A Highland Redhead


I have been on the site for a year or so, and I thought I would share some experiences.

My journey into discovering swingers came with a couple of meets via a dating app. There are two more stories there, and many years previously some fun threesomes and one on one.

We had spent a week or so exchanging messages on the site, then some phone calls and pictures on text. She was a single mum, keen to still share great sex, but struggling to find it in the small highland town she lived in. We shared a few fantasies, she spoke of rarely climaxing during sex, and generally we built some anticipation. Finally we both agreed the mutual spark was there, and met for a brief coffee at a café first. There and then we arranged to meet at the hotel where I stay for work most weeks, in a few nights time when she could get a baby sitter in.

After what seemed an age of waiting after finishing work, I got the text that said ‘see you in 10’. Soon enough she called to say she was outside – I went down to meet her and we kissed on the cheeks outside. She looked stunning, a real redhead, curvy and wearing some lovely tight jeans and tight boots, and a black low cut top, showing off her more than ample boobs. Taking her by the hand, I led her back through the hotel and upstairs to my room.

We chatted a few minutes, I made a brew and we chatted some more. Simple things, and the conversation turned to our excitement about meeting, and our sexts we had sent. It was great to be able to speak about them openly. Her north Scottish accent, perfume and smile had me so hot.

‘I want to kiss you’ I said, ‘and more…’

She put down her cup of tea and leant in for that first, slightly nervous kiss. We sank into the sofa we were sat on, I held her face and we kissed deeply. She reached round me to pull me in close, I was roving a hand across her, I could feel her warmth and softness, her curves, her keenness. My hand slid down across her breasts, but they were encased in top and bra. I wanted to see them and touch them.

I sat her up and reached to lift up her top. Her boobs were even bigger than I though, but still covered in a (lovely, blue) bra. Seeing me look, she reached round and unclipped her bra, freeing herself. Her large breasts sagged down, her nipples were a large brown oval with a lovely little nub, just offset to the outside of centre. I bent down, cupped her right breast and used light touches of my tongue to swirl around the areola, without yet touching the delightful nipple. Quite quickly, I took her nipple into my mouth, licking and sucking gently. She pulled my head in, clearly enjoying the sensation. My hand moved to her other breast, while my mouth continued on the first one.

After a few seconds she pushed me back upright, and started to unbutton my shirt. ‘its not fair, you not being undressed, when I am all out here on display!’ she said. I removed my shirt, and she immediately bent down to remove her boots. She stood up, her ample cleavage pressing against me. I am 6′, and she was only about 5’2″, so I had to bend down to kiss her upturned face. Her hands were on my bum, and mine were on her breasts again. As she was so short, it was hard to reach her bum, so I knelt right down, bringing her jean top into my view – I just immediately started unbuttoning them. In one simple movement, I slid them down over her hips, and she helped by lifting her legs to removed them completely, and I took her socks off as well.

I stood, cupped her face and kissed her, at the same time moving back and turning her around. This meant I could gently but firmly put her back onto the bed. I stood above her, looking down and she looked amazing. Long red hair spread across the white duvet, breasts flat down but with those lovely nipples still taught and black panties against her white skin. She was a mum, and had a few stretch marks to show that she tried to aydınlı escort hide under her arm, and she apologised for not being perfect. I disagreed – in that moment, I was so full of lust for her, and thought she looked stunning.

I unbuckled my belt, and swiftly pulled off trousers and boxers to reveal my rigid cock. It had been that way since she had arrived at the hotel, but in this moment it had become really hard, almost painful, with the rush of blood. She reached up for my cock and gently stroked it, almost sitting up and intending to give me a blow job. I had other ideas, and bent over, reaching for and easing down her black thong, sliding them right off her legs.

I could now see her lovely shaved pussy, with a pair of slightly protruding inner lips showing. I sank to my knees, gently parted her knees and started kissing gently up her thigh. I could now smell her aroma, and gently parted her lips with my fingers, looking for her clit. To my delight, she was wet, a lovely pink colour inside and a perfect little clit was presented to my gaze. My tongue went to work, tasting her and feeling the mix of smooth inner labia and slightly coarser shaved area. She was loving it, gasping and holding onto my hand and head as I worked.

She spoke, encouraging me, but then suddenly changed her tone. I could feel her juices flow more freely, and she relaxed, opening her legs wide. From down on the floor, with her on the bed, I had a great view. I put my head up. ‘I need to fuck you now’ I said, she nodded ‘yes please’.

