A Doll For A Master

A Doll For A Master

Combined repost of the three “Doll of the Master” chapters in one file. By request.

A boy becomes a reluctant girl.

Hello my name is yvonne and i wanted to write down my life story for You – my Master of my everlasting dreams!

I was born as a boy in the late 60s and had a really happy c***dhood up to the age of my 10th birthday. Then my Mother died at an accident and my father was really sad about the loss of my mother. But after a while he was screwing around to forget his mourning. He learned to know a really beautiful but very demanding woman. She was at the age of 25 years and knows what she wanted. He loved her so much that after some weeks they married and i got a new mother. She made all decisions for both of us all the time and my father was happy about her really natural dominance. As i was lying in bed in the night i heard them often crying in their bedroom and was beginning to masturbate myself. i must say that i was in love with her too and fantasized about what she would do with me if i would be older and could be with her instead of my father. i found out that they play SM games in the bedroom and that my father is her slave. Later i knew that he is not only her slave in the bedroom. After a half year some very interesting people in leather gear were coming regularly into our house and were very kind to me. One strong and tall man played with me often scrabble and other games. He had often spoken about sex and other things i didn’t knew what is is, while we are playing this games. Every day i was looking forward for this people and wanted to make all so that they would be longer playing with me. i have to say that i had no friends and my new mother wanted me to make the house chores. One morning i was masturbating in my bed when my new mother came in and told to me, that i am my fathers son and this cannot be for longer her interest to accept this. i was ashamed and wanted to beg her not to tell it my father, that i had masturbated. She said, that she would change this circumstance, that i would never be ashamed for anything and that i would be her most loving little one. i was surprised by her answer and really kind tone, because she was often very loud, if i did something what she was not wanting or if i failed in her eyes. So i was very happy and she got out of my room and said loud that i have to wake up to go to school. After i came back from school only my new mother was at home and a friend of her. She said that it is time for a step of my growing-up that all young boys have to go. The man looked at me and smiled with a devilish face. She took my arm and positioned me in the middle of the room.

“Get off your clothes my dear” she said and i did it like it was the most normal in life to do such in front of others. i stood naked in front of the man and he examined my genitals. He fiddled at my penis and at the time it was getting hard. He said that he would like to test my penis for the next hours, so that he can find out, what the best is. She said only do it and went to the kitchen. Now i was alone with him and he was very rough with my penis but i liked it in the way he played with it. i got very spontaneous a climax and sprayed on the floor. i was ashamed and he said to me that it is not really bad. He played with my penis once more and more rough as the first time. After some more orgasm i only could cum dry. My penis was limp and i couldn’t erect my penis for a new time. His face seems to be more friendly and he said to my mother in the kitchen, that he had tested me and that they can begin with the mod. She came in and kissed me on my forehead.

“So my young, you will get an injection so that You will not feel pain as we are preparing you for your new life.” i looked in her eyes and i had no fear, so that the man could made an injection in my penis. The man waited for a moment and i couldn’t feel my penis. He comes with a scalpel and my stepmother took my head between her breasts. He was working at my penis very fast and i didn’t felt anything. After some minutes he said that he is ready for the next step. i looked at my penis and saw that he had cut away my whole foreskin and my little penis was very tight and seems erect in the flaccid state. He took a metal tube out of his pocket and looked at my stepmothers face with a grinning. He set a needle behind the glans on the underside through my penis. After this he put a gel in the metal tube and pushed it over my penis so that my glans could look out of it. It seems to be very tight and my glans was swelling so that the tube couldn’t slip off it. He put the needles for a new time to sting it through holes on the sides of the tube and glued it with metalepoxid. Both stood in front of me and said, that i was ready. i looked down at my penis, where i only saw the metal tube with my glans looking out of it.

“This is all for the first step and you will hate and love it. But it is your destiny and you will learn to live with it” she said and smiled to the man who put all his clothes and said good bye to us with a friendly wink.

