A Bar Night

Big Dick

C’mon Billy, it’ll be fun,” Jenny urged me.

“I’m not sure,” I shrugged, “It sounds cool and everything but…”

“Not scared are you?!”


“Then come on then! Come ooon!” Jenny whined, grabbing my arm, “I hate going there alone, it sucks. I can’t go with that twat of a boyfriend anymore ‘cos he’s not my boyfriend anymore since he met that fucking cunt he’s now banging.”

“So you’re dragging me there so you don’t look like a sad recently-dumped singelton,” I grinned.

“You motherfucker,” sniggered Jenny, giving me a playful punch on the arm.

We were in the living room of our parent’s suburban home. It was early Saturday evening and our mum and dad were away for the weekend. My sister Jenny and me both lived at home, although Jenny had previously spent a year living with her “twat” of an ex-boyfriend, but he’d dumped her for another woman last month and she was living back at home, something that frustrated her somewhat.

Jenny was twenty-years-old, a couple of years older than me. She was a hardcore punk. She’d been a grunge-chick in her early teens, then gone to goth, then emo, and now, for the last couple of years, was a punk bitch through and through. As she stood before me, urging me to accompany her to her favourite punk bar downtown, she was dressed up in her going-out-gear; knee-high black leather boots, black fishnet stockings, a very very tight pair of red hotpants with black trim and a skin tight short-sleeved red top that had been crudely cropped under the breasts. In other words, Jenny had crudely ripped the bottom half off so that although it covered her boobs it left her flat midriff bare. She also had on a pair of fingerless leather gloves. Much to our parent’s shock, Jenny had gotten herself tattooed too. She had a dragon encircling her pierced naval, a broad celtic symbol across her lower back, a big black and red rose between her shoulder blades, another rose on her right bicep, a skull encircled by a ribbon with her name “Jenny” written on it on her left bicep, a cartoon devil on her right-forearm and, finally, the Playboy bunny on her right bum-cheek.

I knew about the bum-cheek tattoo because she’d showed it off last year when she got it. I’d been sitting at the computer trying to do my homework when Jenny had sauntered up to me, turned around, lifted up her mini-skirt (she’d been wearing a pink thong) and wiggled her bum at me, complete with her new Playboy bunny stamped on her right cheek.

“D’ya like it?” she’d asked.

“Very nice,” I’d told her, before I’d playfully smacked her tattooed bum-cheek and told her to fuck off and leave me alone. We loved each other really though!

It’s probably fair to conclude a description of my punky big sister with a mention of her hair. It was bright pink and stuck up straight in a mohawk. Normally it just hung loose but as she was planning on going out she now stood before me with her hair carefully gelled up and standing in a mohawk, eight bright pink spikes of hair, each almost a foot in height, running down the centre of her head. It was funny, she was only five-foot-three, a full ten-inches shorter than me, but including a spikey mohican she seemed to actually be taller than me. Plus, of course, her high-heeled black leather boots boosted her up by a further three-inches.

Jenny was undoubtedly pretty, and though our parents weren’t ones to complain too much, they did grumble that Jenny somehow “ruined” her looks. Jenny disagreed. She felt that having her nose pierced, her tongue pierced and both eyebrows pierced with gold hoops, plus five dangly ear-rings in each ear-lobe, not to mention her wild pink hair, all enhanced her prettiness. Mum and dad did not quite agree, but they knew their daughter was a big girl who was going through a rebellious stage – albeit a very prolonged one – and they left her alone. Currently Jenny wore pink eye-shadow that matched her hair, red blush and thick purple lipstick. She still looked pretty, but she also looked like a damn punk slut. Which was her intention, and, indeed, why mum and dad despaired.

Right now she was trying to get me to come along with her to her favourite punk bar in town.

“Come on Billy, you’ll like it,” Jenny said to me, “Don’t be boring.”

“I don’t look the part,” I complained. I was tall, slim, no tattoos, no piercings and fairly short and neat black hair. I looked rather sensible compared to my pink-haired tattooed sister as she stood there in her fishnet stockings, hotpants and cropped top, mohawk spikes coming close to reaching to the ceiling.

“Doesn’t matter,” Jenny said, “Just go as you are, in those jeans and black T-shirt. Most guys there dress up a bit, most have tattoos, but there’s no fuckin’ dress code or any shit like that. It’s not like you look like a nerd for fuck’s sake. Just come along y’boring motherfucker.”

“Ah, sweet talk,” I said. I wasn’t really into punk music. Too amateurish for my taste. I was into a lot of metal as well as some old grunge. Still, some punk wasn’t too bad, and I had to admit, sitting around the house for the evening would be a bit boring.

“Okay, I’ll come along,” I finally relented. Jenny was a fairly wild young lady but she’d apparantly only ever gone to various punk bars either with friends or her ex-boyfriend. She really wasn’t keen on going off on her own. I decided I’d do her a favour and, in any case, maybe I’d enjoy it. Maybe I’d pick up a girl! I didn’t really want to bother with a girlfriend, I just wanted a good fuck, and from what I’d heard punk bitches could be pretty slutty!

“That’s the spirit,” Jenny grinned, and she gave me a peck on the cheek. “Oops, lipstick,” she giggled. I glanced in the mirror above the fireplace. There was indeed a big purple lipstick mark on my cheek where Jenny had kissed me.

“I can’t go out like this,” I tutted, mildly amused.

“I’ll get it off, c’mere,” Jenny said, “I’ll spit into a hanky and rub it off, like mum used to do when you were little.”

“You haven’t got a hanky,” I pointed out.

“True,” Jenny shrugged, and then abruptly just spat lightly on my cheek then rubbed it with the tips of her fingers.

“Eew,” I complained.

“Stop moaning little boy,” Jenny giggled, wiping the traces of her lipstick from my face.

“Cheers sis, I guess.”

“Right, seriously, let’s get going. I wanna get good and drunk. It’s almost eight o’clock already for fuck’s sake.”

“Okay, let’s get going.”

We got cash and things then stepped out into the night.

We lived in a pleasant suburban road but fortunately it was only a mile to the city centre so we could walk to and from the bar. It was a cold and clear night, the full moon hanging in the air. The road was quite but down one end it was possible to see the high-rises of the city centre looming in the distance, dark monoliths glittering with lights and the promise of a wild nightlife to cater for all tastes.

I locked the door whilst Jenny lit up a cigarette.

“I thought you quit” I commented as we then walked down the garden path.

“I quit quitting,” Jenny shrugged, blowing smoke from her pierced nose “Want one?”

“Erm…sure, fuck it.”

“That’s the spirit Billy. Here.”

She gave me a cigarette and lit it for me. We strolled up the road, aiming roughly for the city centre.

The punk bar, Jenny’s favourite, was stuck away down a backstreet, flanked by a massage parlour (“The most beautiful ladies in town!” promised the neon sign above the non-descript door) and a fairly busy kebab shop. Jenny and me approached, me feeling slightly apprehensive but my sister quite confident.

