A Bewitched Housewife Part 2


To understand this second part of the story and for background to this second part read the first part of this story under the same title. A little back up into the first part of the story. This story and the one titled Bewitched Housewife took me five days to write.
“You know, Henry, I do believe that you have a cock that won’t quit, that it can go all night if my husband don’t mind if you and I have sex all night long till morning. I bet you that your dick can go all night. Darling do you mind if we have sex all night long?”
“I…I don’t mind if you two wants to fuck the hell out of each other all night long,” Douglas said surprise at hearing what he just heard.
“Well then it settled,” Samantha said.
With that, Douglas left the room, leaving Samantha and Henry to themselves to enjoy each other as they began a night long of passionate sex, closing the door behind him.
“Henry get ready for a night of passionate love making. Now long, slow strokes in my pussy,” Samantha said when Douglas left them to themselves.
Moving his cock slow in her vagina, Henry took long slow thrusting with his throbbing dick letting Samantha feel of each thrust of his cock. Samantha loved the slow long strokes of the throbbing dick that was moving inside her pussy. She knew with long slow thrust of his dick their lovemaking would last much longer and it would take that much longer for Henry to cum a second time.
“Oh yes that’s how I want you to go till I tell you differently.” Henry fuck Samantha with long slow strokes with his dick. “Kiss me passionately Henry as you continue to fuck me with slow long strokes.”
Embracing each other, their mouths claps each other intertwining their tongues they began to kiss passionately while he moved his throbbing dick back and forward in her pussy.
Breaking their passionate kiss, Henry moved his mouth down to her tits to suck and lick them while he continue to move his throbbing dick with long and slow strokes in her pussy. He squeezed one tit while he suck and lick the other one. Her nipples were still up as he began to suck and lick her titties. “Oh yes suck them and play with my tits,” Samantha said feeling his mouth on her right tit and his right hand on her left tit.
“You like that Samantha?”
“Awe, yes, I love having my tits suck and lick on as well feeling them being squeezed with a hand while I have a dick in my pussy,” Samantha answered passionately.
She was experiencing a whole new sensation in love making that she hadn’t experienced before. The sensational feelings that she was having, drove her out of her ever loving mind. He suck and lick her tits for several minutes and squeezing them with his hands, while he continued moving his throbbing cock in her pussy.
“Fuck me faster, Henry,” Samantha said. “I can’t feel your huge dick in my pussy.”
Henry obeyed moving his dick faster and fucking Samantha harder. She felt him pounding her pussy feeling his balls slapping against her pussy lips.
“Oh, yes, fuck me harder and deeper. Dammit fuck me,” Samantha said. “That’s it I can feel your cock in my pussy. Felt like it lost in my vagina.”
His fucking her hard and deep brought Samantha to having another orgasm. Holding it back no longer, “Oh my I am about to shoot my load,” Samantha screamed as she was experiencing the orgasm she was having.
Removing his penis, he wagged it in front of Samantha indicating that he wanted her to suck his cock.
“Like to taste your fucking pussy juices, Samantha?”
Moving to reach his dick, Samantha began to suck his cock tasting her own pussy. “Um, my pussy taste good” she thought tasting her pussy juice on his dick.
“How does your pussy taste, Samantha?”
“Um taste good,” she said as she suck his cock.
Moving to a different position Henry laid down on his back, with Samantha positioning herself on him to continue sucking his dick while he lick and suck her pussy. Both of them was moaning in rhythm as they felt each other’s mouth on each other’s genitals. As she was sucking his dick and stroking it with her hand, she squeezed and suck his nuts and she heard him moaned when Henry felt his balls being suck on again by Samantha.
“Oh, yes, suck and play with my nuts, Samantha,” he said feeling the sensation that he was feeling from her sucking on his balls.
In response Samantha suck and jostled his nuts around in her mouth, letting one slip out then the other one. Then she flick her tongue back on his balls seeing them juggle in front of her. Taking them back in her mouth she again jostled them in her mouth working her tongue around them.
“Oh God yes,” he moan as Samantha jostled his testicles in her mouth.
While she was sucking on his dick and balls, Henry was busy sucking her pussy with his tongue and fingering her.
