9. Mrs Wild: Anne: Bust Treatment


In-room 202, Anne was all cosy in bed. It was over an hour ago, that Jason, who she had been having an affair with, had left her alone in that hotel room. With thoughts of the great sex that she had with him that evening, Anne started to drift off into a deep sleep.As Anne was drifting into a deep sleep, an alarm was going off in room 225. The older lady in that room was not in a deep sleep, her alarm was one for her to start work for the evening. She got up from a brief rest in her bed and freshened herself in the bathroom.Returning to the bedroom, she put on her long white laboratory jacket. Feeling turned on with excitement, she decided to not wear any underwear. Opening her dark blue bag, she put in the equipment she needed, some of which, she had kept in the mini bar fridge, and held it in her hand and by her side.Stopping by the full-length mirror, she looked at herself. She was feeling good and felt the part.Professor Wild was here and about to pay a patient a visit.***After checking the spy hole in her room door, the corridor was clear and there was silence. Quietly, the Professor opened her door and walked across the corridor and stood outside her patient’s room. Listening for sounds in the room, she placed her ear against the door, and as was suspected, there was silence. Softly, she inserted the hotel security card, she had in her possession and gently opened the door.As she entered the room, it was dark, and silent, apart from the soft sound of breathing coming from the bedroom. Closing the door behind her, the Professor was starting to feel more excited, as she crept across the room. Not wanting to take any chances with how deeply Anne was asleep, she placed her bag on the carpeted floor by the side of the bed.Luckily, the patient was sleeping on her side, facing away from the Professor. All her body covered in the soft clean white duvet, with just her head showing.“I’m just going to have a look around Anne, see what you’ve been up to this evening. Sounded like you had some fun in here with Jason. You rest there now,” the Professor whispered before laughing to herself.The Professor liked knowing as much as you could about her patients, and this was the first time she had seen Anne in person. The bathroom had some toiletries Anne had brought, and a few towels left on the floor. Towels, Anne had shared with Jason a few hours earlier.As she opened the wardrobe, Anne had hung up her clothes for tomorrow, white blouse, grey blazer, and trousers; her standard workwear from all the details, the Professor had seen. On the dressing table was a little bag with hairbrushes and some make-up. Anne wasn’t one to wear a lot of make-up. On the chair was her underwear for tomorrow.The Professor picked up her pants, they were quite big pants, with some frilly detail on the top.; a size 16, she must have gained a little weight. Then, she picked up her bra, it was white and full cupped, with a little frill on the edges and a wide strap. It was the biggest bra; the Professor had ever seen. She held it up against her chest and it looked huge; checking the label, it read, 36H.Anne was very well-endowed, but the Professor already knew this. Then the Professor saw on the seat of the chair something else. It was what she had entertained Jason with. Holding it up against her body and looking in the mirror, it was a short, see-through white nightie, with some frill details around the edges. It was a size large.The professor imagined that Anne would have been better suited in an XL, to accommodate her big bosom. Smiling, she then picked up, what appeared to be a piece of string, but it was a size large white G-String. She smelled it and took in the aroma of Anne’s musky discharge.“I can see you were turned on wearing these as much, as Jason liked them,” the Professor said, as she turned around and walked across to look at Anne for the first time, slipping the G-String into her laboratory Kadıköy Escort jacket, to keep as a memento.Anne was quite average looking and looked as she did in her photos. The Professor sat in the space next to where she was lying asleep. She knew it wasn’t Anne’s face that had attracted her husband or Jason either.“Now you rest there, my sleeping patient. You won’t know who I am. We’ve never met, but I’m here about my husband, you see. I know all about your brief affair with him. In fact, I know about your affair with your friend’s husband. I don’t think she would appreciate what you’ve been up to.”Gently, she ran her big hand through Anne’s short brown hair, comforting her patient and used her fingers to press down on the pressure points on Anne’s head to further relax her and ensure she was in her deep sleep.“I’m just going to take this duvet off you. I just want to see how you attract these men, in fact, I want to see the body, my husband chose instead of me, all those years ago.”As one of her hands gently stroked Anne’s hair, the other hand slowly took the duvet off her body and to the side. Anne was sleeping on her side naked. The Professor looked at her quite pale flesh, following the curves of her hips, the tuff of hair of her pussy, the roundness of her belly and then her bust. Anne slept with one hand under the pillow and the other hand resting on top of her breast.