A Change in Climate Pt. 02


Part two: Make him the cutest that I’ve ever seen

I woke up to the sound of Harvey turning the shower on. Judging by the light coming from the windows, it was still early in the morning. It felt a bit… surreal, waking up in his bed like this. His apartment was more or less the mirror image of mine, down to the color theme. Harvey sure liked to keep things simple and white. White… That reminds me.

I lifted myself up and looked over to the pile of white fabric on the floor next to the bed. I wasn’t going to put it on, of course – my apartment was just a few steps away, no need to get dressed at all. But I think the dress itself earned its place in my wardrobe. I knew Harvey liked it – he came all over it – but I seem to remember him saying something about… everyone liking it? It might have been just dirty talk, but I’m going to keep the dress just in case.

I threw the sheets aside and got up. As if on cue, I felt a little sting between my legs. Oh that’s right… my pussy took quite a pounding last night. I moved my hips to explore the sensation a bit more. It felt so… satisfying. In fact, my whole body felt invigorated. Still gently swaying my hips, I made my way to the bathroom.

I could tell Harvey was taking a cool shower. The mirror wasn’t fogged up at all, so I stopped to catch a glimpse of myself before announcing my presence. My hair was a bit messy, but all in all, I looked… surprisingly refreshed.

– Good morning.

I turned to look at him. He barely dried himself off before stepping out of the shower and closing the distance between us.

– Wait… – I said, guessing his intentions. – Let me freshen up a bit too… It feels weird being all sweaty, when you’re this… fresh…

– Be my guest. – he motioned to the shower.

– I could just use mine, you know.

– And miss out on trying out my mint shower gel? You’re crazy.

He directed me towards the little shower stall and gave my ass a little smack of encouragement.

– Hop in. I want you to smell like me for the rest of the day!

I smiled broadly. It seemed a bit… territorial? Like he wanted to leave a mark on me before sending me back into the outside world. But his intuition was right – I do like to try out different shower products and rummage around people’s bathrooms. Plus, Harvey really did smell nice sometimes… Not just minty, but…

My eyes focused in on a bottle with big black letters. Yep, that looks minty as all hell. And… kinda scary. Why do men’s shower products have to look like bottles of engine fuel or poison? Sheesh. The green color was clearly artificial, but the sharp scent of mint seemed genuine enough. I lathered myself up and let the cool water rinse off my whole body. I expected to see some “3 in 1” type products, but the shampoo was waiting for me in a separate bottle. It didn’t foam up quite as well as my own, but it smelled nice and… manly? I read the description on the label. “Active”? “Force”? Someone’s a marketing genius. I rinsed off my hair and left the shower smelling like a prized athlete.

I wrapped myself tightly in a crispy white towel and approached Harvey in his little kitchenette.

– And…? – he raised his eyebrow in anticipation.

– I feel… ready for action, I guess! – I responded, chuckling.

That’s what I thought. Come, have some juice. I have some fieldwork to do today, what about you?

I flipped through the imaginary diary in my mind. The real one was, of course, still by my bedside. Yesterday was Laurie’s birthday… So I must have planned something nice and low-key today, knowing the whole group would be hungover and worn out…

– Oh that’s right! I’m just going to review my notes, and…

I paused. I was planning to spend the afternoon letting off steam digging around in the garden, but Harvey kinda took care of my steam last night. In fact, I felt so clear-headed and content with myself… It’s like this strange confidence came over me, and I became a whole new woman, all sexy and powerful…! And now, all I want to do is…

– …Study!

Harvey’s face lit up with a boyish smile. I did just say “study”, right, not “fuck your brains out”? Before I could ask, his arms were around me and my cheek rested on his chest.

– That’s my girl. I knew once you get some vitamin D, you’d be back on your A-game! – he laughed and planted a kiss somewhere in my wet hair. – Mmm, you really smell like me now… I kinda wish we’ve done that before…

His hand reached to briefly squeeze my ass through the towel.

– Well, I gotta go – he sighed, letting go of me. – It’s pontoon day, and you know Levi won’t set anything up until I get there. Have a great day, Lu.

– Thanks, you too!

And just like that, he smiled, picked up his backpack and left through the garden door, leaving it open. I envied him a little – I collected all of my samples on land, so it sounded really fun to spend the day in a pontoon in the middle of the lake. I finished küçükçekmece escort my juice, set my glass in the tiny brass sink and left the same way, grabbing my clothes and shoes as I went. A few barefoot steps later, I was at the back door to my apartment. I’ll return the towel later. Or… not.

