A Husband’s Proposal 1


A Husband’s Proposal 1Diana opened the new prescription and took one of the tiny pills and placed it on her tongue while reaching over to pick up the small glass of water and swallowed the little pill down her throat.Diana opened the kitchen cabinet placing the little packet of pills on the cabinet shelve before heading back into the bedroom. The prescription of birth control pills would be the last thing Diana thought she would ever need to take considering her husband Joe’s low sperm count.Diana and Joe had been married for nine years straight out of college and both were successful working at the same marketing corporation for several years before venturing off on their own and forming there own company.Diana would be turning twenty-nine this June and her and Joe had wanted to adopt a c***d for the last two years but the demand on venturing out on their own had left them with less time right now for c***dren and Joe wanted to wait another two years before giving it another thought.Diana had a great looking figure and worked very hard at it by working out in her own gym Joe had set up in the basement. With blonde hair and five foot two inch frame and one hundred and five-pound Diana was proud of her 34-22-34 figure which made her the envy of all of her friendsJoe had to fly out to Atlanta this morning on business and would be back home in the late morning tomorrow. Diana looked at the clock knowing she had to go online in about thirty minutes to talk to Tony.Tony was a man Diana had became friends with as a pen pal a few short months ago. Tony had served nine months over in Iraq as a Sargent in the marines and just returned home a few days ago.Diana got involved as a pen pal for lonely soldiers with a group she had herd about and they had become friends over a period of time. Diana got so comfortable talking with Tony that she finally told him about this crazy idea her husband Joe had about swinging.Diana went on to reveal to Tony that her husband had a fetish to watch her make love to another man and that he had this fascination to be a cuckold. Diana told Tony she didn’t want any part of that kind of lifestyle and worried about her husband’s behavior.Over the coming weeks Tony and Diana discussed different idea’s how she might convince her husband to reconsider his wild proposal. One night Tony suggested to Diana to give in to her husbands desires and go along with the idea as if she loved the idea.Tony mentioned that perhaps if she were to pretend she wanted to try swinging and perhaps even meet another man that her husband would get cold feet and back out on his own.Diana was a little reluctant at first but thought that Joe just might change his mind once he saw that she was going to go through with the idea.A couple days later Diana told Joe she would give the swinging idea a try under her conditions in which he would let her find the man. Diana even went to her doctor to obtain a prescription of birth control pills to help convince Joe she was really going through with it.Joe would be home tomorrow morning and Diana knew one of the first things Joe was going to ask, “Honey, have you had any luck finding a lover yet?” Tonight she was going to ask Tony’s opinion about avoiding that question.Later that night Diana was online chatting with her friend Tony and asked that question. Tony said that perhaps if she went out shopping and bought a revealing dress and model the dress for her husband when he arrives home that it might make him jealous. Tony said to make sure she told him it was for her first date.Diana thought Tony’s suggestion might work on her husband Joe and she told him she had to sign off and go shopping before the stores close. Diana thanked Tony for giving her the idea and would leave an email tomorrow on how well it turned out.Diana went shopping that night and found the perfect dress and when she got home she slipped into the dress with heels and paraded around in front of the mirror admiring the item she had bought. The dress was green with a low plunging neck line that revealed plenty of cleavage and was short enough that when she sat down the dress would hike up to her ass.Diana picked up Joe at the airport the next day and it wasn’t an hour after they returned home that Joe asked the question Diana knew he would ask. Joe said, “Were you able to find a stud to fuck you?”Diana told Joe to wait in the family room and she would show him what she had bought while he was gone.Diana came out of the bedroom a few minutes later wearing the revealing dress and turned around in front of Joe and waited for his opinion. Joe was smiling and Diana thought she would ad a few words to try and shock him.”All I have to do is lift this up and my lover can fuck me while I’m wearing it.” Diana was pulling up the dress to reveal that she was not wearing any panty’s under the dress. “I’ll shave my pussy nice and smooth for him and maybe spray some perfume down here and drive him wild.”Joe got down on his knee’s and crawled toward me and started to kiss my legs down to my ankles. Joe was licking around my ankles now as he looked up and said. “You look so beautiful in this dress and I can’t wait to see you getting fucked by your stud.”Joe kissed his way back up my legs gently placing his hands up to hold onto my hips and smelled my pussy through the thin material of my dress.Joe got back up off the floor and told me, “You don’t know how much I love you.” Joe smiled as he left the room leaving me standing in the room wearing this revealing dress. I’d have to talk to Tony tonight and seek some advice.That night when Joe was in bed, I got online and told Tony all about what had happened today and let him know it only seemed to encourage my husband more. After several minutes’ Tony made the suggestion that maybe, I should find a man that would go along with the idea.I was stunned by Tony’s remarks and told Tony I couldn’t go through with meeting a strange man for sex. Tony said that I should find someone that would just play along with the idea and not really go through with the sex part of it.Tony said that my husband would surely be jealous once he saw me getting fondled by another man. I answered Tony back and said I didn’t know anyone that would do such a thing.Tony answered back saying that he knew someone that was willing to help me out and I asked him who it was that he knew. Tony said he would be glad to help me out and to just let him know when I wanted to do it.I was sitting there looking at the computer at the words that Tony just typed trying to decide what I should write him back. I typed back say, “You would be willing to help me?” Tony typed his phone number up on the screen next and told me to call him.My hands were shaking as I typed out, “I’ll sign off now and give you a call in a few minutes.” I copied the number down that Tony had wrote and signed off the computer. I sat in the chair trying to decide if I should call Tony. After talking to this man all of these months, I would actually be hearing his voice for the first time.I knew Tony was stationed about one hundred miles from where we lived so maybe he could help me. Once the night was over and maybe my husband would put all these crazy ideas out of his head than I wouldn’t have to see this man ever again.My hands were trembling as I dialed his number on my cell phone and walked toward the kitchen so my husband wouldn’t hear me. I listened as the phone rang a second ring and a man answered saying, “I knew you would call me.” His voice was really deep and husky and I said, “Hello, this is Diana calling.”Tony responded, “It’s really nice to speak to you after all these months and I’m looking forward to meeting you and helping you out with your husband.”We talked for over an hour that evening until we decided on a place and time to meet. We decided on the following weekend at a hotel that was located half way between us. I had sent Tony a picture of myself at my ten-year high school reunion from last year so he knew what I looked like.I’d never asked Tony what he had looked like until now and he replied, “I’m six feet five inches tall and I have short curly dark hair and I weigh two hundred and seventy-five pounds.” He reminded me that he worked out every day with weights and it was all muscle.I was surprised when Tony told me how huge he was and I felt a little afraid to meet him but he reassured me that he was considered a gentle giant at the base. We ended our conversation after planning the events for that evening. We pretty much had planned the whole evening and Tony told me not to be afraid that everything would go well.I didn’t get much sleep that night thinking about meeting Tony next weekend. The next morning I told Joe that I had a date for next weekend. Joe said, “How is he and what’s his name?” I told Joe, “He’s a soldier I corresponded with while he was in Iraq and his name is Tony.”Joe than asked, “What does this man look like and did you tell him about me?” I answered, “Yes Joe, I told him all about your desire to watch me make love with another man.” Than I answered the second part knowing, I would have to tell a little fib.”He’s tall and very muscular and very handsome and I can’t wait to fuck him.”Joe put his hands on my shoulders and kissed me and said, “Please darling, don’t forget to take your birth control pills.” I said, “Don’t worry honey, I didn’t go to the doctor to end up getting pregnant.”I hope that Tony had made the right decision about my husband backing out at the last minute. What if he gets there and expects me to go through with this whole thing. I better get sick in a hurry.Friday cane around pretty fast and Joe looked nervous as he watched me putting on my new dress without any panty’s or bra. I had shaved my pussy smooth and applied perfume around my belly and just a little above my pussy mound. I had my nails done the day before along with my toe’s and all matched in a bright red.I dried my hair and applied my makeup while Joe hung around the bedroom watching every move I made. I looked in the mirror and hoped the neighbors wouldn’t see me walk to the car tonight. The dress was tight and I could see my nipples through the dress. I bent down to grab my heels and looked in the mirror while bending down and noticed how much of my titty’s were showing. The dress barely came up above my nipples and I thought Tony was really going to get an eye full of me tonight.Joe was going to be disappointed tonight if I have to pretend I’m getting sick. Joe was packing his video camera and was already dressed and ready.We got on the expressway and were on our way and I could feel the butterflies in my stomach as we got closer to our destination. We got off the expressway ramp and I could see the hotel straight ahead and my legs started to shack.Joe spotted the hotel but pulled into the parking lot next to the office. I glanced around and didn’t see the car Tony said he would be driving. Joe said, “I’m going into the office and check in.” I pulled down the vizor and checked my makeup, reapplying my lip stick while I waited for Joe to return.Joe came back and said, “The room number is 108 and it’s the first one across the parking lot.” Joe moved the car around and started to back in the parking space when I saw Tony’s car pull up and along the side of our car and park in the next space.My heart was beating fast as I tried to look over in his car and get a look at the man I had been chatting with online all these months. It was already dark and all I could make out was a dark figure in the driver’s seat. Joe opened his window and motioned for Tony to roll his window down.Tony’s window rolled down as my husband introduced himself and Tony answered him back in that deep husky voice I herd on the phone last week. Joe said, “I already checked in and the room is right here.”I was shacking and my heart was racing as my husband opened the door and walked around to open mine. I got out of the car as my husband took my hand and we walked around to meet Tony. Tony was just getting out of his car and looked tall as he started to walk toward us.I was holding onto my husband’s hand as tight as I could as we walked toward Tony and he started to come into view. My heart almost stopped as I looked up at this huge black man standing less than five feet in front of me.Tony reached his hand out to shack my husbands first as they introduced each another and Joe turned to me and said to Tony, “This is my beautiful wife Diana.” Tony reached for my hand and said, “I’m very pleased to meet you.”Tony was looking at me straight in the eye’s and I could see him glance down toward my tits than down toward my legs and said in his deep voice, “Look very beautiful tonight Diana.”We all walked toward the room and once inside my husband said he wanted to bring his things inside and walked back out leaving me with Tony. There were a small table and chairs and Tony and I sat down across from each other as my husband walked back into the room carrying his camera case and wine.My husband put everything where he wanted it and poured all of us a drink. Tony was the first to speak saying, “You’re much more beautiful than I would have ever imagined.”My husband started a conversation with Tony and they started talking about the war and Tony told him every place he had been. I sat and listened to them because I was too nervous to speak and crossed my legs.I noticed that Tony was looking at my legs now because the dress was hiked up so far part of my ass was now showing. Tony was a handsome man and had a nice smile besides having a sexy voice. As Tony and my husband got acquainted, Tony would glance toward me and give me a smile every so often.Joe kept pouring more wine into my glass as I drank to settle my nerves. Tony than told my husband, “You have a beautiful wife here, I bet you’re really proud of her.” Joe answered, “Yes, I’m very proud of my wife and how she keeps herself in shape.” Joe continued and said, “My wife bought this dress she is wearing tonight just for you.”Tony leaned over and looked around the table and said, “Your wife looks very stunning in that dress and I love the heels.” I took another drink of my wine as I saw Tony looking at my ankles. I started to panic as he leaned forward lifting himself off his seat and grabbing my leg at the ankle and gently rubbed his finger above the strap on the heel and said, “I’ve always thought high heels made a woman’s legs look very sexy and appealing.”I was relieved when I felt Tony’s hand let go of my ankle and sat back down in his chair. Tony said he had brought another bottle of wine out in his car and walked out to retrieve it. There was a love seat next to me and thought it might be more comfortable and moved and sat down while my husband went to the bathroom.Tony walked back in and put the bottle of wine on the table and said he had it chilling in a cooler and opened it and poured another glass and handed it to me. Tony than poured a glass for himself and walked toward the love seat and sat down next to me starring at my legs.Tony leaned over toward me and whispered, “I know you’re nervous, just relax and let me handle everything when your husband comes back out.” I was feeling the effects of the wine as I looked over at Tony and told him, “I’ll be fine, I was very nervous when we first got here but I’m feeling better now.” Tony was sitting just inches away from me as he answered, “You’ll be just fine tonight Diana, we’ll give your husband a little show here in a few minutes.”Although the wine was making me feel more relaxed, Tony scared me the way he said we would put on a show for my husband. Joe stepped out of the bathroom and starred at us as he walked back to his chair and sat down.Tony was the first to speak, “Diana and I thought we would get a little better acquainted here.” Tony moved his had around my shoulder and gently gave my arm a squeeze as he smiled over at Joe.Joe was looking as if he were waiting for Tony’s next move as Tony looked my way and said, “You picked out a lovely scent to wear this evening.” I could feel his hand starting to stroke my bare arm as he slightly tilted his head over to smell my perfume.Tony looked over at my husband and said, “Joe, have you ever seen a black man fuck a white woman before?” Joe just starred at Tony for a few seconds before giving him an answer and said, “I’ve only seen a couple adult videos but never seen it in person.”Tony was laughing and said, “Its going to be a real treat for you tonight.” Tony leaned over and placed his wine glass on the table and took mine and placed it along the side his glass and sat back and pulled me close to his body.Tony looked back at Joe and said, “You better get your camera setup if you want to catch all the action here tonight.” Joe got up and took his camera out of the case and started to place it on the tripod. I was getting more scared as Tony held me close to him.Tony asked Joe, “Would you mind if I gave your wife a kiss.” Joe answered, “I don’t mind, go ahead and kiss her.” Tony looked over at me and moved his head toward mine and placed his lips on mine. He felt warm as he gently parted my lips and I could feel his tongue pushing forward trying to enter my mouth.I parted my lips a little and he pushed more of his tongue inside my mouth as it touched the tip of my tongue. I could feel Tony’s hand on my leg now as he slowly began to stroke my thigh as we kissed. Tony pulled his tongue back and whispered, “Give me your tongue.” He than started to kiss me again as I slowly pushed my tongue out and he sucked it into his mouth.Tony’s hand moved from my leg and under the hem of my dress and was now feeling around toward my pussy. For some reason my legs gently parted for Tony as he felt his way up and to my pussy mound and he moaned into my mouth as his fingers felt the soft skin around my shaven pussy.Tony broke the kiss and whispered, “I love a shaved white pussy.” Tony continued to kiss me as I felt his fingers gently trying to part my pussy open. Finally Tony’s finger had found its target and he gently started to insert it inside me and rubbed my clitoris. My pussy was getting wet by this time but Tony withdrew his finger and pulled his hand out from under my dress.I didn’t feel as afraid as I was but wondered to myself how far Tony was going to take this little show for my husband. Tony looked over at Joe and said, “Your wife has a nice tight little pussy here and she’s getting wet thinking about having my black cock inside her.”Tony’s words caught me by surprise but I knew he was trying to shock my husband into changing his mind. So far I haven’t seen any changes in the way my husband was reacting to Tony’s advances on me.Tony’s hand moved up and cupped my tits through my thin dress and started to move his hand from one to the other as he looked over at Joe and said, “You’re a special kind of husband to be letting another man take your wife and do as he pleases.”Tony looked at me again and said, “You have nice titty’s Diana, I bet you like showing them off to other men don’t you?” Tony than moved the thin material of my dress away to expose my left breast and moved his hand onto my nipple and started to rub his thumb around in little circles and said, “Diana’s nipples are getting hard for me Joe.”Tony bent his head down and placed his lips directly over the nipple and started to nibble and circle his tongue around. I was scared but aroused at the same time as Tony worked his tongue around my breast.I couldn’t help getting aroused as Tony gently started to lick and kiss his way up to my neck and under my chin until his lips were on mine again and his tongue back inside my mouth. I slowly sucked on his tongue as he slowly worked his hand around pulling the straps of my dress down over my shoulders.Now both of my tits were exposed to Tony’s view as he continued to kiss me while moving his hands up to massage my tits, squeezing them in his big hands. I placed my hand over his hand on my tits and gave it a little squeeze. Tony took hold of my hand in his and held it as we kissed.Tony’s hand was large and when he finally broke the kiss, he raised my hand and starred down at my hand in his and starred at my diamond engagement ring and placed his thumb over it and looked over at my husband and said, “Are you feeling all right with this Joe, I can stop anytime.” I waited for Joe to respond and say something but he just shook his head in agreement.Tony than leaned over and whispered and said, “I want you to unbutton my shirt and than the pants.” My hands were trembling now as I started at the top of his shirt and worked my way down. Tony’s hands were not still as he went back too gently rubbing my boobs causing much stimulation keeping my nipples very erect.I managed to get the last