A Job Well Done


My heart beat faster when I heard her walking down the hallway…her high heels clicking on the all-wood floors. Perspiration soaked my forehead and palms as I sunk deeper into my hiding spot…a darkened hall closet just off from the master bedroom. Her collection of keys jingled just outside the door of the luxurious apartment as she searched for the right one for the lock. I tried to control my anxious breaths as I heard the door open, then close behind her.

I had left the closet door ajar initially to allow fresh air to enter, and now it offered an unobstructed view down the hall into the dimly lit living room. I leaned forward carefully, trying to catch a glimpse of her, but to no avail. Perhaps she had headed towards the kitchen. I licked at my dry lips.

My thoughts were confirmed when I heard the refrigerator door open and close…then the freezer door. The cabinet doors were next. I heard the water turn on, followed by the brief grind of the disposal, then silence again.

I leaned forward again, peeking through the little opening. Finally…there she stood.

Her long blonde hair was pulled tightly back and tied in a neat little bun atop her head. Her beautifully sculptured face showed no emotion. The dark blue blazer over a white lacy top coupled with the matching blue skirt cut modestly just above her knees offered a very professional look. Her long tan legs…smooth as silk. And bare feet! She had obviously removed her shoes – just guessing as to avoid tracking any dirt.

As she stood there examining some paperwork on a clipboard she held, I could see her toes squirming and scrunching through the soft plush white carpet…like a child enjoying the feel of bare feet in grass.

And then she disappeared – walking out of my field of vision.

“SWOOSH!!” The living room curtains were thrown open and sunlight filled the empty, spacious room and part of the hall way. I crouched back into the dark corner of my place, clutching my bag of goodies against my chest.

She quickly reappeared – this time coming straight down the hall towards me. My heart skipped a beat and time froze as she reached for the closet door…but she gently pushed it closed as she continued towards the master bedroom.

My head began to pound in rhythm with my heart…it was almost time. I knew she would be showing this apartment today. And I knew she always showed up an hour early to go over her check list and make sure everything was in order for the potential clients. If I waited too long there wouldn’t be enough time.

I wiped the sweat from my forehead with my sleeve then reached into my bag. Ski mask…leather gloves…roll of duct-tape. I heard her flick a few light switches then turn the water on and off in the bathroom sinks…then the shower…then the tub. With the sound of the tub water running I ripped off about a foot-long piece of tape and cupped it in my hand. The water turned off. I slowly leaned forward and gripped the inside door handle.

My heart began to beat faster than ever…the heat of the closed closet and the ski mask was almost unbearable…my adrenalin was flowing…and I heard her feet padding past the closet door.

“WHAM!” The closet door slammed against the back wall as I leapt from my hiding place…grabbing her from behind before she could even turn around…one strong arm wrapped around her waist while the hand with the tape smacked against her face…the tape plastered expertly across her mouth…

Her knees buckled under my impact and we tumbled to the floor just at the edge of the living room…her arms and legs swinging and kicking frantically…muffled screams…

I managed to get her on her stomach with one hand gripping the back of her neck, holding her face to the carpet…one knee pressing against the small of her back to hold her down…the other knee on the back of her thighs in a feeble attempt to keep her legs from moving…

I grabbed for the roll of tape. Holding the end in place with my thumb of the hand holding her neck, I wrapped the tape around her head to cover her eyes and mouth…once…twice…a third time for good luck…

A stray arm swing caught me in my side almost knocking me off balance. I quickly swung around so I was sitting on her ass and forcefully pulled her hands behind her back. More tape around her wrists.

Her fight began to subside. Blind, muffled and bound left her little choice. Only an occasional swing of her leg had her heel hitting my back. I leaned forward, my hand again on the back of her neck, and whispered.

“Don’t fight it, my precious. It’ll only make things worse.”


The duct tape held firm against her muffled cries. I wasn’t sure what she was saying (or calling me) but it didn’t matter. I pressed harder against the back of her neck…pushing her face harder into the carpet. Leaning down I whispered with a little more authority.

“I said don’t fight it, precious.”

The tenseness in her body bahçeşehir escort faded…her legs stopped kicking…she stopped squirming beneath me. Her only movements came as she quietly wept behind the tape.