After a half hour i felt pain in my penis and said it to my stepmother. She told me, that it will be often in future and that i have to care for it so that it will be for me more comfortable. She suggested me to cool it with ice. It was a horror trip for the next 10 days because my painful penis wanted to erect always and i have to cool it with water or ice. My father was dedicated to what had happened to me and encouraged me to endure the pain. He said that he has the same tube over his penis and it is normal for boys. He showed me his cock which was more modified as mine.

Time went by and i was accustomed to the pain. The only i couldn’t understand was, that i couldn’t masturbate and i was so horny all the time. After some days i was more aggressive to my stepmother and she did something to me, what she never did all the time. She played with her hand at my back and slapped on it more and more harder. i liked it and was more horny as before, so that i provocated it from time to time. One day she looked at me and meant that it is time for release. She came with a special slip to me in my room.

“So this a gift for you that you will enjoy. I think you have earned it well.”

It was a dildoslip out of rubber, which she held it under my nose.

“This will be the only slip You have to wear for the next weeks. Try it. You will be happy to have this in your butt.”

She put some gel on the plug and i lifted it and tried to slide the plug in my ass. It was a very strange feeling to have something in my ass but after some minutes i was comfortable with it. My balls were tightened in my body by the pressure of the slip. She saw my grinning in my face and told me, that she was right with her prediction. i nodded but i didn’t knew that after 1 hour i had a strong feeling to piss. But every activity was an overwhelming feeling in my ass. i was really thankful for the gift of my stepmother and said it to her.

“Fine you will more things learn to love, I promise You” and kissed me on my forehead. “We should do something with your taille too” she looked at me and put a corset out of a cupboard. “This will help you to get the right attitude for further coming steps”. She put it on me and laced it very tight. i was so aroused by all kind of activities where i have to go up and down with my legs. All house chores are now sexual feelings like vacuum or washing the dishes and put them in the cupboard and wall cupboards. At every step i was shaking with my back. But i have to concentrate enormous by all i was doing. At every run to the toilet i recognized, that my slip was in front so wet, that it couldn’t come from sweat. i had a lot of pre cums the whole days. But no real orgasm.

Weeks went by and i was frustrated by knowing, that i had no orgasm all the time now for 3 months after the tube was installed through my penis. i told this my stepmother in front of my father. He looked at her and she meant:

“No it is not time for this. Pet, do you think that it is correct for my little darling, when it does not know what a real pussy fuck is ? I think I will let someone come tomorrow for the next step.”

My father looked at me and smiled. i didn’t knew what i was awaiting the next day but i thought it will be great day for me. This night i fantasized a lot, what they meant with the next step. My frustrations were growing to the extremist. But after hours i slept with erotic dreams.

The next day it was a Sunday all the friends of my stepmother arrived and were looking at me. The good friend of me who played with me often scrabble was there too and commanded me to undress me. Another one instructed me to lie on the couch. He came with a pendulum which he swung over my head. i should look at the pendulum and was getting very tired. i didn’t knew what was going on as i awoke in the middle of the room with a cock in my mouth and someone kneeling behind me fucking my ass. i was so horny and had an orgasm in the same time as i awoke. i felt so free and wanted to suck more and more. i had another orgasm and another and another. i was so aroused so that i could get fucked the whole day. After they were ready they carried me in my bed. i thought they were more exhausted as i was. i slept and had much fantasies in my dreams, which i could not imagine where they come from. One day a week the friend of my stepmother came to us and he didn’t wanted to play with me scrabble anymore. He always wanted from me to kneel in front of him and to suck his cock. Every time i was so aroused by sucking that i was very near to get an orgasm.

As it was my 12th birthday my Stepmother and father woke me up in the morning. They told me to drive with me in a clinic, where i will get my new identity. We drove a long time to a city where my life will change completely. We arrived at a big house, but it didn’t seemed to be a hospital. We went in and a very kind nurse welcomed us. She talked to my parents and took me at my hand to follow in room with bed, where i have to undress and wait for the doctor. i looked after my parents but they seemed to go out of the hospital. i thought that they will have forgotten something, but later i knew that they drove home. So i was alone in this hospital and after an half hour the doctor came in.