button as Tony tiled away from the love seat and pulled off his shirt. His shoulders were broad and his arms were massively huge from lifting weights. Tony flexed his arm and told me to grab a hold and feel it. I placed both of my hands around his arm and his muscles felt so big.Tony stood up in front of me and waited for me to unbuckle his pants. I reached out and grabbed the belt and got it undone and worked on the snap and zipper and Tony’s pants feel to the floor.Tony stood in front of me with just a red pair of boxers on with a bulge as his cock tried to point straight out from under the red material. Tony took my hands in his and lifted me up and pulled me next to him as he placed his hands on my back. Tony was so much taller than me and my boobs pressed into his stomach as he held me tight.I had planned all along to feel sick if things started to get out of hand but I was so afraid of Tony’s size as he held me tight against his body I just couldn’t find the words.Tony looked down at me and lowered his head to kiss me again. He was being very gentle and when we broke the kiss and looked into my eye’s and asked, “Are you all right with this?” I don’t know what came over me but instead of saying I wasn’t feeling well, I answered Tony back with a simple, “Yes.”My full attention was on Tony now as he held me in his arms and told me to pull his shorts down. I had no idea what my husband was doing at this point as I grabbed a hold of Tony’s boxers and slid them down his legs. I had to kneel down and pull them all the way because his kegs were so muscular and as I started to get up, Tony’s cock was sticking straight out at my face as I stood up.Tony stepped out of his shoes as I stood there starring at his cock which had to be as thick as my wrist. Tony took hold of my left hand and gently placed it around his cock. I couldn’t even get my small fingers completely around it.I slowly worked my hand around as much of it as I could as Tony reached around me to cup my ass in his big hands. Tony’s cock had a huge head and had to be at least eight inches in length. Tony kissed me again as I kept a hold of his cock and felt his tongue entering my mouth again.Tony broke the kiss and told me to raise my arms above my head as he grabbed the bottom hem of my dress and lifted it up over my head. My arms were trembling now as Tony slipped my dress off and through it down on the chair. I stood naked in front of this large man as he slipped his hands around my waist and said, “I want you to leave the heels on and lay on the bed.”I walked around and sat on the bed and noticed my husband looking through the camera lens with the look of anticipation on his face. The bed was king size with tree pillows so I got up and laid in the middle and waited to see what Tony was going to do next.Tony got on the bed next to me and leaned over and gently started to kiss my boobs which gave me goose bumps as I felt his lips touch my skin. Tony was nibbling on my tits now gently biting around my nipples as he moved one of his hands down and spread my legs apart.Tony kissed his way down over my belly and placed his tongue in my navel giving me chills. Tony had licked his way to my pussy mound while moving his body around to a better angle to lick it. Tony worked his tongue along the sides of my pussy and touching my leg with his tongue making me shiver.I spread my legs more as Tony lay at the foot of the bed now kissing my thighs and leaving trails of saliva as he moved his tongue over my body. I lay wondering how far Tony was going to take all this as I felt him moving closer to my pussy.Tony was slowly licking my pussy mound as he reached up and squeezed my boobs. His hot tongue felt good as I arched my hips up off the bed giving Tony better access to my pussy.Tony was licking around my pussy but kept away from actually putting his mouth near the opening. I couldn’t help but wonder if Tony was holding back waiting for my husband to tell him to stop or was he just teasing me. I got my answer within seconds as Tony inserted his tongue into the slit gently nibbling and pulling on my labia.Tony was working his tongue in perfect motions along my labia causing my pussy to get wet. He kept this up while I started to rotate my hips enjoying the touch of his tongue. I jumped when Tony touched my clitoris with his tongue. He was very skilled as he flickered it gently moving in little circular motions with just enough pressure that made me squirm even more.I lifted my legs back giving Tony better access with his tongue holding them up with my hands on the back of my thigh’s.Tony let up for a second, just enough to look up at me and said, “Do you want me to stop?” Tony’s question should have been a slam dunk answer but I was so aroused at this point I just wanted to enjoy his tongue. After all it didn’t have to go any further than oral sex so I answered Tony by saying, “Keep going I love your tongue.”I held my legs apart as Tony put more pressure on all the right area’s with his tongue. I started to move my hips up to try and bring as much of his tongue inside me as I could. Tony finally put his hands on my legs holding them up while I reached down and put my hands in his hair.Tony kept up the gentle licking until my body started to quiver and I knew I was about to cum. Tony was an expert as he put just enough pressure on my clitoris to give me the right stimulation until I finally knew I was there.I let out a scream as I hit my peak, “Oh yes Tony, I’m going to cum. Keep licking me, oh yes, oh yes ah yes!” My orgasm lasted a few seconds but felt so good as my whole body relaxed. Tony was now kissing my inner thighs while his hands rested on my belly.Tony lifted himself up and crawled up along the side of me and put his arm around my head and the other hand now stroked my pussy mound. He looked over at me and said, “I can make you feel a whole lot better if you want to go further.” Looking down toward Tony’s cock I could see he was as hard as a rock.I looked out of the corner of my eye and could see my husband playing with his video camera. I slowly reached down and put my fingers on Tony’s cock and started to rub the head with my thumb. I than started to move my hand along its length feeling the thick veins along the shaft and trying to take in its thickness.I tried to image what it would feel like having this mans large cock inside me. I was so use to Joe at six inches and only about half this thickness. I wondered if it might hurt or maybe cause me damage but I’ve only seen a gentle side of Tony tonight and knew if would be gentle.I continued to move my hand very slowly on Tony’s cock than suddenly got the urge to set up and suck on this huge cock I had in my hand. Tony was on his back now as I sat up still stroking his cock. I hesitated for a few seconds and lowered my head down to his shaft and kissed the head.I opened my mouth and licked the head in little circles before bent further down and took the head in my mouth. I ran my tongue across the head wanting to return the pleasure that Tony had given me. I was afraid to look over at my husband as I started to lick the shaft around the side and giving it soft kisses before returning back to the head and taking it into my mouth.I worked on Tony’s cock for several minutes until I climbed down between his legs where I could lick and tease his testicles. I gently took each one into my mouth and sucked as Tony moaned with pleasure.I moved from his testicles to the shaft giving much attention to both as I tilted my head up to see the expression on Tony’s face. Tony reached for my hand and held it as I continued to suck and lick him. Tony’s testicles were huge and every time I would touch them with my tongue, Tony’s body would jump from the sensitivity in that area.I laid my head on Tony’s leg and tilted his cock enough to be able to take him in my mouth. Tony placed his hand on my head and started to stroke my hair as I sucked on him. I was aware of my husband moving around the room but couldn’t see where Joe was at.I felt my leg being lifted up and apart and the sudden warmth of my husbands warm breath on my pussy as his tongue parted my labia and started to lick me. I still had my head resting on Tony’s leg and one hand on his testicles and reached back and placed my hand on my husband’s head and pulled him tight against me.I tried to image how my husband felt right now, he was experiencing the ultimate fantasy in his mind of giving me, his wife to another man. This other man that gave me so much pleasure a few minutes ago and now I was returning that pleasure to him. Now, in another way I was sharing pleasure with my husband.I was now on the verge of deciding if I should give myself completely to another man. I know I would be fulfilling my husband’s fantasy and giving pleasure and satisfaction to both men. Tony was being a complete gentleman allowing me to make my own choices. This was going to be my decision now as I lay between these two men, one I loved and knowing the other could give me sexual pleasure.Joe licked my pussy getting me highly stimulated until I felt him stop and the next thing I felt was a gentle kiss on my arm than another on my breast and finally on my cheek. I could feel Joe’s hand as he rubbed my ass as he whispered into my ear, “You look beautiful tonight and I love you.” I turned my head away from Tony’s cock and reached out and took his head in my hand and pulled him close and kissed him.I had let go of my husband and gave Tony’s cock one more kiss and started to get up off the bed to ask my husband if he had seen enough and noticed him disappear into the bathroom and shut the door.Next thing I felt was Tony reaching around my waist to rest on my belly while he kissed the back of my neck sending chills down my spine as I stood next to bed with Tony. One of Tony’s big hands slipped down over my pussy mound as he continued to kiss his way around my neck.Tony whispered into my ear, “Why not lay down on the bed and we’ll wait until your husband gets out of the bathroom.” Tony took me by the hand and held me as I climbed on the bed and laid down while Tony seated himself down toward the end of the bed facing me. Tony leaned over and started to kiss my feet, working his way up my leg until he was right up next to my pussy mound.Tony leaned over until his lips were gently kissing my pussy and massaging my belly with one of his hands. I could feel him shifting around on the bed until he had spread my legs so he could lean down and kiss my boobs. Tony gently sucked my titty’s into his mouth while inserting a finger into my wet pussy.Tony was slowly moving his finger around gently touching my clitoris while kissing his way up from my tits, than my neck and was now pecking around my lips until his lips meet mine and we were locked in a passionate kiss.I sucked on Tony’s tongue as it entered my mouth, I was so aroused with his finger in my pussy that I arched my legs up placing my feet on the back of his legs. I felt one of Tony’s hands reach around and lift my leg off his as I thought maybe the heels I was still wearing maybe hurting his leg.Tony continued to kiss me as I felt him lean toward one side still holding my leg up when I felt his finger at the entrance of my pussy again. Tony was kissing me with much intensity now as I felt him push at least two fingers in my soaked pussy. I was stroking his big arm with my hand as his fingers seemed to be spreading my labia apart.Tony was sucking my tongue into his mouth as I felt what I thought was his thumb at the entrance of my pussy slowly moving along the slit. I felt a slight pressure and I knew it wasn’t his thumb poised at the entrance, it was Tony’s cock.I could still hear the blower in the bathroom where my husband had gone as Tony gave a little shove and I wenched as the head of his cock entered my pussy. Tony broke the kiss long enough to say, “Lift your legs up a little higher for me.” I felt his weight shift giving me plenty of room to move and without any thought moved my legs up higher to give him more access to my pussy. Tony continued to kiss me as I felt him push forward lodging the head of his cock another inch inside me.Tony was sucking my tongue as I wrapped my legs resting my heels on his ass as he pushed himself inside me even more. Tony broke the kiss and said, “Your pussy is so wet and tight.” I felt him back out and than he pushed himself forward driving himself further inside me. I moaned as I felt him push into me and whispered, “Oh, it feels so big inside me.” Tony responded, “You’re such a beautiful woman, it feels so good being inside you.”I looked at the passion in Tony’s eye’s as he continued pushing himself deeper inside me.I whispered again, “I shouldn’t be doing this without my husband here.” Tony continued to kiss me passionately as he whispered, “Relax, your husband wanted you to do this and now I’m here for you.”My pussy felt stretched as Tony began to slowly fuck me as we continued our kiss. I was stroking the back of his head with one hand and squeezed his arm with my other hand feeling his cock sliding inside me. I moaned with pleasure, “Fuck me Tony, fuck my pussy.”Tony probed his tongue back into my mouth with great passion as he lifted himself up enabling to push inside me deeper. My body was trembling as I felt Tony’s large cock fucking my pussy. The sensation going through my body as I glanced down between my boobs and saw this thick cock disappearing inside me.I could see Tony’s cock each time he thrust himself inside me making my body shack as his body touched mine. Tony’s cock was glistening now from my pussy. Tony’s cock felt so good inside of me as I said, “I love your cock Tony, keep fucking me harder.”The contrast of his massive black body above my white little body drove me insane with desire I can’t explain as I bucked my hips up to meet Tony’s downward thrusts into me. Tony bent down and kissed me again and said, “I can feel your little white pussy grabbing my cock baby.” Tony spoke again, “You like my black cock inside your white pussy don’t you?” I looked up into his eye’s and said, “Yes Tony, I love your black cock fucking my pussy.” I moaned as he began to fuck me faster as I said, “Oh yes Tony, fuck me harder. Give it to me hard.”I could feel my body start to shack even more and I knew I was about to have an orgasm and than it hit me as I said, “Oh yes I’m going to cum, give me all your cock, oh yes, ah yes give it to me.” My legs shot straight out as I arched my back up off the mattress and had an orgasm like any before.Tony had slowed down waiting for me to calm back down before he again started to fuck me with faster rhythm. My legs were being held out high by Tony’s large arms as he continued to pound his thick cock deep inside me.I placed my hands down onto my buttocks and slid my fingers along until I could feel Tony’s thick cock as it continued to slice its way in and out of my pussy. I had never done this before and the sensation was unbelievable.I could now see my husband standing at the corner of the bed with his camera now and he looked like he had pointed the camera at Tony’s cock as it disappeared inside me.Tony was driving himself into me with a faster pace and looked down at me and said, “I’m going to shoot my black seed deep inside your belly.” Tony’s words excited me and seemed so taboo but I think he was saying those things for the benefit of my husband.Tony kept fucking me hard as he said, “Open your mouth wide for me and close your eye’s.” I did as Tony asked and could sense his head lowering toward my face as he said, “keep it wide open for me.” I than felt a large amount of Tony’s spit fall into my mouth as he said, “Swallow it.” I swallowed his spit as he started to fuck me intensely. My whole body shook as he banged into my buttocks each time he thrust inside me.Tony let out a loud groan, “Oh shit, here comes my seed.” Tony locked his hips forward as I felt the first spurt of his cum hit inside me. It felt so hot as the second spurt hit inside me. Tony said, “Oh yeah, do you feel it inside your belly?” I answered, “It feels so hot shooting in me.” Tony added making sure my husband would hear, “Gonna put a little black baby inside your belly tonight.” I was caught up in the moment and said, “Oh yes Tony, give me your baby, your black baby.”I could barely see my husband but noticed he was playing with his cock through his pants now. The words we had just said about a black baby excited him beyond belief. I guess his words exciting me too but I was thankful I had got the prescription of birth control pills.Tony kept my legs up and had to admit how erotic it must have been seeing this large black man above me who had just pumped my belly full of sperm with my high heels pointing straight up in the air.Tony finally backed his cock out of me and there was a loud plop as the head came out of my pussy. I could feel his cum dripping down the crack of my ass as Tony said to my husband, “Are you getting a closeup of my seed in your wife’s white pussy?” My husband answered, “I’m getting everything on video.”Tony lifted himself around letting my leg’s drop and said, “Here, make sure you get a shot of the black cock that just impregnated your wife.” Tony reached over and patted my belly and said, “This little white belly here is going to stretch once my baby starts growing inside.” Tony bent forward and kissed my lips making sure my husband could see his tongue enter my mouth.Tony looked back at my husband saying, “Your wife isn’t going to be satisfied any longer with just any cock inside her. After tonight she’s only gonna want this inside her from now on.” Tony held his cock so my husband could see and say, “I hope this is what you wanted cause Diana’s pussy is gonna be stretched out to accommodate this after tonight.”I knew the things Tony said to my husband were meant to enhance my husband’s fantasy but I think Tony was getting into humiliating my husband now. Tony looked back toward my husband again as he spread my legs and said, “Do you want to lick this cum out of your wife’s pussy?” I looked at my husband as he sat his camera back down on the tripod and said, “I’d love to eat Diana’s pussy clean.”Before I had a chance to object, my husband was laying on the bed between my legs as I felt his mouth touch my pussy. I could feel his tongue into my slit and could hear the sounds he was making as he sucked out Tony’s seed.Tony walked around the bed and bent over and kissed me making sure he made loud slurping sounds that my husband could hear as he kissed me. Tony looked down at my husband and said, “Make sure you get all that black baby seed out of your wife tonight.”My husband continued to lick my pussy until he was sure he had cleaned the seed from inside me. By this time, Tony had got dressed and was writing a note. Tony gave my husband the little paper and said, “This is my phone number, call me when your wife needs some real cock.”Tony bent over the bed again and kissed me and said, “I’ll see you soon.” He walked out the hotel room leaving my husband wiping his face.Diana turned off the water and stepped out of the shower reaching for the towel she had hung on the door. Diana starred into the mirror as she started to dry herself off and could see the little red marks left on her tits by Tony this evening. Placing the towel around her waist and walking into the hall, Diana noticed the light in the bedroom was already off. Diana reached for the bedroom door and started to close it as she listened to her husband Joe snoring away. He must have fallen asleep from all the tension tonight watching her get fucked by Tony.Diana made her way into the family room toward the computer and sat down in the chair pulling the keyboard out and reaching for the mouse. Diana started to sign on the internet when she realized her pussy was still oozing some of the sperm that Tony had shot into her tonight. Diana still had the towel around her and reached down and padded her pussy where the liquid had seeped out.Diana placed her fingers at the opening of her pussy feeling the way it was still gapped open after the fucking she had received tonight from Tony. Her pussy was a little sore to touch but Diana continued to rub her clitoris as the computer went to the welcome page and herd the voice telling her she had mail.Diana clicked the box that read mail and saw that it was from Tony and hurried to open it as she clicked the button. Diana’s eye’s focused on the letter as an image that had been inserted started to load. Diana read the letter.Diana, I had such a wonderful evening with you tonight and hope everything works out with you and your husband. I know we became friends as pen pals while I was stationed in the Middle East and I will never forget your pendik escort