A Cougar and a Wrestling Stud


COUGAR: An older female, usually over age 30, that seek out much younger men for sexual and/or other types of encounters.


Marla was always a competitive and ambitious woman; when she set her sights on something, she would go after it–however subtle or outright it may be.

Still beautiful at 41 with long blond hair, beautiful blue eyes, curvaceous hips, and natural 38D breasts, she still got a few glances here and there from men of all ages on the street.

But apparently, it hadn’t been enough to hang on to her scumbag of a now ex-husband.

Married for twenty years, much as she had had the opportunity presented to her many times over, Marla never slept around on Nick.

It certainly hadn’t been the case for Nick; Marla had come in early from her party planning business and had found her husband upstairs with a twenty year old coed bouncing on his cock while he sucked on her tits, which were certainly nowhere near the size of Marla’s.

She would find out that the coed hadn’t been the first girl he’d cheated on Marla with; it turned out he’d seen other women on and off the whole time they had been married.

It was a time like this that Marla was glad they hadn’t had kids; what she knew now, a man whore like Nick wasn’t worthy of her, much less any offspring.

Catching him with the coed slut was the final straw; Marla filed for divorce the next day, taking Nick for practically everything but his balls, thanks to her being able to get the best attorney in town.

Divorced and horny, with no serious man in her life, the occasional guy her age she’d pick up specifically for sex and her vibrator weren’t doing it for her anymore.

Perhaps a hot young stud would satisfy her. But where to find one?

And then one night, Marla saw the man she wanted while watching a wrestling show with her best friend.

Five foot ten, 200 pounds, hazel eyes and black hair, she couldn’t take her eyes off the screen when Paul came on for a match.

Marla couldn’t help but notice he had a fantastic body without being overly muscled, that he moved smoothly yet quickly.

The tights he had worn outlined both his tight ass and the appearance of a very well-endowed cock.

Marla was in immediate lust; she wanted him, and one way or another, she was going to meet the hot guy she’d seen earlier on her TV screen.

First, she had found out as much as she could about him online, scanning as many websites as she could, finding that he was both twenty seven and single at one point.


When it came out that a pay per view was scheduled to be shown from her city a few weeks later and Paul was listed on the card, she had blown over $500 on a front row ticket purchased from a broker.

Marla was not only determined to meet this young, sexy stud, but one way or another, she was also going to get him into bed. Or the back seat. Or a hotel room. Whatever.

If she didn’t know much about wrestling, she figured out enough to know that these guys traveled a lot and no doubt got horny, and screwing fans was very common.

Oh yeah, this guy would be easy, she thought.

The night of the pay per view, Marla prepared meticulously, dressing sexy in a short black Escort skirt, lacy black bra and thong, a blouse that showed off her magnificent cleavage, and black sheer hold up stockings.

The perfect ‘fuck me’ outfit, without being overly slutty.

She looked as hot as any of the younger female fans there and she knew it, getting appreciative stares from some of the men as they signed autographs in the parking lot before they had to go into the arena.

Marla then spied Paul getting out of his rental car, or rather, he spied her.

She could see that he was trying not to be so obvious that he had checked her out by going over to another group of people first before he managed to work his way over to her.

They chatted for a few moments, Paul taking a few sneaky glances at her cleavage, before he said he had to get inside.

“Fine,” she winked. “See you from the front row.”


It was a better show that she had thought it would be; so far, the $500 bucks had been worth it.

Marla had found out from a few younger women where the guys hung out after the show; it was at a hotel bar that was just across the street.

She headed on over and managed to find a table in one of the dark corners of the lounge.

Paul showed up about fifteen minutes later with a young redhead; Marla was a bit disappointed at first that maybe she wouldn’t get her shot after all, until he had taken a table beside hers.

He had recognized her from the parking lot earlier and they began chatting easily.

When his redhead began to see that it was obvious her ‘date’ had more interest in the older, busty blond, she exited in a huff.

Marla, thrilled at her little victory, offered to buy him a drink and they chatted some more, this time about more personal things, one being her divorce and another about his last girlfriend cheating on him.

Paul couldn’t believe what happened next; Marla had sneakily moved under the table, unzipping his pants, wrapping her lips around the shaft of his eight-inch cock, and began sucking him slowly.

As he found himself enjoying the blow job the blond was performing under the table, Paul noticed she was slowly sucking him all the way to the balls.

Paul could feel himself getting ready to explode within minutes from the time Marla had sped up sucking him, not even coming up for air as her expert mouth serviced his cock.

“Oh God,” he panted quietly while making sure no one in the place knew what was going on “I’m going to cum!”

Shortly after, he had shot off down her throat; Marla eagerly drank down every drop of cum before she licked his cock clean and zipped him back up.

When she came back up, she gave him a sly smile, knowing he had enjoyed the impromptu blow job; if anyone else in the place had known what just happened, they hadn’t let on.

“Come upstairs with me,” he said. “I think we need to get to know each other better.”


In his room, they had barely gotten the door shut and locked when Paul held her close to him and kissed her, the two of them raping each other’s mouths with their tongues.

Marla tangled her hands in his beautiful hair as kissed him back, licking Escort Bayan his neck and his ear while she stroked the rising bulge between his legs.

As his lips never left hers, he pulled down the zipper of her skirt and let it fall to the floor.

