A HISTORY LESSONAs I approached the door, the voices and nervous chatter became clearer. My ex-wife, Barbara, who I’d divorced eight years ago, was giving her two cents on every issue. I heard the naive laughter of my youngest daughter, nineteen year old Tracy, and the protests of her sister, Kelly, the bride. Twenty-one years young and headstrong, when she had called to tell me she was getting married, my silence deceived the shock and disappointment, but I recovered enough to wish her the best of luck and a long happy life. The other voices I couldn’t make out and figured them to be bridesmaids, giddy in their happiness for another, perhaps looking forward to their day.Straightening my bowtie in a hallway mirror, I caught myself frowning at the discomfort of wearing this restricting tuxedo on my six foot frame. I looked at both sides of my short, dark hair and thankfully saw that none had gone grey since this forty-one year old man left the hotel. My face was hardened with years of travel and gigging in smoky bars and boozy nightclubs. And as I studied the eyes of this man, I reflected on the life that got me here. I met Barbara when we were both too young to know any better, and she convinced this guitar player that we could have the world. She was a college graduate with a steady job and I was hopping around the country with forever adolescents. The daughters came early in the marriage, which kept us together about five years after we both knew it was over. She met a man she could have a stable life with, whom she said would be a better role model for the girls. The divorce was as amicable as could be expected and I stayed around for a few years until a got a big break as a studio musician in New York City. Ever since, I tried the best I could to keep in touch over the phone, through pictures, and the occasional tour with a stop in the area. And as I looked into the glass, I saw regret reflecting out. “Dad, what are you doing?”I came back to the present with the voice of my daughter, Tracy. She was beautiful even in the ridiculous emerald green bridesmaid dress. Her tan skin and long dark hair contrasted with the metallic color of the dress. She smiled in her innocent beauty and looked upon me with bewilderment. “Just thinking back I guess,” I said. “Times like this make you think about maybe the wrong choices you make. How they affect other people.”She comforted me with a firm hug and stroked my shoulders and the back of my arms. “You did what you had to do,” she said. “I don’t hold your life against you Dad. I would have done the same thing. I’d rather experience life than to get through it like Mom.”Her gentle massages eased my tension, and as I relaxed I noticed how much I enjoyed having her breasts press against my torso. Standing about five inches taller than Tracy, I moved my hands from the small of her back up to her bare shoulder blades and pressed her tightly to me. She returned the deep hug and smiled innocently. Bending my head, I went to give her a light kiss on the forehead, but she extended up on her toes and briefly met my lips. “Ooo,” she giggled, “better not let Mom see that. She might get jealous. Or Kelly, for that matter.” I smiled at her playfullness and as she walked down the hall couldn’t believe her reaction to the way I lightly spanked her ass. “Maybe later, you could try when I’m not wearing this puffy dress.” Her dress came down slightly below her knees and those shapely, muscular calves demanded my eyes as they moved this beautiful, young woman away. I imagined the nice, tight ass she had to have. I also wondered what that ass would feel like in my hands as she rode up and down on my dick, screaming out, “Fuck me, Daddy. Fuck your horney little girl. Stick that big cock in your daughter’s hot pussy.” Caught staring and dreaming, I looked up at my daughter’s turned head. She just smiled and shook it as she turned the corner of the hallway.Back to reality, I was about to knock on the door where the bride was getting ready when my ex opened it up and slithered out. “Jack,” she said in an admonishing tone, “we have to talk.”I moved away from the door to give her room.”Kelly, wants Mike to walk her down the aisle. Now, you really don’t have any reason to be upset.” “I don’t Karabağlar Escort care,” I responded to her declaration. I did feel hurt, but my guilt of living away said this was another consequence of my life’s decisions. “I was hoping I could talk to her before the ceremony,” I said looking down at my watch. There was an hour to go. “I want to straighten some things out. Wish her luck. That sort of thing.””That’s not a good idea,” Barbara said. “She’s conflicted with who should walk her down the aisle. She’s too emotional right now and nervous. I told her she made the right decision and that you’d understand.”I didn’t want to cause any problems or grief, and I could see I wouldn’t get past the gatekeeper, so I shook my head and turned down the hall. I walked inside the room where the priest was getting ready and talked with him for a few minutes before he left to make sure the altar servers knew what they had to do. He said I could stick it out here if I wanted to, so I took him up on his offer and sat down on his leather couch facing the window and watched people wearing suits and dresses stream into the church. The door opened and closed behind me. Thinking I was talking to the priest, I stood up and said, “Do they have everything straight?””Straight?” Tracy asked.”Oh. I thought you were the priest.” She laughed. “That’ll be the day.” Tracy took my place on the couch as I strolled over to the window with my earlier thoughts of i****t. She spoke again, “The only Biblical story I know is Lott