A Cabin, A Lake and Everything Ch. 03


Ch. 03: Pam gets a few surprises on the 4th of July: Tuesday

Bob awoke to the smell of fresh coffee. Once he rolled out of bed, Pam was already sitting at the small table sipping her coffee. Bob joined her after pouring his own cup.

“So what’s on the agenda today, lovely lady?”

“Did you want to go for breakfast this morning?”

“Yeah, sure. They make an awesome breakfast. Why? Would you rather not go?”

“No, I want to go, I love their breakfasts. We’d better get moving, we need to shower, and who knows how crowded it’ll be at this time of the morning.”

“I fell asleep as soon as I hit the pillow last night. Did you stay outside late with Edmund?”

“We stayed by the fire quite some time talking after you left. He and Maggie lost both their children during the war. Maggie’s whole family was together when a bomb hit where they were. That’s so sad. He said that since then Maggie has progressively become more withdrawn. I can see how that could happen.”

“That is sad. What else did you two talk about, or do, to stay out there so late?”

“Is that your way of asking me if he fucked me?”

“Why? Did you? Right out in plain view of anyone that might look out their window?”

“Yes, I did … I sucked his cock too. Does that make you hard?”

Bob laughed, and said, “Somewhat, yeah. Do you know if anyone from either of the other cabins saw you two?”

“None of our neighbors saw anything. Emile was checking to make sure all the fires were out and saw it all. It was embarrassing to say the least.”

“You fucked Emile too?”

“No! I did not! He walked up when I was putting out the fire, after Edmund left, and showed me the proper and sure way to extinguish a campfire. He then subtly made sure I knew that he was watching us. Nothing happened between us. Are you fucking disappointed to hear that?”

“That’s not the case at all, Pamela. We keep nothing from each other, and you’ve made it abundantly clear by your actions already that if some old guy here makes a move on you, and you like, and feel comfortable with him, you’re probably going to have sex with him. You surely saw how Emile looked at you our first day here, with that, ‘Just one time with her,’ look in his eyes. I just thought I’d ask. I mean, he sees you fucking someone, and then ends up standing right beside you with your ass and pussy in plain view. He must’ve had an enormous hard-on, at least.”

“I think we should head for the showers … and if Emile had a hard-on, it wasn’t obvious.”

“He probably jerked off watching,” Bob sniggered. “Let’s go shower.”

“You’re impossible,” Pam giggled, she got up and put on her oversized T-shirt.

They returned to the cabin after their morning showers and having breakfast, when Bob asked, “What do you want to do today?”

“I don’t know. Let’s just see if we can find a nice private place and take in the sun for a while. I just feel like relaxing and not having to talk with anyone. It’s the 4th of July. Maybe we can check out the pavilion. It should be fun there tonight.”

“Fine with me. Are we going au naturel, or what?”

“Naked! I’m a woman of my word, and I told you no more clothes while we’re here.”

They grabbed a couple of beach towels and walked around their end of the lake, looking for a spot that suited Pam’s desire. Almost directly across fomr the path to their cabin, they spotted another path that looked less used than most, with what looked like there might be an opening in the trees. They walked about 50 feet and found a sunlit opening that looked to be about 100 feet wide, and grass covered.

“This looks perfect,” said Pam, and they laid out their towels and plopped down on them. Pam was laying on her back, and Bob on his side, beside each other.

Bob had been amorously rubbing Pam’s belly and thighs, along with teasing her pussy. After about a half hour, as Bob was concentrating more on Pam’s already wet pussy, he thought he heard some rustling in the direction of where their feet were pointing. Bob raised his head and saw the two men they had seen their first day by the pavilion. They were about 25 feet from them, and about 10 feet apart, both sitting on towels. The one with a direct view between Pam’s legs was slowly stroking his semi-flaccid cock, while watching Bob’s hand caressing Pam’s pussy. The other was watching them and just holding his cock. They both appeared to be in their late 50’s.

This began to turn Bob on, and he started kissing Pam’s tits while still rubbing her pussy. After a few minutes, Bob looked back up and noticed that the one stroking had moved to about 10 feet from the two of them.

Bob whispered, “We’ve got company.” Pam raised her head slightly, and saw both men, then laid her head back down. Bob quietly asked, “You want me to stop?” Pam said, “No, it feels good, and they’re not bothering anybody. Let’s just see what they’ll do.”

