3 Little Pigs (a Retelling) Pt. 02


The Wolf was hungry. He was always hungry. His appetite wasn’t just for food, although he did love a well prepared meal. He was a predator through and through -always on the hunt. His charm and primal nature made it easy for him to seduce his prey. Today, he was exploring a new part of town. There were some new houses in the area and he was keen to see just what delights he could find.

The first new house was a small charming little cottage. He could only catch the scent of a lone female inside and smiled to himself. Would she be a screamer? Would she be so terrified that she fainted? Would she put up a fight? Ambling up onto the porch, he drew her scent in deeply.

He knocked on the door and took a step back, fixing his most charming smile on his wide mouth.

From inside he heard, “Is that you honey? Come on in – you silly. I’m in the kitchen. The door’s open.”

With a deep chuckle he opened the door to her invitation and stepped inside. He stopped just inside and took a moment to lock it behind him. Hearing the soft padding of footsteps heading his direction, he turned around just as the little lady came around the corner into the entryway. Her gasp made his smile widen and his cock twitch as he turned to face her completely.

“Little pig…little pig…mmmmmm. You let me in,” murmured the Wolf. He stepped forward and watched with a slight curiosity as he noticed her eyes travel the length of him. He saw their slight flare and the tiniest curl of the corner of her mouth as she noticed the stiff bulge in his pants. atakent escort She did not back up as he moved towards her. It seemed that this little piggy might also be a curious kitty.

“What do you want?” she challenged him with only the slightest waver in her voice, “I’m expecting my fiancé at any moment.”

“Well then we’d better be quick about it hadn’t we?” countered the Wolf as he continued forward in her direction. Stopping with in an arms reach of her, he reached out one of his fingers and popped open all of the buttons down the front of her shirt. Flicking the shirt open, he licked his lips at the delicious swell of her breasts as her rapid breathing pushed them up over the top of her baby blue, lace edged balconette bra. He inhaled deeply again and paused with one finger hovering just at the front closure. His eyes scanned back to her face. Her cheeks were flushed and her eyes were locked on him. The scent pouring off of her wasn’t fear though. It was adrenaline…and desire.

He leaned in close and growled in her ear, “Hmmm. It seems that you are a naughty little piggy aren’t you? Does your fiancé know what an eager little slut you are?” He licked behind her ear and grinned at the way her breath caught in her throat. Reaching between them, he flicked the clasp of the bra and whisked it aside so that her creamy, soft breasts were exposed.

He was just about to taste them when she dropped to her knees. He looked down and saw her pleading eyes. “So, she is going to beg for mercy after,” ataköy escort all he thought. Before he could tell her that her pleas would not stop him, rather, they would likely arouse him more, she slid her hands up the length of his legs and began to unfasten his pants. Her eyes never left his as she slowly undid the buckle of his belt and then the button and zipper of his pants. The Wolf could feel his already hard cock stiffen as she reached in to release it from his shorts.

This was quite an unexpected and welcome surprise. He absolutely got off on the fear, but this had him more aroused than he’d been in a long time. She was holding the length of him in the palm of her hand. Licking her lips slightly, she tore her gaze away from the glistening drop at the tip of his shaft and looked up at him again.

“My what a big dick you have. All the better to feed me with I’d say. May I please put your cock in my mouth?” she asked quietly. The desire laden sweetness in her request sent a jolt through him.

He twisted her hair into his fist and answered, “What a good girl you are for asking so nicely. You may. But if I feel even a little scrape of your teeth, I’ll have you over my knee in a heartbeat and you’ll count every one of your spankings. Do you understand?”

She nodded. As she opened her mouth she let her tongue slide out slightly. Keeping his hand in her hair he guided her forward until she could almost reach her tongue out and lick the precum from the head of his shaft. Her frustrated moan atalar escort at not quite being able to reach it made him chuckle and he released her so that she could set her own pace.

Once freed from his grip she slid her hand further back to cup his heavy balls as she slowly ran her tongue up the sensitive slit catching the sweet drop on the edge of her lip. Her eyes never left his as she licked it off.

The Wolf let his head fall back and enjoyed the sensation. He wasn’t often caught off guard and this little lady certainly wasn’t what he’d been expecting at all. Not that he was complaining – quite the opposite. She was slowly taking him all the way into her mouth. Taking her time to allow her throat to adjust so she could get the whole length of him in. The whole while, massaging and pulling on his testicles like they were a cherished toy.

Once she had adjusted to his size she set herself to her task like a woman on a mission. The Wolf couldn’t think of a time where he’d had someone suck his cock with such skill or enthusiasm. She expertly used her tongue and hands while building the pace and keeping just the right suction and pressure going. The Wolf felt his climax coming quickly and roared as he unloaded down her throat. He had been expecting her to pull away as he came, but instead she pressed her nose all the way to his abdomen as she pushed him deeper into her throat. She moaned as she swallowed every drop.

After the last pulsing throb stopped, she slowly pulled back and released his cock from her mouth. She licked her lips and smiled up at him.

The Wolf reached down and pulled her up to her feet by the back of her hair. “You are a very good girl. I think I won’t eat you all up… this time.” He said then bit her lightly on the neck and turned and walked out of her cottage.


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