A meeting in Leather – Part 12.

A meeting in Leather – Part 12.
“Gang fucked in Leather at the club.”

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– A sequel to: https://xhamster.com/stories/a-meeting-in-leather-part-11-945139
– Or start at the beginning: https://xhamster.com/stories/a-meeting-in-leather-part-1-925923

I woke up in Dave’s arms. And looked at him, how he was sleeping there in his Leather motor Jacket. A half stiff dick stuck out from under it. So he must have had a beautiful dream. I let my tongue pass over that thing for a moment and his cock happily rocked back and forth. With a big smile on my face, I carefully stood up and pulled a sheet over his legs. It was a bit chilly that morning and because my upper body had been lying naked all night beside him, I was actually quite cold.

I went to my room and changed my clothes. I took off the Chaps and put on my black jogging pants with a black and white 3/4 baseball T-shirt. And went to the kitchen to make us breakfast. I turned on the coffee pot, because Dave always was grumpy in the morning if he hadn’t had his coffee. And made some fried eggs and fried some bacon. The toast was just finished when Dave came down to the scent. He hadn’t changed and so he only wore the Leather Jacket. His morning erection was at full strength.

I was squeezing orange juice at the counter. He pushed me against the counter and rubbed his cock against my buttocks. “Hey buddy. Did you sleep well?”, he asked, turning my face to kiss me.
I gave him a tongue kiss and he let his hand disappear in the front of my jogging pants. He grabbed my cock and jerked me off. Before his other hand also disappeared in the jogging pants. Before I realized it, he pulled it down and pushed me over the counter and pushed his thick morning dick inside me.

“Oh… Fuck… Dave that thing is so huge!”, I moaned loudly. He grabbed my hips and pushed him inside me. Once he was completely in me he sat there for a while. I started to turn my hips and drove myself up and down his fat dick. Dave started panting and with a few powerful thrusts he sprayed his load of cum into my boy cunt. He pulled me up again and kissed me passionately. His hands went through my hair and over my chest. “So… I just had to be sure that I didn’t just dream about this last night. It’s been a while since I got fucked this way!”, Dave said with pride and a little disbelief. He only let his cock slide out of me after a while. Abruptly turned me around and lifted my naked ass on the counter.

He saw my stiff dick and immediately started to suck me off. Very tender and calm at first, but soon he firmly grabbed hold of it and milked my dick. All the while he had at least my cock head in his mouth. But he also took me deep down his throat a few times. After having sucked me off for a while I gave him the load of sperm he hoped for. He swallowed most, but some dripped out of his mouth, over his chin and on his modern motorcycle jacket.

“Were you thirsty Dave?”, I asked him horny. He laughed hard at that. I grabbed his head with two hands and sucked the seed from his chin. “I want something too, you hear!”, I said. And then also licked his jacket clean. Pulled up my jogging pants and said, “I made breakfast for us. We can use the protein after last night.”, and I put the coffee and egg sandwich with bacon on the table. Poured the orange juice into two glasses. We ate and drank something and discussed the horny sex of that night. We both came to the conclusion that this would not be the last time, but that we had to be careful about our parents. After all, neither of us have had our coming-out yet. And we both wanted to keep it that way.

“Hey Robert, do you want to do something fun tonight?”, Dave asked me. “What? Even more fun than last night?, that’s impossible…”, I said with a grin on my face. “Yes, that sounds nice, but I have to visit André’s club first this afternoon for a job interview or something like that.”, I continued. “What? Are you really going to work there?”, Dave asked me in surprise. “Yeah man, I think it would be nice, and that way I can make some new Leather friends and gain more experiences. There is only one thing. I definitely don’t want to be employed by André or Mike as a sex toy. I just have far too little experience for that whole slave thing. I was deflowered only a week and a half ago.”, Dave looked at me with wide eyes. “Wow, yes I can understand why you say that. Is it really only a week and a half ago? You already fuck as if you haven’t done anything else all your life!”, he said, impressed by my skills.

