A Gift for Gillian


Gillian had been my best friend almost since I had known her. When we met, I was dating her best friend, Diane. Diane had confided in me early on that she wanted to have sex with another woman. We were fortunate enough to achieve that goal, several times. I was luckyenough to be present every time.A few months after Diane had her first f/f experience, she began to talk about Gillian. She had just separated from her husband and was ready for some wild times. Diane had told her of some of our adventures, including a few trips we had made to a local swinger’s club.Gillian convinced Diane to let her tag along on one of our “field trips.” Diane approached me with the idea, casually mentioning that she thought Gillian was very sexy. Didn’t take me long to agree.Turns out, one of the clubs was having a Halloween party. Gillian was excited, had picked out the perfect costume, and was telling Diane she planned on getting wild. The night was way beyond “wild”. It surpassed every man’s fantasy. It was also Gillian’s first f/f experience, and the first time that I got to fuck Gillian. But that’s another story, for another time.We got together a few times after that – the 3 of us. Then Diane and I split. Gillian and I stayed friends, although for awhile, we didn’t talk. Then, she broke up with her boyfriend. Gillian and I sought comfort with each other. We made love a few times, but those times were rarities. One night, Gillian confided to me that she wanted to try sex with a woman, but one on one. In the back of my mind, I promised myself that if I could ever assist, I would. A year later, the opportunity presented itself.I met Faith at the topless club near my house. I would go in every once in awhile, in part, because it was one of the closest bars to my home and I didn’t have to worry about driving. Ok, the beautiful, nearly naked women were also part of my motivation.Anyway, Faith was having some problems, and knowing my line of work, asked me if I could help. She was quite up-front with the fact that she didn’t have any money. I was up-front too – I don’t compromise my ethics for a fuck. I would help her as my “charity case” for the year.Faith came over one night and I did the work she needed. It was actually quite simple and took about 10 minutes. We sat out by the pool and talked for awhile and I offered to make dinner. She accepted.As darkness fell, we watched the Arizona sunset and enjoyed a glass of wine as we ate the marinated shrimp I had barb-b-qued.Faith and I were getting along great and as the night progressed, I lit a fire in the chiminero. By midnight, she was in my bed. She managed to find her way back many times after that. We had many conversations while enjoying the “afterglow”. During one of those, Faith told me of her bisexual experiences and how much she enjoyed women. One night, Gillian and I were sitting around talking. She had broken up with the latest sleazebag and was lamenting about her lousy luck. Gillian blurted out “I’m sick of men. I just want to try a woman”. “If you’re serious, I think I can arrange that.””Bullshit!””No, really Gill, I can.” Gillian looked at me not knowing what to believe. I had told her some things about Faith. “If you really want to try, I’ll arrange it. I’ll get a gorgeous, sexy, 23 year old to join you in bed.”Gill laughed nervously. She tilted her head down and raising her eyes, said “Ok, you’re on. Prove it.””Fine. It’s a deal.” My mind raced. Faith usually came over after Escort Küçükyalı she got off Saturday night to have a quick fuck. “Be here Sunday afternoon, 1 o’clock sharp.””Fine!” Gillian shouted, as if she were angry. Or perhaps she was challenging me. “I’ll see you then.” Gill got out of her chair and walked out the door. I sat there wondering how much of my foot I had swallowed. I wondered what Faith’s reaction would be. That night, I decided to go see Faith at work. Something I had only done once since we had been sleeping together. She was surprised to see me. After a dance or two, she began to sense that something was up. “Stop by when you get off. I’ll leave the door unlocked.” Faith stepped back and looked at me with a curious smile. “Ok.” Kissing my cheek, she turned and went back to work. As instructed, Faith showed up about 1:30. I made sure to go the extra mile when I went down on her. Not that it was tough to do! I licked and sucked her to the brink several times. After about 45 minutes, I kissed my way up her stomach, across her tits, finally placing my lips on her mouth as I slid my cock into her. She moaned a breathy “Oh God” as I withdrew, then slammed into her hard, starting a fast rhythm. Her little