A good Husband gets Rewarded


I was on a family vacation. You know, the kind of vacation where forty people from across the country make special plans to gather together and have a shitty time in a shitty place doing shitty things because someone’s wife saw a Norman Rockwell painting once? Yeah. One of those.

We were at this smallish resort on the Cumberland river which had clearly seen better days. Rooms were untidy, the reservation system was a mess, and the kitchen served food that may have been saved from the civil war. The staff was, at best, bored. At worst, Meth addicts still on the pipe. It was awful, but fun to watch. I know that sounds mean, but my in-laws were as boring as a Methodist Church, and as I had been in the service industry, it was entertaining to watch it all and to figure out what and who the problems were. And after three days I saw that this staff were badly led, badly supplied and just performed badly. A hat trick of incompence.

Except for Terry.

She was about 20 and a local, like most of the workers at the resort. I’d call her plump but not fat, zoftig the Germans call it. She had a decent set of curves, and shoulder length, dirty blonde hair with pink and green streaks. She was cute as hell with a big smile and brown eyes, but a lot of the workers were cute, and most of them were girls. But Terry actually seemed to give a shit, and it made her the pariah of the whole resort. I felt bad for her, having been in similar situations throughout my career. Empathy plus boredom can lead a man to take some chances, and when a Texan fancies he’ll take his chances, chances will be taken, that’s for sure. So, since most of these incompetent people were stupid, and I as a guest was invisible to them, I was able to cause some severe havoc in a short amount of time.

A quick talk with Terry got her on my side. She was smart as hell, which graduated her from cute to hot. She perfected the plan I had, and in two days we had engineered the arrest of three of the meth-heads, and the subsequent firing of five other workers who the worst. I had previously called a staffing center and arrange a quick delivery of replacement temps, and suddenly Terry was working around a crew that gave a shit, were doing a good job and were also actually happy to work a place so beautiful as the resort.

I was watching the sunset on the huge patio that overlooked the Cumberland. Yeah, you bet your NASCAR ass I watch the sunset. God does good work. Terry came out with two beers in her hand, and I gotta say, the sight of a hot woman with two beers coming at you almost tops a good sunset. We talked for a while, comfortably, like any two service folk would do. Despite all the drama, that’s was still all we were, until she asked me something. We had just shared a giggle about lemons, and she leaned back and looked me full in the face, her large brown eyes suddenly warm in a way I hadn’t seen before.

“Jack, I really do appreciate what you did for me, for all of us here. I’ve been trying to think of ways to thank you…”

She lowered her eyes and adjusted her stance so her chest stood out a little more, and her hips became a bit more pronounced.

Oh shit. She was flirting. My mind raced. Wait! You’re old as fuck. She’s not flirting. Get real. Be funny! Play it off!

In a cartoon super-hero voice I said, “There’s no need, I’m just glad to see justice done!” She laughed a bit, but kept her eyes on me. Nope. That’s flirting. Damn! She was cute, but waaay too young for my forty year old ass. Oh, and of course, I was married with a kid.

“Hey, I’m not talking ’bout forever.” She stepped closer to me, her 5’3 body forcing her to look up into my face. “And I don’t want to change your life, but there’s a warm wind blowin’ and the stars are coming out….” she hesitated and gulped. “..and I really want to see you tonight. Alone.”

I felt like I was in a Penthouse letter. Hearing those words from this barely legal thing was an eargasm. But no, no, No! I had been down this road before, and cheating…even this easy kind of cheating that I could totally get away with, had got me in trouble before. I couldn’t! I just couldn’t. I backed away, shaking my head, trying not to look at her. Then I decided to just be straight with her.

“Holy shit, Terry, you are the hottest thing ever… but.. I just can’t. I’ve been a cheat before, and even though you…I….whew…I can’t.”

I finally got the courage to look at her face, and she was staring straight at my crotch. I was wearing sweats, which were doing nothing to hide my huge erection. I turned back and forth, trying to hide it with my hands, looking a like one of the Three Stooges and then plopped down in a nearby chair. Terry laughed sweetly at my embarrassment, and seemed to enjoy her sudden taking of the maturity high ground.

