( 6 ) Joy goes out on her own to meet Steve


I was away for a few days with some work stuff, and Joy rang me to say she was heading out on Saturday night to Steve’s place for some fun, I was so pissed of as we always have a great night there with lots of guys, so I knew she would be well and truly fucked by the time I got home Sunday afternoon.

My cock was rock hard all Saturday night thinking of Joy, knowing she would be fucked by the dogs and possible the horse again, I wanked myself stupid waiting for her her to call me, but by 3 am I fell of to sleep.

I finnished up Sunday morning, and drove home, my cock straining inside my trousers as my mind went wild, what had she been doing, why no phone call, it was now nearly lunch time, and nothing.

I got home and no car, so quickly I cleaned myself out, using our douche, and set of to Steves place, knowing she must still be there, some 20 cars still sat in his drive way, so she must be having one hell of a good time.

I walked around the back, guys stood around naked with cocks in hand, watching Joy, she was on the frame and being fucked by a big dog, not one I had seen before either, a pool of cum under her told me that at least one of more dogs had fucked her and the horse most likely too today, as her orgasms kept her high, guys used her mouth to empty their cum sacks.

I stripped and headed for her mouth, quickly replacing a limp cummy cock as he pulled back, as she sucked me in I said hello, her eyes blurred looked up at me and a smile came over her, my cock slipped in and she sucked me hard.

I held off, and let other guys face fuck her, while I went around and spoke to Steve, bending over to take my first cock for the day, as we spoke, Steve told me apart from 4 hours or so last night, she had been going since she got here, the black stallion was standing nearby, as I looked Steve smiled and said yep, twice already, once in her pussy too.

I know Joy has let him fuck her ass, but never her pussy, she must have been supper horny last night, as I sucked Steve’s cock, he told me, that when the horse cum in her pussy, he could see her tummy fill with its cum, then when he pulled out, it flowed out in streams of hot cum for ages, and her tummy went back to normal size again.

I needed some cum and more cocks, so I worked hard on the guy fucking me and was rewards quickly by his seed, taking another cock quickly got my ass ready for a dog, to fuck me.

Joy fell out of the frame her legs to weak to hold her, as guys lay her down and fucked her pussy or ass for her, cum running out of her holes as the guys held her legs over thier shoulders, fucking her deep.

I took her place and asked for a dog to be brought up, soon I was feeling Escort the heat and speed that only a dog can fuck with, my mouth kept open by cocks as I worked my ass on his cock for more orgasms. I normally like to have more time and cum in me before getting a dog to fuck me but I was supper horny, and my ass took it all, his knot worked its way inside, he was getting close to cumming.

The first stream of cum hit my bowels, his cock jerking wildly as my ass took all his cum, I was happy, my orgasm hit hard as more cum filled me. some one was under me sucking my cock, that was it, my balls let lose too filling his mouth, as the dog slowed and stayed locked in my ass, for some 10 mintues we lay , I worked my ass on his cock, working it for more orgasms, he had turned back to back, pulling against me, my g spot felt hot, as the knot pulled free, the guy under me now taking the full force of the dog cum, ate what he could.

Just for some more kink, as I knelt up, my cock still near his mouth, I let some piss loose, wetting his body, he held my cock and aimed it at his face, that was it, my bladder let fly, he took it all, as more cocks joined in too.

Watching Joy, her legs still up high, my ass was filled again, several guys used me and filled me with cum as we both enjoyed the fresh air on our bodies, then it was my turn, laying on the frame I told them I wanted the horse this time, Steve took of to get him, as my mind went into over drive waiting for the anal abuse I was going to receive with him in me.

Noise’s behind me told me I was going to be fucked soon, as the legs appeared next to me, I saw a diffent colour, these were greyish, not black, so Steve had a second horse here today too.

My ass was beging explored by his cock now, the tip hitting my ass lips, then with one good push he went in, my mind exploded in bliss, as more followed quickly, this horse was not going slow, he wanted in, and all the way in too.

By now I knew he felt bigger than the other horse, the flared end larger around seemed to jam inside my ass, then with another push it went in, all the way too as my screams told the guys aound me.

I came too, my body jerking wildly on the frame, the horse fucking me had no care I had blacked out, he was fucking me flat out and fully too, my ass now used to the size was feeling good, real good, as a orgasm took control of my mind and sent me into another orgasm straight away.