I didn’t see a name for the bar, it didn’t seem to need one. A massive bouncer stood on the door in a big leather jacket. There were a couple of guys just leaving the place, drunk and merry, and against the wall a couple dressed all in denim were snogging and groping each other.

“Here we are,” Jenny chirped. She strolled up to the doorway, me in tow.

“Hiya Jen,” the bouncer greeted her.

“Hey Dave,” Jenny replied.

“New boyfriend?”

“Nah, this is my brother.”

“Hi mate,” the bouncer nodded at me. I was six-foot-one but he looked at least half-a-foot taller than me.

“Hi,” I greeted, cheerfully.

I followed Jenny into the bar. There was a small red-lit hallway straight inside with a desk in the corner next to the doorway into the main club. On the desk was an ancient cash register, and sitting at it was a young woman idly filing her nails and wearing an iPod. Jenny paid the five quid for both of us to the woman and lead me into the bar.

There was currently a live-act on the stage, a wild punk band. The singer, wearing just jeans and boots and with a torso plastered in tattoos, was shouting out some barely comprehensible lyrics. A sizable crowd of a couple of dozen people before the stage started headbanging and dancing away.

The bar was a lot larger than you would have thought from the outside and there were around a hundred people there; mostly punk types with spikey hair and mohawks but a few black-haired goths and some shaven-headed people thrown in as well. It seemed to primarily be a punk-bar but otherwise there was a good mix of people of various sub-cultures, all thrown together here far from the brightly lit bars of the city centre.

The raised stage was at the far end of the room with a big dance area before it, and the rest of the place was filled with chairs and tables and booths. There was a long bar with plenty of stools before it. There were two barman, both big burly guys, and a barmaid, who looked about forty and was even bigger and burlier than the barmen, and had a leather top on that barely concealed her huge swinging tits.

I felt a big nervous but despite the rather scary looking people that filled the place, and the rather aggressive music, it seemed friendly enough.

“C’mon, I’ll get you a drink Billy,” Jenny said, and she sauntered towards the bar.

I followed close behind.

“Two beers please,” Jenny shouted at the barmaid above the noisy live music.

The barmaid grabbed two bottles of beer, opened them, then planted them on the bar. Jenny handed over the cash, said “keep the change” and the big busty barmaid thanked her then went off to serve other customers.

Jenny handed me one of the beers and we went over and sat at an empty table near the dance floor.

I gulped down a load of beer and surveyed the place. It was jolly noisy and smokey, with a big collection of interesting looking people around; drinking, smoking, moshing on the dance floor and copping off with each other. I spied two people dressed all in leather snogging in a nearby booth. the guy with long black hair, the woman with a shaved head.

“Like it?” Jenny asked me, having to shout above the loud punk music. She’d looked odd earlier, standing in our living room with her spikey pink hair and punk outfit, but now she looked completely in her place in this smokey bar full of wild looking people.

“It’s cool,” I said, and sipped my beer.

“You’re nervous,” Jenny grinned leaning forwards.

“I’m not.”

“You are, your leg is shaking.”

I looked down. My right leg was indeed jiggling a bit.

“That always happens when you’re nervous,” Jenny giggled, and she clapped her hand to my leg to still it. “Just relax!”

“Okay,” I smiled, feeling a bit silly at being all nervous. It was just because it was a strange new place and I felt like the odd-one-out, what with being dressed reasonably sensibly.

“Have a cig,” Jenny said, offering me one. We both lit up and took a big pull on our beers.

“Hey Jen,” said a passing guy. He was short, fat and had a big mohawk just like Jenny’s, although his was bright green.

“Hi Rob,” Jenny greeted him, “Not with Claire tonight?”

“Nah, she’s ill. Got the flu.” He turned to me and said “Hi mate.”

“Hi,” I nodded.

“New boyfriend,” the guy asked my sister.

“Nah, my brother,” Jenny smirked, “I’m babysitting him.” She and the guy laughed.

“Hey, I’m babysitting you!” I told Jenny, “You were the one who didn’t want to come here alone.”

The guy laughed once more, bid us farewell, then headed over to the bar.

“Relax,” my sister once again implored me, “Everyone’s dead friendly round here.”

I complied and had another drink of beer. It was almost empty, so to prove my confidence I volunteered to get the next drinks in. I was served at the bar by one of the barman. I soon returned to the table where Jenny was chatting to a woman standing next to her. The woman was tall and pale, dressed in skin-tight black leather trousers and a Union Jack emblazoned boob-tube. She had bright pink hair in wild bunches at either side of her head, tied up with black silk ribbons, and every inch of her arms wascovered in all sorts of weird tattoos.

I sat down at the table and the pink-haired newcomer smiled at me.

“Hey handsome,” she smiled, having to raise her voice above the music, “Are you Jenny’s new boyfriend?”

“Nah,” I replied, then cheekily waved at Jenny and added, “I wouldn’t go out with that ugly bitch.”

“Oi!” Jenny gasped in mock horror, then giggled. “He’s my brother,” she said to her friend, “My cheeky little brother.”

“Hi there,” I nodded to the woman.

“I’m Kaylee,” she said.

“I’m Billy. Erm…nice tattoos.”

“Thanks,” she smiled.

“Be gentle with him,” Jenny said, “My poor wikkle brother is all nervous about being in a scary punk bar.”

“I’m not nervous,” I said, “Look, my leg has stopped jiggling.”

Jenny and her friend laughed.

“Well,” Kaylee smirked, “there’s no need to worry honey, we’re all friendly here.” Abruptly she leaned down and planted her lips – which were slathered in blood-red lipstick – to mine and lewdly snogged me. For a good ten-seconds she frenched me, unashamedly, whilst I sat there somewhat surprised at this! Then she took her lips from mine and stood up. “See?” she declared, “We’re all friends here.”

“I…see,” I said, and grinned.

“Catch you later Jen,” Kaylee said, and she slapped Jen playfully on the back and sauntered away.

“You look shocked,” Jenny said to me.

“I’m as cool as a cucumber,” I bragged, and I sat back and drank my beer. I was a bit taken aback by the woman just snogging me out of the blue like that, but I had to admit, it had relaxed me a bit.

Jenny swigged her beer and we both looked at the live act. The singer finished his song and soon started another one. There were a few people moshing on the dance floor in front of the stage but not so many that we couldn’t see the singers.

My sister and I continued having a drink and watching the band. I felt more and more relaxed. Jenny soon got up to get us a third drink, then I got us a fourth. Before long we were quite merry.

The band eventually changed. Wild applause and drunken hooting greeted the new band. This featured a line up of four male musicians and a female vocalist. She was very tall, especially in her high-heeled red leather boots, and very slim. In addition to the red boots she wore pink fishnet stocking held up with a black garter belt. I could see all this because she wasn’t wearing any trousers or a skirt or anything; she was just in her boots, stockings, garter belt, a red thong and a matching red bra. Oh, and elbow-length red gloves. She also had bright blue hair that hung down to her waist.