“Yes, the first time in the gym on Wednesday I sucked Mike. And then that Friday after I had to carry out an assignment for him. He wanted to see if I was willing to do more than I said I dared. I had to fuck someone for him the first time in Leather, that was really damn hot, but also very exciting. On that Saturday after that, I discovered that Mike was part of master André’s sex club and I secretly went to see it. I found a bound slave there. He was tied on a mattress and took his beautiful brown dick up my ass. Mike somehow found out and wanted to take revenge on my ass that Saturday afternoon.”, I told Dave. He listened intensively to the whole story.

“What did he do to you!?!… Man… I will kick him in the teeth when I see him again! This was NOT the deal! Sorry Rob… This was not what I wanted… Really. This was not my intention. Sorry,… forgive me.”, Dave said with damp eyes. I grabbed Dave’s hand and said, “Nothing happened that I didn’t want to happen. There is more to tell you. But afterwards you have to explain to me exactly why you asked Mike to intimidate me.”

“So that Saturday afternoon I cycled home and saw that he was waiting for me in the area. Long story short. He stopped in front of the door and knocked. I pulled him down the hall and knocked the wind out of his lungs. I grabbed him by the balls and made him beg me for mercy. Then I took him upstairs and tied him to the bed.”, I said. Dave couldn’t believe his ears. “So those judo lessons helped after all.”, he joked.

“Yup! al though I’m sure he just let it happen. Man, he’s really much stronger than me and he could have stopped me like that. That afternoon I screwed him, instead of the other way around. And he took me that Saturday night to the club for the first time. He said I was ready. And he was right about that. I was ready for the rest of my new life, with my new look. And the rest is history.”, I said.

Dave told me, “I know Mike from the Military Service. He was my sergeant. And I had a relationship with him for a few years.”, Dave said. “I talked to him for the first time in a while about a month ago, and by chance we also talked about you. I told Mike that I thought that you would never be a real guy if you kept putting yourself in the background like that. But man… I was so wrong. I know that now. We agreed that he would only scare you a little. Maybe that would get you out of your shell a bit more. But what you just told me was never my intention. Again Sorry, Rob. Really forgive me, please.”, said Dave.

“I’m never going to forgive you David,”, I said meanly. “Wa… What… What do you mean?”, he stammered in shock. “I will never forgive you, because I am eternally grateful to you brother!”, I called. “The only thing that you and Mike had not counted on was that I was ready for sex with boys for a long time already. And the fact that I really liked to look at tough men in Leather. I had dreamed for years to wear a Leather Jacket or pants myself. But I never dared to do that because of mom and dad until last week. Mike too was astonished when I told him. I think this was the reason he gave me the assignment to see how far I dared to go I suspect.”, I told Dave.

“But I still think Mike and André want something different with me than what I am willing to give them. I think that André really wants me to work as a sex toy in the club. I really want to do everything but to start working as a slave is much too early for me. I would like to have months, if not years, more experience for that. Understand me well. I do love sex with boys and men. And I don’t mind it to be rough either, but I want to stay in control of my own ass!”, I told Dave, who nodded understandingly.

“Shall we go together to the Club this afternoon on my motorcycle?”, He asked. “Then I can go with you to André to support you.”
“Yeah! I think it would be fun. Than I can also ride with you on your motorbike for the first time. Actually silly that we never did that before. I’ve always looked up to you, David!”, I said in admiration to my tough brother.
“Why do you actually call me David? I like it of course, but that is not my name.”, he asked quizzingly. “Oh, ehumm… yes… I thought, a new relationship comes with a new pet name. I like it if we can get a little closer from now on. At the club they call me Robby. I would like it if you call me that too.”, I asked Dave. “Aw… That’s sweet, little brother.”, he said and gave me a big hug.

