A Beautiful Finish to Date Night


This is the true story of how a 30-ish married couple ended their date night.


Lazily sprawled on the bed, she is laying on her stomach, her left leg is out straight, and he has pushed her right knee high up, the curve of perfectly round ass just hanging there, begging to be touched.

The iPad is on the floor, and as she trolls through music videos from the past they are talking idly and he traces the curves of her lower body lightly with his fingertips. He adores her body – she smells of beauty and her gorgeous curves taste of her clean skin – he lightly nibbles on her shoulders and back.

99% of the time she’d be wearing a sexy lacy thong, but tonight for some reason she put on a pair of purple and pink striped sports panties. She is wearing a tight white tank-top, the stretchy sporty material like a second skin wrapped tightly around her.

His hand is still tracing her curves, staying outside the clothes, but he begins gently sliding fingers under the elastic bands at her legs, as he excites himself by finding more skin. He focuses on the tender curve of her ass cheeks and the inside of her thighs, noticing that as he gets close to her pussy she doesn’t pull away – indicating that she is happy for him to keep exploring.

More adventurous, his right hand finds it’s way under the leg of the panties and slides over her the smooth, firm, (and yet lusciously soft) curve of her ass. Squeezing gently, his fingers droop lightly over the edge of the cheek finding her crack, gently parting the globes. His fingers return to the surface, and exploring further, his fingers drift down to that wonderful void at the top of the inside of the thigh, between the leg and the lips – that smooth space which she has kept clean-shaven for as long as he’s known her… Again getting no feedback (he is only looking for negatives, if she let’s him keep going the positives will come) he gets a bit bolder.

She is still finding music videos on YouTube as he sits back, straightens her right leg down with get left, and in one tug pulls off the panties. This has generated a brief “umm, what are you doing?” but no protestations.

He pauses to take in the sheer beauty of her naturally light tan skin, laying naked for him to touch, explore, excite… Her complexion has always been fantastic – even in the dead of winter she is the smooth color of a sandy beach… he begins to feel himself stiffen. He knows her body well but somehow each time still feels as exciting as the first – he also knows her well enough to know that sometimes after he touches her for a while she may be ready, but not quite there, and that usually if she wraps her fingers or mouth around his manhood she’ll be dripping within in seconds.

With this in mind, he joins her in nakedness gebze escort by removing his briefs, and then gently puts her right leg back up where it was and slides down her body to gently and patiently nibble her left thigh, ass cheeks, and lower back, sliding his cock and balls down naked skin, revelling in the smooth silky warmth of her thigh and calf against him.

His fingers are still just gently rubbing and exploring her skin and curves, he wants to taste her, but he loves that she is just letting him look at her and touch.

Occasionally his fingers graze across her lips, and as he gets bolder he sometimes opens them or passes over her clit – building up the touches.

He kisses and nibbles all across her ass cheeks and his fingers start to probe. Trying something new, his tongue explores the upper part of her crack, and goes slowly from the top of her hole to the top of her crack. He does this again and discovers that he has flicked the switch: his fingers feel and instant moistening.

Finally he lets one finger start to explore inside, while the other hand reaches under her hip to lightly rub her clit, he keeps massaging her ass cheeks with his tongue and nibbles, but he spends more time further down, mesmerised by watching his finger disappear into and reemerge from her pussy – fascinated by the increasing wetness.

The moisture has spread, her wetness has arrived, and the finger inside probes deeper… His hands start to move just slightly faster, when, completely without him expecting it she pulls away.

“What, you don’t want to come on my hand?” he asks, almost surprised.

Her answer thrills him in it’s uncharacteristic directness:

“No, I want you to fuck me. “

“you’ll need to say that again.”

“Ahhhoom… fuck me”

And with no hesitation, he slowly and deliberately drags his rigid cock up her calf, up the inside of her thigh, and just rests it against her now swollen and soaking lips as she slightly raises her hips from the bed.

“Say it again”


“I can’t hear you- hold my cock while it goes into you.” Without hesitation she reaches her hand back and underneath herself, surprisingly obedient.


“say it”

“Fu u aah ck me”

Her fingers wrap around his cock as she pulls it into her glorious wetness, tightness, warmth, gripping as he stretches her muscles, pausing without pushing too deep, letting her get comfortable. After a moment they start – pumping slowly and rhythmically, the slippery juice titillating his entire shaft. Unusually for most females, she tends to have one massive orgasm during their sex, and tonight she is there almost immediately.

He pulls out and away “it göztepe escort isn’t going to end that quickly if you’ve made me wait this long” (it had been a few weeks).