I turned round, picked up the condom box and fumbled for a moment. Putting the sheath on myself, I could feel how hard I still was, and she could see it. She had pushed back on the bed slightly, in a perfect position for me to enter he from on top. I raised myself up on my arms and kissed her deeply, my back arched and cock away from her pussy. She reached down and pulled me in towards her. Her super slick juices allowed me straight in slowly, with little resistance. I could feel her lovely inner lips, they were big enough to be noticeable. I withdrew slightly, and pushed in as deep as I could. Her legs raised up as I did so, and she settled her legs on my thighs, pulling me inwards gently. Now deeply inside her, I lowered right down and kissed more, enjoying her hot pussy around me. Back up on my arms I started to move rhythmically, pulling out as far as I dare, and sliding back in firmly. She was enjoying this and kept pulling my face to hers to kiss. By now she was completely slick, and I could pump in faster and more firmly.

Needing a break, I was in danger of cumming, I rolled off, lifted her leg and grasped my cock. The pair of us manoeuvred to get my cock at her entrance again, and I slid in. She was on her back, me on my side alongside. Although not deep penetration, I could feel her lips on the underside of my cock head as I rocked in and out. More importantly, one hand could caress her stiff little clit, and my other arm under her could reach her breast. She kneaded my hand into her breast and rolled her hips with me. This carried on for a while, both of us enjoying the intimacy and gentleness.

She rolled away, and asked an odd question ‘how strong are your knees?’ it was said with a twinkle in her eye. She stood, walked a couple of steps to the desk that was bolted to the wall, she sat on it, moved the chair a little and lifted one leg onto the chair arm. Motioning me in, she spread her other leg wide around my hips. I bent my knees slightly, grasped my cock and found her pussy entrance. This new position tightened up her entrance, but also allowed her hands to hold my shoulders and mine to hook under her legs. She told me ‘hard, really hard’, and so I began to thrust my full length in firmly. ‘No faster and harder’ she asked. I sped up and was slapping into her. ‘Harder’ came the plea. I obliged, bağdat caddesi escort glad the desk was bolted to the wall. She was making some lovely sounds, really enjoying it.

‘Cum now’ she said – I opened my eyes, hot and sweaty and saw the lust in her eyes. Adjusting my position down again, I felt that lovely pussy opening and lips around the head of my cock, just enough that in a few dozen strokes I came hard, deep inside her, throbbing with lust and cum. We stayed a moment, me siding slowly in and out, enjoying the feeling and shooting a few last gobs of cum.

We detached, and I walked away, pulling off the used condom and throwing it into the bin.

Climbing onto the bed together, we cuddled and chatted on top of the duvet. She was so hot – a lovely couple of small, secret tattoos and a smell of perfume and pussy that was intoxicating.

After a few minutes she began sliding her hand up and down my thigh and hip – and then onto my rapidly hardening cock. She was gently sliding up and down, occasionally pulling my foreskin over my cock head. She bent down and took me into her lovely mouth, swirling her tongue on my cock head, grasping my shaft and rolling her hand gently. An absolutely lovely blow job, that had me hard quickly, throbbing again with the firmness. She moved to kneel, her lovely bum cheeks in the air to my right as I lay flat – I just had to reach up and touch that pussy again. She was so wet still! As soon as I touched her bum cheek, she had slid her knees apart encouraging me in. I played gently with her – my fingers on her clit and thumb at her entrance. My hand was slick! Changing position, I lifted her leg over my head and reached for a cushion to raise my head. Before long we were distracting each other in a slow 69, she was gently grinding her pussy onto my lips. I was licking quickly, fingers in her pussy when I cheekily pressed her bumhole – and got a groan and positive response…

She lifted off me, holding my cock said ‘can you fuck me doggy?’

I found myself looking at her bum, head down and legs slightly spread, stood at the end of the bed. I aimed back into her slot, and pushed her foot out to widen her stance for better access. ‘No’ she said, ‘like this’ and she put her feet between my legs. This mean I had to spread her cheeks and lips to find her opening, and it felt fantastic as I drove in. Taking the lead from before, I swiftly pumped in and out, holding her hips and using my core strength to move my rigid member in her soft folds.

‘You have a really thick cock’ she said ‘it is filling me up doing this’…

I was pounding in and out, enjoying the lovely slap sound of our bodies meeting. My thumb again sought out her puckered arsehole, and I gently pressed and rubbed it. Her noises grew deeper, and she put her head on one side, pushing her bum back to meet my thrusts.

