A Bull’s Perspective on Cuckold Couples


,I recently had a very informative email exchange with a dominant man named Steve. I was trying to understand what it is like to be dominant, and what dominant men think of cuckolds who like to eat cum from their wives’ pussies. Steve asked me to write, with him as first person, about a real encounter that he had with a cuckold couple.My name is Steve, and I live in Ohio. I am of South Asian descent and I have always taken a dominant posture in all aspects of my life. I was raised in a culture where the men are always in charge in family situations, and my father is also a dominant man. We were fortunate enough to have servants in our home when I was growing up, and it came natural to me to direct the servants in completing their tasks as I desired. It wasn’t a matter of being harsh to them but was instead just a quiet resolve to make sure that they did as they were instructed.As I became an adult, I found that I could direct the female servants, some of whom were married, to perform sexually for me, and they came to enjoy the good fucking that I gave them with my large cock. I eventually moved out of my parent’s home into an apartment and continued to fuck the women who came to clean my apartment. One of those ladies was married and became pregnant, and there was always a question regarding whether I was the father. It excites me to think that I might have been the father.That feeling of sexual dominance spilled over into all aspects of my life. I’m an IT professional, very successful in my career, and I was responsible for hiring a few talented people from a very large population, all of whom had the right credentials. That was a time and environment when men would do almost anything to get one of those jobs, which could drastically improve their station in life. One man came to me for an interview and brought his beautiful wife with him.He left to get a pack of cigarettes and didn’t come back until the next day. Nothing was said, but it was understood that he was giving me his wife to cuckold him. I fucked that pretty woman several times that night and early the next day. Her husband did get the job, but not until he came back for another interview, bringing his wife to me again. He willingly offered her to me because of my position of power.My feeling is that dominance is not about forcing people to do things. There is no joy in exerting power over someone, per se. The joy is what they do for you because they do obey. I do not purposely humiliate or intimidate people to do what I say, but rather expect them to obey me of their own free will. It’s about them respecting my position of power and willingly giving themselves to me for my pleasure. I know they are also coming to me to fulfill their fantasies and to have their pleasures, but everything in our meeting is centered on them serving and pleasing me.When I speak with a new couple for the first time I ask them if they’re willing to do as I say. If they agree to serve me as I wish, then I continue the discussions. I have never had to reprimand or remind a couple that they said they would obey me. They just willingly submit to me, and all of us enjoy a great amount of pleasure. Many of the cuckold stories that I’ve read take the point of view of the husband because it’s sexually exciting to many to read about the physical izmir rus escort and psychological turmoil that he goes through in learning to take his place serving his wife and her lover. However, I think you will gain a much better understanding of what it’s like to be a dominant man if I tell my story from my perspective. With this introduction out of the way, I can now relate my experience with Jen and Brad.My first meeting with Jen and Brad was in a hotel room in Columbus, Ohio. They are a married couple that I met on a Yahoo interracial site that was moderated in Cleveland, but the site has since been shut down. They were looking for their first cuckold experience with a black man to fuck Jen and provide creampies for Brad to eat, but after seeing the pictures of my dark skin and thick black cock, they had a desire to be with a South Asian man and contacted me by email. I had joined the site because I wanted to find a white couple to cuckold, and they were eager for the encounter.We exchanged emails and pictures for several weeks before deciding to meet. Jen was forty-one years old, five feet and three inches tall, and weighed around one hundred and thirty pounds. Her blonde hair was short, her tits are a C-cup, and they were firm for her age. Her pussy is full-lipped, and at the time of our meeting was shaved clean. I told them to shave her for me, as a token of surrender to me, and because I wanted to taste her pussy when she was smooth. Brad was forty-six years old, about five feet and eleven inches tall, and is of average build. He has a short, thin cock, probably only about foru inches long when hard. I can understand why he wanted to have Jen fucked by my larger cock, but I had no desire to compare the sizes, or to even look at his genitals.I gave Jen and Brad a few instructions to follow before we met. First, the timing of our meeting was to be largely determined by her menstrual cycle. I wanted to meet with them during her most fertile time, partially because that’s a time when a woman is most receptive to having sex, but also because I wanted to have an opportunity to impregnate her. They told me that she would be in her most-fertile time on the night we were to meet and that she wasn’t taking any birth-control measures, but there was no way for them to prove that to me.Second, they were to go to the hotel before me and pay for the room so that I wouldn’t have to bother with it. Third, I wanted them to take a shower no more than one hour before my arrival, because I wanted both clean for me, and that was when Brad was to shave her pussy. Fourth, and this one was very important, they were not to have sex together for one week before our meeting, and they were not to have kissed within the last day. Finally, I wanted both to be fully clothed when I arrived, and Jen was to wear a short, black dress with a red thong for underwear, and no bra.I arrived at the hotel and knocked on the door of the room number that they had given me by cell phone. Jen and Brad both met me at the door where I shook Brad’s hand and gave Jen a hug.I looked Brad straight in the eyes and asked, “Are you here to willingly present me your wife to fuck, and will you do as I say? Did you follow all of my instructions?”Brad nodded his head and quietly izmir otele gelen escort bayan said, “Yes.”I then asked Jen, “Do you agree to do as I say, and do you understand that I will be