Wow, my bedroom really was the mirror image of Harvey’s. Not only was all the furniture arranged differently, but my blankets and various pieces of colorful clothing made the room feel much more personal and cozy. Well, “colorful” isn’t the right word… I surrounded myself in deep, dark greens and purples, and most of my clothes were… autumnal, I guess. Still, I managed to pick out a long, flowing skirt and a tank top, perfect for a day of studying. I took out two croissants out of a paper bag in the kitchen cupboard and wolfed them down, washing the tasty crumbs down with a cup of coffee.

After a quick look into my real diary, I picked out some notebooks and headed to the office next to the library. It’s not that I was against technology – it was just easier for me to remember stuff I wrote down by hand. It was on the stairs when I noticed I forgot to put on my shoes. Oh well, I’m not turning back now. I could spend all day barefoot, and judging by the rising temperature, I might as well. The hardwood floor felt good beneath my feet as I dance-walked into the office and set my stuff on one of the desks. Nope, fuck this. I gathered up the notebooks again and headed to the terrace connecting the office and the library. A few pushes and pulls later, a huge wicker chair was positioned perfectly beneath a large parasol. I surrounded myself with everything I might need – my notes, a pitcher full of icy water and some comfy cushions. I put my feet up against the other chair and sank deep into my studies.

An hour or two went by, when I heard someone rustling around the office. My back was against the door, so I listened intently to figure out who it might be. Suddenly, the steps intensified and I felt hands covering my eyes.

– Guess whooo…? – Charlie sing-songed into my ear.

– It’s either Jackie, or the cold clammy hands of death!

– Iiiit’s Jackie! – She laughed, letting go of my face and jumping in front of me. – Wow, That 70s show never gets old, does it?

– I know! – I nodded enthusiastically. We were probably re-watching the series every year. Well, not the last two seasons or so, but still. Between all those complex, mind-fucking shows, it was nice to return to a familiar place for some easy laughs. Charlie perched herself on the chair in front of me, forcing me to remove my legs.

– There’s so much I need to tell you… – I began, eager to have her up to speed as soon as possible. – You think we can talk now? Are you busy?

– Naah, I just woke up, and I didn’t plan much for today. What’s up?

As soon as I started relaying the events of last night, we both leaned closer to each other, forcing loud creaks from our chairs. I told her how Harvey surprised me with a kiss in the hallway, and how I decided to take him up on his offer to… show me a good time.

– Whoosh! – Charlie exclaimed, fanning herself with her hand, before smacking it against my shoulder and giving it a squeeze. – And good for you! It’s been too long…!

I bit my lip to suppress a proud, victorious smile.

– Really, I was sick of watching you get your hopes up for that… Well, he’s not a creep, but you know what I mean…

– That… robot?

– Yes! That fucking robot! – We both erupted in laughter. – He’s like Data or Spock, that guy, like a fucking android or a different species. I’m not sure sexual attraction was even programmed into his brain.

– Yeah, I guess it wasn’t. Me, on the other hand…

– Yeees..? – Charlie’s eyes grew curious, like a naughty kitten’s.

– Well, I made a resolution last night. Like a new year’s resolution, but for Laurie’s birthday, I guess.

I paused to carefully choose the right words in my head.

– …I’ve decided to fuck around a bit.

Charlie let out a loud “pffft!” through her pursed lips, and chuckled at my honesty.

– You do that, honey. You fuck around a bit! – she said, still laughing.

– I’m serious. If recent events taught me anything, it’s that sex has very positive effects on my concentration.

– There’s that scientist in you! Who knew that having a real man between your legs would be better for you than endlessly fantasizing about an unreachable, infuriatingly polite, android-looking motherfucker. Go be young and hot!

We laughed some more, and after a quick chat about her work, Charlie kissed me on the head and left me to my notes.

A few more hours passed without incident. I bumped into Danny in the kitchen when I finally emerged out of the office to get some food, but that was it. Everyone else must be either sleeping off their hangovers or out in the field. After küçükyalı escort a big lunch, I hastily picked a few books from the library shelves and brought them back to my room. I didn’t feel like spending any more time in the library than I absolutely needed to. There was still some… bad voodoo in there.