The singer merrily asked the people in the bar if they Escort were “having some fuckin’ fun”, and when appropriately greeted with lots of wild calls to the affirmative (including from Jenny and me) the singer and her band started to play. There music was not quite as aggressive as the previous band but was still loud and thrashy. The woman actually had a good voice, and unlike the previous singer she actually sang rather than shouted, although she did still sing in a loud and shouty kind of way.

“I didn’t realise she was singing tonight,” Jenny said to me, voice raised above the music. “They’re called Fanny and the Fuckzines. The woman is Fanny. Obviously.”

“Are you a fan of theirs?” I asked.

“Yeah,” Jenny grinned, “Sort of.”

I listened to the singer, who was wailing the chorus to the opening song. The lyrics were hard to make out but there were a few uses of the word “fuck” and at least one reference to anal-sex.

“Nice lyrics,” I commented, “Erm…I think. Anyway, what do you mean you’re only ‘sort of’ a fan?”

“Well, I am a fan,” Jenny said, sounding like she was hiding something, “It’s just that…well, there’s a rather…strange stage act the band does. Or, rather, what the audience does. Some of them anyway.”

“Sound very cryptic, what do you mean?”

“You’ll see.”

“Tell me sis.”

“Have patience Billy. It’ll start soon I bet. Good job you’re eighteen though! Otherwise I’d have to make you avert your eyes.”


“Just wait and see,” Jenny giggled, and she lit a cigarette.

I was rather intruiged, so I decided it would be fun to see what would transpire.

I didn’t have to wait too long.

A couple of songs into the act, as Jenny and me were on our fourth beers, some of the audience started moving apart to clear an area in front of the stage. There was much cheering and whooping and I soon saw that they were cheering a skinny young woman with a shaved head who was triumphantly striding towards the stage, wearing nothing but a pair of black leather boots. She had fuck all else on. Nothing!

From my point of view I could see her from the back, striding along, her bare ass wiggling at me. She had a big tattoo of a dragon all down her back. Her head was completely shaved, not even with any stubble, and the sleazy red and yellow lights above the dance floor and stage shone on her head and her bare body. She had one arm in the air and was waving around what was clearly her knickers, bra and a small black dress. She turned to face everyone, standing there shamelessly with her sexy firm tits – complete with pierced nipples – and her shaved cunt on display.

“Who wants some?!” she called, and flung her clothes to the floor and beckoned at the audience.

“Come on you horny motherfuckers,” the female singer merrily urged people, “Get on down!” She then resumed singing her song.

Two guys swaggered up to the shaven-headed woman and started groping her, the woman enjoying the attention and remaining still with her arms raised, letting the men, who were seemingly complete strangers, fondle and finger her. They both soon unzipped their flies and pulled out their erections. With the singer singing behind them and the audience whooping, cheering and dancing before them, the woman knelt down and started sucking the men’s cocks, one at a time.

I glanced round and noticed that many of the other seated people in the bar were not really paying attention. I noticed, rather shockingly, that there was a guy in a booth sat back and smoking a big joint whilst his girlfriend had her head in his lap and was clearly sucking his dick. Furthermore I heard another bout of cheering and hooting and spied a busty black woman at the bar whipping off her mini-skirt and knickers in one go, followed by her top and bra and then, having slung her clothes onto the bar, she swaggered over on to the dance floor, wearing nothing but high-heeled red leather boots and matching gloves. She had a fine body, lovely curves and a fine round rump, and her deep brown skin looked delicious. She stood at the front of the stage, near the other woman, who was busy sucking off the two guys, cramming both their dicks into her mouth at once. A tattooed guy from the audience whipped off his jeans and, in just a vest and shoes, strolled up to the black woman and lewdly frenched her before she got to her knees and started sucking his hard dick.

Meanwhile, the shaven-headed woman was impaling her hairless cunt onto the erection of one of the guys as he lay down on the dance floor, and then the other guy knelt behind her and started working his cock up her arse.

“Erm…” I began, noting that, like most of the other people in the place Jenny was watching all this with interest but clearly not shocked.

“This is the thing I mentioned,” Jenny said to me, lighting up a cigarette, “Y’know, the stage-act I mentioned, the one with the audience members?”

“I’d guessed,” I commented, glancing once again at the stage. The band were playing and the singer still belting out her lyrics, and just before the stage the woman with the shaved head was being cunt and arse fucked whilst the black woman was standing up, bent over whilst the tattooed guy was entering her cunt from behind. A second guy swaggered up, pulling his dick from his flies and rudely sticking it into the black woman’s mouth. She sucked him eagerly.

“It’s a regular thing,” Jenny explained, “It’s the band you see, all their songs are about sex. Pretty raunchy shit. Anyway, it’s like a tradition whereby any woman who feels like it can get up and get fucked by random guys in front of the stage. It’s like an impromptu bit of performance art. The band sings about sex and people fuck in front of the stage. Good eh?”

“Absolutely,” I grinned. I felt nicely tipsy and I had to admit that it was rather great seeing the band singly raunchy songs with the two women being boned by two guys at once in front of them. Suddenly a thought occured to me. “Have you ever, erm…done that?” I asked Jenny.

“Who me?” she gasped, “No no, not at all. well…um…sort of. Erm…yes, in fact. Quiet a few times.”



Jenny smirked lewdly and took a drag of her cigarette. I had to admit it was rather odd to hear my sister admit that she’d been gang-banged in public, as part of a bit of ‘performance art’. Still, she was a wild babe. In all honesty it did not completely surprise me that she’d been involved in such naughtiness.

“Surprised?” Jenny asked me.

“Nah,” I told her, “I knew you were a fucking slut.”

We both laughed and glanced at the two women being fucked before the stage. A lot of people were cheering them on, a few guys looked like they were getting horny and ready to step and take their turn fucking the women, whilst plenty of other people were dancing and moshing away. I was still amused by the fact that many other people in the place, such as those in booths and at the bar, could see what was going on and were clearly aware of it, but obviously couldn’t care less, like it was no big deal.

“This place is cool,” I told Jenny.

“Glad you came?”


I noted Jenny looking rather lustfully at the ‘performance art’ fuckers in front of the stage. She licked her lips.

“There’s normally more than two women willing to get up there and be gang-baned,” she commented, “What’s wrong with all the prudish bitches in this place?”

I glanced around. A lot of women were cheering things on but did not seem to be taking steps to join in. I noticed a couple of guys evidently trying to urge their girlfriends to get naked and get fucked on the dance-floor, but they were shaking their heads and refusing, clearly just wanting to watch rather than join in.

I somehow sensed Jenny’s horniness.

“Join in if you want,” I told her.

“Huh?” she responded, acting like she hadn’t really heard me.

“If you want to join in Jenny, get naked and get up there.”

“I can’t do that,” my punky big sister laughed, and she swigged her beer.

