A Beary Bad Nightmare


Hi, my name is Neel and I’m a 25-year-old gay boy. In college, I had a serious boyfriend, but we decided to go our separate ways as he was not really looking to settle down. Heartbroken, I decided to work towards a nursing degree and travel.

Traveling nurses is a great gig that paid well and afforded me the benefit of traveling all around the country. Within the span of a couple of years, I had seen 10 different cities and states around the US.

It got lonely though at times. The contracts were usually 6, 8, or 12 weeks long and while I met some cool people, my romantic life was lacking. Sure, I had no trouble hooking up for one-nighters, but it was otherwise devoid of substance.

I still missed my ex, whom I had actually known since middle school, but his modeling career was starting to take off and his IG and other social media platforms took up all of his time and he wasn’t ready for marriage or long-term companionship.

I was now in my third full year out of nursing school and was pretty well-versed and comfortable in my job. I traveled to all of my job sites by car and I had formulated a regimen for how I traveled and worked. The work was hard but paid extremely well and I was off 3 days a week.

It was May and it was starting to warm up. I arrived in a little town in Oklahoma to begin a 12 week stretch at the local hospital in their ER. This was easily the most rural location I had been for work, but the pay was the highest so the money excited me. I managed to snag a studio apartment located above one of the local businesses in their little downtown area to rent for the 3 months. I brought my bags in and then wandered outside by foot to explore the local downtown area but also find a grocery store to get some essentials I had forgotten.

Unfortunately, I had arrived late afternoon on a Friday. Stores were mostly closed and much to my dismay, it was starting to rain and the wind was picking up and I was wearing little running shorts, a tank, and flip-flops. My legs were smooth and muscular and shaved, my hair dark and wavy. I caught a lot of glances and stares from the locals. I suppose this was a small town in the Bible Belt and I should have dressed accordingly. Oh well.

I saw one small hole in the wall store that I ran up to try to get in, but just as I got to the entrance, a big and tall thick burly old man filled the doorway. “Sorry, son. I’m closin’ up!” He peered at me through his thick-framed bifocals. He looked to be an older man, probably late 60s early 70s, well over 6 ft and 300 lbs. He was wearing trousers and a tee shirt underneath. He was bald on top with a thick massive veiny head with white hair off to the sides with white hair coming out of his ears. His nose was big and red with what looked like rosacea. He had bottom-heavy lips outlined by a thick mustache and a short beard.

“I’m so sorry sir, but please, I just came in to town tonight and I really need a few things and I’ll be out of your store in no time!” I begged as I looked up at him, my eyebrows arched. He kept staring at me with the door ajar with his thick beefy hairy hand. He studied me, looking at me up and down at my small 5’4″ 125 lb frame. Perhaps he saw my distressed pleading eyes and felt sorry for me as his gruff expression softened. “Alright little fella, you look like you’re lost. I’ll give you a few minutes to grab some things, but I need to start locking it up!”

He cracked the door open a bit wider and I slipped in past him, accidentally grazing his large belly. He grunted before pulling the door shut and locked it. I started looking around the small store for whatever I needed as I heard him in the background, closing the shades and flipping the sign to “CLOSED”. He turned the storefront lights out.

I got to the battery section and was having trouble remembering the battery code I needed for my fan remote. I stood in the aisle with my hands on my hips when I heard loud heavy footsteps approaching from behind. I turned to see the store owner right behind me. He was surely a giant man and quite intimidating to say the least. I studied his face and thought to myself how ugly and unattractive he looked. An image flashed in my mind of us having sex and my face contorted into one of disgust and horror. I was used to hard bods and IG model types, young, muscular guys. This was about as far from that as possible.

“What’s the matter? You look like you smelled some shit! Heh!” He teased. My face turned red as I looked down and laughed, embarrassed.

“Hnnhh..nah, I just remembered something. Anyway, I can’t seem to remember which battery I need for my remote,” I looked up at him. He came in a bit closer as I backed into the shelf, my hands behind my back grabbing on to the shelf as I gazed up at his giant frame. His shoulders and arms were so wide and thick and he was covered in grayish white hair. He was wearing a gold chain and a bracelet.

“Where you from? What brought you to this bump in the road?”

“I’m etimesgut escort a travel nurse. My hometown is Columbus, Ohio though.”