“Oh, suck and lick and finger my pussy,” Samantha said as she felt his tongue and fingers in her love tunnel.
Changing to a different position, Samantha moved to face him so she could ride his cock, inserting his dick in her vagina. Up and down she went on his cock, feeling her vagina contracting to each movement she made riding his cock.
“Want to fuck me doggie style again?” Samantha asked.
“Sure, Samantha,” Henry answered.
Moving off of his dick, Samantha moved to a armchair.
“You want me to fuck you doggie style using a armchair?” Henry ask.
“I will bend over with my hands in the chair seat while you fuck me doggie style,” Samantha said.
“I see, Samantha.”
Positioning herself over the chair as she said, Henry inserted his dick in her and began thrusting in her doggie style. With each thrust of his dick in her love tunnel Samantha moan softly enjoying the pleasure his dick was giving to her. Several minutes later he thrust in her deeper with his cock.
“Oh, yes fuck me deep Henry. God damn, you are fucking me deep in my pussy as I like it deep,” Samantha said as Henry thrust his throbbing cock deeper in her. “Fuck me harder as you go deeper, Dammit.”
Hearing Samantha Henry fuck her harder as he went deeper in her love tunnel.
As he continued to fuck her doggie style, he felt of her tits and squeeze them.
“Oh, yes play with them,” she said moaning softly feeling his hands on her tits.
Pulling his dick out he pull her to a straighten position and he continue to play with her tits. Turning her head she began to kiss him as he continue pleasured and fondling her tits.
“God you are so good at having sex, Samantha,” he whisper in her ear “and fine looking woman you are.”
“Thank you Henry,” Samantha said whispering back to him. “That will be our little secret between us. You not bad yourself if I do say so.”
He returned her complement.
He ran his hands over her tits and squeezed her nipples. Samantha moan a “Oh yes play with my nipples.”
“Samantha, have you ever been fuck between your tits?” Henry asked as he pleasured and fondled her tits.
“I have been fuck there before. You want to tittie fuck me, Henry?”
“I do.”
“Well, okay, we can,” Samantha said.
Going over to the bed, Samantha laid down and position himself over her, he pushed his dick down between her tits, while Samantha held her breasts Escort together so he could tittie fuck her. Moving his dick back and forward between her tits, Samantha position her head so she could lick his piss slit in his dick with her tongue.
“Oh my,” Samantha said tasting some precum coming out and before either one of them knew cum came out spilling all over her chest.
“Yew that came suddenly un…unexpectedly,” Henry said.
“Yes it did and your cock is still hard,” Samantha replied. “Hum how about fucking me in my Ass again.”
“Sounds good, since it’s been some time since I fuck you there, Samantha.”
Turning over, Samantha got on her hands and knees, she spread her legs apart twitching her nose to keep her chest elevated she grasped her Ass checks she open her Ass. Getting on his knees, he inserted his cock in her Asshole and into her anus.
Thrusting his dick in her, her Asshole contracted to his dick gripping it to hold it in while he moved his cock back and forward in her anus. He placed his hands on her waist so to keep her rear end close to his lower abdomen.
“Oh your huge dick feels good there in my Ass,” Samantha said in response to the pleasure that his cock was delivering to her Ass and sweeping through her body. “Oh yes right there. Fuck me there, there feels good. God it feels good there.”
He had hit a spot in her anus with his cock that felt good to Samantha. He fuck her there for several minutes letting her experience the sensational feeling that she was feeling. Moving his cock back and forward in her Ass, Samantha could feel his nuts slapping against her pussy lips with each thrust of his dick. She knew that he was taking slow long thrusts in her anus as he fuck her, the slow long thrusts she didn’t like feeling from his cock.
He was exploring more of her Ass this second time they were having anal sex. He was exploring her Rectum. She could feel his dick going in her Rectum as he explore her Ass. He was slowly increasing his thrusts in her Ass going deeper, reaching her Rectum with his dick. He was letting her Rectum get use to his huge throbbing dick.
“God Dam you going in my Rectum with that huge dick of yours,” Samantha said screaming, as she felt his dick in her Rectum. “Dang it feels dammed good there. Oh, fuck me deeper in my Rectum. Oh deeper.”