friendship and all the kind words you wrote over time. I would really like to see you again, maybe for dinner. It would give me great pleasure to be able to pay you back in some way for keeping my spirits up while I was away from home. Would next Friday work for you, say around seven? It was signed, sincerely your friend Tony.Diana scrolled down to the picture that Tony inserted in his email, it was a picture of him in a tank top with his muscles bulging out around the chest and arms. Diana sat and thought about Tony’s letter again and thought to herself there would be no way she could go out alone with him after what had taken place tonight.Diana didn’t know what to say to Tony at the moment so she signed off without answering his email and went over to the sofa and sat down tossing the towel down next to her. Diana moved her hand over her breast touching the little bit marks that Tony had left on her tits tonight. Her hand slid down over her belly and slowly ran her hand over her pussy mound which was still smooth from shaving it this morning.Diana moved her fingers to her slit as she spread her legs feeling the wetness at the opening. Her pussy was still gaping open from Tony’s thick cock as she slowly slipped a finger inside. Diana gently touched her clitoris with her index finger moving it in little circular motions as she thought back too just a few hours ago when Tony was deep inside her. Tony had stretched her pussy more than any other man with his huge black cock.Tony had been gentle with her that evening as Diana remembered how Tony had entered her for the very first time. Diana could have never dreamed of fucking another man just a few short weeks ago let alone a black man she had made friends with online while he was stationed in Iraq. Diana kept up the soft circular motion with her finger as she spread her legs out on the sofa resting one leg up over the back while scooting herself down flat.The room was dim with only the glow from the computer screen and the moon shining in through the window as Diana continued to play with her pussy. Diana’s pussy was getting more wet as her finger slowly worked over her clitoris and gently moving down inside until Diana thought she could still feel a small trace of Tony’s cum inside. Tony had shot her so full of cum that night that it had dripped out of her pussy during the ride home with Joe and continued to drip out while she took her shower.Diana could clearly see Tony’s perfectly huge black body above her as she worked her fingers around the entrance of her pussy. Diana was almost ready to cum as her body started to quiver as her little finger rubbed all the right spots. Just as she arched her back up off the sofa, Diana was there as her body started to shake. Diana let out a moan as she reached her orgasm pulling her legs back until her knees were pushed up against her tits.As Diana’s body started to relax again, she lowered her legs back down and thought about her husband Joe slipping down the hall in the bedroom hoping she didn’t wake him up. Diana got up from the sofa and walked down the hall to check on Joe and cracked open the door and could hear his snoring and closed the door again.Diana walked back into the family room and sat down at the computer desk hesitating for a few seconds before signing online. Diana watched as the welcome screen came and clicked the old mail box bringing up Tony’s last email.Diana clicked the written mail box and hesitated again as she thought about what she should write Tony. Diana started to write Tony back saying she was sorry she couldn’t meet him this Friday but thanked him for the offer and wrote that she had a wonderful time tonight and thanked him for helping out with her husband Joe’s fantasy.Diana paused for a few seconds looking over what she had just wrote and started to back space the lines she had just wrote to Tony. Diana started to write a new sentence but Diana’s hands seem to freeze on the keyboard as she thought about what she was about to write.Than without any further hesitation, Diana started to type out the words that were on her mind. Dear Tony, I had a wonderful time tonight and I would love to have dinner with you night Friday night. Diana typed out her cell phone number onto the screen and told Tony to call her during the week to let her know the place and exact time to meet. Diana quickly signed her name to the email and pressed send before something else told her to stop and signed off line.Diana turned off the computer and made her way back to the bedroom to join her husband thinking about what she had just wrote to Tony. Diana lay down on the bed next to her husband as she felt him reach over and place his arm around her. Diana couldn’t help but think of what she had just done and thought about Joe watching her getting fucked by Tony tonight. Diana soon fell asleep thinking about that video tape that Joe made of her with Tony and what kind of perversion Joe might want her to do next.The following week went by fairly normal as both her and Joe worked each day and spent typical evenings at home as they normally had done. Tony had called her on Monday and told her, and he would meet her at seven at the seafood restaurant next to the hotel where they had met last weekend.Thursday evening Joe came home from work and told Diana that he had to fly out of town on business for the weekend and wouldn’t be home until Sunday evening and wanted her to drive him to the airport in the morning.Diana’s first thought was that she wouldn’t have to lie to Joe about going out Friday with her friends. Diana figured she would meet Tony for dinner and spend the weekend working in the garden.It was Friday morning and Diana had just finished dropping Joe off at the airport kissing him goodbye and started to drive toward her job when a thought accord in her mind. Why not take the day off and have a long weekend this way she could spend sometime doing things at home and maybe go shopping for a new dress for her dinner date with Tony.Diana arrived home and walked in the door placing her purse down on the counter when she noticed the packet of birth control pills next to her purse. Diana picked up the little packet and slid the sleeve open and noticed that she had forgot to take those little pills all week.Diana quickly punched one out and placed it on her tongue and poured a glass of water and swallowed the tiny pill. Diana thought for a second about what she should do about the others she had forgot and decided to place the little packet inside her purse so she wouldn’t forget to take the next one.Diana figured she wouldn’t need them any longer but figured after having sex with Tony last week and the amount of sperm he had pumped inside of her that she should continue taking them until they were gone.Diana had another thought about her sister Lisa seeing the birth control pills inside her purse and decided to place them inside one of the tiny compartments inside the purse. Diana’s sister Lisa who was two years younger than she was always going through her purse looking for things to borrow and use.Diana grabbed her purse and walked out to go shopping for a new dress to wear that evening for her date with Tony. She would have the whole day to get ready and wanted to look her best tonight.Late that afternoon Diana was just finishing her shower and stepped into the bedroom looking at the dress laying on the bed she picked out to wear that evening. It was a green dress which was very low cut with hardly any back to it at all and came down too above her knees. Diana bought a matching pair of green heels and panty’s to wear that night, not that Tony would get a chance to see those but thought they matched the dress perfectly.Diana dried herself with the towel as her mind slipped back to last Friday with Tony and that’s when she thought about the video tape Joe had made of her and Tony. Diana walked over to Joe’s dresser and opened the top drawer and saw the tape sitting right on top of his underwear. Taking the tape out of the drawer, Diana walked into the family room and placed the tape inside the VCR and switched on the television and pressed play.On the screen Diana could clearly see her and Tony on the bed together and it looked like the tape had been stopped at this point. Diana could clearly see Tony’s huge cock slicing into her pussy. Joe had taken some very good closeup shots and could see her legs wrapped tightly around Tony’s massive legs. Diana could see her feet resting on Tony’s ass and move with each stroke Tony made inside her.Tony started to groan and Diana watched herself taking Tony’s huge load of sperm inside her last Friday. Diana watched as Tony’s strokes slowed until he finally raised up and Diana could see the huge load of sperm as her husband zoomed in catching a closeup of Tony’s load as it lay inside her pussy and plugged the entire opening.Tony’s finger came into view as he inserted them inside her pussy and started pushing the white fluid inside her. The camera panned out as she watched Tony holding her legs back keeping the huge load inside her belly.Diana felt herself getting turned on as she watched the scene that took place last weekend and decided to turn the tape back off before she got herself worked up. Diana took one last look at Tony’s large arms holding her legs in the air. Tony was really built and his time working out had payed off.Diana pulled the tape back out of the machine and took it back into the bedroom and placed it back in the drawer. Diana wondered how many times Joe may have watched it himself so far since the tape was stopped toward the end.Diana finished getting ready for her dinner date with Tony looking at herself in the full length mirror. Diana ran her fingers over her belly and down over her mound feeling its smoothness. She was very proud of her figure never having c***dren and still wore a size three dress.Diana squirted her favorite perfume around her navel and a little dab near her neck and shoulders as she walked around the bedroom and reached for her dress. The material was very light and the color was a mint green since it was very hot outside Diana assumed she wouldn’t need any jacket tonight.Slipping the dress over her head and carefully adjusting its length by pulling it down over her hips, Diana looked at herself in the mirror again turning around admiring how well the dress fit along her curves.The material was very thin and Diana hoped the outline of her panty’s wouldn’t be seen through the thin material. Reaching over onto the bed, Diana picked up the small pair of green panties’ and stepped into them and pulled them up carefully not to wrinkle her new dress.Diana looked into the mirror once again turning around until her back was showing in the full length mirror. Just what she had figured, the panty line was very visible through the thin dress. Diana slipped the panty’s back down her hips until they fell to the floor and stepped away and decided she would just have to go out without them tonight.Diana figured Tony wouldn’t even notice the fact she wasn’t wearing any panty’s since the dress came down just above her knees and didn’t think anyone would notice. Diana sat on the bed and reached for her heels placing each one on her feet and buckling the little straps. They were very high, around five inch spikes and the same mint green as the dress.As Diana stood up again walking toward the mirror and twisting around, she couldn’t help but think how sexy she appeared in this dress and hoped it wouldn’t have too much of an effect on Tony tonight. Diana wanted to look her best but yet she was afraid she may have picked out a dress that was a little too enticing.Diana stood in front of the mirror again checking her hair before walking into the bathroom to apply her makeup. A few minutes later, Diana started to switch a few things from her old purse into a new one she had bought on her shopping spree this afternoon. Looking at the times and saw that she was starting to run late, Diana hurried to pull out, her every day thinks from the purse before placing it with some other older purses in the closet. She didn’t have time to completely clean it out now. It would just have to wait when she had more time.Diana stepped in front of the mirror again taking one last look at herself and noticing how much cleavage was showing in this dress. The dress was very low cut in front and had a pushup bra which helps show off Diana’s full breasts. In fact almost half of them were exposed in this dress.Diana left the bedroom as she glanced at the time on the dresser and hurried out to the kitchen to grab her cell phone. The place where she was meeting Tony was more than an hour away so she had to hurry if she was going to make it on time.Diana was a little nervous as she drove the car to the destination thinking about her husband Joe out of town and what he might think of her meeting Tony for dinner tonight. Joe had called her early in the day to let her know he was all right and he would see her Sunday afternoon.The way Joe had been acting about swinging these past weeks made Diana wonder if he would even care if he knew about it. Maybe he would even try to encourage her to have sex with him again knowing the way Joe has been. It seemed a little strange that Joe didn’t even mention last weekend at all during the week and it made her wonder now if by some strange reason that he might know about her date with Tony.Could Joe have set this up knowing he would have to fly out of town this weekend? Maybe he was testing her to see how far she would go on her own with Tony. Diana remembered what Tony had said to Joe just before they left the hotel that night. He told Joe to call him if he wanted to see his wife getting fucked again.Diana couldn’t be sure of anything right now as she continued to drive the car toward the restaurant. Diana felt she would just go along with this dinner date for now and knew that Tony would be a perfect gentleman tonight.Diana could see the parking lot straight ahead and pulled in and saw Tony’s car parked between the hotel and the restaurant. Diana pulled into a vacant spot next to Tony’s car and but didn’t see anyone inside. Diana pulled the viser down and checked herself in the little mirror before stepping out of the car.Diana opened the door and stepped out and turned around only to be startled when she saw Tony standing directly in front of her. Diana let out a small sound from being startled when Tony spoke the first words. “You look very nice in that green dress Diana. I was looking forward to seeing you again.” Diana stood smiling at Tony and took his hand and said, “Nice to see you again, you look very handsome this evening yourself.” Tony took hold Diana’s hand in his with a gentle grip and leaned over to kiss her cheek.Tony kept holding Diana’s hand as they started to walk toward the building together. Tony was leading the way and started to turn toward the right which lead toward the hotel. Tony said, “I hope you don’t mind but I got a room here tonight and thought we would have a glass of wine before we went to dinner.”Diana smiled over at Tony and replied, “That’s fine, I’m just a little nervous tonight.” They stopped in front of the room and Tony looked toward Diana and said, “You have nothing to fear with me here tonight, just relax and be yourself.”Tony opened the door using the little card as he motioned for her to step inside the room. Diana walked into the room and noticed that Tony had already put the wine and glasses on the table. Tony walked around behind Diana toward the bed and picked up a bunch of roses that had been waiting for her on the bed and handed them to Diana. “The roses are so beautiful Tony, thank you very much.” Diana stepped close and gave Tony a kiss on the cheekTony motioned for Diana to set down and waited for her to be seated before walking around to the other chair and reached for the wine and started to pour some into the glasses. Tony than picked up the glasses as he sat down next to Diana and held one out to her and said, “This is to a wonderful friendship.” Diana took the glass and started to drink the wine smiling over at Tony.Tony kept looking over at Diana very intent with a smile as she drank her wine. Tony asked Diana, “You’re so beautiful do you have any brothers or sisters in your family?” Diana responded, “I have a sister two years younger than I named Lisa.” Reaching for her purse, Diana took out a picture of her sister Lisa and handed it to Tony.Tony looked at the picture and replied, “Your sister looks just like you if not a twin.” Diana said, “Yes, everyone thinks we are twins because we wear our hair the same way and about the same size in every way.” Tony went on to say, “You see, my brother just broke up with his girlfriend and moved back into town with me and he doesn’t know anyone.”Tony reached back into his pocket and took out his wallet and presented a picture to Diana that looked like Tony with another man that looked just like him. Tony said, “This is a picture of my twin Brother David and I took just last week.”Diana spoke, “I’m really sorry I can’t help you, if your brother is anything like you I know my sister would be happy to go out with him.” Tony replied, “Maybe she would go out with him sometime as a friend sometime in the near future.” Diana looked a little stunned by Tony’s proposal than answered. “I’ll be sure to ask my sister and I’ll let you know.” Diana laughed and said, “You see, my sister is married and has two c***dren.”Tony’s reply, “I’m really sorry to hear that, but if you could arrange for your sister to meet him I’d be more than grateful.” Diana paused and than said, “I’ll see what I can do for you.”Tony kept looking at Diana as he spoke again, “Your husband must be worried about you here with me tonight.” Diana hesitated for a moment before giving her answer to Tony and said. ”Actually, Joe is out of town this weekend and didn’t know I was meeting you tonight for dinner.”