered the dining room and saw the tumult going on. The hulk carrying Dahlia and Maria was his first stop. While they were attacking his head and arms Bern went low with punt kick right to the man’s balls. It’s a truth that no matter how big you are, and nothing has been done to Zonguldak Escort your nuts beforehand, if you get kicked in the testes you will drop. Period. And this man went down.

Bern turned and watched Kristen take down the one she was boxing with. He was glad that he’d already had sex with her because he never wanted to make that woman mad.

When he saw that Junie’s kicks weren’t doing much with the other three women all over the guy he headed in that direction. Seeing the blood all over the dude being attacked by Teresa, Aadhya, Sharon and Kerry he let that one go for now. He quickly ran around the side of the table and threw a punch right at the hulk’s nose just as Junie’s kick moved away from the same place. The man had blinked at the kick but when he felt the fist hit him in the same spot he staggered a step. The ladies renewed their assaults and with Bernard helping the man went down pretty quickly.

Only a minute later the police arrived and handcuffed the hulks and the faux gangster. The employees and owner of Bettison’s Better Designs spoke with the police for another half an hour. Dahlia wanted to press full charges for having her dinner upset, her team attacked and the pure atrocity of this storybook type of attack on a man who’d been cheated on – half of the guilty party being cuffed right over there – and wanted some type of compensation from the restaurant or the police and the douchebag who started all of this.

Bernard watched the display of anger and was again glad that he’d already had sex with that woman as seeing her this pissed, which he never had before, was something he never wanted to behold again.

A couple of the ladies had small bruises or scratches from the battle but all were in a generally good spirits. Kerry and Teresa were badmouthing the guy in the face mask so bad Bern figured they’d probably stab him or something if they ever saw him again. Junie was detailing the types of kicks she’d sent that big guy she was fighting and the ladies around her were impressed with at least the names of the kicks – it turned out that Junie was a black belt in Mu Shu Kung Fu and that also impressed everyone. Her tiny frame didn’t do much to the guy but she did kick like mad.

Bernard sat in a chair to the side of the room with Maria’s arms draped over his shoulders from behind, her chin resting on his right shoulder, while Aadhya sat on a stool between Bern’s legs, leaning her head against his chest. He didn’t know where she found the stool but it was nice sandwich to be in. Bern felt the aches and pinches in his hands as Aadhya softly massaged them but they were feeling better so he paid it little mind.

When the police walked over to start questioning the one man in the room Dahlia raced over to his rescue and assured the policeman that they’d be at the station in the morning. All other pertinent information was given and finally, after an hour, the doors closed and the twelve were sitting together by themselves again.


Dahlia stood and addressed the room, passing her eyes over everyone and lingering on Bernard. “Well, that was fun, wasn’t it?” A few giggles coupled with groans followed the statement. “Anything to say, Bern?” Her eyebrows were raised in a leader’s rendition of ‘Go ahead and explain the situation or say thanks to everyone.’

Bernard stood from his seat and slowly extricated himself from between Maria and Aadhya and stood at the opposite end of the table from Dahlia. “To begin,” he said, looking around the table at all of the beautiful women, “I want to apologize and I want to say thanks to each of you. Your help this evening proved, at least in my opinion, that we’re family and family stands up together.”

“You know it, Bern!” The call was from multiple points and Bernard could only wonder how they said the same thing at nearly the same time.

“Let me explain what happened, because I think you all deserve the knowledge now. Especially now,” Bern continued. “It might makes things better understood for some of what happened.”

Thusly, then, did Bernard Lampson explain what he found a couple of weeks ago when he got home for the evening. His fiancé was having sex with a guy he’d never seen before, on his couch. He left Diane that night, taking the ring from her finger while she was still penetrated, he signed over his house and all of the utilities to Diane and he left her. Some days later the guy in face mask approached him at work and when Bernard had tried to walk away the dude grabbed at him and he lost his temper and punched the guy. It took him a few days to get back to business but following the successful convention somehow this dickhead found out where they were and tried to play gangster leader.

Bernard thanked everyone again for being there for him through all of this craziness and he assured everyone that if they needed him he would be there. At the end of his recitation he had small tears in his eyes but a hopeful smile on his face.

