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Sally, Summer of Sex Ch. 01

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Sally Czarwitz, pronounced like “chair witch”, a name that brought her unwanted nicknames, was tall with a body the shape of a wooden plank. Her long, thin face and matching long, thin, hooked nose encouraged the comments based on her name. When she attempted to do something with her long thin, mousy brown hair it refused to stay where she put it, preferring instead to fly around her face and fluff out as if it were perpetually filled with static. At eighteen she had only a couple of spongy fried eggs where her tits should be. With no waist, no butt and almost anorexic arms and legs it seemed amazing that she was as sexually active as she was. Sally had learned a lesson: Looks might attract a guy but if you offer him sex he won’t care what you look like. “Thank God for my cunt,” she thought in front of the mirror, rubbing herself through her thick pubic hair.

Through elementary school her best friend had been Warren, her next door neighbor. At the beginning of middle school he had fallen for Sarah. Sarah was Sally’s physical opposite, short, cute, with perfect, slightly curled blond hair and a body that had started developing in grade school. She had large, fully developed breasts, a slim waist and a killer figure when she started middle school. Sally had been jealous but then Warren had moved away and the two girls became good friends through middle school.

High school had been difficult for Sally. As a sophomore Sarah became a cheerleader and left Sally on her own. Sally had always been a good student and threw herself into her studies. She joined the math and chess clubs and discovered that there were a lot of guys who didn’t think they had a chance with any girls. She discovered that she could have any of them, especially if she offered herself sexually. And she enjoyed the sex, a lot.

Her reputation was helped by devoting some of her intellect to reading about sexual pleasure, how to please the guys and how to be sure she was properly pleased herself. She instructed every one of her guys, as she thought of them, in the proper techniques and was sure to praise them for their sexual ability no matter how poor it might be.

By the time she graduated from high school her stable of guys was not just the socially inept but also included some of the more popular guys. She could call any of them and know they would come to satisfy her urge and keep her vagina lubricated. Sometimes guys called her and she was always happy to go out with them and exercise their penis.

She kept up her studies and was accepted at Stanford. After the graduation ceremonies she wandered around the football field where the ceremony had been held talking with the guys she was active with. Some asked directly or hinted about a “last hook-up” before she was off to Stanford. She was non-committal but encouraged them to call.

It was depressing to think that she wouldn’t be able to rely on them to keep her sexually fulfilled. She would have to start all over again at Stanford. She felt her tiny breasts under her gown and wondered what it would take to attract guys in college. She had the impression all the women would be sexually promiscuous and knowledgeable. Why would any guy be interested in her?


By chance Sally encountered Sarah as she was leaving a group of cheerleaders and looking for her parents. Sarah looked like Sally felt. “Hey, how’re you doing?” Sally asked her one time best güvenilir bahis friend.

“You know,” Sarah answered noncommittally. Then she added, “It’s kind of daunting isn’t it?”

“What’s that?”

“Not seeing these people anymore. Not being a cheerleader. Not knowing what to do with your life.”

“You must have some plans.”

“Not really. I guess I can go to Community College … I guess …”

“I’m off to Stanford,” Sally admitted. “It’s going to be a lot different.”

“Stanford huh?” Sarah’s eyes welled up. Running into Sally had started to lift her spirits. She still looked back fondly on the times and the guys they had shared together. Briefly the hope had entered her mind that here was a friend who might stay with her. “Stanford …” she repeated softly. “That’s a long way away.”

Sally was confused. She and Sarah hadn’t spent any time together since the middle of their sophomoreman year. They hadn’t broken up, just drifted apart. Sally had felt abandoned as Sarah entered into the school social whirl. Sarah had a different boyfriend every few months and her name seemed to appear everywhere on ballots for school office and as head of one social committee or another. Sally was almost surprised that Sarah still remembered her.

Sarah looked at Sally and realized something. “Sally, you’re my best friend.”

Sally was taken aback, “What?”

“You’re my best friend.”

“Sarah, you’ve hardly spoken to me for three years.”

Sarah was saddened by the response. “I know. I know.”

“And you have loads of friends.”

They stood in silence until Sarah spoke again, “They aren’t really friends. Not friends like you were. I just got caught up in my life here.” She paused before continuing to get her emotions under control. “I don’t think I’ll see them much any more.” Then she whispered, “a lot of the girls are angry at me for fucking their boyfriends.”

Sally realized that despite their physical differences she and Sarah were a lot alike in their sexual appetites. She smiled and with a light laugh told Sarah, “You and I would never get get jealous like that. We’d just share.”

Sarah smiled back, “Do you think we can share again?”

Friends Again

That brief chance encounter led to the two friends being united once again. They met at Sarah’s home to talk and make plans for the summer.

“We’re eighteen now, legal for all guys!” Sarah had said. “Let’s get ourselves some men!”

Sally wasn’t sure where or how to do that. She’d always met her guys at school.

“We could check out bars,” Sarah suggested.

“Don’t’ we have to be 21?” Sally replied.

“You only need to have an ID saying you’re 21,” Sarah told her, fishing around in her purse and pulling out a fake.

“I don’t have one,” Sally admitted.

Sarah was surprised. “You’ll definitely need one at Stanford! I can put you in touch with someone.”

Sally was reluctant and managed to put it off. “Can’t we do something else?”

“There’s the beach,” Sarah replied. “I always get attention there. Lot’s of guys hitting on me.”

“But look at you,” Sally said. “I don’t think I have the equipment.”

“Nonsense, you’re female!”

“I’m not sure it shows.”

Take off your clothes,” Sarah demanded.


“I want to see what we have to work with.”

“It’s pretty much the same as before,” Sally admitted. She hadn’t filled out at all since she was türkçe bahis a freshman.

“Let’s see anyway,” Sarah said. “There must be some change.”

Reluctantly, Sally undressed for her.

Sarah looked at the thin body exposed before her. She reached out and gently stroked the nipples on the egg-yolk breasts. They quickly rose at her touch, extending over half an inch and hard as a rock.

“Just like before,” she admired. “If you could get those to stay erect under a thin, tight top only a few guys would notice the smaller foundation.”

“You have to do something about this,” she said, running her fingers through Sally’s thick pubic hair. “That’s grown. You used to be almost bald.”

She thought a bit and then added, “I wonder if having the hair peeking out from a tight bottom would increase or decrease the interest,” she wondered alloud and then remembered something, “As I recall ….” She reached between Sally’s legs and felt her labia. “Yes, soft and big and fleshy. If you shaved you could get a nice cameltoe. That’d definitely get the guys.”


“Sure, everyone’s doing it.” Sarah boldly dropped her shorts to show her bald pussy lips.

“Isn’t that hard to do?” Sally asked reaching out to feel. “It’s not as smooth as it looks,” she said.

“It is hard to get it real smooth and the stubble is back in a day or two.”

“Don’t the guys complain, I think it would scratch their cocks.”

“Never had a complaint. They jump right at it, licking, sucking and sticking it in with only positive comments.”

Sarah had an idea, “I can shave you. You’ll see how easy it is.”

“I don’t know…”

“Come on, It’ll help get the guys, I’m sure.”


A little more persuasion and Sally found herself in Sarah’s tub. Most of her pubic hair had been trimmed with scissors and now shaving cream was spread over her genitals. Sarah knelt naked between Sally’s spread legs carefully wielding a razor. As Sarah stroked gently with the razor to avoid cuts, moving her fingers to hold one sexual part or another for ease in shaving, Sally felt sexual excitement rising in her. Meanwhile, as Sarah touched in places which had nothing to do with the shaving she felt her own sexual response.

Years ago the two girls had explored their sexuality with each other even to the point that Sally had wondered whether she might be a lesbian. The memories of their explorations were returning and by the time Sally was completely shaved they were both damp from more than the water in the tub.

As the water drained, Sarah reached out and squeezed Sally’s hardened nipples. Then she moved in and began sucking at one, her tongue rotating around it. Meanwhile she reached down and insert one, then two fingers into Sally’s vagina and began stroking in and out, with her thumb at Sally’s clit.

Sally moved her head back in pleasure and reached out both hands to cup and then massage Sarah’s amble breasts. She stroked Sarah’s nipples with her thumbs and moved one foot to press against Sarah’s crotch.

Shortly after the water had drained, Sarah pulled away, saying, “the bed’s more comfortable.”

They stepped out of the tub without another word. Sarah grabbed a towel and gently rubbed Sally dry. She took another towel and Sally silently took it from her and wiped Sarah dry. Holding each other around the waists they walked in silence to the bed and lay down, stroking each other’s güvenilir bahis siteleri bodies.

After a few minutes of unbelievably relaxing pleasure Sarah turned to the side, opened the nightstand drawer and drew out a flesh-like, anatomically correct 10 inch dildo and a slightly smaller lavender vibrator. “Which do you want?” she said, holding them up for Sally to see.

Sally didn’t hesitate. To be back with Sarah, pleasuring each other again with years of experience now available to her was the height of joy. She wanted to give Sarah as much pleasure as possible and quickly took the vibrator. “This will do perfectly.” She repositioned herself with her head at Sarah’s crotch and, spreading her legs, presented her own sexual organs to Sarah’s gaze.

Sally moistened her fingers by dipping them into Sarah’s damp vagina and began slowly and gently rubbing the hardened clit. Sarah began her ministrations by slowly kissing Sally’s thighs, allowing her cheeks to brush lightly against Sally’s swollen pussy lips.

Sarah sighed in pleasure and Sally once again dipped her fingers in the moist tunnel. This time she pushed inside for maximum wetness. Withdrawing her fingers she moistened the vibrator, turned it on and began moving it over Sarah’s clit and then an inch or so inside her vagina.

Sarah was now licking at Sally’s clit and Sally began rotating her hips to increase the sensation. Then she felt the dildo enter and quickly penetrate to its full length. She gasped from the unexpected suddenness. Sarah began stroking it rapidly, fully in and out while lapping intensely at Sally’s clit.Sarah liked fast, strong, firm, penetrating strokes and that’s what she was giving her friend.

But Sally liked it slow, at least she thought so, and had “trained” all her guys to take it slow. But Sarah’s vigorous use of the dildo quickly brought her to the edge of orgasm. Sally forgot about pleasing Sarah and in the throes of pleasure simply jammed the vibrator all the way into Sarah’s wet cunt holding it firmly in place as she rolled onto her back and thrust her hips into Sarah’s palm forcing the dildo to penetrate her even more.

Sarah became immersed in Sally’s passion, keeping her tongue at Sally’s clit and continuing the fast tempo. She didn’t let Sally’s writhing body shake her away. Instead, it increased her own passion. She barely noticed the vibrator humming away deep inside her until the combination of its stimulation and Sally’s passion sent a shock through her body. She gasped at the sudden sensation.

Sally’s passionate frenzy began to subside and she noticed her friend’s sudden muscular tightening. She quickly realized the significance and that she had not been attending to her duties. She began moving the vibrator inside Sarah’s throbing vagina, pulling it almost out and doing her best to place the tip on the G-spot inside. Meanwhile she used her thumb to gently massage Sarah’s clit.

Sarah responded! Her body reacted and she rotated her hips to increase the pleasure inducing pressures being administered at her crotch. “God, she knows what she’s doing,” Sarah thought.

As Sarah’s physical reactions wound down Sally removed the vibrator and finished by lapping the sour, salty fluid that dripped from Sarah. “Yum!” she exclaimed loudly, turning her body to face Sarah, wiping her chin with her finger and inserting it into Sarah’s mouth.

The two friends lay quietly, looking into each other’s eyes. Both thought of the pleasure each had received at the other’s hands. Both gently stroked the other’s skin, softened by the sexual excitement they had experienced. “Friends forever,” they each thought with a smile.

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Pisces’ Imagination

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– Previously –

“Raymond,” dad’s tone changing and using my full name warn me of the seriousness of the words that were about to follow. Mom’s cancer, mom moving to hospice, the drive home after mom died, ‘the talk,’ and his dating Rose all started the same way.

“You’re old enough to understand that some people live different lifestyles,” dad stammered to explain, “Some are very faithful to their religion; others prefer to follow a different path. Where most relationships are between a man and woman exclusively, others could be between two men, two women, or perhaps more.”

“I’m not gay,” I chided defensively, “If that’s what you’re asking… and I know several people who are who would be offended by the assumptions you’re making.”

“No,” he replied, dropping his head, “That’s not what I’m asking or saying.”

Looking back up at me as he said, “And if you are, that’s ok. Being gay is not a lifestyle choice… I mean, it is for some, but it’s more biology than anything else.”

“Are you trying to tell me you’re gay… or bi?” I asked.

Dad shook his head, looked down, and growled, “That’s not what I wanted to talk to you about… why do you have to make this kind of stuff so difficult.”

“I’m not trying to be difficult,” I replied, hoping to sound as diplomatic as possible, “But you do understand, the only time you want to talk to me… in your office is when I’m in trouble, or you have bad news to tell me.”

He looked up, his eyes had softened, and he nodded as he said, “You’re right… I guess I didn’t realize that… I’m sorry… but… it’s not bad news… I think… sorry, this is not easy for me… so… give me a second… ok?”

I nodded, wondering if he somehow knew what Laila and I had been doing all weekend, looking around their bedroom in my mind, trying to find a hidden camera of some kind, then expanding my mental search to every other room in the house.

“Rose and I spent the weekend with her family,” he started to explain, “They live a very different lifestyle than most.”

“How so?” I asked.

“Well,” he hesitated, “For one… they are nudists, and… they express their love for each other in non-traditional ways.”

“That explains Rose’s tan,” I offered as a verbal compromise, “What do you mean non-traditional ways?”

Dad responded to my comment and not my question, “She wanted to change her hair color, and I suggested she go back to her natural color… the same color she had when I met her and her mother.”

“You said you and she and mom were close when you were younger,” I presented as a peace offering, not backtracking to the question he avoided answering.

Dad looked down at the ground again, muttering to himself before looking up, declaring, “Ray,” his words trying to escape before exploding from his chest like an old steam whistle venting an engine on the edge of rupture, “Your mother is my first cousin. And Rose is your mother’s daughter from another man… your mother’s father… Rose is your half-sister and your mother’s half-sister… and her daughter.”

Looking up at me, his eyes tense and serious as he detailed, “Laila is your half-sister too… she is mine… my daughter… with Rose… which also makes her your niece… and your aunt… fuck it gets more complicated the more I think about it.”

– Backstory –

Ok, well, if that doesn’t provide a frame of reference, try this; until that moment, I knew Laila as my step-sister, the daughter of my dad’s second wife, Rose. While dad and Rose were dating, I got bits and pieces of their history from dad whenever he tried to sell me on how wonderful Rose was; but obviously, he didn’t tell me everything.

Back then, he implied Rose was a close friend of my mother’s, not her daughter, from her father, and he never even implied Laila was his daughter with my mother’s daughter/sister.

I met Laila the night dad had gone out of his way to make the house (and me) extra presentable under the guise of a quiet dinner with Rose, where he proposed to my mother’s sister/daughter. Rose accepted as Laila, and I both watched in shocked disbelieve… not knowing our, or their, familial relationships at that point.

The last week of March, I obtained a love potion called Aries’ Horn that would allow me to have sex with Laila whenever I wanted, as often as I wanted, without her knowing I was there. The talisman was not real. It was an elaborate scheme created by Laila to show me she loved me; the only way she knew how.

Not long before dad and Rose returned from their weekend with relatives (an event with new and perverse imagery associated with it), Laila told me her deepest, darkest secret. Her previous boyfriend belonged to a sexually abusive fraternity, and he pulled her into his world, where they broke her will and brainwashed her into being their free-use sex slave.

What they did to her might be why Laila was so willing and eager to spend the past two days having a two-person orgy with me. They had brainwashed her into bahis firmaları believing letting her lovers have free access to her sex was how she was supposed to feel loved.

I think it surprised both of us to find out I have the same sexual endurance of an entire sex cult and having such undocumented super-powers; I unknowingly broke Laila’s will again and discovered just how much I loved her at the same time. Frankly, I didn’t know I had it in me; I mean, most of it was her always wanting more from me. I was just trying to keep up, and what we did to (and for) each other that weekend may have broken me as much as it broke her.

She willingly agreed to be my sexual submissive and insisted I use her sex whenever I felt like it, or more specifically, when I wanted to remind her that I loved her. After being more than sexually intimate with her all weekend and after she explained what made her become a love-confused nympho, I found myself wanting to make myself better and help Laila be a better version of herself.

After she detailed her trauma to me, then fell asleep next to me on the sofa, my mind had been seeking out an appropriate penance for my intended crimes against her. My spine shivered when I realized I had not committed any crimes against her she did not invite me to commit. Instead, it would be an even greater crime if I did not spend the rest of my life trying to help the woman I loved… a future where if I succeeded in helping her grow into the woman she could be, she might no longer need me as her best friend and lover.

– Three Weeks Later –

It’s been three weeks since my half-sister, step-sister, aunt, and I became lovers. And the same three weeks since my dad entrusted me with the bombshell revelation of our true familial relations.

If you don’t mind, I’m going to keep this simple and just refer to Laila as my sister or my lover, even though she means far more to me than those monikers convey.

Anyway, according to the Internet, the Moon moves into Pisces today, and that’s supposed to mean something. Ever since I researched the aphrodisiac Aries’ Horn, astrological references litter my news feeds. Today is supposed to be a day to be sensitive and insightful of my surroundings. I may experience insecurity and feel passive as I wait and see what happens in my life. If I engage in a creative or spiritual search, I’m supposed to benefit from Pisces’ imagination. And, according to another site excerpt, when the Moon’s in Pisces, it’s all about ‘fantasy.’ I should feel particularly creative, dreamy, and maybe a bit out of touch with the world.