It was getting dark outside when I heard a gentle knock on my door. I opened it to see Lawrence, looking like he just got out of bed and barely threw some clothes on. I looked down and smiled to myself – I guess I wasn’t the only one enjoying walking barefoot today.

– Lucy… Can I come in?

– Sure. I think I’ve studied enough.

– You… studied? Oh that’s right, you barely drank anything…

He pretended to smack his forehead comically and waltzed into my bedroom. Soon, my bed creaked a bit under his weight, and I turned my chair to sit down and face him. After sighing dramatically, he straightened his back and looked at me with a shy smile.

– I came here to talk, but you have to be patient with me, I still can’t really think straight.

– Yeah, it was quite a night – I smiled, thinking about… well, last night.

– Hmmm… – he looked at me quizzically. – I was worried my little game might’ve ruined it for you, but… you have good memories too?

– Of course. And… I don’t really blame you. I knew you just wanted to push this lame love story a bit forward, and have me and Dylan finally kiss, or… something.

– Exactly. And I don’t blame you either – he IS hot, in his own way. But I think he had more than enough chances to…

– …Appreciate me?

– …Seduce you? – we said at the same time and shared a laugh.

Why do I feel so… relieved? Ever since the party yesterday, all anyone does is mention Dylan to me… First Harvey, then Charlie, and now Lawrence… Was Dylan really all I was thinking about? And… why am I fine talking about him now? When did this become a light-hearted topic of conversation, free of any tension? Was I… over him now?

Lawrence kept talking, apologizing to me again, just in case his sincerity got lost in the jokes. I had to put this theory to the test, like a true scientist. I have to talk about Dylan some more, and see if the feeling of tightness in my chest returns, or if I chicken out.

– You know, Laurie… Dylan might be hot, and smart, but out of all of us, he really is the worst sport. I mean, I get that you two are rivals…

– Wow, you make it sound medieval. We’re not rivals.

– Fine, competition, whatever. My point is, you’re always one-upping each other, and I know you want to see him all riled up…

– Yeah, sure, but we’re not really competition either. I mean, if Dylan’s work gets published, that doesn’t mean mine won’t be. And… if I do well as a member of his team, that looks great for him too.

– So… It’s just personal, then? Cause you do tease him a lot, you can’t deny that.

– Well… – Lawrence paused, giving my question a bit of thought. – I don’t know, he’s just so confident and stoic. Like… a Jedi Master.

– Oh wow! – I chuckled. – We were just talking about it today with Charlie, except we called him Spock! – I laughed, but Laurie only smiled at me.

– Yeah, see… Maybe that’s the thing. I try not to be jealous, but…

– Of what? You don’t seem to aspire to become a Jedi Master.

This was good. Really good. We were discussing Dylan in detail, and yet I felt confident and at ease. Am I… free at last? Lost in my thoughts, I didn’t notice when Lawrence’s eyes narrowed a bit and scanned my face intently. Uh-oh.

– I guess… – He continued to study my ever-changing facial expressions. – I’m jealous of how he doesn’t even have to do anything to get a girl like you to fall for him… I mean…

Oh, I knew what he meant. Dylan really didn’t have to do much, and I almost turned into a hopeless puddle of goo whenever he was close. He was always so nice, so… cordial and calm. It was like my body was making up for his unnatural composure by making me twice the horny, lovelorn idiot I already was. But… that wasn’t what I wanted to be anymore. I lowered my gaze to Laurie’s lips, full and… capricious. Everything about him was a mixture of cuteness and raw attractiveness. Serves him right to be bi – it wouldn’t be fair to only let one gender get all the fun.

– I mean I get it, dude’s kinda fascinating. – Laurie’s lips started moving again. – But he gets you so worked up… I mean, he gets girls… like you…

– Laurie… – I said hesitantly, tearing my eyes away from his handsome features. Was he just flirting as usual, or was he really a little jealous of Dylan because of me, specifically? I took a deep breath and made my gamble.

– You wouldn’t know what to do with a girl like me if you caught me.

I looked back at him to gauge his reaction. I could tell he took the bait, and how! His eyes weren’t maltepe escort undressing me – they were burning my clothes off.

– Lucy… You might want to choose your words more carefully… Cause it seems awfully easy for me to catch you right now…

He leaned closer and extended his hand towards my face, but I was quicker. I stood up and turned around with a twirl.

