A Haircut to Remember


It’d been a couple of months since my last haircut, so my hair was thick and way too long for my tastes. So, one day after work, I wandered down to the salon for a haircut.

When I arrived, there was no one else there. The stylist greeted me immediately and asked if I wanted a haircut. She was about 5’7″, a bit pudgy, with some hairdresser hair – big and poofy, blonde on one side and brown on the other – and several facial piercings. She said her name was Monica, and she asked me to sit down. I took off my sweatshirt and hung it on the coat rack before heading into the salon area.

After sitting in the chair, she asked me what I wanted done. I told her to trim it and thin it out. As I was talking, she started running her fingers through my hair, asking me questions about how long I wanted it to be and how I normally wore it. As she was running her fingers through my hair, I could feel that it was a little more than the average touch. She was firm but gentle, and there was something very sensual about how she ran her fingers through my hair and looked at me in the mirror. After a few moments, she grabbed her things and started to cut my hair.

The whole process was kind of quiet, with a little small talk here and there. I didn’t say much, because I was thinking about her. I could see in the mirror and as she moved around me that one of her bra straps was falling off. It was a purple number, probably one of those Victoria’s Secret bras. As she would come around in front of me, I tried not to look at her breasts in her button up, sleeveless shirt, even though they were outlined perfectly, their large, round shapes outlined in the plaid of her fabric.

As she was cutting my hair, she began pressing herself against me. At first it was incidental, just a quick little bump here and there. As time went on, she kept her body against me longer, resting it against my arm or back. At one point, I could feel my elbow resting on the chair as it pressed against her crotch, and I could tell from the way she was breathing and singing to the radio in whispers that she was getting herself turned on.

After the first run with the sheers, she again ran her fingers through my hair, asking if I liked the length. This time she stood behind me, and I could feel her press her breasts against my head as she rubbed my hair. As she stepped away, I looked down to see if she could see the bulge of my dick beneath the ataşehir escort black sheet she was using to catch my hair. As she was trimming my hair with her scissors, she came around front again and I couldn’t help but look at her breasts this time, her nipples now visible through her shirt. She caught me and smiled, continuing to cut my hair. As she did, though, she leaned in even farther for me to look at her breasts through her shirt. I also ran my eyes along the skin of her bare arms, across the fallen bra strap, and watched her body in the mirror. She was still breathing softly as she was cutting my hair, but her breathing had become quicker. Finally, as she was leaning in, she pressed her leg against my crotch. It was such a bold move, because she literally picked her leg up and pressed it against my lap. I knew then that we both wanted the same thing.

She started grinding her leg against my cock, and I maneuvered my hand to reach up and rub her crotch. She was wearing shorts, but I could tell even through the material that she was getting wet. Without hesitation, I reached out with both hands and undid her shorts, sliding my hand inside her purple, silken panties to rub her pussy. As my hands touched her skin, she moaned softly, resting her hands, scissors still in hand, on my shoulders. We were both breathing shakily now. She looked down at me as I was rubbing her pussy lips with my fingers, and she leaned forward and kissed me. Her kiss was tentative at first, but then more furious. And imagine my delighted surprise when I felt a tongue ring as she slipped her tongue into my mouth.

She must have sensed my excitement from the way that I played with her tongue ring with my tongue and lips. She pulled away from our kiss and smiled. First she unbuttoned her shirt and took it off. I was right. It was a purple Victoria’s Secret bra. It was lacy and shiny, and the cups were falling away from her D sized breasts. That strap was still on her arm, and it exposed her ample tits as she reached under the sheet to unfasten and unzip my pants. She got down on her knees in front of me and smiled as she pushed the sheet up for me to see as she took out my cock, squeezing it in her hand. She was gazing into my eyes as she stuck her tongue out, flashing her tongue ring before sliding her tongue slowly along the length of my shaft. I gasped and groaned with excitement, my thighs avcılar escort shaking a bit. She quickly closed her mouth on my dick and started to move along my shaft, deliberately sliding her tongue ring along the bottom side of my dick. Eagerly I ran my fingers through her multi-colored hair, pulling at it and helping her move faster along my cock. I could tell by the way that she was moaning that she was enjoying it, but I could also see that she had reached into her panties and was rubbing herself as she sucked me.