Well, most, if not all of that was right, only about three weeks late. After dad read me into our family’s secrets, he made me swear to keep them from Laila. What he shared lacked the details I wanted, passing on a little more to me than what he had blurted out. Since he first shared his secret, he’s repeated the story differently, each revision offering a little more information.

Mom and dad met at a family orgy. The same orgy where he met a just turned eighteen years old Rose. Apparently, due to our family’s inbreeding, half the family members are sterile, and the other half can reproduce just by looking at each other; at least, that’s what dad told me. Dad, mom, and Rose won the family breeding lottery, conceiving both Laila and me over three days of non-stop sex with each other and other members of our extended family.

I specifically asked if I had any other half or full siblings out there, and I believed him when he said he didn’t know for sure. No one had contacted him, suggesting he was the father of their child, and he was pretty confident mom didn’t have any children other than Rose and me. He had a large family of full and half-siblings and, like my mom, a collection of first, second, and third cousins.

All of his stories reaffirmed that Rose told him Laila was her only child.

Dad also told me Rose and her mother/sister had some personal conflicts, which he was not privy to, which Rose used as her excuse to leave after mom and dad announced their engagement. Rose moved away, staying with and raising Laila with some other family cluster, not knowing she was pregnant when she left, let alone via her mother’s/sister’s soon-to-be husband.

When mom’s cancer manifested, dad found and contacted Rose. The last few months of mom’s life brought mom, Rose, and dad closer together, and one of the bone marrow tests we all took proved my dad was Laila’s father, therefore my half-sister… and aunt.

Anyway, dad swore me to secrecy, at least from Laila, and ever since, I’ve been walking on eggshells… no, that’s not an apt description… I’ve been walking a fine line between purgatory and hell. One foot always on fire, the other unable to find solid ground to stand on.

Think about it; I can’t tell my dad and Rose that Laila and I are fucking like rabbits (more like wild Bonobos) any and every chance we get. I also can’t tell my lover that we shared the same father kaçak iddaa or that her mother and I share the same mother. Therefore, Laila is my step-sister, half-sister, niece, and aunt, while Rose is my half-sister, aunt, and step-mother.

Dad was right; this just gets more complicated the more I think about it.

That astrological stuff was right too, just late, as I have become just as intimate with insecurity; as I have with Laila. Everything I’ve done for the past three weeks feels passive, silent, always making sure I’m unseen or keeping as low a profile as possible while I nervously wait and see what happens. Even in my classes, I try to hide from everyone and hope to blend in, constantly worried they might discover the secrets I keep.

Dad and I have grown closer since dad told me of our family’s in-breeding history. When we’re alone or Laila’s attending one of her classes, the two of us joke about how our family tree is more like a bush. He’s told me about some of our relatives, but I can never keep them straight because it seems like he keeps telling me the same stories, with different names. He’s also got repressed anger issues about our family’s secret incest legacy. I can tell he feels like he’s stuck with a family he doesn’t like and only interacts with them for Rose’s sake.

Yet, when the topic changes to Rose or Laila, he talks with such pride and reverence about them; it’s clear he loves them both as much as he loves me.

What’s not fair and only adds to my stress is that I can’t tell him about Laila’s need for me to be sexually affectionate (borderline abusive) and incredibly intimate with her. A shared secret she finds thrilling and one I fear every time we’re together. It’s hard to be a loving coupling when I spend so much time and effort keeping our shared sexual affections secret from our parents.

Dad gets to share his life experiences with both Rose and me. Not the same things, but since he told me of our family’s legacy, he now has two different people to work out his emotional conflicts, verbalize his thoughts and release some pent-up stress.

Laila confided in her friend from the real estate office, Joann, and they talk all the time… mostly about me and the perverse things I do to my sister sexually or the things she wants me to do to her. Something in the back of my mind wonders if Laila is trying to convince Joann to trick or trap her brother into becoming her lover too, which adds to the burdens I’ve been carrying around for three weeks.

I don’t have anyone to talk to about the mess I’m in… except for you. Thank you for taking the time to let me vent… to express my thoughts, feelings, and perceptions in the only way I can.

And, please don’t get me wrong, I love Laila more than I love myself, and the fact that she’s my slut… my nympho is perhaps the most amazing part of our relationship. I’m guaranteed all the sex and sexual release I want whenever I want… somewhat guilt-free. But, just because our relationship is seventy-five percent sex does not mean I don’t love my sister more than anyone or anything in the world. I enjoy spending time with her, playing video games, watching a movie, binge-watching TV shows, going shopping, or just sitting across from her at the dinner table where I can admire her beauty and share in her successes.

Successes I like to think I have a small part in fostering. That first weekend, the second day she became my submissive sex toy, I fucked her while Laila wrote a paper for one of her classes.

I told her it was good, and I was right. The TA read it, passed it on to the professor who called Laila, didn’t email her; the professor called Laila during dinner later that week and asked if Laila would let them keep it and used it as an example of the quality of work they expected from their students. Describing Laila’s paper as one of the best they had ever read.

– Changes –

Related to that success, we have added a new routine to our secret lives. I fuck my sister or dine on her pussy when she’s doing her homework, and she sucks me off when I’m doing mine, or I fuck her from behind with my study materials on her back. Our secret sibling sex is stressful beyond belief, but I enjoy slowly working my cock in and out of my sister’s cunt or ass, too much to worry about it sometimes. Casually and comfortably sodomizing my sister while she’s studying, assuming dad and Rose are watching TV in the family room or perhaps doing the same thing their children are in their bedroom.

I looked down at my sister’s upturned skirt; her tanned butt cheeks spread open my by fingers and thumb, watching my cock push, pull, tug and stretch her anal ring while her fingers blurred across her computer’s keyboard. She had complied with my directive three weeks ago, always wearing skirts, except when wearing a bikini or nothing at all. She continued to signal her anal sex readiness with an inserted butt-plug, letting me know she had prepared herself for the kind of sexual penetration she preferred.

The kaçak bahis pantyless rule proved impractical as her pussy was constantly drooling around me, or my cum was leaking out of her cunt. And, instead of undressing for me, which she did quite often when she came home, my sister would usually enter my room from her side of the Jack and Jill bathroom, lift her skirt, and removed her panties before gifting them to me. Followed by her going down on me or simply freeing my cock and impaling herself on my almost always ridged cock as I sniffed her panties or caressed what naked skin was accessible.

That was something else that had changed. I was always horny; I mean, I have been since puberty, but since Laila and I became lovers, it seemed like the moment my penis smelled her approaching, or I took a long sniff from her gifted panties, my cock was up and ready to feel her engulfing it.

And she had done as she promised, training my body through persistence and perseverance to the point where, when the conditions were right, she could get me to cum for her five times in fifteen minutes.

“Millennium is spelled wrong,” I said, glancing up at her screen.

“No, it’s not,” her butt-clenching a little as she stopped to confirm my discovery.

“It is,” I confirmed, “The spell checker has a bug. I’ve seen it before. There are two Ls and two Ns.”

“Are you sure?” she teased, wiggling her ass around my penis inside her rectum.

“I am,” I replied, thrusting a little harder until I suggested, “change it to one L and one N, and I bet it flags it.

She did, and it did, then it corrected to the spelling I suggested.

“Thanks,” she offered to resume her work as she suggested, “I knew this was going to take a while, so I used two enemas… you can switch off if you want… I know you like my pussy more than my ass.”

“I will love you any way you want me to,” I replied, “and thank you,” I added, pulling out, checking my cock was clean, before sliding it into her always hot, slippery, and silky pussy.

“Don’t cum yet,” she directed, “I need another ten to fifteen minutes; then I gotta go.”

“Cum first, then go,” I joked, “Got it… and fair warning,” I added, “It’s going to be a lot… my balls haven’t felt this heavy since you drained them this morning.”

“Put it all in my pussy,” she replied casually, “I want to feel you dripping out of me all day until you can fill me up again when I get home.”

A creak from the hallway made me twitch, the fear of discovery making both of us pause like two timid mice, mentally preparing to bolt if the doorknob rattled or twisted. After a tense moment, we both resumed, Laila, working on her paper, and me working my cock deeper and deeper into her cunt with long slow, purposeful penetrations followed by equally enjoyable retreats.

I hate having to sneak caresses and tender affections behind our parent’s back or while around the few friends we shared. I also hate having to lie to Laila about what I know that she doesn’t. And my new greatest fear added to my existing fears; how she might react when she finds out and what might happen afterward is constantly tickling and taunting the sleeping horrors in the back of my mind.

I guess that all means I’m sensitive and perceptive of my surroundings… and I am a bit out of touch with the world… after all, Laila has become my world. Maybe that astrology stuff is right; I could use spiritual guidance to find balance and harmony between my fantasy world loving my sister and the domestic façade I have to keep up around Rose and dad.

I also have a newfound respect and understanding for my dad, something I was not expecting. Walking a tightrope between two secret lives has granted me an insight into the life he’s lived, dealing with, and adapting to the ramifications of his actions and all the baggage those secrets bring with them.

I enjoy fucking my sister. I enjoy cumming in my sister, but I also enjoy moments like this when my penis can slide in and out of her cunt, then switching off to her ass, and it embracing and massaging my erection in ways her cunt couldn’t. It’s like all of my nerve endings meet or start inside my penis, and everything it feels inside her, I feel it all over my body. Almost as if I had crawled inside her. Engulfed by her heart and soul, and not just a few inches of blood-engorged flesh inserted into her silky sheath.

She closed her laptop when she finished, and in what had become our norm, I withdrew from her ass and inserted my cock into her cunt, then I took my time worming Capricorn, her glass butt plug, into her eager browneye.

She braced herself with both hands on her desk after laying an oversized iridescent stuffed fish she kept near her desk for just these occasions. A youthful prize Laila almost donated until we discovered its sound-absorbing properties trying to keep our secret from dad and Rose.

Laila pressed her face into the foam-filled scream swallower to prepare for what we were about to share. I resumed fucking her cunt, my penis having learned where and how to stimulate her secret button at least two weeks ago. My finger then circled the outer edge of Capricorn, making it sing into her ass.

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Bald Pussy

The party goers failed to see the irony of the situation and he wasn’t about to comment on it either. He, Pim Jansen, was attending a silver wedding anniversary of Marion and Frank Wouters, his wife’s parents; an event that many in the room might get to wondering about; whether they would also reach that milestone in life; the celebration of two people living through good and bad times and choosing to celebrate the fact with family and friends. The same might yet be said of him; hope and reality were only too interchangeable mindsets; just as fidelity and fecklessness.

Dinner had been an extended feast; the drink and hospitality abundant; the celebrations already leaving some of those attending the worse for wear, or their inhibitions lessened when the music began. Many were thankful that they had reserved a bedroom suite, here in the luxuriously appointed and favoured hotel. All this before the dancing had started and inhibitions seemingly cast aside, by both young and old; by close family members and those who were looked on as choice friends and relations.

‘Pim?’ he heard Marion say, to claim his full attention upon her, and on a gentle touch to his jacket sleeve. ‘I’ve got a favour to ask…’

He met her wondering look upon him. The auburn haired woman looked beguiling; clothed in an emerald green halter-necked gown that flattered her figure; showed off the soft golden tan to her skin and the captivating dusting of freckles upon its silken smoothness. Pendant earrings swayed; were to be seen to contrast with the luxuriance of her regally tied back, and plaited, hair, and lent her face a singular attractiveness.

‘Anything…you can ask me anything,’ he was prompted to reply and meaning it. ‘Tonight’s going to be special…’

‘That is my intention too.’ Marion smiled fondly at him. ‘Frank’s sipped more than he should, and so he can’t help me. My feet ache and I need to get home to quickly change my shoes before coming back here and to dance the night away…’ Marion’s look sought to persuade him. ‘I…I wondered if you’d do that for me?’

Pim nodded. Marion would already know the answer for they were close; had drawn closer over the three years of his marriage to her daughter, Irene; she who could be flirty at functions such as this and had already taken up with others on the dance floor. There, she had left everyone amazed at her vitality and sureness of steps. Yes, he was married to an amazing woman; and, disconcertingly, her mother charmed him too; laid claim to his wondering attention also. Marion had studiously kept her looks and, discreetly, knew that this played a part in his ways with her.

Marion saw him glance Irene’s way. ‘She’s otherwise engaged,’ she murmured on squeezing his arm to draw his gaze back to her.

‘I can see that,’ he replied curtly, ‘so I’ll not be missed…but I’ll have a word anyway, and then we can go. My car’s near the hotel entrance.’

‘Good. The night’s warm…put the roof down…so we can enjoy the drive.’

She watched the young man as he walked certainly through the throng on the dance floor, and then as he talked to Irene. It was an only too brief exchange; a moment’s look of annoyance crossing her daughter’s face. It was evident that he had intruded upon her dancing. She was soon engaged in conversation, by her chosen dance partner, once more. It appeared to have been an only to abrupt dismissal of him and Marion noted the angry set of his lips, for but a moment, before Pim turned away.

Once again, Marion found his look upon her only too captivating, his irritation quickly dispelled. The prospect of being with her had obviously had an effect upon him. What she had chosen to wear for the evening dispelling the more restrained, unobtrusively attractive, woman she dared to think herself to be.

She felt uncommonly pleased to discover that it was so as Pim drew close. ‘Is it settled between you?’

‘Yes, as far as it ever is. Now, come on,’ Pim laughed wonderfully. They left the noise of the function room and found themselves in the comparative stillness of the marble floored passageway and the hotel’s foyer. There, heavy, marble topped tables supported on ornate gilded bases filled the echoing space. They caught a glimpse of their reflection in the mirror, as they walked to the revolving doors of the exit. ‘Everyone’s having fun…so, we won’t be missed.’

‘My thoughts exactly…’ she answered on a wondering gaze; soon threading an arm through his as they strolled out into the evening air and to his car. ‘I didn’t want to ask anyone else…’ Impulsively, Marion brushed the fingers of one hand to his face as Pim unlocked the passenger-side illegal bahis door and opened it for her. The BMW Series 3 coupé gleamed under the lights above them. ‘Irene…Irene tells me how it is between you sometimes.’

Marion met a moment’s overt and admiring glance upon her as she settled into the seat. There was so much in modern life for younger people, and recently wed couples, to deal with and yet here she was claiming his attention.

Pim gave a disbelieving laugh; that she should comment on it and to him. Someone else lived under that carefully tended skin that was the woman beside him now.

‘Tonight has set me thinking. I’ve been wondering how it can go for two people over so many years,’ he admitted on glancing her way, mildly disconcerted by her forwardness. ‘Everyone back there must be doing the same…so many years with one person to love.’

‘It’s not always easy. You’ll find that out…’

‘Not too soon, I hope. But, you’ve seen how Irene can be…’

‘Yes, and you can always talk to me…if it gets to be a problem.’

He had spoken out. Now, Pim wondered on that remark; thought it might be the effects of the drink that had been served over dinner, of which there seemed to be an inexhaustible supply. He slid soundlessly onto the leather driver’s seat and closed the door; he soon pressed the button that would release the locking mechanism of the roof. It now hummed as it lifted off its fixing points, rose away and slowly folded up behind them.

‘The stars look down on you…and Frank,’ Pim offered, smiling at her, before looking up at the cloudless, starlit sky.

‘Perhaps…but there’s more to be found.’ Marion touched his hand as the engine was started and Pim sought the gear needed to move off. ‘You’re…you’re in my thoughts, Pim. Have you ever realised that?’

He darted a glance her way. She had given voice to what he had sensed had become a discreet, wondering, interest in him and Irene; in what might play out between them. Pim accelerated as she overtly stroked his thigh; then brazenly pressed fingers to the hardening swell in his pants. The sight of her in that dress, how she flirted with him, as he drove Marion to her home, had set his pulse racing. How she looked; what she said; what she now did in her touches could so easily devastate any remaining control. Until now, neither of them had shown, or given voice, to an interest in the other and that defied all propriety and reason.

‘Jeez, Marion…this is crazy…what we’re doing!’ Could she really be after an impetuous fuck? Flirting was one thing; a compliment bestowed, even. But, for them to go so much further?

‘Yes, it’s crazy but necessary, for both of us…I think? I have eyes…and I’ve seen how it can go between the two of you, and…tonight, I’ve seen a different look from you on me.’

It was true, what she had told him. An unspoken attraction to her could become so much more. ‘I’m sorry to have made it so obvious…’

‘Don’t be that…sorry. I’m flattered, though I shouldn’t say that…or give you any encouragement, but…to tell you something…things are not all they seem for me either, with Frank.’

She felt his arousal; knew that he would not resist her in the claims she persisted in making on him so brazenly; secretively. Irene had spoken of her man and his ardent loving ways. Frank was somewhat older than she was; her forty seventh birth day had only just passed. She was often dismayed at having to work at reigniting the passion between them; all that she had once felt for him and the rush of spontaneity; what they had so often succumbed to given full expression to…they were becoming a thing of the past. Relationships evolved but she was not ready to forego moments of genuine passion; to live for the moment. She had been dismayed at the realisation that being with Pim would make it so.

Marion felt the lightest of touches to her hand…to keep it on him.

They now drove the short distance in silence, to the edge of the settlement; the once isolated farmstead on the edge of the polder, inland and beyond Wassenaar; the thatched steading now turned into a luxurious home. It stood surrounded by poplar trees and its elevated position keeping the house safe from any risk, save the severest of flooding; but such an event was thought unlikely, now.

Pim slewed to a stop before the house and released his seatbelt; looked across and now saw how Marion’s seat belt shaped her. Impetuously, he lifted a hand to lightly brush the swell of her breasts; heard the sharp intake of Marion’s breaths as he did so.

‘I’ve thought of this…being with you…even…’ he admitted illegal bahis siteleri on a whisper.

‘Thought of me even when you’re doing it with Irene?’

