A Little Miami Heat


Adam is a body builder from Miami. He was up for Fashion Week with his Sister. He’s co owner of their boutique, but he was only up to scope out the models and “pretty people”. I met him at an after party, and escorted him back to my apartment. I walked in, draping my bomber jacket across the table behind the door. I felt his 6’6″ frame close. Shadowing me. I walked across the foyer, my Zuhair Murad lace skirt draping behind me.

“Undress at the door.”


I turned and winked, as I walked to the sofa, undoing the leather fastener at my waist, dropping my skirt to the floor. I worked out of my cropped leather blouse, standing before him in nothing but Giuseppes and my vintage Givenchy chain link necklace. He quickly unbuttoned his shirt, and loosened his belt, dropping his Gucci trousers to the floor. He was massive. He was hairy. He was a God.

I spread my legs and squatted to sit on the edge of the cocktail table, as he kicked off his loafers and dropped his shirt to the floor. He walked toward me, and I raised my hand.

“Those too.”

Pointing to his bulging Armani briefs, he giggled, and slipped his thumbs under the band, sliding them down slowly, exposing his curly dark bush, and inch by inch of his thick shaft. He burst out of the pouch, with thick balls pushing out his shaft and head. He stepped out of his briefs, and walked toward me, every muscle flexing. He was neatly trimmed around his abs and chest, with the center patch curled and thick, and a glorious trail leading down the center of his body, thickening as it ran down.

He approaches me, as I put my leg up, pressing my caged stiletto against his thick package. He grabs my foot, sliding it up his body, digging the heel into the center ridge of his muscular body. All.The way up. My leg is fully extended up, as he pressed himself against the line of my leg. I feel his hairy, warm meat, pressing against the back of my knee, and his muscular abs against my calf. He keeps eye contact, as he sticks his tongue out, licking up the back of my heel, to the tip. I can feel his breath on the exposed skin of my foot, and his hands stroke up and down the back and side of my calf, while he licks my heel. He’s grinding his crotch into my thigh, as I feel him hardening.

His eyes were closed now, as I lean back on my elbows, raising my other leg, crossing it over. I feel him shift his body, taking both feet in his hands, and positioning himself directly in between my legs. He’s crouched over, as he thrusts in between my legs, forcing them apart. He’s huge. I lean back, playing with my nipples, as he continues to caress my feet, and thrust into me.

I feel a wetness, and glance up, to see massive amounts of pre cum leaking out of his dark dick head. It flows down my thighs, toward my pussy. I pull back, sliding my heels down his body, spreading my legs as I drop my feet to the tiled floor with a loud thud. He leans in toward me, and I slide off the edge of the table, to stand next to him. He turns his head, to look, but I push his face away. I lean in, to take in his scent. He smells of Envy, and sweat. I slide my hands up his body, feeling the soft hairs between my fingers. I feel his heat bostancı escort envelope me, and I slide down, squatting before him. I take his shaft in my left hand, slowly stroking out more pre cum. He tilts his head back, letting out a sigh. I pull at his balls, and let go, watching them shift, and rise toward his shaft. He’s completely hairy around his crotch, and into the crevice between his thighs.

I continue to stroke, as I pull at his balls, and slowly take his head into my mouth. I feel him flex his dick, as it rises, pushing my mouth up. I feel more pre cum ooze into my mouth. It’s salty, and a tad sweet. My incomplete grip on his shaft is tight, but he’s massive. I continue to stroke, swirling my tongue around the head. He’s moaning, as I continue to play with his balls, occasionally pushing a finger inbetween the dark mass of hair under his balls. I feel his ass clench, the further back I push. He resists.

I let go of his dick, and stand up, reaching up to pull his face to me. I enter his mouth with my pre cum covered tongue, as I feel him moan in protest, but soon we’re making out passionately. His strong hands grip my sides, pulling me closer to him, and I feel his slick dick meet my stomach, and slide up. His shaft is now cradled from my belly button, up toward my sternum. The head is just inside the lower cleavage of my breasts. Big boy.

I pull away, and walk around him. I tap at his inner thighs, and he spreads his legs. His back flexes, and his ass fills out, to its full muscular form. He knows what’s coming.

I press against him, with my thighs against the back of his, my hands cupping his ass cheeks, and my breasts against his mid back. He’s completely smooth from neck to ass. My hard nipples caressing the hard ridges of his muscular back. I’m slowly working my hands between his hairy cheeks. He reaches behind to pull at my arms. I lean forward and bit into his shoulder.

“Ah, fuck!”

He lets go, hunching forward. I slap both hands against his hard ass.

“Bend over to the table.”

“I…Can’t do this…”

“NOW.Do it.”


I slap his ass hard again, and he lets out a sigh, leaning forward. That’s better.

He’s bending at the knees, with his forearms on the table, and his head down. His back is flexing with every deep breath he takes. I feel him clenching his ass over my fingertips, and I push them in deeper. I feel his moist, warm inner ass, and his tight hole. I slowly probe at it, with two fingers. He’s slowly relaxing, as he hunches lower to the floor. I pull my hands out.

“I’ll be back.”

I go to my room, and retrieve a bottle of lube, and walk back to the lounge. He’s sitting on the edge of the table, elbows on his knees, looking up at me. I slowly approach, and stand before him. He glances full body, up and down at me.


“Lay back.”

I interrupt him, and he looks behind him, and leans back, placing his hands behind his head. I kneel before him, and lube him up. His softening dick popping back up. He sighs loudly as I loudly stroke him up and down. He starts moaning, and the warming lube heats up his shaft and balls. He’s büyükçekmece escort breathing heavier, and I watch his scruffy chest expand and flatten again.