He was fucking her deep in her Ass as he knew she like. He had no idea that Samantha like feeling his dick in her Rectum. He thought that she might would like to know how a huge big dick like his would feel penetrating her Rectum.
As he was fucking her in the Ass, she was giving soft moaning sounds in rhythm to the thrust of his throbbing cock. He could hear her soft moaning sounds and knew that he was pleasing her with his throbbing huge dick in her anus. Her anus respond with each thrust of his cock, her Ass muscles contracting as he move his dick in her Ass. The contracting of her Ass hole and anus in step with his throbbing dick movement, gave different sensations and pleasures that Samantha was feeling sweeping from her Ass and through her body. Few more thrusts of his dick and he redrew his dick from her Ass.
“Get on your side,” Henry said.
She knew that Henry wished to fuck her in the sideway position. Turning on her side, he was going to show her that he could fuck her sideways. He took her leg and placed it over his and inserted his dick in her vagina. This was a sensation that she had felt before and she like the sensation and feeling that a throbbing cock could deliver. In this position he had full access to her tits to pleasure them as he liked.
As he began to move his dick in her pussy, she placed her fingers in the folds of her pussy. She wanted to feel his penis sliding back and forward in her pussy between her fingers. As he fuck her in the sideway position, he use his free hand to caress her tits. Rising up on his elbow he lower his mouth to kiss her, before lower himself back down continuing to fuck her. As he continue fucking her he and Samantha had a passionate kiss. The sensations and feeling that she felt from his dick cause her to groan softly.
“Yes oh my, how I love that huge dick of yours in my pussy. Like my pussy?”
“Huh, I do like your pussy more now since we began having sex,” Henry answered keeping the rhythm of his thrusting of his cock going in her.
Keeping his dick in her pussy, pushing it all the way in and holding it there, he turn her over on her stomach. Samantha folded her arms in front of her, so he could have access to her tits and kept her legs together for him. This gave her vagina a tighter feeling. Henry resumed his thrusting of his dick in her pussy, pressing with his fingers on her sides and thumbs on her back.
Changing from the sideway position to a different one, Samantha knew that she would feel new sensations and feeling with Henry pressing on her buttocks. She notice that the angle of his dick change slightly also in her pussy when he moved her on her stomach.
In this new position he could stimulate the front wall of her vagina more easy and allow for deeper penetration, as well as stimulating her clitoris. He could also control the depth of penetration in her vagina.
“Oh, yes, Henry, God Dam, oh, yes,” Samantha said feeling him on her as he pushed his dick deeper in her. She felt his huge cock going in her deeper, when they change positions, as he fuck her deeper in her pussy, in the new position they were in.
“Fuck me, fuck me deep, Dammit,” Samantha said screaming as she clutched the pillow that was in front of her as she was feeling his dick stimulating the front wall of her vagina. She felt his dick deep as it was rubbing the front wall of her vagina stimulating it. “Oh God yes fuck me.”
Before she knew it she was experiencing another orgasm in her vagina.
“Dam you are having another orgasm,” Henry said feeling her orgasm running over his cock.
Lowering himself down on her, “Let me rub those tits as you getting fuck, Samantha,” he said as he moved his hands to her breasts.
She raised her chest making it easier for him to reach her tits to caress them.
“Oh, yes, Henry, caress those tits as you fuck me,” Samantha said feeling his hands on her breasts.
Laying on her flat he massage and caress her tits as he moved his dick back and forward in her pussy slow and easy, controlling the depth of penetration of his dick, letting her feel the full length of his throbbing huge cock in her vagina. Samantha could feel all seven inches of his dick in her as he moved his penis back and forward slow and easy, scrapping the sides of her pussy when he cause his dick to go backward as well as the feel of his genitals against her buttocks.
“Umm, oh,” Samantha thought to herself. “I like this slow and easy movement of his huge throbbing dick he is doing in my pussy as he can.”
In the same way he like the feel of her buttocks against his own flesh. In this he could massage and caress her buttocks. The caressing and messaging of her buttocks from Henry gave Samantha feelings and sensations that she hadn’t felt in a long time. Samantha felt the depth of penetration was being Escort Bayan control by Henry by the way he was on top of her.