“Time for a shower Dave… You reek of my jizz…”, I said and gave him a wink. “Only if you come with me. You make me horny!”, He exclaimed as he pulled me upstairs. We soaped and rinsed each other under the shower. He dropped the soap on the floor and looked horny at me as he bent over. His eyes begged to take him. My heart said no. But my cock had different thoughts. It didn’t take long before I penetrated his ass hole. We just fucked like that for a while. I also got it up the ass from David. Without cumming, but completely satisfied, we stepped out of the shower. And talked about anything and everything. Kissed and hugged. And made one horny joke after another. We were very close now. And it really felt great. Dave and I were really close now. Understanding and enjoying each other. Something we had never done before. Before this we actually lived our separate lives. I felt that I could really tell him everything now. And hearing about his escapades in Amsterdam, Dave had the same feeling with me.

At the start of that afternoon we hoisted our self into our Denim and Leather gear. Dave had put on his new Leather Jeans and boots. And under his modern black motor Jacket only wore a harness. I also put on my Leather Jeans over a black cotton jock strap. As well as the Sendra ankle boots with the metal noses. I put the harness on, that I had gotten from Dave, over a black no-sleef t-shirt. And put some paper money in the Leather wristband wallet. I put on the Leather denim jacket. We grabbed our helmets and walked to his motorcycle. He rolled it out of the shed and drove it out of the back alley. At the street I climbed up behind and Dave left the village. We first toured the area. And I pointed out to Dave that he needed to refuel.

We both got off at the gas station and he took the hose out of the pump while I opened the gas cap for him. While Dave filled the tank, I grabbed some paper towels to clean the tank if he spilled any. Dave went in to pay and I sat on his motorcycle. That felt pretty good. Such a heavy machine between your legs, I thought. I had started the engine already, when Dave got back he sat down behind me. I looked at him for a moment. “Let’s get going, Robby. I trust you. You drive us towards André’s!”, he said, tapping my helmet twice and pointing his index finger forward. I drove away carefully, but soon got the taste of it. With due observance of the traffic rules, we drove swiftly towards the club.

Once there, Dave climbed from the buddy seat and grabbed the weekend bag that I had attached behind it. I turned the engine off and we hung our helmets on a cable lock on the bike. I gave Dave the keys and I got the weekend bag from him. “What did you actually bring?”, he asked curiously. “I assume that André will demand the return of Mike’s Leathers. As soon as he realizes that I really do not want to work for him as a slave. So I have already taken them along. As well as some other clothes to put on afterwards.”, I said nervously.

“Do you want me to go to the office with you?”, asked Dave. “No, thank you. I really have to face him myself, I fear. And who knows, Master André might have other plans now.”, I said, hoping for a proper part-time job.
We walked brotherly side by side to the entrance door. Dave nudged me and said, “They don’t know my first name here. They call me DJ”. I nodded and when we arrived at the door we were greeted enthusiastically by one of the security guards.

“Hey, DJ nice to see you again. You too Robby! I was afraid you’d never come again.”, he said relieved. And gave us both a high five. He wanted to open the door for us. “Wait a minute Dirk.”, I said. “Let me log in for the last time with my access code.”
“What do you mean the last time?”, Dirk asked surprised. “I have to go to André for a ‘job interview’. But if he has nothing else to do for me than hopping around as a sex slave, I will be finished here quickly. I would really like to come and work here. And I want to do everything. I want to reinforce the team of Bertus behind the bar or in the kitchen. I even want to work as a handyman. Or, if there is no other option, even as a cleaner. But slave… no, not yet.”, I told him.

I entered the code on the lock so that I was logged in to the personnel system. And Dirk asked, “Do you want me to go upstairs with you?”. I replied, “No, but could you, or someone from security, stay a bit nearby. I suspect I could use some backup later.”. Dirk put a firm hand on my shoulder as we entered. “It will be fine. I will stay in the club. He is waiting upstairs. Just walk straight on in, Robby. I will take DJ to the bar for a stiff cock… um… a stiff drink… I mean of course.”, he joked in an attempt to ease the tension.

I knocked on the door of Master André’s office. “Come in!”, He replied. And I walked inside. Put the weekend bag on the chair next to me, and stood in front of André’s desk, with my hands behind my back and looking straight ahead.
“And what is… Sir Robby… going to do here today?”, he asked surly. “Are you coming to free the slaves again and destroy our reputations?”, he said angrily.

