A hot evening

A hot evening
Tom was out walking on one of his favourite river walks, it passed a well known tourist area with places for picnics, but being 7pm he didn’t think many people would be there even though it was still sunny and 24 degrees C.
He’d done the 7 mile loop and was just making his way back through the picnic area when someone shouted his name, he turned and realised it was Katiea 28 year old family friend, who Tom had always fancied but due to her being a family friend had never said anything.

Tom walked towards Katie and realised she was in daisy duke shorts and a hot white bikini top, showing off her body and ink beautifully. Tom asked her what she was doing, and Katie said she had been having a BBQ with friends and they had left, she was just packing up herself before going home, she asked Tom what he was doing walking on his own, he replied he was unwinding after a hard day in the office, but was now thinking he would have been better going to the pub as he still felt tense.

Katie asked if she could walk the last mile with him through the woods back to the cars, as she fancied a walk. Tom said you sure as if you go up the steps you’ll be at your car the short way? Katie replied it’s fine but will you carry my blanket for me, as i’ve got my bag? Tom being a gent said no problem (while thinking I’m going through the woods with Katie and her hot body, I hope i don’t get wood too).

They crossed the river and started to walk through the wood, Katie was slightly in front as they went up the small climb, Tom could not take his eyes off her sexy arse in from of him, and was day dreaming slightyl on pounding into it, Katie had looked over her shoulder and caught the look in Toms eye, she laughed and said you enyojing the view rude man? Tom blushed and stuttered pardon, I was concentrating honest. Katie laughed again and said yes on my arse. Well Tom just smiled and said well who wouldn’t admire that view!!!

They had now moved into the wooded area and it was silent other than the birds. Tom was nearly alongside Katie at this point, when she stumbled, But Tom caught her from falling fully, Katie said i’ve twisted my ankle, so Tom being ex forces and training in first aid, sat her on a log and knelt down to have a look at the ankle, as he was doing so Katie was laughing, so Tom asked what she was laughing at? she replied you on your knees at my feet. Tom said i’m just checking your ankle to make sure it’s ok. Katie said like you checked my arse too, you want me don’t you? Well Tom dear not look up at first, but then mubbled I’m old enough to be your dad. Katie laughed and said I’m old enough to know you fancy me and accept that so if you’ve check em out, stand up. As Tom stood up still blushing and looking slightly confused Katie reached forward, unzipped his walking shorts, and grabbed his slightly throbbing cock through his boxers and said it’s my turn to check you out now. Tom looked around and realised that Katie had stumbled into a slightly hiden area, so he asked did you really stummble? She smilled and said what do you think, as she took out his semi hard cock and started to wank it.

Tom was stood there not beleiving what was happening, when Katie leaned forward and started to suck hom better than he had ever been sucked before, he now in the world of i want to fuck you Katie as she deep throated him, with the help of him holding her head and pulling her hair. Katie then stood up and kissed him while she undid her Daisy Duke shorts, Tom slipped his hand inside and realised she had no knickers on, Katie whispered, I went swimming my bikini bottoms are in my bag. This made Tom finger fuck Katie hard his thumb on her clit, she was moaning and getting very wet. Then she popped her breasts out and said suck my nipples and make me cum, Tom was happy to ablige and when Katie started to explode she pushed his head hard onto her nipple telling him to bite it and make her cum.

When she had calmed down a little, Katie turned around and bent over, she said Tom bet you want to fuck this arse don’t you? Tom couldn’t believe his luck and mumble fuck yes. Katie reached under her pussy and rubbed her juices over her pert arsehole and said come on then fuck it deep. Tom not believing his lucknudged his cock against her arsehole and could feel it opening up, then he was inside and Katie was starting to push back and pant with pleasure. Toms balls were now banging right against her arse cheeks, Katie was shuddering with pleasure then she was shouting out Tom fuck my naughty arse make me cum, Tom reached around and went to cover Katies mouth, but she took his fingers into her mouth and started to suck on them as he pounded her arse. Then she started to explode and was cumming, Tom holding her up so she didn’t fall over. She took his cock out her arse, Tom couldn’t believe he hadn’t cum yet, but Katie spat on his cock wiped it, then started to wank it, saying cum in my dirty mouth Tom you know you want to. well Tom could feel hinself about to explode and said so, Katie winked and went straight in to deep through him, as Tom exploded he thought Katie would release him, but even though the cum was dripping down the sides of her mouth she just kept sucking and swallowing. Then licked his cum soaked balls clean. As she stood up, Tom could not resist another rub of her shaven pussy, and had Katie exploding in seconds, Tom then licked her juices from his fingers.

Once they had both got dressed they continued to walk back to the carpark, Tom said to Katie i’ve dreamt about doing that, Katie laughed and said so have I but we were family friends and I didn’t want to spoil that, Besides what would your wife say, to which Tom said I won’t be telling her.

As they got to the carpark Katie asked Tom what he was doing now, he said going home to empty house for another 3 hours, why you coming with me so I can eat your pussy? Katie leaned in and kissed him and said another time, when I can ride you all night big boy, but next time your buying me a meal before I fuck you.

Tom’s mind wondered and he said this is our seceret and Katie said yes it is, you can be my sugar daddy and I will be your fuck toy.

She then kissed him squeed his cock and climbed into her car, then shouted over too him, my arse is leaking your cum, my shorts are wet, before driving out of the carpark.

Tom drove home, not believing his luck, then his phone went as he pulled onto the drive, it said he had a message from Katie, he opened it to see a picture of her creampie arse and a message saying don’t forget dinner and all night next time x.

Tom messaged back he was free Friday and would book a table and a hotel in Leeds, Katie just sent a wink and yes big boy x

The dinner date is to follow

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