Bob could feel Pam’s pussy immediately becoming more wet. He knew that Pam was enjoying being watched by two Kartal Escort old men pleasing themselves while enjoying what he was doing to her. Bob was now getting hard and turned on himself. He went back to nibbling Pam’s nipples as he slid a finger into her pussy, and slowly began moving it in and out. Bob looked back up and noticed one guy was now sitting right between Pam’s widely spread feet and the other was now right at Pam’s side, near her hips. They were both now at full erection. The one between her feet reached out and began rubbing Pam’s ankle and calf. Bob could hear Pam take in a long deep breath. He knew where this was heading. The man by Pam’s hips took the lead from the other and began rubbing her upper leg and inner thigh.

Pam’s pussy was extremely wet as Bob’s finger slid in and out of it. Bob took his finger out and started massaging one of her tits. The guy at her feet moved between her legs and on his knees and replaced Bob’s finger with one of his own. Pam’s legs opened wider, bending her knees upward, drawing her feet closer to her ass. His cock was now inches from Pam’s pussy. He removed his finger and, still jerking off, moved his cock so its head was rubbing against Pam’s wet labia. He thrust forward and his cockhead disappeared in Pam’s pussy. She gave out a sigh and soft moan. The other guy moved his hand, from Pam’s thigh, and began massaging, and teasing her other tit and nipple. Pam now had the cock inside her pussy in its entirety. He began fucking her hard and in less than two minutes, shot his load inside her. Pam, in her intense state of arousal, had not had an orgasm yet, since his climax happened so quickly.

As soon as the first old man removed his cock from her young pussy and got up, the second man, with a larger penis, took up the position between Pam’s legs. While the semen from the first was just beginning to leak out of Pam’s pussy, he put his fat cockhead at her entrance and thrust hard into her. His cock slid in her already soaking wet pussy quickly and easily. Bob could hear Pam moan, knowing she was really enjoying this longer and much fatter cock filling her pussy completely. His thrusts were slower and with purpose, unlike the first old man who just wanted to cum.

Bob could feel Pam’s body begin to tense. He knew she was getting close now. Pam’s face made an expression of pleasure, and she began to convulse. She softly, but with conviction said, “Fuck me. Oh, yes, fuck me,” and was at the peak of a euphoric orgasm. The old guy sped up his strokes and began grunting. He thrust hard and deep into Pam’s pussy and said, “Oh … Ah,” as his ass cheeks tightened and squeezed together in some sort of rhythm. It was obvious to Bob that Pam was now receiving her second load of cum in just minutes. This guy also seemed to pump longer, filling Pam with a larger amount of senior cum. His cock remained inside Pam much longer than the first, almost as if he didn’t want to leave this young treasure he had found in the woods. He eventually got up, patted Pam’s ass cheek, and said, “Wunderbar, danke,” (Wonderful, thank you), then got up and joined his friend, who was waiting at the beginning of the path opening. They both disappeared, speaking German to each other.

As their voices faded into the woods, Bob looked at Pam, and asked, “Is that your definition of relaxing? You might say that you brought in the 4th with a bang,” he said, as he smiled affectionately at Pam.

“That was spontaneous and unanticipated; it made it so erotic and exciting. So unusual to see two old men just sitting on the grass, watching you play with me while jerking themselves off. It turned me on like nothing before in a long time. The naughtiness of being in the woods and running into perfect strangers, and fucking them, is so taboo and exciting,” she said, as she placed her hand tightly on her pussy in an attempt to keep as much of this old random cum inside her as possible.

“What happens if more strangers show up?”

Pam said, “I doubt that’ll happen, I think these two saw us enter the path and followed. Aren’t those the same two old guys we saw the first day we were here, staring at me? They probably hang out and look for opportunities.”

“You could be right. They certainly found the golden opportunity today and it paid off for them and you. Good day so far, wouldn’t you say?” Bob kissed Pam, then smiled and said, “Are you ready to leave, before we run across more opportunists?”

“I want to lay here a few minutes,” Pam said.

Bob just smiled, knowing why.

The clearing they were in began to become shaded, so they decided to get up and walk around the lake towards their cabin.

Bob smugly asked Pam, “Are you going to be able to walk back with all that foreign substance floating around in you without it all running down your legs?”

“I’m hoping I can keep most of it in me, wise ass,” she shot right back.

They both laughed and started walking down the trail.

They started up the path to their cabin, when Tuzla Escort Pam suggested, seeing they each had a towel that they should probably go and take a shower before going to the cabin. At the showers, they decided that Pam should go first, so when Bob took his, she could hold onto his waist bag.