“Well, I can see how you attracted Howard and Jason. You’re a big girl, Anne.”The Professor smiled, in awe of Anne’s bosom, watching them wobble, as she breathed. Whilst still stroking her hair with one hand, she moved her other hand onto Anne’s bust.“Ohhh, my, those are very full. These are way more than a handful and I’ve got big hands, Anne. They are heavy too. I know your special name for that big bust of yours… the girls…I know your secrets, Anne.”The Professor placed her hand on Anne’s shoulder and pushed her back, so Anne was now lay on her back. Watching in awe as her bust wobbled until it settled, spilling out to the sides, and looking like two big pots of jelly with cherries on the top.With the Professor’s bag on the carpet floor next to her, she took out the first needle, slowly releasing the trapped air and a droplet of the formula, the Professor laughed.“Now this my tickle, Anne,” the Professor said, but her tone changing to a chilling one.With surgical position, the Professor leant down and pressed the needle into the soft fatty tissue of Anne’s bust, several inches back from her nipple and in the underhanging section. Slowly, she pressed down on the syringe and released the formula into all of that bust tissue.“Last one now, Anne.”The Professor pressed the needle into the same position of Anne’s other bust. Once all the formula was released, slowly the needle was taken out and placed alongside the other needle in the Professor’s bag.The Professor got up from sitting next to Anne and again leaned in and stroked her hair with one hand, whilst holding her bag with the other.“You rest, sleeping beauty and let the Professor’s potion work its magic,” the Professor whispered, but with great menace in her tone.Still sternly looking at Anne lay in the bed, she continued, “I know how you and Jason joke about Paula’s little boobs, how Jason is obsessed with your huge knockers, just like my husband. Well, you will be the one teased now Anne.”The Professor’s face, now less friendly, looked into the dressing table mirror and admired herself and looked at her patient’s reflection in the mirror too as she lay in a deep sleep, the Professor’s revenge carried out.The plan had worked.“Let’s see how long you will be needing that big bra of yours,” the Professor gigged and whispered, as she brushed past Anne’s big white bra on the dressing table chair, as she made her way out from the room.***Once the Professor was back in her room, she put her bag away Kadıköy Escort Bayan and unbuttoned her laboratory jacket, and let it drop to the floor. She looked at her naked body in the long mirror and immediately started to finger her wet pussy.Watching how her small, aged bust moved with her every touch, she thought of Anne’s heavy bosom, huge and full in comparison, her husband’s hands all over them, his mouth feasting on them like he was a baby, whilst Anne moaned. The thought of his cock being completely engulfed and squashed in all of Anne’s breast tissue. Her husband hadn’t played with her breasts in decades. This made the Professor rub her pussy even harder, with anger.As the sensations started to pour through her body, she leant further forward, her head almost resting on the mirror. Then, she started to giggle sadistically at what she had done. The Professor thinking it was funny, how she will be the last one to see Anne’s full, heavy, heaving, H cup glory. After this thought, the Professor squealed in joy, as she climaxed.***Now lay in bed, the Professor smiled contently. She didn’t want other women going through the pain she had; their husbands being led astray by Anne’s bust. The thought of Jason’s wife, Paula, post implants; she would be the one teasing Anne about her bust. The Professor laughed.***As the alarm went off in room 202, the Professor’s patient, Anne, woke up and felt refreshed after a deep sleep. After a quick shower, she got changed ready for her training day ahead, her mind smiling at the thought of the great sex with Jason. As she put on her big white bra, to minimise her heavy breasts, as she didn’t like showing them off, they felt a little sore. Giggling to herself, she thought, that the breastfeeding she gave Jason, probably made them feel a little sore and tingly.As Anne left her room and was checking out at the reception, she bumped into the older lady she saw the previous day, who was also checking out.“Hope training goes well for you today, dear.”“Oh, thanks, well remembered. It was your girls you’re seeing today, wasn’t it?”“Not today, dear. I’m off home now, that was last night.”“Was it nice catching up with them?”“It was, thanks, they were bigger than I expected, and they’d been very naughty, but I put them straight, so to speak… anyway, safe journey.”“You too.”Anne thought that was a strange comment to make, then again, she was a little old, maybe she wasn’t all there.The old lady watched Anne happily leave the hotel and she smiled to herself.“Hope you had a nice stay… Mrs… Wild?” The receptionist asked as she received the hotel room card.“Oh, I did, dear. I had a very productive and pleasant stay.”