A Luxurious Evening

Group Sex

“Hey baby? Did we put the Hulu membership on my card or yours? Because I think they’re charging us for two accounts. It’s just one of them has Shotime and one–” I called out as I came through the door.

She crashed into me.

Her hands gripped my wrists into the wall and I had an image of my flushed girlfriend before her mouth was on mine.

“Mmph!” I squeaked under the crush of her lips. Her mouth opened wide to devour me and I passively complied, opening mine and pressing my head still against the wall. She squeezed my wrists possessively and ground her hips into mine. My pubic bone was a happy camper. My clit, though, started throbbing in protest. Fuck, was the very intelligent thought running through my mind. I think I heard a thump and a stray thought said phone, my phone. But who the hell knows or cares when she’s pushing against me like this?

My hips drove back into hers. She growled and separated her mouth from mine with a squelch. My mouth followed hers blindly and my half-hooded eyes were trying to focus on her face. My glasses were askew and I felt like I was hanging from the stocks on a dangerously sexy sentencing. I hung from the wall pathetically, my wrists pinned to the cool wall, her thigh pressed into my center, her pelvis still pressed to mine, and my head slumped forward waiting for her to move or give me direction. I took a moment to ground myself and cede all control. She started grinding her pelvis and thigh into me and I finally looked in her eyes. She was grinning at me! The brat! I felt the pull to take back control and wipe the smug look off her face. But this felt so good. And a dom-Suzie was a fierce kind of fever that I would rather enjoy while it lasted.

“Ugh! You’re hot!”

She grinned wider and attached her mouth to my neck. She squeezed my wrists and dragged them to the back of her head. I bucked into her again. There’s a spot on my neck that she likes to mark. It’s a hot zone for me and my eyes roll back. Even days later, I’ll brush the hickey and instantly get wet for her. She sucked and I squirmed in her arms, pressing her head harder into my neck. Her thigh was rubbing against my center and I could feel myself getting closer and closer. We really should do more heavy petting. It’s hot.

“Holy–Su! Yes! Yess!”

“Wait, wait Mor! I want you to come in my mouth.” She dropped to her knees and grabbed the buckle on my belt.

“Fuuu-uck…” I panted. My hips moved back and forth in arousal, hands still tangled in her silky red waves.

Her hands furiously wrenched my leather belt and the fly of my jeans open. She peeled my pants off me, not bothering to pull them all the way off and immediately dove her mouth into my center. Her warm palms pressed high into my front and dragged her nails back down as she licked my clit persistently. My legs opened as much as they could with my jeans pooled near my feet and I braced my lower back into the wall to survive the onslaught that was Suzie’s tongue over my center and sucking on my clit in the next moment.

“Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.” I was shaking. Every core muscle of mine was convulsing and I gripped her hair as my whole being concentrated in my clit and the burning in my calves. My hips bucked as I felt my clit explode and I saw stars behind my eyelids. “Jesus–Suz! Oh my–holy shit!” My sweaty back slid down the wall and my butt thumped into the hard laminate of the hallway, groaning in pain. I think I might have pushed her away from me in the sharp movement. I extricated my leg from the awkward angle the jeans were causing and shifted my legs to make a space to bring her back into me. I burst out in laughter. Suzie laughed with me after a few seconds.


“What do you mean, ‘what?'” I stuttered out, still laughing. “What the hell was that?!” Before she could answer, I kissed her firmly as I wrapped my legs over her calves. She braced her hands against the wall around me in a possessive cage.

“I was waiting for you to come home.”

“So you could jump my bones?” I smirked and she kissed it off my face.

“I was thinking of that night we had a week ago? With the–you know?”

I nodded quickly and gulped. That night was really hot. My fingers were already twitching at the thought of being inside her like that and turning her on that much. Even the accidental squirting incident alone was one for the record books.

“Let’s go to bed and I’ll show you exactly how much I’ve been thinking about it.” She vaulted up and dragged me to my feet, stopping to kneel at my feet again to take my shoes off and finish peeling off my pants. She pressed kisses to both thighs and dragged me by the hand to the bedroom. On the kitchen counter I saw a package open and some wrappers.

“Did you take edibles?!” I asked incredulously. She hardly ever joined me on my fun nights in. She’d watch a movie with me and fed me if I had the munchies but otherwise always declined when I offered.

“Yes…” Since I stopped in my tracks, she pressed me into Ağrı Escort the island to kiss my neck.