I loosened the grip behind her neck, allowing her to turn her head so her nose wasn’t buried in the carpet, and I shifted off her ass but kept one knee pressing firmly in the small of her back – the other knee on the floor beside her.

I eyed my prey. Her bright red finger nail polish upon finely manicured nails clashed against the gray of the tape that bound her wrists. Her once neatly pressed blazer and skirt now had jagged creases. I noticed the hem of her skirt had ridden up a few inches from our struggle…baring some of the soft smooth skin on the backs of her thighs.

Her body jumped slightly when my gloved finger of my free hand gently touched the back of her knee and slowly traced upwards until it met the material of her skirt. I paused…briefly…then continued upwards…ever so slowly…bunching her skirt as I went.

“Unngghhh-ungh…unngghh-ungh…!” Sudden muffled screams as she began shaking her head back and forth…her body again squirming beneath me…realizing my intent.

I pushed down again on the back of her neck and put a little extra weight on the knee in the middle of her back. And she calmed. One last whisper…

“Do that again, precious, and there’s gonna be trouble. Understand?”

She slowly nodded her head – her weeping barely audible.

I shifted once again so I was sitting on the back of her thighs…still leaning forward so I could keep a firm grasp on the back of her neck. My free hand reached down and grabbed the hem of her skirt and yanked it upwards…first one side, then the other…back and forth…lifting it beneath her weight as she lay on it…revealing the back of her upper thighs…then the soft crease where ass meets leg…then lacy gold silk panties.

What a magnificent view! Her firm tan little ass clad in such sheer material…quivering in fear with the rest of her body. I just couldn’t resist – I brought my hand to my mouth, bit down softly on my middle finger and slid my hand from the leather glove, spitting the glove aside. I reached down, and like a person handling a new born puppy, gently cupped one cheek. Electricity shot through my body as that tight little bottom fit perfectly in my hand…my palm resting on flesh…my fingers brushing the silky material of her panties…my thumb sliding along the crevasse between her cheeks.

I curled my fingers beneath the elastic waist band of her panties and yanked them down to the top of her thighs in a powerful stroke. Mesmerized by the beauty of the soft white skin of her ass, my body relaxed ever so slightly, loosening the hold I had on the back of her neck and blurring my awareness. A wicked swing of her leg had her heel pound against my shoulder, knocking me off balance and tumbling into the wall with a heavy thud.

Angered by my victim’s audacity to pull such a stunt, I quickly shifted back to my knees and swung my arm…my bare hand slapping against her bare bottom…the smacking sound echoing through the empty apartment.

“Mmmmmmmfffffffffggggggggg……,” as she tried to scream in pain through her taped mouth.

Regaining my thoughts and comfortable knowing I was still in control, I took another swing at her bare cheeks.


“Mmmmnnnnngggghhhhhh……,” she cried again.

I leaned forward and whispered into her ear. “This is the last time I will warn you. Be still, be good and be quiet and no one will get hurt. Understand?”

With soft, muffled, whimpering cries she managed to nod her head.

The situation was back under my control. I removed the glove from my other hand and removed the ski mask as I positioned myself next to her legs. My hair was matted down from perspiration and the cool fresh air was quite a relief. I grabbed each side of her panties and peeled them the rest of the way down…past her knees…past her ankles…over her feet….and off. Out of pure instinct I brought the sheer material to my nose and drew in a slow, deep whiff…her warm, musky, womanly scent filling my nostrils.

With her panties now tossed aside, I allowed one of my fingers to slowly trace up the back of her leg…over her calf…behind her knee…up the back of her thigh and slightly trailing inwards between her legs. Her sweet pear-shaped ass flexed as she tried to clamp her legs tightly together, but there was still just enough room between her thighs for my finger as it continued its slow journey upwards. I could feel the heat from her crotch as my finger neared…and finally my patience and anticipation was rewarded as my finger brushed across her soft, velvety folds.

Her body jumped at my touch, and another soft cry was muffled by the bounding tape against her mouth. But she managed to control herself and resist the instinct to kick and flail.

To reward her bakırköy escort behavior I leaned forward and whispered into her ear. “See, my precious, no one is going to hurt you.”

