8 Bobbi’s Tail


8 Bobbi’s TailI woke up cradled in Doug’s arms. My head was still on his chest. One of my arms was under his waist, and the other was laying across his tummy. I felt warm and cozy with him. I lay there listing to his heart as my head rose and fell with his breathing. His hairy chest felt good on my cheek and kind of tickled my nose. I was still high and drunk from the night before. And I was still horny. My clitty was hard, and I wondered what I could do about that. I slid my arm over Doug’s tummy until I reached his penis. It was hard. I giggled to myself and started working my arm out from under him. I kissed and sucked on Doug’s nipples for a few seconds. Then I licked and kissed down his chest, to his tummy. I scooched down toward the foot of the bed under the covers. I kissed and licked his navel. He moaned, but he still seemed asleep. I pushed myself into a crouching position. Then I moved down to his dick. I caressed it with my tongue, then I slowly took the head between my lips. It still tasted salty sweet with pussy and cum. I pushed the thong down, so it was below my balls and my clitty was out. Then I put my hand on my little dicky as I went down on Doug’s big dicky. I worked his stiff shaft between my lips slowly. I supported myself on one hand and worked my other between my legs. I put my fingers onto the foreskin so I could rub it. I stroked my own little cock intime with my head movements. Doug spread his legs a little wider and snorted in his sleep. His arms moved up and he grabbed his pillow. I keep the pace slow on his cock and he squirmed around a little. The covers fell off of my head and down onto his legs. I moved over a little to get a better angle on his cock. I used my tongue to apply pressure to the sensitive foreskin on the bottom of his erect penis. He squirmed again and I started to increase the pace of my oral massage. I speeded up the massaging of my own little boner. I didn’t want to cum before him, so I paced my strokes to keep the pleasure point below its threshold. Doug started oozing precum which mixed with the flavor leftover from the night before. It was a delicious treat which made me even hornier. I pulled my mouth to the tip of his hard cock and ran my tongue over the pee hole. Drops of spermatic fluid seeped from the hole and excited my taste buds with their salty sweet flavor. Doug grabbed his pillow and he lifted his hips as my mouth swallowed his pulsating shaft. I speeded up my own hand stimulating my little dicky. His whole body shook as his cock stiffened in my mouth. The first shot of cum blew into my eager mouth. His balls pumped out his flavorful cream onto my tongue. I had been pumping my own little hard on with vigor. As I swished his cum around my mouth, my own orgasm started. My cum shot out onto his leg and the sheets. I jerked as I squirted my fluid out. “God damn bitch. Don’t you ever get enough?” Doug groaned. “Fucking wake me up by making me fucking cum. Shit.” He said. I swallowed my mouth full of semen down. “Didn’t you enjoy it?” I asked. “Hell yea, it was really fucking something. I didn’t know what was going on,” He replied.He pushed the covers off and sat up. I wiped the drops of fluid around my mouth off with my finger. I licked my kırşehir escort fingers clean of the tasty drops. Doug got up and stumbled out of the room. I pulled my panties back over my little peter, straitened up my nighty, sat up and put my feet on the floor. My head was still spinning from the pot and vodka I’d consumed the night before. I thought about the poppers too. I need to get me some of that stuff. I couldn’t keep smoking and drinking the guys stuff. I wanted my own stash.I got up and walked out into the suite and headed to the coffee pot. I knew where everything was now, so I fixed a pot and turned it on to brew. Doug came out of the bathroom naked and headed for his room. I went in and peed. I had left some douche and p juice in there, and figured I’d go ahead and take care of that. I just had finished up and was washing my face and hands when Jon came in. “Getting cleaned up for another day, sweet cheeks?” “You know it,” I replied. He had on a pair of white socks but otherwise was naked. “I came in for a piss,” he said. “Need help?” I asked with a little smile on my face. I looked at his erect penis. “Yea, if I can get rid of this