A Boat, A Best Friend and a Tag Along Wife


A Boat, A Best Friend And A Tag Along Wife
After having worked overtime and second jobs for years I finally was able to go out and buy, if not “the” boat I wanted but at least a close second.
I wanted something I could go to the middle grounds fishing or if I felt like it to Nassau or Havana. At least it had to be able to take me out 40 or 50 miles and bring me back. My wife thought I was crazy. Not being into fishing, diving or cruising she thought it was all a waste but since I had worked so hard she went along with it.

After a few weekends of near shore sea trials, my best friend and fishing buddy, Gary and I were set to head to the middle grounds for the weekend. Much to my dismay Thursday night Kathy, my wife, informed me she wanted to go too. It’s not that I have anything against my wife or any “gay” feelings toward Gary, but any married man knows that having a bored wife around when you are doing something she has no interest in can ruin any day.
However, after all these years a married man knows when he is pissing against the wind so at 6:00 PM Friday we three left the dock heading into the Gulf.
Once we cleared the final channel buoy and the auto-pilot was set it was time to break out the cooler and start the weekend. Because it was late in the week and we really hadn’t eaten a “solid” meal before we left the beer started getting to us all more quickly than usual. By the time we got out to our coordinates we were all “feeling little pain” and in the hot Gulf summer night, life was relaxed and good.

Normally Friday night is the night Kathy and I “unwind” from the week and just get naked, lounge around the house, and do what comes naturally. I made the comment that if we were home we would be naked and playing games.
Gary jokingly said, “well don’t let me stop you”, and after a little laughing I said ok, and in a flash I pull off my shorts and was “naked on deck”, followed by a joking “you don’t have a hair on your ass if you don’t do it too” to Gary. He mumbled something about Kathy being around or he would and I told him if she didn’t like it then she shouldn’t have came along. Before I knew it she gave me one of her “oh yeah, watch this” looks and pulled her one piece bathing suit off in 2 seconds. Gary shook his head and followed suit. After another beer things kinda mellowed out and since the sun had gone down the temp was cooling so Kathy went below to put on her warm ups for the night while Gary and I broke out our fishing gear for the night.

Kathy must have been feeling her drink a little more than I thought. Though the ladder to the cabin is to the port side of the cockpit there is a dark glass hatch a midship between the console and the gangway. From the inside of the cabin this darkened glass is nearly impossible so see through when looking out into an unlit cockpit. However, from the cockpit looking into a lit cabin it works like a two-way mirror.

As Gary and I sat in the dark watching, to our surprise Kathy took out her bottle of skin lotion and began to rub to lotion on all the places she could reach. We watched as she started with her arms and then to her stomach and finally she seemed to pay extra attention while rubbing it into her breast. As we watched she put lotion on both hands and massaged and rubbed it into her soft skin. She seemed to take a couple of extra minutes and appeared to be pinching and teasing her nipples till they were
harder and standing out. I cast a chance glance at Gary and his eyes were fixed on the scene in the cabin below. I also noticed that his dick was starting to grow as he had been watching. I guess if I hadn’t been “used to” seeing Kathy I would have been growing more myself.

Kathy isn’t “Playboy” material like so many “wives” in these stories seem to be but she isn’t chopped liver either. She is a normal “average” attractive, not a raving beauty but pretty nice. Gary’s wife is far prettier and does the workout fitness thing all the time. The problem is Glenda, Gary’s wife, is a bitch, to put it gracefully. Glenda is one of those types that wouldn’t want to have sex because she doesn’t want to get messy. You might mess up her hair or something. Gary and I had talked about that many times before. Seeing Kathy putting on this “show” whether knowingly or not, must have been something for him for sure.

Turning my eyes back to the “show” I saw Kathy set down on the bunk to start putting lotion on her legs. As I we watched she started on the lower parts of her legs and worked her way up to her thighs. As she rubbed the lotion on the inside of her legs she continued to get closer and closer to her sweet pussy. As I looked at Gary his eyeballs were about to come out of his head and his dick was sticking out hard as a rock. It wouldn’t have surprised me to see him shoot right there on the deck. What came next shocked us both. As we watched Kathy slid back on the bunk and started rubbing her clit. She spread her legs and gently fingered herself not really sticking her fingers in her little box but rubbing the sensitive lips and massaging her protruding clit. We watched for several moments and then as if she remembered she wasn’t really alone something jarred her from her revelry and she abruptly sat up and slid into Eskişehir Escort her warm ups.