When it was over Dahlia told everyone to go home, get a good night’s sleep and be ready for Zonguldak Escort Bayan work tomorrow morning. While they probably deserved a day off they weren’t getting one. They did well this weekend and had a lot of work to do.

All of the ladies rose and everyone hugged everyone including all of the ladies hugging Bernard, some kissing him and then they all walked out together. Bernard was a gentlemen and walked all of the ladies to their cars, even though they were all parked roughly together. He spent a little more time with Dahlia where they spoke about their date tomorrow and how they both hoped it was still on. She kissed and hugged him again and Bernard watched her drive away.

About ten minutes later, after sitting in his car and mulling over everything that happened this weekend, Bern drove home by himself. There was no more excitement for the night and he collapsed into bed and thankfully slept without a single dream.


The next morning did not start well for Bernard. He slept right through his alarm, not by much but enough to screw up his schedule, and woke with bruises on his fingers. At least they felt like bruises. There were no incriminating marks on his hands but he could feel they went through a little work with the fight.

After finally stumbling out of bed he checked his phone and found that the Dahlia had made several calls for him to meet her at the police station. Oh, shit, he thought, he needed to get moving. He sent a text to Dahlia and told her he was on the way.

Almost an eternity of ninety minutes later Bernard and Dahlia walked from the station having shown the police the video from the when the guy accosted him at work. They all knew it was a closed case even if the guy was connected in some way with either political base or some type of mob or gang base. The police were going to throw every book at the guy and his hulking monstrosities of cohorts, supposedly, so they shouldn’t have anything to worry about. The badges sent the two on their way.

Dahlia remarked to Bern that he looked terrible. “Oh, thanks, boss. I was trying to go for the battered look for the police. I guess it worked.” Bernard gave a half smile and shook his head at all of the nonsense going on in his life -being cheated on, having sex with a wonderful harem of beautiful women, getting in fights, dating his boss.

“I guess it did,” Dahlia said in response. “You look like you need to have your dick sucked for a while. I know a few people who can help with that.”

Bernard turned his head and looked at his boss and stopped the walk to their cars. When she stopped next to him she looked at him and smiled. “Dahlia, why?”

“Why what?” Dahlia’s face had a look of confusion but it was an easily seen front.

“Why is everyone all of a sudden wanting to have sex with me or get close to me,” Bern asked, truly interested.

Dahlia’s face shone brighter when she said, “Young man, everyone has wanted to have some kind of something with you for a nearly the entire time you’ve worked for my company. And I mean everyone.” She pointed to herself with her thumb as she said this last word. “This isn’t all of sudden, Bern, this is the chance is available.”

Bernard’s face showed no comprehension about the why because it wasn’t explained but if it were all just waiting what would have happened if he and Diane had gotten married? He enjoyed the company he worked for and with but this was all very strange.

“Bernard,” Dahlia began in a tone that was almost contentious, “I’ll bet that I could simply say something as simple as ‘Bern’s cock is open for sucking’ and do you know how many of the team would jump to help?” Bern shook his head. “Eleven. All of them, including me.”

The half-smile of disbelief on his face almost made Dahlia upset. “Bernard, I know a lot of the talk recently has been all sexy and sexual and whatnot but please understand that you’re one hell of a guy.” Dahlia’s face became sharp as she explained what he meant to the team in terms of his work, his attitude, the fact that he was the only guy in the room and several other qualities of presence.

Dahlia continued telling him about taking care of her this last weekend, taking care of the ladies when they fell from the stage, holding off the traffic last year with that weird debacle in front of the office so the ladies could across the street and several other items of heroic value.

Bern thought about these incidents and he felt that that was just the right thing to do. Not so special, really.

“I’ll tell you what,” Dahlia said as they began walking again, a huge smile on her face, “let me treat you to breakfast and you can tell me how good I was for you and what we might be able to do tonight.”


An hour later, an hour before lunch, Dahlia and Bernard walked into Bettison’s Better Designs and saw all of the ladies hard at work. No one said anything right away so the two went their separate ways to their offices and got to work themselves.

Another hour and a half later Escort Zonguldak Bernard was deep into his IT stuff and creating documents and processes and whatever other tasks he had for the day. His mind was busy and he let that take him away to anywhere else. And then his phone rang.

