A New Life Pt. 02


An Erotic Romance Novella in Two Parts

by Alex Barton

In loving memory of my dearest friend, RM Dexter.


If there was one thing Jack Sommersby loved to do, it was to withdraw his cock from the tightly clasping asshole of Zidi, his adopted 18-year-old son, just as he was about to ejaculate. Well-practiced, Zidi would open his mouth and reach for the jutting sex, closing his fingers round the shaft and his lips round the tip, milking Jack’s massive load into his mouth so he could swallow greedily, relishing the mixed flavors of asshole, lube and spunk that instantly assaulted his senses.

Groaning loudly, helpless in the intensity of his orgasm, waves of fierce pleasure washed over Jack’s body as he pumped out the contents of his balls down Zidi’s throat until he felt completely drained. Then, as soon as he recovered, Jack would once again sink his long, thick cock back into the boy’s tautly muscled butt until his sperm erupted into the boy’s bowels making Zidi pump out his sperm in response to the friction of Jack’s sweat-slick stomach against the hard shaft of the Moroccan boy’s throbbing circumcised cock.

This morning there hadn’t been time for Jack to fuck Zidi before he set out to meet the flight from London to Marseille but as he stood waiting for his daughter Nicole and her best friend Katie who was joining them for the summer vacation he enjoyed the surge of lust that thinking about climaxing in Zidi’s mouth gave him, his cock hardening against the tight material of his chino shorts. For a moment he worried about whether Katie, Nicole’s BFF, might notice his arousal as Nicole certainly would, but then Jack decided she would have to get used to seeing erect male penises given how much he had missed his beautiful daughter. Both he and Zidi were looking forward eagerly to fucking Nicole’s mouth, pussy and ass singly and in tandem.

Hot and horny, Jack waited impatiently for the two girls to appear, looking forward to them waving excitedly when they saw him and ran across to hug him hello. Indeed, he was so intent on watching for Nicole he hardly noticed the two young women pushing luggage trollies who walked toward him. The brunette was wearing skintight designer jeans and an off-the-shoulder cotton top, the blonde a figure-hugging dress that ended only a couple of inches below her mons and revealed almost all her long, shapely legs. From the way both girls’ very large breasts bounced as they walked it was obvious neither was wearing a bra.

The dark glasses the girls were wearing hid their faces and Jack half-expected paparazzi to jump out and start calling out to what he assumed were two French film starlets trying to conceal their identities. Ah, the perils of celebrity, he thought cynically.

“Excuse please,” one of the girls said in Russian-accented English. “You are driver for us girls?”

“No, sorry love,” Jack said, slightly brusquely, only to let out an indiscreetly loud exclamation of ‘Fuck!’ when the blonde raised her sunglasses.

“Ooo, Daddy, that’s a swear word…” Nicole said, dissolving into giggles at the look of astonishment on her father’s face.

“Bloody hellfire,” Jack said, genuinely unable to speak for a few moments until Nicole let go of Katie’s hand and reached out to link her arm in his, pulling him along to the end of the barrier so she could hug and kiss him, closely followed just as affectionately by Katie who slid her arms round his waist and pressed her full breasts into his chest at the same time as she massaged the base of his cock with her pussy.

“It’s lovely to meet you, Mr. Sommersby,” she whispered in Jack’s ear. “You’re every bit as handsome, and sexy, as Nicole said you were,” she said, which sent a highly pleasurable surge of lust through Jack’s balls.

“How’s Zidi?” Nicole asked as Jack finally gathered his wits enough to lead the way to the car.

“Fine, as maddeningly unpredictable as ever,” her father said with a grin. “Your adopted brother could give lessons on how to break a man’s spirit with no more than a pout. I don’t know how Arab boys do it; it’s truly an art form. He makes me angry and exasperated in the same moment and then begs me to fuck his gorgeous ass so I can’t stay annoyed with him for long.”

“I’m glad, Daddy,” Nicole said, waiting for him to open the trunk and stow their cases. “I’ve missed him and Katie can’t wait to meet him,” she added, giving her friend a meaningful glance which Jack interpreted to mean ‘and find out what it feels like to thoroughly fucked by him’. Both girls climbed into the back seat to sit together while Jack sorted out the ticket and money for the exit barrier.

“I can’t get over how amazing you both look,” Jack said as he pulled out into the early evening traffic. “I mean you both look absolutely ravishing.”

“Thank you, Daddy,” Nicole said, giving him a huge smile in the rear-view mirror.