As Gary and I looked at each other we broke out in a grin at the same time and I could see that Gary was still hard as a rock sticking up from his seated position. I saw him glance down at me and by that time I was showing signs of being aroused too. As Kathy came up on deck Gary quickly stood and keeping his back to her dropped down the gang way saying he was going to the head. Kathy looked puzzled and said “What’s wrong with him?”
As I pointed to the hatch I could tell even in the dark cockpit that she was blushing and embarrassed. Finally she turned to me and said, “Did you perverts enjoy the show? You asshole why didn’t you warn me?” She wasn’t mad. But had one of these of “shit I’m busted attitudes” and laughed about it. I told her that Gary was probably below now trying to get rid of the hard on she had given him. That just egged her on. Immediately she was down the gangway and started banging on the head door telling him that wasn’t allowed. He deserved that for looking when he wasn’t supposed to and he was going to have to live with it.

When he did come out he had shrank back to half staff and wasn’t “hurting” any longer and they both laughed and came back up on deck. We broke out another beer and kept teasing Kathy about the show she had given. She took it well and gave it right back. Saying here she was 50 miles out in the Gulf and couldn’t even get r*ped with no one around.
From the beer, a week without sex, seeing a couple of naked men around her and playing with herself she was hornier than I had seen her in a long time. Though she had dressed Gary and I were still naked and when she said that, I knew she was wanting to have some fun. I stood up and walked over to where she was setting bringing my semi hard dick to face level for her.
“Are you all talk,?” I said. She simply opened her mouth and took me in.
One of the great things about Kathy is that she likes, and I mean likes to suck cock. I wasn’t exactly a virgin when I married her but she was and is the greatest little cocksucker in the world. As she worked on my growing dick I looked at Gary and he was standing at the stern of the boat with his now hard again dick in his hand pumping it up and down. I looked down at Kathy and with a nod of my head told her to look at him.
She looked him and looked back at me and as she sucked nodded yes. I called him over and as I watched she reached out and put her hand around Gary’s erect dick. Next she was taking her mouth from me and wrapping it around the head of his dick. I could hear her slurping and licking and from the light from the gangway I watched her head bob up and down. Gary was so hot that within a couple of minutes of her tongue massaging the head of his dick and the hot feel of the back of her throat he emptied what must have been months of cum down her throat and mouth. It must have been that much because I have never seen Kathy have problems swallowing all you could give her, but this time she had it running down her chin. She looked at Gary and said “Wow, you must have really needed that?” and grinned. I reminded her that she still had another to finish. After seeing Gary cum in my wife’s mouth I was so hot that I didn’t last anytime before I shot my load down Kathy’s throat. I came so hard my knees nearly buckled when I shot that load. It was close to the best cum I have ever had in my life. I was drained down to my knees.
I staggered more than stepped back to my chair. Gary had moved to the stern seat and was leaning back with his legs straight and spread in front of him. To my surprised his dick was still sticking straight up and looked almost as hard as it was before he shot off into Kathy’s mouth. Kathy looked at me and saw that after her mouth I was in no condition to do anything else for a while. “Hey, what about me? Where do I get mine”? “Well you can either wait for mine or try that one”, I said and nodded toward Gary. “Are you serious?” “Yes” I said, and she moved over and again took Gary in her mouth. After a few times taking him down hear throat she started to take off her top. “Lets go below, its too cold here.” She looked at me and said, “Do you mind?” “No, just leave the light
on”. She grinned. She knew that this was the perfect opportunity for me to be a “hidden” voyeur. Down the gangway she went with Gary in “hot” pursuit. As I watched Kathy laid back on the bunk and Gary lay beside her.
He started by sucking her nipples and I could tell from the look on her face that he must have been doing it right. He started kissing down her stomach farther and when he got to the top of her hair line he dropped off the bunk and got on his knees pulling her pussy to the edge of the bunk.
Kathy raised her legs to his shoulders and pulled his head into her. By this time she was whimpering and almost crying. She had gotten so hot that that with the movement and sucking of her clit it wasn’t long before she was grinding her mound into his face and a cry was coming from her mouth. I have seen her cum many times but that orgasm was the strongest I have ever seen. Normally one good cum and she is finished but this time Gary wasn’t. Standing up he attempted Eskişehir Escort Bayan to enter her pussy still laying at the
edge of the bunk. However, the height wasn’t comfortable so he rolled her over and around till her ass was pointed to him and he took her doggy style.
I watched as he entered her slow and little by little sank his dick balls deep into her pussy. After he was lubed with her pussy juice and they were comfortable he placed his hands on her waist and began to fuck her with long deep hard strokes. This was the most erotic thing I had ever seen. Like many people I have a voyeuristic streak and we have watched porn flics together in our living room. When I was younger I used to sneak between houses at night and hope to catch a glimpse of a tit or something
risque, but this was fantastic. Watching my best friend who needed a good fuck, bang away at my wonderful wife who loved a good fuck. I was in heaven!