“No problem Jack, I get you. And it makes you even cuter.” She kissed me on the forehead and walked away. I swear she was shaking her ass as she did. Her bubble butt seemed to mock me with it’s motions at every step. Back at my room, my wife was already asleep, justly exhausted from family tribulations. I needed to pound one out, but there was no way to do so safely with all the cousins and nephews and nieces squirming around. I got a shitty night sleep and was grumpy the whole next day. My wife finally sent me off on a hike in the Cumberland woods, just to keep me from freaking out Chevy Chase style. I got a mile in, found a beautiful huge oak and pulled a Huck Finn style nap right under the bosom of it’s branches. I slept for hours and came back to the resort about dinner time, feeling fantastic and mellow. Terry saw me in the lobby as I passed and called me over to the desk. She gave me a note from my wife that said to meet her in in room 600, which wasn’t our room. Terry had a strange smile on her face, but said nothing else.

When I got there, my wife Betty met me with a huge hug.

“Well, hello to you too.” She had great hugs. “Sorry I was shit today.”

“Oh, It is so okay.” She pulled back and looked me in face. “I had a talk with Terry, and she told me all you did for her.”

“Oh.” I had no idea how to react because I didn’t know if she also told her…

“And she said she offered to have sex with you, and you said no.”

I gulped.

“Frankly, Jack….” She let the pause hang. “I’m impressed. She’s a little hottie. And she seems pretty smart.”

I flinched.

“You made me look very good today, Jack.” She sat me down on the bed, and took a real serious tone. “I am so proud you didn’t cheat on me. Really. Because you would have got away with it. And I don’t want to change our monogamous lifestyle. But….”

She paused again. I had no fucking idea what was coming…

“…Terry came to me and basically asked me permission to have sex with you, in a forthright and respectable manner.”


Betty smiled. “Yeah, you hot hunk of man. But I think she just may be a size queen, since she saw you sportin’ wood. Now calm down! You are still in the clear, but hold on, because I didn’t say yes. And I didn’t say no.”

“….okay, the coy thing is becoming kinda mean at this point.”

“Go take a shower, and get cleaned up. All will be explained when you come out. Just relax and enjoy what ever happens and know that I love you.”

She kissed me on the forehead and led me to the shower. In somewhat of a trance, I got clean quick and toweled off quicker. When I came back out to the bedroom, there were four women there. Betty, Terry and two other staff members who hadn’t been fired. One was Darci, a slender almost twin version of Terry except she had short jet black hair cut in a page boy style. The other was Rhonda, a buxom and deeply tanned 40 year old MILF. She had long blonde hair, blue eyes, a knowing look in her eye and a set of 44 D tits that made you want to dive in and never come up.

The part that made me almost drop the towel was the fact that Terry was in a red string bikini and kneeling on one of the twin beds, facing away from me, her round ass on full display in the tiny, revealing bikini bottoms. Darci was wearing a matching black string bikini and kneeling on the other twin bed, but facing out. Her smaller, but lusciously rounded tits were perfectly showcased in the bikini. She had bright red lipstick and deeply mascaraed eyes. Between the beds stood Rhonda, wearing a leather bustier, fishnets, crotchless panties and gloves up to her elbows. The bustier made her tits into a blossoming bouquet of breasts that was wondrous to behold, and hard to turn away from.

I stammered and stuttered a bit. Betty stepped between me and the titties to get my attention. “Now I am not a heartless bitch, I know opportunities like this don’t happen often for a man, even rarer do they earn them by being a righteous dude. But sleeping with Terry, no, but a rendezvous with 3 women? That’s acceptable as it’s clearly just about sex. One on one, well, you never know. and these ladies are good folk, and they are grateful to you.”

“No kiddin’ Jack, we really appreciate what you did.” Rhonda said emphatically.

“Dude, competence is so fucking hot.”, purred Darci.

“See?” Terry said over her shoulder, doing a near perfect Betty Grable pose.

“Everybody loves you. And your wife is a goddess!”

The other two girls added their girl-power compliments which Betty took in stride.

“Thank you ladies, but I do want to be clear about something….” She dropped to her knees and took off my towel. My cock was already half hard as she took the crown between her thick lips and gave it a noisy, slurping kiss, making my dick twitch with pleasure. She then sat up and faced the girls, “This cock is mine. I’m gonna lend it to you nice ladies, but regardless, this cock is still mine and only mine. Turn to the side, sweetie.” I turned my side toward the three girls, who had all relaxed in sitting positions, all staring at my Betty as she put her lips back on my dick and then swirled her tongue around my cock, with only the tip sticking out as it traveled all the way around my thickening shaft. After a few seconds, my cock was throbbing, pulsating and as hard as it has ever been in my life, and as Betty pulled it out of her mouth, Terry was the first to comment on my thick, glistening tool.

“See! I told you it was huge!”