“Well, if your husband was aware of our date, I’m sure he wouldn’t be upset considering the last weekend.” Diana was caught of guard by Tony’s remark and Tony could see it on the expression on Diana’s face. Tony quickly jumped in and said, “I apologize for that remark, I didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable.”Diana responded by saying, “Maybe we should go and have dinner now.” Diana stood up as Tony held out his hand to help her up. Tony made a bold move and put his arm around Diana as they walked to the door. Tony’s touch made Diana a little nervous as she waited for Tony to open the door. Tony hesitated for a second and walked over to the table and picked out one of the red roses.Tony took out a small pocket knife and cut off the stem until it was very short and reached out and placed the rose in Diana’s hair. Tony than put his hands on Diana’s waist and told her how lovely she was. Diana placed her hands over Tony’s and started to pull his hands off her waist when he kissed her on the lips.Diana was startled but started returning Tony’s kiss and put her arms around his shoulders as Tony pulled her toward him. Tony broke the kiss and said, “I waited all week to see you again and couldn’t wait until I could hold you again.” Tony began kissing Diana again moving his tongue inside her mouth as Diana was responding back moving her tongue to meet with his as the kiss continued.Tony’s large hands had moved down cupping Diana’s ass and squeezing her ass cheeks as he pulled her toward his stiff cock. Tony whispered, “I waited all week to feel you next to me again.” Diana was too nervous to answer Tony and than she moaned, “Yes, I want you to fuck me now.”Tony slowly backed Diana toward the waiting bed as he continued kissing her and gently picked her up in his big arms and laid her on top of the bed going back to kissing her as his hands slowly moved across her thigh. Diana’s arms were up and around Tony’s neck as she strained to kiss Tony back.Tony placed his hands on Diana’s hips and started to tug on the material trying to raise it over her hips. Diana placed her hands on his and said, “I’ll take that off darling.” With that, Diana got up from the bed and pushed Tony down on the mattress.Tony waited on the bed for Diana’s next move as she slowly started to sway her hips like an exotic dancer turning her back toward him and wiggling her little ass. Tony could resist not touching her but when he tried to reach out, Diana giggled and moved his hands away while she continued her seductive little dance for him.Tony decided to just sit and watch the little show Diana was putting on for him as his eye’s kept focus on her every move. Diana turned back toward Tony and bent forward letting her breasts spill out from the top of the dress. Diana placed her knee between Tony’s legs taking hold of his head and pulling it toward her cleavage.Diana lowered her head until she was kissing Tony again and took hold of his hands and placed them on her hips and motioned for him to pull the dress off. Tony didn’t hesitate as he slowly started to work the thin material up past her hips and up to her breasts until the entire dress was now pulled off Diana.Diana now stood totally naked except for the heels and when she reached down to unhook the straps, Tony motioned for her to leave them on for now. Diana started to unbutton Tony’s shirt and pants working as fast as she could. Tony stood up letting the clothes’ fall to the floor and kicking off his shoes and pulled Diana’s naked little body against him feeling her hard nipples rub against him.Tony picked Diana up and laid her back down on the bed and started to kiss her belly and working his way up to her tits until he had reached her neck kissing her gently until his lips met hers again.Diana could believe how her body seemed to betray her, but she was acting like a slut. After all, her husband Joe had tried to encourage her to do this all along. He may have even played a part in this date tonight. If this is what Joe had in mind than Diana didn’t have any problem fucking this handsome black man. Diana would show her husband how much of a slut she really could be and had no intention of stopping what was happening now.Diana raised herself off the bed and told Tony that she wanted to switch positions and pushed Tony down onto the bed and started to gently kiss around his legs. Running her hands up to touch his stiff cock, Diana slowly moved up into position until her head was just above his massive cock pointing straight up.Diana lowered her head until her lips touched the giant head and she kissed it. Diana slowly opened her mouth the next time flickering her tongue over the head of Tony’s cock. On the third try, Diana lowered her head further only this time taking the head into her mouth and closing her mouth over the head and started to move her tongue around in circular motions.Tony moaned as Diana kept up the movements with her tongue on his cock. Diana started to move her head around gently moving her tongue around the head than down the sides of Tony’s big black cock. The contrast of Tony’s jet black skin was lighting a flame deep inside Diana’s belly as she continued her loving movements with Tony’s cock.Diana wanted to try something else and moved up enough to a point that her head was directly above Tony’s cock. Taking hold of the base of Tony’s cock, Diana placed her open lips over the head of Tony’s cock and started to move her head slowly down until she could feel the large head pressing against the back of her throat. After a moment of hesitation, Diana lowered her head down until the head was forcing its way into her throat. Diana went a little further than had to back off for air and pulled away from Tony’s cock and laughed.Diana said, “I wanted to deep throat your cock Tony.” Without hesitating Diana lowered her head back down doing the same movements only this time she seemed to take slightly more of his giant head into her mouth. Diana could only keep the giant cock inside her throat for a few seconds without choking and when she backed it back out this time, Tony grabbed her by the arms and said, “I want you to climb on top of me and ride me.”Diana didn’t hesitate but moved herself up and in position over Tony’s large cock pointing straight up at the ceiling looking like a giant post. The dark veins stuck out around its massive girth. Diana had to raise herself further than she could get up on her knee’s and was almost standing up over Tony’s large body.Tony reached up and placed his fingers over Diana’s mound and slid a finger inside her pussy. Diana’s pussy was dripping wet with excitement as Tony grabbed hold of her hips to help Diana steady herself over his cock.Diana moved herself closer to Tony’s cock until the head was placed at the opening of her pussy slit. Diana began to rock gently back and forth working the large head into her pussy until she had the head lodged inside her. Tony grabbed her ass cheeks and held her in place as Diana wiggled her little ass causing more of Tony’s big cock to enter her pussy.Diana continued her little wiggly motions until she had herself impaled enough not to be dislodged and leaned forward pushing her tits into Tony’s face to suck as she rotated her little ass around his massive pole. Tony sucked on her tits gently biting Diana’s nipples as she continued to move her ass around his lap as more of his cock slid inside her.Diana was moaning now as she felt Tony’s big cock stretching her tight pussy. Diana said, “It feels so big inside me, I can feel it al the way up my belly.” Tony said, “Ride that big black stallion baby, ride it like a bronco.” Diana bounced her ass around Tony’s cock as he held her ass keeping her from being dislodged.Tony’s cock was making sucking sounds as he fucked Diana were loud and anyone listening in the next room would hear that a couple were fucking. As Tony’s cock slid back out with each stroke, the sound was like a vacuum pump and each time Tony pushed inside you could hear the air being pushed out from inside.They continued to fuck for several minutes until Tony couldn’t hold back any longer and yelled out, “I’m going to cum inside you baby.” As the last word left Tony’s lips, his sperm made its way deep inside Diana’s belly. Tony was sure it was shooting straight into her womb as he held her ass tightly as the remaining jets shot into Diana.Tony kept hold of Diana’s ass as he flipped her over on the bed keeping his giant cock lodged deep inside Diana. Tony started to fuck her from above keeping Diana’s legs pinned up over his shoulders as he rammed his thick black cock deep inside her little pussy.Diana placed her hand down between their body’s as Tony continued to fuck her. Diana spread her fingers over her mound moving her hand down enough to feel Tony’s cock sliding inside her pussy. Diana placed a finger on her clitoris moving it around gently causing her to buck her hips up into Tony more. Diana was on fire as Tony jack hammered his thick cock into her pussy.Diana kept stroking her clitoris while getting fucked by this handsome black man until her body started to quiver and shake until Diana was having an orgasm. Diana’s ass bucked up and her legs shook as she screamed out loud.Tony kept up his pace for a few seconds longer and began to shoot another thick load of sperm deep inside Diana to join the first load. Tony’s body went stiff as his load filled Diana, both were out of breath as Tony slowly withdrew from her pussy. Diana’s legs were still back against her chest and she still wore the heels as Tony’s thick sperm started to puddle at the entrance to her pussy.Tony spoke first saying, “Look at all the hot sperm your husband is missing out on tonight.” They both laughed as Tony reached out grabbing Diana’s head to kiss her passionately.Diana climbed off the bed and started to walk toward the bathroom, as she walked her pussy made sucking sounds as Tony’s sperm started to fall to the floor with each step Diana made. Tony laughed as Diana looked back and smiled listening to her pussy making those quacking sounds as she walked.Tony got up to wash himself off at the sink just outside the bathroom. He could hear Diana peeing through the door so he knocked on the door. Diana said, “Tony, I’m going pee, do you want me to pee on you?” They both laughed as the door opened and Diana emerged from the room. Tony grabbed her around the waist and gave her another passionate kiss and patted her ass.Tony looked deep into Diana’s eye’s and said, “Your pussy is going to stretch out so much that the only person that will ever be able to satisfy you will be this black man.” Laughing, Diana said, “Isn’t that what my husband wanted you to do?” Diana tilted her head up and gave Tony another passionate kiss as he held her close to him.Diana helped Tony clean off his cock while Tony lathered up Diana’s pussy and when they were through washing, Tony had his tongue shoved deep into Diana’s mouth again Tony helped Diana pull her dress back on and while he dressed, it gave Diana time to apply her makeup.Tony had just finished putting on his shoes when he noticed Diana slid off her engagement ring followed by her wedding band and place it in a little compartment in her purse. Tony asked, “Did I just see you’re your wedding rings come off?” Diana replied, “I didn’t want anyone in the restaurant to see that I’m a married woman out on a date with a handsome black man.”Tony replied, “Well maybe if they saw those rings that they would think you were married to this handsome black man.”Diana smiled and put her arms around Tony’s shoulders giving him a deep passionate kiss and said, “I never really considered it that way, maybe I’ll put them back on.” Tony stopped her and said, “Leave them off tonight, they belong to your husband Joe and tonight you belong to me.”Tony gave Diana another passionate kiss as Diana started to push her pelvis up into Tony’s body rotating her ass getting him horny again and said, “You’re my big black stud tonight.” Diana went on to say, “Maybe I’ll make you my permanent big black stud, what do you think of that?” Tony looked at Diana and said, “Think you can handle my cock on a regular basis white woman?”Diana laughed and said, “Wait until I get you back in here tonight and we’ll see how can handle who.”They both walked out the door and started to walk toward the restaurant when they noticed a couple behind them. They were an older white couple and when Tony turned to look at them and smile, they gave him a dirty look. Tony turned to Diana and said, “Honey, did I satisfy you enough tonight?” Diana played along and said, “No darling I want you to screw me again after dinner.”Diana sat through the diner with a question on her mind about her husband Joe having anything to do with this date they were having but Diana decided to wait and bring it up in a different way later that evening. All sat feeling Tony’s sperm dripping out of her pussy and laughed.Tony said, “Honey why are you laughing about?” Diana smiled over at Tony and said, “I can feel you’re cum dripping out of my pussy and I think I have stains on my dress.” Diana smiled and said, “If my husband were here I wouldn’t be dripping right now, it all your fault.” Tony looked over at Diana pointing his fork at her and replied, “Next time I’m going to plant my seed inside your belly so deep it’ll take a week to drip back out.”Diana laughed as she looked over at Tony and said, “Is that a threat or are you trying to get me pregnant.” Tony replied, “Honey, if I wanted to knock your little white ass up I would have done it last week.” They both laughed at the words they were saying all in fun. Diana knew the couple next to them could hear every word they were saying as she winked at Tony.Later that evening back in their room, Diana was standing up naked next to the sink cleaning the sperm stains off her dress while Tony lay on the bed watching her little ass jiggle each time Diana would whip the spot with the cloth.Diana placed her dress on a hanger to dry and turned toward Tony and said, “I hope my dress is dry by the time we are ready to leave.” Tony got up and sat on the edge of the bed motioning for Diana to come closer. Diana walked over toward Tony putting her arms around his neck and giving him a passionate kiss as Tony put his hands on her ass.Tony asked Diana, “Didn’t you mention that your husband Joe would be gone until Sunday?” Diana replied, “Yes, his plane comes in around noon on Sunday.” Tony said, “Than your dress should be dry by Sunday at noon, wouldn’t you think?”Diana said, “What your telling me Tony, is that you want me to stay here with you all weekend?” Tony replied back, “You really don’t have any reason to leave tonight, you can stay here with me tonight.”Diana hesitated for a few seconds giving Tony a big smile and said, “I guess my husband Joe really wouldn’t mind, besides I think we can find something to do tonight.” Smiling, Tony said, “Besides, I’m not really convinced that your little white pussy can handle this big black cock all night yet.”Diana sat on Tony’s lap giving him another wet open kiss as he reached up to cup her titty in his big hand. Diana laughed as he played with Diana’s titty’s saying, “I’m going to fill that little white belly of yours so full of black seed that your white titty’s will give chocolate milk by morning.”Diana smiled and continued to kiss Tony with an open mouth giving him room for his tongue. Diana broke the kiss and asked Tony, “Are you serious about your brother Dave meeting my sister Lisa?” Tony kissed her lips and said, “Yes Baby, I’m dead serious about them hooking up together baby.” Tony went on to say, “Your sister looks like a knockout just like you and I know my brother would show her a good time.” Diana looked at him and said, “You mean he might want to introduce my sister to black cock?” Tony replied, “I just think he would enjoy your sisters company on a date, she doesn’t have to give up any white pussy.”Diana reached down between Tony’s legs and started stroking his cock which was already as hard as steel and said, “I’ll call my sister Lisa Sunday evening and tell her I have someone I want her to meet.” Diana than got down on the floor and took hold of Tony’s cock with both her hands and placed the head inside her mouth and started to lick it.Tony leaned back on the bed as Diana continued to suck his cock running her tongue over its long length than taking him inside her warm mouth. Diana started messaging Tony’s testicles with her hands and lowered her mouth and took one of the giant eggs into her mouth and gently sucked on it. Tony gave out a moan as Diana continued to lovingly suck his cock and testicles.Diana pushed Tony back onto the bed and told Tony to lift his legs back as she lowered her head again to suck his cock. This time she lowered her head further until her face was level with his scrotum and began to like it taking each ball gently into her mouth and sucking.Tony lay back on the bed with his legs up while Diana worked on his cock and balls. Than suddenly Diana pushed Tony’s legs back further and lowered her face further until she could touch his ass with her tongue.Tony jumped as Diana’s tongue touched his anus and could feel her tongue moving around trying to probe into his ass. Tony thought to himself that Diana was more kinky than he had originally thought. Diana kept up her pace for several minutes until she stood up pulling Tony’s legs back down and sat on the bed next to him.Diana looked at Tony and said, “I think my husband Joe would be proud of me tonight, what you think?” Tony kissed Diana on the lips than worked his mouth down to her titty’s and started to lick the nipples bitting them all around the firm full globes. Tony than moved up toward Diana’s neck and started to kiss and lick her neck and leaving little bit marks along the way.Diana said, “Your bitting my neck Tony, are you a vampire?” Tony answered, “I’m just leaving my mark on you so your husband will see them and know you were with me this weekend.” Diana giggled and asked, “Did you have that planned tonight to leave your mark on me?” Tony’s reply was, “I don’t plan anything like that, it just happens.” Tony than kissed Diana on the lips pulling her head up onto the pillows while he continued to kiss around her titty and down her belly dipping his tongue into her navel.Diana spread her legs giving Tony better access to her pussy and said, “Darling, lick my pussy and make me cum good.”Tony started to run his tongue into her slit while Diana lifted her ass up off the bed giving his tongue more access to her pussy. Tony lifted Diana’s legs and started to nibble on Diana’s pussy lips gently pulling each side than dipping his tongue inside her pussy to taste the sweat wetness inside.Diana began to slowly move her mound up into Tony’s face as he began running his tongue deeper inside her pussy. Tony worked his tongue even more inside Diana’s pussy as she began to squirm more. Tony was holding her legs up high now as he ran his tongue deeper into Diana’s pussy. Diana was bucking her hips up to meet Tony’s tongue as he drove her closer to orgasm. Tony kept up a faster pace until Diana finally let out a scream that she was going to cum.Once Diana was there, she screamed out loud enough to hear in the next rooms as Tony slowed his movements of his tongue until Diana finally relaxed. Tony moved up on the bed and rested his head on the pillow and turned on his side facing Diana taking hold of her hip and moving her around so that Diana had her back facing him.Tony than pulled Diana’s ass back until his hard cock was poking her from behind as he lifted Diana’s leg and placed it over his as and pushed forward sending his cock toward the entrance of Diana’s pussy.Tony parted Diana’s pussy lips with his hand and shoved his thick cock forward while placing his hand on Diana’s belly to pull her back against him. A little more shoving and Tony’s cock was now planted inside Diana’s pussy for the second time tonight. Diana moved her ass back against Tony as he shoved more of his thick cock inside her.Tony kept up a rocking motion until he had several inches planted inside Diana’s tight pussy. Diana began to slowly push her ass back against Tony’s forward thrusts. Tony was kissing the back of Diana’s shoulder now as he reached around to play with Diana’s pussy and feel his cock as it entered her tight slit.Tony kept fucking Diana in this position for more than forty-five minutes until he finally shot another thick load of sperm deep inside Diana’s belly making it the third load of the evening. Tony held Diana’s body close to his as they lay in the bed with Tony’s still hard cock planted in her sperm filled pussy.They lay there for what seemed like half an hour until Diana fell asleep with Tony’s cock still inside her. Tony was able to reach around behind himself and turned off the light keeping his stiff cock planted inside Diana.Tony knew the sperm he had just pumped into this woman was now plugged from leaking out by his thick cock. Tony smiled to himself wondering if Diana was taking the pill. We would soon find out if she woke up one morning with morning sickness and found out she was carrying a little black baby. It would serve her husband right if she became pregnant with his c***d. Tony thought that he could love this woman better than any man and he could make a good father to the baby.Tony’s cock was staying hard as he thought about getting Diana knocked up. Tony put his hand back on Diana’s ass and pulled her real close and within minutes he was asleep as well.Tony opened his eyes’ early the next morning and found himself still lying in the same position he was in last night. He knew he fell asleep with his cock planted deep inside Diana. Tony looked down, found himself still hard and still inside Diana’s pussy. Tony gently eased his cock from Diana’s tight pussy letting the cool air hit his cock for the first time in hours.Diana was still asleep as Tony lifted himself off the bed. He looked down at Diana’s ass and saw the sperm he had been blocking from escaping Diana’s pussy slowly making its way down onto the sheets of the bed. The sperm had turned clear since it has been several hours since he had last cum inside her.Tony lied back down on the bed thinking about this gorgeous woman he had wonderful sex with last night. Tony had hoped Diana had felt something during their first meeting together, now he knew the answer to that question. He felt that he would have to be the one to make the first move while everything was still fresh in their minds.Tony lied back on the pillow admiring this beautiful white woman lying next to him with her body almost perfect in every proportion. What he couldn’t understand is why her husband wanted to share this beautiful woman with other men? When Diana wrote him the very first time about her husband’s perversion, she seemed desperate to try and please her husband because she loved him. Even though she didn’t really want to commit to his desires and adultery.She was reaching out for help from someone and he just happened to be the one that could help. It may have brought out something deep inside that she was missing in her life. Sex could play a part in her search, but love and affection from your life partner is the most important.Tony knew she was confused with the situation her husband had put her in. He would just have to be there for as long as it takes. sarıyer escort If she accepts the lifestyle her husband wants her to have, then Tony wanted to be a part of it because he felt something strong