“Why not? You’ve done it before.”

“Yeah, but I can’t do it with you here.”

“Ah, don’t worry sis, I know you’re a slut.”

She laughed out loud again.

“Are you serious?” she asked me, “You don’t mind me getting up there and getting fucked?”

“Not at all,” I shrugged. I was feeling horny at seeing all the fucking on the dance-floor but I was also getting a bit horny at the idea of my sister getting up there and getting gang-banged. Fueled with a nice bit of beer, I urged her on. “Go on sis, I’ll be alright here. I’ll watch.”

Jenny finished her beer and confidently stood up.

“Alright,” she declared, “I’ll do it! Don’t tell mum and dad though.”

“My lips are sealed.”

“If you get horny, get up and join in,” Jenny said, and with that she whipped down her tiny hotpants and dumped them in my lap. She then removed her thongand handed them to me as well. She stood there in her red cropped T-shirt, black fishnet stockings (with no garter belt, they stayed up on their own) and, finally, her knee-high black leather boots. I glanced at her crotch. She had a shaved snatch and the fact that she was still wearing most of her clothes but was just bare from the tops of her thighs to her lower chest just made her look especially slutty! Especially with her tattoos, all her piercings (she had a gold hoop pierced through her clitoris I noticed) and her huge pink spiky mohawk.

“Go for it sis,” I told her.

Jenny turned and swaggered towards the stage, people beginning to part for her and many of them whooping and cheering her on. Jenny was waving her arms and lapping up the attention. Two guys soon came up to here, both of them in just T-shirts and boots, their dicks hard. They’d been waiting for one of the other two women to be free but both had been very much occupied with two guys each. Now they had a fresh bitch to fuck, my sister!

I lit one of Jenny’s cigarettes and watched with growing arousal as I saw Jenny kneel down and start sucking off one of the guys, then the other. Soon she got down to business, getting on her hands and knees and urging the horny gentlemen to spit-roast her. One swiftly got behind Jenny and pushed his cock into her cunt from behind whilst the other knelt in front of her so she could suck his dick. It was bizarre to witness this, but it was incredibly arousing! The other two women were busy as well. The shaven-headed one had been double-fucked by the first two guys who’d cummed in her cunt and arse before departing. Another guy stepped up, had the slut lay on her back, the mounted her and sank his cock into her sopping twat. In the meantime the black woman was busy receiving the sperm from her two fuckers, still standing up and bent over whilst one guy came in her cunt from behind and the other filled her mouth with sperm. She swallowed what she could but some dribbled down her chin. The two men departed and the gorgeous black lady stood and beckoned some of the audience, shouting “Come on, anyone else fuckin’ horny or what?”

One guy hurried over, cheering with delight and unzipping his flies and pulling out his erect dick. The women gave him a lewd snog then dropped to her knees and started sucking him off.

“Holy shit,” I said to myself. This was rather fucking wild! Bizarrely, I could see Jenny’s point about it being a form of ‘performance art’. The female singer was standing on the stage in her underwear and belting out raunchy lyrics about sex and passion, and on the floor in front of the stage three women were getting gang-banged. The fuckers were almost taking the place of dancers.

I glanced at Jenny who was being cunt-fucked from behind whilst sucking a nice big dick.

I began to feel horny. Damn horny. My cock was hard in my pants. I lit a cigarette and watched for another ten-minutes, seeing Jenny getting cummed at both ends before some other guy stepped up and fucked her in the arse. My sister was loving it! The other two women were being thoroughly shafted too.

I eventually decided to join in. I’d been contemplating that for a short while, wondering if I dare get up, but finally I decided I might as well. There was no point in being self-conscious, no-one else was, and besides, although there were some people paying attention to the gang-bang most were busy dancing, watching the band or, in the case of those away from the dance-floor and near the bar, not really paying attention. Fuck it, there was no point in just getting horny and wanking over it at home later, not when there were willing sluts to be had!

I put out the cigarette and got up, striding confidently past the dancers and approaching the stage. The three women were all busy. The shaven-headed woman was on her back being cunt fucked by some muscular guy who also had a shaved head. The black woman was astride some guy, her cunt impaled on his cock as she bounced away. Jenny was on her hands and knees, at a slight angle so she was mostly facing away from me and the crowd, whilst some big guy in an urban combat jacket and wearing a beret sodomized her deep in her tight arse.

There were a couple of other guys who looked eager to join in and I didn’t want to be seen to push in. I wondered how it worked? First come, first cum? I figured I could just get up behind the black woman, get down and stick my dick up her arsehole. That hole was available. I was considering this when some other guy did just that, casually unzipping his flies and pulling out his erection before getting behind the rampant slut and shoving his cock up her rectum. She loved it and went wild!

The slut with the shaved head was being banged in the missionary position. The guy soon came in her cunt and departed, and I was about to go to her when I noticed the guy who’d been buggering Jenny had finished. He pulled out of her and idly strode away, zipping up his flies. Jenny remained on her hands and knees, her arse in the air and pointing towards me, her anus gaping open after its thorough fucking. I looked and saw the shaved bitch lying on her back and calling for “more fucking cock!”

I went to Jenny. Fuck it. I don’t know why, I just didn’t really feel quite confident enough to just go over and fuck a stranger, even though surely every other guy the shaved slut had fucked was a stranger. Plus although I’d fucked a couple of girlfriend plus some slut I’d done behind a nightclub a few months ago, I’d never fucked a woman in the arse and I really fancied the idea of some anal.

Plus, to be honest, the idea of boning my own slutty punk sister was a real turn on! If nothing else it’d be funny to see the look on her face. It was too late to change my mind anyway, some other guy had gone over to the shaven-headed slut and was face-fucking her roughly.

I strolled over to Jenny, getting in behind her and unzipping my jeans. I pulled forth my achingly stiff seven-inch cock and knelt down behind Jenny, admiring her lovely arse, her right-cheek adorned with that Playboy bunny tattoo.

Jenny had not turned around to see me but she obviously sensed someone’s presence behind her.

“Fuck me stranger,” she said, still facing forwards, “Cunt or arsehole, it’s your choice, but just fuck me goood motherfucker.”

I edged up to her arse and guided my cock to her shit-hole. In I went, squeezing the head of my erection into her anus then, grabbing her by the hips, ramming myself right the root in her rectum.

“Uuuuh, fuck,” I groaned, in absolute heaven! It didn’t bother me that I was doing this in front of people, most of Escort Bayan whom were moshing to the racy music. I almost forgot about them. It just felt so good having my cock rammed in Jenny’s arse, feeling the tightness of her sphincter around the base of my pole and the way her hot slick rectum clasped around my shaft.

“Holy fuuuck!” Jenny groaned, “God I love it up the arse.”

I began to sodomize her, sliding my cock back and forth in her anus. Jenny bucked and writhed, loving the attention. She soon glanced aside to look over to where I’d previously been sitting, no doubt to see if I was watching. Obviously she just saw an empty table. She then casually glanced over her shoulder and we made eye-contact.