and his family.”Lott and his family? I knew I should have gone to the bathroom and jerked off to relieve my desires. “Who was Lott?” I asked.”Dad,” Tracy said, trying to shame me, “you have two daughters and you don’t know the story of Lott.”I turned from the window and looked at my mischievously smiling daughter. “Tracy, the only bible I’ve read is the blues bible.””His wife turned in to a pillar of salt.” She tried to jar a memory that had never been learned. “They thought they were the only people left on the earth.” She had her feet propped up on the coffee table opposite the couch bending her knees as she swayed them back an forth, open and closed. Her dress started to inch up her legs revealing more of her nylon covered masterpieces. “Young women get horny.” The dress was above her knees, the sound of it swishing back and forth covering my increasing heart rate. She continued as I walked closer to that delicious smile I wanted to taste but knew I couldn’t bring myself to do so, “they get their father drunk and then have their way with him.”My nineteen year old daughter was flirting with me. I’d seen enough groupies to know what flirting was, but the groupies were more direct. Everyone knew what everyone wanted. There was something hidden here, neither of us knew what was going to happen. I’m sure both of us thought it was all innocent. Nothing would come of this flirting. Nothing could come of it. It was wrong. We couldn’t let anything happen. Anything sexual. She opened her legs wider, like an invitation to come enjoy. Her dress moved even higher and I caught a glimpse of her garter belt wrapped around her magnificent thighs. Tracy dropped her feet to the floor and I was afraid I had offended her, I had gone too far by lusting at her beautiful fit legs. Legs I desired to have wrapped around my body, running through my hands. But she was still smiling as I looked up, devilishly playing with my mind. She wanted me to sit on the table opposite her and I did so, not wanting to disappoint such a beautiful woman.”Stay here,” she said.I obeyed and put my face in my hands, pretending to be confounded by my lustful thoughts. I wanted the warmth of a woman, and I wanted to feel that warmth on my cock. I wanted her breasts in my hands, her legs rubbing mine. I desired for her attention and love. It was wrong, or so they say, to lust after the woman I wanted. But seeing her pumping legs, squeezing in and out, imagining it was her vagina squeezing my blood engorged penis, moaning with passion as I pumped in and out of her, I was sent over the edge. My face in my hands, my mind running wild, I heard the curtains close behind me immediately followed by the locking door Karşıyaka Escort across the room. There had to be two people. I looked up from my hands and saw the most beautiful bride to be in my life. The height of her sister, she had a similar pretty face and the same fit build. If it weren’t for her hair being blond, it’d be hard to tell them apart. I stood up, my cock was still hard, but was hidden by the tuxedo. Ashamed with my thoughts of Tracy, I approached Kelly in her short, sexy gown. “Baby, you look so beautiful,” I said. Kelly’s tan legs against the purity of the white dress almost made me explode in my pants.My jacket was being taken off by someone behind me. I turned to see Tracy. The lustful desires returned. Kelly smiled at Tracy and seeing Kelly’s eyes, I knew my youngest daughter must be smiling too. I started to try and say something, but Kelly cut me off, “Daddy,” she said. “Sweet, gentle Daddy.” She drew closer to me as I felt Tracy’s hands run down my arms then across my chest. I thought I was dreaming and I wanted to wake up so I could masturbate and get these thoughts out of my mind. But it wasn’t a dream. “I know you feel like you’ve let us down. But, we know you tried your best. We know Mom isn’t the easiest to get along with.”Tracy added in as she continued to stroke my chest, “We love you Dad. The times we spent together were precious.” Then she gently kissed my neck. Her gentle breath sending shivers down my body.”In fact, it’s made us want you more,” Kelly said as she had completely closed the distance. “This is my fantasy,” she said before lightly tasting my lips.My hands went under the short wedding dress, gliding up both of her thighs. Her smooth flesh wore no nylons or garter belt. When my left hand reached her moist, trimmed pubic hair I knew she wanted to be fucked. My dick grew even harder with anticipation as Kelly’s passionate tongue became more aggressive and told me it was her father’s cock that she wanted in her cunt.”Tell Dad how much you want him, Kelly.” Tracy had moved from behind me to behind Kelly. While I was rubbing Kelly’s thighs with one hand and teasing her pussy lips with the fingers of the other, Tracy was rubbing her sister’s breasts and kissing her on the neck and grabbing at her ear. Then I felt Tracy’s hand join mine in feeling her sister’s wet pussy.”Ohh, yes, Daddy,” Kelly said. My pants were undone and my daughter had my cock in her hands. She wiped up some precum with a finger and sucked it into her mouth before pulling me back into a kiss. “I want you to fuck me, Daddy. Fuck this nasty little girl.”Kelly’s hot pussy was the best thing my fingers have ever felt, and when she moved away, they were saddened. But she sat on the couch, knees bent and legs spread apart, like Tracy had done earlier. She pulled up her dress and I saw her sexy mound under her white wedding dress. Tracy used that opening to bend down and take my hard cock in her young mouth. I bent my head back and ran my fingers through her hair as she sucked my thick shaft. Through barely open eyes, I could see Kelly