for this woman.Diana turned over and looked at Tony, placing her hand around his waist and moving her leg until it rested on top of his legs. Tony brought his arm around her shoulder, pulled her close to him and kissed her forehead. “Good morning sleepyhead,” he greeted.Diana smiled and moved her head to kiss him on the lips. They relaxed while they embracing each other, looking and touching each other for several minutes until she moved to get up to use the bathroom. A trail of sperm was still leaking out of her pussy as she walked to the bathroom. She turned back to look at Tony and asked, “Honey, what did I do last night sleep with your cock inside me?”Tony laughed and answered, “Baby, as a matter of fact, that’s exactly what you did last night.”She smiled back saying, “No wonder my pussy feels like it’s gaped open this morning, I have you to blame for this.”The bathroom door closed and Tony got out of bed walking toward the door and tapped as he listened for a response. “I’m going pee in here and if you don’t go away I’m coming out there and sit on you again.”Tony laughed at her remark saying, “I’m coming in there to pee between your legs if you don’t hurry.”The bathroom door opened as Tony was finishing his sentence and he was pulled in the bathroom.Diana was giggling as she took hold of Tony’s cock and pointed it at the bowl. “Here, go pee while I hold your cock,” she said. She could feel the warm liquid traveling up through the large vein in his cock as she aimed it for the toilet watching it splash in the water. “I don’t think Joe’s cock spurts this volume of pee,” she added, still giggling.He laughed. “That’s because his cock isn’t as large as mine,” he told her, squeezing out the last drops of pee while Diana began to shake it off. She was still laughing at herself when she bent down to kiss the head and patted it before rising up to kiss Tony on the lips.He grabbed her ass and pulled her toward him holding the kiss.They stay locked in the kiss until she twisted around and turned on the water in the shower. She adjusted the water until it felt right, reached around, pulled him into the tub and closed the curtain. Reaching for the washcloth and soap, she started to rub Tony’s chest until it was all lathered up. She continued down to his cock and testicles before lifting his legs one at a time to do the same.Diana handed him the washcloth and soap when she was done with him.Picking up the rhythm, Tony began to wash her chest moving the cloth slowly around her large tits, raise her arms to wash her armpits and work the cloth down to her bald pussy.Once they were completely done, she got down on her knees and started to suck his cock. Tony looked down and saw Diana looking straight into his eye’s as she lovingly sucked his shaft in her mouth. She had both hands on his testicles and her fingers under his cock lifting it up while her mouth did the work.Diana deep throated Tony like she had the night before. Only this time, she was able to hold it down her throat for a longer time.She sucked his cock with a faster pace now, working to make him cum as her tongue danced around his shaft. And then, just before he was about to cum, Tony lifted his hands to her head and gently ran his fingers in her hair.Tony let out a yell when he felt that he was about to come. Diana clamped her lips around his massive shaft as he began to shooting the first streams of sperm straight down her throat. She started to cough and laugh at the same time as he finished shooting his thick load inside her mouth.When she stood back up in the shower, Tony pulled her close to him. “That was quite good for a beginner, I thought you were going to gag there for a minute,” he told her.“That was my first time in the shower, the water started getting up my nose when you came,” she replied.He laughed saying, “You need a little more practice and you’ll be an old pro with this black stick.”Diana looked up at him, touched his chest and said, “I’m I going to get another chance to practice?”“Honey you are going to get as much time as you need to practice on me, he told her while holding her tight. “ I’ll be here whenever you want me.”At that, she smiled back at him declaring, “I’m making you my permanent stud from now on.”“I’ll have to put a claim on you myself if your going to be that way about it,” he told her back.They both laughed while Tony turned off the water and said, “We better shake on that.”“I have a better idea than just a hand shake,” she said mischievously. Then, they both smiled as they reached for the towels and started to dry each other.They spent the day together after driving back to Diana’s house so she could change into something else since her dress was stained with semen. Tony had come prepared with extra clothes and waited for her to change into something else. Diana emerged from the bedroom wearing pink shorts, black top without a bra and a pair of low heels that enhanced her beautiful long shapely legs.She stood in the doorway trying to remember something she forgot to do but gave up as she walked out into the room and span around so Tony could get a good look.He glanced at her from head to toe as he opened his arms for her to come to him. Diana sat down on his lap and gave him a kiss on the lips. ”What do you think of my pink shorts?” she asked.“It’s the beautiful woman in them that I’m looking at,” he told her kissing her for a second time as his arm reached around her and cupped one of her tits.She responded. “Do you know if your brother is busy tonight?” she asked him.“He’s at my house right now, I gave him a call on the way here,” he said.Diana got up fro his lap. “I’ll give my sister Lisa a call and see if she’s home and if she can get a baby sitter.” She walked out of the room to use the bedroom phone leaving him on the sofa.Several minutes passed before Diana walked into the room, the phone still in her hand. “Lisa will be over around eight tonight. Her husband is leaving with the k**s for a short overnight camping trip,” she told him. Afterwards, she walked back into the bedroom and didn’t return for almost half an hour.When she did, was smiling. She sat down on his lap and gave him another kiss on the lips. “I’ve just told my sister all about you… and I mean everything.”Tony was surprised hearing those words from her. But she went on, “My sister and I are very close and we share everything in our life together including our problems. She is fully aware of my husband’s desire for me to see another man.”Tony was still surprised by Diana’s words as he continued to listen to her talk on.“My sister has always been a little more daring than I and it didn’t take much convincing from me to have her meet your brother. Lisa’s husband is great with the k**s but he leaves her at home all by herself all the time. Right now she’s fed up with it.”He just couldn’t help asking, “Is she looking for a boyfriend on the side?”“No, she just wants to get out tonight. She wanted to meet you anyway.”“You mean you told her we’ve been fucking?”“No, I didn’t go that far.””What exactly does she think we are doing together?” he asked, puzzled.She laughed. “Relax, she is aware that you’re helping me do what my husband asked and nothing more,” she told her, kissing him once more.“I’m going to drive back and pick Dave up. Would you like to come with me?”She shook her head. “I better stay here. Besides, I have to pick up my sister and bring her here because her husband will have the car.”He held her in his arms as he gave her another long passionate kiss before leaving to get his brother. “I’ll meet you back here this evening around eight,” he said.She returned the kiss and watched as he walked out the door.==========It was seven thirty and Diana was busy lighting some candles around the room while her sister Lisa was in the bathroom applying her makeup. “Are you about done in there Lisa?”“Yes, I’m just about done,” Lisa replied.They had a long talk this evening about Tony and his brother Dave. Diana told Lisa about everything good that she could think of about Tony. She conveniently omitted the fact that they were black men. She thought that her sister would be shocked to find out that they had dates with black guys, especially after she told Lisa how handsome and well built they were.Diana still had the pink shorts and black top on while Lisa had come over wearing black shorts and a red low-cut top. Both of them wore heels and they wore their blonde hair in exactly the same style. She remembered Tony mentioning that looked like twins.When the doorbell rang, Diana walked over and opened the door. She found Tony and Dave standing on the porch.“Come on in guys, my sister will be out in a second.”Just then, Lisa walked out of the bathroom and made her way towards the front door. She looked at them, held out her hand to the guys and introduced herself.“I’m Lisa. You must be Tony and Dave. Which one of you is Tony?”“I’m Tony and this is my brother Dave.” Tony said and introduced his brother to Diana while they all made their way into the family room.“Please sit down and make yourself comfortable while I get us some drinks,” Diana said.Everyone sat down. Dave sat on the sofa next to his brother and Lisa sat in a chair.Diana made the drinks pretty fast, brought them out on a tray and sat down next to Tony on the sofa. They spent over an hour talking about simple things getting acquainted while Diana made several more trips into the kitchen for more drinks. On her last trip to the kitchen, her sister followed her.“You didn’t tell me they were black men,” Lisa whispered.Diana looked at her sister and smiled, “Oh, I didn’t think it would matter. Don’t you think they are handsome and nice guys?”“Yes, tell me what I should do out there?” she asked Diana.Diana looked at her sister. “Just be yourself and when you go back out there and sit on the sofa next to Dave so I can spend a little time with Tony,” she told her.Lisa grabbed her sister’s arm, “But Tony is sitting right in the way.”“Just have him move to the other side and I’ll handle it from there,” she whispered.Once they returned to the family room, Lisa asked Dave to join her on the love seat while Diana sat next to Tony on the sofa. Both women were sitting very close to the guys while they talked. The conversation started breaking off into pairs as Lisa and Dave got better acquainted. Within time, neither could actually hear what the other couple was saying because their voices were lowered down to almost a whisper.Diana kept glancing toward her sister. She saw Lisa pointing at something on her shoe as Dave was laughing at whatever it was she was pointing at. Next, she saw Dave lift Lisa’s foot as if he were trying to inspect something. Whatever it was they both seemed to be getting along very well tonight. Diana felt her sister was doing fine with Dave so she decided to focus on Tony for the rest of the evening.Tony got up from the sofa and walked over to dim the ceiling lights until there was just a glow from the candles that Diana had lit. Tony sat back down next to Diana and kissed her on the lips. He glanced over at Lisa and Dave and saw that they were busy talking. He reached over, pulled Diana to him and gave her a long open mouth kiss, shoving his tongue inside her mouth. She responded, putting her arms around him and kissing him back.She could feel Tony’s hands making their way under her tight black top until his large fingers were circling her tits. “Tony, Lisa and Dave might see where you have your hands are. Maybe you should stop.”Tony just chuckled. “Look over there, can you see anything going on with them? It’s to damn dark for them to see where my hands are.”He then lifted her top over her tits, leaving them completely exposed while tilting his head down to take one round bud in his mouth and started to suckle.Meanwhile, all she could do at this point was to pull his head against her tits closer. Diana knew Tony was getting a thrill out of doing this with his brother and her sister across the room.Tony raised his head up to give her a kiss, their tongues met furiously in a heat of passion. Tony stopped for a moment and whispered, “Lets go into the bedroom where I can fuck you.”Diana gave him another long passionate kiss. “I don’t think we should leave the room yet,” she whispered.“Okay then, I’ll fuck you right here.”Just as he was about to slip off her top, he heard Lisa’s voice from across the room.“Hey, are you getting a little frisky over there? We can leave you two alone.” She laughed, saying, “I think these two have a lot to talk about.”Diana leaned forward to adjust her top. “We’re just fine over here, how about the two of you?” she asked.“We don’t seem to be as busy as the two of you,” Lisa answered. “ Dave was just telling me about his c***dhood and I thought I herd you kissing Tony. It’s okay with me Diana, I’m not going to tell Joe anything.”Diana looked over at her sister. “I’m not going to tell any secrets on you either if you decide to get frisky with Dave over there.”Both women laughed as Lisa got up from her chair and motioned for Dave to follow her out to the backyard towards the pool.Dave stood and took Lisa’s hand while she glanced back at her sister. “We’ll be sitting out here by the pool if you need us,” she told her.Diana watched as her sister close the patio door leaving just the screen open before disappearing into the darkness of the backyard.Tony didn’t waste any time in putting his lips on her. He gave her a passionate open mouth kiss while running his hands up to cup her tits in his big hands. He continued to squeeze them until he asked, “Do you feel comfortable fucking right here on the sofa or do you want me to screw you in your bedroom?”Diana glanced toward the door wall trying to get a glimpse of her sister and Dave but she could only see the darkness. “I think we better go into the bedroom in case they come back in and catch us in the act.”Tony didn’t say another word. He reached around, picked her tiny frame up in his large arms and carried her into the bedroom.He walked into the room kicking the door shut with his foot, as he walked towards the bed. He sat down with Diana resting on his lap. They began kissing again as she fumbled with the buttons of his shirt before working down on his belt and pants. When everything was ready, she kneeled and directed Tony to get everything off while she slipped her top off over her head and unsnapped her pink shorts.Diana stood up on the bed while slipping the shorts down her legs. She kicked them onto the floor and began to jump around naked, daring Tony to catch her.He hesitated for a moment watching her play around before asking, “Where does your husband keep his video camera?”“Right over there next to the closet door in that little black case.”He walked over, opened the case, and pulled the camera and the tripod out. Then, he began to set it up in the far corner of the room.“What are you doing with that thing, get over here and fuck me.” Diana told him.Tony stopped what he was doing. “I intend to do just that once I get this thing setup.”With that, she jumped down off the bed and grabbed his arm. “Why are you getting this out now?”“I want to film us fucking tonight for your husband to see.”Diana ran over to the camera case laughing while she brought out a blank tape and handed it to him. She helped him plug it into the wall.When it was ready, Tony adjusted the lens to point toward the bed. He pulled her towards the bed, smiling back at the camera. He walked to the foot of the bed pulling her with him, putting his arm around her tiny waist while reaching down to rub her bare pussy. He was, all the while, smiling at the camera.“I just wanted you to know that I’ve been taking care of your wife while you were gone on your trip,” he said to the camera. “I could tell the first time, when I first screwed your wife that she wasn’t getting enough black cock.”Diana was nervously standing next to Tony as she listened to him speak to the camera. She was not sure if she wanted Joe to see this tape. She thought that Tony was doing this all for fun. She could erase it anyway before Joe actually gets a chance to see it.Tony pulled her closer. “Honey, tell your husband what we’ve been doing here all weekend.”She smiled at the camera. “I’m only doing what you wanted, Joe. I’m giving Tony as much white pussy as he wants while you’re gone.”Still laughing, Tony said, “Your wife’s pussy isn’t as tight as it was the first time I screwed her but she still fits around my black cock like a tight rubber glove.” He glanced over to Diana and said, “Honey, I want you to tell your husband who your pussy belongs to now.”She hesitated for a few seconds, but then answered while smiling into the camera. “I’m afraid he’s right Joe. My pussy belongs to him now… just as you wanted.”Tony bent down, kissed her passionately on the lips, looked back at the camera and said. “I’m going to show you how a real man treats a beautiful white woman like your wife.”He pulled her into his arms and kissed her passionately while reaching down to cup her little round ass in his big hands. He gave her cheeks a squeeze. He pulled her back to the bed, pushing her down and told her to spread her legs for him. Tony then got down on his knees as he began to fuck her pussy with his tongue, making her squirm with passion as she held on to his head.Tony wasn’t wasting much time getting her pussy worked up and wet. He reached up to play with her tits, probing his tongue deeper into her pussy. Tony continued sucking her pussy for several minutes making her squirm and squeal until he looked up between her legs and said. “Honey. I want you to tell me what you would like me to do to you.”He continued to work his tongue over her clit slowly as he waited for her to speak.“I want you to fuck me deep and hard with your big black cock,” she moaned.Tony stood up at the end of the bed and placed the thick mushroom head next to her pussy slit and said. “ Let your husband know how well we fuck together.”Diana reached down to help guide the massive head inside her pussy. She was caught by surprise as Tony pushed himself forward sinking the head well inside her pussy as she let out a little yelp.Tony was gentle as he slowly worked himself in and out of her pussy sinking deeper inside with each movement. This went on for several minutes until Tony had as much of his cock inside her as he could. He then motioned to Diana to lift herself up while he cradled her ass in his big arms.Tony lifted her off the bed keeping himself planted as deep as possible in her pussy. Once he stood up and she got her balanced in mid air, he started to bounce her up and down. His giant shaft causing her to moan out in delight. Tony was moving her tiny body as fast as he could which made her tits bounce with each stroke.Diana had her arms wrapped around his neck as he continued to drive himself deep inside her pussy. The quick movements were causing her to breath heavily and as she held onto his neck she started to squirm her little ass around his cock.Tony didn’t have any trouble holding on to her tiny body. He seemed to move her around like a doll. He continued to bounce her tiny body up and down his big cock while she held onto his shoulders. Diana was moaning loud now as Tony rammed himself up and deep inside her pussy.“Oh yes fuck me hard and deep,” she yelled. She continued to wiggle her little ass around in his big hands trying to push herself down on him even more.She knew they didn’t have much time knowing her sister and Tony’s brother were out by the pool and could come in any minute. But it did not matter.Tony turned so Diana’s ass was facing the camera and tilted her up to give Joe a good look at the way his cunt was stretching itself around his thick cock.