“Boy oh boy how his huge cock feels in my pussy, scrapping the sides of my vagina when he moves it back in me. How I love that huge dick of his in me, as well as the feel of his lower abdomen against my buttocks,” Samantha thought to herself.
As he fuck her slow and easy, controlling the depth of his penis penetrating he was caressing her buttocks. He loved the way her buttocks moved in respond to his abdomen coming in contact with them. Her buttocks jiggled when he pushed against them with his abdomen.
Making a soft groaning sound in responds to his abdomen causing her buttocks juggle in wavy motions with each contact of his abdomen to her buttocks, Samantha was feeling each and every push against her buttocks as he move against and away as he moved his large throbbing dick in her.
In the position they were in, he was stimulating other areas of her vagina. Stimulating those areas of her vagina than the front wall of the organ, Samantha was experiencing different sensations that she hadn’t felt before then now. The different sensations cause her to moan and groan softly.
“Oh don’t stop, Henry,” Samantha said to him, “I want to experience the different sensations I am feeling with your huge throbbing cock that is stimulating areas of my vagina that I haven’t felt before.”
“Sure, Samantha, I won’t stop, letting you get accustom to the sensational feelings you are experiencing,” Henry said.
Several minutes later she began to lift her pelvic area up to allow him to put his fingers in the folds of her pussy to massage and stimulate her clitoris. Henry noticed that she was lifting her pelvis up. He knew what she wanted him to do, to stimulate her clitoris. Granting her desire to have her clitoris stimulated he move his fingers to the area to fulfill her desire and wishes. He began rubbing her clitoris with his hands and indirectly he was rubbing and stimulating her inner pussy lips. Feeling her pelvic area rising he moved his hands down to her genitals to massage and stimulate her clitoris and indirectly her inner lips of her pussy as he withdrew his cock from her.
“Ah yes stimulate that clitoris Henry,” Samantha said moaning in pleasure as he began rubbing her clitoris stimulating the organ and her inner folds of her pussy.
Withdrawing his cock from Samantha, he began to lick her giving her a tongue bath. Samantha never did have a tongue bath. She felt the tingle sensation that he was giving her with his tongue. He worked his tongue all over her back.
“Oh, my, your tongue feels good on my back,” Samantha said groaning feeling his tongue licking her back.
As he was licking her back, he was massaging her muscles. Working down her back, he licks her buttocks. Licking her buttocks he was working them with his hands. He work his tongue over her legs, massaging her leg muscles. The cool air made her body shiver a little bit. Moving off of Samantha, he pull her to the edge of the bed, keeping her on her hands and knees, till Samantha’s knees were on the carpet.
“Whoa!” Samantha exclaimed when he pulled her to the edge of the bed quickly.
Her thighs were slightly away from the bed. Samantha knew to let the bed support her with her arms on the bed. In this position her breasts were accessible to him as well as the front of her pussy. He knelt down behind her moving closer to her. She felt his cock pressing against her, knowing that he wanted to push his cock in her pussy. She knew that he wished to fuck her in this different rear end position. Taking his dick he open her pussy penetrating Samantha. Samantha felt his huge throbbing cock penetrating her pussy. He guided his cock to thrust it in her to begin fucking her. She felt all seven inches of his huge throbbing cock stretching her vagina open to accommodate his cock in her as he fuck her with slow movements. As her vagina was getting situated to his dick, he push his cock deeper in her pussy.
“Oh yes,” Samantha said moving her buttocks back and forward on his cock as his dick was going deeper in her pussy. “Oh yes, feels so damned good.”
Controlling the thrusting and penetration of his dick she was feeling and experience new sensations. The new sensations that she was experiencing drove her out of her fucking ever loving mind. She never did experience this kind of sensational feelings as she was at the present time.
“Oh my,” Samantha said with pleasure feeling the sensational feelings she was experiencing.
“It does feel good,” Henry said. “I like the different movements that your buttocks are making around my dick.”
As Samantha was moving on his cock her buttocks’ muscles contracted as they were
Tightening around his cock and relaxing with each movement from Samantha.