“And you took two?” I pressed, trying not to focus on her tongue on my collarbone.


“And how do you feel?”

“Fantastic!” She grinned brightly at me. I held her cheek and ran a hand into her hairline. She followed my hand like a cat and pressed into it like a cat would too.

“When did you take them?”

“About an hour ago, I think.”

“What else do you feel?” She frowned and looked off to the cabinets.

“Um, like heavy…happy…I can feel my teeth.”

I chuckled still running my hands all over her. She must be so sensitive right now.

“Oh, and I WANT you.”

“You haven’t touched yourself?”

“No, I waited for you. Please, Mor!” She took my hands and placed them on her breasts. I squeezed and she whimpered lightly.

“Okay, yeah. You’re gonna like this babe…it feels so nice.” She whimpered again as I wrapped myself around her, caressing and gripping her skin tightly everywhere. I stopped at the island to take a few edibles myself and she attached to my back like an octopus. I took her to the bedroom and stripped her of her clothes, dragging my hands over her hot skin more so than I usually would have. Every nerve ending is extra sensitive for her right now and she groaned in pleasure with every touch and grope.

I laid her down on the bed and quickly took off my shirt and bra. I kneeled between her legs as she stretched languorously. I palmed both breasts and slapped them once. (I researched this to make sure of the pressure. It was hot on the porn I’d watched so I really hoped she would like it.) Her back arched up and she grinned and I grinned back at her. I grabbed one globe and sucked her nipple in my mouth, squeezing the other gently. It instantly pebbled and she moaned loudly. I licked the nipple over and over, feeling her hips gyrate into mine. I switched to the other breast and slapped the one I’d just left. She gasped.

“Ah! That’s hot, Mor.” I moaned into her flesh. “I’m already so close.” I squeezed her nipple in one hand firmly and sucked on the other one harshly. Her hips bucked into nothing and she pulled at my hair to pull me even closer. Her back was arching into me, so I snaked an arm under her back to hold her over the mattress. She forced a leg under mine and shifted under me so I felt her wet center over the muscle of my thigh. She groaned in relief and humped her center over my thigh, coming almost immediately in a shaking climax. “Oh shit!” She moaned over and over again as I let her down on the duvet. I kept stimulating her nipples and she scratched along her pubic bone and thighs.

“How the fuck does this feel so good?” She moaned out as her eyes rolled back. I smiled down at her.

“Welcome to the tittilating world of weed, darling.”

“Have you been waiting to use that word during sex?” She accused, looking at me with narrowed eyes.

“For ages! Pretty awesome delivery, right? Considering, you know…” I squeezed her breasts quickly a couple of times, making her giggle. I entered her with two fingers and she immediately opened her legs further to give me space. She continued touching her breasts, caressing, pinching, and squeezing. I smirked at her sensitivity and shifted to lie on my stomach and caught her clit in my mouth. She gasped and bucked into my face. Her g-spot was huge at this point and I could feel the rough spot and puffy walls against my fingers. She ground herself against my fingers and I sucked her clit in time. More of her come leaked out and she groaned deeply.

“Holy–ugh!” She panted as her body tensed.

“Relax baby…just feel it.” She forced herself to lay down flat and breathe while I pressed my fingers harder up into her as I sucked on her again. She twitched now and then but eventually the telltale gush of ejaculation dripped over my hand and the faintly white juices pooled in my palm. I slurped up as much as possible and increased the pace of my fingers.

She panted loudly as she tensed again and came under my mouth. She twisted over to the side to detach from my persistent mouth but continued to impale herself slowly on my fingers. I grabbed a globe of her ass and squeezed while I continued to massage her insides. After a minute of feeling her aftershocks, she shakily grabbed my hand to stop me. I laid on my side next to her, licking my fingers. She dropped on her back again and looked at me, slipping her hand into my hair and clutching. “That felt amazing, Mor.”

“Right? It’s like all your nerves are supercharged, huh?”

“Yeah! You can feel everything…Fuck.” She shuddered a full body shiver. I took the blanket and covered us. She caressed the soft heavy blanket and pulled it so it grazed the top of her body. She sighed happily.

“I really like you like this.” I whispered near her ear. I ran my hand over her front, gripping and caressing.

“Like how?” She whispered back. In our hot little cocoon Ağrı Escort Bayan of pleasure, we felt so foggy and overstimulated.