Her eyes widened in shock!

“Shit! Billy?!” she cried.

“Hi sis,” I grinned, merrily nailing her up the shitter.

“Oh…fuck! Billy?! Fuckin’ hell, you can’t fuck me.”

“I can and I am!”

“But…I’m your sister.”

Amusingly she said that last bit in a hushed voice so as to not be heard, even though the pounding, thrashing music blaring out to oneside of us and the noise of the moshing audience to the other side meant that she could have bellowed “I’m your sister!” through a megaphone and no-one would have heard us! It was a noisy smokey bedlam and I was sodomizing my sister admist all this.

“You advised me to join in if I got horny,” I said to Jenny.

“Yeah but…I sorta meant join one of the other women.” She then couldn’t help but grin. I was glad to see that she wasn’t that bothered by me fucking her, just a bit shocked!

“But you’re by far the prettiest slutbag up here getting gang-banged,” I told her, sincerely.

Jenny laughed. Then she looked forwards and started banging her bum back to meet my thrusts.

“Oh yeah, fuck me Billy, fuck my arsehole!” she urged me, trying to shout above the blaring music and the lewd singing of the underwear-clad singer.

I pounded Jenny’s arse in time with the music’s beat, which meant going at it pretty hard given that it was a fast song! Jenny’s arse felt superb and I savoured it as I repeatedly rammed my cock into its depths.

I wanted to hold on for a while but I was so damn horny and Jenny’s bum was so superb that I eventually just had to cum after a few minutes.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck,” I panted, thrusting even faster, “Holy fucking shit, I’m gonna…cum…UUUUH! OH FUCK YEAH!”

I rammed my dick one last time to the hilt into Jenny’s rectum and I exploded in the depths of her guts, spurting a huge load of sperm into her.

“Ooooh yeah!” Jenny wailed, arching her back and looking over her shoulder at me, a look of lust on her face, “Fuck yeah, give it to me bro!”

My cock continued to explode, spurting forth a seemingly endless torrent of cum into Jenny’s bowels. Finally it began to die down. I stopped thrusting and hung in her bowels, getting my breath back.

At that moment a guy came up to me and patted me on the shoulder. I figured it was just another guy coming to fuck Jenny but when I looked up I saw it was someone I knew. He was tall with spiky hair and a load of piercings; ears, nose, eyebrows. I recognized him as Mick, a friend of Jenny’s who’d visited our house a few times.

Most of all he knew me and Jenny were brother and sister, and here I was, kneeling behind Jenny with my freshly spent cock still shoved up her arse.

“Hi Billy,” Mick smiled.

“Hi there,” I said, deciding there was no point in acting all worried or innocent.

“Just banged your sister eh?” he laughed, “You must’ve been horny to do that.”

“He’s eighteen-years-old,” Jenny shouted to Mick over her shoulder, only just making herself heard over the music “He’s always horny.”

“Heh,” Mick laughed, patting my shoulder again “Good on ya son. Anyway, I’m horny, move aside so’s I can bum fuck that hot bitch of a sister of yours.”

“Sure,” I said, amused by Mick’s completely unconcerned attitude to having caught me and Jenny indulging in a bit of incest. I tugged my cock from Jenny’s arse. I’d been the second guy in a row to have sodomized her and her anus was yawning open once my cock emerged from it, thick sperm running from it and down Jenny’s legs to the tops of her fishnet stockings.

I got up, putting my cock away and zipping up my flies. I stepped back and watched as Mick happily tugged his dick from his flies, got behind Jenny and skewered her bum with his thick erection. He began fucking her arse hard and Jenny was soon lost in pleasure.

“Holy shit,” I smiled to myself as I waded through the moshing crowd and back to my seat. I sat down, sipped my beer then lit another cigarette, scarcely able to believe I’d not only gone and fucked a woman in the arse in public but that the woman in question was my own big sister!


Shortly, Mick blew his nuts in Jenny’s arse then, zipping himself up, he strolled over towards and sat at my table.

“Alright again Billy,” he smiled, plonking himself down in the seat. The music was not quite as loud as it was near the stage so it was possible to talk without shouting.

“Hey,” I nodded., “Having a good time?”

“Damn right. I love this place. You havin’ fun?”

“Sure. I can’t believe this place, it’s excellent.” I glanced towards the stage. The three women were still being fucked, with Jenny being bum-fucked by some young guy with a green mohawk. Including me that was the fourth arse-fucking she’d received in a row, and she was going wild with pleasure.

“Have you banged your sister before?” Mick asked, completely casually, whilst lighting up a big joint, also completely casually.

“No,” I replied, “I just decided to join in the fun and Jenny’s the nicest looking of the three birds up there.”

“Damn right,” Mick said, “She’s hot.”

“Have you fucked her before?”

“Me? Sure, a couple of other times. She’s always up there when this band are playing and I’ve banged her two other times. Both times in the arse. She loves anal. My own girlfriend Liz has taken part in those gang-bangs on a couple of occasions. She’s here tonight, just putting her coat in the cloakroom. If she’d gotten her earlier she’d probably have got up there with Jenny! Ah, here she is.”

Mick’s girlfriend Liz strode up. I’d seen her a couple of times before when I’d seen Jenny hanging out with her mates. Liz was a small, slender and pretty young woman with jet black hair currently tied in a pony-tail, and she wore dark purple eyeshadow and matching lipstick. She wasn’t wearing much else though, just a clumpy pair of black boots, tight and very skimpy black leather hotpants and a matching bra, plus a spiked dog-collar. She was about twenty, whereas her boyfriend Mick was approaching thirty.

“Hi guys,” she smiled, and she looked at me and asked “You’re Jenny’s brother, right?”

“Yeah, that’s me,” I confirmed.

“Hiya,” Liz said. Once again I was a little bit ashamed that earlier I had worried everyone hear would be hostile given that they were all a rather freaky looking lot, especially all those with tattoos and piercings, when as it turned out they were the friendlest bunch of people I’d ever met.

“Giz that Mick,” Liz said, taking the joint from her boyfriend and taking a large drag on it. “Nice! Wanna a smoke?” She offered me the joint.

“Sure,” I replied, and took the joint. I had a couple of tokes on it whilst Liz grabbed my almost empty bottle of beer and finished it off. I hadn’t tried dope before and it made my head buzz. I passed it back to Mick who accepted it with thanks. He was paying attention to the band on the stage.

“So Billy,” Liz said to me, “This your first time at this place?”

“Yup. I love it, it pretty cool.”

Liz turned round and saw Jenny getting boned in the arse.

“Holy shit,” she laughed, turning back to me, “Your sister is up there! I take it you know.”

“Know?” laughed Mick, “He went up and fucked in the arse. Then I fucked her in the arse too.”

“Oooh, all of you having fun without me,” Liz giggled, unfazed at what she’d just been told, “Shame, I’m a bit horny. And you’re both spent. Oh boo.”