“Take a look at the way your wife’s pussy is wrapped around my cock.” Tony than walked towards the bed sitting her down on the edge so her ass would face the camera. “Now if you watch really close you’re going to see me plant my black baby seed deep in your wife’s belly.”With that, Diana’s eye’s widened. She distinctly heard Tony say that he was going to plant his seed deep inside her. It made her remember what she had forgot to do the past couple days… she had forgot to take her birth control pills as she can’t remember where she had placed them.Her mind didn’t have much time to drift off as Tony continued to fuck her deep on the bed. His big hands were now holding onto her thighs keeping her ass from slipping forward as he rammed his cock inside her.She placed her hands behind her thighs holding her legs up high and tilted her head to look straight into the camera lens as Tony fucked her hard causing her head to jerk with each of his thrust. She seemed to forget about the pills when Tony started to groan and said. “I’m going to shoot my load deep inside your belly.”Diana started to quiver as she began to have an orgasm. Tony’s thrusts inside her became more rapid.He turned back and spoke to the camera. “Joe, look at your little wife now.”She yelled out just as Tony finished his sentence, her legs shaking, and her ass bucking up into his cock as he held on to her thighs keeping his shaft from being dislodged.Just as she was finishing, Tony yelled out that he was ready too cum. “I’m going to shoot my seed deep inside your wife,” he shouted at the camera.Tony let out a groan as the first shoot hit the back of her cervix. He held her thighs next to his big legs keeping himself deep inside her pussy.His cock contracted several times sending his seed inside her pussy. Tony continued to pump inside her until he was finished. “Did you see that Joe, your wife now has my seed deep inside her belly and if she is fertile, she might be knocked up at this very moment.”Tony pulled her back close to him as he bent down to kiss her on the lips, sending his tongue deep inside her mouth. His cock slipped out of her pussy as he lifted himself back up and held her legs high in the air as if she were a trophy. He turned towards the camera.“See my sperm inside your wife?” Tony than took one hand and reached down placing a finger at the opening of Diana’s pussy to play with the glob of cum dripping out.Tony then lifted her off the bed and bent down to kiss her on the lips. He patted her belly making sure they were faced towards the camera. “I’m taking care of your wife just like you wanted me to,” he said. He continued to rub the palm of his hand over her belly and added, “Your wife belongs to me now and I don’t want you touching her pussy from now on unless I give you permission.”Diana was a little startled by Tony’s words as she listened to him spoke into the camera’s lens. Then, she started thinking about the birth control pills and wondered where she may have placed the little packet.She looked up at Tony and said. “We better get cleaned up and dressed before my sister walks in on us.”Tony kissed her again with his arm around her. He once again faced the camera. “Now remember what I said about your wife. You’re not allowed to touch her from now on unless you ask me.”He then walked over and shut the camera off while Diana reached down to pick up her clothes.He took the video out of the camera and placed it on top of the dresser, atop the other videos they had shot on that first night, so that Joe would find it easily.They hurried and got dressed.As they started to leave the room, Diana glanced over and saw the video on the dresser. Her thought was to hide the tape so Joe wouldn’t see it. She figured she would have time to hide it before Joe got home from his trip.At the moment, all she could of was finding those birth control pills and checking on her sister by the pool.Diana looked in the mirror and adjusted her pink shorts and tugging her top down before heading out into the family room. She could still hear Tony running water in the bathroom as she walked out the door to check on Lisa and Dave. She could still feel the wetness between her legs as she walked from the fucking she had just received from Tony.She made her way into the kitchen for a glass of water, her mind drifting off thinking of her birth control pills. She opened several cabinets and drawers until she found her little purse. Diana felt somewhat more relaxed finding her purse knowing the packet of birth control pills would be inside. She fumbled around inside the little purse until she finally dumped everything out onto the counter top. Diana was more than puzzled now because this was the last place she could remember putting her pills in.Diana jumped as she felt two big hands around her waist from behind. It was Tony who made her jump and she quickly told him to stop scaring her like he did. He grabbed her anyway and pulled her around and gave her an open mouth kiss. Tony than said to her. “I didn’t mean to frighten you.” Than gave Diana another kiss on the lips while running his big hands around her ass and gave them a gentle squeeze.”I was just looking for something before you came in and couldn’t find it.” Tony kissed her again before saying. “Have you checked on your sister and my brother yet?”Her reply. “They were out by the pool when we left a little while ago. I’m sure they are still out there talking.”Diana started to put everything back in her purse when Tony asked. “What were you looking for in your purse?”She hesitated not wanting to tell him she had lost her birth control pills and said. “I was just looking for some gum that I had but found some up in the cabinet.”She gave him another kiss on the lips and said. “We better get out by the pool before they think we fell asleep.”Diana was the first to head out by the pool looking for her sister. Everything was dark outside except the glow of the moon. Once her eye’s adjusted to the darkness, she started to call out her sister’s name but there was no answer. She went back into the door and flipped the light switch on and looked all around the pool but there was no sign of Lisa and Dave.Tony walked up behind her pinching her ass which made her scream. She gave him a peck on the cheek before walking back in the house trying to find out where her sister might have gone.”I don’t know where they could have gone, they said they were coming out here by the pool and there is no sign of them around.”Just as she started to walk toward the bedrooms, she saw Dave walking out of the guests’ bedroom by himself.”Where is my sister?” Diana asked. “I think she is still in the bathroom.” He replied. Diana noticed his pants were unzipped as she walked past him toward the guests’ bathroom to find her sister.Diana found her sister combing her hair in front of the mirror and asked. “What have you and Dave been doing while I was gone?” Lisa stopped combing her hair long enough to answer her sister and said. “I was going to ask you the same thing about you for the past hour.”Diana stood there for a moment before giving her an answer. “You’re a married woman and you have k**s, what were you doing with Tony’s brother?”Lisa stepped forward until she was looking at her sister directly into her eye’s and said. “You asked me to come here tonight to meet the brother of the guy you just finished fucking.” She went on to say. “I was just getting to know David better while you were busy.”Diana starred at her sister and said. “Did you fuck this guy?” Reaching out and holding her sister by the shoulders, she replied. “All we did was talk and maybe we kissed a couple times.”Diana said.”Is that why his zipper was wide open when I passed him coming out of here?” Lisa giggled and replied. “I was curious to see how big his cock was.”Diana grabbed Lisa’s arms and pulled them down until she was holding her sister’s hands in hers and replied. “You still didn’t answer my question. Did you fuck Dave tonight?” Lisa replied. “I only took it out to play with tonight and to give him a little sample of what he might be getting next weekend.”Lisa replied.”What do you mean about next weekend?” She replied. “We have a date set for next Friday night and we are meeting right here at your house.”Diana looked a little surprised and said. “Joe will be home next week, and you can’t meet him here.” She went on to say. “What do you think my husband would say if I let my sister meet a black man here at our house?”Lisa said. “Tell him I got curious about my sister fucking a black guy and wanted to try it myself.” Lisa went on to say. “Didn’t you tell me you were fucking this guy with Joe’s blessing?”Diana looked at her sister and replied. “I told you he wanted to watch me with another man, but I didn’t say I was fucking him.”Lisa looked down at the wet stain at the crotch of Diana’s pink shorts and said. “I suppose that’s water and not nigger cum leaking out of your pussy.”Diana held her sister’s hands tight and said. “You have to help me find my pills.” Lisa looked a little puzzled and said. “What are you talking about?” Diana squeezed her sister’s hands again and said. “I lost my birth control pills, I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find them.”Lisa replied.”So that are your black lovers little sperms dripping out of your pussy.” Lisa starred at her sister than went on to say. “How many times did he fuck you without protection?”Diana looked in her sister’s eye’s and said. “Tony and I have been fucking all weekend while Joe’s been gone and he is going to kill me if I get pregnant with a black k**.”Diana started to cry as she held her sister’s hands and said. “Everything started because of Joe wanting to see me fuck another man.”Lisa held her sister and said. “Joe didn’t see anything this weekend so you only have yourself to blame if you get knocked-up by this guy.”Lisa held her sister in her arms when a thought came across her mind. “We’ll go down to the d**g store in the morning and get you a replacement packet of birth control pills.”Diana seemed to feel more comfortable when Lisa said she would help her get new pills in the morning. “We better go out and see what Tony and Dave are doing without us.”Lisa looked at her sister and they both laughed making there way out into the family room to join the guys.Both women were greeted by the men when they entered the room. Diana walked over and gave Tony a kiss on the lips while her sister hugged David. Tony was the first to speak. “David told me about the date that he and Lisa had for next Friday night. Maybe we could all go out together for a few drinks and have a little fun.” Tony had his hand on Diana’s ass while glancing down at her crotch and laughed when he saw the wet spot on her shorts.Diana said. “Honey, you better not wear pink next Friday because every little stain seems to show up with that color.”Lisa looked at the clock and said. “I have to get home before my husband starts calling around looking for me.”David grabbed her just as she was about to leave and kissed her on the lips. His hands were cupping her ass as she pushed her tits against his chest. Lisa returned the kiss by sending her tongue inside his mouth and when they finished she said. “I’m looking forward to our date on Friday.”David walked her out to her car as they said goodbye leaving Tony and Diana hugging in the doorway. Diana kissed Tony and said. “What are we going to tell my husband Joe we are doing next Friday night?”Laughing, Tony said. “Just tell him your going on a date with your new boyfriend.”She looked in his eye’s and said. “What about my sister, what if Joe tells her husband what’s going on?”Tony replied. “Don’t worry about that, and I’ll take care of your husband.”Diana looked a little puzzled as Tony kissed her again and said. “I’ll take care of everything next Friday.”He gave her one last hug before walking out of the house into the dark night to catch up to his brother.Diana walked into the bedroom and slipped off her clothes thinking about next Friday and wondering what Tony had planned on telling her husband Joe. She was so exhausted that she fell right to sleep while Tony’s cum continued to drip out of her pussy.Diana reached over to turn the alarm clock off looking at the time thinking to herself that she only had an hour to pick Joe up at the airport. She got out of bed and hurried into the closet to find a dress to wear when her old purse fell to the floor and the small packet of birth control pills spilled out.She had a look of relief on her face as she picked up the little packet and punched out three of the tiny pills and placed them in her mouth. Getting a glass of water from the bathroom she swallowed the little pills down her throat all together thinking they better work. She took a quick shower and got into a little sun dress and called her sister while combing her hair.The phone rang several times until Lisa’s husband picked up the phone. Diana spoke. “Can I speak to Lisa for a minute?”He answered saying. “Just a minute and I’ll get her on the phone.”Diana could hear the k**s in the back as she waited for her sister to come to the phone.Lisa finally answered. “Hi Diana, do you still have Tony in bed with you?” She replied back. “No, I’m on my way to the airport to pickup Joe and just wanted to tell you I found my birth control pills this morning.”Lisa sarcastically replied back saying. “Oh good, I was worried about how you were going to explain a little black baby to the family.”Diana replied. “It isn’t funny at all, I thought you would be happy for me and more understanding about this whole thing. After all, you weren’t such a nice little housewife yourself last night were you?”Lisa giggled and said. “The only thing I did wrong last night was to take David’s big black cock out for a little peek last night. I didn’t even try it out for size.” She than added. “What did you do with Tony last night? Did you try out Tony’s cock last night?”Diana hesitated before answering her sister. “Don’t worry Lisa. You’ll get your chance with David next Friday. Have you told your husband your going out with me?”Lisa responded. “Yes, I told him I was spending the weekend with you and he had to watch the k**s.”Diana said. “I’m running late picking up Joe at the airport so I’ll have to let you go.” Diana continued. “I’ll talk to you later about next Friday.” She hung up the phone wondering what she was going to tell Joe was going on next Friday. None of this would have taken place if Joe hadn’t made the suggestion a few weeks ago about becoming a cuckold. In addition the fact that Tony had been so nice and understanding on their first meeting had changed her whole outlook on the situation. Diana had to admit to herself that she enjoyed getting some of Tony’s black cock on the side.Joe was waiting for her near the front entrance of the terminal and he looked excited to see her and told her all about his trip on the drive home. Once they were back home, Diana helped him unpack his things and took the suitcase into the closet when she felt her husbands arms slid around her waist from behind and he gave her a kiss on the neck. She turned around while putting her arms around him and gave him a passionate kiss on the lips and said that she was glad he was back home.Joe kissed her back and walked over to the dresser reaching for a wrapped package he had unpacked from his suit case and noticed the additional video tape sitting on the dresser. Joe picked up the tape and read the label. The label said. “This video tape was made especially for Diana’s husband.”Joe was standing their holding the video tape in his hand and looking over at his wife with a puzzled look on his face and said. “I don’t remember this video tape being here when I left.” Diana looked a little stunned and said. “I forgot to put that away, I was just marking some old video tapes we had around the house while you were gone.”He placed it back on the dresser and said. “I’ll take a look at the tape a little later. Right now I want you to open your present I bought you.”Joe handed his wife the little pink wrapped package and gave her another kiss. Diana started to unwrap the little package finding a little booklet and jewelry case. Joe said. “Open the little jewelry case first, than you can read the booklet later.”She opened the little case and there was a little diamond on a small chain inside the case. Joe smiled over at his wife and said. “It’s a one carat diamond ankle bracelet, let me put it on your ankle for you.”She replied. “It’s absolutely beautiful darling.” Joe reached over to take the little bracelet out of her hand and she kissed him again as he got close and said. “I love you very much darling.”Diana stepped back toward the bed and sat on the edge raising her leg as her husband kneeled down placing her foot on his knee so he could free his hands to place the bracelet on her ankle. She glanced at the booklet that came with the package while Joe snapped the little hook in place and the title read. My complete handbook for the wife to become successful at cuckolding your husband and opened the book to a page that Joe had marked with a book mark.Diana was trembling as her thoughts drifted back a few weeks to the first night she had met Tony. She remembered how pleased her husband was that night he watched her fuck another man for the very first time. He was not only pleased but seemed to get sexually excited watching her fuck Tony that night.She was about to read over the pages Joe had marked when he raised up and kissed her on the lips and said. “I want you to read the paragraph in this book that will tell you the reason I bought an ankle bracelet for you instead a diamond neckless.”Joe helped her open the book and pointed at the paragraph he was preferring too in the book he wanted his wife to read. Diana kissed her husband again and thanked him for the bracelet and started to read the book.A symbol that married women wears when they want to advertise that they are available for sexual relations with other men and that is the ankle bracelet. The meaning of a married woman who wears both her wedding ring and the ankle bracelet is advertising to men who are aware of the cuckolding lifestyle that she practices the cuckold lifestyle. The symbolism originated in the swinger community but has since been adopted by women that practice cuckolding. To those couples that know the meaning of this symbolism, it can make the experience of going out in public, with the anklet on display, more exciting experience.Joe took his hand and placed it under his wife’s chin tilting her head up until she was looking straight into his eye’s and said. “I didn’t buy this bracelet just for the reason you read in the book, I bought it for you because I love you very much and it excites me knowing your wearing it out in public with the thought that you are cuckolding me and I want everyone to know about it.”Joe kissed his wife on the lips again as he continued to say. “Honey, please take the time to read the book when you have time. I remember the night we met that guy Tony and I saw how excited you got that night when he fucked you and it gave me great sexual pleasure knowing you were doing it for us.” Diana started to say. “I need to tell you about something that happened this weekend.” Joe interrupted her by saying. “Honey, you can tell me later tonight, right now I want to take a shower and have a look at that video tape on the dresser.”Joe started to get undressed when he said to his wife. “Honey, I know this cuckolding thing is all my idea and I’m not going to tell you that you should fuck anyone unless you want to fuck the guy. I want you to take complete control and decide who, when and if you want to fuck another man.”Diana smiled back at her husband but didn’t say a word as she gave him another hug and a kiss before he walked into the shower and closed the door. The shower door opened and Joe said. ” Honey, come in and join me in the shower.” Thinking that this would be the perfect opportunity to tell Joe what she had done while he was gone, she quickly got out of her clothes to join her husband in the shower.Once she got in the stall, her husband put his arms around her and kissed her and said. “I love you for being understanding with me and would hope that cuckolding would enhance our relationship and our marriage.” Joe went on to say. “I remember the wonderful orgasms you had fucking a strange man that night and I knew instantly that you were turned on with the idea of me watching you getting fucked.”He than reached for the wash cloth soaping it up before placing it on his wife’s breasts and noticed the bit marks around them and said. ” Honey, your tits look as if they were bitten by something.” He noticed a few marks leading up to her shoulder and neck area while he gently rubbed her skin with the cloth. Joe said. “What are all these marks on your tits and neck from?”Diana said. “Honey, that’s what I wanted to tell you about before you interrupted me and said you were taking a shower.” Joe looked at her with a confused look on his face and said. “Tell me what happened while I was gone.” Diana looked in his eye’s and said. “I was with Tony while you were gone on your trip.”Joe starred into her eye’s and said. “Did you fuck him while I was gone?” Her reply. “I think you better look at that video tape on the dresser and it will explain everything.”Diana grabbed her husband by the arms and said. “I do love you very much and I’m very sorry for what happened this weekend and didn’t mean to hurt you.” She waited şişli escort for a response from her husband as he put his hands on her waist and replied. “I gave you my permission to fuck other men, so why would you think it would hurt me.” Joe went on to say. “I’m so happy that you took it on you’re on to see this man yourself, it