I sat back on my heels and returned my attention to where my finger rested…nestled gently against the slit between her legs. Using my free hand, I grabbed her leg closest to me and pulled gently in an attempt to part her legs. There was a split second of resistance on her part, but then she succumbed to the situation and her legs opened slightly.

Oh, what a glorious view! Her long, slender, tanned thighs stretching up to meet the sweetest, firm ass I had ever seen…cheeks slightly parted offering a view of a tight little butt hole…neatly trimmed blonde hairs framing the soft curves of her outer lips…delicate reddish-pink folds of tender flesh wrapped along the length of my finger.

I began to slowly stroke my finger up and down through those folds. There was no moisture, but my gentle touch allowed for smooth caressing.

My cock had grown to its fullest mass and had become almost painfully trapped within my jeans. As much as I enjoyed the view at this moment, I knew I had to get a move on as time was limited – her prospective tenants would be arriving within 30 minutes.

I stood up and grabbed her by the upper arm. “C’mon…stand up. Just shift to your knees then stand up.”

Surprisingly, with very little crying, she obeyed. When she was on her feat I leaned her back against the wall and stood back to admire my prey. Sunlight poured through the sliding glass doors that lead to the patio, forming a bright, almost artistic design along the carpet and half way up the wall where she stood. Her long blonde locks were a frazzled mess…the parts of her face not covered in tape reflected a rosy-pink hue…her white lacy top was bunched a bit from our struggle…her blazer revealed creases and folds and was covered by bits of carpet fuzz…her long shapely legs trembled slightly.

I reached forward and undid the top button of the blazer…paused…undid the next button…paused…then undid the remaining button and the coat fell open. I slipped my hands beneath it on either side and shucked it from her shoulders, the blazer bunching up on her arms as her taped wrists held the end of the sleeves in place. Again I stood back to admire.

With the blazer out of the way, my eyes quickly dropped to the soft, downy patch above her mound…the fine hairs shaved in a perfect Mohawk design. I would be there soon enough…

My victim’s breasts strained against her top…rising and falling heavily with her breathing. The lacy material was quite thin, offering a hint of transparency, and I could just make out the gold of her matching bra and the darker shadows of her cleavage. I reached forward with both hands and placed them on her hips…her body tensed slightly. Then I began to slide them upwards…my thumbs hooking beneath the hem of her shirt…slowly pushing it upwards as my hands slid along her waist and on up her sides. When my thumbs met the elastic of her bra, I pressed my thumbs into her skin slightly – just enough to allow my thumbs to hook under the material – and I paused briefly.

My breath was heavy with anticipation. I noticed her trembling body and shaky legs had become still in this exact instance…she held her slighted breath…knowing what was about to happen. With her shirt bunching atop my hands and my thumbs secure beneath the elastic band of her bra, I lifted my hands in one quick movement.

I watched in amazement…it was almost like slow motion…as her bra hiked up to her neck, her glorious breasts popped free…one or two soft bounces and a faint sway before coming to a stop. Two perfectly round globes beamed before my eyes. Oh, the fullness! Even without a bra her breasts formed an impressive cleavage. The outer and upper curves hinted a slight tan…the rest a creamy, milky-white. Large pink aureoles…capped with soft nipples.

I reached out and cupped one in each hand, lifting ever so slightly as if weighing them. What a wonderful feeling…full, smooth, heavy orbs in my hands…one of those sensations that even the most colorful words just cannot describe.

Instinctively, I leaned forward and took a nipple gently into my mouth. I let my teeth tenderly tug the tiny nub of flesh as I pulled away until it popped free. I heard a muffled groan escape my victim’s throat as I watched in wonderment as the nipple stiffened in excitement. I leaned forward and nibbled the other nipple the same way…and got the same reaction. Still cupping her tits in my hands, I managed to grab each nipple between my thumb and finger…pinching…a little rougher than my nibble…and twisting slightly. My victim’s head rolled back and her legs once again began to tremble.

I wanted so badly for this moment with this beauty to last forever, but I knew time was limited. I dropped to my knees before her, reached my hands between her başakşehir escort legs to cup her fine ass, and pulled her mound to my face. Her sweet, musky womanly smell filled my nostrils as her pink, intricate folds glistened just an inch away. I leaned in, my nose brushing against her soft curly hairs, and let my tongue reach for the soft flesh between her pussy and her asshole. With a single, slow lap my tongue traced a path between her pouty lips…diving deep when the time was right…then finishing with a flick of her clit.