“You asked me to come over for a conversation about a job for me, Master André”, I said as neutrally as possible.
“Ah,… Sir Robby… still wants to come and work here? Nice because I can still use a slave. Are you willing to surrender completely, boy?”

“I see myself do all sorts of things for the club. The kitchen service, security, maintenance, as a stage hand or if there really isn’t anything else to do, it could also be a cleaning job. Provided I have the opportunity to make new friends. And there is also a problem with the hours that I can put in. Of course I will have to finish my school first. So there are no fixed hours for the time being. And I also don’t need ridiculously expensive gifts from you or Mike. I fear those are only for use against me, if I don’t do exactly what you want from me.”, I told Master André. Which visibly made him even more angry.

“In that case it is also better to return those Leathers from Mike.”, said master André surly. Without saying a word, I unzipped the ankle boots and took off the Leather Jeans. Took the black Leather biker jacket and the Chaps from the weekend bag and put them on André’s desk. He didn’t quite understand what I was doing. It took a while before the penny fell. “For someone who does not want to work as a slave, you know how to follow the orders of your master, Robby.”, he said.

“You will never be my master, Mr. André. At best you will be my boss. But if I listened carefully to you, it seems there is no part-time job for me here. Or am I wrong?”, I asked brutally.
“Hey man!… If your going to start like this, then you can immediately hand in your access pass and identification tag as well.”, he said indignantly to me.
I pulled the dog tag from my chain and placed it together with the fuel card and the access card on the Leather gear on his desk. And asked him, “Is there anything else I can do for you, Mr. André?”. But before he could answer, I left the office barefoot and in nothing more then a jock strap and my new Leather denim-style jacket.

Various staff members sat at the main bar with Dave in the club. They could have enjoyed the conversation between André and myself. Because I had intentionally left the door open. Dirk, the head of security, and my brother had told them what was going on. I sat down next to Dave on an empty bar stool with my back against the bar. Looked over my shoulder and ordered a Bacardi Cola from Bertus for myself and a beer for Dave.

Dirk, the head of security got up and stood across from me. “And how did it go?”, he asked. “I was forced to hand in my Leathers as well as the access card and the dog tag.”, I said semi relieved. “A pity, because I would have really liked to work here, but the Master is always right. Isn’t that so?”, I said.

“You don’t mean that!”, The staff members said. Rik nudged Robbin. And I got a pat on the back from Doctor Jonathan. “We won’t let this happen, Robby!”, was the consensus of the other staff members. “We need you here. There are enough bottoms and slaves here!”. I said, “Thank you Men. That may be the case, but that doesn’t change anything. The Master is ALWAYS right! Even if he’s wrong.”

Robbin shot up the stairs in anger to the office of master André. And Rik ordered me to walk to their Leather Atelier. He pulled out a bag with 2 pairs of Leather Jeans and a pair of Leather chaps. He took a Leather Biker Jacket from their desk. It looked exactly like what Mike had ‘given’ me. With black zippers and push buttons. In a smooth but robust leather type. “Please try these on, Robby.”, he asked.

“You will be pleasantly surprised by the fit. These were specially made by us for your body size. With some room for growth.”, And indeed. These Leathers fit as if they were cast on me. Not too tight and certainly not too loose. I took the black work shoes with the metal noses from the weekend bag and put them on under the chaps. Rik took a camera and placed me in front of a white background. He shot several professional photos of me while I posed for him in those Leather’s. “You wil get these from Robbin and me. And they come with their own receipts. So even André can’t take these away from you.

It made me a little crazy. Because I was really on an odd roller coaster ride now. In my mind I had just said goodbye to Mike’s Leathers. And now I was in new, and even better, Leather outfits. My cock couldn’t handle the tension anymore and in no time it became rock hard. I rubbed my hand over it and let Rik take some porn pictures of me with my stiff dick in my hand.