“Hello. I am uncle Bob. I hope you have no fear” he said. i shook my head and waited for what was coming. “i will give you an injection and you will sleep very deep. Is it Ok ?” he asked. i responded with a shy yes. “OK then let we do it and after one week you will be with your parents together”

He injected me and after a while i woke up. Now one week was passed and i looked at the room where my parents are sitting at my bed. On the other side of my bed “uncle Bob” was standing and told to my parents, what they have to consider by the after-care of my healing.

i looked at my body under the coverlet and noticed, that i was bandaged over the whole body. “uncle Bob” recognized this and said:

“Let’s look at my work. Stay up and sit on the bed, then we can remove the bandages”

They helped me in doing this and after some minutes a saw “his work”. My genitals were removed completely and instead of my penis was a massive ring through the flesh. My waist was very tight and my chest had breasts with huge nipple rings. i looked in a mirror at the wall and saw a young girl with a thick ring in the nose through the septum. My Stepmother brought me a bag with a lot of clothes in it. First she took out a corset and put it on me. She stood behind me and laced it very tight. Then she plugged me my butt. My feelings came back and i was very aroused felt very horny. i shook with my back automatically. All in the room began to laugh.

“Hypnosis and conditioning is the most effectiv way to get a real slave and slut.” said Stepmother to “uncle Bob”.

“And for whom is this all?” said the doctor. “For itself and for a real best friend of mine. He was my husband years ago”, my Stepmother said.

“Oh very interesting” said the doctor. while they were talking i had to dress myself and we got out of the hospital and drove home. As we arrived at home my Stepmothers ex-husband – my special friend Glen – awaited us and welcomed me with a kiss on my mouth. My Stepmother said to him: “It is not ready for You. It will be trained for Your needs and then at the age of 16 it will be Yours. So please wait and don’t be silly for the next steps that will done.”

She brought me to my room and bound me to my bed with all fours. Then Glen came in and whipped me on my ass without any saying to me. It hurt so much but i was not crying. Then he got out and let me sleep. i slept a long time but still awaked as my stepmother came in and untied me.

“So my dear. You are now 12 years old but Your life will now begin and this will be for the rest of your days. I will train you for the next 4 years, so that you are in future a very happy slave of Glen. I know all my ex husband predispositions and this is by you to follow all my orders or not. The consequences of this you have to take are very painful. So be an obedient slave and do all what your mother says. You will find something irrational in our behaving but be sure: We all only want the best for you !”

She looked at me with a friendly face.

“Go on the table there, kneel on it and take your hands on your back” she commanded me and tied my ankles and wrist with my body on the table. She got out of the room and came in after some minutes with a very big dildo she was wearing in the front. The big dildo was installed on a slip she was wearing and it seemed that she had a cock as a man.

She fucked me with the dildo hard over an hour and she seems to have a dildo inside in her vagina too, because she came often to orgasm. First it hurt much but after a while it made me very horny and i was coming too for 3 times. It was a new feeling for me not to orgasm with my cock and i felt the strong power in me to get some more climax if she would fuck me longer. But nothing happened and she untied me to get off the table.

“So my little Dear. Now you have learned how good it is to get fucked and you will want to get fucked every day. But don’t be disappointed if you cannot get climax. This will be for the rest of your life a goal to get a climax, which will be from time to time more difficult for you. I will treat you with female hormones and from now on you will behave like a girl. And so for that you feel like a girl you have to dress like one.”

i wondered and looked at her with an answering face, because i thought i should grow to a man, because i was a boy and they told me first, that the steps are all made by the boys in my age. She recognized my ask in my mind and said:

