A Deset Encounter

Non Nude

A Desert Encounter

My wife and I stopped for gas at this little place out in the middle of nowhere. The only reason we stopped was that my wife had to use the washroom and rather than stopping at a rest stop, we decided to stop here.
As I started to fill up the gas tank, my wife disappeared into the washroom. I was just about half way through when an older woman came out of the office over to me. We chatted and I asked her about the area and what there was to see around there. She just smiled and really didn’t answer me but told me to come into the office to pay for the gas.
I followed her inside and that was when I noticed several cameras pointing to various areas around the station. I asked her about them and she told me that they were for security. After I paid her, I started wondering what was keeping my wife but the woman interrupted my thought when she asked me if I would like to see where all the cameras were pointed to.
She turned her computer around so I could see the screen and flicked from camera to camera. There was even one in the washrooms and when the camera in the woman’s washroom came on the screen, the woman slowed down the sequence for just a moment. In that moment, I saw why my wife was taking so long in the washroom.
When the woman changed to another camera, I asked her to go back to the one before which was the woman’s washroom camera. What I saw took my breath away. There was my wife, flat on her back with her legs wrapped around the shoulders of a woman who was fucking her with a large fake cock. I watched the cock slide in and out of her cunt for a few minutes before the woman said that my wife had met her daughter and they seemed to be getting along quite well.
As I watched my wife getting fucked by this younger girl, I noticed there was a large German shepherd sitting watching the two women. I also noticed it was a male and his cock was hard and glistening. He was watching the two women intently, all the while his cock remaining hard and twitching. He also kept moving closer and closer to the two women until he was sitting right below them, looking up at the fake cock sliding in and out of my wife’s cunt.

He then got up on two legs and started licking the girls ass and crack. Her legs spread apart a little and his nose disappeared into her cunt but I could see his long tongue lapping at her wetness.
Suddenly, the older woman turned to volume up and I could hear the two women groaning and grunting with every Kartal Escort thrust. The fake cock was long enough that it bottomed out every time it was thrust up into my wife. The two women also had their lips locked together and their tongues were exploring each others mouth. I continued watching until the older woman changed the camera again.
I looked at her and without saying anything, she changed the camera back to the woman’s washroom one. Now the dog was fucking the younger girl in the ass while she continued to fuck my wife’s soaking cunt. I still couldn’t believe my ultra conservative wife was doing what she was but I was also enthralled by watching her.
The two women separated a little and I heard the young girl ask my wife if she would like to feel the dog’s cock inside her cunt. Without hesitating, my wife agreed and the girl pulled the fake cock out of her and stood straight up. When she did, the dog stopped and pulled out of her ass.
The girl then did two things quickly. She first, pulled my wife to the edge of the table and then got a small bench and placed it under her between her legs. She then helped the dog up onto the bench and aimed his still hard wet cock at my wife’s cunt and pushed it into her. I heard my wife groan loudly as the dog started pounding in and out of her with long extremely fast thrusts.
My wife’s head was rolling from side to side as the dog fucked her. The girl now moved to my wife’s head removing the fake cock and got up on the table and squatted over my wife’s face, lowering her soaking cunt down to my wife’s mouth. I saw my wife’s tongue snake out and start to lap at the girl’s cunt while the dog continued pounding her cunt.
I noticed out of the corner of my eye, some movement and looked over to see the older woman had removed her pants and was fingering her bare cunt while watching the action going on in the washroom. She looked away from the screen for an instant and smiled at me before gong back to stuffing her fingers up into her wet cunt.
Now it was my turn. My cock was pressing against my shorts and I had to release it. When I did the older woman stopped fingering her cunt and came around the corner of the counter. Her hand snaked out and she grabbed my hard cock and started to rub up and down it.