My dick started to throb a little, and I could feel her stop sucking me for a moment. I looked down and watched as her body shuddered, her eyes closed, as she was cumming in orgasm. I watched her face hungrily, licking my lips as she came. I could feel her body shuddering as she leaned against my leg. After her first orgasm was over, she started to suck my dick again, but I stopped her, pulling my dick from her mouth. She didn’t even wait for me to say anything. With her eyes half-lidded from her orgasm, she pulled her shorts and panties off, and straddled me in the chair, taking my dick in her hand and guiding it inside of her.

I moaned as her wet pussy slipped around me. I could feel her squeezing and contracting, my hot dick melting inside her pussy mound. Again she started to run her fingers through my hair, tossing her head back as she fucked me with her cunt. I could see her breasts bouncing, and I helped her finally remove her bra. I watched her body move in the mirror as she rode me, her breathing and panting getting louder as she began to moan out loud. She continued to buck along me, grinding her pussy against my crotch, her legs trembling. I cupped her large breasts in my hands and squeezed them, eliciting even more moans and a flood of furious kisses, her hot breathe and her velvet tongue exploring my mouth.

It wasn’t long before we were both shuddering. I could feel her pussy tense and contract as she began to cum, and as I felt her clench my dick inside her, I could tell she was a squirter as the cum began to dribble out of her and onto my pants. She was almost frozen in her orgasm, but I grabbed her sides and forced her to keep moving along my dick. And in just a few thrusts, her body rocked with another wave and I shuddered and groaned out, shooting a load of hot cum inside of her pussy. She gasped, her eyes wide and surprised as she avrupa yakası escort felt my cum inside her, my naked dick filling her pussy with white juices. Then she closed her eyes, sliding slowly along my dick, her pussy squeezing me inside of her, milking out the last of my cum.

Exhausted, she laid against me. I ran my fingers along her sides and along her breasts, which were now pressed against my chest. Her back was sweaty and her hair was too. The smell of cum and sex surrounded us. After finally catching her breathe, she leaned down and kissed me again, softer this time. And as she slid the barbell of her tongue ring along my lips, I could feel her move along my shaft one more time before pulling off of me and stand up. She was a sight. Her hair tussled, her skin flushed. Her breasts sagging just above the pudge of her belly. She bit her lip, looking down at my soaked pants and then down at her own pussy, our cum slowly oozing out of her. “Fuck,” she said. She sat down in the chair next to mine and spread her legs, gazing down at her own pussy. She was slowly rubbing her wet pussy lips. “It’s okay, though. I’m on birth control.” She leaned her head back as she slowly caressed her pussy lips, swirling her wet fingers over her crotch. She sighed and got up, grabbing her clothes and heading back to the unisex bathroom in the corner. In a couple of minutes she came out, her hair still a bit tussled, but looking much less like she’d just had shuddering sex in the middle of her salon.

I could still see a wet area on her shorts between her legs, and she in turn looked down at my dick. Suddenly remembering my own exposure, I stuffed my cock back inside my wet boxers, and zipped and buttoned my pants. She smiled, biting her lip again as she came over and picked up the scissors and brush that were dropped sometime in the middle of our fuck. With a few more snips and clips, she was done, and she took off the black sheet and the white napkin around my neck. As I was getting up, I could feel her run her hands along my back and shoulders, and once again up through my hair. I turned to look at her, and she smiled, kissing me one last time. As our tongues explored each other, she reached down to squeeze my crotch, and moaned when she felt my dick hard again.

We walked over to the counter and I paid, leaving a larger than average tip for her on my credit card. She smiled at me and I smiled back. She said casually, “Like I said, my name’s Monica. You can ask for me the next time you need your hair cut.” With that, she smiled, sliding her tongue ring between her lips and waved. On my way out, I grabbed the sweatshirt that I had taken off when I came in and tied it around my waste to hide my cum-soaked pants.

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