“Well, you have to learn so much and you wonder why you will be a girl in future. It is one point you should learn for the future: Don’t think about things you cannot understand. Later you will understand all by self. Your identity is now female and your name is yvonne. you don’t have to go to school for the rest of your life. Isn’t it great ?” she smiled over her face and i thought it is wonderful not to go to school, because all of the k**s in my class are only teasing me and i had no friends there. I was happy and i kissed her for this message. Days gone by and i was to dress me like a girl with pumps, stockings, corset, skirt and blouse. i got a very thick butt-plug for a slip. My hair and breasts were growing. My wrist was very tight fitted with a special frame where my mother could lace me to the extreme. Every day i had to exercise on ballerina shoes and the rest of the day i had to walk on 6″ heels. On the evening i was chained to the bed with a special body harness. In bed i should read books like “How to service a Master” or ‘”The basic rules of slaves”. After 2 hours the light was off and i slept with many erotic dreams. The first weeks after surgery i got many orgasm by ass fucking by my mother, but it was more and more difficult to come to climax. After one year i couldn’t climax. But the strong feeling to suck a cock was growing in the same time and i was to exercise with a dildo, which gave me a warm shower over my body and after one year i got my first orgasm by only sucking a dildo. It was more an overwhelming feeling, because i did’t knew what a real orgasm is like to be. i forgot the feeling of an orgasm like a boy after 2 years and was happy to get this overwhelming feeling, which let my body shaking. It was a very intense feeling, which made me happy but on the other side i was getting more horny, so that this feeling should never end. The first 2 years i was only trained to behave well as a female slave and to have the right attitude to this life. In the same time my father was trained too by my mother but in other way. He went to work as every day and after work he was the dog on all fours. He had always his chastity device in place and needed more and more whipping to be an obedient dog. He got his meal or should i better say dog food from me, in his bowl on the floor. i made all house chores and cooked for my mother and her friends very tasting meals, which i mustn’t eat. i got the whole time only the same special food to drink.

My father had to behave like an a****l all the time in the house and was happy about it so i could see. I was the maid and house slave to service my mother and her friends without having sex with them. The only who fucked me from time to time was my mother for training she said. Now i was 14 years old but as a slave i was 2 years old which my mother wanted to celebrate. There was another reason for celebration which i didn’t knew at this time. My father was now ready to become a fulltime pet in real.

This was the day my father should have his last orgasm in his life and should be living his life 24 hours a day as an a****l. He was commanded to cancel his job in his company as manager. All was financially prearranged, so that he was able to live as a fulltime slave for lifetime. My mother had the strong wish for this step, because she said that he cannot be a real slave in mind when he was managing a company the most time of the day and should behave correctly as an a****l at home. This cannot work. So my second birthday as female slave was his first day as a fulltime pet. My father and i should wear pony gear with bridle and saddle and the friends arrived at the evening to the ceremony. Glen was there too and looked at me very sentimental. He was not often there the last 2 years and i recognized that he was looking forward of me.

Two men removed my fathers chastity devise and gave him a massage so that the cock could erect. It was difficult for him to erect because over 2 years the cock was tightened with the small metal tube over the shaft. But he enjoyed it and was coming more and more to erection. After an half hour i should go on all fours so that he can fuck me in my ass. It was not difficult to slid in me, because i was widened and his cock was small. i felt nothing by this fuck but my father came 3 times in an half hour.

“It is enough” my mother commanded “Pet go on the table in the living room and wait there for me”. He went in the living room and my mother said to me “Pet is not a great lover. i had problems too as he penetrated me to come to orgasm. His cock is very small and useless. You will be happy to get a real Master with a thick cock”

“Glen can you come ?” she called. Glen came, took my leash and was sitting on my saddle. “You can test it for a while and tell me after, what you want to have changed at it.” “OK i will do it right now.” he said and commanded me to go on all fours with him on me to my room. He was very weighty and i could not going on very fast. He had teased me with a riding whip on my back. As we came into my room he stood up and was in front of me naked. My mind was filled with only one wish to suck his cock. But he went on my back and fucked me over one hour. This was the first time after a long period i orgasmed by ass fucking. i was so happy about this, that i kissed his feet.

“Well done my pet” he said and let me lick his cock for a while. i was more horny than ever in my life so that only licking his cock was not enough for me and i wanted to suck him deep. But before he whipped me and commanded me “Do nothing you are not permitted, yvonne !”

“It only wanted to make you happy my Master” i said. This was a terrible fault of me to speak and should learn to know the consequences of my faults.