For a few minutes they drove in companionable silence as Jack navigated his way out of the city then, to Jack’s surprise, he heard Katie let out a soft little Çekmeköy Escort moan and realized she was leaning forward in her seat, her face close to the back of his neck as she inhaled the scent of his skin and the cologne he used.

Glancing back, he saw Nicole place her hands on Katie’s shoulders and push her back in her seat. Then she said, “Daddy, would it be alright if you pulled off the road for a few minutes if there’s somewhere you can stop? This horny slut has been playing with her hot little clit during the flight and she needs to come otherwise we’ll never get home.”

“Erm – yes, of course darling,” Jack said, remembering there was a lay-by and picnic area up a couple of kilometers ahead that with luck would be deserted. He found a suitable spot hidden from the road, pulled up and turned off the engine, unsure whether he should give the girls their privacy or turn around to watch what was happening in the back of the car. He chose to watch, but in the rearview mirror.

Nicole reached across and took hold of the bottom of Katie’s sweater and pulled it up, baring her lover’s creamy breasts. Each rose pink nipple was pierced by a tiny gold barbell, forcing it out at least half an inch from the surrounding areola. Taking the jewelry in her fingers, Nicole pulled the barbells out even further, making Katie gasp with a mixture of pain and pleasure.

“You like that, don’t you, slut?” Nicole said, extending her tongue and licking up Katie’s neck to the sensitive skin under her ear. Katie moaned loudly and turned her head, her eyes smoky with lust, her mouth falling open in a wordless plea to be kissed.

“No,” Nicole whispered. “I’m not going to kiss you until you’ve unbuttoned your jeans and pushed them down your legs so my daddy can see your pretty little cunt, dripping wet with your cream. Use your fingers to pull open the lips so he can see all the way up inside your tight little pussywalls and stroke his big cock as he thinks about sinking every inch right up inside you.”

Nicole released Katie’s left breast and slapped the heavy globe surprisingly hard and said sharply, “Do it and say, ‘I’m ready, Mr. Sommersby’ when you want him to look!”

Immediately Katie reached down and unbuttoned her jeans, hooking her fingers in the denim and pushing them off her hips and down her legs. As she did so Nicole leaned over and licked her tongue over the soft skin of Katie’s cheek, her lips moving closer to Katie’s.

“Good girl,” she purred, and Katie whimpered in excited arousal.

Jack slid down the zip of his pants and freed his cock, his eyes meeting Nicole’s in the mirror. His fingers, slick with sperm, slapped against the base of his cock as he started to masturbate.

“I’m ready, Mr. Sommersby,” Katie said, and Jack turned in his seat so he could look back and see a perfect pink smooth shaven pussy glistening with oily cream displayed exactly as Nicole had instructed. Katie smiled softly at him as she started to stroke her stiff clit before Nicole grabbed her head and turned it toward her, her mouth devouring Katie’s in a ravenous kiss.

Jack alternated hard and soft strokes up and down his throbbing cock, staring into the wet pink opening of Katie’s cunt openly displayed for his pleasure, his daughter kissing her lover as she caressed Katie’s breasts and intensified Katie’s arousal by playing with the tiny gold barbells. Jack was amazed by his daughter’s depravity, perversely proud that, like him, she never hesitated to take what she wanted to satisfy her sexual appetite.

Nicole suddenly decided Katie was taking too long to come. She reached down and knocked Katie’s hand out of the way, replacing it with all her fingers and thumb bunched together which she slowly pushed into the pink sheath of Katie’s pussywalls, almost fisting her best friend and lover. Jack watched and knew it was only a lack of lube that stopped Nicole pushing her whole hand into Katie’s sucking wet cunthole but she still used Katie’s slippery cream to fuck her fingers in and out until she reached the knuckle, holding back but sending Katie’s arousal through the roof. Hot kisses, loud slurping noises, the smell of sex and the sight of two girls in love made two of the three occupants of the car approach climax at the same time.

Hot sperm erupted from the tip of Jack’s cock, gushing out onto the leather of the passenger seat. His intense pleasure as he climaxed made him cry out, “Oh god, yesss!” and he knew his orgasm set off Katie’s who literally screamed as she bucked and shuddered in orgasm. Only Nicole, who had orchestrated the little scenario, had not come and Jack guessed she was holding herself back for a torrid session with Zidi when she reached home. Jack wondered how long it would be before Nicole found a reason to suggest she and Zidi slip upstairs so her handsome stepbrother could sodomize her in a variety of pleasurable positions.