“Needy. Uninhibited. Insatiable.” I licked her neck and she grunted. I gripped her breast and she clutched my hand over her.

“Feels so good. I want more. All the things. Say more nice words in that same voice.” I chuckled, nosing in her hairline.

“Relax, baby, and close your eyes. I’m going to touch you all night.”

She moaned and shuddered again. “Mor?”


“Can you get one of your ties?”

“Sure!” I pecked her lips as a response. I didn’t know if she wanted to be tied up or blindfolded so I got a thick maroon silk tie that would work for either situation.

I snapped it on her thigh when I came back and she cried out.

She grabbed it and used it to pull me closer like a lead. It honestly didn’t take any effort at all. I was willing to be directed however she wanted.

She took both of my hands as I straddled her and led them up to her face.

“Blindfold me.” She gently commanded. I widened my eyes and slipped the thickest part of the tie over her eyes. As I reached behind her to tie it off she ducked into my neck to lick my collarbones, making my fingers clumsy.

“Shit, Babe…you keep throwing me off my game.”

“You have game?” She replied cheekily.

“Watch it!” I warned as I tightened the blindfold carefully. “You’re about to be completely at my mercy. I’d keep on my good side if I were you.”

“Please! You can’t resist me!” She laid down, running her hands over her neck and chest, scratching lightly. My eyes tracked her hands wondering how she was still in charge while she was under me and blindfolded. “Mor?” She cocked her head and caressed my thighs. I leaned down silently to lick her lips, making her jolt in surprise. I grinned and tasted the soft skin of her lips under my tongue. She sighed at the gentle sensation. Her mouth was semi-open and I ran my tongue across the upper lip lining. She whimpered. She’d apparently decided to enjoy my touch and keep completely still and it was HOT. I touched her again and again, caressing lightly then groping her, always keeping her on her toes.

I was starting to feel the effects of my edibles too and the feeling of her body under mine sent tingles everywhere. I ground my center over her pubic bone and started humping her rapidly. She took a hand and strummed my clit and another hand pinched my nipples. It didn’t take long for my eyes to roll back and my hips faltered in my climax over her now-wet pubic bone. I laid half on her and half on the bed and hovered near her mouth, my warm pants making her open her mouth in anticipation.

“I can’t resist you. You’re so right. It’s a compulsion to touch you and make you come. A drug.” I whispered in her mouth.

Her mouth moved as she sighed out a silent “Fuck.”

I kissed her as I grabbed a breast and squeezed in rhythm. She immediately responded to my caresses, undulating her body. We kissed deeply and she was touching parts of my mouth she hardly ever spends time on, so I copied her and she hummed in approval. The extra sensitivity was making her curious to have every single surface of her body touched and stimulated. I ran the tip my tongue once over the roof of her mouth and she squealed into my mouth. I took that moment to dip my hand further down onto her bare pubic bone, pressing hotly. She probably planned tonight because she was smooth as silk down there. My fingers caressed the curve of her puffy lips gently and it lit a fire in her kisses as she caressed my tongue firmly with hers. I pressed down harshly back and forth on her pubic bone and slipped my middle finger between her fat lips. Her hips chased my finger when I pulled back. She shook in my arms and groaned.

“Mor, I’m so fucking turned on!” She pounded her fists against the mattress and arced her body violently in–I have no idea…maybe frustration? Over-excitement? Some weird kinky sexual aggression?–what the hell?…her body shuddered back flat on the bed and she huffed out the rest of her feelings. I shifted so I could support myself on an elbow and grab her breast in the same moment. My left hand came down to her center again and dug a finger through her folds slowly, enjoying the engorgement aided in part by the edibles. I could feel how turned on she was. Her shoulders dug into the mattress as her chest rose up and pressed up into my hand, almost unbalancing me.

I sealed my mouth over hers as she started undulating under me and slid my middle finger over her whole center pressing down over her clit, teasing her entrance. I dug my tongue into her mouth, caressing her tongue and teeth. Her breath came out of her nostrils in hard puffs. The only reason I was aware of her arm curling into my side and onto my back was because she clawed into my skin. I groaned deeply into our kiss. She’s so sexy. Like she’s not scared to be rough with me and I know she likes it sometimes Escort Ağrı when I’m rough with her. I exulted as I entered her with that same middle finger and pressed methodically against every side of her walls.