“You have no right to speak. Haven’t been your mother learned you this?.” he said and leads me with the leash to the others in the living room. There the others were all standing around my father lying on the table tied. “Oh good You are ready with it ?” said my mother to Glen. “Yes but i it has a lot to learn. I think it is better we give it to a school, where it learned all the rules and will be trained well” Glen said to her. “Oh I is a wonderful idea because I cannot take it with me.” I will relocate to another country, where female supreme is normal in society and i we can live a real fulfilling life. So it will be better You marry her soon as possible to have a right of your slave.” ”

“But she is only 14 years old” Glen responsed to her. “Yes as a boy, but we tried to change the birthday in hospital with all formalities, so that she is now old enough in most countries to marry her.” Glen and i were fascinated by this message my mother said. “But please let us talk about it later. Now we are cutting off his useless cock.” she said to the others. Glen looked at my fathers genitals and noticed

“Don’t You want to castrate him ?”

“No it is more interesting for me to have a horny cockless dog as to have a lazy dog lying on the floor. And also it prevents him to get fat. I don’t like fat dogs. When he will be my pony then he should be able to ran fast.”

“Oh I understand. This is very clear to me. I see You have developed Your predispositions.” grinning to her with a devilish smile.

“Yes so You can say my dear” grinning back to Glen.

Now they had cut off his cock and stitched the skin together where his cock was coming out before. i could see, that there was a little stump left so that he could piss out of the hole like before. He was untied from the table and lead to the floor. He didn’t cried so that he must have been local anaesthetized. He seemed to be happy about this and touched the stitches.

As he was kneeling in front of my mother i could see, that he was pierced and tattooed while Glen and i were in my room. “So Glen we can discuss Your marriage and all others, what to do with your slave ” my mother said to Glen. ” I think it is the best You take Your slave with You tonight, because we will relocate in one week and I cannot care for her. I have so much to do.” “OK but tell me what country is it, where You want to relocate ?” “It is an own society in Europe, where all is ruled by woman and all males are slaves. It was before the CSSR and now fully owned by Queen Patricia from the Other World Kingdom. There it is normal to go gassie with your dog in public or to punish your slave in public. Most of the slaves are a****ls like pony boys or dogs so that it will be the right place for us to spend our life there. And on the other side no one can do something against me, when I want to mutilate my slave or perhaps kill him. I am now a citizen of this country and all courts cannot judge about me – only the court of the OWK. So it is more safe for me to relocate to this country too. I can do all against the will of my slave and he has no chance to get out of this country because if he wants to run away then he would be killed by guardian or very heavy punished. There is a prison and someone who comes in this will never come out. So my pet will be very obedient, believe it”

“This is very interesting. And does something equal exist for Masters and female slaves ?” Glen asked her. “No I don’t know, but let me think about it. You can go to some Arabian countries where slavery is normal practice. I had a girl-friend in school who was sold to an Arabian Master. She was only 12 as she was sold. But i cannot give You the address of him and I don’t know how it happened in detail.”

“Oh I think I can help You” said the man who penectomized my father. “I was there where she was sold to, because I had to make many castrations there. I know the same girl, because we were all in the same school. She was the main slave of a Sultan for whom i had to castrate the eunuchs. She was not very happy i think, because she was always weeping by whipping. But yes in this country there is slavery anchored in law ….”

Glen was listing to the man very carefully and asked a lot about all consequences and the life there. I recognized that it fascinated him very much. As they talked all about my mother said to Glen. “So we have to discuss your marriage and further coming training”

As the discussed all Glen was always sitting on me. This was very strenuous and i broke down on the floor. “This was too much for it” Glen said “I think we have all discussed and can go home.”

We said good-bye and this was the last time i saw my parents in my life. Glen married me 2 days later. It was a conventional marriage in white with his friends and family. i played the beautiful young wife for all and Glen was proud of my behavior in public. After all guests were gone he took me in his dungeon were the real slavery ritual was provided by him. He undressed me and made me ready for my slavery ritual. He tied me on a block and branded me on my ass with his symbol and another brand with initials on my shoulder. It hurt so much and the pain made me u*********s for some minutes. He had left me there for a while and brought the gear for our “honeymoon” he pronounced.

“Are you happy my dear ?”

“Yes my Master” i looked lovely in his eyes. “I will bring you to a special school where slaves will be trained for some special need.”

“This will be your honeymoon for a long time, while i have to travel to Arabia, where we will live together in future.”

