A Handling


“Threesomes must be overrated”, I thought to myself as I released bubbles from my mouth into the river. I tried to distract my thoughts by the bubbles’ periodic bursts as they reached the surface, and felt more conscious of the cool water gliding across my skin. The feeling followed by a tinge of jealousy for the surface of water bodies. I imagine they complain of all the creatures fucking and releasing things into them. But it was a lavish life they lead. The fishes slithering across their napes. The weeds gently tugging at their scalps. I took a few steps forward, scooping up the sand with my toes till I hit something.

It startled me a bit. I was prepared for sea cucumbers and fish hooks. But this felt different. Reminding myself I was an explorer of the mind, I convinced myself this couldn’t bother me. I rushed my feet forward, overcompensating for my earlier hesitation. It felt like fingers. I was stepping on a hand! I had found a carcass perhaps. It was going to be an eventful day.

Before I could gather my thoughts around my discovery, the hand grabbed on to me. Ah! So, the human was alive after all. This relieved me a bit. I never liked cops and their suspecting looks, and this meant I still had a chance to avoid having to interact with them. I stuck my head into the water to see if it was, perhaps, a woman with interesting ideas. To my disappointment, it was just a hand, holding on to my ankle. As to what ideas hands have was not too enticing to me.

It felt slender and soft, though I couldn’t estimate it’s beauty completely as the image of it was blurred by the water. It was warm, and a pleasant contrast to coolness of the water. But it was still just a hand. It rubbed by right ankle gently in the most sensual manner. Though I am not like most men and my left side was the more sensitive one. The manner of it’s touch could mean only one thing, and I immediately went into a state of confusion. Except for the occasional squeezing, I had never returned pleasure to a hand before, only woman. I had read and dreamt extensively of their nipples and hips. But this was going to be a new challenge I had to suffer. How do hands like to be played with?

I felt it next tip toe over to my calves Mersin Escort ascending over my being. Feeling adventurous, and as enthusiastic, to reciprocate, I raised my left feet, and stroked the palm gently with the sole. It seemed to thrust itself against my calf, and as if in fright, jumped off. Maybe this hand was not into feet, or I had been too forceful. I could only guess. I could not feel it’s warmth on me anymore, and I thought I should count my blessings for this briefest of erotic experiences. I wondered if I should wave my feet gently to look for it, as my vision was not as sharp underwater to make out where the hand was. But then I resisted, as I had been told not to step on a hand, and didn’t wish to repeat my crime a second time. So I stood there in the cool flow, cursing my situation, imagining all the pointless brilliant ideas that come to a person after a moment of failure. Out of nowhere, I felt the warmth back on my skin. It was on my thigh now, with a grip much more forceful.

It had forgiven me for my misstep. My legs spread a bit to give it some room to wander easily. Something felt off however. I had not known my new acquaintance for long, but I felt a little unfamiliar with it. Musing over my apprehension, to my sadness and masculine sexual urgency, it skipped over my most delicate parts, towards my head. It clawed my chest, before it reached for my neck in an equally forceful manner.

I liked how it felt on the front my neck. It looked like it could survive out of water. I could see it’s form to some extent now. I peeked down to get a view of it, but only caught a brief amount of it’s smooth brown skin. A bracelet of spikes for a tattoo along the wrist warned me of what was yet to come. As it leapt back down into the water, I got a glimpse of a ring. In this way, it was like me and I hoped this revelation would reduce my forthcoming rumination if anything were to happen. I felt a tug at my ankle and splashed head first into the water, taken off guard by it’s strength. I did not resist, but plunged in appreciating what could be my last moments. To my surprise, I felt it rubbing my right nipple gently. Gasping for air, I felt my arousal heighten, wondering Mersin Escort Bayan if it would take offense if I enrolled by own hands into the state of affairs. My earlier feeling of wariness was gone, and that’s when it hit me. This was not the same hand.

Or more accurately, it was the same I had met first, but not the one that had pulled me down into the water. That one was a right, this one belonged to someone’s left. I was all too familiar to such turn of events, thanks to a movie I had seen the previous day about twins. I let out a groan, just before letting water into my lungs. This was the most uncomfortable of arousals, and I had to be quick to adapt to this form of love making. I was about to reach down to help myself when the second hand raced me to it. It grabbed onto my erection with a force and intensity quite opposite to the nipple pleaser. I was by now completely immersed in the water and the oddest of pleasures. Just when I thought this was the limit of my stimulation, the top hand, stretched out to simultaneously flick both nipples, to my utmost delight.

The hands clearly cared for my sexual well-being, but it did not seem to feel the need to fuss over my lack of oxygen. As if accepting my fate was the answer, by body slowly re-balanced itself, floating on the surface over my back. Finally, some air! I stared into the blue sky. Motionless white clouds watched me enviously let out repeated groans. “Yes! Yes! Faster”, I communicated. Maybe they had ears too. Pulling the outer skin of my shaft up and down, I tried to tolerate the pain of paying attention to my pleasure. It was too much to focus on, but the only thing I wanted. Feeling brave, I tried to reach for the one on my nipples. But instead of accepting my touch it leaped up on to my face, and slapped me hard. I had mistaken her to be the nice one, and almost simultaneously the other stopped stroking me.

The upper hand plunged my face into the water, and I turned my body in reflex. Water rushed into my nose this time, and I tried to think back if I had felt worse sensations in my nostrils. I felt a tug on my hair and gratefully accepted the possibility of breathing air again, and before I knew Escort Mersin it, I was back in again. Another tug, but this time I was kept up. I shouldn’t touch them. I had learnt my lesson. “Sorry, Madam! I did not know the rules…glug glug glug”. Hesitantly, it relaxed it’s grip, accepting my apology. I anxiously waited for the next course of events.

I felt one hand sliding down my chest through my stomach and another crawling down my back. One went for my cock and the one with the tattoo started kneading my butt. Just as I was enjoying the sensations, the kneader went deeper between my cheeks. While I considered myself quite open minded, I was not used to such first impressions. Before I could confirm if I must protest, the tattooed one started playing with my sphincter. And then slowly slid a finger in. I yelped in pleasure. In and out, in and out, the finger started probing me. And simultaneously the other hand went up and down on my shaft matching the rhythm of it’s accomplice. Distracted, I momentarily shook myself from theorizing how they kept in sync without a brain between them. I could feel the strength of the sensations growing in me.

Just when I thought I was about to release too soon, the hand on my shaft slowed down and the one at the back stuck a second finger in. It probed in further as if searching for something, till it hit an object that seemed the size of small walnut. It started rubbing it and immediately, a wave of pleasure washed over my body, with my erection harder than I could ever remember. The vibrations of my body, in turn, created small vortices into the river. I relaxed my pelvis further deeper to ease it’s task, not entirely clear what was this organ of mine it had discovered before me. The rubbing grew faster in pace, and my groans grew louder and louder. Realizing I was possibly destroying the peace of the forest around me, I reached the peak of my sensations, and despite my cock not being stimulated anymore, and the other hand caressing me somewhere lower, it exploded itself into the water.

Slowly I recovered from the shock and I hobbled a bit awkwardly to stand on my feet. I felt one hand on my right shoulder, while the nicer one, hung by my jaw. It brushed it’s thumb over my upper lip, and then my lower one. I opened my mouth a bit, thinking it was looking for an entrance and there was more to come. Instead, the two hands leapt into the water, and fluttering as fingers do on a piano, they disappeared into the depths of the river.

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