He gave no answer to that, but followed Marion to the house; kept from embracing her and claiming Marion in the first of truly questing caresses. Frank had already been too far gone to be helping her; and Irene was engaged with some guy she’d taken to dancing with, and who seemed to be as skilled as she was. Interrupted, on the dance floor, she had given no meaningful answer to him on being told that he was driving Marion home to collect different evening shoes, or how long he’d be gone; nor for her to tell Frank if she got the chance…or was inclined to do so.

‘At last…and we’re alone together!’ Marion laughed on looking his way. She had kicked off her shoes and drawn close; reached up to touch his face and to be met by his hands on her waist to draw her into a deepening, gasping kiss; what they now sought crushing any remaining resolve not to concede; every kiss and caress a fevered preamble to all that would follow – a frenetic tryst. ‘Pim, darling,’ she murmured, looking down to where her hand again clamped his crotch. ‘You’re so strong…already…and now it’s for me!’

She would draw him into the maelstrom of conflicting emotions.

‘Where?’ he growled in response; his fingers brushing the swell of her breasts before he bent to press his lips to them; to tug gently on her hardening nipples. ‘I’ve loved the look of you…of them and the freckles on your skin…and now, how you look in that dress. Beautiful…graceful…elegant. That’s what I think of you…’

‘Show, don’t tell me,’ she teased on a coy smile, ‘do that, please?’ Marion drew him into the darkened living room, and to the couch, unfastening the clasp that held her halter neck dress as she did so. His hands were felt on her warm thighs as he drew up the skirt and she shivered; was enthralled by his touches to her. ‘You can now…and I want to love with you…to feel so differently from how it is with Frank…to have an orgasm…again…and again!’


‘I’m not drunk…far from it!’ She claimed him and sought kisses to her exposed body; she ached to share in these moments of uncommon heat and longing; pushed aside how destructive their tryst would be to an ordered life and to those closest to them.

Pim wondered if Frank no longer brought it to her; that, in Irene’s words spoken of a boyfriend before they had met and married, was a ‘useless prick!’

‘Marion…Marion!’ he whispered hotly as she gripped his hands. Pim stood before her; had fumbled to undo his belt and drop his trousers to the floor; to slow her claims upon him; as Marion looked up at him; succeeded in pulling his trembling length free of any restraint. ‘This is crazy…but wonderful!’

Marion had aroused in him a deepening hunger for the woman that she had become. He guided her attentions on him; gripped handfuls of her silken hair as Marion claimed him greedily; as he felt her tantalising touches, kisses and licks to his straining flesh. Her wantonness was beguiling.

She spoke certainly.

‘It’s me on you…then your tongue in me…before this in me…what you bring to Irene!’

‘Jeez…this is crazy!’ Pim looked down at her; squirmed as her mouth and lips caressed and sucked on him; her hands squeezed on his sac in a seducing rhythm that brought him to the point of no return.

‘No, not crazy…but necessary for me…if I’m to have you in my life all the time and when Irene is with you, here…or not. I’ll know what you bring to her.’

‘There’s no time for it all…Marion…Marion,’ he groaned slowing her in the claims being made upon him.

Pim pushed her down onto the carpet and knelt between Marion’s parted legs; tugged away at her thong and then bent to dip his tongue tip to her; to suck and kiss; to probe and tease. He moved to her breasts; gripped them hard and kissed their straining tips.

Marion moaned, ‘Oh, that feels so good! Yes… suck them hard! I want you to suck them really hard!’

‘There’s more to taste…’

Pim pushed up her legs and bent down to Marion’s pink folds, now unashamedly exposed to his gaze and touch; licked up and down; pricked his tongue into her until she gripped his hair to slow his progress. She cried out to him, then shouted.

‘Oh fuck…sorry! Oh fuck…I’m going to come…going lose it! Keep it going, Pim…keep doing it!’ She then gave an ear piercing scream; gripped his head tightly, against her wet crack, until she had finished trembling; knew the rush of pleasure that he had brought to her canlı bahis siteleri so expertly.

‘I need that too!’

She nodded furiously; claimed him feverishly. ‘Go on…bring me on…again!’

His dick was painfully hard; hard as iron; Pim just grabbed onto her and they writhed on the rug. She tried to play coy, closing her legs as if she didn’t want him to fully claim her; but as soon as he sucked the beautiful, freckled swell of her breasts again; sucked and tugged gently on her pert, hard nipples; fingered and teased her once more, Marion conceded; allowed him to enter; to claim her; to sinuously probe and thrust, without restraint, into her; for Marion to really know of him and to be gripped deep inside her body.

Holding her arms behind her head, Pim pinned her down; kept Marion his prisoner as he claimed this woman’s wonderful body; did so with measured, forceful strokes; the pace, that they soon set, energetic and unrelenting.

‘Sorry…there’s so little time!’ he groaned in his efforts to release them from the rush of pleasure, and aberrant longing; from all that they had aroused, in each other, and so quickly.

‘I know…we just do it…we finish it!’ S

he arched her back, thrusting her swaying breasts up towards him, as he pounded her body; as their hips moved in a rousing rhythm; as they stifled their cries in the rush of kisses that were hotly exchanged.

She then met his hooded look and nodded; tightly embraced his bucking hips with her legs and her arms about his neck to claim him. The hot rushes of his breath revealed all that she knew had been aroused in him so quickly; that she had sought to finally discover from him, and with him.

Their words and actions had dispelled any remaining control or restraint.

She heard him groan; that he could hold back no longer.

‘Fill me! Yes…fill me!’ Marion cried out as Pim lost it all in her; his hot breaths on her skin; to her breasts; her face, as she met his last powerful, purposeful and sublimely pleasurable strokes; as she felt the tingling rushes fill her; the response of her body to what he brought; how she shuddered in fulfilment; the slowing of his movements until Pim slumped into her arms and they lay still; luxuriated in the heat of their tryst.

‘You wonder…you wonder…what you’ve brought to me,’ he murmured on soft kisses to her skin; felt her touches of avowal..

Marion clung to him for a moment longer.

‘By appointment next time, please? This is too perilous for me…and you…but we need it, don’t we?’ She stroked his hair and fevered skin; met his appraising look upon her; shivered as his kisses to her breasts and throat claimed her once more.

Pim felt so aroused by all that he had seen of her and had shared in; the feel of her wonderfully fleshy breasts and firm body, against his skin, that he chose not to argue. What he now felt was quite distinct; mother and daughter would have a place in his life like no other. What he now felt might turn to shame; the act between them never to be repeated; but he doubted that. Instances of sensing Marion’s eyes upon him had been known of, and met, before this night.

They had now moved on; interest and wondering had been consummated. Wanton behaviour might soon give way to something quite different between them.

Marion heard her ardent lover sigh as Pim eased away from her. ‘Don’t say or think of it…where we go from here…not yet, please?’


They had washed and dressed hurriedly; Marion not forgetting to get her favoured choice of shoes. She now clutched his hand as Pim drove them back to the party, and whenever it rested on the gear lever between them.

‘I’ll have to do it differently from now on,’ he replied as they entered the hotel’s car park. The roof closed silently as they slowed to a stop.

‘Mother and daughter have their different ways…you mean?’

‘Yes, each is wonderful but dangerous…’

‘Perilous even. We’ll need to take care next time…with you accidents can yet happen, Pim, darling.’

They danced and laughed; drank some more and shared the remains of the evening with Frank and Irene; with friends and family. They had not been missed, it seemed.

‘It’s an anniversary for me to remember,’ Marion whispered in Pim’s ear as they shared in one of the last dances of the night. She could grow to love this dark haired man with his slender high cheeked face; Pim’s stilled look, of his brown eyes upon her, a sign of what was at work in him when they were together like this. ‘Irene will have to deal with what I can feel from you…even now.’

‘If only she could, Marion.’ Pim silenced her reply by taking this vibrant woman in a swirling dance over the still crowded dancefloor. Her grip on his hand, and the fistful of shirt that she took, showed him otherwise. ‘This, what I’ve found with you, is different. Yes, perilous but different.’

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What Did I Lose Ch. 01

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


My name is Alex Joy and I can’t believe this is my story.

Tina was my first college girlfriend. She was my first serious girlfriend too. My friends had all lost their virginity in high school but for me it just didn’t happen. It wasn’t like I didn’t try, it’s just that the girls I wanted didn’t want me and the ones that wanted me I just wasn’t into. My best friend Danny told me to just go ahead and do it but I couldn’t bring myself to lie to a girl for sex when I wasn’t into her.

I left for college a virgin, technically. Over the summer I got a blow job from Danny’s older sister and I’d kissed girls and done hand stuff but it seemed like every guy at college was more experienced than me.

Besides experience I just didn’t look like the kind of guy woman want to fuck. I was skinny, no muscle on me at all, my face was more pretty than handsome. I couldn’t grow a Mustache at of any kind let alone a beard, and even at a large state college I couldn’t catch a break. I thought I would never get laid, but then I met Tina.

I met her at church. Yes I was so desperate to get laid I started going to church. I figured it was the only place that being a virgin might work in my favor and I guess I was right. Not only was Tina beautiful she was also really horny. We met at Bible study and she got naked in my dorm room the same night. She wouldn’t let me fuck her until we got married, but she was willing to do a lot until then. Almost every night she stayed with me and almost every night she gave me a hand job. I learned how to finger her pussy in a way she liked and got pretty good at eating pussy. Still I wanted to fuck her but it was off the table. We had talked about maybe letting me fuck her ass but when we tried it hurt her too much.

Overall I was pretty happy and after 6 months we were getting pretty serious and I started to believe maybe we would get married some day. Things were about to get more serious when she invited me to spend Christmas with her and her father.

I was a little nervous, Tina described her father as way more religious than her(and that was saying something) I was worried my entire Christmas would be spent at church, and I wouldn’t even be able to get a hand job. I was relieved to hear that we would spend break in a hotel connected to the biggest indoor water park in the country. One hitch was we all had to stay in the same hotel room. Tina said her dad tried to get another room for me but the entire hotel was booked for the holiday.

When I met her dad it wasn’t as bad as I thought. He was a big man, muscular, there didn’t seem to be any fat on him at all (this was confirmed when I saw him in a swimsuit) When we met he was friendly and shook my hand. “Good to meet you Alex. Tina tells me you’re a nice boy.” His grip was like iron and he almost crushed my hand but his smile was warm and friendly and soon I felt like part of the family.

I still wouldn’t be able to fool around with Tina but her dad was fun, and Tina came out of the bathroom in her bikini I was really glad I decided to join them. Her body was perfect and the black sleek bahis firmaları material complemented it perfectly. It wasn’t a thong but it it showed a lot of her ass. Cheeky is how they described the style in my Victoria’s Secret catalog.

Mr. Smith looked impressive in his suit as well. His chest was hairy in that masculine way but not so hairy it was gross and his muscles looked like the were Chiseled from stone. He wore a pair of black shorts that seemed a little too tight. It showed off his ass which was as perfect as his daughters (I mean if you were into men)and the fabric didn’t hide much in the front either. His cock was clearly huge under there. If it was that big soft he must look like a porn star when it was hard. I felt a little insecure as I changed in front of him. My cock was average, well the smaller side of average, when it was hard. But soft it looked like a child’s cock.

I wore baggy swim trunks and felt a little out of place with Tina and her father. They looked like models and I looked like anything but, with my sunken hairless chest and skinny arms and legs. I didn’t feel bad for long though. Tina held my hand when we waited in line for the water slides and even kissed me once right in front of her dad. If he was uncomfortable with this he didn’t show it. Our first day was wonderful and by the end I was exhausted.

Mr Smith said he felt the same way and suggested we go back to the room and order room service. We took turns showing and wore the hotel robes. Tina looked sexy in her robe like she looked sexy in everything. She was a huge tease and flashed me her perfect breasts when her father went to answer the door when the food arrived. Tired as I was I was so horny. I was grateful that the robe covered my hard cock.

Mr. Smith had us join hands in prayer and he called on God to forgive our sins and punish the wicked. As he finished by thanking God for the food we were about to eat I was reminded how big and strong his hands were. His fingers were covered in rough calluses like a man who did manual labor for a living. My hand by comparison was soft and small, looking almost like a child’s hand in his. Then we feasted on hamburgers and French fries and finished with ice cream sundaes. I was stuffed and exhausted and even though it was early it was hard to keep my eyes open. Mr Smith suggested we go to bed early and I agreed. We could get a good nights sleep and have more fun in the morning.

Tina and her dad took the two beds in the room while I slept on a cot they had wheeled in. It wasn’t uncomfortable and the room was quiet and pitch black l. I couldn’t sleep even as tired as I was. I couldn’t stop thinking about Tina, her perfect breast, that beautiful ass. I wondered if I could sneak into the bathroom and jerk off.

I was just about to try when I heard someone stirring in one of the beds. A bolt of excitement went through me as I thought Tina might be feeling the same as me. But I could still hear her steady breathing, no, she was still sound asleep. It must be Mr Smith getting up to pee.

I could hear him untangling himself from the covers and take a few careful steps in my direction. His hand touched the foot of my cot. kaçak iddaa I figured he was just being careful not to trip over me but he didn’t stop. He felt around until he found my foot, then it moved slowly up my leg. I thought he was being awful careful, and maybe he didn’t know he was touching me. I was still under the cover. I pretended to be asleep until his hand grabbed my cock through the blankets! I inhaled sharply intending to protest. His other hand clapped over my mouth stifling my gasp.

He was incredibly strong, I thrashed in the cot unable to free myself from either of his grips. “Stop it!” He hissed in my ear and tightened his grip to make his point. I thought he would crush my jaw or rip my cock off and I froze! “You were thinking about Fucking my daughter Alex!” I tried to shake my head but I couldn’t move.

“Don’t lie to me Alex, you’d be Fucking her now if I wasn’t here! She’s a Christian girl Alex and I won’ let you defile her. Maybe I’m wrong, only God can see into your mind. I wouldn’t be a good father if I didn’t make sure every man who got near her was worthy.” He was almost on top of me now. As he said this he released his grip on my cock, sliding his hand under the covers only to grab it again. Why had I gone to bed in just the roan? I’d never been touched like this by another man. The calluses on his hands felt almost nice against the soft skin of my cock, even though nothing about this situation was nice. Slowly he move his other hand off my mouth and shushed my sigh with his index finger while the hand on my cock started to stoke me.

“I have to punish you Alex, I can’t have you thinking about my daughter that way.” His lips were touching my ear now and his hot breath sent shivers down my neck. “Maybe you’ve fucked her already! Is it true Alex? Have you fucked my little girl?” I shook my head frantically, afraid to speak. “No I suppose not, you’re too weak for that.” He said the last word with disgust. “But you want to fuck her don’t you? Your cock doesn’t lie.” I couldn’t deny this. “Or maybe your a pervert Alex. Maybe you like having your girlfriend’s father stoked your cock. Is that it? Were you hoping this would happen? Are you a dirty faggot Alex?”

I tried to deny it but his hand felt so good. I was breathing harder now and not just out of fear. His other hand was inside my robe now and when he pinched one of my nipples I came… hard. I bit my lip and grunted as my cum exploded under the covers. His cum covered hand released my cock. Maybe he’s done I thought, but I quickly realized it wasn’t so. I cringed as he wiped my cum from his hand on to my face.

“Why do you cringe Alex? Does your cum disgust you? But you were going to put this disgusting stuff inside my daughter? Why would you do that Alex? Lick it clean Alex! If it’s good enough for my daughter it’s good enough for your faggot mouth! Lick it clean!”

Feeling helpless I did as he told. I had tasted my cum before. It wasn’t disgusting. I licked off every drop and continued to run my tongue over his rough hand afraid to stop. Next he shoved his index finger in my mouth. Not knowing what to do I sucked on it and he moved it in and out of my mouth. A thought occurred kaçak bahis to me. Was he going to stick his cock in my mouth? My body shivered at the thought.

“I’m not done with you yet Alex.” He tossed my blankets aside and I laid there fully exposed, covered only by the darkness in the room. He turned me on side and the fingers still wet from my mouth started probing my ass. “No!” I gasped and tried to move away. He pinned me down his lips again touching my ear “Shut up faggot! Do you want Tina to see you like this? Maybe you want her to see the faggot you are.” My eyes teared up and I choked back a sob, but I stopped trying to get away and let him continue.

His finger was inside me now, I felt so helpless. Even worse my cock started getting hard again. “You must be a faggot Alex. Do you play with yourself down hear?” I managed to choke out a denial. “Are you sure Alex? Your ass is very welcoming to my fingers.” To make his point he inserted a second finger and my cock became fully hard again. Soon he was Fucking my ass with 3 fingers. I clamped my hands over my mouth to quiet the moans I couldn’t stop from escaping my throat and again I came, harder than before.

I don’t know how long I lay there, the tears kept coming. Then he lifted me like I weighed nothing and set me down on my stomach on his bed. My robe was completely off now and I lay there naked waiting for what I knew was coming next. I felt the heart radiating from him as he positioned himself over me and his weight came down on me crushing the air from my lungs. When I felt the head of his cock press against my ass I panicked. It was huge! Much bigger than his 3 fingers. There was no way it could fit inside me! But there was nothing I could do! Once again a hand covered my mouth. The musky smell meant it was the hand he had fucked my ass with. I tried to scream as he forced his cock inside my but I couldn’t get enough air in my lungs.

He started Fucking me, slowly at first. The pain consumed me but I stopped trying to fight it. Somehow my cock was getting hard again and I came a third time before he got to his full speed.

The rest of the night was a blur. My body must have slipped into shock. Again and again he fucked me, changing position every few minutes. When the first light of the morning came through the window I was on my back with my legs over his shoulders. My head hung over the side of the bed and I could see Tina still sound asleep. Could she sleep through anything? Mr Smith continued softly grunting over me until finally with a long moan he filled me with cum.