tits bounced to and fro. She came quickly and I continued to fuck her, sometimes deep and hard, other times slow, still others, shallow. I turned her onto her hands and knees, then pulled her on top. I pulled out every trick I knew. Fortunately, I was able to last a while that night and a while later, as she lay there, glistening from the sweat and left over body glitter, she asked what had gotten into me. I knew it was now or never. It might also be the last night I ever had sex with Faith. “I want you to sleep with a woman I know.” Faith seemed unfazed. Then she looked confused. “You mean a 3-some?” “No. Just you and her. It’s Gillian.” She had met Gillian once, for about 4 seconds, as she was dashing out the door to work. I told her of our conversation. “When do you want this to happen?” Faith wasn’t angry and my balls were still attached. “Sunday afternoon. She’ll be here about 1”. “You mean you’ve already arranged it??” Oh shit. I covered my balls. “Well it just sort of happened.” “You’re an asshole.” My balls had now shriveled and fit comfortably within the palm of my hand. “If you don’t want to, that’s ok. I understand and I’ll deal with it.” “I didn’t say that.” Faith was now looking at me. “Just the two of us?” “Yes.” “Does she like toys?” “Yes.””Ok.” “That’s it?” “That’s what you want, isn’t it? Or is there more?” “No babe, that’s it.” Pushing my luck, I added, “Why don’t you just bring your stuff with you Saturday? I’ll make breakfast and cut out after Gillian gets here.” “Oh, you’re cutting out, alright,” she laughed, “but I’ll be damned if I’m going to let you fuck me before she gets a chance at me!” Faith laid down next to me. “You’d better enjoy what you just got, because you’re not going to get it from me again. At least not until Gillian does.” Faith rolled into my arms and put her head on my chest. Breathing a sigh of relief, I wrapped my arms around her, and confident that I would wake up with my masculinity still attached, fell to sleep. Saturday night could not come fast enough. I tried to stay busy, picking up the house, making sure the fridge was well stocked, putting vases of flowers around. I also picked up some massage oils and plenty of scented Kartal escort candles. Gillian had called a couple of times during the week. I could tell she was beating around the bush, so I asked her if she was still coming by Sunday. “You bet,” she said, “I want to prove that you’re full of shit!” “And if I’m not?” “Yeah, right.” “No, seriously. Suppose you get here and there’s a gorgeous woman waiting here?” “Well, I guess we’ll just have to see.” Then laughing, “Actually, you’ll just have to hear about it second hand.” Faith tested me as well. “Still going through with your plan?” she asked. “If you’re willing.” “I am. But you’re gonna owe me big time.” As Faith instructed me on what to buy (ok, I admit, the oils were her idea), I couldn’t help but wonder what I had gotten myself into. I had just arranged for my best friend and my “girlfriend” to sleep together. And I wasn’t to be there for it. No matter how many ways I plotted to watch, including the thought of going out and buying a hidden camera, I slowly began to realize that this was one experience I would only hear about. About 1:30 a.m., I heard the front door open. Seconds later, I could smell Faith’s perfume. Coming down the hall, I heard her unzipping her shorts. By the time she made it to the room, her shirt was off. I watched her in the flickering candlelight as she kicked off her shoes and dropped her shorts and her g-string. Turning away from me, I saw her beautiful ass and the rosebud tattoo, as she bent to blow out the candle on the night stand. She climbed into bed and beneath the sheets. I could feel her warmth approaching me and I rolled to embrace her. “Hi Babe, how was work?” She kissed me, before responding, “The usual. Danced naked, got grabbed a few times, propositioned a few times, and I swear, if I smell one more beer soaked fucking degenerate, I’m going to puke on him!” “Glad I showered,” I joked. She asked about my night as I held her and ran my fingers lightly across her back and shoulders. Her breath was steady and warm as it escaped from her and spread across my chest. Her left hand was caressing the side of my head and face. I tipped my head to kiss her and she accepted the kiss. I went back for seconds, tentatively at first, then thirds with more conviction. After a minute, she stopped me. “Sorry, you’re cut off, remember?” “Why am I cut off? You’re the one that’s fucking Gillian!” “That’s the breaks. Besides, why should I let you have fun while I’ll have to suffer until tomorrow? Don’t worry, I’m sure it