When they reached home Jack prepared brunch and opened a bottle of champagne to celebrate the girl’s arrival while Nicole and Katie explained excitedly how Escort Çekmeköy they came to be BFFs, Zidi doing his best to follow their conversation, his lustful and hungry eyes darting from the fullness of Katie’s breasts down to the material stretched taut across her pussylips and then back again.

Nicole explained that because both girls were blessed, or cursed when it came to physical activity, with curvy, petite bodies and exceptionally large breasts, neither could run nor play volleyball or hockey without embarrassment and possible damage to the big soft globes that jiggled and bounced, a major distraction for teachers and fellow pupils alike. Teachers of both sexes sympathized, finding themselves deeply attracted to the two girls despite desperately trying to remember their marriage vows, while fellow pupils complained their teams were unable to concentrate. A compromise was reached where the two girls became cheerleaders, helping the school’s teams to victory by distracting the other side at every opportunity.

It was Nicole who said they had to become blood sisters as she and Katie hid together one night in the gym equipment store. She produced a miniature of vodka so she could sterilize a needle and then shared the alcohol with Katie for courage as she pricked first one of her own nipples and then one of Katie’s, rubbing the tiny beads of blood together as their lips met in a soul-searing kiss. It was the first expression of a lesbian passion they both accepted was just as inevitable as their continuing lust for hot, hard male cock.


When he wasn’t fucking and sodomizing beautiful teenage girls, Jack worked as a freelance photographer covering everything from celebrity parties and film festivals to taking pictures of properties French letting agents offered to interested parties in the US and UK. Whether for short lets or full-scale moves, properties in France were much in demand and Jack was kept busy. Which was why, as soon as he had freshened up, Jack loaded his camera bag into his Range Rover and asked the two girls if they would like to join him. Nicole agreed while Katie said she would prefer to stay and tan herself by the pool, her eyes widening at the sight of Zidi’s tautly muscled chest when he stripped off his shirt to work in the adjacent olive grove. Father and daughter duly set off for a chateau situated in the middle of vineyards around sixty kilometers to the north.

As he drove while Nicole navigated, Jack listened happily to his daughter’s stories of lovemaking with Katie, the parties she’d been to, the books she’d read and the films she’d seen. Jack delighted in his daughter’s zest for life, hoping she’d found a lifelong friend in Katie. Quite how any boy who fell in love with her would react when he found he would have to share Nicole with Katie could only be guessed at, but Jack guessed the lucky guy would be unlikely to complain. Indeed, the thought of both girls being fucked by one particular lucky male, Zidi with his exquisitely sculpted body and superb cock, made Jack’s erection so cramped in his pants he squirmed momentarily and nearly drove the car off the road when Nicole suddenly screamed, “Daddy – there! Oh god!”

Slamming on the brakes and pulling over, Jack saw a motor scooter lying on its side in front of a set of impressive wrought-iron gates guarding a driveway. Next to the scooter was a teenage boy, sprawled out on his side, one arm at an unnatural angle. It wasn’t hard to work out from the curve of the black tire mark on the road that the boy had braked hard before crashing into the gates.

Jack couldn’t see if the boy was conscious and for a moment he wondered if he was dead and should stop Nicole running over. But it was too late; she was already kneeling to stroke the boy’s face, looking desperately for signs of life.

“Don’t move him, darling!” Jack shouted. “Moving someone with a broken neck or back can kill them.”

“He’s alive!” Nicole cried. “Daddy, I can feel his breath on my cheek.”

The boy, realizing someone was kneeling next to him, opened his eyes and tried to focus, groaning as he moved and then wincing in agony from his injured arm.

“Please, don’t move,” Jack said in French. “I will call for an ambulance. “Is it only your arm that is broken?”

“Yes, I think so,” the boy said, looking up at Nicole and trying to smile. She smoothed his long dark hair away from his eyes and shushed him, then lifted his head from the ground and cradled it in her lap.

“You are an angel, perhaps?” the boy whispered and then sighed loudly and passed out.

Jack reached for his cellphone and dialed 112. As he spoke to the emergency operator he was surprised to see his daughter’s eyes were wet, the slopes of her breasts flushed. Whether the intensity of Nicole’s attraction to the boy was sexual or romantic Jack couldn’t tell but he could see from the expression on the boy’s face before he passed out that the feeling was mutual.

An ambulance arrived in response to Jack’s call followed by a police car. After the boy had been Çekmeköy Escort Bayan assessed and loaded aboard Jack was asked to make a brief statement, the gendarme obviously unsympathetic toward the young man for not wearing a helmet.