After what seemed like hours I saw Gary stiffen and pulling her hard into him he dumped another load into my wife, this time in another hole. As he released his grip on her she fell forward and sprawled on the bunk and Gary dropped into the bunk behind him and was gone to the world.

Watching those two go at it had me hard as a rock again and I thought about going down and helping myself to my sweet wife’s pussy or maybe her ass but then decided she was out of it and not to disturb her. I settled for a dip in the Gulf and then snuggled into the bunk beside her.

As I tried to doze off I wondered what her reaction was going to be in the morning.

We woke all up as the sun was starting to show through the porthole. Gary got up and sort of sneaked out to the deck. As I looked at Kathy she said “Are you ok with last night?” I assured her I was and asked her if she was. She said she was, although she was surprised with both herself and me. I laughed and asked if she had this planned when she wanted to come along. She said she hadn’t but she had enjoyed it. We laughed and snuggled a bit like we did when we awoke up at home. After a bit I got up
and found Gary baiting hooks and when I came on deck he seemed a little tense. After I said good morning and started working with the tackle he relaxed and we started the day as if nothing had happened.
Other than the three of us not bothering to put clothes on the rest of the day, it went like normal and no one spoke of the night before. Kathy was her normal loving wifey self and the only extra attention she gave Gary was when she was putting suntan lotion on the both of us. While we fished she lay on the bow reading and catching the sun. Both of us had to watch as she would cover herself with suntan lotion and once I rub lotion on her back but that was how the majority of the day was spent. Around 5:00 or so Gary
and I strapped our tanks on and dove over the side to see what we could find for dinner. Coming back up we had a couple of lobsters and a small Cobia, just enough for the three of us. Kathy by that time had showered and was wearing a beach cover-up but with nothing else on.
As we grilled dinner Kathy turned some easy listening music up on the stereo and broke out the wine. As the sun began to set below the horizon I stated that this was the life. Fifty miles out in the Gulf life was different. There was a whole new set of rules that made everything different from being on shore. They both agreed and the first mention of the night before came from Kathy. She said that on land she would never have done what she did with Gary, even if she was drunk. We laughed and I said, “Yes, but you are glad you did.” That brought more laughter and an “I guess you are right” from her. Gary laughed and said “well I’m glad you did it too.”

The wine and the place was getting to us again I could tell. I showered from the aft shower and Gary followed suit. Soon Kathy changed the tempo of the music and started to dance alone on the deck. She knows how I dance
and pulled Gary up to dance with her and as they were swaying back and forth I came up behind her and started pulling away her wrap around.
Soon she was naked between us and we were all three grinding our hips together. I reached up and started fondling her breasts from behind and offered them up to Gary who without hesitation eagerly started sucking and licking, paying special attention to her hard nipples.

As I reach around to play with her clit she spread her legs slightly to allow me access. I found that she was already soaking wet and I knew she was enjoying all the attention she was getting. I often tease her that squeezing her ass if like pumping a pump to get water. The more you squeeze the wetter it gets. This was no exception! She was so wet it was starting to run down the inner parts of her thighs.

She gently pushed Gary down on the bench seat across the back of the cockpit and when he was placed as she wanted him she knelled and took him in her mouth again. Not to be left out I moved in behind her and started fingering her pussy lips and clit. I could hear her moans as she took Gary down her throat.