will all be made up to you.” I resigned myself to the fact that I would not win this battle. I laid back and pulled Faith close. I wondered what Gillian was doing. I thought that was strange – here I was with a young, beautiful and extremely sexy woman, but my thoughts were on Gillian. Perhaps my friends were right – perhaps my thoughts for her ran deeper than friendship? “Shit,” I said to myself. Now’s not the time to think about that. I could feel Faith’s breath, much shallow than before. I knew she was drifting off to sleep. I kissed her on the top of her head and felt her stir into me more. This was going to be a long night. Despite the thoughts and emotions that danced around my head like a hyperactive kaleidoscope, at some point, I actually managed to drift off to sleep. I was literally surprised when I awoke, laying on my side, and felt Faith’s arm around my waist. As I gained consciousness, Suadiye escort bayan I could feel her breasts in my back and the heat from her loins radiating into my behind. She was still sleeping deeply as I extracted myself from her grasp. I plodded into the kitchen and started the coffee. Making my way to the guest bath, I took my morning piss, which was quite difficult with the hard-on that I had awakened with. Shuffling to the back yard, I turned on the sprinklers, and went back in for my coffee. Returning to the patio, I sipped my coffee as the morning birds arrived to play in the water and feed on the bugs that leapt from the grass. About 11:30 or so, I went in the room to check on Faith. She was stirring and I knew it wouldn’t be long before she was up. I climbed into bed with her and she rolled back into me. I held her and enjoyed the jasmine scent of her hair, mixed with the slight musk from her leftover perfume and the smoke from the bar patrons. I knew Faith was waking when her hands began to move across my body. She slid a hand down to my cock which quickly jumped to attention, especially after she gave it a slight squeeze. Removing her hand, she asked for coffee. “Want some breakfast?” “Not now. I think I’ll take a bath first.” “Ok, you stay there, I’ll fix the tub for you.” I had bought some special bath oils for the occasion to insure that her skin was nice and smooth. I started the water, then went for the coffee. When I came back to the room, Faith was emerging from the bathroom. She took the coffee and turned to the hall bath where the tub was filling. I wanted to spoil Faith. Pamper her to death. And tease her a bit. I wanted the anticipation to build in her as much as it was building in me. She seemed unusually quiet and I wondered if she was having cold feet. “Why? Are you?” she asked. “No, you just seem quiet, that’s all.” “You think she’s going to show?” “I don’t know. Actually, I think she will. She hasn’t called to tell me that I’m full of shit and she’s not going to fall for it.” Faith laughed. I grabbed the shaving cream and began to lather her legs. Carefully, I shaved them smooth. I trimmed the tuft that she kept above her pussy. I washed her hair, slowly massaging her scalp, watching her contentment through her half closed eyes. When I was finished, I grabbed the towel out of the dryer and warmed her body as I dried her off. “Time for you to hit the road.” I stood there, shocked, as the impact and reality of what she said, sunk in. “Just let me get a quick shower.” “Quick is right. I got things to do. I want you out of here in 10 minutes.” Faith was enjoying being in control. I showered, cursed myself for getting into this situation (although I really didn’t know why I was cursing myself!), then cursed myself again for not having bought a hidden camera. As I left, Faith was lighting candles. Sarah MacLaughlin was on the stereo. Faith was wearing a soft pink silk robe. “Don’t come back before 4,” she said as I kissed her goodbye. The afternoon was agony. I walked the mall, stopped at a bar and tried to watch a game. I wished I’d had taken the bike and gone for a ride instead. Still, my thoughts wandered back to the house and whether Gillian had shown. And what they were doing. Gillian was nervous as she drove the 5 miles to Dan’s house. Still, there was a dampness between her legs. She hoped that Dan hadn’t set her up. As she turned down his street, she breathed a sigh of relief as she saw a car in the driveway that didn’t belong to Dan. At the same time, her stomach flopped. She sat in the driveway a minute. Then getting her nerve, she walked to the door. There was a post-it note on the door: “It’s open” was all it said. Taking a deep breath, Gillian turned the knob and stepped in.

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