“Hehe…you stick out like a sore thumb around here! I guess the hospital is desperate for help if they want travelers. I went there not long ago and had to wait in the lobby for 10 hours or something!”

I had my legs crossed and kept biting my lower lip, unsure as to why I felt so uncomfortable. “Yeah, it’s tough no matter where you go, there’s a shortage of nurses everywhere. They pay us a lot to travel and I get to see different parts of the country. It works out,” I shrugged as I looked down, catching a look at his crotch. It was just an old habit and I couldn’t help myself. Some horny perverted straight males look at women’s breasts and asses, I looked at men’s crotches. So shoot me.

I heard him mouth breathe as I felt his eyes fixed on me with laser focus. “Where you staying?” He asked.

“Ohh..there’s this place like 3 blocks from here that I found on Craigslist. It’s cheap and so I took it,” I responded.

“You got a girlfriend or somethin’? How old are you?”

“Hehe, nnn-nahh, no girlfriend. I turned 25 like a month ago. I wanted to have fun and travel, not much time for like a relationship,” I responded.

“Mmm…yeah you look real young, but you’re a little guy too, no offense, but you are young,” he smiled out of the corner of his mouth as he began mouth breathing again.

“God, he looks so creepy…why is he staring at me like this?” I thought to myself. “I have to somehow get whatever and leave…”

“So…yeah, I guess I should try to head out soon…” I started. The rain was really coming down now, the drops smashing against the windows in full fury energized by the howling winds.

“You sure? It’s really pouring out there…” the man started. “How are you going to get home? I mean I’d give you a ride, but my truck is in the shop.”

“How are YOU going to get home?” I asked him.

“Well…that’s the beauty of owning your own store in a tiny town like this. I live here too, I got my own apartment upstairs!” He grinned as he pointed.

“Ohhh!” I gasped. “Well. Lucky you!” I teased him and let out a nervous laugh.

“You may as well come up and wait out the rain with me upstairs,” he said, his voice a bit more confident than I expected. I had been around the block a few times and had lived in big cities, so I was quite assertive myself, but he made me feel quite small and vulnerable. I almost welcomed his hospitality, despite his unattractive appearance and creepy disposition.

“Uhh..okay I guess…” I was apprehensive about this whole ordeal I found myself in at the moment. I didn’t have a choice. I was stupid to walk here, thinking the weather would hold and I came wearing nothing but tiny running shorts with a brief liner and my little tank. My flip-flops were still wet from the rain as well.

“Great!” He exclaimed as he led me to the back of the store. He fumbled through his keys before settling on the one that unlocked the door. He pulled it open, revealing stairs that led up. He motioned for me to go first, as he flipped the store lights out and then locked the door behind us.

I started up the steps and I could feel his face right up close to my ass as I climbed up. He was breathing heavy as he tried to keep up with me as I was creeped out again and picked up the pace. At the top, was a small landing with another door. He unlocked this door as well and threw it open, revealing a full apartment.

Surprisingly, it looked to be of decent size. From the entry way to the right was the kitchen with a bar that overlooked the main living space. Off to the left was a small hallway with a bathroom and bedroom. The building was obviously old and it smelled like it. It was clean enough, though, much to my surprise, and well-maintained.

“Are you married?” I asked.

He let out a sly grin, “Nope…I was too much of a wild child in my younger days and ran out of time before I realized it. You drink?” He asked me as he made his way to the kitchen. He kicked off his boots and I kicked off my flip-flops.

“Nope. Never have, and never will. I don’t like alcohol,” I shot back.

“Ahhh…so how do you know you don’t like it if you never tried it?!” He asked, his deep voice caused the walls to vibrate. I had a bemused look on my face as I thought about this.

He poured a glass of whiskey and shoved it in my face. “Try it! You’ll love it. You don’t know what you think of something until you’ve tried it!”

With hesitation, I slowly took the glass from him and held it close to my nose and smelled it. Then I raised it even more slowly and started sipping it. My throat felt as if it was on fire, instantly. I hacked violently as he started laughing boisterously.

“Virgin throat! HAHAHA! Ya gotta down the whole thing!”

I glared at him before downing it. My throat continued etlik escort to burn. He poured himself a glass before re-filling mine. “You’re a tiny virgin drinker, so I think this will be more than enough!” He flashed a dirty grin. Without hesitating, I downed the second shot as well.