fucking your unprotected pussy, and filling it with my sperm multiple times?”Jen quietly said, “Yes.”I then told Brad to take Jen’s clothes off for me, and he began by unzipping her black dress, sliding the straps down her arms, and letting the dress fall to the floor. Jen looked amazing with her firm tits jutting out, and her nipples are large and firm. Her skin is white and is also well-toned and smooth. The red thong was pulled into the lips of her vulva, and the material running down her ass crack perfectly framed her beautiful ass. Brad stood quietly as I stepped forward and placed my arms around Jen’s back to hold and caress her ass, and our lips met in a hungry kiss. She pushed her tongue into my mouth and we kissed for what seemed like several minutes. Her mouth tasted sweet and clean, and I was sure that she had followed my instructions about not kissing Brad that day.I stepped back after a few minutes and told Brad, “Get on your knees beside Jen and me, and unbuckle my pants and remove my pants and underwear.”I resumed kissing Jen as Brad started to undress me, and it didn’t take long for Brad to let out an audible sigh. He had removed my underwear and was then looking at my soft cock and balls, which were hanging heavily in the scrotum. Even though I had sent them pictures of my cock and balls, he was not prepared to see them up close. My cock is eight inches long, black, and very thick, and when I am the least bit aroused, it always produces a large amount of pre-cum. My cock also has a weighty girth, even when soft. Brad looked at the moisture on the head of my cock and then noticed the gathering of skin around the crown and partially on the head. I have a partial circumcision, and the skin that remains around the head provides a unique rubbing feeling for a woman when I’m fucking her.I stopped kissing Jen at that point and told her and Brad, “I want both of you to suck my cock and balls, taking turns servicing one and then the other. On my first meeting with a new couple, I expect you to take my first load of cum into your mouths. It doesn’t matter which one of you actually takes the cum when I ejaculate, because I want you to kiss immediately afterward, and share my cum in your mouths until it is all swallowed.”I did that on the first cum because I wanted to know that they were submissive to my demands, and I also wanted them to learn first-hand that I produce a large amount of thick, white, and tasty cum. Even though the volume of my cum will decrease a little with each successive ejaculation of the evening, and the consistency will become a little thinner, I have been told by many couples that I produce an unusually large amount of semen, and even the fourth ejaculation is still plentiful. Brad began by licking the pre-cum from the head of my cock and was starting to engulf the shaft.Jen was watching Brad eagerly devour my cock and said, “Brad, Steve’s cock is so much bigger than yours.”I mentioned earlier that these kinds of comparisons are of no interest to me, but Jen later commented that, “It was like comparing Escort Buca a roll of Life Savers to a beer can!” , although I know that comparison was a little exaggerated.The situation, where a man is giving his wife to me to fuck, is the only time when a man will be allowed to suck my cock. It is only at the time that he is providing service to prepare me to take his wife that it is okay. It’s not the sucking that is important, because the woman could do all the sucking herself. Rather, it is the act of Brad totally submitting himself to me, and helping me to seduce his wife, that makes it acceptable for his mouth to suck my cock and balls. My balls are bigger than average in size, and they do hang heavily. Many couples also enjoy sucking them, especially when they’re doing it together. My cock had long since reached full hardness, since Jen and Brad had been sucking me for about fifteen minutes.I was getting close to ejaculating, and it just happened to be that Jen was the one sucking my cock as I erupted into her mouth. My cock jerked and pulsed through many strong streams of cum, and I saw her struggling to contain it all. I told her to keep it in her mouth and to give Brad a kiss to share my seed with him. Brad had just stopped sucking my balls, and he held them in his mouth the whole time that I was spewing my semen into Jen’s mouth.Their lips met, and as Jen used her tongue to transfer several gobs of my cream into his mouth, he gladly accepted it. I told them that I wanted them to open their mouths, so I could see my semen, and they quickly did so. As was usually the case, my first load was very thick and creamy, and after giving them permission, I saw both of them swallow a couple of times to get it all down. From that point, I wouldn’t kiss Jen again during that meeting, since her mouth had been on my cock and had tasted my cum. It was then time for her first fucking.Since Brad and Jen had sucked my cock and balls and swallowed my first heavy load of cum, I knew that they would be submissive to me for the rest of the evening, and I was ready to begin fucking that beautiful pussy. The hotel room that we were in has a small wet bar in the corner, and there were stools that are the perfect height for me to fuck Jen. After waiting about twenty minutes from the time of my first ejaculation, I told Jen to sit on a stool.In case you’re wondering how I could fuck Jen after ejaculating only a few minutes earlier, I will explain. I have read a lot of stories and posts on porn sites that talk about the so-called post-orgasm blues. I honestly don’t know what that is, and I have never had a loss of desire to fuck after ejaculating. My cock does get sensitive and deflates, but then it is just a matter of waiting a little while until a warm, sucking mouth can make me hard and ready to fuck again. But back to Jen, I pulled her red thong underwear down her legs, revealing a beautiful shaved pussy with full lips, and she was very wet from the excitement of sucking my dick and swallowing my sperm.I instructed Jen to scoot forward on the stool and lean back against Brad, and to pull her legs back and expose her pussy to me. I also told Brad to help Jen hold her legs back. That not only presented me with wide-open access to her pussy, but it was another act of Brad’s submission to me to spread his wife for me to take her. I knelt before Jen and caught the first aroma of her clean, wet pussy, and then leaned forward to get my first taste of her. I knew that they had followed my instructions, because her pussy secretions tasted sweet and it was apparent that she had showered shortly before my arrival.

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