Enjoying Samantha controlling the movements on his dick he massage and caressed her tits. Samantha tinted her head back making soft sounds while he pleasured her breasts. Before he withdrew his cock, she experienced another orgasm.
Removing his dick from Samantha, he rose. Samantha also rose and went over to the sofa and sat on it positioning her legs that indicated that she wished for Henry to fuck her on the sofa.
“Henry I want you to fuck me here on the sofa.”
Henry joined her on the sofa sitting beside her.
“You told me a confession earlier tonight, Samantha. Well I have one to make,” Henry said.
“Let me hear your confession,” Samantha said.
“As we were having sex earlier I had the thought of me fucking you on the sofa,” Henry said.
“Well I am about to fulfill your sexual fantasy here on the sofa,” Samantha said.
Bending over she took and began sucking his cock wrapping her lips around it, tasting her pussy. As she was sucking his cock, she felt his nuts, playing with them. She suck the full length of his dick feeling it going deep in her throat. She worked her tongue over the dickhead. She went his dick shaft slow. As she was working his cock over she also such his lover’s nuts, jostling them in her mouth, working her tongue over them.
“Oh yes suck that aching cock and those balls,” Henry said. “Oh how I like how you suck my cock and balls. God how I like how you suck my dick and balls.
She knew that Henry liked how she suck his cock and balls from earlier in the evening, that pleased him. She suck his dick and balls bring him close to having an orgasm. As she felt his cock in her throat she gag grasping for air as she had to do earlier in the night.
Changing her position, Samantha laid down on the end of the sofa, opening her thighs as wide for him as she could. Getting on his knees, he inserted his dick in her well fuck pussy. She put her legs around him, feeling the huge cock of Henry penetrating her love tunnel. Feeling his love pole she laid her head down.
“Fuck me,” she mumbled as he began to fuck. She knew the pleasure very well that his fucking gave to her. “Oh feels so damned good,” she uttered feeling his love pole going slowly deeper in her. “Yes, thrust in me deeper. You know that I like it deep. My God it feels so dang good.”
She raise up Bayan Escort on her elbows to watch him fuck her. Watching him fuck her gave her new feelings through her body. She watched him thrust his huge love pole deeper in her.
“Yes that’s it deeper. You know that I want to feel every inch of that big throbbing cock in my pussy.”
He fucks her deep as she like. She again felt all seven inches of his dick the full length of her vagina. His fucking deep in her brought her to another orgasm. Suddenly he withdrew his dick. Samantha sensed that he wanted to change positions.
“Turn around to the front of the sofa,” Henry said. Samantha moved to the place he said.
“Which position do you want me in?” Samantha asked.
“Doggie,” Henry answered. “But in a somewhat different doggie position.”
“Oh there’s a different doggie position?” Samantha asked surprise on hearing that there was a somewhat different doggie position.
“Well yes,” Henry said. “I think that I better show you how I want you.”
She watched him getting in the position that he wanted her in. “Understand how you are to be in?” he asked showing her the position.
“I didn’t know that somewhat doggie position even existed till now,” Samantha said when she saw the position that she was to be in for him.
“You think that you can do that?” Henry asked.
“I’ll try that position, since I haven’t done that position before,” Samantha said.
Changing places, Samantha got on the sofa, placing one knee down on the sofa cushions with her other foot on the cushions. Using one arm for support she held on the back with the other hand down on the seat cushions. Standing behind her, he inserted his dick in Samantha.
As he began fucking her, he worked his dick in her till the full length of his cock was in. Samantha didn’t knew how much joy this could give to her in the position they were in. She could feel his thrusts in her.
“Oh yes fuck me as hard as you can,” Samantha screamed in pleasure knowing that he would fuck her hard as he could in the position that they were in.
Slowly he was working his dick in her, making her hold her orgasm back as long as he could make her hold her orgasm. He fuck her with slow thrusts, letting her feel his dick spreading her vagina apart to accommodate his huge cock. As he was working his cock in her, inch by inch he was going deeper with each thrust. She felt him pushing his dick in deeper inch by inch with each of his thrusts.