Next day we drove to the special school, where i would spent my honeymoon. i was given to the Headmaster who lead me right through the house in a classroom where about 10 slaves were waiting for the teacher. We all had to sit on special chairs with big butt plugs installed on it. The teacher came in. It was a woman who looked very strict but very erotic at the same time. She put a poster on a pin board with a description for heel training and said: “Are you sitting well ? Today we will learn something about foot dynamics and the goal of your training in wearing the highest heels. Well I see, we have a new pet in our classroom. Please come here in front of the classroom and let us look at you.” i was to come in front of the classroom and she examined me with her eyes. “Well i see. You are now wearing 6 inch heels, then this lesson will be boring for you. But i will try to go further to explain the most important things your Master expects from you in wearing the highest heels…..” She lead me to my place and i could sit on the plug. It was painful for new because the plug was much bigger as all dildos i had in my ass. As i could see all slaves in the classroom seems to be pierced with thick rings through the septum and breasts. Some had some piercings in their lips of the mouth. Our arms were chained with handcuffs on the back.

The teacher talked a lot about high heels and how it is possible to go in 6 inch high heels. Then she looked at me and wanted me to come in front of the classroom to demonstrate the walk in 6 inch heels. i stood up carefully and walked in front. She said, that i must have been well trained for walking in this shoes and asked me how long i had been in this heels. i responded with: “2 years Mistress”

“Oh i see. and why are you here in my classroom, when you were trained for this so long ?”

“To learn more for my Master” i said. “you are a really obidient slave for your Master,” she said and looked at me. “Well i think you were trained for ballerina shoes last time ?”

“Yes i had to wear ballerina shoes very often” i responded. “Then you can tell us how easy it is for you to walk in 6 inch heels and how long your training was” “Yes Mistress. The training was up to now 2 years and first i had to wear 4 inch heels 24 hours the day. As i was safe in walking i got my 4 3/4 inch heels for the day and ballerina shoes in the night. i have to say that i have small feet and it was very difficult for me to walk normal on this heels. After one year i was ready to walk on 6 inch heels but after some hours i have to hold tight at furniture. It was more painful as to learn the first steps on on the 4 3/4 inch heels because my knees bend the whole time and i could not have stretched legs by standing and walking. This was the most difficulty by the training. But after some weeks it went better and i could walk really better but it was a lot painful the whole time. i could only go with 8 inch steps but after a half year i was able to make 12 inch steps without problems. The pain is already there but i hope it will go away after some time. Now i cannot walk without heels up to 4 3/4 inch.”

“Very good slave. Now sit down and we will come to your Masters wishes.” i sat down on the phallus and tried to listen carefully.

“For you the only reason to live is to give your Masters pleasure in every aspect that means that you have to think in every kind – what would my Master wanting from me – ….” She told us about beauty, obedience and pain suffering. After the lesson was over i was lead to the doctor who should prepare me for the night.

He took me on his chair naked and put a catheter in my pee hole and ass hole. Then i was lead to another room where he dressed me from head to toe in tight rubber. First i got a special harness out of heavy transparent rubber, which was a corset for the neck and waist with bright strings through my legs to hold the catheters in position. Then i have to slip in a very tight bodysuit from head to toe which was closed on the back side first with a zipper and then glued. i was brought to a cellar with a bed where i was tied to sleep. The next weeks were routine: At 6 o’clock in the morning school with sport at 10 o’clock where we all had to walk in circle to train running in high heels. i had to walk in ballerina heels. This was going 2 hours, then we had to exercise deep throat on big dildos for a half hour. Then we could rest for 2 hours, where we got something to drink and eat. Every half hour we were whipped with a rubber whip on the ass, while we were doing domestic chores in the schools rooms by orders. At 8 o’clock we got all injections by the Doc. Then we were put to our cellars and be tied to our bed. After 6 weeks of training i was brought to the office Master. “You are now ready for Your Master who is waiting for you in Arabia. We will send you to him by air cargo so we have to prepare you for the flight”. Two Mistress took me into a special body cocoon out of heavy rubber and then in a special box, which was prepared with foam material.

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