A Chance Meeting Pt. 05-06


From his position, he was able to grind his hard cock against her, creating a friction that caused her to moan with anticipation. She could feel both the length of his cock and the tip move against her. She moaned again, as she attempted to move with him. Her desire was beginning to consume her. She moved her hands from his shoulders down his back, to his ass, where she began to pull him against her in an attempt to create more pressure.

Continuing to grind, but now in a more circular motion, he moved from kissing, to nibbling on her ear. She turned her head slightly and then she felt his lips on her neck. He shifted his body to her side, and reached up with his right hand and pulled the sleeve of her dress off her shoulder. He then slid the same hand down her side to her dress that was bunching up around her thighs. He slid up her dress, pushing it up around her waist, his hand briefly slipping in side her panties, but not too far. Bracing himself with his other hand on the bed, he pulled the other sleeve off her shoulder, and then down her side. Her entire dress was now completely bunched up around her waist. He then moved back on top of her, and resumed rubbing against her. She desperately longed and needed to feel him inside of her.

He once again positioned his hands to either side of her, so he could kiss down her neck to her chest, finding a black, satin bra. Growing impatient himself, he sat to his knees. Sensing his next move, she slightly lifted her ass off the bed, allowing him pull her dress down past her thighs, her knees, to her ankles and then over her feet. Momentarily, he stared into her eyes, and then down the full length of her body, as she involuntarily moved her right hand to her waist, and just inside her panties.

He placed his hands on her stomach, and then moved them under her bra, feeling her breasts and hard nipples, deeply massaging them, causing her to moan and close her eyes. He pushed her bra up, revealing her beautiful tits, and hard nipples. Immediately he leavened forward, his mouth engulfed her entire right breast. He sucked hard and she moaned again, deeply, as her breathing increased. He twirled his tongue around her protruding nipple, gently biting it with his teeth. He sucked hard against it pulling it away from her breast and then releasing it. In the meantime, he had resumed grinding against her, up and down, which she could feel more directly since she was only wearing her panties.

From her breast, he began to slide down the bed, kissing her body. He placed gentle kisses, all around her stomach, circling his tongue in her naval. She took the opportunity to sit up slightly twist her bra around, unclasp and remove it, tossing it the side. Her hands then moved to his shoulders, and then his head as he moved further down.

She felt him grip the sides of her panties. She raised her ass once more allowing him to slide them down, as she moved her legs slightly together so he could completely remove them. He then placed a hand on each thigh and spread her legs wide. He kissed both of her inner thighs, almost teasing her, allowing his tongue to touch only her outer labia. He found her neatly trimmed, almost with the intuitive insight of a woman who been expecting a random, sexual encounter.

Her scent was intoxicating. She could feel his tongue start to explore, touching her ever so slightly, placing his thumbs on her labia and spreading her awaiting pussy. She raised her ass slightly off the bed, hoping to feel his tongue inside her. He took this opportunity to move his head slightly down and fully extend his tongue. She gasped when she felt şerifali escort his tongue move from her ass, and then licking all the way up her wet, throbbing pussy in one movement. He did so again. She gripped his head and pulled it toward her, feeling a shiver throughout her entire body.

With her pussy spread, his tongue began the exploring that she desired. He pressed it deep inside, probing, licking. He made circular motions around her pussy, and then began moving his tongue deep inside of her, finding and sucking her inner labia.

She was now rubbing her left breast with her right hand, pinching and tweaking her nipple, her left hand returning to his head.

He then moved to her clitoris. He licked it with his full tongue, and then with the tip, side to side, up and down, side to side, repeatedly, faster and faster. He then began to lick her clit in and circular motion, applying even more pressure, his hands on her ass, pulling her closer to him. She moaned with pleasure, breathing deeper and faster. He moved his right hand closer to her pussy and inserted his finger, then two, moving them in and out, slowly at first, but deeply, while continuing to lick her clit. She could both feel and hear how wet she was.

She was overcome and close to orgasm. The pace of her breathing and moaning were continuing to increase. Her hips were gyrating, trying to keep in sync with his tongue and fingers that were pressing deep inside her at a quickening pace.