hardon, it would be easier to piss,” he said. “Hmmmm, how could I help you with that?” I said with full knowledge of what he wanted. “Bend over the sink,” he replied. I giggled and bent over the sink. “Hang on, let’s get those pink things out of the way,” he said. “Ok,” I replied. I stood back up and pulled my nighty off over my head and dropped it on the floor. Then I pulled my panties down and they slid to my feet. I stepped out of them, grabbed them with the toes of one of my feet and reached down and took a hold of them. I tossed them on top of the nighty. I put my hands on the side of the sink and spread my legs. I looked up in the mirror and watched him behind me. He is much taller than me, and his cock was about even with the middle of my back. I was wondering how we were going to do this thing, when he reached over to the side of the sink and pulled out a wooden stool. “Here, stand on this,” he said. I got up on the stool. I couldn’t spread my legs as both feet barely fit on it. It did get my ass high enough for Jon’s cock to be even with my boihole. I watched as he looked down and guided his man missile at my target. I felt his hands spread my ass cheeks and the tip of his cock made contact with my boipussy hole. I involuntarily jerked when it made contact. Jon laughed. “Get ready sweet cheeks, here it comes”, with that he plunged his dick into me. I gasped as it penetrated me. It slid into my freshly lubed tunnel with ease. “Oh gawd,” I gasped. As my knees buckled with the delight that shot through my body. Jon shoved it all the way in on the first thrust. “Ahhhgggg,” I groaned as it rubbed my inner sensitive zone. He pulled it back and all the way out, then rammed it in as deep as it would go again. “Oh yes, that’s good,” I blurted out in pleasure. My feet were lifted off the stool for a few seconds and I was suspended by my hands on the sink and Jon’s cock deep inside me. I let out a whimper as my feet touched the stool again when Jon pulled back. Jon jammed his cock into me, and I rose onto my toes kocaeli escort and held onto the edge of the sink. “Mmmm, yes, oh gawd that feels good,” I said in a strained voice. “Ya like that sweet cheeks?” Jon asked as he pulled back and then slammed his dick deep inside of me. “Oh yes baby, give me that cock. Give it to me hard,” I moaned. Jon leaned forward and put his hands beside mine on the edge of the sink. I turned and our mouths met for a wet French kiss. Jon’s hips slapped my ass cheeks making a popping sound with each thrust. We broke our kiss and I leaned forward, resting my chest on the edge of the sink. I pushed up on my toes giving Jon a better angle to penetrate me. It also took the load off my arm which were getting a little tired. I was now able to concentrate on the pleasure Jon’s cock was giving me. I looked up at the mirror over the wash basin. I could see Jon’s face and body working my little boicunt. He looked so good as he worked his hips back and forth. His eyes were closed, and he had a sneer on his face. He took a hand-off of the sink and lay it on the small of my back. His thrusts where forcing me up and my toes kept coming off the stool. He would push down with his hand forcing me to arch my back. This keep my ass steady so his cock could penetrate my boihole deeper.The bathroom door opened, and Asa walked in. He stood in front of the toilet, pulled his penis out of his underware and peed. He finished, shook it, and put it back. “Morning you guys”, he said matter-of-factly, as though having two people fuck beside you while you pee was normal. He turned to go, stopped and reached into his pocked. He put a little yellow bottle in front of me. “Thought you might want this,” he said. “Oh, my gawd, I luv you,” I said. “I know,” he answered back. Then walked out closing the door behind him. “I see you’ve tried poppers there sweet cheeks,” Jon grunted through his thrusts. “Un-huh,” I answered as I reached for the little bottle of pleasure.I opened the Rush. I got it up to my nose and took two big huffs of it. My head started spinning immediately and the warm fuzzy feeling fanned out all over my body. Jon’s cock slammed into my sweet spot, and it intensified my enjoyment. I put the bottle up to my nose again and took another long slow huff. Little lights went off before my eyes, and I felt wonderful. Each time Jon slammed his erection