“I’m not completely spent,” I quipped. I was indeed semi-hard, just thanks to Liz standing in front of me in her tight leather hotpants and bra, plenty of pale flesh on display. Unusually for this place she did not have tattoos, although she did have a naval piercing.

“Really?” Liz smirked, and she leaned over and rather shockingly just felt my crotch and, through my jeans, squeezed my semi-hard cock. “Mmmm, I see.”

I glanced over at Mick who just laughed.

“Billy’s still a teenager,” he told his girlfriend as he grabbed a bottle of beer from the table, “He’s probably always horny. I was at that age.” He guzzled some of his beer.

Liz giggled and took her hand from my crotch.

“Anyway, I’m off to dance,” she said, then called to her boyfriend “Hey Mick? You comin’?”

“Sure,” Mick responded, and he handed me the joint. He got up, said “See you later” and strolled onto the dance floor with Liz, his girlfriend glancing over her shoulder and smiling at me, mouthing “Goodbye handsome.”

I smiled back and gave her a wave. Then she and Mick joined the crowd moshing and dancing away. There were more people on the dance floor now. For some reason it almost seemed to me now that it was no big deal to know that my sister was up there with a couple of other punks getting gang-banged, or that I’d bum-fucked her not long ago. These things seemed to fit in with the wild atmosphere of the place.

I smoked the joint and sat back, feeling nice and relaxed.

On looking about I noticed Kaylee, the woman who had impulsively snogged me earlier, the one with the pink hair tied in bunches. She was dancing wildly on the dance-floor. She stopped for a moment in between songs, glanced about and saw me. She smiled and I waved at her. Then she said something to a couple of female friends before sauntering over on her own. She’d been dancing for a while and she looked rather sweaty. She was wearing her leather trousers and the Union Jack emblazoned boob tube, and I could see her flat belly, her upper chest and her slender tattooed arms were slick with sweat, as was her pretty face. She came over and instead of sitting on the other chair she just sat on my lap and casually put an arm round me. She seemed a little tipsy, like me, but was far from drunk.

“Hi Billy,” she smiled, “How you doing?”

“Fine,” I told her, “Fancy a toke Kaylee?”

I offered her the joint and she took it, taking a deep drag on it, then gave it me back.

“Nice,” she commented, blowing smoke from her nose. I noticed she had really nice green eyes.

“Been dancin’?” I asked.

“Yup. You been fucking your sister?” She laughed as I looked a little shocked. “I saw you,” she giggled, prodding me in the chest, “You naughty naughty boy.”

“Well, I was horny,” I shrugged, casually, and I took another toke on the joint and stubbed it out in the ashtray.

“I don’t blame you, she is pretty your sister. And a bit wild. Virtually everytime that band, Fanny And The Fuckzines are up there, your sister is there getting gang-banged in front of the stage. What a wild fucking babe! You fucked her before Billy?”


“Just wondering.”

“Have you ever done that Kaylee? You know, gone up and been gang banged?”

“A few times,” she admitted, “It’s fucking good fun. One time I was the only woman up there. Jenny wasn’t here at the time. It was just little ol’ me, and there were loads of horny guys. I was up there for the entire set, two fuckin’ hours at least, and throughout the whole time I was being done by three guys at once. One in the cunt, one up the arse and one in mouth. As soon as one blew his load he fucked off and another horny motherfucker came along and took his place. Damn, my holes were fuckin’ sore for fuckin’ days but it was brilliant. However, I haven’t done it for fuckin’ ages. Maybe I’m getting too old and shit.”

“You’re not old.”

“Thanks. But I am a bit old. I’m twenty-five, a quarter-of-a-century old!”

“Yeah, really?” I commented, genuinely surprised, “You don’t look it.”

“Aw, thanks sweetie. You, on the other hand, look like an innocent young darling.”

“Hey I’m eighteen, I’m not that young! And I have just anally fucked my sister so I’m not that innocent either.”

“Well,” giggled Kaylee, “Maybe not innocent. But you are fairly young, compared with me. Which is a good thing. I used to like older men when I was younger. My last boyfriend was in his forties. He bored me though. He couldn’t keep up with me, especially in the sack. Now,” she continued, running a hand through my short dark hair, “I kinda prefer young and innocent – well, innocentish – lads.”

And with that, Kaylee abruptly kissed me hard on the lips, and I responded by snaking my tongue into her mouth. I could feel my cock getting hard in my pants, especially with Kaylee’s firm leather-trouser-clad arse against it as she sat sideways in my lap. I placed a hand on one of her thighs and with the other I rubbed her bare lower back.

After she finished snogging me she asked “Is that a stiffie I can feel against my arse?”

“Yeah,” I said, quite naturally, “Shit, you give me a major woodie Kaylee, you’re damn fuckin’ sexy!” I was reasonably confident with women, but I wouldn’t normally say shit like that to one I’d just met. However, a bit of drink and a bit of weed, combined with Kaylee’s forthercoming attitude and the general anarchic raunchiness of the whole place just made it seem quite natural to be so lewd.

“Fancy a blow-job?” Kaylee asked.

“Um…” I stammered, still not completely incapable of being shocked. “Okay, yeah, I’d love one.”

Kaylee smiled wickedly then got off my lap. She knelt down in front of me and spread my thighs and then unzipped my jeans. I couldn’t believe she was going to do it here. Then again…why not? It wasn’t really a big deal I suppose, given that a gang-bang was taking place in front of the stage and I’d seen a guy getting a blow-job in a booth earlier. In fact a glance to my right revealed a guy humping a girl up against the wall behind the unplugged dukebox, the young woman with her knickers on the floor and her skirt hiked up, her legs wrapped round the waist of the guy who was banging her. The guy looked to be twice her age. Besides, people were all around us chatting, dancing, headbanging, drinking. Who the fuck was going to be so rude as to stare, even on the off-chance they’ve never seen a guy getting a blow-job in a seedy punk bar before?

I glanced down as Kaylee calmly pulled my semi-hard dick from my flies and licked her lips. Then she slid her mouth over the head of my cock and started slurping down, taking half of my eight-incher into her lovely wet mouth. I let out a sigh and took a long toke on the joint and blew the smoke out whilst my cock rapidly grew to full stiffness in Kaylee’s mouth. When I was fully erect she began to bob her head in my lap as she sucked me off. Some guy strolled past and just flashed me a cheeky grin as he saw me getting sucked off at my table.

“Alright mate,” he said as he went past.

“Hi mate,” I grinned. The guy continued making his way to the bar.

I spied a couple of joints Mick had left on the table next to a lighter with a skull emblazoned on it. Deciding to help myself I reached over and took a joint and lit up.

Fucking hell, how great was this? I was half-drunk, I’d given my sister a good buggering, Bayan Escort I was in sight of her and two other sluts being fucked amidst the dancers and moshers whilst the band played on, and now I had a beautiful joint to smoke whilst some hot punk slut sucked my dick.