I felt her body rock, unsure if it was in resistance or in rhythm…I didn’t care either way. It was time to finish up.

I stood and grabbed her by her shoulder, forcing her to her knees. I heard another whimper from behind the tape…obviously startled and scared from my sudden actions. The fear I sensed drove me as I forced her face back into the floor again, only this time keeping her on her knees with her hips high in the air. With her arms still behind her back I had a clear view of her lovely breasts as they dangled freely before pressing against the plush carpet.

I got a solid grip on her bound hands behind her back and positioned myself behind her…kneeling between her parted legs. I admired the splendid view of her shapely ass as it reached to the heavens…her cheeks slightly parted offering a glimpse of her tight little pucker hole…her glorious love nest staring back at me…the soft pink folds opening slightly.

Without taking my eyes off this presentation of paradise, my free hand managed to undo my jeans and I pushed them and my boxers down towards my knees. My throbbing pillar of Roman manhood sprang free from its confines, bobbing joyously straight out in front of me with a tiny drop of pre-cum oozing from the tip. I grabbed my solid shaft in my hand and leaned forward slightly…just enough to allow me to slide the tip up and down along my victim’s slit.

Her body flinched at this touch, but my hold on her back held true. I heard almost a whimper emanate from her throat as her ass swayed back and forth. I think she was trying to move away from my sword, but I pretended as though she was pleasurably responding to my tease.

With my swollen tip already nestled between the folds, I released my cock and grabbed her hip to steady her…and with a slow yet deliberate thrust I leaned forward…my cock disappearing into her velvety darkness.

The first little bit was tight and dry, but a little further in I was welcomed by a smooth wet sensation. I pulled her hips back against me as I buried deep inside, until her ass pressed against my abdomen…and then I slowly drew back until just my tip remained hidden. I repeated this cautious stroke a few more times, each withdrawal revealing more shimmering wetness coating my shaft and each in-thrust becoming a smoother, easier glide.

I started to speed up my thrusts…her sweet little ass making a loud slapping sound as it slapped against my stomach…small grunts escaped her throat with each thrust.

I released the grasp I had on her back and managed my hand around front, sliding between the carpet and her naked breast. As I squeezed the magnificent globe of flesh in my hand I could feel her nipple, stiff and proud, pressing against my palm. The head of my cock began to tingle as it penetrated her silky depths. My sac began to contract more and more with each stroke as the tension within grew.

One last glance down at the soaking hole…the once sweet pink folds now a rosy red…swollen…opening to welcome each drive…

One last plunge…deep inside…so warm…so wet…and I exploded. Rhythmic throbs as I shot my load within…my head began to spin in ecstasy. Her inner muscles seemed to grip at my cock as if trying to squeeze out every last drop of my sole.

I finally gathered my senses and opened my eyes. Her ass was swaying back and forth again, grinding against me as if asking for more. I slowly withdrew my dripping cock and rested it length-wise along the crack of her ass. I watched my own juices drip along the smooth skin of her bum and forming a tiny puddle around her anus.

To my surprise, my bound victim rocked forward an inch or two until my tip was aligned with her shiny little hole, then she parted her knees a little more. I accepted the unspoken invitation. I once again grasped my cock and lined it up…the tip now pressing gently against the forbidden opening. My cum worked as a perfect lubricant as I slowly pressed forward…her tight hole opening to my advance.

I placed both hands on either ass cheek and spread them gently as I continued to slide deeper and deeper. Her rigid sphincter ring caressed every ridge and vein of my cock until she was once again completely impaled. I started slowly at first, but the thought of fucking this beautiful ass got me going fast and furious. An occasional dribble of spit added to the lubrication, and I was soon pounding it for all I was worth.

I suddenly realized the grunts of pleasure coming from my victim’s throat. I reached around with one hand and let my middle finger press against her engorged clit, and it only took a diddle or two before her entire body began to convulse. Juices began to flow from her pussy, covering my finger and dripping onto the carpet, and her body began to calm.

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