A Mom In Need Ch. 02


Connie Taylor struggled with what she had done with Jason, the young man could expose her and end her already shaky marriage. She loved the fact that with this fishing boat her husband would be out of the house more often and she shamefully had to admit she loved having a young man lust after her. Even worse was she gave this young man a hand job on her couch and he was expecting to keep doing this over the next month. Besides the fact that she gave him a hand job on the couch, she also hated the fact that he had a nice big, thick cock, bigger than her husbands and it excited her.

She fingered herself in the shower this morning while her husband and son were downstairs getting ready to go fishing with the fishing boat today. They were gone before she got out of the shower, she got out dried off, blown dried her hair. She changed into a tight pair of jeans and a tank top that was also snug, and she went downstairs to get a cup of coffee when the phone rang.

“Hello.” She said into it.

“Hey Connie, it’s me Jason, do you think I could come over today, it has been a few days since I last seen you.” He said over the phone.

“Could you give me an hour to have some coffee and make myself beautiful?” She asked him.

“Sure, I will see you in an hour.” He replied hanging up.

She drank her coffee while standing at the kitchen counter, and she could not believe the thoughts going through her mind. Would Jason find me attractive in these tight jeans and this tank top or should I go change into something else? Then she shook it off and took her cup of coffee back upstairs to her bathroom to brush her hair, then she put on her makeup.

She then decided to take the tank top off and remove the black lace bra that was holding her large breasts. She put the tank top back on, and her nipples were already getting hard and pushing against the fabric of the shirt. Her pussy was also getting excited, it was getting wet in anticipation of having a young man coming over to kiss and fondle her again. She knew she had to try to maintain control of the situation and not get over excited thinking about this and his large cock.

Soon enough the doorbell rang and she ran down the stairs to answer it, she ushered Jason into the house quickly. She closed the door behind him, he was definitely excited to see her again, as she could see he already had a big bulge in front of him.

“Can I get you anything?” She asked.

“No, I’m good.” He said.

“Well follow me.” She said to take him by the hand and leading him through the house.

She took him out to the backyard deck and they sat down on the porch swing that sat on it, they sat down and she took him into her arms. They began to kiss again, as before it started off slowly, but then grew more passionate as they progressed. Jason was gently feeling her tits through the fabric of the shirt, then he realized she had no bra on and he slid the shirt up so his hands could have access of her bare breasts.

Connie emitted a soft moan when the cool morning air hit her breasts and then the warmth of the sun and Jason’s hand. He gently squeezed them and he toyed with her nipples, he was definitely getting the hang of playing with her tits thought Connie.

Then taking her totally by surprise he broke off the kiss and took one of the nipples into his mouth. His tongue flicking itself over the sensitive nipple, İstanbul Escort he held onto the breast as he did this to the shocked Connie.

“Oh dear stop. Oh yes that does feel good, oh not the other one. Oh I did not teach you to do that.” She moaned in pleasure before finally stopping him. “Would you like me to jerk you off again?”

“Yes.” He said wasting no time to pull his pants down and his big cock out.

She knew the backyard was secluded enough she pulled her tank top off and she fondled his large young cock. It was already big and hard, she began to stroke it up and down, yet she could not get comfortable on the swing to do it. Much to Jason’s disappointment she got down off of the swing, he was not able to fondle her bare breasts.

She spread his legs apart, got down on her knees and was between his legs stroking his big cock up and down now with both hands. Connie was now eye level with the monster in front of her, she could see its large blue vein that ran up it and she watched his large egg-shaped balls bounce up and down. She sat up more to get more leverage and was now looking down on its large head and his piss hole.

Her face was only a few inches away from it and Jason could now feel her hot breath on his sensitive member. Overcome by lust, Jason put his hands on Connie’s head and gently pulled her to his cock. As if she was in a dream she could not stop herself from falling forward toward his cock, she looked up at him with her eyes glistening with lust. Her mouth getting wet and she licked her pink lips, then she engulfed the head of it into her warm moist mouth.

“Oh god, that feels so good Connie.” Jason moaned aloud.

Connie expertly alternated from sucking the first few inches of his big cock into her mouth and stroking the rest of it at the same time to just licking and twirling her tongue around its sensitive head. Then the young man began to buck his hips, she put her mouth on top of it and began to suck him hard. She knew he was going to cum as she could few his cock twitch in hand, soon her mouth was being flooded by his cum.

“Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” He moaned aloud. “Agh god that feels so good.”

She found his cum to be tastier than her husbands as she drank it down her throat, then she cleaned his deflating cock clean with her tongue getting all of the cum off of it. Connie wiped her mouth with her hand and stood up, she put her shirt back on.

“Wow, Connie, that was the greatest experience I ever had.” He said pulling up his pants.

“I’m glad you liked it.” She said to him.

She gave him a hug and a peck on the cheek, promising him he could come over again soon, then she closed the door. Several hours later she was interrupted by knock on the door, it was two guys whom her son played sports with at school.

“Hey Mrs. Taylor, how are you doing today?” Said a muscular white boy named Joey Martin.

“Good Joey, Scott is not here today, he went fishing with his father, you can come by tomorrow and see him.” She said trying to rid herself of the two boys.

“Well Mrs. Taylor we are not here to see Scott, we are here to see you.” Said the black kid Jamal Washington.

“Me, whatever for?” She asked wondering what they were up too.

“Check this out.” Said Joey pulling out his camera phone. “That is sure one hell of a blow job you gave that Kadıköy Escort nerd Jason this morning.”

“What how in the hell did you do this, you did not show them to anyone did you?” She said to usher them into the house.