Somehow sensing she was about to cum, he pulled away, and leaned back, resting on his knees, which he moved between her legs against her thighs. He quickly removed his shirt, unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. He pulled his shorts and boxers off one leg and then the other. She opened her eyes and saw his erect cock that he was now gently stroking.

Part 6

She lay back, grabbing both her breasts, using the moment to catch her breath, never taking her eyes off him, as he stroked his cock in his right hand.

He moved closer, steadying and bracing himself with his left hand. He moved his cock closer to her awaiting pussy, but he did not plunge it inside of her just yet. He inserted only the tip, in and out, in and out. He began to rub her clit with the head of his cock, and then slide it up and down her wet pussy, only allowing the tip to enter.

The desire began to surge from deep within her. She had place her hands on his shoulders, but was not gripping them, pressing her knuckles deep into his flesh, bringing a slight smile to his face. Yet, he continued to tease her, rubbing her wet pussy, her clit with his hard cock.

She closed her eyes, and breathed deeply, saying almost in a whisper, “Fuck me, fuck me hard … now.”

Finally, he plunged his cock deeply into her pussy, and began a slow, methodical in and out movement. She could feel it completely inside of her, pressing deeper almost with every thrust. She moaned, and began to slightly exhale with every thrust, wanting him to quicken the pace. But, he did not change his rhythm, seemingly content for the moment, as she began moving her hips to sync with his steady thrusts.

He began to quicken the pace, but only slightly, but still deep with every thrust, now releasing a slight groan with each thrust. Her nails dug deeper into his flesh as he quickened the pace even more. She could now both feel and hear him fucking her … the pounding of his flesh against hers. The sounds of her sighs and moans became more noticeable to him. She, however, was lost in the moment, never quite feeling this silivri escort aroused. Just briefly, she had a lucid, rationale thought realizing that I am being fucked by a completely stranger … and I love it. She had opened her eyes at the sudden realization, but quickly closed them as the in and out thrusts of his cock into her pussy was now fast and even more powerful.

Then, the thrusts slowed, then stopped, and she could feel his hard cock, slip from her wet pussy. She felt him kiss her neck, the top of her chest, and then her right breast, pausing only briefly to suck her nipple. He slid slightly away, placing his hands on her hips, rotating her onto her stomach. She quickly assisted.

Lying flat on her stomach, she sensed him behind her, and she could feel him kissing her butt, first one cheek, then the other, licking, his hands massaging the sides her hips, his lips kissing, his tongue licking, exploring. He moved his hands slightly and gently spread her cheeks, and she lifted her pelvis just off the bed. She felt his lips kiss the base of her spine, his tongue, probing again, moving downward until he found her ass. Spreading her cheeks again, she felt his tongue just on the outside of her opening, teasing her … licking around the rim. She began to breathe deeper, releasing a slight, but steady moan, and then she felt his tongue, entering, causing her to feel a new, yet erotic sensation … she felt a tingling between her legs.

This was indeed a new pleasure, one that both startled, but excited her. She raised her hips slightly, as he continued to pleasure her with his tongue. She moved her hand to her wet pussy. Finding her clit, she began to rub it, in a slow circular motion. As he continued licking, his hands on her hips, she began to rub her clit from side to side, more firmly, more vigorously.

He breathing became more pronounced her moan a bit louder as she rubbed her clit feverishly, firmly … and he continued licking. She was intoxicated and lost in an tantalizing, overwhelming rush of pleasure.

He then pulled away, now on his knees behind her. He then moved his hands to her hips, and assisted her to her knees. She rose, extending her arms and placing her hands on the bed to steady herself. She could sense him positioning himself behind her, placing his left foot outside her leg, and his right knee just inside the other. She could feel the tip of his cock, rub down her crack, briefly pause at her anus, but then enter her now dripping pussy.

Then, slowly, he plunged his cock deep, as far as it could go, his lower abdomen pressing against her ass. He did not begin a stroking motion, though, only keeping his cock pressed into her pussy as deeply as he could, placing his hands on her hips.