***Anne got home from training and put her clothes away, whilst, her husband, Neil, cooked dinner. She grinned, as she noticed her white G-string wasn’t there; Jason must have taken it. She put her sexy white nightie away at the back of her wardrobe.Neil was so nice that evening, that Anne felt a little guilty, he had missed her, as he seemed a little more frisky than usual. As they settled in front of the TV, he started to kiss her and Anne kissed him back, and soon Neil had his hands all over Anne’s body.“Come on Anne, let’s get in bed.”“Of course, Neil… looks like you have missed me then… you make yourself comfy in there and then I will join you.”As Neil went up to bed, Anne went to the bathroom, to freshen up. Feeling a little guilty about Jason. She got changed in the bathroom and went into the bedroom naked. Anne wasn’t overly body confident in recent years, but since her affair started with Jason, she did feel a lot more confident.She looked at herself in the mirror.She was quite a curvy woman and was quite proud of her bust. It had annoyed her in her youth, but now she realised the benefits. Looking at her big H cup boobs hanging down, almost covering her stomach. They were not only Escort Kadıköy big but were perfectly symmetrical, as were her nipples. They had a voluminous teardrop shape, which seemed to drive a few men, she had slept with, crazy. They were about to drive, Neil, crazy now.“Oh Anne,” Neil said, as she walked into the bedroom.He walked across from his wardrobe naked and started to kiss Anne’s neck and then the back of her neck, as he moved around her, rubbing his cock against her round bum. Reaching around her waist, he moved his hands up and lightly grabbed hold of her heaving bosom, whilst kissing the back of Anne’s neck and making her softly moan.“You do have great boobs Anne… they are so… playful.”“Playful?”“You know, big and juicy.”Anne giggled.They got into bed and lay facing each other, and kissed and rolled around a little, whilst Neil played with her pussy a little. Anne still felt a little sleepy from last night, so just let Neil have his way with her, as he got on top of her in the missionary position and started to ride her.She watched as he moved his hips quicker and quicker, thrusting his cock deeper and deeper. His face glanced occasionally down from looking at her face to her boobs wobbling around in front of him. Anne jiggled them for him like he loved her doing, and as soon as she moved them together with her hands, so they looked like two large plates of jiggling jelly, Neil could take no more and ejaculated.As Anne jiggled them, they still felt tender and tingly. Next time she wouldn’t be letting Jason feed on them for that long. Maybe it was his age, he was in his fifties now, or maybe they had been together a little long, but the sex just wasn’t that great. It was nothing like it was with Jason.“Anne, you still do it for me.”“As you do for me… I’m sorry, just a little tired tonight after my training course.”“Don’t be silly, Anne. That was great… I’ve missed you.”He slowly came out of her and lay by her side.Anne hugged Neil closely.“I do get jealous, Anne.”“Of what?”“Other men.”“What do you mean?”“You do go on a lot of training courses and meetings and you’re attractive.”“Come on Neil, there’s nothing to be jealous about.”“I am, though.”“You’ve seen how I dress; I’ve always been the frumpy one in the corner. I’m surprised you noticed me.”Neil smiled. “I’ve seen the looks you get, especially at your… you know.”“My girls.”“Yes.”“I’ve always got them hidden away; you know I’m conscious of them. That look Jason gave you on that holiday though…”“Well, that was different, we were on holiday in a hot country…”“I know, I just want you to want me, that’s all.”“I do Neil… of course I do.”***In an annexe many miles away, a certain older lady was looking at a picture of Anne.“Well, you will be a bit sore today, Anne as my formula settles in. Don’t worry, those big fatty deposits on your chest will only be sore for a few days though.”The older lady stroked Anne’s hair on her photo as she had stroked it the previous night.“Now, now, Anne, don’t go seeing any doctors too soon… my formula needs a lot more time to make the damage that you deserve.”With her big hands, she stretched the material of a white G-String, which she held out, as far as it could go, and fired it, like a catapult, into a cardboard box, which contained lots of photos and information about Anne.“I will be catching up with you again soon. Don’t worry, I’m not singling you out. I know about Paula. In fact, I know something that you don’t know. It looks like you don’t only share Jason, but another man too. She’s been fucking my husband, like you. But I think you seeing her with those breast implants in your condition, may help with your torment. Paula’s time will come, Anne.”The older woman then looked at a picture of another woman, a little younger-looking, with short dyed strawberry blonde hair and pretty in an understated way.“Now, you, my darling… oh you… you are in for some bother aren’t you.”Now with her vibrator on and touching herself, the older women moaned. This work was really exciting her. She was naked and pleasuring herself looking at the next woman on her list, just like Howard had on many occasions.Professor Wild rubbed her hands together at the thought of her next patient.

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