Pam came out, took the waist bag from Bob and leaned against a large rock. She was drying her hair when she heard, “Hey, pretty girl. I’ve never seen you before. First time here?”

Pam turned towards the voice and saw a very old man sitting in a lawn chair, not more than four feet from her. She smiled, and said, “Hi! Yes, first time for us, we got here Sunday.” Pam thought, “Holy cow, he’s so old to be in a nudist resort. He can’t be much of a threat to anyone. He must be 80. No harm in carrying on a conversation with him.”

“You’re a pretty young thing. You must have all these old Casanovas chasing you all over the place,” he said, as he checked her up and down, as a teenage boy might.

Pam asked, “Is your wife showering?”

He laughed, and said, “My wife? Oh no. The beach is too far for me to walk there and back, with the hills and everything, so I walk down to the showers here and look at all the naked women coming and going. Today I hit the jackpot with you coming down here. I’m here every day around this time, in case you want to give this old man a thrill another day. I can still get an erection it just takes me a longer time, just in case you’re ever interested.” He then winked and cackled an old man’s laugh.

Pam couldn’t help but look down at his old cock, and said, “I’ll keep that in mind,” thinking she should humor him and make him feel good. She then gave him a broad smile.

He saw her looking at his cock. He grabbed it and shook it, and said, “Yep, it still works. I’d be happy to show you sometime,” he said, followed again by his cackling laughter.

She laughed and again said, “I’ll keep that in mind, too.” She thought, “He’s sure a spry old man … a spry, dirty old man.”

Bob came out of the shower and walked over to Pam.

Pam looked at the old timer, and said, “Well, I’ve got to go now. Nice meeting you. See you again, maybe.”

“I sure hope so,” he said. “Nice meeting you too, goodbye.”

Pam and Bob started to their cabin and Bob looked at Pam, and said, “You’ve got to be kidding me. I’d love seeing that,” as he laughed.

“Oh, shut up. He’s just a poor old and lonely man and just wanted someone to talk to. You are truly a deviate.”

“Old and lonely . . . sounds like he meets your qualifications perfectly,” Bob smirked and winked at Pam.

“I just may, just to shut your big mouth up.”

“I want a front row seat,” Bob said, and they both laughed.

In the cabin, Pam said, “We didn’t have any soap, but it still felt good to take a shower. Let’s see … it’s 3 o’clock, what time do you want to eat?”

“I can wait an hour or so, I’m still not all that hungry. What time do you want to go to the Pavilion?”

“I don’t know maybe an hour before it gets dark. We’ll have plenty of time before then.”

“Sounds good to me. I’m going to take a nap. Wake me when supper’s ready.”

“Okay. Seeing you’re going to nap. If you wake up and I’m not here, it’s because I decided to go back to the showers with soap and shampoo and take a real shower.”

“Leave the old man alone,” Bob teased and chuckled as he went to bed.

“You don’t have to worry about that. You did say you wanted a front row seat, right?”

“Good one, honey. See you in a bit. Love you.”

“Love you too … I’ll try to be quiet.”

Pam went to the shower with her soap and shampoo. As she approached, the old timer was still sitting there and said to her, “Hello, Princess, did you miss me already? I’m getting excited just thinking you came back to see me, and to possibly satisfy some curiosity I instilled in you.”

“I came back to shampoo my hair, but if thinking that I came back to see you makes you feel good, then I’m happy.”

“If making me feel good makes you happy, I know a good way to please us both,” he winked and said, “You know what I mean?”

“I need to shower and shampoo. Use your imagination for the time being,” Pam said, as she smiled and winked back at him then walked into the shower. Pam thought to herself, “So much for Bob’s theory about hard-core nudists not being sexual. I haven’t met an old man yet that wasn’t a horny toad.”

Pam got back to the cabin, ran her fingers through her short, blonde wavy hair, shook her head and let it fall and finish drying naturally, as she always did. She grabbed a Coke and went to sit on the porch. She was thinking about how the Pavilion would probably be excessively crowded later that night, due to the holiday, and wondered what kind of entertainment they had planned. “We probably should get there a little earlier than I said to Bob,” she mumbled to herself.

She woke up Bob around 6 and they sat down to grilled barbeque chicken, salad, Anadolu Yakası Escort and a side of steamed asparagus. While eating, Pam asked, “Are you taking a shower before we go to the Pavilion?”