I took a wet finger from her pussy and inserted it slowly into her ass. She had allowed me to take her ass Escort Eskişehir a few times but it wasn’t one of her favorite things. This time she seemed to backup onto my finger and forced me in. When she relaxed from the initial penetration I took another finger from her pussy and inserted it into her ass. Now I had two fingers in her pussy and two in her ass… she was going wild.. she was fucking both and sucking Gary at the same time. I had never seen her so out of control and hot.
Suddenly she pulled off of Gary and away from my fingers. At first I thought she had decided to stop all of it but then she steps up and straddles Gary’s dick, taking it all in in one thrust. “You guys have me so damn hot I’m going to fuck you both all night long”! She turned to me and in an excited breathy voice, “Fuck my ass, I want both of you in me.”
Like I said, Kathy is no prude but I’d never seen her so out of control. I moved up behind her and though it was clumsy I moved my dick to her little rosebud that I had only been in before on “special occasions”. I started to ease my way into her but to my surprise she pushed back and took it all at once.
Soon we had a rhythm going with Gary going in while I pulled out. It was fantastic. Kathy was cry, “Oh, fuck me, fuck me”, I could feel Gary sliding passed me through the thin membrane as I rammed her harder and harder. All of a sudden I felt Kathy stiffen and slam down of Gary. I knew she was cuming and shoved my dick into as far as I could.
Her orgasm triggered both Gary and I and we emptied into her at the same time. She was actually screaming and crying like I had never heard her before. We were all so drained we rolled off onto the deck and just laid

After a couple of minutes I ask if she were alright. She just kept repeating “that was fantastic, that was fantastic”! When I had recovered I got up and washed myself off. Even though I had shot so hard I could tell as I was washing that I’d be back up for another round soon. This is the only way to fish!

We all curled up together in the corner of the deck and laid back to watch the stars. I couldn’t help but thinking how great this was. The three of us were here together, so uninhibited, so relaxed. Kathy was the one to start it again. I think she was really getting into this and had decided to take advantage of it before going back to shore.

She started stroking both Gary and I with her hands and then ask if either of us had a fantasy we wanted to fulfill while we were playing together.
I said that my main fantasies had been fulfilled. I had gotten to share her with another man and I had gotten to play voyeur while she fucked someone else. When she turned to Gary, he kind of hem hawed around but when she pushed him he said he had always wanted to fuck a woman’s ass.
Hmmm she said , “I think we can arrange that!” and turned her attention to getting Gary’s dick back to full working order. After she had used her mouth to bring his back to full hardness she said she could fill his fantasy and one of hers too. She said she wanted someone, in this case me, to eat her pussy while she took a dick in her ass. Who am I to deny a lady!

Gary laid back on the deck and Kathy moved to straddle him. As she dropped to her knees she reached back to take him and placed his dick at the opening where I had been not so long ago.

She slowly lowered herself onto him and when she was sitting firmly on him with his dick as far into her as it would go she slowly leaned back till she was laying on top of him.
Gary started slowly fucking into her ass and pinching her nipples. Not only could you tell that she was taking his dick but she was also driving herself onto it. I dropped to my knees between them and took a bit of time to watch this incredible closeup site of his dick penetrating my wife’s ass.

What a site. But soon I heard her moaning and knew that I needed to get about me “work”. I soon had her clit in my mouth and alternated between licking her pussy lips, running my tongue into her recently fucked pussy and sucking her swollen clit. I had never been this close to another mans dick before and occasionally I could feel his balls brush against my chin. It was so erotic!! I sucked her clit with abandon.
It wasn’t long before I could tell she was again cuming and her whimpers and cries said it was time. I sucked and tongued her through that orgasm and as she finished I raised up just in time to see Gary slip out of her ass and shoot his load up over her pussy and onto her belly.

I stood up and watched those two unwind themselves. “Well young lady, are you happy now?” With a grin and a giggle she just said “yeah” and collapsed joking on deck. Gary was just sitting there with a Cheshire cat look to his face and didn’t say a word.

Basically that was it for the night. We crawled off to our bunks and passed out for the night. The next morning it was coffee, a little fishing and then back to civilization. All good things must come to an end. After we docked the boat we loaded Gary and the stuff and went to drop him off at his house. Glenda was her well manicured self making a show of working in her well manicured lawn. When she saw Kathy was in the car she came over and said she hadn’t known Kathy was going or she might have gone herself. Glenda said that she needed a change and a weekend out might be what she needed. Kathy just smiled and said, “Yes, things are different 50 miles out in the Gulf”

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