shows’ that you enjoyed getting fucked by him and couldn’t wait to see him again.”She was sort of stunned by her husband’s words but not surprised now that he had put everything out in the open as to what he wanted her to do to him. She definitely felt a need to read that entire book over to maybe help her understand her husbands thought a little better.They hugged each other and kissed again as Diana felt a bit of relief now that her husband knew about her and Tony. His hand’s hand circled around to cup her ass as he continued to kiss her passionately as the shower water hit their faces. Joe broke the kiss and said. “Did you get fucked really hard with that black cock?” She responded my saying. “Yes honey, he fucked me all weekend.” She looked in his eye’s and said. “My pussy feels stretched out and gaped open right now.” She placed his hand on the mound of her pussy so he could run his fingers inside and feel for himself.Joe gently inserted his index finger inside his wife’s pussy as he gave her another kiss on the lips. Joe looked into his wife’s eye’s and said.”Are you planning on fucking him again soon?”Diana ran her hand down to Joe’s cock and wrapped her tiny fingers around his cock and gave it a squeeze as she kissed him back and said. “We have another date setup for next weekend. I’ll tell you more about it later.”Diana slowly lowered herself until she was kneeing and lovingly took his cock in her mouth and started to suck on him with the water splashing in her face. Joe moaned with pleasure as he placed his hands on the back of her head while she slowly licked the sides of his cock. He reached down with both of his hands to play with her nipples as she continued to suck his cock. Joe was rocking his hips now as his cock began to swell from the intense stimulation she was giving him with her tongue.She took one hand and brought it up until she was cupping Joe’s balls and gave them a squeeze while looking up in his face to see the pleasure he was experiencing. Diana knew her husband was about ready to cum inside her mouth and looked up at him and said. “I want you to cum inside my mouth for me darling.”He gave out another loud moan as his wife continued to work furiously to make him cum. Than without any warning, he let out a loud moan and while shooting his cum deep down his wife’s throat as she worked her tongue around the underside of his cock trying to milk every last drop of cum from his cock.Diana stood back up giving her husband a passionate kiss running her tongue inside his mouth and giving him a taste of his own cum. They held each other for several seconds before turning off the water and heading out to dry off.Joe took the towel helping his wife dry off and gave her another kiss on the lips and said. “That was a wonder blow job you gave me in the shower.” Than he reached over on the bed and picked up the book he had bought and said. “Why don’t you look this over while I watch the tape in the family room?”Diana grabbed her husband by the arms and said. “I want you to know that I made that tape with Tony this weekend so you won’t be shocked or surprised when you see it.” Joe placed the book in her hand and walked out of the room carrying the video tape with him. Diana knew her husband would be in the other room for a while watching her get fucked by Tony so she fluffed up the pillows on the bed and laid down and started to read though some of the pages. Flipping over to the first page, she read that the book was dedicated to female domination and male submission within a loving relationship.She started to quickly flip the pages reading the headings of each chapter and discovered the book went into every aspect of female domination over their partner. Diana started to focus on a few of the subjects including, cuckolding, humiliation, denial, teasing. Even had a chapter devoted to extreme fetishes including how to turn your husband into a sissy cuckold using hormones.Diana’s hands started to shake as she read some of the things the book covered and thought that some of it went too far for her and Joe but decided she would take the time to read it through and maybe learn exactly what her husband was interested for her to do with him. She notices an illustration of a penis locked in a plastic cage with a curve called a CB3000. She started to read the paragraph under the illustration.The penis can be locked in the CB3000 with a small padlock and as you can see it has a curve that can make it extremely painful when trying to achieve an erection. Her man will know his place and will only be allowed an orgasm if and when she so pleases him do so.Diana started to read on about this subject when she noticed that there were marks with a pen on this paragraph. Joe must have marked off this chapter for a reason and this made her want to read on more.”The wife is dead set against allowing her husband a pleasurable orgasm, she may want to do prostrate milking on him on a monthly basis. Many dominant women do this to their husbands so to clean out their plumping without allowing then the pleasure of an orgasm. The best way to do a prostate orgasm is for her to insert a latex-gloved finger in her husband’s anus and to find the prostrate gland and to massage it. Done correctly, this will cause her husband to release built up semen out of the penis. It is like an orgasm, only it is not intense. The semen will flow out in a long stream instead of shooting out like during an orgasm not giving the husband any pleasure.”Diana continued to read the book. “If the wife really wants to deny her husband of any pleasure, she can numb his penis and balls with an ice pack before she preforms the prostate milking.” Diana’s hands were shaking even more as she read through this book. She found this chapter very stimulating and would have to visit the local adult toy store and get one of those CB3000Diana’s pussy was getting wet reading the book when she looked up and saw Joe standing in the doorway starring at her. She closed the book and said. “Did you watch the video tape of me getting fucked?”Joe started to walk toward the bed and sat down next to his wife and said. “I didn’t know your lover didn’t want me to touch your pussy without asking him for permission. You can tell him I didn’t watch the tape until after I touched you in the shower.”She wasn’t sure how she should respond to her husband’s words but thought about the book he gave her and decided to experiment with him.”Don’t worry about what Tony said in that video tape, I’ll decide if and when you can touch my pussy from now on.” She continued speaking while looking straight into his eye’s watching for his reactions. “Your not going to be allowed to fuck me any longer unless I give you permission, do you understand?”Joe shook his head that he understood what his wife had just said to him when she hesitantly corrected him by saying. “Tell me that you understand what I just told you.” Joe looked at his wife and said. “Yes I understand I can no longer fuck you unless you give me permission.” Diana hesitated than added. “I don’t want you to see you jacking off unless I give you permission from now on. Do you understand?”Joe replied to his wife and said. “Yes, I understand I’m not allowed to cum unless you give me permission.”Diana motioned for her husband to lean forward and she gave him a hug and said she loved him before giving him a passionate kiss on the lips. Joe responded by wrapping his arms around his wife who was still laying naked in the bed.He continued to kiss his wife’s lips sending his tongue deep inside her mouth until she broke the kiss and said. “Was everything the way you wanted it?”Joe looked in her eye’s and gave her another kiss and said. “You’re a wonderful wife and I love you.”He held her tight in his arms as she rubbed his back with her hands until moving one hand around to take his cock and gave it a little squeeze. Diana said. “I want you to get dressed. We’re going shopping for a new toy.”Diana drove her husband across town to a local adult novelty shop and handed him a note to take into the clerk. Daian said. “This is the item I want you to buy for us, tell the clerk to make sure you get a small padlock to go with it.” Joe was excited and confused as he made his way into the little shop.Joe didn’t return for almost twenty minutes but he was carrying a small bag in his hand when he entered the car. Diana asked. “Did you buy the item I had listed on the note?” Joe smiled over at his wife and shook his head. Neither one of them spoke on the trip back home but when they entered the house, Diana asked to take the bag.She walked into the bedroom and several minutes went by before she called her husband into the room. Once Joe was in the bedroom, he found Diana sitting on the bed waiting for him with the item in her hand. “I want you to pull your pants down for me right now and step in front of me.”Joe did exactly what he was told as he slowly walked to where his wife was sitting on the bed and stood in front of her waiting to see what she was going to do next. Diana brought the CB3000 from behind her back and brought it up next to her husband’s cock.She said. “Just what I thought, we’re going to have to do something about your erection before we get this on you.”Reaching over to the night stand, Diana grabbed a glass of water she had sat there with ice inside the glass. Bringing the glass up next to his cock, she looked at her husband and said. “I want you to dip your cock inside this glass of water and keep it in there until your cock shrinks so I can get this thing on you.”As Diana moved the glass of ice water under his cock, Joe placed the head inside the glass until it touched the water. Joe slowly moved his cock inside until he couldn’t go any further and waited as the cold water did its job on his cock. Diana placed her hand inside the glass pulling an ice cube out and placing it on Joe’s balls. She kept the palm of her hand pressed against him while his cock slowly started to shrink.Diana said. “Hold the glass of water for me so I can get this thing ready to go on your cock.” Joe did exactly what his wife had asked him to do as they waited for his cock to shrink down in size. Diana started to work open the chastity device as she prepared to capture his cock inside. Joe stood there patiently as his wife motioned for him to lower the glass and she worked as fast as she could to get the device in place on his cock. Once she had it on him, she reached around her back and grabbed a hold of the little padlock and snapped it in place.Diana said. “Now your cock is going to be locked in this chastity device as long as I keep it on you and you won’t be able to have an orgasm unless I let you.” Joe looked in his wife’s eye’s as she finished her sentence and watched as she ran her hand along the outer area of the cage and down to his balls and asked him. “How does it feel, it looks like your balls are stretched with this on you?”Joe answered his wife and said. “They feel like they are stretched but it doesn’t hurt, just a little uncomfortable right now.”Diana stood up next to her husband and gave him a kiss and said. “Now I want to tell you what I have planned for this coming Friday with Tony.” Joe looked at his wife wondering what she was going to say to him.She continued. “Tony will be coming over this weekend and he is going to stay here in this bedroom with me at night and your going to sleep in one of the other rooms.” Diana than said. “My sister will be coming over this weekend too and will be bringing a friend with her and your not to say anything to her husband.”Joe looked at his wife as if he couldn’t believe she was doing this to him and waited for her to continue. Diana stepped close to Joe and grabbed a hold of his hands and placed them on her hips and said. “Reach around and take hold my ass with your hands for me.”Joe did as he was told as he slowly moved his hands around until the palms of his hands were cupping her cheeks and gave them a squeeze. She stood watching his expression as she than said. “Now kneel down on the floor and put your nose up to my crotch.” As Joe lowered to the floor and put his nose into his wife’s crotch, she moved forward rubbing his nose into her shorts and said. “This is as close to my pussy as your going to get for a while.”Diana stepped back from her husband and said. “Now I want you to take a nap after that long trip and relax while I finish reading this book.” Joe got onto the bed and laid down as his wife left the room with the little book in her hand.She had a sigh of relief as she lay on the sofa thinking about what she had just done with her husband. Diana knew that he was turned on by all these and she was trying to fulfill his fantasy along with her new desire to fuck Tony. Diana laid her head back on the pillow and opened the book to the first chapter and started to read.The week went by quite fast and it was Friday morning and the sixth day that Joe was wearing his new chastity device without any complaints. She knew it must have been ruff wearing that thing all week and made the decision to keep it on him until he begs her to take it off. After all, this is exactly what he had been asking for the past few weeks and now she was fulfilling his wishes. She had emailed Tony on Monday and told him what she had done and he seemed to want to play along with the idea and help her cuckold her husband. Everything was still planed for Friday night except she told Tony to pack enough clothes for the weekend. Diana had called her sister and told her to do the same but she already had every intension of doing so anyway.Diana finished reading the book on domination and had been giving every chapter a great deal of thought on things she could do with Joe. She still couldn’t believe she was going through with many of these things but had to admit it was sexually stimulating for both of them. The only other thought that made her worry was the fact that she had forgot to take her birth control pills the last three mornings in a row.She had remembered reading a chapter in the book dealing with humiliation and playing little mind games with your husband and wondered if she could get Joe to be responsible to make sure she took her birth control pill each morning. This would be a way to humiliate him as it would be his responsibility to make sure I didn’t get pregnant fucking Tony. She would have to make a list of things she wanted him to do around the house.Later that afternoon, Diana was getting ready for her date with Tony that evening when her husband walked through the door. Diana walked over and kissed him on the lips and asked him how his day at work had gone.Joe replied. “I couldn’t wait until I got home this afternoon, I’ve been excited thinking about Tony coming here tonight.”Diana looked at her husband with a smile and told him to wait in the bedroom while she retrieved something from the kitchen. She came back into the bedroom holding the packet of birth control pills and gave them to her husband.Diana said. “One of your jobs from now on is to make sure that I get one of these little pills each morning to prevent me from getting pregnant by Tony.” Diana handed the small packet to her husband and said. “Now you make sure you put those in a safe place where you can find them each morning and don’t forget to give them to me each day.”She watched as her husband put the pills in the top drawer of his dresser and walked back to where she was standing naked. She said. “I have another job I want you to do for me whenever I ask and that’s to keep my pussy shaved nice and smooth for Tony the way he likes it.” She watched the expression on her husbands face as he went to fetch the shaver out of the bathroom.She lay down on the bed and said. “I want you to strip your clothes off and shave me while I can see your cock in its little cage.” Joe didn’t waste anytime slipping out of his suite and stood there naked with the chastity cage around his cock. With its curve, it kept him from obtaining an erection. Diana spread her legs apart and moved her ass into position to give her husband enough room to use the shaver.Joe lay on the bed next to his wife and was about to touch her thigh when she said. “I don’t want you to touch me unless I give you permission.” Joe waited for his wife to give him instructions before he made another move. “I want you to gently take the shaver and start on my pussy mound and as I spread my legs, you can work on my inner thighs.”Joe started the shaver and began working it over his wife’s pussy being as careful as he could while she lay back enjoying the pampering she was receiving.It took Joe about 10 minutes to complete the job when Diana raised her head and said. “I’m going to spread my legs far apart and I want you to take your tongue and gently run it all around my pussy very slowly and make sure you don’t feel any stubbles with it.”Joe got down between his wife’s legs and started to touch her mound with his tongue circling around feeling for any stubbles he may have missed. She raised her head again and said. “Make sure you check around my thighs and than I want you to run your tongue across my slit just once, do you understand?”Joe couldn’t speak with his tongue hanging out of his mouth so he just nodded his head that he understood. Once he had completely checked her pussy, Diana than gave him another order. “I want you to get a wash cloth with soap and wash off my pussy so I’ll be really clean for Tony to fuck me tonight.” He did exactly that as he washes all around his wife’s pussy making sure there was no loose hair than told her he had finished.Diana raised herself until she was sitting up on the bed and started to massage her tits while Joe looked on. She said. “Honey. The little bit marks are almost gone that Tony left last weekend.” She smiled at her husband and said. “I bet he’s going to bit them again tonight and they’ll be all red in the morning.”Diana told her husband to lie on the bed next to her so she could see his cock. Once Joe was on the bed, Diana took her hands and spread his legs apart until his cock and balls were in plain view.She took hold of his cock cage and lifted it up until his balls were exposed while lowering her head to suck them into her mouth. Joe jumped as he felt his wife suck each of his testicles into her mouth. She than moved her mouth over to the head of his penis and dipped her tongue between the plastic bars holding it in place causing Joe to moan with delight. She kept hold of his balls in her hand as she kissed her way up his belly and flicked her tongue over his nipples causing them to get hard.Diana than got off the bed and said. “Your going to have to wait until another day, I’m saving my energy for Tony tonight.” She looked at her husband still laying naked on the bed and said. “I’ve got to start getting dressed, come see the new dress I bought for Tony.”Joe got up and followed his wife toward the close while she pulled out a red dress that didn’t look much larger than a postage stamp. She held it up to her body and it barely covered her large tits and revealed m of her upper thighs. She said. “Do you think Tony will like it?”Joe responded by saying. “Yes, he’s going to think you look hot in it tonight.” He helped her put the dress on stretching it over her head and pulling the hem down as far as it would go. When Diana turned around to face him, he saw that most of her large tits were exposed. Joe couldn’t help but think of the way his wife had changed over the past few weeks. She wouldn’t have worn anything this revealing in the past.Diana walked across the room and sat on the edge of the bed and slipped on a new pair of red spike heels that matched the dress. She motioned for her husband to help her fasten the clasps on each shoe as she held her leg out to give him better access to her feet. Diana smiled at her husband and said. “You better get dressed while I do my makeup.”Joe slipped his undershorts up and around his new cock cage as Diana applied her makeup in front of the mirror. Standing in the middle of the bedroom floor, Joe watched his beautiful wife in front of the mirror getting ready for her black lover Tony. Joe could feel his cock straining against the plastic cock cage which kept him from retaining a straight erection as his eye’s traveled up his wife’s shapely legs to the curve of her little ass as she bent forward to apply her lipstick.The hem of the dress barely covered her ass and her entire back was exposed with only the thin spaghetti straps holding it up in place. Joe walked up behind his wife and put his arms around her and said. “Honey. You look absolutely stunning tonight.”Diana twisted around taking a hold of her husbands shoulders and gave him a little peck on the cheek being careful not to smear