“He only sent them to me on my phone.” Said Jamal.

“So what the hell do you boys want?” She asked them angrily.

“Well we want some of what that nerd got, maybe more.” Joey said to eye her up.

“You didn’t send those pictures to anyone besides Jamal?” She asked nervously.

“No lady I’m the only other person who has them.” Said Jamal.

“Then I tell you what give me the phones and follow me.” She said to lead them upstairs after they gave her phones.

She took the two phones and placed them into a drawer in a desk that was in their bedroom, the drawer had a key which she locked and put into her jeans. She then turned to the two boys, they stood looking at her nervously.

“So what do I have to do to get you two to delete the pictures and leave, never to come back?” She asked trying to sound adult and intimidating to them.

“Like Joey said downstairs we want the same thing you gave the nerd, maybe more in order to get those pictures deleted.” Said Jamal.

With that being said Joey walked up behind Connie and took her into his arms from behind, he kissed her neck with hot wet kisses. He then ran his hands up her front and lifted her shirt to fondle her large naked tits. Connie moaned aloud when he began doing this, then Jamal came over to her and kissed her on the mouth. He then lowered his head and began to suck her big tits, she used one hand to hold his onto his head and the other to keep steady.

While Jamal kept up his sucking on her tits, Joey reached down and undid her jeans he slid them down. Unconsciously she stepped out of them and was only wearing a black lace thong, she knew she had better stop this before the tried to get to her pussy.

She got down onto her knees and took Jamal’s cock out of his shorts, it was as long as Jason’s and not as thick. She quickly sucked him into her mouth, the young man sighed as he enjoyed how good a blow job this older lady gave him.

“Oh yeah that it Mrs. Taylor, yeah sucks my black cock good.” He said to egg her on. “Oh man Joey wait til she gets her mouth on your cock man, but she is fucking great.”

Joey however was getting undressed, he then had other ideas than just getting a blow job from Mrs. Taylor. He got down on the floor and laid down onto his back, he surprised her by pushing his head between her legs and getting his face under her crotch. He reached up with his hands and pulled the fabric over and then he flicked his tongue over her sensitive clit.

“Mmm that is bad, oh so bad.” She said when he began to lick her clit.

Then Jamal took a hold of her head and guided her face back to his cock, he roughly fucked his cock in and out of her mouth while his buddy licked her clit and pussy. Connie emitted several moans and groans, while sucking the cock and humping her pussy against Joey’s eager mouth. Soon Jamal roughly grabbed her hair and was pumping load after load of cum down her throat, making her gag some back up. It did not taste as good as Jason’s had earlier, she then could feel Joey try to squirm out from under her, she knew he wanted to fuck her.

Connie was not about to give him the Ataşehir Escort chance, she quickly lowered herself down so they were into a sixty nine position. She took his average sized cock into her mouth and sucked on it, surprisingly he was so excited by what was going on he shot off in just a few sucks. She quickly pulled her head off of his cock and spit out his cum onto his belly, she got off of him, even though she was close to orgasm she was not going to let him keep licks her pussy.

She got the key out of the drawer and took the phones out of it, she tried to figure out how to delete them and failed to do so.

“How do I delete these pictures?” She asked.

“Let me fuck you and I’ll tell you.” Laughed Joey.

“Fuck you!” She spat and set the two phones down on the desk watching the boys get dressed, she then grabbed the heavy brass desk lamp.

Connie proceeded to smash the phones using the lamp shattering them into little pieces until they were completely broken and unrecognizable. The two young men stood looking at her in too much shock to act, when she was done she swept them into the waste basket.

“Now get the fuck out of my house and never come here again!” She shouted at them.

The two young men ran out of the house as quick as they could and Connie redressed, her pussy was in need of attention but that could wait for later. She brushed her teeth and gargled with a mouth wash, she then called Jason and told him what had happened. She lied and told him that she did not have to do anything sexual and told him any future get together would have to be done more discreetly in the future.

Later that night she and husband made love, or what qualified as making love for him, then she laid in bed crying softly to what a massive jumble her life has become. Blackmailed twice in the same week by friends of her sons’ and stuck in a loveless marriage. When she woke back up the next day, she found herself in bed and alone, her husband had left to go fishing.

When she put her robe on and went downstairs her son was sitting in the living room with Jason showing him the pictures of the fishing trip. She said good morning to the two of them and went out to get some coffee. She came back out in the living room and sat down in one of the big chairs watching the two boys talk.

“Funny I called Joey and Jamal to see if they could come over and they both wanted to come over and hang out. Neither one of them answered their cells, oh well so what do you want to do today Jason?” Scott asked.

“I don’t know maybe hangs around out by the pool and get some sun, Mrs. Taylor you are more than welcome to come over and enjoy the pool later.” Said Jason. “My mom made up some hamburger patties and some macaroni salad, and I could them on the grill for lunch later.”

“Sounds good to me.” Replied Scott.

“I don’t know maybe I’ll come over and hang out with my two favorites guys.” She said.

“Well I’m going run back over to my house and get my suit on, hurry on over.” Jason said leaving.

“I guess I better go get my swimsuit on.” Scott said getting up and kissing his mother on the forehead. “Are you coming over?”

“Yes I think I will a little bit later.” She said to watch her son run up the stairs.

She wondered what Jason was up too, but she did not think he would have the courage to do anything with Scott there. After yesterday she told him that they had to be more careful, she did not want to ever have a repeat of that day again. Then she thought of what swimsuit to wear one of her one piece or that tight skimpy bikinis her husband bought for her a while ago.

To be continued…

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