The next few minutes we cleaned up the evidence of what had happened. I was surprised how little I had bled throughout it all. Mr Smith brought me into the bathroom and climbed in the shower with me. He gently washed every inch of me. I stopped caring about being caught but Tina slept on.

An hour later Tina woke to find us dressed in fresh robes and sitting down to breakfast. “Sorry I slept so late” she said sweetly a and got up from the bed to hug and kiss me. “What’s wrong?” She ask seeing me wince in pain.

“His back is just a little sore from that cot” said Mr Smith before I could answer. Tina frowned “you poor thing, I’ll take a turn on on the cot tonight.”

“Nonsense ” said Mr Smith. “Alex is practically family, he can share this bed with me. We can’t have him cripple his back when we still have another week here.”

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Unblended Ch. 05

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This story is based on the setting created by icedragonmo3 in their story The Blending. It contains lots of characters of intersex gender with exaggerated proportions, oral sex, huge cumshots, cum swallowing, polyamorous relationships, group sex, and incestuous relationships (for real, this time).

As always, all persons participating in sexual activities or described in a sexual manner are at least 18 years of age. All characters, locations, and scenarios presented here are a work of fiction, and any resemblance to real-world people and places is coincidental.


The nearby clock read 5:45AM by the time I realized I wasn’t going back to sleep. I’d been awake for about 15 minutes, cuddled up next to Tanya. Apparently, she, too, ran table saws in her sleep, and it was a particularly loud unified snore from all three women in bed with me that woke me prematurely. I sat up on my elbow to look the girls over: Tanya was on her back with her arm around Tessa, who had shifted in the night and was now curled up against one of Tanya’s mammoth tits, while Michiko was spooned up behind Tessa, a hand cradling one of Tessa’s less mammoth but still substantial boobs. I was awestruck by these women, hopelessly smitten with them, and they looked adorable cuddled together.

They were also a little ripe, as was I. We’d neglected to clean up after last night’s incredible session of filling Tanya completely, and Tanya’s and my shared stroke session later in the night had added to the sticky mess. Granted, I’d used the restroom shortly after, but I definitely needed to wash up. I carefully eased out of the bed, thankfully not waking the girls, and padded to the bathroom. Jackie, Tanya’s mom, had kindly taken out towels and washcloths for us, and I grabbed a set and hung them on a towel rod.

The warm water felt great, and I stood under the spray with my eyes closed for a while. I squirted a little body wash from a nearby bottle (lime and sea salt-scented) and lathered up, cleaning the remnants of last night’s sex from my body. By the time I reached my dick, I was hard and ready for a little private stroking. I easily pictured the girls having their way with me, and the soapy cloth felt great against my skin.

I wasn’t far along when I felt a soft pair of breasts press into my back and a delicate hand wrap itself around my cock, matching my slow stroke rhythm. My hips thrust on their own, the sensation of a second hand striking deep in my core. Another hand took the washcloth from me and rubbed it against my ass, cleaning my rear carefully. I felt something poke me back there, and I placed my hands against the shower wall and leaned forward.

I looked back to see Michiko’s smiling face, her cock rock hard and soapy. I must not have been as quiet as I thought, but I was happy to have the company.

“Hi,” she said, biting her lip.

“Hi,” I replied, wiggling my butt at her. I was incredibly turned on and in no mood to wait. “Fuck me.”

Michi growled as she started pushing her cock into my ass. My own dick twitched wildly as I felt her enter me, and my ass graciously widened to accept her as she slowly drove home. There was no pain at all as I took her full length, and I moaned deeply as she bottomed out and started fucking me in earnest. In the midst of my euphoria, I wondered about the anatomical geometry at play here, trying to reconcile it with the wealth of information I’d found about easing into anal sex; the musculature needing time and patience to become properly accustomed to being penetrated. I’d have to ask Dr. Schneider about it, because being able to take nine thick inches with almost no real preparation felt unusual.

That was all secondary at the moment, because I was focused on getting railed by my incredibly pretty lover. Michiko had an iron grip on my hips as she fucked me, and I thrust against her with every stroke. She hadn’t gotten to swearing at me in Japanese yet, but she was definitely enjoying herself. As for me, it wasn’t long before I hit a huge climax, my cum splashing against the wall as Michi pounded me through my orgasm.

“I love your ass, Ace,” she moaned, and I could only gasp in response as my balls emptied and her cock stole my voice from me. I was so full, and I could feel Michi getting closer to her own climax. Once my orgasm started to fade, I suddenly had an incredible idea; when she next thrust into me, I reached behind me to hold her there a moment.

“Hey,” I said, “not so fast, let me help you wash up.”

Michi looked at me, confused at first, before she smiled and nodded. She withdrew from me and I turned to kiss her deeply, her boobs squashing against my chest as we embraced. We rotated in each other’s arms so she would be in front of the sprayer, and she turned to face it as I added more body wash to the washcloth. I took my time washing her body, starting with her neck and back before moving down to her butt and legs. She adjusted the spray to be a bit hotter, and we stepped back as I started washing canlı bahis her front from behind.

“Your tits are amazing,” I said, handing her the washcloth before taking them in my hands. I could barely hold each of them, the supple flesh spilling out of my hands as I kneaded and teased them. Michi leaned back and turned her head to kiss me, and we made out under the water as I played with her.

“I love them,” Michi said, “they feel soo goood.” She moaned as I started massaging her nipples, squeezing and pulling on them gently as her body writhed against me. She reached down and cleaned her still-hard member with the washcloth, and we stepped forward back into the water to rinse her off. I placed soft kisses against her next as I reached down with one hand and jerked her incredible girlcock, slick with soap and water. She placed her hand over mine and sped us up, her dick starting to release copious amounts of precum as we stroked her entire length.

I was really enjoying myself, but I needed something else pretty badly. I directed the shower head downward and rinsed Michi off thoroughly. That done, I switched places with Michiko and turned around to face her again before lowering down into a squat and taking her cock into my mouth. Michi’s hands immediately went to the back of my head as I sucked on the head, swirling my tongue around the crown and gently stroking her with my right hand. She tasted of green tea and jasmine, as before, and I eagerly swallowed the precum that spurted from her head.

“God, Ace,” she said, our eyes meeting as I looked up at her, “you want to swallow my load?”

“Yes, please,” I said softly, planting kisses along her shaft before taking the head back into my mouth. I started bobbing my head and stroking her in tandem, and I was quickly rewarded with a deep moan and a flood of hot, creamy cum as Michi braced herself. I savored her unique flavor as her cock spurted shot after shot of jizz into my mouth. I took her down into my throat as she started to taper off, the action drawing more cum out of her with a noiseless cry.

When I’d milked her for every last drop of her issue, she pulled me up and thrust her tongue into my mouth. We embraced, kissing and caressing one another as we came down from our respective climaxes. Eventually, Michi produced bottles of shampoo and conditioner. She and Tessa apparently knew we were going to stay the night and had planned accordingly.

“Want to help me wash my hair?” she asked. My voice got stuck in my throat as her intimate request caught me by surprise.

“I’d love to,” I said.

Michiko walked me through her routine, starting with a hot water rinse. She handed me the conditioner and had me apply a small amount to the last quarter of her hair, explaining that the extra conditioning step helped her longer hair stay healthy. She took some shampoo and lathered up her scalp before I started spreading it through her hair. She rinsed the shampoo out and I applied more conditioner. At that point, it needed some time to soak in, so we flipped places again and kissed tenderly for a few minutes. Eventually, we rinsed her hair one last time in cooler water before stopping the shower. We toweled each other off, fighting a wave of giggles as we touched sensitive parts.

“I love you, Michi,” I said as she wrapped me in her arms and planted a soft kiss on my cheek. “Thank you for sharing this with me.”

“I love you, too, Ace,” she responded. I rested my forehead against hers and stared into her beautiful grey eyes. I felt incredibly close to Michiko in that moment, the ritual of washing her hair having brought us together in a way I wasn’t expecting.

We broke off our tender embrace and headed back to Tanya’s room. She and Tessa were still dead to the world, and Michiko and I covered our mouths as they tried their hardest to out-snore each other. Michi gave me a sympathetic look.

“This is what you’re signing up for,” she whispered, “endless nights of listening to your partners sawing logs.”

My face broke out in a giant smile. “It’s really endearing. Besides, I signed those papers years ago. You’re stuck with me.”

I had an idea to make everyone breakfast, and Michiko agreed to come with me to the store for supplies. We quietly got dressed and I snuggled up to Tanya to gently wake her and let her know.

“Hey,” I whispered, “I’m going to grab stuff for breakfast, you want anything?”

“Pancakes?” Tanya asked, looking at me through heavily lidded eyes. I nodded.

“You gonna do bacon?” Tessa asked groggily, shifting deeper into Tanya’s cleavage.

“I can,” I said. Tessa gave me a thumbs up as Tanya’s boobs molded themselves around her head. They settled back in as I gave them both quick pecks goodbye, the snoring resuming almost immediately. On our way out, Michi and I gave each other quick sniffs to ensure we didn’t smell too bad and were satisfied with our current state. I left a note on the kitchen island for Tanya’s mom in case she woke up before we bahis siteleri got back. When we got into my car, I took a minute to type up a quick shopping list on my phone.

“Okay, pancake stuff, syrup, bacon, eggs, juice,” I read off as I typed, before looking over at Michi. “Any requests?”

“Cheese and mushroom omelet?” Michi asked, flashing me puppy eyes. I rolled my eyes as I added the ingredients to the list.

“For a second, I thought you were going to ask for omurice,” I said, starting the car and pulling out of the driveway. “I mean, I want to try it sometime, but it wouldn’t be close to your mom’s.”

“Don’t worry,” Michi smirked, “she’s going to teach you how to make everything. You have no idea how excited she about one of her daughters finally dating someone that cooks.”

“What? Akane-san refuses to tell me how she makes anything!”

“That was before you stole her daughter’s heart,” Michi said matter-of-factually, “she needs to make sure you can take care of me properly. Also, she knows you can cook now.”

“When did that happen?” I asked, incredulous.

“Your mama sent over some of that Beef Wellington you made a few weeks ago, it was crazy good!”

“SHE SAID THEY ATE ALL OF IT.” Michiko laughed as I fumed (mostly for show).

It didn’t take long to reach the supermarché, and Michiko and I made quick work of the impromptu shopping list, Michiko collecting the non-perishables while I grabbed the refrigerated goods. When we reunited in front of the bacon, Michi unloaded her hand basket into my cart and we proceeded to have an animated discussion about my choice of fruit punch.

“It tastes so weird, though!” she said as we made our way to the checkout line.

“You don’t like it because it’s so pineapple-forward,” I countered, “and yet, I didn’t hear any complaints the other night when you-“

“Yeah, yeah,” she said, cutting me off. She giggled after a brief moment, no doubt recalling our three-way oral exchange with Tessa. “That was so hot, we should do that more.”

“Fine with me,” I said, “I think I like that more than actual sex.”

“I’m so glad you finally have a use for that big mouth.” Michi stuck her tongue out at me as I rolled my eyes.

“I should have seen that coming… oh! Here’s an unexpected surprise!” I said, lowering my voice.

I aimed the cart for the checkout line currently helmed by Lexi Foster. She was currently half-asleep at the register, and Michiko and I quietly pushed the cart over and unloaded our purchases on the belt. She didn’t notice us, her eyes half-closed and a quiet smile on her face, and I signaled Michi to stay quiet. I leaned over the conveyor so I wouldn’t have to speak as loudly.

“Hey, Lex,” I said quietly, and the smile on her face deepened.

“Hi, Ace,” she said dreamily, closing her eyes entirely as she sighed softly.

“What’s going on? Did I catch you at a bad time?” My voice dropped into a warm purr, and it got an immediate reaction.

“Not at all, I think Laurie would love it if you joined her…”

Michi covered her mouth, successfully stifling a gasp of surprise, and I had to think about how to respond.

“I don’t know if I should, Michiko is right over there…”

Lexi gave a tiny moan before responding, “…do you think she’d tell anyone?”

Michiko furiously shook her head, and I nodded. “No, of course, not. I’d trust her with anything.”

“You don’t think she’d be grossed out by us?” There was a true note of fear in Lexi’s voice that caught me off-guard. Michiko’s jaw dropped, and she motioned as if she’d been stabbed in the heart.

“She thinks you two are so beautiful together, just like I do.” I glanced down and saw the obvious bulge in Lexi’s jeans twitch. She shifted her legs in an attempt to get more comfortable.

“…please, Ace,” Lexi whispered, “please help Laurie suck me off…”

“I’d love to, but I think I should check out first, if that’s alright.”

“Yeah… wait, huh?” Lexi’s eyes flew open as the seductive spell broke, and her face immediately turned bright red when she saw me and Michiko. “Oh my god! What-“

“It’s okay,” I said in my most assuring tone of voice, “no one else is around, you and I were just talking about a little fantasy, no harm done.”

We waited a moment as Lexi calmed down a bit, the deep color remaining in her face. She started scanning our purchases for cover. “Sorry, I’m still a little wiped from last night. Did… did you actually tell her? About us?” Lexi asked, her eyes shifting to Michiko, who came closer to join the hushed conversation,

I nodded. “And Tessa, but only because I know they won’t spread it around. I’m sorry I didn’t ask first.”

“Your relationship with Laurie is none of our business,” Michiko quickly added, “but Ace is 100% right, Tess and I think it’s beautiful that you have that with her. Our lips are sealed.”

Lexi looked visibly relieved to hear it, and her face broke out into a big smile. “Thank you, that means a lot bahis şirketleri to hear. We think our friends would be cool about it if we could explain it, but it’s still scary.”

Michi and I both nodded, and I felt a little better about opening my big mouth.

“Hey,” I said, changing the subject, “thank you for rallying the troops last night, by the way.”

“No, thank you for charging in there!” Lexi countered. “Melissa looked so scared, but there was no way I was tangling with Rhonda alone, she’ll fuck you up. I’m glad nothing happened.” Lexi added hastily.

“Yet,” Michiko added ominously. She walked around me (giving my butt a squeeze on her way by) to start bagging the groceries up as I paid.

“So, I have been charged by my lovely girlfriends to invite you and Laurie over to ostensibly hang out sometime.”

“Charged?” Lexi said, raising an eyebrow.

“I was told it was a break-up level offense if I couldn’t deliver you both to be promptly seduced.” I replied.

“That’s not what we said!” Michiko protested, and Lexi started laughing.

“ANYWAY, you’re welcome to come over whenever, though I suspect there will be more time for it after the hockey season?”

Lexi nodded. “Yeah, it’s a pretty brutal schedule this year. We wouldn’t mind coming over to chill out after a game, though.”

“Sure. Hey,” I said dropping my voice again, “does anyone else know?”

Lexi shook her head. “Just you. You won’t tell anyone else, right?”

“I won’t, and neither will the girls.”

Lexi smiled and nodded. “Thank you. Have a nice day!”

Michi and I gathered our things and headed back to Tanya’s place. On the way, I considered reaching out to the twins and asking if I could let Tanya in on their secret. I really hadn’t thought it through before telling Michiko and Tessa, and while I knew they could be trusted, the twins didn’t. It was a poor lapse in judgment, and I needed to be better than that. Hopefully, Lexi and Laurie would allow me to make it up to them in the future.


Cooking in the Miller, Sanada, and Wayne families was serious business. Mama, Michi’s mom Akane, and Tessa’s mom Marie were all food service specialists or officers at one point in their respective branches of the military and how they all became friends originally. The three families had countless dinner parties through the years as they all tried to one-up each other with their own preferred styles of cuisine: Akane-san was a master of Japanese cuisine, having learned everything there was to know about it at the feet of her mother and grandmother (before she left for America); Mrs. Miller was a legit professional French chef and ran the local country club’s restaurant with an appropriately iron fist (or so I’d heard); and Mama was all about that barbecue and diner comfort food. Honestly, when they got together for a highly competitive joint cooking session, it was like living with our own personal set of Iron Chefs.

Of the various children, however, I was the only one to show any real interest in and, later, talent for cooking, which was a real feather in Mama’s cap. As a result, I started getting the cold shoulder from Mrs. Miller and Akane-san whenever I showed interest in their technique or dishes. With all my free time over the past year, I spent a lot of it in the kitchen learning from Mama and trying out different things. The previously-mentioned Beef Wellington was one such experiment from the summer that had succeeded beyond my wildest hopes. I had made two of the pastry-wrapped roasts: my parents and I demolished one for dinner, but the second one vanished within 48 hours. I suspected that my parents had eaten it cold (which probably would have been fine, if super weird), but based on this new information, I now suspected Mama had split it in half and brought it to the Millers and Sanadas in a fit of parental pride.

In any event, I had learned quickly that while the surest way to a woman’s heart was through open communication and active listening, a timely detour through her stomach could make for a smoother journey. This was the chief reason for wanting to make breakfast for everybody, and not just to impress Tanya and her mom; I hadn’t yet had the chance to cook for Michiko and Tessa, and this seemed like the perfect time. Not that they needed more reasons to let me stay the night with them, but I thought it wouldn’t hurt.

The smell of coffee greeted us as we got back to the Peterson household. Mrs. Peterson was sitting at the dining room table with a large mug, dressed in a purple silk robe that set her features off wonderfully. She turned and smiled at us as we set the groceries down on the kitchen island.

“You didn’t have to do this,” she said, “I’m sure we could have thrown something together.”

“Begging your pardon, ma’am, but I absolutely did,” I said with a flourish, “in return for extending us the courtesy of your hospitality.”

“Not to mention the opportunity of showing off for his friend’s hot mom,” Michiko added. I was tempted to protest, but she wasn’t wrong.

“Been a long time since a cute boy cooked for me,” Jackie responded, her voice deep and warm with a very obvious predatory note to it. “I’m looking forward to it.”

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Holy Matrimony

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Content Warning: spiritual abuse, Male Dominance/female submission, spanking, crying.