A moment later, as Kaylee was still enthusiastically slurping on my boner, I heard Fanny And The Fuckzines end their raunchy set. The crowd were cheering and applauding and the band were lapping up the approval. Fanny, I noticed, had taken off her bra and thong at some point in the last few songs and was standing there in her boots, fishnet stockings, garter-belt and gloves, her furry cunt and firm titties on display. I was at that point where such public nudity hardly even seemed noteworthy! She thanked the audience and then asked them to “Give the gang-bang sluts a big hand, now that they’ve had your big cocks.”

There was wild applause and the crowd parted so that the three “gang-bang sluts” could leave. The shaven headed one was first, looking thoroughly sweaty and pleased with herself. The black lady followed, raising her arms triumphantly, sperm splattered all over her tits and some more on her belly. Finally there came Jenny, also looking thoroughly happy and, amusingly, with a couple of the big spikes of her mohawk somewhat bent after all the wild humping. She was glistening with sweat. She came over to our table and I applauded her.

“Hiya,” Jenny greeted me, standing next to me and taking the joint from my mouth. “Hi Kaylee.”

Kaylee was busy sucking my cock but she raised a hand to wave upwards at my sister before she dropped it back to my thigh and resumed slurping on my pulsing hard-on.

“Did you have fun?” I asked my sister as she had a few puffs on the joint.

“Yeah!” she replied, “Did you?”

“Absolutely, and I’m having good fun at the moment,” I pointed out, nodding down at Kaylee, whose head bobbed in my lap. She made rude and loud slurping noises which were soon drowned out as another punk band replaced Fanny And The Fuckzines on the stage and started testing their instruments. This band, an all male line-up, were evidently more popular as plenty more people were finishing drinks and moving to the dance-floor.

“Where are my clothes?” Jenny asked. She didn’t seem to think it particularly significant that I was sitting there getting a blow-job right in front of her.

“Er…here,” I said, glancing round and noticing her tight hotpants and thong sitting on the table. I handed them to Jenny.

“Ta,” she said, “I’m gonna get cleaned up.”

She gave me the joint back and swaggered off to the ladies bathroom, her cute tattooed bum wiggling as she did so. I spied the other two gang-banged women following her, all holding their clothes and off to clean up.

Kaylee was giving me a fantastic blow-job! She sucked deep and hard on my dick. I finished off the joint and stubbed it out, then held Kaylee by her bunches. Suddenly the band on the stage launched into their opening song, a very fast one, and amusingly Kaylee’s head started bobbing rapidly in time with the beat.

“Oh yeah, oh fuck,” I grinned, feeling my sperm beginning to boil up, “Holy shit I’m gonna cum!”

Kaylee must have somehow heard me above the music because she started sucking even harder and soon I exploded in her mouth. I closed my eyes and let out a long and satisfied sigh as I pumped half-a-dozen hot wads of sperm into the back of the throat of this hot pink-haired punk-slut I’d only recently met. She enthusiastically swallowed the whole lot and sucked me long after the flow of cum had ended. Finally she raised her head and flashed me a cheeky grin, then wiped her wet mouth on the back of one of her tattooed forearms, smearing her red lipstick.

“Did you like that?” she asked, putting my dick in my pants for me and zipping me up.

“Yeah, it was great,” I said, “Cheers.”

“You’re welcome,” Kaylee said, standing up.

I felt at a loss as to what to say. I decided that this wasn’t any normal chatting-up process, I should just say what I meant and what I wanted without giving a shit. It wasn’t like this babe was hard to offend!

“Can I do something for you?” I asked her, “I’ll lick you out if you want. Right here. Or in the loos.”

“That’s very thoughtful,” Kaylee grinned, rather charmed, “But I gotta get going soon. I got work tomorrow. Working on a Sunday! Fuckin’ sucks, huh?”

“Where do you work?”

“At a pub. Just round the corner.”

“Hi Kaylee,” said Jenny as she strolled up to us, now with her hotpants back on and looking vaguely respectable, or at least with her cunt and arse actually covered up.

“Hey,” Kaylee nodded, “Your brother is quite a sweetie.”

I smiled. I perhaps felt a tiny bit patronized at being referred to as ‘sweet’ and ‘young’ and all that shit, but I supposed I was younger than Kaylee and my sister, and I was somewhat more innocent that these two, given all their obvious antics here tonight and on other nights.

“He’s alright, for a brother,” Jenny cheekily said, and she sat down and lit up one of Mick’s joints.

Kaylee walked round behind me and started rubbing my shoulders.

“You gotta girlfriend?” she asked.

“No,” I replied.

“You want one?” Kaylee asked, leaning down, one of her hair bunches tickling the side of my head as she leaned in to speak right into my ear.

“Sure,” I replied, “You know any single women then?”

“You cheeky git,” giggled Kaylee.

“Yeah, I’ll go out with you babe,” I said, feeling supremely confident, “What you doin’ tomorrow? After work?”

“Fuck all. I finish at six. Come round to my house, we’ll hang out. Get my address from your sister. Right, gotta go.” Kaylee kissed my neck, said farewell to me and Jenny then strolled off.

“You’ve made a friend,” Jenny smirked, blowing out smoke from her nose and handing me the joint.

“Yup,” I responded, “I’m so fucking glad I came here tonight.”

“Me too.”

Jenny and me stuck around for another half-hour before leaving, although the place was still packed out as we departed.

We smoked cigarettes as we leisurely walked the mile home and when we got in Jenny said she was off for a shower to sort her hair out and and then a bath. I sat in the living room and had a cup of coffee.

After a short while I decided I smelled a bit smokey and decided I’d have a shower too. I strolled upstairs and saw that Jenny had left the bathroom door partially open, when normally she would keep it closed and locked. I wandered in and saw Jenny lying in the soapy bath. She’d showered to get all the gel from her hair and brush it down out of the spiky mohican, and her bright pink hair was now wet and hanging down as she lay soaking in the tub.

“Have you come to scrub my back?” she asked, unconcerned about my appearance.

“Maybe later,” I said, undressing, “I need a shower.”

I stripped naked and hopped into the shower and had a good soak. It felt good to clean myself up. After ten-minutes I turned the shower off and hopped out, then began to dry myself with a towel. At that point Jenny unplugged the bath and hopped out and dried herself off to. We were normally close and fairly casual with each other, but never normally to the point of nudity, the closet being the time when Jenny had flashed her bare bum-cheek at me last to show off her tattoo. Now, though, thanks to the events of the evening my punky big sis and me were now completely casual about being nude before each other as we dried off.

“So,” Jenny said as she rubbed her long pink hair with a fluffy black towel, “Are you off to see Kaylee tomorrow?”

“Yeah,” I replied, “I’m going to her place after work. She said you’d give me her address. Does she live with parents?”

“No, she lives on her own. With a cat. You’ll like her, Kaylee’s pretty hot. She’s a nice girl, laid-back and uninhibited.”