“They think it is not cool,” the gendarme said with a snort of contempt. “It is lucky you saw him, monsieur, his arm is broken and the comtesse will be most grateful to you for having sent for medical assistance.”

“The comtesse?” Jack asked.

“La Comtesse de Montravigne,” the gendarme replied, cocking his head toward the ornate gates on the other side of the road. “The young man is her son, Jean-Paul, Le Comte de Montravigne.”

“Daddy, that’s – “

“Well, if that’s all we’ll be off then, officer,” Jack said, cutting Nicole off and taking her by the arm to move toward their car.

The gendarme closed his notepad and walked back to his car. “Safe journey,” he called as he started the engine and drove off.

Nicole looked at her father. “Daddy, that’s where we’re going. To the Chateau de Montravigne,” she said, obviously surprised he had stopped her telling the policeman the comtesse was their client.

“Discretion, sweetheart,” Jack said. “People offer to rent their properties for all sorts of reasons. Some because they enjoy having rich paying guests, some out of necessity because they’re in financial straits. Until our client explains which it is it’s better to be discreet and not have nosy policemen knowing more than they should. Now, let’s go home and I’ll ring the agent and he can let me know what the comtesse wants to do after she’s looked after her son.”

Nicole smiled and kissed him on the cheek. “So, do you think I’m an angel, Daddy?”

“God, I doubt it,” her father said, laughing as he smacked her curvy bottom.


When they got home, Nicole went searching for Katie while Jack changed into swim trunks and made his way to the kitchen to assemble the ingredients for a baguette and pâté lunch. The morning had been a wash-out but he expected he would get a call from the agent managing the Comtesse’s property to reschedule and could find out from her how the boy was recovering in hospital to reassure Nicole.

He was reaching into the refrigerator for butter when he felt a hand on his shoulder and turned to find Nicole smiling at him. She put a finger to her mouth in a shush sign and took his hand, leading him into the living room which looked out over the pool.

“I guess Zidi couldn’t wait until tonight,” Nicole whispered, and Jack quickly saw what she meant.

Zidi, still wearing his work clothes but with his shorts round his ankles, was standing in front of Katie’s sun-lounger holding her legs in his hands, supporting her body as he fucked his huge hard cock, glistening with lube, back and forth in her upturned asshole. It was obvious Katie was in seventh heaven: her eyes were closed and she was moaning in pleasure as she was sodomized by a young man so desperate to sink his cock into her bowels he must have run from the olive groves as soon as it was time to stop for lunch.

“Want to go and join them, Daddy?” Nicole asked, a note of excited arousal in her voice.

“Baby, I’m starving, and not just for sex,” Jack whispered, leading her away from the rutting couple and back to the kitchen, slipping his arm round her waist so he could snuggle her into his side. “Now, why don’t you change into fewer clothes and then there’s a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc in the fridge that would be perfect for lunch. Will you open it while I warm the baguettes?”

“Certainly, Chef,” his daughter said with a cheeky grin.

Nicole appeared a couple of minutes later wearing a linen blouse tied under her jiggling breasts and a tiny thong that barely covered her cunt and left the plump curvy cheeks of her ass exposed. Jack’s cock stiffened in his swim trunks in response to his daughter’s beauty, but he was serious about sorting out lunch before satisfying his appetite for sex. Together they put together the food, wine, plates and glasses onto a tray and carried everything through to the pool but the amazing sight that met their eyes made Jack’s libido soar into overdrive.

Zidi was inexhaustible in his lust for burying his cock in the accommodating asshole of their gorgeous guest. He and Katie had changed places: Zidi was now lying back on the lounger, Katie sitting astride him with her thighs resting outside of Zidi’s which forced her legs wide open. Jack glanced at Nicole and saw her gaze was riveted where his was; on the smooth, glistening lips of Katie’s cunt, gaping obscenely from the pressure of Zidi’s cock in her ass.

“Oh god, oh fuck, Nicks,” Katie gasped when she focused and saw Nicole and Jack were watching. “Zidi’s come three times already and it just feels so fucking incredible with his huge cock spurting masses of hot, gooey spunk up my ass!”

A moment later Katie screamed out in delight as her whole body stiffened, her asshole grinding down on the cock buried in her bowels as she climaxed hard. The muscles in her rectum forced Zidi to arch his hips up off the lounger, every inch of his engorged prick buried to the hilt in the spunk and lube slippery depths of Katie’s back passage, so much sperm pumped out from his balls it oozed from her anal sphincter stretched taut round the deeply buried shaft.

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