her lipstick and said. “Tell me how it feels having your little cock locked up in that thing?” Joe answered her and said. “It’s a little tight. I just have to get use to wearing it.” Than he kissed her back as he held her tight and said. “Thank you for following through with my fantasy. I love you very much for being so understanding.” Diana smiled back at her husband as she held his arms and said. “I love you very much too, are you sure you want me to see Tony tonight?”Joe gave her another kiss on the cheek and said. “Yes darling, I want you to enjoy yourself this evening.” Diana gave him another hug before she turned around and finished applying her makeup. Lisa was the first to arrive that evening as Joe greeted her at the door starring at the dress she had picked out to wear for the night. Lisa had on a black dress that almost matched her sisters in style with matching black spike heels. The women could pass as twins he both thought as he watched her walk across the room and sat down on the sofa.Diana walked out of the bedroom starring at her sister and said. “You look ready to fuck tonight, are you sure you want to go through with this date tonight?”Giving her sister the same look and said. “Aren’t we being a little bold tonight, especially with your husband right in front of you?”Diana stood in front of her sister and said. “Joe gave me his complete blessing tonight, how about your husband?” Lisa giggled as she said. “Nope, he thinks I’m just spending the evening with you away from the k**s tonight.”Diana motioned for her husband Joe to come back into the room and said. “I want you to see what I bought Joe to wear for me from now on.” Diana reached down to unhook his belt and pull down the zipper of her husband’s pants than gave his underwear a little tug until his cock was exposed inside its little chastity device.”Joe will be wearing this from now on or until I take it off him.” She continued. “He’s not going to be allowed to have an orgasm unless I give him permission from now on.”Lisa leaned forward to get a better look at the little device and said. “You’re more wicked than I could have ever imagined.”Diana answered back saying. “You don’t understand, Joe wants to wear this thing for me and has given me his full consent to fuck another man.”Lisa giggled and said. “Maybe I need to get one of those things for my husband.” Diana laughed and said. “I’ll fill you in on all the details while we are out with the men tonight.”Joe looked a little stunned hearing his wife’s words about going out with the men and said. “Aren’t you going to stay here with Tony tonight so I can see him fuck you?”Diana grabbed a hold of her husband’s cock giving it a playful squeeze and said. “Don’t worry. We’re only going out for a few drinks and dinner and maybe a little dancing. We’ll be home later tonight so you can see everything.” Diana than said. “Now pull your pants back up before the guys get here, I want to tell Tony all about your chastity while we are out tonight.”Diana stepped next to her sister sitting on the sofa and leaned over and whispered something in her ear and both women started to laugh as Lisa stood up hiking her dress up to expose her pussy mound. She had shaved her pussy clean just as Joe had done to Diana late this afternoon. Diana hiked up her own skirt and said. “We really are sisters, aren’t we?” Both women laughed as they looked at Joe pulling his pants up over his hips.Just than the sound of the doorbell rang and Diana walked over to open the door as Tony stepped inside the room. Tony walked in first grabbing Diana around the waist and pulled her toward him until her tits pressed into his body and gave her a passionate open mouth kiss while her husband and Lisa looked on.David walked through the doorway with a long stem red rose in his hand looking around for Lisa and once he spotted her sitting on the sofa, walked over and leaned down and kissed her on the lips while handing her the rose. Lisa responded more buy putting one of her arms around David’s neck and pulling him down closer to continue the kiss as the others looked on.Diana walked toward her sister taking the rose out of her hand, putting it to her nose and smelled as Lisa continued to kiss David. “You better get ready to go while I put this in water, we’re going to be late for our dinner reservations.”Lisa stood up as David took her in his arms giving her another passionate kiss while cupping her firm ass cheeks in his large black hands. Lisa rubbed her body up against the big guy as David pulled her toward him.Joe was standing in the middle of the room watching his sister-in-law being kissed and feeling his cock as it stranded against the chastity cage his wife had put on him. It kept his cock from attaining an erection as he kept a close watch on the couple in front of him.Diana walked over toward the doorway where Tony was waiting and put her arms around him and gave him a kiss on the lips. Tony broke the kiss and starred down at her cleavage and said. “You look good enough to eat.” He than moved his hand up too gently massage her tits through the thin material of the dress as she called her husband over.Joe walked over toward his lovely wife as she stood there in Tony’s arms getting her boobs massaged and waited to hear what his wife wanted to say.Diana said. “Move closer Joe and let me feel your dick.” Joe walked up to his wife as she placed her hand on his crotch and gently massaged the area around his cock making sure the CB-3000 was in place. Joe felt his wife’s hand on his cock as he carefully watched Tony flicking her nipple through the thin dress.Diana continued. “I want you to make yourself something to eat while we are gone and you better not try and take this thing off while I’m out tonight.” Diana leaned over and kissed her husband on the lips and giving his crotch another gentle squeeze before heading out the front door with Tony. Lisa and David followed and shut the door behind them leaving Joe standing there by himself as he listened to the car start up and pull away from the house.Joe walked into the kitchen feeling frustrated with the tight CB-3000 on his cock. He stood by the counter and noticed his wife’s birth control pills sitting by the sink. He would have to remember to make sure she took those from now on.Later that evening Joe was laying on their bed naked thinking about his wife out with Tony tonight. Joe looked down at his confined cock wondering if he did the right thing by introducing his wife to this type of lifestyle. Joe had watched the changes that took place with his wife over the past few weeks with Tony. Diana was doing exactly what he had wanted from the very beginning and now he was wondering if things would go too far.Joe was starting to feel a little jealous thinking about his wife out with her black lover tonight. How could he feel jealous when this was his idea in the first place. Joe starred up at the ceiling with different thoughts going through his head as he fell asleep.Out at the club, Diana sat at the table starring across at her sister being kissed by David as Tony’s hand rested on her thigh under the table. Her head was spinning around from the amount of liquor she had consumed over the last few hours. She had her left hand resting on his hand as he gently massaged her thigh.Tony leaned over and gently kissed her on her cheek as he slowly moved his head back flickering his tongue across her check until it came in contact with her ear. Tony gently inserted his wet tongue inside giving her a chill as she giggled and turned her face to kiss him.Tony drank twice as much as her and was feeling very good as he took a hold of her left hand feeling the large diamond on her hand and said. “You’re with me tonight, not your husband. Why don’t you take these rings off for me tonight?”In spite of being so drunk, Diana felt surprised hearing what Tony just said to her about her wedding rings. When she turned to face him and before she could get a word out, he leaned forward and locked his lips to hers running his tongue deep inside her mouth. She returned the kiss as they stayed locked in a passionate kiss for several minutes.Once Tony broke the kiss, he reached down with both of his hands and took hold of her rings and started to gently tug them off her ring finger. Diana was weak from the drinks but managed to say. “Tony, those are my wedding rings and I love my husband very much.”Tony cut her off as he looked directly into her eye’s and said. “Your husband was the one that suggested for you to find a lover wasn’t he?” Diana starred into his eye’s as he continued to speak. “You went out and followed his advice and found me. I want to feel as if you’re my woman while your out with me from now on.”Tony stood up with her rings in his hand and slipped them inside his pants pocket and got back down and put his arm around her and pulled her tight kissing her passionately before she had a chance to speak.The waitress walked up to the table and Tony broke the kiss long enough to tell her. “Give everyone a new round of drinks only make it a double this time.” Tony gave her another peck on the lips as he said. “I want to be ready for the show I’m going to give your husband tonight.”Diana spoke and said. “Can I have my wedding rings back? I wouldn’t want you to lose them.”Tony kissed her again and said. “Don’t worry about your rings. I’ll give them to your husband tonight.” She thought about how her husband was going to feel when Tony hands him her wedding rings.Diana said. “Can you give them to me and I’ll hold them in my purse until we get to my house?” Tony just chuckled and bent over and kissed her on the lips again forcing his tongue back into her mouth without giving her an answer.Over on the other side of the table, Lisa was getting her pussy fingered under the table by David as they were also locked in a hot passionate kiss. Neither couple were paying much attention to what was going on across from the other as the new drinks arrived without much attention from anyone.Tony was the first person to speak as he broke the kiss and said. “We better drink up and get back to the house, its getting late.” Than he grabbed his drink and instead of drinking it himself, he put the glass to Diana’s lips and kept it tilted up until she had drank all of its contents.They shared the second glass before getting up and leaving the club for the drive back to Diana’s house where her husband was sound asleep.Tony drove back to the house which couldn’t have been more than a couple miles. Everyone was singing and laughing during the short drive back to the house. They had consumed so much liquor tonight that the woman couldn’t even stand without falling over. Tony pulled into the driveway and Diana pulled the garage door opener from out of her purse and gave the little button a click and told Tony to drive inside the garage.Once the car was shut off, Diana pushed the button closing the door as Tony reached over and pulled her close to him giving her another hot passionate kiss. Diana returned the kiss barely able to see straight from all of the liquor she had consumed over the past few hours. She could hardly speak but when Tony broke the kiss she looked up at him and said. “I wish you would be nice enough to give my wedding rings back before Joe finds’ them missing.”Tony gave her another kiss and smiled at her as he reached up to fondle her tits through the thin material of her dress and said. “All in due time, I have different plans for them tonight.”He got out of the car and walked around to help Diana to her feet. She could hardly stand by herself let alone could she walk by herself as Tony held onto her as the walked toward the door of the house. Lisa wasn’t in much better shape as David carried her inside the house right behind his brother.Tony helped Diana over to the sofa as he watched his brother carry Lisa into the guests’ bedroom and shut the door. Tony left her sitting there and walked into the kitchen looking for a glass and some more liquor. Looking through the cabinets, he found a bottle of whisky and some glasses and noticed a packet of birth control pills sitting on the counter. Tony sat the bottle back down and grabbed the packet and noticed Diana’s name across the cover. He opened the packet and seen that several of the pills were gone.Tony chuckled to himself as he started to punch out the other pills until every one of them except two were gone and put them into the sink and turned on the water until the little pills disappeared down the drain. Tony wasn’t thinking in a clear state of mind with all of the liquor he had consumed that night. It wasn’t his intension to hurt Diana at all. The only thought going through his head at the time was to teach her husband a lesson.Tony placed the packet back on the counter and grabbed the bottle and glasses and went back into the living room. Diana was half asleep when he returned and he had to help her hold her glass while he poured her drink and helped her drink its contents before placing the glasses down on the end table.Tony wrapped one arm around her as he reached up with his other hand and slid her dress down to expose her tits as he started to fondle them as he kissed her on the lips. Tony lowered his head and sucked one of her tits into his mouth as Diana reached around pulling his head into her chest and moaned.He reached down and lifted her ass off the sofa and pulled her dress up over her hips until she was sitting next to him completely naked except for the spike heels which he decided to leave on her for the moment. He than reached under her ass with one hand and put his other arm around her shoulders and picked her up and carried her into the master bedroom. Tony fumbled with the door until it opened and switched on the light while holding Diana.The first thing he saw when the light came on was her husband Joe naked on the bed still sound asleep. Tony carried her over to the bed and gently laid her down resting her head on the pillow and moved himself down toward the end of the bed. He kicked off his shoes and started to unbuckle his pants and let them fall to the floor. Next came the shirt and the jockey shorts and than he stood there naked watching Diana stroking her pussy.Tony picked his pants back up from the floor and reached inside the pocket and pulled the diamond engagement ring along with the wedding band and walked around to the other side of the bed and pushed on Joe’s shoulder waking him up. Joe looked a little startled as he looked up at Tony standing on the side of the bed.Tony held out his hand to Joe and gave him his wife’s wedding rings and chuckled. “I want you to keep these rings put away every time I’m here fucking your wife from now on.” Joe looked a little puzzled from listening to Tony speak, partly from just waking up but he laid there in total disbelief at the words he had just herd coming from this large black man standing on the side of the bed.Tony continued. “Now, I would like you to get up out of the bed and give me some room to fuck your wife.” Joe hesitated a few seconds before raising himself off the bed and stood up along side Tony. “You can stand over there and watch me fuck your wife, you better pull up the chair because this is going to take awhile.” Tony laughed as he watched Joe walk and get the chair from the corner of the room and pull it next to the end of the bed and sat down.Tony glanced down at the cock cage that Diana had placed on her husband early in the day and laughed. “It looks like your wife took care of your cock for you.” Chuckling again, he leaned down to take a close look at the cage with its tiny lock and noticed how it curved keeping Joe from attaining a straight erection. “I’m going to have to make sure I get the key for that lock before I leave her tomorrow.”Diana was still on the bed in her own little world from all the liquor, fingering her pussy with her legs spread out now. She started to tilt her head looking for Tony now as the faint sounds of her finger probing her pussy filled the room. Diana was moaning now and she picked up a faster pace with her finger and started to mumble some words. “My pussy is so hot and it needs to be fucked by your big black cock.”Tony motioned for Joe to get up and walk around to the side of the bed next to his wife. “Take a hold of your wife’s hand and place it on your caged cock for me.” Joe did exactly what he was told and gently placed her hand on the cold plastic that confined his cock. Diana moved her fingers around until they were circled around the plastic cage and stated to giggle. She kept massaging the cage moving her fingers down to Joe’s testicles than moved her hand away from her husband.Diana said. “Joe, I want you to go out and find Tony so he can fuck my pussy now.” Tony was still standing on the other side of the bed but she was so much out of it that she didn’t even notice him standing there. Tony’s cock was standing straight out with a massive hard-on just waiting for Diana to beg him to be fucked.Tony walked around and stood next to Joe and whispered in his ear. “I want you to knee down on the end of the bed and start licking your wife’s pussy until she begs to be fucked by me.”Joe did what he was told and got down on the bed and spread his wife’s legs while Tony moved up along the side the bed and grabbed Diana’s arm and brought her hand up to his cock.She started to wrap her fingers around his massive cock as Joe dipped his tongue between her pussy lips and started to lick around her clitoris making her body arch up when it made contact. She was moaning now as she stroked the big cock moving her hand around feeling the large veins protruding out around its girth.Diana said. “Stop teasing me and fuck me with your big cock before I go out of my mind.” Tony reached down and massaged her tits than moving his hand down to rest on her belly just above Joe’s open mouth on her pussy.Tony said. “Suck my cock for me while your husband works on that pussy.” Diana slid her arm around Tony’s leg until the palm of her hand rested on his ass and pulled herself closer until her mouth engulfed the head of his cock. She moaned as she tasted the warmth of his cock inside her mouth.She began to take more of the massive cock inside her mouth as Tony leaned forward giving her better access to his cock. She raised her head and worked more of the cock inside her mouth until it rested against the back of her throat.She pulled it back out only to pull herself back up until more of his giant cock entered her mouth. She didn’t stop this time until her nose touched his pubic hair and Tony knew it was in her throat because he could feel her throat muscles on the head of his cock. He was standing as still as he could as she worked his as much of his cock inside her mouth without choking. She had pulled it back out only do move forward and again. Diana repeated the action several times as her husband worked on her pussy.Her legs started to quiver as she grabbed a hold of Joe’s head and pushed him deeper into her pussy. Tony said. “Move your mouth away from her pussy before she starts to cum, I want to sink my cock inside her and make her cum myself.”Joe waited a few more seconds until he moved up and out of the way as Tony motioned for him to get back in the chair. Tony moved around and got on the bed between her legs and placed the head of his cock at the entrance of her pussy while holding her legs up over his shoulders. He reached down and grabbed hold of his cock and started to move the giant mushroom head up and down the slit of her pussy.Diana’s legs were still quivering as he teased her pussy with his cock, pulling back a few seconds at a time until her finally asked her what she wanted. “I need your big black cock inside of me now.” Tony laughed. “You want to unlock your husband and let him fuck you instead of me tonight?”She replied. “No, keep him locked up and fuck me with your big cock. I want to feel you inside me tonight.”She was trying to reach down and pull him inside her but Tony kept moving her hands away making her frustrated. Diana said. “Please Tony, I need you inside me tonight. Every night.”Tony asked. “Tell me exactly what you want me to do to you tonight?” Diana was getting more frustrated as she bucked her hips around trying to lodge more of his cock inside her.Diana responed. “I want you to fuck me all night long with your big black cock.”Tony felt she had enough teasing and moved himself up until he could gently force more of his cock inside her pussy. Diana’s hands were on him now, she had one hand down in between her legs where she could feel his cock as it slid inside her tight pussy and the other hand rested on his thigh trying to pull more of him inside her.

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