into my boicunt, it felt like every nerve in my body was exploding. Each time he pulled out it was like a mini orgasm ran through my body. I took another huff as Jon’s hard thrusts lifted me up off the stool. I closed the bottle and enjoyed the ride. I pulled myself up higher onto the sink and supported my weight on it. Taking the strain off my feet and toes I was able to spread my legs a little wider. Jon’s balls banged against my perineum. I gasped with surprise as a new feeling of orgasm shot through my body each time his balls hit up against it. “Oh my gawd, oh my gawd! Yes, yes, yes! I screamed. It felt like I was cumming, it felt so good. I had often massaged that area when I was masturbating, but I didn’t realize how good it felt to have it stimulated. I extended my toes more and Jon’s balls konya escort bounced off my perineum harder. It became intense. I was shuddering form the sheer pleasure of it. I was moaning uncontrollable and babbling about how good it felt. “You like getting fucked bitch. I have never seen a slut like you before. You are such a whore,” Jon said as he started speeding up his thrusts. I could feel his cock driving deep inside of me. “Yes, oh yes. Fuck me harder please. Oh gawd, fuck me,” I begged. He took his hand off my back and slapped my ass hard. I almost fell from the feeling of pleasure that run from my but cheek to my brain. “Yes, spank my ass baby,” I babbled. My head was in sensory overload from all the titillations that my body was being put through. I lay my head on the sink and reached my hand down to my hard-little cock. I had barely touched it before I felt my orgasm start. “Oh, oh, oh…I’m cumming” I belted out. Jon laughed. I shot my load onto the door of the sink cabinet.Jon gave a grunt, and he slammed into me. He grunted again and rammed his dick into me again. He shot four more times, each time grunting, pulling back, then ramming his cock into me. He held it deep inside of me on the final ejaculation. He stood there for a long time, as I stood on my tiptoes suspended on his hard meat and the sink. We stood there panting, catching our breaths. He slapped my ass again and I squealed with delight as I felt the waning pleasure of our fuck ebbing away. As his cock softened, I was able to lower myself off my toes and stood on the stool. His cock slipped out of my boipussy, and I pushed myself up off the sink and stood. I turned and our mouths met. We had a long, wet French kiss. Then I got down on the floor. “Let me clean your cock off,” I offered Jon. He laughed as I kneeled in front of him. I took is soft cock and licked the cum and pussy juice off of it. “You still need to pee?” I asked. “yep,” he said. He took the couple steeps around me to the toilet. I stood by him, still holding his cock in my hand. I aimed his penis at the toilet, and he started to pee. I held him till he finished, shook his cock, then leaned down and licked the tip and pee hole. I stood back up and said, “Now it’s nice and clean.” He laughed and said to me, “You’re such a fucking goofball slut.” He turned and walked out of the bathroom. I sat on the toilet and peed, then wiped myself. I took out the pussy lube and gave myself another shot just in case. I picked up my panties and nighty and went out in the suit.As I walked out, the other guys were sitting around drinking coffee, and taking bong hits. I put my nighty with my robe, and went over and fixed myself a cup, and sat down on one of the futons naked. I reached over and grabbed the bong and pot and fixed myself a bong hit. It was the first time I’d ever fixed my own bong hit. I had watched the boi’s do it. After I lit and smoked it, I drank my coffee. We needed to get ready for breakfast. The guys all went into their rooms. I took another bong hit. Asa came out of his room. “You need to get ready for breakfast or your goen to be late,” he said. “Okey-dokey” I replied. “I’ll go get dressed. I’ll meet y’all there.”I pulled my robe on, slipped on my flip-flops and headed across the hall to my room. As I walked into the suit, Bubba was heading out. He gave me a look, and I looked back at him, smiled and let my robe fall open. I had my nighty and panties in my hands. I walked by him and puckered my lips and blew him a kiss. He gave me a mean look as I closed the door to my room.

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