Quick definition: “courting” in this context refers to the parentally sanctioned dating period before (arranged) marriage.


“Hurry up, dear, he’ll be here any minute! Have you packed everything?”

“Yes, auntie. Be down in a sec!”

Today’s the big day; my aunt and I are moving in with her new husband, Mr. Grant. When she told me we were going to be living with my new stepdad I was cautiously optimistic. Sure it would be another change, but at this point I’m used to changes. I’d been living with my aunt for a few years now, ever since my drug-addict biological mother overdosed. Auntie quickly proved herself to be a much better caretaker than my actual mom, and I was grateful for her steady life.

Unlike my real mother, my aunt never dabbled in drugs or “sinful” activities. She and her sister were raised religious, but my mother had “veered off course.”

“I won’t let the same thing happen to you,” she’d assure me.

My aunt was much more passionate in her religious devotion than my mother and her new husband matched her fervor equally. As much as she strove to be the perfect (in their minds) Christian woman: obedient, subservient, at the will of Man; he strove to be the perfect Christian Man: master of his domain, humble servant of God. I’d only met Mr. Grant once or twice at meals and he seemed nice enough. Well, maybe not nice, but commanding and proud in his status as a high-ranking man of his church.

“Oh, dearie, he’s here! Let me fix you hair… perfect! You look lovely. And please, try to act sweet when you’re around him. He likes his girls like that. Do that for me, will you?”

I glanced around nervously after that cryptic comment as my aunt opened the door to usher in Mr. Grant, who looked quite dapper in his suit.

“Hello, my Husband,” auntie chirped in a rather deferential tone. She even did a little curtsy. Mr. Grant grinned as he watched her obsequious performance, but his smile dissolved after he looked me up and down.

“Why isn’t she in a skirt, Susie?” My aunt’s name is Susanne and I’d never heard anyone call her Susie.

“Oh, I’m so sorry dear I didn’t think-“

“Of course you didn’t. But that’s why I’m here. To think.” He patted my aunt’s head patronizingly then looked back at me.

“You, girl, go upstairs and put on one of your skirts. No woman will be stepping into my home in a pair of trousers! Blasphemy! If you’d been been doing your Bible readings you’d know this. Deuteronomy 22:5 A woman shall not wear a man’s garment, for whoever does these things is an abomination to the LORD! So get on up those stairs and change, little girl, then we can head out.”

Mr. Grant seemed to have settled slightly but his initial outrage still shook me. My aunt didn’t look too frightened, though; I could tell she was used to these outbursts. She took me aside.

“I’m sorry about his tone, darling, he really doesn’t mean any harm. He’s just a little… old-fashioned, shall we say. But please, dear, just go along with it for now. He’s so kind to take us in, and soon you’ll see his ways aren’t so bad. Plus, it should only be for the summer, you’ll probably be going to college in a few months. You think you can do this for me, sweetheart? Please, I love him with all my heart.”

My aunt pled with her puppy-dog eyes and I knew she really loved him so I didn’t complain and changed into a skirt. Our household wasn’t ‘modest’, though, and my options were sure to raise eyebrows. But I had no choice, so I put on a rather skimpy light pink pleated skirt. It was cute, but definitely not for the eyes of a Godly man. I went back downstairs and Mr. Grant smiled.

“Much better, sweetie, even if it is a bit… short. My son’s in town for the summer and I don’t want him near any heathens, but now you look perfect. See, girl, don’t you feel better wearing your feminine garments?”

“Um, yes, Mr. Grant. I guess so.”

I was swaying nervously and the skirt was swishing up and showing him more leg. Mr. Grant just kept grinning, clearly enjoying my new outfit, although it was hard to believe this tiny skirt made me more faithful to God than the jeans I had on before. Whatever his reasoning for making me wear it, I didn’t mind because I preferred him relaxed.

“Please, dear, call me Father. I think it’s appropriate now that I’m taking you under my roof.” He held a firm tone when he said “my” to remind me that he was in charge.

“Yes, Father,” I blushed. I didn’t know my real Dad so it felt weird to say for the first time.

Mr. Grant carried our bags and led us to the car. He opened the back door and my aunt and I got in; with him driving and us in the rear we both looked like his children. I was going to ask my aunt why she wasn’t sitting in the front but recalled her saying he’s “old-fashioned” and decided not to.

We drove in silence for a while and I remembered that Mr. Grant’s son, James, bahis firmaları would be living with us. I hadn’t met him before but knew he was a lot older than me; I think 30. I’d never lived with a guy, let alone two, and was thinking about how weird it was going to be when the crackling radio broke my thought, followed by a woman citing scripture.

“Can you believe this, girls? A woman! Preaching! This country, I tell you, it’s going to hell! The whole place! Isn’t it just terrible, Susie? Tell me woman, what does the Bible have to say about this?”

“Timothy 2:12 But I do not allow a woman to teach or exercise authority over a man, but to remain quiet,” she replied confidently.

“Good girl, Susie, at least one woman on this God-forsaken earth knows her scripture. And that’s why I married you, darling.” He smiled at her from the rearview mirror. She smiled back.

“Yes, dear, if only she knew her place. Please, will you change the channel? Go to your favorite station.” My aunt used her feminine charm to defuse the situation and he switched to a man droning about the sanctity of marriage.

“A woman preaching…” he grumbled to himself throughout the rest of the ride.

We arrived at his house and it was definitely an upgrade from my aunt’s; I could tell why she wanted to move in. It had two stories, a white picket fence, and a picturesque garden: the quintessential suburban home. After grabbing our bags, Mr. Grant came to let us out of the car. I noticed when he put his key in the door that there was no way for auntie and I to unlock it ourselves from the inside. It was strange and unnerving, but that was only the first of many bizarre things to come.

Upon entering, my aunt practically sprinted to gather her husband’s coat and hat. She placed them on a rack and hanger in the closet while Mr. Grant took a seat on a leather ottoman. Once his coat was dealt with my aunt rushed over to kneel in front of him. She untied his laces, took off each shoe, and replaced it with a soft slipper. Auntie stowed the shoes away neatly then stood at attention.

“Do you need anything else, my Husband?”

“Some tea, please. And you better start on dinner soon, James will be home in an hour.”

My aunt flew to the kitchen to attend to her new chores giving her no time to explain her bizarre behavior. Why was she being so servile? It’s like she was his… slave! I know, I know, “old-fashioned”, but this is a little much, right? Mr. Grant turned to me.

“Sweetie, why don’t you go upstairs and settle into your new room. Don’t dally, though, girl, you need to help your aunt prepare dinner. With you and James living here there’ll be double the chores and I expect you to do your share. Off you go, and remember, a woman’s work is never done!”

He playfully smacked my butt as he shooed me up and it made my cheeks flare. Walking up the stairs I could sense him easily peeking up the short skirt he’d made me put on. Dirty perv. Is this what it’s going to be like living under a man’s roof? Is he going to set arbitrary rules for me to benefit himself sexually under the guise of religious virtuousness? Of course he is.

I showered and shaved all over since I was now required to show skin. I glided downstairs feeling cute in my tight pink sweater and white skirt. Entering the kitchen I saw auntie.

“Oh you look so beautiful, sweetheart! You’re making such a wonderful impression on my Husband and I’m sure James will love you the same. Don’t you just adore the house, honey? I love it and feel so at home here.”

My aunt seemed to be over the moon about everything that was happening and I really didn’t want to rain on her parade, especially since I would only be here for a few months.

“Yes, auntie, it’s so big! And Mr. Grant seems like a very respectable man. You must reeeaallly respect him, huh?”

“Oh, dear, I’m sorry about that. I should have explained more when I said he’s… old-fashioned. What I mean, sweetheart, is that Mr. Grant and the men of his church follow the literal word of the Bible as law, and guide their lives through its passages. To your Father, one of the most important lines is

Corinthians 11:9 For indeed Man was not created for the woman’s sake, but woman for the Man’s sake.

In our church, women are the servants of Men; we are their helpmeets. I took a vow to love, honor, respect, and obey my Husband, so everything you see me do is out of my devotion to him and to God. But please, honey, know that I’m doing this out of my own desires. I love him dearly, I love my church, and I love my role as a woman. I choose to do this, and I hope one day you’ll see that it’s a righteous path.”

She looked at me earnestly so I just soaked in her backwards, anti-feminist diatribe and let it marinate as I literally began marinating tonight’s dinner. Who am I to judge my aunt for doing what she wants? It was a bit weird seeing her take off his shoes and coat like a 1950’s sitcom, but I guess that’s just old-fashioned. kaçak iddaa What was weirder, though, was the tingling sensation I got when she was kneeling in front of him. He sat so stoically, so proud of having his woman do his bidding. It was quite erotic. And I don’t really blame my aunt for wanting to serve Mr. Grant…

He’s reallllyyy handsome: your classic bearded DILF pastor who you fantasize about getting ravished by while he preaches the benefits of chastity. He’s tall, too, and pretty buff. He’s always wearing polos, flannels, suits, anything with buttons and collars. He says those are men’s garments and he definitely looks all man when he’s filling out his sleeves. I could feel drool forming at both ends as I dreamed about Mr. Grant. How naughty of me, he’s my Father now! My insides were simmering thinking about his previous ass-smack when my fantasy was cut short by the man himself.

“Isabella, come meet your new brother.”

I looked up from the cutting board to see a carbon copy of Mr. Grant standing next to him. Well, a bit younger, but just as handsome. His frame was equally large, but his posture had the vigor of a man in his 30s and he looked quite intimidating.

“I thought you said these pretty little girls just moved in an hour ago, Dad, but I see you already have them working hard in the kitchen. You never change do you?” James jested.

“Never, son, nor should I. It’s a good sight, isn’t it? My girls doing their duties under my roof. Makes me a proud man! Now girls, come say hi to James.”

I was already so embarrassed by their back and forth about our inferior position that when auntie curtsied with her hello I wanted to disappear entirely. I thought the curtsy was odd since she’s older than him and is technically his mom now, but I guess she treats him with the same respect she gives her Husband. I couldn’t meet James’ eyes as I reached for a handshake. He appreciated my timid nature, and his scratchy beard made me flutter when he kissed my hand.

“Pleasure to meet you, Bella.”

I twinkled shyly at his nickname then James nodded to let me know I could return to cooking. I caught myself doing a half curtsy before turning back. I don’t know why I did it; it was humiliating. The men chuckled pleasantly then went to the other room.

“He’s quite handsome isn’t he, dear.”

“Auntie that’s gross! He’s my brother now!”

“Oh hush, dear, I don’t mean it like that. I just mean that you’re 18 now; you’re a woman and it’s not a bad time to start thinking about finding yourself a Husband. I wish I’d found a good man like Mr. Grant at your age so I could’ve given him babies and loved him for longer. I can’t now, but you still have that chance girl, and you shouldn’t ruin it. Think about it when we’re out at church this summer, and maybe you’ll find there are paths outside of college…”

My aunt and I had talked about college before and she wasn’t too keen on me going. She didn’t know why I needed an education if I was going to be a mother and wife later, and she wouldn’t listen when I said maybe I didn’t want that.

“You will one day, girl, you will.”

She’d remind me constantly about purity and a girl’s duty to save her virginity for her husband. Fortunately I still had mine so I wasn’t afraid of that, but the thought of getting married right now seemed ridiculous. I wanted to counter her comment about me not going to college but Mr. Grant called her to get the men some drinks. Of course she rushed out immediately.

Dinner was prepared and the guys came to the table. They’d rolled up their sleeves and taken off their ties to avoid getting them dirty, and now their dark, flowing chest and arm hair had revealed itself. I rubbed my thighs subconsciously, wetness forming as two of the hunkiest men I’d ever been around were about to eat the dinner I’d prepared. I was nervous and hoped they’d like it. James pulled out my chair for me which made me swoon even more.

We ate quietly with my aunt getting up a few times to fill glasses, grab sauces, and perform various tasks as they arose. My Father (it still feels weird calling him that) was quite content knowing he could request anything and it would be done in an instant. His son watched with admiration at how well his Father had mastered my aunt, how easily he’d bent her to his will. And she did it all with a smile.

James got bold at one point, probably out of masculine jealousy, and asked me to get him butter from the fridge. My aunt and Father grinned, so with much embarrassment I did as was commanded. Thankfully, James didn’t look smug when I handed him the butter. Instead he nodded with pride and satisfaction and it made me feel good inside.

“Thank you, darling.”

“Of course, sir.” I don’t know why I said that but it just felt natural and everyone around me approved. I curtsied lightly and returned to my seat.

“Her mother may not have been a saint, but she’s a very good girl.” Father was talking to everyone but kaçak bahis me. It made me feel so small when he and James did that.

“Yes, our little Isabella is just precious,” my aunt beamed.

“Splendid meal, girls. But there’s still much to be done so get back in the kitchen. James and I are going to Mr. Cornish’s for a Fraternal Assembly and won’t be home til late. I’m expecting this place to be spotless when we get back, but you know that already girls.” There was a clear threat underlying his jovial delivery.

“I’ve left some scripture for you to read, Bella, to help with your spiritual guidance. It’ll do you good to absorb those lines, especially the ones I’ve highlighted. Okay, sweetheart?”

“Yes, Father.”

“Wonderful. Such a good girl, and with a little work you’re only going to get better.”

Father went back to the ottoman and my aunt put on and tied his shoes. James looked very impressed.

“See, son, this is what you can look forward to once you’ve courted and married. I can’t wait to give you a nice bride and finally turn you into a true Man.”

“I can’t wait either, Father. God’s been telling me that I’ll find and take my wife this summer. And soon I won’t have to tie my own shoes like a chump!” The men shared a hearty laugh. My aunt placed Father’s coat on him then he and James headed out.

“I’ll lock up, Susie, I know you’re so forgetful. And you two beautiful girls are the perfect targets for a robbery.”

“I know, my Husband, I do get nervous when you’re not around. Thank you for locking up, dear.”

The men left the house and I heard Father turn the key from outside; I didn’t know they meant trapping us in when they said locking up!

Cleaning was a bore; my aunt was never the most fun person to chat with. She’s so engrossed in the church and being pious that I found it better just to clean in peace and quiet. After scrubbing for nearly 2 hours I finally settled down to check my phone and laptop, but when I got in my room I discovered they were both gone. Instead, on my desk was a Bible with dozens of sticky notes bursting out. There was a letter on it.

“Read this, Bella, it’ll do you better than those electronics. We’re going to keep you pure.” It was signed ‘Father and James’.

I guess this summer was going to be a lot shittier than I expected. I let out a huge sigh and was about to ask my aunt to get my phone back, but when I walked in her room I saw her in serene prayer and decided to just let her be. I relented and read my passages. I’d done bible study growing up and knew it was boring as hell but something about James and Father wanting me to do it made it more tolerable. I read the first highlighted passage:

Genesis 2:18 It is not good that the Man should be alone; I will make him a helper fit for him.

Genesis, Adam and Eve, I knew this stuff. But I’d never really thought about it like that before. That God made Eve for Adam, solely to be his helper. His servant. No wonder Father treats auntie like that, God is telling him to. I continued.

Peter 3:7 Likewise, Husbands, live with your wives in an understanding way, showing honor to the woman as the weaker vessel.

He highlighted and circled “woman as the weaker vessel”.

Ephesians 5:22 Wives, submit to your own Husbands, as to the Lord. For the Husband is the head of the wife.

He highlighted and underlined “submit to your Husband”. I flushed thinking about James and Father picking these lines specifically for me and my finger went down to my skirt out of naughty habit. I pushed aside my lacy panties that were definitely not chaste, and felt delicate honey drops trickling down my virgin slit. I pictured James and Father looking so handsome at dinner. I wish they’d unbuttoned their shirts a little more, or just taken the damn things off! Then taken my skirt off, then pushed me up against the table… then… then…

I was rubbing my finger all around the rim of my smooth, wet mound, careful not to dip it in. I took my aunt’s word to heart about saving my virginity and didn’t want anything to ruin it. I didn’t even wear tampons, terrified that any small insertion might rupture my purity for life. I ripped my finger away from my throbbing pussy and returned to my passages, I’m a Godly girl now. The next line did everything but cool me down, though.

Leviticus 21:13 And he shall take a wife in her virginity.

“Mmmmmmmmm” I exhaled with pent up hunger, a feeling unlike anything I knew. This deep, carnal lust that drove me to do insane things, like not even be mad at Father for taking my phone and making me read the Bible. No, I almost respected him for it; his no nonsense approach to running his household. He commands so much authority and makes me feel so weak. Just like the Bible said, the woman is the weaker vessel. Maybe there is some truth to this stuff…

This mix of religious guilt, confusion, lust, and anxiety wore me out and I fell asleep with my Bible open on my chest, one hand dangerously close to my needy cunt.

The next morning I was awoken by a soft, “Bella girl, time to get up. You need to start on my breakfast.”

I jumped up and gasped! Did I pass out with my hand in my panties!

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Family Loving

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Mark and Sam had grown up as brother and sister, neither one being able to remember the times before their parents had married. Mark was 2 when his mother Barb married Samantha’s dad, Ted, while she was almost 1 ½ years old at the time. Their parents had actually been introduced to each other by their own siblings; Barb’s brother Ed was dating Ted’s younger sister, Jayme, and they actually got married before Barb and Ted.

Mark and Sam’s birthdays meant that they were a year apart in school, and he was now a sophomore in the local college, and Sam, as he had always called her, was in her freshman year at the age of 19.

The two of them didn’t share any classes, and rarely saw each other at school, but had always been closer than most of their friends were with their siblings. Mark was athletic, and had numerous friends, but Samantha had always been the quiet type and more studious than he, but she was making more of an attempt to change the way she was around people and trying to make more friends now that she was in college.