Bloody hell, he was good, as I tried hard to keep him fully in me his balls slapping my ass with each thrust, moving my body up a big higher gave him more depth to fuck me as he snorted loudly. His cock was, or felt longer than the other horse, my Escort Bayan orgasms now taking me into a new high, as one followed the other in quick session. then what I wanted but didn’t, his cum, lots of it too, my bowels disteneded fully as he filled me to a point his cock was forced out, more cum shot over my body as I reeled in bliss.

As my legs began to work I held as much cum in me as I could, walking over to Joy, I let rip, streams of horse cum flooded her face, as she was held in place by the guy fucking her, both soaked by cum, as my ass slowed and went back to near normal, I just had to kiss her and share my spoils, licking up lots of horse cum and kissing her lovingly.

Things slowed a bit, as guys fucked us both, the dogs and horses resting after a busy night and day, Joy was still smiling as she got dp’d, her ass taking them both, after they had cum in her, I got another cock and dp her again, her ass still gripping our cocks tightly as we fee her as much man meat as we could get in her.

I waited until my balls were close to needing release, then sat on her fist, taking it fully to her elbow easy now after that horse’s cock, then as they two guys fucking her ass cum, I let loose, shooting another load over her face, adding more cum to her sticky mess.

It didnt take much to get all the guy to clean us up either, swatting down on the grass, cocks all around washed our faces and bodies free of cum, then one or two filled our holes with piss too, then a nice cool shower and a drink, while we rested.

Joy took the time to tell me about last night, she had around 30 guys there, as well as the two dogs and then two horses, all took her pussy or ass for a turn, before she fell of to sleep on a guys cock some time during the early morning. Then she said it was around 8 am, when she woke,
with guys fucking her ass while she was still asleep, and it hadn’t slowed since, no wonder she hadn’t phoned me.

It wasnt long before the guys got horny, and we had our fill of cocks once more, Joy and I being used by most of them before I took on the grey stalion once more, I wanted to feel that huge cock fucking my ass once more, and have him empty his balls into my how well fucked ass.

I got onto the frame, and he was lead up, immidatle jumping up and finding my ass, he was horny alright, and shoved nearly the full lengh in first
time, I jumped but couldn’t move far, trying to get comfortable with this huge cock filling my body.

He got upto speed quickly, now his cock was going fully into my abused hole, his balls slapping hard with each thrust. It took him a bit longer this time, his third fuck for the day I was told, my ass working Bayan Escort over time, then like before, his cock grew more as the cum began to rush along his member, filling my body with gallons of cum.

His cock sprung free, cum streamed out of me, sperm continued to shot out of his cock, spraying every one near me, Joy was soon under me eating his cum as it ran free.

I was quickly repleced by Joy and the black stallion brought up to fuck her once more, his cock finding her pussy looked good, as he plunged fully home in seconds, this was the first time I had seen her take a horse in her pussy, the lips red and swollon with blood as he fucked her hard.

I found it more sexual seeing her take him like this, my cock was rock hard and wanted some thing to fuck. I took her mouth and used it like a cum sluts toy, pushing my cock all the way making her gag, then pulling out and wiping it over her face, the horse now snorting ready to blow his wad on hot cum in her pussy.

I held off, watching my wife take this massive animal was so horny, as guys watched her shaking wildly as he flooded her pussy with his cum, I just had to try and eat what ran out of her. His cock now free of her body shot cum over us all, he pulled back, as Joy went wild with one huge orgasm, I slid my mouth up and sucked her pussy hard, my reward was loads of hot cum, freshly dumped in her.

My cock wanted more, slipping it in her pussy was no use , my cock now felt loose as her hole stayed gapping wide, so I shoved it in her ass and fucked her hard, my hand going into her pussy to fill that hole made her jump as my cum added to the rest in her.

I lay back and watched several guys use her, each dropping his cum in her, my bladder also wanted relife, s not saying a thing, walked up and pissed in her ass, washing out some of the cum, no sooner had I pulled out then more guys fucked her and refilled her, some also pissing in her pussy or ass, no one seemed to care now.

By now it was dark once more, Joy had been going for nearly 24 hours with a short break, so I began to tell the guys to finnish up, and fill her holes with what every cum they had left, or mine, so she could get some rest, soon we both had guys fucking us both, our holes quickly filled with cum, then when they were all happy, we had one last piss session, and let them use us to empty thier bladders too.

We cleaned up a bit before heading of home, Joy had to drive her car, while I followed, once home I fucked her while she told me more about her nights fun, her pussy now back to a more normal size, but still wet with cum, sucked the last of my cum from my balls, as she told me how the horse went in her pussy instead of her ass, and she liked it just as much, that was all it ook, my seeds filled her pussy, then I went down licking her clit, eating my own cum before falling asleep in her arms.

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