A Group of Old Men Take My Young Pretty Wife……


A Group of Old Men Take My Young Pretty Wife……
We went out for a drink a couple of nights ago just to show her off to men in some pubs away from where we live. She wore her skin-tight white leggings that show off her lovely tight bum and delightful pussy! She also wore her small zip up jacket that she undone once inside the pub to reveal her magnificent boobs and nipples through a tight blouse.

The looks from guys was fantastic particularly a group of old men – most of whom were around 70ish -they couldn’t take their eye’s off her and you could see them mentally stripping and playing with her! She teased them by bending over a few times near the table they sat at. We eventually went home and I stripped and rolled those legging off and then let her suck me off. I just had to bend her over our settee and fucked her senseless as she fantasised and teased me me what those old men where doing to her. I finally pumped loads of my hot cum into that so sweet tight pussy and what a joy to see it running out down her leg.

As always this is our game we play and we enjoy so please men, don’t spoil it by being too aggressive with her and put her off. She likes to feel wanted and she is so pretty with that figure it’s not hard.

The above is what I put on here a few days ago on my blog……..Well we were both turned on by this particularly after she read how excited I was on here so her suggestion to please me was to go back to the old pub and she will tease those old guys again. So last night we went back and I was praying they where there and as we entered there they where siting around the same table great! We also like the important fact it is well away from where we live and they are all complete strangers to us.

She had on the same jacket as above and a mid length tight mini skirt, stockings and medium heels and man she looked hot. The pub is something of a male rough one so she was very much eyed by the men inside. We sat on a table near the group of old guys (5 in total) and I knew it wouldn’t be long before they struck up some polite chat etc while they continually eyed her up as she sat there looking at her legs because her skirt had ridden up enough to show the top of her stockings which she pretended to not realise!

To cut to the point we chatted and of course the customary would you like to carry on having a drink at my flat just up the road and we accepted. As we all went out I reckon those left inside knew what may well be happening because there was lots of winks etc at the old guys as we walked out .Of course we were excited thinking about what will happen while they where hoping it might! We let them walk in front as they whispered to each other hardly believing their luck and no doubt making plans what to do if they got lucky.

True enough his flat was only a short walk away and clearly he lived by himself because it was a bit of a mess and not particularly clean either. She was placed on an old settee and two of them sat either side of her and immediately started to kiss her neck to see how she felt!? With no attempt to stop them they then moved their hands to those gorgeous tits which looked like they were waiting to burst out of her bra and very tight blouse. By now they had all been gently teased enough as they all descended on her gently stroking her beautiful body and slowly removing her clothes in order to not frighten her as they lusted after her young flesh. Eventually she stood there only in her very small g-string and black-hold up-stockings and the I told them to rub her clitoris through the see through material and she soon came as they sucked her boobs and very gently, fingered her wonderful small bottom and tight hole.

I was happy to sit down and watch as they ravished my young wife’s body and obviously as planed before on the walk back “J” was first to take her who honestly did have a large cock….She was placed onto the settee and he had no finesse as he shoved his condom covered cock into her lovely shaped vagina and mercilessly pounded away as they all took turns slowly fingering her bum-hole and sucking and mauling her boobs and body.

She seemed to cum several times as they took her from behind and fed her their cocks and sperm. She was now being spit-roasted by these old men shoving their cocks into her sweet pussy and small mouth. She is petite and only 5’2 and I could see she preferred standing so I helped her up as they again all descended on her and played with her wonderful body as she moaned with pleasure as hands and tongues licked her small bum-hole and pussy. They had all fucked her and kept on fingering her pussy until she asked them to stop.

We finally left and later reflected on what happened and she said she loved looking at the lust in their eyes as they came in her and played with her body and for me to leave these older men with a fantastic memory of having such a lovely young women. I also honestly feel it makes us as a couple even stronger which may be hard for some to understand?

Please see my profile, videos ( “E” has exactly the same body etc as the videos of Bibi Fox in my profile so it will give you some idea of just how lucky I am to have her and how very lucky these strangers are as well!)

We will have another break for now but unless she changes her mind – we will be playing again.

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