Samantha was in the student union with a few girls out of one of her classes, and they were talking about the party that was happening Friday night at one of the frat houses. This wasn’t the type of the thing that she had gone to previously, but she thought it might help in her effort to change her ways. Her friend Deborah said that she would take her if she wanted to go, and introduce her to a few of the guys she knew in the frat, and some others that were sure to be there. Sam thought that was a great idea, and welcomed having someone she knew to introduce her around, and help her overcome her shyness. Deborah said she would pick her up at 8:30 and they could go together.

Friday came, and Samantha was getting ready for the party. She had mentioned at supper with her family that she was going to the party that evening with a couple of friends, and everyone thought that was a great idea. Her parents said they would be leaving after supper to go play cards at their Aunt Jayme’s house. Mark knew the party was the type of thing that Sam wasn’t super comfortable with, and knocked on her door while she was getting ready. She told him to come in, and he opened the door and entered.

“Wow, you really look great in that dress,” he said. It was nothing fancy, but a simple, short dress like a sun-dress, but with a little more to it. The colors went so well with her hair and eyes, and he told her how great she looked. “Where is the party at,” he asked? Having been around the campus a year longer than her, he knew a little more about some of the goings on at a few of the frat houses, and wanted to make sure that she would be ok. He only had the one sister, and he took the job of being a big brother seriously, and did his best to look out for her.

“Deb’s taking me to a party at the Omega house,” she said. “She knows some of the guys there, and thought she could help introduce me around.”

Mark had heard a little about some of the guys from that fraternity, and wasn’t sure if this was really the best place for his sister to start becoming more open, but he also didn’t want to discourage her in her efforts to change herself. He decided that maybe be would just stop by at some point to keep an eye on her, and make sure she was not getting in over her head.

“You should have a good time there,” he told her. “Just don’t drink too much, you know you’ve not had a lot of experience with alcohol, and you don’t want to get sick.”

Sam replied to him, “Deb said that she’d keep an eye on me, and I know you’re right about being a light-weight, I thought I would just nurse a drink or two while I was trying to talk to people.”

“That sounds great,” Mark said. “No sense in making a fool of yourself the first time; you never know what’s going to happen at these things.”

Mark left her room, but still thought to himself that it wouldn’t hurt to check in on her a little later; he knew when they were planning on leaving for the party, and thought if he checked in 45-60 minutes later, she couldn’t have gotten in too much trouble.

Samantha finished getting ready, and shortly after, heard a car horn outside. She ran out and got in Deb’s car, and Jessica was already sitting in the front seat. Samantha knew her, but they weren’t close friends. They all talked excitedly as they headed towards the campus, and the Omega frat house where the party was. Deborah and Jessica were talking about a certain couple of young men they were hoping to meet up with at the party, and it left Sam wondering how the night would go.

The girls arrived at the frat house, and made their way to the door. There were people going in and out, and people drinking on the front porch. Samantha kept to herself at first as Jessica and Deborah took her inside. They all headed to the back where the drinks were, but had a hard time talking over the loud music. They each were given a red cup full of beer, and started walking back towards illegal bahis the front of the house. Deb pointed out a few of the guys to Sam, and told how she knew them. She saw some of her male friends near the stairs, and led the other girls over that way.

“Hey, Mike, Jeff, this is Jessica and Samantha, or Sam. They wanted to join me at the party tonight.” The two guys said hello, and started chatting with all of the girls. Just about that time, Deborah squealed, and went running towards the other side of the room, and threw her arms around a guy that she apparently knew. The other girls could see her excitement, and saw Deb motion them over. Jessica went, but due to her shyness, Sam just kind of stayed where she was, as the other 2 girls started talking to the new guy and his friend.

Mike and Jeff kept trying to draw a little more out of Samantha, and between their questions, and the alcohol that she wasn’t used to, her tongue did start to loosen up slowly, and she seemed to relax a bit. The 2 guys had been to many of these parties, and were actually roommates in the house. Unfortunately, they weren’t the most savory of characters. They had been known to use some “extra” help in the drinks of some girls previously, to guarantee success at getting them upstairs to their room.

While Samantha was talking to the 2 guys, she hadn’t noticed that Mark had entered the frat house. He had quietly come in and gone back to get himself a beer, then had moved towards the far side of the room to keep an eye on Sam, while talking to a couple of people that he knew. He was enjoying himself talking to his friends, and started paying a little less attention to his sister than he was at first.

Mike and Jeff had a few moves that they had used in the past to distract some of the girls at the party, and Mike grabbed Samantha at one point when a new song came on, and spun her halfway, saying, “I love to dance to this song, don’t you?” While Mike had her body half turned, with his body between her cup and her, Jeff took something out of his pocket and added it to her drink.

Mark was talking more than paying attention to Sam at this point, but he knew that he saw something he didn’t like, and quickly started making his way across the room to her. Mike had already let go of her, and she took a big drink of her beer before Mark could get to her through the people on the floor.

Mark got to her as quickly as he could, and grabbed her cup roughly from her. “What are you two doing with my sister,” he yelled at them, grabbing the cup from her.

“We were just talking to her, I don’t know what you think you saw, but we didn’t do anything” Jeff said. They didn’t seem too convincing, and turned and quickly went out the front door away from Mark and Sam.

Mark said to Samantha, “I know you haven’t been to parties like this before, but I think we’d be better off leaving now.”

Samantha responded back, “I haven’t seen the girls I came with for quite a while now, I think that sounds like a good idea. I’m really not feeling the best all of a sudden.”

Mark started heading her towards the door, but Sam stumbled a bit as they went down the steps, and Mark just picked her up and carried her out to his car. He put her in the front seat, and told her to just close her eyes and rest while he got her home. Their drive across town to home should take about 15 minutes, and shortly after Mark had started out, Sam started moving around a bit, and mumbling with her eyes closed. Mark figured she had drank something the guys were trying to drug her with, but didn’t think she had looked like she had the chance to take in too much, so he figured she might sleep some, but would not be in any danger. He had laid the seat back for Sam as he put her in, and she now seemed to be kind of out of it.

Samantha continued to move her arms and legs a bit, and she put her hands between her legs and started rubbing herself “down there” and mumbling more. Mark was watching incredulously at her moving hands, as they pulled up the bottom of her skirt and she put her hand inside her lacey panties she was wearing. He couldn’t believe what she was doing, but when he heard his own name amid the mumbling, his jaw dropped nearly to the steering wheel.

Samantha’s movements continued as Mark drove through the streets towards home, and the moans became a little louder actually, and a little more clear to him.

“Oh, Mark, please give me your cock! Yeah, right there, deeper,” she said. “Oh baby, please don’t stop, I’ve wanted you so badly for sooo long honey!”

Mark couldn’t believe his ears. He had always thought his sister was gorgeous, but had tried not to think about her that way as she had grown and matured before him over the years. His friends had teased him at times about having such a hot sister, but he had always tried to shut things down so he didn’t get things like that in his head. Now, he couldn’t shut his mind down. Hearing her had made his dick illegal bahis siteleri stiffen in his pants until he had to reach down and straighten things out; having it bent the way it was just wasn’t going to work.

Mark looked over at a red light, and things just kept escalating. Now Samantha had pulled the gusset of her panties to the side and had 2 fingers working in and out of her pussy. Mark reached over and put his hand on her arm, and gently pulled it upward. Her skirt fell back down to cover things somewhat, but she startled a bit and seemed to wake from her sleep, or whatever it was. Mark shook her arm gently, and spoke to her, “Are you feeling all right Sam?” he asked.

Samantha shook her head as if trying to get her bearings, and looked at him, and smiling slightly, she said, “Yeah, I think so, I was just dreaming about you.”

Mark replied to her, “No kidding, you weren’t too subtle about what you were dreaming!”

Samantha’s hand flew to her open mouth, with a shocked expression on her face. However, when her hands got to her face, there was no denying the smell of her own juices on her hand and fingers. Wide eyed, she looked at Mark, and asked tremulously, “What was I doing?”

Mark looked at her, and quietly spoke. “You were kind of thrashing around, and were moaning quietly, but I could hear my name. Then you pulled your skirt up and started rubbing yourself. You had a couple of fingers working deep in between your legs when I woke you.”

Right then, they reached home, and he pulled into the driveway. Mark turned off the car then turned in his seat and looked at his sister. “You’re my sister and I love you. I’ve tried to ignore how beautiful you are as you matured because you’re my sister, but I can’t deny that I think you’re gorgeous and sexy, and wish that I could find a girlfriend that was as hot as you are.”

“I love you too, Mark, and apparently how I feel is no longer a secret from you. It sounds like everything came out, or enough that there isn’t any question as to what you do to me. I’m still feeling a little shaky from whatever they gave me; would you help me inside, please. Then we can continue our talk.”

Mark got out of the car and went around to Sam’s side and opened the door. She started to turn, but he just shushed her, and reached down under her legs and shoulders and picked her up. Sam smiled at him, and buried her face in his chest as he carried her inside. She seemed to fit just perfectly in his arms, and to him, she was light as a feather right now. He carried her up the stairs and took her to her room, gently setting her on the bed. Their parents were still gone playing cards at their aunt’s house, and the house was quiet.

Samantha looked up at Mark shyly, and asked, “Would you stay here with me? Please lie down on the bed and we can continue our talk.” She slid over a little bit and Mark laid down on the bed beside her, and put one arm over her head, then slid it under her so that she was laying on it. He was lying on his side, so he took his other hand, and gently rubbed up and down her arm, looking deeply into her eyes. He leaned towards her, and gently kissed the tip of her nose, once, twice, then her forehead with a feather kiss.

Samantha placed her hand on Mark’s chest, rubbing it gently, sexily, and leaned in to kiss him on the lips. “Since it’s not a secret anymore how I feel about you, would you please be the one that takes my virginity? There’s nobody else that I would even consider doing it with at this point in my life. I’ve had my fingers in there, and a hairbrush handle once or twice, but I’ve never even seen a boy’s penis, let alone touched one. I could feel something in your jeans when you were carrying me, and I really would like to see my first dick Mark, your dick. Please Mark, please would you?”

Mark pulled her into a deep hug, and whispered into her ear, “I would be honored to be your first, but I don’t have much experience either.” “Kayla, my old girlfriend never wanted to go that far. We did just about everything else, and got basically to that point once, but I had just gotten inside her a couple of inches when she tightened up and pushed me away. She said she let her feelings get the best of her, and never let me get anywhere close to that again, and then she broke up with me the following week.”

“I think it’s fitting that we learn together then, and experience it with each other for the first time!” Samantha said. “Would you please give me a couple minutes to get ready for you Mark, I want to make things just right for our first time?”

Mark nodded silently, then slowly, got up and backed towards the door. He couldn’t take his eyes off of his sister, though, and slowly closed the door, peeking around the edge until the last second.

Samantha got up and went into the bathroom between their rooms, and quickly cleaned up a little bit, and then moved back to her dresser. She had one fairly sexy nightgown that she canlı bahis siteleri had bought at the mall while shopping with a friend, but hadn’t done more than try it on so far; no reason to. But now, she was hoping that her big brother would find it alluring, and hopefully, it would turn him on even more. She had a few candles in a storage box in the closet also, and she lit those, placed them around the room, and turned off the lights. She grabbed her favorite perfume bottle and gave a couple of spritzes to the air, then opened the door a few inches, and called out, “Mark, come back, I have something for you!”

She quickly laid down on top of the bed and stretched out, in what she hoped was a sexy pose, with one elbow crooked, holding her head up.

Mark entered her room slowly, looking around in amazement at how sexy she looked, and what she had done to enhance the mood. Mark had gone to the bathroom downstairs, and washed himself up a bit, in case he had picked up any aromas at the party. Some others there had been smoking, and not just cigarettes. He’d brushed his teeth with his finger and used mouthwash also, trying to do everything in his powers as nice as it could possibly be for his sister.

Sam looked up at him, and gently patted the bed beside herself. “Come on over here, Mark,” she said. As he sat down, she held her arms up asking for a hug, which he was happy to share with her. Holding her in his arms was something he had been looking forward to since they gotten into his car. He wrapped his arms around her, and held her closely. The hug lasted a while, as neither one felt like letting go. Mark kissed Sam on the top of the head, then on her forehead. Sam lifted her face towards his, and held her lips up for him, and they met for another kiss. This time, the kisses grew intensely passionate. They moved and kissed, each one seemingly trying to get deeper inside their sibling. Their tongues meshed and melded together, and the flames inside each of them flared hotter.

Samantha gently caressed Mark’s chest through his t-shirt, and asked him to take it off. He pulled it over his head, and she returned her hand to his body. He placed his hand over hers, and she pulled it to her breast. She squeezed his hand with hers, over her breast, and he gently took over the motions himself. Continuing to kiss deeply, he caressed her tits through her nightgown, and gently rubbed her nipple between his fingers. He bent down further and tongued her nipple through the nightgown, then moved to the other side and repeated his actions. Samantha reached to the lacey straps over her shoulder and slid them down, then pulled the top of the negligee down also. “Please try that again,” she asked Mark. “I can’t believe how good that feels; nobody has ever done that to me before.”

“I will happily do that anytime you ever want, I think the phrase, “the pleasure is all mine” really applies here,” he said. Mark took her nipple back in his mouth, and gently tongued and sucked it. He wetted his thumb, and gently rubbed the other side, holding, and squeezing her breasts. They felt perfect in his hands. He had had girlfriends with larger breast before, but nothing had ever felt so exquisitely perfect to him previously.

While Mark’s hands were making their way over Samantha’s luscious tits, her hands were moving also. She rubbed over his erection, and her eyes grew wide. “How big are you,” she asked? “I’ve never felt one before, but I didn’t think it would feel this big,” she exclaimed.

“From what I’ve seen at school,” he said, “I think I’m a little bigger than most, but certainly not the biggest of my friends.”

“I think it will be plenty big as far as I’m concerned” she said. “As a matter of fact, I don’t see how it could fit, it feels so big.”

“I don’t want to do anything that hurts you ever,” Mark said, “but I think if we take things slowly, we’ll be fine. But it’s all up to you; I meant it when I said I never want to hurt you.”

“I know that you would never do anything to hurt me on purpose,” Samantha said. “But I do know that I’m so hot and worked up right now, that you couldn’t stop me from trying if you wanted to. Please take off your shorts now. I want to feel the whole thing in my hand, and I want to try to take it in my mouth, too.”

Mark stood and lowered his shorts. His dick was so hard, that he had issues getting them over it with it sticking nearly straight out and up. It bobbed up and down a couple of times before Samantha reached out and took hold of it. She marveled at the feel of it; the softness on the outside, while it felt like an iron bar below that. Mark enjoyed the feel of his sister’s hand on his cock, and then she moved her hand down to his balls, and gently felt those, too. As hard as he was, he surprisingly felt like he had gotten twice as hard as he was previously with her touch.

Samantha enjoyed the feel of his body, never having done this before with anyone. She could see the smile on his face, and the love in his eyes in the candlelight. She raised her body a bit off the bed, and moved downward to touch him with her tongue. A drop of pre-cum appeared at the end of his dick, and she licked it off, and smacked her lips lightly.

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Woman of Taos

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Double Penetration


This is a moving story, one of many about a mosaic of women of color. Women who watch soap operas, eat fast food, read a book occasionally. Women who go to parties and love to fuck. Some have a child or two, mostly single, living in residential hotels, trailer homes, communes, pueblos, suburbs and in cities in the American southwest. They are risk takers. Women who say yes to all kinds of sex forcefully and enthusiastically. Their existence may be hard to believe because they are a minority and “invisible”. But they are as real as they are lusty, beautiful, wholesome wise, humorous and compassionate.

The story encompasses a spectrum of experience, erotic or otherwise and depicts a graphically intense exploration of sexuality; delving freely into forbidden zones of sex and transgressive behavior. It gives voice to the most subversive desires of the body and to a lifestyle that unabashedly defies convention. Rich, powerful experiences of unusual erotic potency and high-intensity adventures that came from the blending of love and sex. The meeting of body and spirit, that opened up all the possibilities of human sexuality in its many varied manifestations. The women are unique and different. From ripe young luscious maidens, to lusty Amazons in their prime, to mellow mature crones. They are all warm, engaging, intensely alive, vital and graceful in being at ease with their bodies, their sexuality, and their pleasures.

Erotic Potency

My name is Rosa Del Inca, part Latina part Gypsy of Inca ancestry. I am a 56 year old cosmic sinner and a specialist in astrology, ESP and the Tarot. I am always frank, startling, eccentric kinky and steamy. Some people think I am a little crazy but that is their opinion…I manage a commune owned by a cooperative for working, single women living in a sprawling building of fifteen apartments, occupied by thirty five residents. I have my own quarters in the East wing. I am the “Matriarch and business and spiritual leader” of the cooperative. The residents are mostly blue-collar Latinas: Chicanas, Mexicanas from central Mexico, others from the Yucatan and a few Mestizas…It is a place where dream and reality meet. The commune also serves as a discreet transit point for women immigrants both legal and illegal, from Mexico and beyond.

I am reasonably attractive, sexy even with a perpetual sun tan. The combination of my curvy, feminine litheness and my rough masculine desires make me a dream lover. I can cum extravagantly four, five, six times in a row. I used to have a small clitoris, but I enlarged it, due to my obsession with sexy big clits and my desire to become an even better slut. I hate people who kid themselves…All women love to fuck. They just don’t want to admit it. I need a good, preferably very large piece of meat in my cunt regularly, or I’m missing something. I feel powerful, independent, more alive, and sensuous, with massive doses of cunt adrenalin in my body; I have a penchant for nudity, sometimes showing off my hairy cunt opportunely. I offend nobody and delight everybody. I am a woman for whom sex is a priority. I am attracted to people who want sex in unusual illegal bahis ways and are divinely decadent and perverted. Unfortunately I have not had a lot of action in a long while due to various reasons. Then the new city Inspector of the commune called on me one morning. It was midsummer and very hot. He was a hot looking Black dude called Dean in his mid-30’s and very friendly.