I absolutely exploded inside her, filling another condom with my seed. She could feel me and the heat it made, and so put a hand out to slow me down…

I needed to return the favour, and so as I slid out, she rolled to the side. I immediately went to work on her pussy, fingers and lips. I used a couple of fingers in the entrance of her pussy, in and out, with those lovely lips of hers mingling with my tongue sweeping across her clit. I asked if this was good for her, and she told me to hold her wider open and lick more firmly – she guided my hands. Once again, I felt the flush of juices as she built up her pleasure. We kept this up for a long time, perhaps 15-20 minutes of pleasure. Suddenly she stiffened, I could feel her leg shoot out rigid, and her hand pressed my head in firmly, my tongue pressed hard and I felt her twitch and cum, crying out softly as she did. I was so pleased I had helped her cum – and so was she.

We returned to our chatting, drinking some bahçelievler escort water, lying and walking around the room naked. The topic of conversation rapidly became about sex, and our fantasies. Once more I found myself stiffening at the thoughts going through my head. She told me that she liked anal, but her ex found it odd. I have never had the opportunity, and so she just told me that was what we were going to do.

She had cleaned before she assured me, and asked me to lie on her in a missionary position. She reached round my back with her legs, and used her hands under her bum cheeks to open herself up. I grasped my cock again, and lined it up with her hole, pressing gently. She gasped, and asked me to go gently and wait a moment. I could feel the muscles tense and resisting me, but slowly I could feel her relax. I took the hint and pressed in some more, feeling that tight ring slide over my cock head. I checked she was ok, and felt her warmth around me. She said yes and used her hands, now on my bum, to guide me slowly deeper. The tightness was lovely, a different feeling to her slick pussy, with some friction there despite the lubed condom.

We started to move, slowly and with less depth, but the feeling was incredible. Again, I propped up on my arms, enjoying seeing her lay there, with my cock in her arse, clearly a source of pleasure. She reached down and was rubbing her clit herself, holding herself open slightly, and using quick rubbing motions. I was enjoying this too much, and lost concentration, popping out of her. She guided me back in, and I felt that amazing tight ring slide over my cock head again. She encouraged me to move, rhythmically and just using the top few inches of my cock. I found this frustrating, wanting to drill deep into her. She was clearly getting more pleasure from her pussy, and so I slipped out, whipped off the condom and quickly replaced it. Anal is great, but after one experience I think I prefer a nice pussy…

All the while she was gently teasing her herself in side to side movements – I could see slickness on her fingers and thighs.

Kneeling round, I lifted her legs high onto my shoulders, and lined up and thrust in, knowing by now she was wet and open. It was like there was no resistance, unless I pulled right back to her entrance, where It felt so tight, then deep in I could feel the end of her cervix. I was pumping away, getting really hot as I worked out hard. She was holding my hips, encouraging me on and looking me in the eyes as we did so.

We changed position, she lowered her legs and I slid out, accompanied by a little fanny fart. I was quickly on my back, and she climbed on, lowering herself down onto my cock that I help upright for her. Once more she commented on my girth and how she liked that, and began to rock her hips back and forth. I tried to reach for her clit, but she was grinding it down on me too hard.

‘I need you to do it again on the desk’ she said, rolling off and onto her feet. Once more we gathered on the desk, I took a moment to lick her cunt as it was balanced on the edge, her legs wide, before satisfyingly slamming back into her. Her eyes widened as I did, and then she threw her head back, enjoying the feelings. I worked hard, trying to balance a hard fuck without cumming too soon, however she encouraged me again to cum, and so once again I found myself grinding into her and kissing deeply as I felt my orgasm build and I shot my load again.

We retreated to the bed, where we spent 30 minutes or more trying to repeat her orgasm. She showed me how and encouraged me on, but both of us gave up as she said she was getting sore, and was close but not going to cum again that night.

Time had flown, it was late by now. We lay in bed for a while, cuddled up and chatting about what had been. Unfortunately, she had to return home – so no morning sex that we had both discussed waking up to – and she slipped out the sheets to get dressed. I stood to kiss her goodbye, and she snogged me, cupping my cock, both of us thanking each other for such a lovely time, and promising to do it again should the opportunity present itself…

I must make plans to be in the highlands again soon…

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