She responds by raising her hips high off the bed and pushes back toward him – his favourite position – her chest and shoulders are flat out on the bed with her arms out and her ass sticking right up at him.

Gripping her hips firmly, he pushes himself back in, excited by the feel of her ass against his hips, and again they begin pumping each other with a slow steady rhythm. He swirls her cheeks in slow circles as he slides in and out – his thumbs resting, just lightly pressing on her other hole, as her cheeks have opened up to show it to him.

She reaches back for something to hold – he is feeling pent up and rough, the sex is filled with love & lust & their pent up desire – he holds her hands out wide, pulling her taught body back against his, beginning to fuck her harder and faster she feels his fingers gripping hers, that fleeting sensation of emptiness, followed by a wave of pleasure as he fills her up, so deeply that she tingled, almost with pain, but also blinding with pleasure. She barely notices but subliminaly appreciates the completeness of each medium-paced thrust, the pulling of her hands, his thighs against hers, his balls coming to rest on her clit.

He pushes himself deeper into the tight wet little hole by bringing her hands back as far as they’ll go. She arches her back slightly as he presses her hands down firmly on her own ass cheeks. He is starting to pick up pace now, the sight of her hands and fingers intertwined with his own resting across her open crack… the tingling building in his stomach and balls.

She senses this and it is her turn to not want it to end too quickly, and has an idea. Taking the lead, she pushes him back and rises to her feet, in a half squat – he is on his knees on the bed, and suddenly finds himself doing nothing but watching and feeling as her wet tight perfection slides up and down his rock hard rod. It us outstanding, the single feeling of his own stillness and nothing but her pussy massaging his shaft.

A few minutes of this and he worries for her thighs… and the rougher urge had come back.

He steps off the bed to stand on the floor, again she backs up to him, this time the pace is faster, needing to be closer, deeper he uses her tank top as reigns – an absolute thrill. In one part of his mind he wants her completely naked, his hands to be gripping her perfect breasts with their beautiful pencil eraser nipples, but in the other part of his mind he pictures those big beautiful tits held firmly by the sheer tank top he is now using to control her movement, those halkalı escort perky nipples surely poking through the material as they occasianlly graze the bed. Going with the flow and pulling harder on her tank top the heat of their drive causing the beginnings of sweat, the pace building to release their most primal urge… but they aren’t ready to finish yet.

He lets go of her shirt and pushes her forward for a break – he needs to taste her, just once.

At this stage she is far too sensitive to deal with the tickling of a tongue and rolls to her back, bringing her knees up and spreading her legs – she wants to be fucked more – and she wants it badly.

Crawling up over her she is so wet and ready that no assistance is needed – his cock knows right where to be and he starts slow by sliding in gently, she keeps her legs high and moves them back and forth and back and forth in time with his slow thrusts, her hips rotating slightly. The pace quickens naturally, her legs go still, he has his right arm around her back and his left hand his firmly holding her head, his fingers holding, if not more like pulling, her hair, as they force each other as close as they can get.

When he had climbed on top he had a vision of releasing his massive load of cum deep in her throat, but now they were building together, harder and faster, she needs him to cum with her. The world starts to spin, the skin, the smell of her sweat and breath and clean sex-filled body, she begins to cry out as she is filled so deep and so fast and so hard – and the need to explode. They aren’t making love anymore, they are fucking, the slapping squishing sound from her cunt unnoticed over their moans and the squeaking of the bed… Faster… Deeper… She is at one continuos moan when the pressure overwhelms, succumbing the the joy and reward of their carnal lust he hits that final moment of dizzying pleasure and lets go, jet after jet of hot white sticky cum exploding inside her as she clasps her thighs tight against him arches her back and cries out “oh my gooooood”, twiching almost violently underneath him.

He stops pumping into her, burying himself as deep as he can, holding still, his pelvis against her clit and his balls on her asshole, and they hold each other, frozen tightly together there, moaning in delight, completely still except for the throbbing of his cock and the juicy quivering of her slippery hole, tightening around him in joyous spasms.

And then… they collapse into each other in blissful exhaustion, him wiggling with periodic twitches, her holding tightly to him with still shaking legs whispering “oh god” “fuck” “oh god” every now and then.

Smiling with heavenly bliss, looking forward to a deep sleep, in the back of his head he is already looking forward to next week’s date night….


This is my first story so I would love honest opinions. Please let me know what you think.

If it seems the there is demand, our next week was a very sensual massage in front of the fireplace, which I’ll be happy to share, if people want to hear it…


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