He downed his glass before lumbering over to the TV and flipping it on. It was dark outside, there was one street light through which I could see the trees swaying back and forth as the rain and wind violently assaulted them.

“Make yourself at home, it’s really comin’ down now! I need to hit the head! Be right back!” He threw the remote down on the sofa.

I sauntered over to the large sofa and sat down. The TV was small and the channels were limited and boring. As I flipped through, I became drowsier and the room looked as if it was spinning a bit. Mind you, I had driven 12 hours straight with little food and then I just downed 2 whiskey shots as a naive drinker.

At some point, I must have dosed off. I began dreaming of my ex and how we were having sex in a way I had never felt before. I felt him as he touched my body, slowly drew off my tiny shorts and spread my lean and slender but strong legs open as he positioned himself in between to feast on me. I felt him swallow my dick whole, playing with it in his mouth, running his thick rough tongue on the underside of my dick. I trembled as he sent shockwaves through my body with every stroke.

“Unnnhhh….unnnnhhh….oh goshhh…ohhhh…ohhhh…please don’t stop…oh baby…” I moaned, my voice dripping with lust. The dream was incredible, so incredible that my eyes opened slowly to a dark room, with the TV still running. I felt naked, my shorts were on the floor, my tank was over my head and behind my neck. Most shockingly, my legs were spread open and the man from the store was absolutely ravishing my dick with his mouth. My inner thighs were dripping wet and the room was warm, humid, sultry.

He was letting out deep groans and grunts, his massive bald head in between my thighs and his naked body covered with a thick web of matted wet white gray hair.

“Ohhhh…nnnooo…oh God…please, what are you doing?!!” I moaned as I pushed back on his big bald head. “Please…don’t…please…you’re so old…” I moaned softly as he ignored me and bobbed his head back and forth. My voice whimpered as he grabbed my hands and held them at my sides without ever breaking motion.

I leaned back on the sofa, my body had clearly deceived me. This ugly old fuck was making me feel things I had never felt, not even close. My back arched and my hips thrust forward as I felt a deep shock within me. My breathing got faster as my heels dug in to the sofa.

“Unnnnhhh…gosh…oh gosh…mister whatever your name is, you dirty old man….unnnnhhh…you’re gonna make me cumm!” I screamed out as I felt myself squirt into his mouth.

“Unnnnhhh…God…I can’t believe it…you made me cum so harddddd! Oh mister…..oh sir…sir…oh….!” I was panting and my deep dark brown nipples were pointing straight out, being kissed by the warm musty air in the dark and dank apartment.

I lay there as my body jerked and trembled. My legs were held open at the hips in his powerful thick arms as he reached up and began playing with my nipples, softly touching them with just the pads of his fingers as I squirmed and dug my heels deep into the sofa. I braced myself on sofa with both hands planted deep.

He kept his mouth on me until he extracted every last drop I had for him. I watched him as he swallowed it all and licked his lips. “Mmmm…some fresh protein for me! Keeps me young and healthy!” he joked before leaning in to kiss my exposed nipples.

“Ohhh! Unnnhhh! Please…please…please…oh sir…please don’t…I…don’t…even know…your name!” I was able to get out as he feasted on my breasts.

He paused briefly. “Eh…my name’s Ed. What difference does it make what my name is or how old I am? I still made your tiny ass cum. You can deny it, but your body can’t lie to me!” He shoved his finger in my mouth before pulling it out and shoving it in my ass.

“Aaahh….aarrrghhh!” I yelled out in pain as he pumped it back and forth. Even his finger felt bigger inside of me than my ex ever did. He pulled it out and sucked on it as I stared at his face, amazed at how I could possibly have ended up in a position like with such an old ugly man. “At least he’s old and probably can’t get it up! Old fucker!” I thought to myself as I smiled.

“What are you smiling about?!” He got up off his knees and stood up in front of me. Much to my shock and horror, he was wearing boxers with a big wet spot in the front. From his bulge, it was obvious that he was still quite operational in that department. I gulped as I looked up at him. I knew what was expected of me as he glared at me. In silence, I leaned forward and pulled off his boxers and got smacked in the nose eve gelen escort by an angry reddish white python, it’s mouth dripping. It curved to the left, thick, long, and uncut. It was easily 2-3 inches longer than mine and at least twice as thick.

My eyes widened in fear and he beamed with pride, “Welcome to Oklahoma, sweetheart! We pack some big ones around here!”