– Oh really? – I teased him. – How about now?

– D-don’t… toy with…

I took a few steps away from him and darted towards the corridor. As I skipped out of the door, I could hear the bed creak again. He was really getting up to catch me. Soon, we were both running through the hallway. He was close enough to grab my arm and try to hold me down, but each time he caught up to me, he let me slip away. He must have been curious as to where I was leading him. As if I knew! The office crossed my mind, but there was no telling who might walk in at this hour. The kitchen? No…

Suddenly, I felt Lawrence taking hold of me from behind, his arms restricting my movements. I felt his hair tickle my cheek as he leaned it to whisper into my ear.

– I don’t know where you’re going, Luce… but I laid out a nice trap for you in my bedroom, if you’re interested.

– Interested in… getting caught? – I asked, my voice trembling as I felt him run his tongue along the edge of my ear, before playfully biting into my earlobe.

– You could say that… – His hands moved from my waist to my lower stomach, enjoying the silky feel of my skirt. – I… I don’t get it. Something’s new about you…

I heard him breathe into my ear, and it made my face flush.

– I can’t really… put my finger on it… – He continued as one of his hands slid a bit lower, his slender fingers caressing me along the way. I rested my back against his chest and opened my mouth wider to steady my breathing.

– Wow… Whatever it is, I’m not complaining! – he laughed as he picked me up in his arms. I held onto him, stunned.

– That’s right… Keep that sexy mouth open…

He quickly adjusted my body and effortlessly carried me up a flight of stairs. His apartment was situated quite far from anyone else’s, next to the dining hall we weren’t allowed to use. It was also much bigger than mine, which allowed Laurie to regularly invite the whole group for study sessions and movie nights. Unlike Harvey’s bedroom, I was very familiar with Laurie’s quarters. Without putting me down, he awkwardly reached for the doorknob. Of course he didn’t lock his door, I knew that. With his grip on me nice and firm, he used his other hand to turn the lights on, and quickly turned the dimmer around to achieve some pleasant mood lighting. Still careful not to lose balance, I looked around.

Oh. My. God. Sweet mercy, I’ve never seen a mess like this. Every flat surface, including the bed, was buried under piles of clothes. Several pairs of shoes were scattered on the floor, along with loose pieces of paper and the odd water bottle. And yet, he was carrying me through that minefield like it was nothing. Next thing I knew, he laid me down on my back on top of the bed.

– Wait here – he said before letting me go.

I propped myself up on my elbows and watched Lawrence gather the clothes from the bed and throw them on an armchair, already heavy with blankets and… is that a silk robe? I felt him pull something from under me, so I raised my butt, and then my elbows, releasing the clothes trapped underneath. Finally, I saw some comfy looking sheets, all crumpled up at the head of the bed, but Lawrence gathered them up and threw them aside as well. Soon, all that was left was a smooth, empty surface, but he wasn’t finished setting the scene. I struggled to follow his quick movements as he removed an expensive looking suit from a hanger in the corner of the bedroom, revealing a tall mirror. It must have been his, because it looked modern. Have I seen it before? With a metallic sound, he pushed the mirror to the foot of the bed and made sure it was steady in its clever, adjustable frame. Finally, he jumped on the bed next to me, and crawled towards me on his hands and knees.

I couldn’t wait any longer, so I leaned in and pulled his face towards mine. His lips were juicy, but firm, and it wasn’t long before I wanted to taste them with my tongue. He took his time, playfully licking the surface of my lips, before pushing his tongue right in between them and my gums, sending jolts of strange pleasure through my whole mouth. I was just getting used to it, when with another kiss, he closed my lips and pulled away. His hand around my upper arm motioned me to get up. Before I knew, I was kneeling right in front of the mirror, and Lawrence was behind me.

– So what came over you, Lucy dear? – he asked gingerly, almost distracting me from his hands lifting up my skirt.

– Umm… I… – I mumbled, watching him hook his thumbs beneath the elastic band. I obediently lifted my arms and let him pull it over my head. He must have grabbed my tank top at the same time, because suddenly I saw myself in the mirror wearing only a pair of black cotton panties. But Lawrence wasn’t looking at me – he was bent over behind me, kissing me somewhere between my shoulder blades. Is he really asking? And… what was the question again?

– I… guess you could call it… scientific research… – I mumbled.

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