This heaven went on. A hot writhing to equal anything that the animal kingdom could possibly be capable of. We were a machine. I sneaked a peek down her body and her rolling waves were incredible. She usually had a little belly, but laying down, I could see the outline of her hip bones and rib cage. Her other hand was gripping her other breast firmly while her thumb and pointer finger held her tall pink nipple between her fingers. Fuck, this is a porno. I thought in ecstasy and huffed out quickly through my nose. A stupid lovesick sigh.

After a while, I felt her breathing faltering. I dropped my mouth and dragged a path to her neck, where, at her pulse point, I felt her heartbeat POUNDING. I suckled a bit of skin into my mouth. We stayed like this, writhing and moaning, for another while, just lost in the pleasure. Eventually, she brought the hand at her breast down my side, grabbing my ass and running it over my front and squeezing between us to dig two fingers in my entrance.

“Oh, fuck!” I bucked into her fingers.

“Ah, you’re wet!” She moaned. “Really wet!”


I dug two fingers in her too and slid in an arc to hit her front wall and her clit, clamping down roughly.

“Oh, Moriah–god!” She responded favorably.

My hips were going and so were hers. The sharp angles were almost painful but so, so hot. I had an image of our sweaty, writhing bodies humping into each other and my arousal multiplied. This feels nice. I had a religious out-of-body experience where the sweat was just lubrication for the friction of our bodies. My head came out of my brain and abruptly fell back to earth to finish her off. My hand clamped harder and I ground my palm quickly up and down into her clit. She bucked and screamed and tensed. My hips chased my orgasm and she blindly pushed her thumb deeper in my folds, finally, FINALLY, touching my clit.




“Ah! Ahhhh!”

She went first then I went and just never stopped. She still had her fingers in me, stroking in me slowly. I thumped my forehead down on her shoulder, panting heavily. The pounding heartbeat in your neck and chest when you come is the best adrenaline rush you can feel.

“Ohhh!…” I groaned in satisfaction.

“Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Mor, stop! APPLES, fucking APPLES!”

I recognized our safe word (which we’ve never used) and foggily realized I was still thrusting full speed into her.

“Oh! Baby! I’m sorry! I lost it for a second!”

She twitched under me and tears were soaking through my maroon silk tie. I took my hand off her breast and hovered over her, wiping my digits in the duvet. I sat on my heels and gently caressed up her body to tear her blindfold off. Her cheeks were red and her neck was flaring. She looked into my eyes wildly and I gripped the sides of her head possessively. I smiled sweetly at her and scratched lightly at her hairline while gripping the side of her head to help ground her. She had an especially strong aftershock and arched up, digging the top of her head back into the bed violently and losing eye contact with me for half a minute. Shit, was that another orgasm?

I held on confidently. She was mine. She loved my touch. She needed assurance. Once she relaxed and flattened her body out a little bit, I laid on her and kept touching her side and hair. Her panting took a while to slow down.

“Pierce.” She said softly.

“Sorry?” I grinned where I was breathing on her chest. I knew what she was talking about but she was rushing the cuddles. Pierce Brosnan is the name of our strap.

She grabbed one of my wrists and flipped me over, driving her hips between my legs.

“Mor…get Pierce and fuck me hard.” She said threateningly. Her eyes were back to flashing dangerously.

“Darling girl, whatever you want!” I cupped her face and smiled up at her. I pulled her down to kiss me and while she was distracted, hooked a leg over hers and pulled her over to lay on her back. She gasped as I jumped up and looked for Pierce. I strapped it on and got our special-occasion lube. The one that made her tingly. She was caressing herself and breathing heavily when I got back. As I coated the cock, I smirked down at her.

“You sure you can handle this, baby girl?” I smirked as I coated the cock between my legs with our very expensive lube. I lost count on how many times I’d made her come and was being a little extra hesitant. She grabbed my hip and used it as leverage to kneel in front of me.

“Shit, daddy…I’ve never needed you more!” She pressed her body to mine and grabbed my back and ass. Her sweaty body grazed up and down mine. I held her face, kissing her sweetly while the cock grazed her center.

I groaned and pushed her back, grabbing pillows to put her body at an angle then some more pillows to hold her legs up around me. Thank god we have so many fucking pillows. I felt like I was made for her at this point, it felt so natural. I wanted this night to feel as luxurious as she’s ever felt. As sexy as she’s ever felt.

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