I had never been with anyone this big, not even close. Scared and trembling in fear, I slowly grabbed the head and began stroking it as I leaned forward. An old man odor permeated my nose. He leaned in closer and planted his foot up on the sofa as I slowly opened my mouth to swallow him. The head was large and slippery wet from his precum but I was able to accommodate him as I began bobbing back and forth.

“Mmmmm…..unnhhhh…that’s it, sweety…awww…awwww….fuck yeah!” He rocked back and forth, his massive weight shifting causing the floorboards to creak.

I had plenty of experience, so this was not my first rodeo, but he was still the biggest I’d ever had and I just felt the urge to please him for whatever reason. I stroked him softly as I bobbed in and out, occasionally pausing to suck on his massive low-lying balls, each the size of a chicken egg, and covered in moist hair.

He eventually pulled off and grabbed me by the arm. “Turn around, face the wall, on your knees!”

“Wait..what? No…please…I can’t take that…please…!” I begged him, but he pulled me up with seemingly no effort and pinned me from behind. I saw his massive penis between my legs. My own dick looked like a cigar on top of his. He had his hand on my hip as he reached over and grabbed some lube with his other hand and he poured it on my ass crack and also on his penis at the same time. He stroked himself and fingered the lube on to my asshole before tossing the bottle aside.

I felt intense pain and pressure like I’d never felt before. It was like the biggest shit I’d ever taken, just going in instead of coming out. I screamed through gritted teeth “Oh fuck…that’s huge! Fuckkkkk! Noo….noooo…it’s too big!”

He leaned in and put his left hand across my lower belly as he continued to push himself in, ignoring my screams. He groped around and found my dick and started stroking it as he began pumping inside of me as I squired and writhed. I was pinned up against the sofa with my face against the wall and he was right on top of me as he finally was able to shove all 9″ of himself inside of me. My feet were curled up from the pain and I was sweating.

The pain seemed to last forever but finally did start to let up. He backed off a bit, grabbed me by the throat and pulled me back to rest against his big belly as he gyrated his hips. With his other hand, he softly stroked and pinched my nipples as I began to moan uncontrollably.

“Unnn…nnn…oh sir….Edd…Edddd…you’re gonna make me cum again!” I screamed out as I shot a much smaller load that he caught in his hand and put it in his mouth.

“Need to keep my sofa clean!” He laughed as I panted heavily, my weight almost completely supported by him.

He reached down with his hands and cupped them under my thighs and lifted me up, his giant penis still deep inside of me. I marveled at his physical strength as I grabbed his elbows. My legs were wide open as he continued to plow me in mid air. He managed to ease himself down on the sofa as I planted my tiny feet on his massive knees and bounce up and down. Because of how big his belly was, I had to arch my back and brace myself by putting my hands on his belly.

He reached around and pulled me back close to him and began stroking my nipple and my penis both at the same time. “Ohhhhhh…aaaahhhhhhh! I’m cumming again!!” I screamed out loud. My load was miniscule this time, but he wasn’t finished with me.

“I’m going to finish missionary now…my favorite position, can go nice and deep!” He panted out as he pushed me off. He pulled off my tank and then pushed me down on the sofa and grabbed my ankles and spread my legs apart. He positioned himself in between my legs and pushed my legs all the back and pushed himself in to me once again. I left out a soft moan as he put the head in. He began gyrating his hips violently as he thrust deep inside of me, our bodies colliding together, making a wet clapping sound. His sweat dripped all over my body, married to my own sweat. I lay there as he continued to breed me, my body shuddering from his thrusts.

“Unnnh…unnhhh…arrrghhh….c’mere! C’mere let me shoot all over that pretty face!” Ed’s voice thundered as he pulled out and threw my legs to the side. I quickly got up and got on my knees as he pounded his big foot up on to sofa next to me and grabbed my head and let out a massive thundering groan as he shot out a thick warm stream of cum all over my face and into my open mouth.

“He must not have cum in a long ass time! There’s so much!” I thought to myself as his cum filled my mouth and began dripping off my chin. It wasn’t my first time taking a load, but I had to work the hardest for this one. And gosh could this man have an orgasm! I hungrily swallowed everything I could, as he finished squeezing his final drops into my mouth. I shoveled the excess into my mouth before sucking his penis head to make sure he had nothing left to give.

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