playing with her clit, licking up her juices. Kelly couldn’t take anymore, and wasn’t sure how much more of her sister’s excellent sucking I could take, because she ordered me over to her. “Come fuck me, Daddy. I want your big cock in my hot pussy now. I want us to cum together.”Tracy heard her sister’s moans and released me from her grasp, moving over to Kelly. My daughters started to kiss, Tracy giving her sibling a taste of what her pussy was about to experience. I moved between Kelly’s thighs, sliding my hands over the most precious feeling flesh I could know, that of my daughter. “Ohh, baby. You’re so beautiful. Daddy can’t help himself. My cock is aching for you.” I admired her beauty and glory and moved my face to her wet pussy. Her juices were arousing and my tongue circled her lips, taking her love in. “Ohh, Daddy,” she said as I inserted my tongue as deep as it would go, then brought it back out and tasted the surrounding flesh of her clit. “I want you to fuck me so bad.”My cock couldn’t take anymore either. I had to feel my daughter’s heat surround my dick. I got up with anticipation of the wonderful feeling Kemalpaşa Escort of a woman completely taking you in her life and saw Tracy sucking on her sister’s nipples. I held my cock up to Kelly’s steamy opening, feeling the blood pump underneath my fingers. I slowly slid it in a short distance, her heat was overwhelming as I pondered the consequence of this forbidden action. I wanted this young woman, my daughter. Kelly wrapped her legs around my back, as if sensing my hesitation, and pulled my fully inside of her. “Fuck me, please. Ohh, god your big cock feels so good. Cum in me, Daddy. I want to feel your cum run down my legs when I say my vows.””Ohh, baby. Your pussy is so tight and hot on Daddy’s big dick. This is the best pussy I’ve ever had. Daddy wants to fuck his two daughters more than anything in this world.” I pumped lovingly, but the feeling grew too intense to control. “Tell me how you want your daddy, baby.””Ohh, god. I’m cumming Daddy. Cum with me too.” Her hips thrust her pussy deep onto my willing cock. “Fuck your daughter harder,” Tracy commanded.I looked up from my hazy lust to see my two girls tongue fuck each other’s mouths.”Your pussy is so great on my hard cock, baby. Daddy’s going to cum. I love you baby.” With that, our two bodies erupted into an uncontrolled orgasm. Wave over wave I pumped my cum into my daughter, her pussy massaging every last drop out, legs squeezing my ass tight to her.My penis softened inside of Kelly, and I gave her a loving kiss. “I love you, Kelly. I’ll do anything for you. Either of you girls.””That’s good,” Tracy said as she stepped out of her bridesmaid dress, her black bra and high heels she kept on, accenting her fit body. “Because I started to get jealous seeing your big cock in my sister’s pussy.” She took my position between her sister’s legs as I rolled off to the side. My naughty girls began to kiss each other and I moved the table farther away so I could stand behind Tracy. Kelly unsnapped her sister’s bra which had a direct effect on my ever hardening cock, but it still wasn’t quite ready. My hands stroked Tracy’s hips as I rubbed my dick around her ass and between her legs. I felt her back up, so I gave her room as I realized she was going down on her sister. Kelly had her eyes closed, but I could see the pure pleasure on her face as her sister tasted the mixture of a daughter/father orgasm. Tracy was ready to be fucked. She had spread her legs apart and with her high heels on and her head down on her sister, her ass was bucked up just perfect. I had to taste her first. So I got down on the floor between her legs, and lifting my head up, started to lick her sopping pussy. She aided me with a finger stroking her clit as I licked inside her lips. Her moans sent me over the edge. Neither of us could take it anymore. I got up behind her with my hands wrapped around her hips, still bucked up and her legs farther apart, her tongue still pleasuring her sister even more. I looked down at her calves, propped up by the heels, and remembered her walking down the hall. Closing my eyes, I pulled us together, my fattened cock pressing deep in her hot, wet, pussy. “Ohh, Tracy.” I groaned with each slow thrust. “Baby you’re so hot.” My hands stroked her moving hips and ass which met my thrusts. “Watching you eat your sister has Daddy ready to cum again.” “Dad your big cock feels so good moving in and out. Slow it down so we can cum together.”I abided by her wish. Moving with painfully slow motions when I wanted to thrust one last, deep time, I controlled myself to hold off. My balls ached to release, my cock growing fatter, I had to unleash this orgasm. The sight of my two daughters together with their father, the feeling of both wrapped around me, loving me, getting off on me, was more than I could control. My stomach started to tighten. “Baby, I’m cumming.” I felt my load well up inside of me preparing to explode with each thrust.”Cum in me, Daddy. Mix with mine.”I had waited long enough. My daughter’s contractions around my shaft exploded the cum from my cock. “Fuck,” I grunted as I continued to pump my girl, eyes closed to all the world. Before the last load ended I felt someone grasp my arm. It was Kelly. She knelt down to her sister’s ass and pulled me out. Tracy turned around with an exhausted look on her face and smiled as her sister said, “I want to kiss my husband with the taste of the two people I cherish the most in my mouth. My sister and my loving father.”With that, I closed my eyes and felt her soft, beautiful mouth massage the last ounce of cum out of me.

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