Marla broke the kiss, pulling back to strip off her top, leaving only her bra, thong and stockings.

“Oh baby, you are one hot lady. What a great set of tits you have.”

He continued to stare at her as she slowly removed each piece of her undergarments.

Marla also watched him as he took off his own clothes, marveling at his perfect nakedness and getting a better look at the cock she had just sucked off downstairs.

Paul kissed her again, his lips leaving a trail down her neck and onto her breasts.

He licked and sucked her nipples until they were erect and it was all Marla could do not to cum right then.

She kissed her way down his chest and stomach until she reached his cock, teasing the head with the tip of her tongue, and then began swirling it around the head of his cock, licking his shaft up and down and the underside of his balls, teasing him.

“Ohhhh…God…” he moaned. “Baby……please….suck my cock!”

Marla took him into her mouth, making damned sure he would get the second blow job of his life, this time before she actually got to fuck him.

Paul’s moans grew louder; no doubt he was enjoying her going down on him.

She sucked the head at first, and then downed it in one gulp, giving him the opportunity to really experience deep throat from an older woman.

“Oh shit!” he panted once his cock was practically in her throat, “You give some fucking good head, baby.”

He panted and groaned, thrusting his hips and fucking her face; Marla didn’t miss a beat while she continued to suck him.

Paul took pleasure in her skill of sucking cock before he pulled out of her mouth.

He needed to have his dick inside her cunt, wondering if this hot cougar fucked as good as she gave head.

“Fuck me,” he growled, pulling her onto the bed with him. “Ride me, baby.”

She smiled, straddling his sexy body, her legs on each side of his hips and slowly sank down on his erection.

Even as the head was entering her, Marla knew that the tightness he would encounter would be as a result from the lack of sex she’d had over the last several months.

Her cunt lips opened wide as Paul worked his dick into her, her pussy craving as much of it as he had to give.

She couldn’t believe how great it felt to have something inside of her the first time in months, and Marla began to rotate her hips on his eager cock.

As she rode him, Paul pulled her forward, thrusting her large breasts into his face.

He eagerly put his mouth down to her nipples and licked and sucked, running his tongue over them as he enjoyed her pussy muscles wrapped around his manhood.

Marla was really bouncing hard on his cock now. Every thrust inside of her, she hit wave after wave of bliss, reaching new levels of pleasure she hadn’t ever felt before, even during her marriage.

She had never felt like this before with any man, and she loved having every inch of Paul’s member inside her as she bounced harder, releasing Bayan Escort her orgasm all over his cock and balls as she cried out with delight.

Once she had cum, he had pulled her off of him, turning her over and laying her on the bed beside him.

“And now, my turn,” Paul stated, pinning her and putting one of her legs on each of his shoulders.

He then positioned his the head of his cock at the entrance to her pussy and when he slid back inside her, discovered she was extremely wet, allowing him to slip his entire length into her easily.

Paul fucked her hard with her legs over his shoulders; Marla moaned with pleasure and encouragement.

Her beautiful tits bounced in time with each powerful thrust and her face contorted with pleasure from Paul’s incredible fucking before she came yet again.

He began screwing her even deeper and faster as his orgasm approached.

When he felt that he was about to cum, Paul slipped his cock out of her pussy, lowering her legs.

With one hand, he pinned her hands above her head, stroking his cock with the other.

“Get ready, baby,” he instructed, his dick aimed toward her tits.

She complied, closing her eyes, ready for what was about to happen next; it wasn’t like she’d never had men cum on her breasts before.

With a loud groan, Paul exploded, blasting long streams of hot spunk onto her rack.

After the initial hard spurts onto her boobs, his orgasm slowed, by then having practically covered her entire body in his cum.

He released her hands and they kissed passionately, their tongues exploring each other’s.

Marla started to sit up and Paul got off of her before she went into the bathroom to wash up.

Paul followed her, pulling Marla into the shower.

Under the warm spray, she kneeled down and sucked his cock to another erection before he fucked her again, this time from behind.

Having already cum once, he was able to focus on simply enjoying himself and the warmth of her freshly fucked, mature, and experienced pussy.

He had Marla brace herself against the wall of the shower, gripping her hips and fucking her harder, her full ass shaking with each thrust.

She gripped his cock with her pussy, sparking his third climax of the night.

Paul let out a loud growl as he shot another load, this time into her cunt, as Marla shrieked in orgasm.

Dammit! No chick his age or even a little younger had made him cum so much!

He slid in and out a couple times post-orgasm before slowing to a stop, the combination of the warm water and the incredible sex relaxing him.

“So was it everything you thought it would be, baby?” Paul asked.

“Now that was hot,” Marla purred as they showered themselves clean before they toweled off and she got dressed to go home.

She hated to be the ‘fuck and leave’ type, but it was already two thirty in the morning and she had to be at the office at eight.

And he had a seven forty five flight to the next time; otherwise, he’d been happy to have screwed her all night long.

“Good,” Paul replied, giving her a phone number. “Call me sometime, baby. Because I’d love to hook up with you again the next time we’re in town.”

Marla nodded, happily agreeing, then started for home, feeling both her pussy still tingling from capturing her stud and a little of Paul’s cum leaking onto her thong.

She had indeed gotten what she wanted, and then some….and never did wash that thong.

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