I work my other hand down between his cheeks, slowly pushing two fingers into the mass of dark hairs. He’s shaking a little, and I see goosebumps forming all over his body. I probe the outer hole, and feel him clenching and releasing. I poke one finger tip in, as he gasps lightly…and then I push two in.


He’s breathing through his nose, as I slide my fingers out, and then slowly push them back in. He’s still clenching and releasing his ass muscles, until after a few thrusts of my fingers, he’s loosened up and relaxed. I’m fucking him with my two fingers, and reach up with my free hand, stroking his thick, meaty shaft. He’s rock hard again, and I watch as his balls drop and rise, with each stroke. He’s moaning now, and I hook my fingers up, to probe around for his prostate. I found it…

I’m pressing firmly onto the tissue surrounding his prostate, while I stroke. He’s moaning now, and his legs are spread, and loose. His muscular body is moving with each breath, and his massive tongue protrudes to lick his lips periodically. I’m throbbing below, while I watch his arousal build. He’s starting to thrust at the hips, as pre cum pours out of his dick head, over my hand, causing the swishing sounds to escalate, throughout the open space of my apartment. His mouth is wide open, and his balls are tight to his shaft. I feel his prostate thicken, as I press firmly. I stroke him a couple of more times, and then I let go of his dick.

He’s so aroused, his shaft stands straight up on its own. He cranes his neck to look at me, curiously. His dick is pumping out pre cum, in mass amounts, and I’m caressing his prostate from inside. He tries to form words, but none are coming out.


I press harder on his prostate, and methodically stroke him from inside. My thumb is pressed on his taint, as my two inserted fingers massage him from within. He’s just looking at me, as his eyes start to roll back, and a sigh escapes. He starts to smile slightly, and his face is contorting. I’m fingering myself with my pre cum covered free hand, as my engorged lips flex around my inserted fingers. I’m hitting my clit repeatedly, watching his muscular body freeze in a totally ripped state. His veins are bulging, and his nipples are erect, and standing straight out. His moist body, covered in dark wet hairs, is like a stone sculpture. Every muscle is tensed, and his legs start to shake.

I’m feeling myself begin to cum, as my body starts to quiver. I maintain my control of his prostate, as I speed up my method strokes, quickly flicking my clit with my free hand. For almost 3 minutes, I keep him on edge. He can’t move, and his whole body is soaked with sweat. His face is flushed, and his eyes are watering, and fluttering. His dick is standing straight up, and his balls are tighter, and higher than I’ve ever seen. I quickly pull my fingers out of his ass, removing my thumb from his taint, and let myself cum.


His dick starts to flex back çekmeköy escort and forth as he sprays a thick shower of cum everywhere. I’m gushing all over my hand, onto the tiled floor, coating my Giuseppes covered feet. My lips are fully engorged, throbbing thickly against my penetrating fingers. I feel his load hit my face, neck, and breasts. My eyes are fluttery and barely open, as I watch his dick cum like a fountain. His head is back, and his arms are at his sides, shaking, along with his legs. I reach out, and grab his dick with one hand, stroking him to completion, as I steady my body. I’m shaking all over, and teetering on my heels, while I stroke a few more shots out of his enormous dick.

I kneel forward, feeling blood flow through my legs, creating a tingling up my spine. I slowly stroke his dick, as I rest on my knees. I watch as he softly calms, and his body becomes still. I let go of his shaft, as it stands on its own, flexing back and forth. His breathing returns to normal, and his sweat covered body expands less. I’m exhausted, but not through.

I get up and straddle his body, facing away from him. My pussy is hard and throbbing for more, as I stroke his dick with both hands. He starts to shake again, and I feel his hands grab my sides.

“Stopp…P-p-p-please stop..God…”

I continue to stroke him, sliding myself up his sweaty body, until my breasts are cradling his shaft, and my pussy is centimeters from his lips.

“Eat my pussy”

I feel him hesitantly creen forward, and start to nibble at my engorged lips, his chest flexing beneath my stomach. My thighs are trembling, and I feel weak, as he plunges his wide tongue into me. I feel him probe my asshole with a fingertip, swirling the mess of juices and cum around in a circle, until I open up for him. He sticks a finger deep into my ass, as he tongue fucks my pussy.

I’m moaning, as I cradle his dick in my cleavage. He’s softening, as I take the head into my mouth. I feel him moan against my lips, and I feel a shake throughout my entire body.

“Keep moaning.”

He continues the moaning, against my lips, and I feel an orgasm rising. I bob my head up and down his shaft, as his moaning increases, and my pleasure peaks. I feel myself cumming again, while I bob up and down on his thick shaft. He’s rock hard, and starts to shoot another load in my mouth, while I cum on his lips. He pulls his finger out, to spread my thigh, as I cum copius amounts of fluid against his scruffy chin. He’s moaning as the last drops of cum enter my mouth. I swallow.

A couple of minutes pass, as we catch our breath. I’m laying on top of him, his softening dick resting agianst my cheek, dribbling a little stream of cum down to my chin. My body relaxes, against his, and I feel him caressing my ass cheeks, his warm breath against my pussy.

I push myself up, and slide forward, and flip my leg across his body, standing up. I turn and look at his gorgeous body, glistening, and reeking of sex. He’s covered in his own cum, and my juices, and his muscular body is covered in goosebumps. Such a beautiful man.

I walk to my room and close the door behind me, bending over to unbuckle my heels. I walk barefoot to the bathroom, stepping into the shower, and start the water. The glass basin fills with a fog of steam, and the hot drops massage against my skin. I feel a breeze, as the door opens, and he steps in behind me. His hands slide up my sides, and he pulls me against him…and I let him

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