Tapping the speaker phone Bernard didn’t even look at the caller, “This is Bernard.”

He knew the voice over the line immediately. “Bern, can you come to the meeting room, please?” Dahlia’s voice was calm and even yet held the background tone of “she’s the boss so better get on it.”

“Sure, two minutes, please,” Bern said. The line went dead so he tapped the phone and hung it up. He started a process he was waiting to do later because it would run the background, got himself up, absently rubbing his knuckles and walked from his office, down the hall to a closed meeting room door.

He gave the door two quick taps and opened it and stepped in, closing the door behind him. What he saw froze him solid. There might have been words to describe what he was seeing but the idea of what they were eluded him completely.

Bernard’s mind was traveling in one direction for what the meeting would be about – how to process payment structure for the sales at the convention, the best way to secure and copyright the designs for the company, updating computers for all of the work that would be coming their way soon – but not eleven women sitting at the meeting table with their breasts all out of their respective clothing and hanging free.

“Uh…wow,” Bern stammered, frozen in place. He felt his cock immediately begin to fill with blood and he was almost certain that all of the women could see it.

Looking around the table Bernard saw that all of the women of the office were present and topless. Having already been with most of them he knew what their bodies looked like but he spied out Maria and Sharon since nothing had been done with either of them yet. Though he hadn’t had intercourse with Aadhya he had seen her naked and tasted her body and she was topless, as well.

“Uh, Dahlia…er, what is this,” Bern stumblingly questioned. He looked at the head of the table and saw his boss’s amazing breasts and nearly ran. Did the other ladies know about them?

“This, Bernard,” Dahlia began as she stood to show her body completely clothes-less, “is what we were talking about earlier. Our team is thankful to have you here and I wanted to show you what I told you earlier.” She looked around the table with a smile on her face, impressed with all of them. “Ladies, Bern’s cock needs sucking. Who’d like to volunteer?”

When Bernard saw eleven arms raise to answer he was stunned, had no idea what to do or even say next. He looked like a deer in headlights, he was certain.

Then, for a reason even he wouldn’t be able to answer, he thought of the “Burger Bomb” from the food truck near his apartment. That was a damn good burger. The thought, however, let some of his mind relax on the current situation. All of a sudden he smiled and asked, “Well, should I get undressed and then we go for it?”

Bernard felt his strength returning with the bold question but his strength withered to wholly unbelievable when Dahlia said, “Ladies, stand, please.”

In the last couple of weeks Bern had had two threesomes, odd chair sex, sex with the boss, looked at pussies under desks and a naked women at a convention and sex with one at his apartment but this, this was more than he could immediately take. Eleven completely nude women standing around a table, wanting to suck his dick. It was more than…incredible.

Lisa Sherrell, small perfectly proportioned breasts and body started this whole thing, following him home and having sex with him in his apartment. Kristen Johnson and Pepper Simposen, standing next one another, one very thin with small but perky breasts and nipples and a very tasty pussy and the other much larger with voluptuous parts and a very warm body to be inside of; the two were his first threesome. Jennifer Fortes, she of the bushy bush and fiery red hair who enjoyed semen condiments on her burgers. Kerry Trannle and Teresa Tellworth, one who showed Bern her pussy from under the desk and the other who made Bern’s spirit and heart soar with want and completion, the two had found a new relationship after having a threesome with Bernard right here in the office. Junie Lee, she of the small body but large spirit who fucked him in his own office, sitting in his own chair. Dahlia Bettison, the boss, she of the large breasts which slide around Bern’s cock very nicely and seemed to enjoy having Bern’s member inside all entry points and who was just such a fantastic person. Aadhya Perushni showed her body to Bern at the convention and then came all over his face when he ate her out whose caramel colored body was a marvel to behold. Sharon Pance, with whom Bernard had little sexual anything to do with yet, stood naked, as well, nice large breasts that looked as though they were trying to jump from her chest with a marvelously well attired body of tattoos that he had no idea about but really wanted to now and finally, and certainly not least, Maria Sanchez who became very friendly last night as she leaned onto Bern and was now just as naked with tear-drop breasts and large nipples, supple waist and a strip of pubic hair cut into an arrow pointing down to her pussy.

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