“I know what you are doing,” Samantha said, “You are making me hold my orgasm back as long as possible.”
“That’s right, Sweetheart,” Henry said as he fucked her. “I want your orgasm to mix in with mine when I cum. Your pussy sure is wet and slippery, making my dick move in you easier than when I first penetrated you.”
“I know,” Samantha said. “I can feel my vagina is very wet.”
“That it is, Babe,” Henry said. “From the hours that I have had my dick in you.”
“We had been at having sex for a long time,” Samantha said agreeing. “I made you cum at least two times since we began having sex. You now want me to mix my orgasm in with yours.”
“I sure do, Sweetheart,” Henry said.
“Well, I’ll try to hold my off till then but I won’t make no promises that it will happen,” Samantha said.
“Ready to get into another position?” Henry asked Samantha.
“I am if you are?”
Samantha move forward withdrawing his penis from her. Laying on his side with his back against the back of the sofa, Samantha knew which position he wished to fuck her in. Taking her place in front of him, he lifted her leg up, he put his arm around it to hold her leg. Taking his dick he inserted it in her. Knowing that his dick was in, he continued to fuck her. With his hand he caress and massage her tits, while he fuck. The slapping sound that his lower abdomen was making against her leg, sent sensations through her. She knew that in the position he was in, he trusts would be as deep as could be permitted. As he fuck her, Samantha moved her hands down to play with her pussy alternating between playing with her pussy and feeling his dick slide between her fingers.
“Ah, oh,” Samantha said mumbled feeling his cock sliding between her fingers. “You cock is moist from you fucking me.”
Several minutes later he withdrew his dick. Sliding from behind her, Samantha knew that he wanted them to be in a different position.
Changing positions, he lifted her legs and she knew how he wanted her knees. She pulled them close to her chest. He placed her feet on his shoulders for support, he placed his weight down on his hands placing them down beside her sides. She knew that he wanted to fuck her in this different missionary position. She had did this missionary position once before and knew that in this position he could penetrated her deep. Pushing forward on his hands he inserted his penis. His penetration gave her the maximum amount that could be achieved. This allow him to fuck her deep and allowed Samantha to watch him as he move his dick back and forward in her.
“Huh, huh, feels good,” Samantha said feeling the depth of his penetration in this position.
“It does feel good,” Henry said in agreement.
The orgasm that Samantha felt coming from her several minutes earlier, she felt that Henry was close to his. Timing it just right, they shot their orgasm together mixing them together.
“Whew,” they said together as the last skirts of their orgasms were shot.
Finishing their night long passionate love making, Henry rose from the sofa. Samantha followed him a second later.
“That was some sex we had tonight,” Henry said commented on their night long passionate love making. “I feel satisfied and somewhat tired and sleepy.”
“Me too,” Samantha said agreeing. “If you like to take a shower the bathroom is right in there. Help yourself.”
“Thank you, Samantha. I think I will.”
While he was in the shower, Samantha said to herself, “Douglas is not going to like this, but I hope he understands and forgives me. This is a situation that definitively calls for witchcraft.”
Picking up Henry’s clothes she twitched them nice and clean.
She had just gotten on the bed when Douglas came up the stairs to get ready for work. Coming in the room, seeing Samantha laying on the bed still naked, smiling, and being contented, Douglas said to Samantha “I suppose that you two had a great time making love to each other all night?”
“We did, Darling. It was great.”
“And I suppose that you don’t care to tell me all about?” Douglas asked.
“I will later,” Samantha answered.
“Okay I guess I just have to wait till you are ready to tell me all about it,” Douglas said.
“Where is Henry?” Douglas asked not seeing his client in the room.
“He is in the bathroom getting a shower getting all the sex smell off and to smell nice and clean,” Samantha answered.
“Wh…What about his clothes?” Douglas asked.
“Relax Darling, I took care of his clothes. I twitched them clean and there they are on the chair,” Samantha said.
“You did what?” Douglas asked almost yelling.
“I said that I twitched them clean.”
“I heard you the first time. Well then that takes care of that.”
Before Henry Smithers left for his hotel, Douglas and Samantha invited Henry to have breakfast with them. He accepted their invitation for breakfast.

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