She then pushed my shorts down over my thighs and ankles, pulling them right off of me. Next came my shirt and grabbing my cock, she led me towards the back room. When we got there, she turned and Kartal Escort Bayan quickly stripped off the rest of her clothes and pulled me down on top of her on the floor. My cock sank into her hot, wet cunt and I started to fuck her while she talked to me, telling me that I felt so good inside her and that she wanted me to fuck her until I came.
It didn’t take me long and I came inside her cunt, spewing my hot liquid deep inside her. She squealed a little when she felt me come and wrapped her arms around me to hold me inside her as long as possible. After a few minutes, I softened enough to slide out of her and we rested right there on the floor.
Now, I was wondering what my wife was doing so I got up and wandered back out to the computer and found that the two women had changed places and the younger girl was getting fucked by the dog while my wife sat on her face so she could lick and suck her cunt. I wondered how long this was gong to continue and before I knew it, I was being led into the woman’s washroom by the older woman.
Now there was four naked adults and one very horny dog in a small cramped space. One thing let to another and while the older woman fucked my wife, she was sucking on the dog’s hard cock. I fucked the younger girl from below her as she bounced up and down on my lap, my cock buried to the hilt inside her cunt.
After a few more thrusts, the younger girl got off my cock and moved so my head was aimed at her ass. She then lowered herself over my cock and for the first time, I felt the hot warm walls of an ass hole as she took my whole length up into her. I started to thrust my hips up and down as my cock slid in and out of her greasy hole. What a feeling.
I looked over at one point and saw that my wife now was fucking the older woman and the dog was just watching them. His cock was still hard and ready so the younger girl called him over to us. Now I did something I never would have imagined me doing. As the dog stood over us, I reached out and grasped his hard cock. It felt so hard and it was soaking wet from fucking the two other women. I started to rub up and down its length while he moved closer to give me better access to him.
The next thing I knew, he moved over me and his cock hung right down to my lips. Without thinking, I opened my mouth and took him inside me. The taste wasn’t that bad so I continued to fuck the younger girl while sucking on the dog’s cock. I came inside the girls ass soon after that but I kept sucking the Escort Kartal dog’s cock even after she dismounted from me. I was really enjoying it and didn’t want to stop until he came inside my mouth.

I heard some rustling and stopped sucking the dog’s cock for an instant. When I looked over, the three women was at it again. This time the older woman was fucking my wife while the younger one was lapping at her cunt. I watched them for a moment then turned my attention back to the dog who had started to whine a little because i had stopped sucking him.
It was then I got a life changing thought. I moved out from under the dog and turned around, pushing my ass up in the air while my head rested on my arms. The dog knew exactly what to do and he mounted me quickly. Now I had never, until then, had anything up my ass but I wanted the dog’s cock to be the first for whatever reason. It hurt like hell when he entered me because he didn’t do it slowly, he crammed his entire length up into me with one thrust. I cried out in pain but also it felt good at the same time.
He started to fuck me with the same speed and strength he had used on my wife. The more times he thrust up into me, the better it felt until I couldn’t feel any pain and was pushing my ass back at him while he fucked me. I felt his cock twitch and suddenly, my ass got very hot and wet as he came inside me, spewing what seemed like a barrel of come deep into me. He came so much that some of it was running out along the edges of his hard cock and running down the back of my legs.
He spewed into me over and over again before his cock softened and slid out of me. He then slunk over to the corner of the room and started to lick himself while I marvelled at how good his cock had felt inside. His come was still running out of me as I started to sit up. I didn’t get very far though because one of the women pushed me back down on my arms again and I felt the hard fake cock at my entrance, pushing against it.
Now I was getting fucked by one of the women with the fake cock and she was very good at what she was doing. The cock hit the end of my tunnel with every thrust and it made me grunt loudly when it hit the end. She kept fucking me for what seemed like an hour then one of the other women took her place. In all, the three women fucked me and the dog did again too before we were through.
As we drove down the highway, I could feel the dog’s come still leaking out of my ass hole and my wife was fucking herself with her fingers. This was the start of our vacation and even when we got home again, we hopefully would find others who enjoy the feelings of fucking with man and animal. I was looking forward to it.

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