We were on to our second bottle of wine. I found myself staring at the outline of his big cock in his light cotton pants as we talked. His eyes were moist and sensuous, gazing right into mine. Then I slipped my hand inside his pants, seeking his dick and squeezing it hard. “You really have such a big exciting cock Dean” I said, stroking it, feeling its hardness, enjoying it, as I rubbed against him on the sofa…”It’s such a beautiful day for fucking and I’m so wet” I said. My nipples hardened as he rubbed them gently with the palm of his hand. I was in a state of excitement. In the bedroom I slipped off my kimono, under which I wore nothing and spread myself on the bed. The lips of my cunt opened naturally. A made to be fucked pussy, so lush and meaty and covered with over abundant hair. Enthralled, Dean began to stroke my juicy vulva thru the soggy hairs and rubbing my clitoris with his thumb, inhaling my smell.

“Please fuck me now” I pleaded, as Dean began to enter me very slowly his cock huge and hard. Impatient, I sucked the cock inside with strong vaginal muscles, thrillingly wantonly. “Dios mio!” I cried over and over as he unleashed his heavy thrusts into me, spearing me deep. The longer he fucked me the wetter I became, my juices squirting out intermittently. I gasped repeatedly, drowning in ecstasy to his smooth, powerful thrusts. Gliding into the layers of my cunt, my magical moans echoing his hard grunt; my hips rotating sweetly…Dean held nothing back, taking much pleasure in my passionate enjoyment. The room was filled with the sounds from my cunt and my mournful cries as he fucked me gloriously. Then I heaved and screamed and melted beneath him, letting out a long animal cry as we both flew past the barrier into a powerful orgasm. I cried my own name softly, over and over as he continued to fuck me to more orgasms, sounding like a lonely mastodon lost in a prehistoric wilderness of sexual ecstasy while he filled me with abundant semen.

I was invited to the installation of Achise as Chief of the Apache community in Taos-Pueblo. The Commune was in partnership with them on some projects. Young Achise and I hit it off fast. He is the epitome of charm and flattery. In his spacious adobe house Achise and I became more intimate, touching each other laughing kissing. I guess we instantly fell in lust. Then we were on the animal fur covers naked. His cock was very big, very thick and hard, swinging freely up and down, quivering. “God, it’s beautiful” I said softly as he rubbed the cockhead against my rigid clitoris. Then he put me on all fours. I wiggled my ass up and down to meet his cock as he pushed it into my depths, my walls clasping him instinctively until I held it in a firm sheath of demanding muscle.

“God I love it, I love illegal bahis siteleri your dick; it’s so fucking big, so fucking hard.” I crooned to his smooth and steady rhythmic thrusts, touching my deepest crevices and ravines. “Fuck my cunt well” I grunted, rolling my ass in circles. I was mindless and wild as Achise pronged me with long deep strokes, forcing juices out with each circular thrust of his rock-hard dick…The slip-slap sound of wet sex, deliciously vulgar, filled the room. “I love the sounds from your cunt” Achise muttered…”It’s simply lovely”. The curtains fluttered gently in the afternoon breeze as he fucked me relentlessly, endlessly. Then I shrieked and screamed in the throes of a tremendous orgasm, my cunt pulling him inwards, milking him and finally engulfing him as his cock gushed torrents of hot cum into me. It took quite a while before I regained my composure. I stayed with Achise all day long fucking.

One of the Gringo ranchers in the area called Ben Hardcock came calling to recruit some commune residents to work on his ranch. He brought some good booze, some pot and lots of steak. While we talked and swapped jokes I told him in jest that he can recruit only if he had a big dick. He dropped his jeans and pulled out an anaconda of a cock. I was aghast, almost fainted. It was about 15 inches and super thick with veins like twine rope. “Will this do”? He asked with a grin stroking the python to its full length…I could hear a drumbeat in my cunt and my clitoris throbbed mightily. “Shit, I’ve got to have that dick” I said in a tremulous voice. “Well, if you insist” said Ben with a chuckle; I practically dragged him to my bed…

I lay on my bed my legs and cunt spread wide open. “Shit”, you have the biggest cunt I’ve seen in ages” said Ben fascinated as he gazed at my twat. “Do you think you can handle it? We don’t want you falling in and breaking your neck” I teased. I groaned and squirmed with appreciation as Ben ate my pussy exploring me with exquisite thoroughness, my hair was spread out like a mane. I rotated my hips and ground my cunt against his face, fully enjoying the sucking, biting and licking, in a frenzy until I came and came, screaming and thrashing about. Then Ben plunged his entire cock deep into my cunt stroking my clitoris, then my G-spot, then my cervix and back again. Over and over, setting my cockpit on fire, with buoyant movement my pussy walls twitching and contracting against him, gripping his cock in a very tight fit; pulling him deeper inside like a slowly ingesting boa. The smell of sex all around us.

Ben luxuriated in my ripened fullness, while I watched the monster cock, slick with my slimy juices, and move in and out of my liquid twat like a piston. I stroked his face, gazing thru his eyes into his soul, moaning, demanding an endless fucking. Time stood motionless. Passion, lust, has taken charge of our senses…harnessed with positive sexual energy, we celebrated an orgy. Our bodies quivered with burning currents of pleasure, melting, dissolving into incandescent, suspended ecstasy. Savoring the delicious fucking, the limitless span of the ancient, eternal act canlı bahis siteleri of sacred sex, a healing that is far beyond pleasure, until we were lost in the eruption of extravagant orgasms. “Give it all to me, let it all go…push me over the limit” I wailed as he continued to fuck me; doing wonderful things to me, amazing things until finally he erupted, pouring an enormous amount of hot lava of cum into me, gallons of it.

I woke up the next day feeling good and relaxed but I swore off sex for a while until a week later when the two Black dudes who did some work for me came to collect their check. Well, I would not be Rosa if I did not fancy a threesome with them; which is exactly what I did. They fucked me senseless, sandwich style, in my cunt and ass all afternoon filling both holes with torrents of cum. Yes I know, I’m a decadent woman. But I’ve always wanted to explore the infinite sexual possibilities…every variety and complexity of sensation, to experience deep erotic fucking that will put me in a trance for the longest time.

A young thirty something Chicana stopped by on a very hot day to rent a studio apartment. She looked Dykey and Gothic with tattoos and piercings and smiled a lot. Her name was Camilla. The woman’s hot body drew me like an unbreakable rope. She radiated darkness, mystery, an exotic appeal and seemed to be high on something. As she sat across from me her short skirt rode up to reveal her shaved pierced cunt. I was totally turned on by her. Her lascivious actions with a hint of kinkiness, suggested a temple harlot rather than the cool, social activist she claimed to be. We had some wine and cheese then she willingly and eagerly let me take her to bed.

The lips of her shaved cunt just sliced open naturally as she spread her legs on the bed. A made to be fucked pussy, so firm and meaty. Her swollen labia lay open and pulsing. Enthralled, I began to stroke her juicy vulva with my tongue, back and forth, while rubbing her enormous pierced clitoris with my thumb, inhaling the smell of her. A sexily odorous scent, she was so fucking wet her slimy grool ran down her ass crack in rivulets. I slipped my hands under Camilla’s ass and raised her cunt to my mouth like a pitcher and drank in great gulps sucking on her clitoris and it stiffened like an udder, filling my mouth…I sucked and sucked for an eternity…Camilla moaned and writhed and heaved until she was claimed by a powerful orgasm. Then it was her turn to eat me which she did with expertise, bringing me to two powerful orgasms. Later she asked if I had a strap on which I did; a massive 12 inch very thick black dildo. We fucked each other silly with it, all afternoon.


I finally hired a young Chicana resident as my assistant. On her first day she watched while I was being fucked lavishly by Inspector Dean. Then I watched as Dean fucked her doggy style, her slim little cunt gobbling up his huge hard dick with relish. The little minx enjoyed the fucking so much her screams could be heard miles away…The world should be a more erotic place. We should fulfil our sensual potential. I believe that I have a right to a perverse active sexual life and I’m serious about that. I’ve done a lot of good hard fucking in my time and learned a lot about myself. About who I’m attracted to and about my sexual appetites. I’m not done yet, not by a long shot. Bottoms up!!


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Passing the Time

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“Okay listen, dicksuck,” Lauren snarled, “you can take that patronizing tongue that smells like your own ass and tuck it the fuck in, because the next time you talk to me that way, I’ll knee you in your insignificant little balls.”

That’s what she wanted to say. Badly. She wanted to lean into the smarmy mechanic right here in his own garage, bracket him with her blue eyes, and remind him that when he talked about air filters and brake shoes, she knew damn well what the fuck he was talking about, and that he didn’t need to use that tone, thank you very fucking much.

Except that, alas, she had no idea what he was saying about air filters and brake shoes. And he knew it, too.

But still. Did he need to savor his smug little explanation that much? “Yeah. Well, so here’s the thing, ma’am,” he went on now, his lip curling; motherfucker couldn’t even stop himself from smirking for three seconds, “it was under warranty. Was. But when the manufacturer went to a fixed-maintenance model last year, that modified the terms of your warranty. Understand?” He gave a reasonable facsimile of sincerity, belied by that damn curled lip. Lauren wanted to pull out her little Swiss army knife and slice that lip clean off. “They emailed you about it.”

“I get, like, three emails a week from that dealership!” she protested. “Each one is, like, eight thousand words!”

“Well,” the man shrugged, his lip curling even more, “somewhere in those eight thousand words, ma’am, is the information about changes to the warranty policy.” He looked suddenly bored, his eyes seeking out her cleavage again. “Look, I can’t tell you how long the wait’ll be. You’re probably best off just sitting out by the cashier if you can’t figure out a ride.”

She found herself staring dully up at his big, stupid face with its big, stupid nose and that curled lip, and she decided she very much wanted to knee him in the balls. But she also knew she had a car that wouldn’t run, and he had it up on a lift with her keys in his pocket. She sighed. “Fine. Thanks, uh, Mr…”

“Hal.” His eyes went vacant once more as he studied her tits, so she turned away and made sure she was facing well away from him before she rolled her eyes, her bold stride down the seedy hallway through the buzz of the fluorescents spoiled as soon as she realized he’d be checking out her ass. “I’m Hal, honey.”

“I bet you are,” she hissed under her breath, shoving the door open with one smooth bop of her hip. It shook on its hinges, the little spring at the top groaning as she stepped through into the little waiting area. She’d already spent half an hour here while sleazy, smug old Hal had taken his first look at her car, and now the little cashier glanced up with the same bright smile from earlier.

“All set?” She had a pucker to her lipsticked mouth that looked oddly familiar, in a round pale face with frazzled hair she’d swept back off her forehead. There were a couple of zits up there, nothing major; the girl couldn’t possibly be older than nineteen, and Lauren found herself smiling back before she even knew it. “Cash or credit?”

“No. He’s not even started on my car yet.” She sighed back down onto the hard chair and grabbed the nearest dusty copy of House and Home off the rickety table under the defunct TV. “I did, however, get a free lecture about warranties and an unsolicited helping of low-grade sexual harassment.” To her shock, the girl behind the register laughed.

“Yeah, he tends to do that.” She hesitated, an impish smile sprouting from those mobile little lips as she studied Lauren. “No offense, ma’am, but… you’re sort of his type.”

“Meaning?” Lauren was too shocked and defeated to be offended, at least so far. She girl’s smile grew.

“Well, let’s just say he tends to go for women with big boobs, and leave it at that,” she giggled. She flipped through some papers on her counter beside the register. “I’m sorry,” she added, and Lauren sighed.

“No, it’s not your fault.” She glanced down at her shirt, the cloth straining hard, and shook her head ruefully. “These things can be a fucking curse sometimes.”

“Tell me about it,” the girl nodded, giggling some more. She glanced over her shoulder at the door to the service area, then leaned out from behind the register. “It’s not just you,” she smiled, arching her back; the buttons of her flannel strained to hold her in, and Lauren found herself laughing back at her. “My name’s Abby.”

“I’m Lauren.” She hesitated, then glanced at the cashier’s chest. “So that’s why he hired you?”

“No!” Abby rolled her eyes. “It’s even worse than that. He’s my dad.”

“Oh!” Lauren had no clue what to say, except, “sorry…”

“Yeah, well.” Abby tossed her hair back. “That’s how I know his type. My mom’s like a 34F.”

“Fuck,” Lauren marveled, then she covered her mouth. “Oh. Excuse me. It’s been a stressful day.”

Abby laughed again. She seemed like the kind of girl that did it easily, and often. güvenilir bahis “You want to swear? Fuckin’ swear!” They both grinned. “This is a car repair place. I hear about forty f-bombs per hour. And yes, Lauren, I do get my share of glances.” She paused, her lively eyes flickering down Lauren’s seated body. “He likes nice butts, too, so you’re double-screwed here.”

“Oh. Great.” Lauren felt herself stir, sitting up straighter in the hard chair. She worked hard to keep herself in shape, and it bothered her when only men seemed to notice. “Thanks, though.”

“Hey!” The cashier put both hands up. “I see dozens of people in here every day. I know what I know, and you’re a fucking ten.” She winked. “Eleven, maybe.”

“Wow!” Lauren was grinning widely now, feeling herself respond to this careless little sweetheart. “You’re going to make me blush.”

“You already are,” Abby pointed out indulgently.

“Fuck.” She glanced across at the only other person in the room, an elderly man waiting while Hal did his safety inspection. The guy’s head was tipped back against the big front window, his eyes closed in cowlike docility. Abby noticed.

“It’s okay,” she smiled. “I’ll quit bugging you.” She straightened the stack of papers on the counter, humming to herself while an impact wrench whined in the distance. Lauren felt the flush slowly dissipate, her annoyance with Hal very much forgotten now. The girl’s hair spread in untidy whorls across her face as she bent over her paperwork, her fingers tapping decisively at a filthy keyboard off to one side.

Lauren’s mind wandered as she paged through some spread of a celebrity home out on PEI or Labrador or someplace, wondering to herself what Abby looked like under her flannel, what her legs could do, what that wild hair would feel like trailing over naked skin as that wry little mouth crept down, down… With a start Lauren found Abby’s face again, realizing the girl was staring right back at her.

The eye contact was an electric jolt sizzling through her body.

The wrench wheezed once more, a series of loud stutters, and then they heard heavy footsteps out in the hall. “All set!” The door rattled open, its spring giving that same high-pitched groan, and then there was Hal, looming in the doorway. “I’m finished on the green Pontiac.” He held out a grimy clipboard for Abby, his eyes resting comfortably back in their accustomed place atop Lauren’s tits. She raised the magazine instinctively, Hal giving a short laugh. “Not your car, honey. You’ll be with us awhile.” His work boot nudged at the old man’s chair. “That’s you, bud. Ring him up, Abigail.”

“Come on over, sir,” Abby told the man, her voice soothing as the guy blinked. “I’ll go over the bill.” Lauren locked eyes with Abby’s father, the man’s face easing again into that same superior smirk. She glanced down to make sure the magazine was covering her chest, then thought about the tightness of her jeans across her thighs and wished she’d grabbed her hoodie from the car before she’d surrendered it to Hal. The old man and Abby carried on, their low voices overlaid by shuffling paper and the tap of her little fingers on her keyboard, while her father just leaned against the door jamb and nodded across at Lauren.

I’m gonna move this chair out of sight of that door, she told herself. Just as soon as he leaves.

Which he did, blessedly, taking the old guy back to pick up his Pontiac. Lauren slid her eyes up to Abby, who rolled hers. “Nice job, with the magazine,” the younger woman nodded.

“When you’re built like me, you learn all the tricks.” It came out as a surly mutter, Lauren scotching the chair loudly along the linoleum until the back side of the counter hid most of it from the door. Abby laughed.

“If you’re sick of looking at me,” she beamed, “just say so.” It was true: the register completely blocked her now.

“Oh, no fear of that.” The two shared a small, secret smile. “You’re making this whole thing bearable, frankly.”

“Good thing you decided to come here, then.” The girl stretched her arms up high, her back arching steeply back. “In spite of my dad, I mean.”

Lauren gave a bark of laughter. “Not like I had much of a choice. When your car starts puking out black smoke and you’re a moron about auto shit, you pull into the first shop you find.” She yawned. “It’s not like I pulled over and Googled this place.”

“Good.” Abby arched her eyebrow. “Our reviews fucking suck.”

“Gee. I wonder why.” She hesitated. “I’d have missed out on this fun little convo, sadly. It would never have occurred to me to search for all the mechanics named Hal, for example,” she laughed, and as expected, Abby joined in.

“You’d have been SOL.” She twisted to the side, jamming the old man’s paperwork into a metal tray on the wall. “His name’s not even Hal. He just thought that would sound more mechanic-y.”

“Are you shitting me?”

“No. His name is actually Lawrence.”

“Oh.” The girl’s türkçe bahis smile bewitched her. “Wow!”

“Yeah. You’d get like forty thousand hits. Every other car guy in this part of the province is named Hal. Or Gary.”

“That seems… not very useful.” Lauren smiled despite herself. “Like, this one time, I got obsessed with this volleyball player at the Junior College. All I knew was her first name, Kailey.” She shook her head. “You have any idea how many chicks named Kailey play volleyball?”

Abby tossed her head back and roared with laughter, her bangs dancing. Lauren had a sudden urge to get up, march over, and tuck her hair behind her ear for her. She paused, staring over the counter. “You, uh, easily get obsessed with female volleyball players, do ya?”

Lauren saw her big eyes drop to her chest, and felt herself respond. Those eyes were amazing. “I mean, come on.” Lauren shrugged and finally put the magazine on the little table. “They’re volleyball players. The shorts…”

“Oh, hell yeah. The shorts.” Abby’s smile grew. “You like short shorts, huh?”