“Hoooo doggie, ’bout time I had some decent cock, let’s get that….” Rhonda was cut off by the sight of my sweet wife Betty going all the way down on my cock in just three seconds.

“Holy shit.” Gasped Darcy.

Terry turned all the way around. “Ohmigawd, that’s like in the pornos.”

Betty stayed down on my cock, all the way down. Slowly moving her head, showing everyone that taking such a huge cock was easy for her. As for me, my eyes were rolling in the back of my head, and I was having trouble standing up.

“Goddamn that’s a good cock sucker.” Rhonda said breathlessly.

Betty finally started to slide my cock out of her mouth, slowly, tantalizingly slowly, and as the last inch popped out of her mouth, I staggered backwards, and sat on the dresser.

Betty stood up and wiped her mouth off like a lady, then said, “That cock is mine.”

“Yes Ma’am.” The ladies of Cumberland Resort said.

“Have fun with it.”

Without another word, Betty turned and left the room. As the door clicked shut, Terry broke the cinematic silence. “Mr. Jack, I can totally see why you don’t cheat.”

“Except for now, right?” I said shakily.

“Hell son, if she gives permission, it ain’t cheating.” Rhonda said, laughing. “So, which of us you wanna do first?” The girls giggled and laughed as I stood there, agog at the possibilities. My cock was still recovering from Betty’s blowjob, so I needed to give it a break, and there was one thing I had been fantasizing about in particular…

“Terry! I want to taste that pussy.” I said in my cartoon super hero voice.

“You’ll have to eat my pussy too.” Said Darci.

“Oh indeed, indeed, but I owe Terry a little something special. But by all means come over and help!”

“Oh hell yeah, Brother, that’s the spirit!” Rhonda scampered around to the other side of the twin bed that Terry was sprawled in and got close to her. I lay down between Terry’s legs and took my sweet time, kissing her pale skin, and breathing in all I could of her scents. She smiled and wiggled with pleasure at my touch. I pulled her bikini bottoms aside and flicked my tongue along her pussy, which had only a small tuft of blonde hair. Terry twitched, and gasped. My hands roamed up and down her thighs and waist as I explored her pussy with my tongue, searching for her clitoris, and finding it somewhat deep inside. Darci had crawled over to our bed, and was watching my head move back and forth on Terry’s crotch, and also watching how Terry was shaking and moaning. Darcy could feel her pussy get wetter just watching. Rhonda’s pussy was wet as hell, in fact as she lay one Terry away, she had her fingers in her pussy and was playing with her own clit vigorously.

I began a tongue fucking of her sweet pussy, grabbing her legs with a fierce menace, I then pressed my face deep into her crotch, pushing my tongue deeper and deeper inside her, then pulling it out only to suck hard on her clitoris until she yelled, hollered and then screamed with an orgasm that shook the bed. I lapped up her sweet cum, relishing in the feelings and sounds of Terry’s orgasm. I got up from between her legs and cleaned my face.

Still kneeling between this 20 year old’s legs, I slowly pulled off her bikini top. Gently, I rubbed her tits, and squeezed them softly. They were so soft, and her tiny nipples were almost like a cartoon’s. I saw both Rhonda and Darci eyeing Terry’s tits, so I gave a welcome order.

“Darcy, Rhonda, would you please suck on Terry’s tits for me?
 Without even pausing to say Yes, the two ladies dived onto Terry like a crow on corn! Darci was a licker, her pointy but long tongue flicked and teased Terry’s nipple and gave soft licks everywhere else. Rhonda was a sucker, and she was sucking on Terry’s tit with a sloppy wet intensity that could not be faked. Terry had her hands in both of her co-workers hair, not pulling them away, but holding them firmly to their tasks.

“Oh hell yes, suck my titty! Do it Rhonda! Darci, bite me. Take it your teeth like you did last week.”

I watched Darci’s red lips pull back to reveal white teeth that closed down on her nipple, softly, then a little harder.

“Oh, hell, darling, I can do that!” Said Rhonda as she also took Terry’s nipple between her teeth.

Terry hissed in pleasure. “Ooooohhhh shit! Yessssssss…pleasepleaseplease, oh that’s so fucking good! Yes!”

“Okay ladies, now keep that up, but hold on.” I said as I lined my cock up at the entrance to Terry’s glistening pussy.

Terry looked a little scared. “Why? What are you going too……ooohhhhhh fuuuccckkkkk.”

