A great provider or so i thought part one


A great provider or so i thought part onei always considered myself a great provider… i was married years back. married my college sweetheart. she is very short, only four foot ten…but, she has one incredible body. she was very athletic in high school, ran a whole lot. she had thighs from hell. she also had an extremely small waist and freakishly large hips… i loved her. i met her in college, and as any young college man, i just wanted to fuck her…but, she wasnt that type of girl. i made her my girlfriend Escort and still couldnt score… i lusted for her so much that i fell in love and married her, thats when i found out why i couldnt score…she was still a virgin. imagine that, a hot looking college girl that is still pure? i never thought they existed…she came from a very religious family, sang in the church choire…anyways, fastfoward. we got married. i graduated college, bought us a nice house out in the outscirts of the city limits…and Escort Bayan worked…she stayed home. i was always a great provider. i had a great house full of beautiful furnisher, ac always running…i paid cash for everything i owned, even my car. i was very proud of myself. the only problem, or bad habit? i drank beers strictly on weekends…the weekends belonged to me…i truly was gifted in many ways, but, sad to state, not in my groin…when it came to measurements? i was way below average length, Bayan Escort and skinny too! anyways, when i got drunk? i would have sex with my wife and tell her of my fantasies… of wanting to see her get fucked by a gigantic spermed filled cock. she would tell me that i was way good enough for her and that the average dick was only four to six inches. but, i couldnt stop talking dirty with my drunk ass self, and the more i talked? the more deep and wide her pussy felt. fastfoward again, like i said, i drink beers on weekends. one sunday? i was drinking beers. i only had a six pack in the fridge, so i told my wife to go buy me more beers at the corner store. the corner store was bout a good thirty minutes if you walk along the road, or? in

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