The men from the bar had come to see where I was, and they were watching us screaming and shouting. “That Leather gear should be initiated men!”, said Dave. “You are right DJ! A load of seed must go over it!”. And they all pulled their cocks from the pants. I crawled between Dave’s legs and started to lick him, while I started jerking off Dirk and Bertus’ dicks. Robbin had come to stand next to Rik and I took them into my mouth at the same time. Rik made a great action shot of it. The Doc and a few of the other staff also got blowjobs from me.

The moans and panting rose over the music that came through the speakers. And suddenly my ass was pulled up and I knew what was about to happen. A cock disappeared into my butt hole. And when he started to cum, my new Leathers got the initiation they deserved. I believe that I was taken by 8 tough Leather men that afternoon. And I enjoyed every hard inch of them and every load that was dumped over me.

The men disappeared towards the bar one by one. And I helped Robbin and Rik to clean things up again. It was a mess in their Atelier. But it had been worth it. “I can’t pay you for all this beautiful Leather gear, men…”, I said somewhat embarrassed. “I just bought a new moped, so my savings are almost as good as gone I fear.”
“Don’t worry about that. You will get these from us!”, Robbin said. And I gave them both a big hug and a warm kiss.

I put on one of the new Leather Jeans together with the black Leather biker jacket. And put the rest in my Weekend bag. Apparently the generous donors were not yet finished. Because there were more things in the bag, now bulging with Leather and Denim clothes.

“It looks really good on you. It is as if the Leathers wear you, instead of you wearing them. We rarely see that anymore.”, Rik and Robbin sighed. “Maybe a very cheeky question from me, men. But do you perhaps have a part-time job for me? Sounds nice to learn how to make Leather clothing. Or even if it is only to see you work, while I clean up the shop or something like that.”, I asked them brutally. “That way I can also do something in return for you.”, I said. “We’ll think about that for a while, but I think that is a good plan, Robby!”, Robbin said. And Rik agreed with that thought.

“Let’s go back to the bar, bro’s. Then I can buy you a beer!”, I said as we walked arm in arm to the bar. I got approving looks from the men there, and my Leathers where touched and stroked by several of them. While they were whistling and screaming.
Bertus gave me a new access card. “It’s a regular visitor card, but this ensures that you don’t have to pay anything. We really want to see you here more often. And also take DJ with you then…”, said Bertus with a big grin. “And leave Mike and André to us.”, said Doctor Jonathan. “You won’t be bothered by them anymore.”

I looked at Dave and asked, “What are we doing, are we staying here tonight or are you taking me home DJ?”. “I emptied my balls already today. So let’s go, Robby.”, said Dave. We thanked the men once more and I gave Bertus and Dirk an extra kiss for their help. Mike came to meet us at the door. “Hi Mike, Goodbye Mike…”, I said sneakily. And Dave hit him extremely hard in the stomach. “You leave my brother alone, you pervert!”, he cried as his action immediately garnered applause from the other staff members.

We got on the bike and Dave drove us home quickly. I was dead on my feet, and took a quick shower. Dave came with an enema shower and helped me to clean my hole well. After showering we put on some light clothing and sat down on the couch in front of the TV. Dave had gotten two beers for us. “If dad would see us like this, he would have kicked us out of the house by now.”, I said to Dave, laughing. “Are you snuggling up next to me again tonight, buddy?”, he asked. “I would like to, but I think my ass needs at least a week of rest.”, I told Dave. He laughed and pressed a Gay Porn into the Video recorder. I did not enjoy it very long. Because I must have fallen asleep in his arms. The next morning I woke up very late in my own bed.

I came downstairs around lunchtime. “Look, who do we have there? Good morning sun shine! The lights went out very quickly last night, Robby.”, Dave laughed.
“I’m going on a bike tour this afternoon. Do you want to come along?”, he asked. “Yes thanks, can I drive a bit then as well?”, I asked. “Should not be a problem I think.”, said Dave.

Halfway through that afternoon we went on his Motor Bike again. Dressed in our Leather gear. The boys from the neighborhood looked at me jealously as we drove past. Dave honked and I raised my hand. It promised to be a fun day again. Full of new experiences and challenges.

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