Lauren felt her nipples prodding at her bra as she leaned forward. She was almost sure this wiggly little cashier was flirting with her. Goddamn, she hoped she was… “I like girls in short shorts,” she nodded seriously.

Abby licked her lips unconsciously. “I feel that.”

“Fuck,” Lauren nodded, fervent, “I wish I did feel that.”

Abby was nodding when Lauren glanced back up. “Mmhmm,” she muttered, her lips quirking, “nice little asses in those shorts. Usually.”

“Usually,” Lauren nodded, sitting forward in the chair now. Definitely, the girl was flirting. Imagine, Lauren thought to herself, finding a horny little bitch out here in the boonies… “Volleyball players are almost always hot,” she admitted, and then she waited until the other woman’s big eyes found hers. “So. You play volleyball, Abby?”

“Oh my god!” the girl blurted, her face catching fire. Her hand flew to her mouth, but her eyes shone. “Shut up! I do not play volleyball.” She cocked her head. “My butt is too big to look good in those shorts.”

“You forget,” Lauren winked back, fighting to keep the excitement out of her voice, “I like girls in short shorts, and you’re a girl.” She made a show of leaning sideways in the little chair, her head craning around the cash register. “Guaranteed, your butt would look amazing in those.”


“Seriously.” Lauren shrugged, still peering around. “Trust me. I’ve spent many, many hours poring over pics of women in volleyball shorts. I’m an expert.”

Abby fidgeted with the register. “What are you doing?” she asked, soft and a little playful. “Why are you trying to see around the register?”

“Well,” Lauren smiled, feeling her heart beat faster, “you brought up your butt being too big. I’m trying to see.”

“Stop it.” She didn’t mean it, though, her eyes still gleaming.

“Come on.” Lauren took a deep breath, her heart pounding now; she could feel her pussy stir. The girl’s smile was a sorceress’ spell, her eyes amazing. “I told you. I’m an expert.”

The girl lowered her hand, her fingers drumming softly on the counter. “But I’m not wearing shorts.”

“I have a vivid imagination.” She glanced at the door behind Abby. “Look, I’m also trying to stave off boredom here. Humor me.”

“Humor you. By showing you my ass.”

Lauren made a point of scanning around the room. “Like you’re so busy…”

“You’re crazy,” Abby said softly, but she was grinning as she slid off her stool, the evening outside passing through that moment, so sudden out here in the boonies, where “afternoon” became “evening.” Lauren grew suddenly very conscious of little details: the clang of a dropped tool in the maintenance bay. The flicker of a fluorescent high above, its ballast iffy. Passing headlights as a pickup truck flew by on the curving road outside.

And the smirk on Abby’s face as the girl stepped out from behind the little counter.

“I’m telling you,” she was saying, shaking her head, “all you’re going to see is my fat ass in a pair of ratty tights.” She was flushed as she said it, her whole body looking alert and alive and so very fucking ripe to Lauren’s overheated mind, the flannel falling from her full breasts down to just barely cover her mound. She hesitated, simpering. “Wanna come around back? Or should I just twirl?”

“Twirl away,” Lauren managed. The girl was short, vibrant, her energy reaching across the room straight to Lauren’s pussy. “Or, like, better yet? Just turn around and bend over.”

“Fuck!” Abby laughed, her whole face lit up. “You’re not very subtle, are you?”

Lauren sat back in the chair, feeling sweat start under her armpits. Her whole body trembled. “What are you? Chickenshit?”

“Ooh. A challenge from a chick who doesn’t even know what an air filter does?” They both laughed.

“Sure I do.” Lauren licked dry lips. “It filters air. Now come on. Turn around güvenilir bahis siteleri and touch your toes. I promise I won’t be too harsh.”

“Some girls like it harsh,” Abby blurted, but she whirled anyway. She stood a moment, posed with her fingers under the back of her shirt where it fell to the bottom of her butt. She turned her head to smirk over her shoulder at Lauren. “Ready?”

“Born ready.” Lauren crossed her ankles, her legs stretched out before her. Her pussy tingled now. It had been awhile since she’d flirted all casually like this, meeting up with a cute girl in a public place and letting her tongue get loose; this was far more than she’d been looking for, and as Abby curled her body slowly over, her hands flipping the flannel up, Lauren felt her mouth fall open.

Abby’s ass stretched the tights across a pair of smooth, full young cheeks, the black cloth sinking in where her crack marched down from her spine, the whole expanse boldly, even proudly on display with no hint of any underwear. She scooched her ankles out to the sides, and that frazzly hair of hers dipped into view between her thighs. “I was never very good at touching my toes,” she apologized, her voice strained.

“Am I complaining?” Lauren stared between the younger woman’s legs, watching the muscles of her thighs tense as they drew the eye up, up to where the tights cupped her crotch. She could see where the seam parted her pussy lips, and she felt herself shudder. “Wow, Abby. That’s some ass.” She heard a giggle. “You sure you don’t play volleyball?”

“Oh, I’m sure.” The girl was arched deeply now, her legs spread wide so her fingertips could rest on the filthy floor. Her reddened face appeared, inverted, between her legs. “Enjoying the view? I might need some help straightening back up,” she laughed. Lauren shifted in the chair, sitting forward now, her eyes drinking in the young body before her.

“Not yet,” Lauren breathed. “I’m telling you, I’m an expert. I need time to, like, study.” The woman’s butt was gorgous, big, grabbable. But still fresh and youthful. Lauren felt a strong urge to lean in and kiss it.

“I just think you like my ass.” It came out in a rush, on the exhale, as her face got redder. Abby was bent way over now, her eyes crinkling in amusement as she took in Lauren’s reaction. She giggled. “Imagine if my dad came in now?”

“Fuck.” Lauren rolled her eyes. “Way to spoil the mood. I’m enjoying myself here.”

“Yeah?” Abby said it low and husky as, slowly, she drew herself back upright. “You are, huh?” She stretched her neck, taking care to keep her flannel up at her waistband, showing off now.

“Sort of.” Lauren had to fight to keep her hands in her lap, to stop them from reaching out and burying themselves in Abby’s cheeks. The girl’s feet stayed spread, that seam tempting her as it split her lips… Lauren drew a deep breath. “A lot, actually, if I’m telling the truth.”

Abby giggled again, her hair whipping as she spun her head back over her shoulder. “I’m happy to hear it. A girl can dig it when her ugly old ass gets some attention, you know?”

“I mean,” Lauren stammered, composing herself, her eyes slow as they crept back up toward Abby’s face, “I always think so. But yeah, Abby, don’t you worry. That ass? That’s neither ugly, nor old.”

“That’s so sweet.” At last she let the flannel fall, turning coolly to look down at Lauren. “While there you sit, like a girl waiting for a lapdance or something.”

Lauren laughed, giddy. “Yeah, ‘or something.’ Unless, you know, you’re offering?” She hesitated, head cocked, waiting once again to see what the girl would do. Her heart leapt when Abby merely nodded.

“I totally would,” she sighed, “only with my luck, my dad or one of his employees would come in looking for an invoice just as things got good.”

Lauren was definitely feeling careless now, her pussy weeping into her panties. A strange buzzing had started in her ears, like the room was small and hard to breathe in, like she needed fresh air. “Just as things got good,” she mused.

“Oh yeah.” The girl tossed her unruly hair back as, at last, she returned to her stool. “I give outstanding lapdances.”

Lauren forced words into the sudden silence that followed. “I can’t believe I’m going to be waiting around here for, like, hours,” she complained quietly. “This is not what I was planning when I got up this morning.”

Abby nodded thoughtfully from behind the counter, her chin in her hand. “I can relate. Did you, like, want anything? Some coffee, water, need to use the bathroom?” Her big eyes bore down into Lauren’s. “Anything I can do for you?”

“Know what? I think maybe I do need to use the restroom.” Lauren gulped. “You should, like, take me back. Show me where it is.” She gulped back her excitement. “Give me the grand tour of this amazing establishment.”

“If it’ll help you pass the time, I guess,” Abby said quietly. “When my dad’s not in a hurry, he’s not in a hurry. And he won’t like seeing you go.”

“Yes he will,” Lauren shot back grimly. “You’re not the only one with a nice butt.”

“He does like peeking at a girl’s ass,” Abby nodded, her eyes straying down to Lauren’s lap. “Show me.”

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Consensual Incest Ch. 02

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Jack followed mum into his bedroom; he loved how her beautiful ass looked, her massive tits were jiggling, he loved how they bounced up and down, there was something so erotic about mum. They stood at the side of Jack’s King Size bed; Jack was playing with mum’s massive melons, her nipples were big and hard; mum said, “I’m so happy that you like my big tits, I love how you play with them. Jack, I’m still tingling after you sucked my clit; I loved that, your the first person that’s ever done that to me; I can’t wait to feel your big shaft inside me; mummy needs shafted.”

Jack laid mum on top of the bed; she spread her legs wide open, inviting him to mount her. The folds of her vulva were so inviting. Jack lay on top of her, teasing her giant nub of a clit with the bulbous head of his stiff cock. Mum purred with pleasure; she loved it, then mum said, “Baby, you know how to look after mummy’s clit, mummy’s going to look after your magnificent cock. Baby, take me; I’m yours.”

Jack then slid inside her dripping cunt; mum took his full length with the first push. Jack quickly had a powerful rhythm going; mum was gripping his cock at the base and head of each thrust; she gave him a great ride. Jack said, “Mum, this feels so good. How is it for you? Are you comfortable with my cock?”

“Jack, it’s wonderful. The head of your cock is hitting my cervix; that feels so good. You are filling my pussy, I feel filled, but it’s a very comfortable feeling. I love your cock. Can you go a little harder and deeper?”

Jack moved up a gear, then said, “Of course I can, this is now adultery, mum, are you enjoying it as much as I’m enjoying it? It feels so good.”

“Jack, it’s wonderful, I’ve never committed adultery in my life before, but I wish that I’d done this years ago with you. I can’t wait to feel your spunk inside mummy’s cunt, fill me with your sperm Jack, empty your balls inside me.”

Mum talking like this aroused Jack considerably; he was now hammering mum’s cunt, he felt the warmth of mum’s cum then he climaxed himself, he then started squirting his cum inside her. When they both had composed themselves, Jack leaned down and kissed mum lovingly and affectionately for several minutes. Then Jack said, “Mum, I’m glad we’ve done this, we have committed adultery, we also have committed incest, but it is consensual incest. I feel good about it; I hope that you feel the same way.”

Mum kissed Jack so passionately then said, “I’ve loved it too, Jack, we made love there, but it was probably the best fuck of my life.”

Over the next week, they stayed in the Penthouse, only going out for shopping. The weather continued to be warm and sunny. They both had terrific all-over tans. Now that she and her son had become lovers, she couldn’t get enough of his cum. She liked it in her pussy and really loved bahis firmaları it in her ass as he came deep into her bowels, filling her ass full of hot creamy sperm.

Mum told Jack she wanted him as her husband and she would be his slutty wife, always ready for him to take her. Mum would start dressing like a slut in sexy lingerie with a garter belt and sheer black nylon stocking and her new 4″ red high heels. Mum loved being on all fours with him taking her from behind bend over her back playing with her massive tits, and incredibly mum would always have an earth-shattering orgasm when he came up her ass every time Jack ass fucked her.

Jack had two garages on the grounds of the apartment building. He kept his car in one of them; they garaged mum’s in the other one so that no one could see mum’s car. Jack had dictated a letter which Peter had sent to his father’s lawyer. It put mum in total control; father had left the marital home, had purchased another house and was now living with another woman. They had attached pictures of his dad with his new girlfriend. Jack had set out terms that his father must accept. If it came to a divorce, it would cost his father a fortune. Jack had gone with mum and changed all the locks on the family house. As Jack had said to his mum, it was now a waiting game.

Jack’s father had not replied to Peter’s letter; Jack said this was normal, any response would show weakness on his part. Mum had also got a new credit card, as dad was responsible for her old one, but mum was now using her old one for cash withdrawals; this was costing Jack’s father a fortune; Jack slowly turned the screws on his father. Mum was buying a lot of lingerie online using her new credit card, but she was transferring the cash she was withdrawing to her own bank account.

Jack was loving the time he was spending with mum; their sex life was unbelievable; they were doing it three and even four times a day. Mum’s cooking was helping with this; both their diets were so healthy. Jack was only writing a couple of newspaper or magazine articles a week. He still had his finger on the markets. Mum had a little capital; Jack started investing it for her, the returns were good; this made mum happy; she was now beginning to understand how Jack made his money though she had no idea of Jack’s wealth.

Around the Penthouse, mum either wore very erotic lingerie, or she was naked. When she was naked, she had to be sitting or lying on a towel as she would get so wet. They loved watching television together. The sight of mum’s body made Jack hard, as the sight of Jack’s stiff cock made mum so wet. They were sitting on the couch one evening. The television was dreadful. Then mum said, “Jack, let’s watch some porn together, they have some good porn films on Netflix, or we could go on the Internet and get some kaçak iddaa hard-core. If we did that, we could hook the laptop on to the HD screen we have for the television. We have got a lot of options.”

Jack set the laptop up with a cable to the large TV screen; the picture quality was terrific in HD; Jack wondered what type of porn mum would opt for? They first watched a Mature with a younger man with a big cock. It was dirty; mum was playing with her massive nub of a clit as she watched it. It was amazing to watch as she finger fucked herself with two fingers while using her thumb to stimulate her huge clit. Mum said, “Jack, does it arouse you when you watch porn? It’s all I had for the last two years; in fact, it’s longer than that. I like it when it’s naturally done, and everything is spontaneous. I like men with big cocks and women with big tits. What do you like?”

Jack thought for a minute, then said, “I like watching women with big tits too, I haven’t watched a lot of porn, so my knowledge is not that that good.”

Mum’s next question surprised Jack when she asked, “Who was your last fuck before you had me?”

Jack was going to tell a little lie, but Jack had enjoyed fucking the dental hygienist; Jack replied, “My last before you was my dental hygienist; she’s big tits and very affectionate in bed. She’s also married. When she got horny, then she’d message me. I told her after we had done it that I was seeing someone else. She told me to keep in touch if it didn’t work out as she loved my cock.”

Mum replied, “She sounds safe if she’s married; I have got a fantasy of having another woman in a threesome. Does that surprise you, Jack?”

Jack then kissed mum so lovingly and tenderly, then said, “Mum, would you like me to fuck another woman as you watched me do it? Would you like that, mum?”

“I would fucking love it, Jack, that would arouse me so much. I would fuck her too. Let’s watch one of my favourite porn films; this one makes me very horny.”

Mum then logged into the porn channel; she had an account; she went into her favourites and selected a film of a threesome of two mature women with massive tits having incredible sex with a younger man with an enormous cock. The video was excellent; the two matures were fantastic, they played a game, the two of them were kissing, sucking and touching each other, they were so dirty, the first one to cum would get fucked by the young man first. Jack enjoyed the film. Mum had got so wet watching it. Mum said, “Would your friend be interested in doing this with the two of us?”

Jack thought for a minute; a big titted widow lived in an apartment two floors below Jack. She was maybe two years older than mum. She loved Jack’s cock. She took it in every hole then loved to lick Jack’s cock clean after he had fucked her. She was very kaçak bahis dirty. She had approached Jack initially when she had a problem with her Internet; she was another possibility. Jack said, “I’m sure that Jill would be very interested in this, but I think that it would be better if you met her first. If there’s a chemistry, then we can go ahead. I can message her and say that you’re staying with me and would like your teeth checked; I’m sure that she’d fit you in very quickly.”

Mum replied, “That’s the way to do it. Message her and see if she can give me an appointment.”

Jack then messaged Jill; he wrote, “Hi Jill, I hope this finds you well. I have my mum staying with me at the moment. Is it possible that you could check her mouth out? She needs a deep cleaning, and if you could seal her teeth with the sealer you used on me, that would be fantastic. She’ll come to you privately. When things settle down, we should arrange a meet. I would appreciate this if you could do this for mum. Jack.”

Ten minutes later, Jill replied, “Hi Jack, great to hear from you; I’ve checked my diary; I can give your mum an appointment at eight tomorrow morning. I have an hour free then. If this isn’t suitable, then it would be Friday at four in the afternoon. I am busy at the moment. She will have to come privately. The cost with the sealant would be eighty pounds. You know that I do a good job. I’m missing your cock; I need a good fucking. Just thinking about you and your big cock makes me horny. I would love a meet. I’ll look after your mum when I see her. It’s better if she takes it tomorrow morning. Kisses wherever you want them, Jill.”

Jack then asked mum if tomorrow at eight was good for her? Mum replied, “Only if you fuck me at seven.”

Jack then said, “Mum, tomorrow wear that push up bra that makes your tits look enormous along with that white top. Also, put on those very tight leggings that show your Camel’s Toe to perfection. Wear that jacket that comes down to your thighs, then take your jacket off when Jill gets you into her chair. That way, only Jill will see you. I know Jill’s very dirty, but if she starts to chat you up, then we are there.”

Mum replied, “Don’t worry, Jack, I know how to flirt. Does Jill like to be complimented on her body?”

“She loves that, especially on her big tits and curves. That bra and leggings will make her interested.”

“I won’t wear any panties; then she’ll see my long sex slit and my thick cunt lips. Mummy can be sexy when she wants.”

Jack replied to Jill, “Jill, many thanks for taking mum so quickly. She will be at your Clinic tomorrow at eight. I appreciate you doing this for me. I owe you. Hopefully, we can meet soon. Jack.”

Jack then gave mum a fantastic fucking, for the next hour, he hammered into her. They were so dirty and naughty in bed now. They both loved what they were doing to each other. Jack finished up shooting his load deep inside mum’s hungry cunt. They both fell asleep thinking about mum’s dental appointment tomorrow morning.

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