“Sounds like my type.”

“She’s my type too. I’ve fucked her you know.”

Once again, despite the events of the evening I was still capable of being a bit shocked.

“You’ve fucked Kaylee?” I asked.

“Mmmm, a few times recently.”

“I didn’t know you were bisexual sis.”

“I’m not really. I was at Kaylee’s not long after I’d been dumped and we were having a few drinks, and we just ended up kissing then went to bed. We’ve done it a few times. We never really plan it, it just happens, usually after a few drinks. It’s not even really like we’re having sex and we’re not lovers or anythin’. It’s more like mutual masturbation. We’re both single so we just take of each other for the fun of it. Anyway, she’s damn hot. She’ll fuckin’ wear you out, I’m telling you Billy!”

“Cool,” was all I could think of to say.

“Your cock thinks that it’s cool too,” Jenny giggled, and she nodded down at my dick, was stiffening quickly.

“I guess,” I smirked, “although that’s partly due to having my sexy big sister standing in front of me with her nice fuckin’ tits and cunt on display.”

“What a charmer,” giggled Jenny, “If you’re still horny, fancy fucking me up the shitter again? An encore of earlier, but this time without an audience?”

“Sure,” I said, suddenly excited but trying not to sound too eager. Even though we’re been standing her naked talking about sex and things I hadn’t necessarily thought it inevitable – possible, but not inevitable – that we’d fuck again. I wasn’t sure I would be able too after having had a few drinks and having shot my load twice already that evening, but seeing Jenny completely naked before me and listening to her admit to having had lesbian sex with my new girlfriend had thrilled me a great deal. Plus it was more than two-hours since I’d cum in Kaylee’s mouth. “Maybe I shouldn’t though,” I commented after a thought, “I mean, I will be cheating on Kaylee! She’s my girlfriend now y’know.”

“Oh don’t be silly Billy,” Jenny laughed, “Monogomy is sooo Twentieth Century! She won’t care. She’ll be turned on when I tell her, which I sure will do just for a laugh. In fact if the chance arises I’ll fuck Kaylee again even now she’s going out with you. You wouldn’t think she was cheating on you if that happened would you?”

“I guess not,” I replied, then with a sly grin I asked “Could I watch?”

“Sure,” Jenny replied, casually, “Anyway, it’s not like you’ll be cheating anyway. Shit, we’re not fuckin’ lovers anyway Billy, we’re not going to making love! We’re just fuck-buddies who happen to be brother and sister, just having a bit of fun. Some bum-fun!”

“I’m fuckin’ horny,” I commented, instantly won round by this argument, my cock now sticking straight up.

“Let’s go,” Jenny said, and dumped her towel in the laundry basket. I dumped mine in there too. We turned off all the lights in the house and went to my bedroom, as seen as it had a double-bed.

Jenny hopped onto the bed and got on her hands and knees, with her lovely pert bum raised high, her anus winking out above her shaved pierced cunt. My cock achingly erect, I got onto the bed behind her after grabbing a tub of facial moisterizer from a shelf. I smeared some of the cool wet cream onto my cock then rubbed some more onto Jenny’s arsehole, popping a greased finger up there. She shivered and moaned. I put the tub aside then shuffled up to my sister and began to push my cock into her arse.

Slowly my cock-head pushd past her sphincter and then, holding Jenny by her hips, I began to push my tool deep into her rectum, both of us groaning with lust. Soon I was buried in her bum to the hilt in her bowels and began to pump my cock back and forth in her tight arse.

It felt great buggering Jenny. Her arse was fucking hot and tight. It been a thrill boning her earlier in the club in front of loads of people, especially some people like Kaylee and Mick who’d known Jenny and me were siblings, but it was also nice to now be doing it in privacy. It also turned me on the way Jenny and me were so casual about this, the way my tattooed sister had brazenly suggested I do her up the shitter like it was a perfectly normal thing to suggest, and the way she was now on her hands and knees naked with me sodomizing her deep in her tight bum, like it was no big deal. “Just a bit of fun” as Jenny had described it.

“Oh yeah, fuck me Billy, fuck my arse,” Jenny urged me, “Oh yeah, uuuh. I like that, I fuckin’ like that. I love it up the shitter.”

I pounded her arse hard, my pelvis clapping against her cheeks, my cock sliding to and fro in her greased up anus. I admired the tattoos on her back; the big Celtic one at the base of her spine and the huge black-and-red rose on her upper-back. It turned me on the way Jenny was so into it, was really loving getting nailed in the arse by my big hard dick. It was so exciting to know that she was not just doing this as a favour for me, letting her little brother work off his horniness, but in fact she was clearly enjoying it herself.

I thought of Kaylee and of all the hot wild sex I would inevitable have with her. For starters she lived on her own, where my previous girlfriends had, like me, lived with their parents. With Kaylee there would be no waiting for mums and dads to go out so that we could fuck. Plus Kaylee had not even suggested we go out on a date or anything, she’d just suggested I come round to her house to “hang out”, which I figured meant we’d fuck. She was obviously a rather sexual babe. Not only had she sucked me off in the club before we’d even officially become boyfriend and girlfriend, but she’d happily admitted to being gang-banged just like Jenny had been. She’d said she’d once spent two hours being triple-fucked by a load of guys, most of whom were probably complete strangers. My previous girlfriends had, like most women, treated sex like it was a reward, something to ration out to guys after dates. Kaylee, clearly, genuinely loved sex and had no inhibitions.

Aside from Kaylee of course there was Jenny. She’d said we were “fuck buddies” which implied we’d be doing this on future occasions too! It then occured to me that Kaylee and Jenny had fucked each other and my sister had not only implied they would fuck again but had seriously said that I could watch. I figured I should be able to join in too! After all, I’d fucked my sister, I was clearly going to fuck Kaylee, and furthermore Kaylee happened to have a flat to herself with no parents around. Surely I’d be round there with Kaylee and Jenny at the same time at some point in the future, and coupled with all the wild lewdness I’d witnessed and heard about tonight, the idea of having a sordid threesome with my new girlfriend and my big sister not only seemed likely, but inevitable!

Now that would be cool!

One thing was for sure, my life had gotten a whole lot more interesting and sexier thanks to going out to the club tonight.

I put my thoughts and excitement for the future aside and concentrated on buggering Jenny. Thanks to my youth the beer and two ejaculations earlier did not stop me from having a seriously hard boner, but they did prevent me from cumming too soon. I took my time and fucked Jenny’s bum at a leisurely pace. It was a full half-hour before I finally unloaded my sperm into Jenny’s rectum, a good, powerful and prolonged orgasm.

I pulled out of her and we got our breath back, both of us smiling and satisfied. Then I crawled into bed, sliding under the sheets naked and moving to oneside of the bed. As I’d hoped, and like it was perfectly natural, Jenny got into the bed with me and turned out the lamp, plunging my room into darkness. We were both very tired after the evening’s fun and frolics and fell straight to sleep.


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