“Yeah, that wasn’t a real shower we took this afternoon. Did you take another shower?”

“Uh huh, it felt good. You’re right … it’s not a real shower without soap. More like just a rinse off.”

“Was that old decrepit voyeur still looking to get lucky?”

Pam laughed, and said, “Yeah, he was, but I don’t think he’s as decrepit as you may think. He’s pretty spry and colorful, not to mention very eager.”

“Did he try anything with you?” Bob asked, in a surprised and questioning tone.

“No, nothing physical, but he was very verbally suggestive. He’s cute, it’s nice to see someone that old still as spry as he is.”

“I wouldn’t underestimate his sincerity and ability. He’s not here just to get some sun and fresh air.”

“Yeah, right. I’ll try to be careful and remember your sage advice. You can be so ridiculous at times. Really, Bob.” She shook her head, and made a “Tsk” sound, by sucking her teeth with her tongue.

“Ridiculous? Last summer, you showed the affection and compassion you have for old men, especially to those you feel are lonely and at some level of need sexually. So much so that you love satisfying those needs. That compassion has continued since we got here. You’re attracted to old men like a moth to a candle. And you say I’m being ridiculous?”

“Who brought that out of me? Must I remind you that it was at your insistence that I try making our old neighbor feel special and suggesting that I may like making seniors feel special in that way? Also that you love hearing about it and watching me do it. Sometimes I think you want me to fuck any old man that crosses my path.”

“I also told you then that it was all up to you and that you could end it anytime you chose to, and that I would be fine with whatever you decided. It was, and always has been, your decision. You’ve decided to continue pleasing old men and I don’t see that ending in the near future. I’m still fine with It … as I said I would be. I do love watching you, but what I enjoy more is watching you enjoying yourself.”

“Are you telling me that you want me to fuck the old man at the shower?”

“I’m not telling you anything, honey. You can fuck any old man you want … this is still your decision, and yours alone. If you want to try and get that real old guy hard, then go for it, I’m fine with it.”

“I could never do that with him in public. He’s really old and I wouldn’t want to attract attention. I’m not saying I would, or want to … just that it’s probably not going to happen.”

“Bring him here. I’ll find somewhere to go. The neighbors are never around this time of day. You said that he told you that he is always around the showers at the same time, right?”

“Oh Bob … Do you want some more chicken? Let’s drop it, okay?”

Pam couldn’t deny that the thought was so deliciously naughty and taboo, that just talking about it with Bob created butterflies in her stomach. “Pleasing someone that old sexually, would be so gratifying for everyone concerned,” Pam quickly thought.

“Just saying. No thanks, I’ve had enough to eat. It was delicious, by the way.”

“Thank you for the compliment, and thank you for being you. I love you … now kiss me you fool,” as she flashed that big beautiful smile of hers, then got up and gave him a long and deep kiss.

As they were getting freshened up for the holiday festivities, Pam reminded Bob to make sure he brought enough money. Pam put on a light sweater that covered most of her ass cheeks, then grabbed two beach towels, and said, “If you’re ready, let’s go. I want to get a good table.” Bob just had his trusty waist bag on.

Bob asked, “What are the beach towels for?”

“Well, there’s supposed to be fireworks, and if we have to go on the beach to see them, I thought it’d be nice to sit on towels rather than planting our bare asses on the sand,” Pam explained.

“She always made perfect sense,” Bob thought, but didn’t comment. They headed out to the Pavilion.

It was still daylight as they walked the beach towards the Pavilion. The music coming from the speakers seemed exceptionally loud tonight. Pam said, “Is the music louder tonight, or is it my imagination?”

“Probably their way of reminding people all around the lake that there’s a party tonight, for those who wanted to come,” Bob rationalized.

“Yeah, makes sense. I hope we get a good table, one that is close to the stage and the patio.”

They arrived at the Pavilion and Pam surveyed the place, looking for what she thought was the best table. “That looks like the best one left … come on,” as she sped her walk up and went to the table. They sat and Pam said, “Wow! Look at the stage. It looks like its set up for a full orchestra. Seems rather formal, don’t you think? Can you get us a drink? Chardonnay for me, if they have it, please.”

An hour or so later, the band started filtering in. Pam said to Bob, “This is going to be a big band type night, like I thought. I’m surprised the orchestra members are wearing tuxedos”. Pam giggled and continued. “I wonder why they’re all dressed so formal?”

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