I had started to slowly slide my cock into her pussy, slow enough to not jostle her nipples as they were being pinched and tortured by the teeth of two nasty hotel girls. Inch by inch I slid it in, trying hard to keep my cool with such a tight pussy gripping and even pulling on my cock.

“Oh fuck it’s so fucking big! fuck! fuck.” Terry moaned as I finally made it balls deep. I held it there, and rocked her back and forth, and then slid my cock completely out of her.

“Ohhhhgod! What? don’t stop…” Terry whined.

“Shush.” I told her firmly. “There’s three of you to take care of, don’t be greedy.”

“Good point!” said Darci as she took her teeth off of Terry’s nipples, flipped Terry’s leg up and popped my cock straight into her mouth. I got up to a kneeling position and started to fuck her mouth, making her take half of my cock with each stroke. I grunted with pleasure every time my dick danced across her tongue, and her lips smacked deliciously on my shaft. Terry, not wanting to be out of it, slide over and got under Darci’s tits and started to give exactly what she got, sucking and licking Darcy’s perky 34 C tits. Darci began to writhe and moan despite the hot dick in her mouth.

Soon Rhonda came over and somehow found a way to slither under my cock to take my balls into her mouth, and then alternately snaking her tongue along my shaft as it came in and out of Darci’s mouth. Looking down I saw that Rhonda had pressed herself very close to Terry, holding her closely and rubbing her pussy with her fingers all while tea-bagging my cock like a pro! To keep the chain alive, I reached down and started to massage Rhonda’s pussy. Soon we were all moaning and grunting to the same fucking rhythm, the same fuck beat! Damn! What a scene!

Finally, I had to change the tempo. I got on my back and lifted little Darci on top of me. She put her hands on my chest and slowly dropped her pussy onto my dick, then leaned backwards, putting her hands behind her, and started to fuck my cock. She fucked me like I wasn’t there, like I was a thing, an object, and she twisted her body around my dick as she fucked me to get exactly what she wanted. I motioned to Rhonda to come over, and she got my cue and straddled my face, but didn’t put all her weight on me. Instead, she felt her way until her pussy lips were just at mine. I lapped upwards, lashing the entire length of her pussy with my tongue.

“Oh that’s exactly what Rhonda wants.” She was facing away from Darcy, and so had nothing to do with her at all. Both women were now using me. Rhonda ground and dipped her pussy up and down and across my eager mouth while Darcy humped me like a piston while flicking at her own clit. Neither cared about the other woman at all, but my whole being was filled with delicious woman, woman! WOMAN! My cock, my legs, my body, my mouth, my eyes, hands, ears, nose and balls! Darcy came first, the force of it flipping her forward to lean on Rhonda, who was still riding my mouth like Billy The Kid. Darcy wrapped her arms around Rhonda and began to squeeze and fondle those massive tits while nuzzling and kissing the tanned neck of the Biker MILF which sent her right over the edge. Rhonda began to buck her hips and then she gave a shout, and collapsed, trembling and shaking as she came all over my face.

After that, I just needed some straight-forward fucking. I pulled Rhonda over, flipped her onto her back and just starting fucking her, missionary-suburban style. As she had just came, her pussy was still wet and charged with sexual energy, and as I shoved my cock into her she instantly had another smaller orgasm, that made her pussy quake all around my dick.

“Oh shit yes! Fuck me good, Jack, fuck me unnngh!”

That’s the nice thing about older women, they can take a bigger cock a lot easier. Hey, tight pussy’s fine, but I like a little room to work in, a pussy that I don’t have to worry about hurting with a hard pounding which is what I was giving Rhonda. Nothing fancy, just a hard all the way in, then half out fuck. The staple of any bedroom! After a few minutes i stopped and grabbed Terry from where she was eating out Darcy and laid her side by side next to Rhonda, and began to give her the same fucking. Darcy got the cue and got over on the bed on the other side of Terry, and waited.

As I fucked Terry, both Rhonda and Darcy were playing with themselves, but I ignored them as I began to fuck little Terry as deep and as hard as I could. Her hands were pressed against my chest as I pushed more and more of my cock into her, over and over. When Rhonda and Darcy reached over to play with Terry’s tits, I batted their hands away. “Hands off! She’s my fuck.” Terry’s eyes got bigger, and she smiled and then slide her hands from my chest to my hips, and with a deep grunt, pulled me all the way into her.

“Godddddd….yeesss!! Fuck me,fuck me hard, Jack.”

I gave her short hard bursts, but I picked up the pace of the fuck bit by bit.

“So good, so good, so gooood! Ohhhhhhh fuck!”

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