He then began fucking her. At first, slowly moving in and out, guiding her ass with his hands. He quickly picked up the pace, and she could hear her ass slapping against his lower abdomen. With each inward thrust, he pulled her ass against him until he was fucking her hard, at a steady, quick pace. She moaned with pleasure as she felt his cock move in and out, only hearing him breath, and occasionally moan, or even grunt.

Bracing herself with her left arm and hand, she moved her right hand to her almost dripping wet pussy and clit, which she began rubbing in a quick, side to side motion, as he continued to thrust. Even though his cock filled her pussy, she could feel its moisture on her fingers. Deciding to venture further in this new reality, she moved her hand to her mouth, and licked her own juices, şirinevler escort inserting two of her fingers deep into her mouth. It was wonderfully erotic.

She returned to rubbing her clit, but not for long. Pure and simple … he was now fucking her, and fucking her hard. Her pussy had never been so aggressively attacked. The strokes and slaps of flesh were rapid. She could feel a not too distant orgasm. She removed her hand from her clit to provide more stability, but had to lower herself to both forearms. This immediate change of angle caused a different stroke angle and pressure, and new sensation that sent a shudder that began in her pussy and extended what seemed throughout her whole body.

Just as she was approaching a climax to her pleasure, he stopped once again, almost flipping her onto her back. She looked in his eyes and saw a passion, a depth of emotion and desire that were foreign to her, at least in the eyes of a lover. He stared intently and purposefully at her as he slid his cock into her again, resuming a steady, pace for a few brief thrusts before each one became more forceful and sudden.

She could feel his weight on her, as she lifted her legs, wrapping them around his waist. She started to close her eyes. However, gently touched her cheek with his fingers causing her to blink and look directly at him, as he quietly, but assertively said, “No … I want us to look into each other’s eyes. I want us to see into each other’s souls … the desire, the desperate longing we both share.”

She was more turned on now than she had been in years, maybe forever. He continued to fuck her hard, pounding against her, the thrusts going deep, faster and faster, while never glancing away, almost never blinking. She felt his gazing penetrating to a place that she had no one knew … that she had always kept hidden from everyone. She saw in him a fire and intensity of purpose, yet a depth of feeling, pain and loneliness that only made him more attractive.

She exclaimed breathily, “Oh, God … Oh God … yes, fuck me, yes, yes, yes!”

He continued fucking her for only a few more strokes before she said,, I’m going to cum … I’m going to cum … I’m … oh, fuck … fuck .. fuck … yeeesss!”

He immediately knew that she had reached climax, and as if on cue she heard him, utter a low, “Ohhhhhhh, fuck,” as he exploded inside of her.

His pace continued, and then slowed, and she could no longer hear the slapping of their flesh, though he continued to slide his cock slowly, in and out of her now tingling pussy for a five, six, seven, eight more strokes.

She felt his weight shift toward her slightly. She now rubbed his back, and then his neck with her right hand, edging his fingers into her hair, as she unwrapped her legs from around him.

Then, she felt his cock slip out of her pussy as he breathed, dropping to his elbows so she could feel even more of his weight, and his cock resting against her lower abdomen. Even from this position, their eyes met. They both smiled at the same time. He then closed his eyes, and rolled to her side on his back.

She thought only for a moment before she moved on top of him, and slid down his body, to where her mouth was now only inches from his semi-stiff cock. She cupped his balls, and he quivered. She then began to lick the cum from the head of his cock, completely. Then, she licked down his shaft which was becoming more limp, but still slightly rigid, tasting a mingling of cum and her own juices. His breathing revealed his pleasure.

She moved up toward him and kissed him, passionately but softly. Then, as she laid her head on his chest, she straddled his right leg. He shifted and slightly bent his left knee, giving her more room. She could feel her still wet pussy against his thigh. Bending her knee upward, she could feel his balls. She could hear him breathing deeply. She grinded against him, softly but only briefly before exhaustion and sleep overtook her.

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