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Let the Game Begin

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The evening had been a tease from “Hello”.

I had agonised over the planning of this night for the past week. Vince had been my lover for some months now and every encounter was a new adventure.

I thought he was too good to be true when we first talked over the phone. He knew all the right things to say, was witty and oh, so charming. After a few calls we decided to meet. I felt a little trepidation, but what the hell, you only live once.

It was one of those blind dates you go on with an open mind, but your legs crossed. The evening turned out great though. I felt comfortable with him and boy, did he make me laugh. I felt I wanted to know this guy inside out.

He wasn’t the type of man I had dated in the past. Well- meaning friends were forever trying to set me up with guys that were either so dull, I was working overtime to get a conversation going or just wanted me for dessert. This man was a whole new bag of tricks.

Vince is an American, completing a Post Grad Diploma in Architecture at UQ. I might mention here he has the most gorgeous smile, a smile that makes his eyes sparkle. Arms that hold me and just make snuggle closer. I guess I fell head over heels. All instincts told me… Don’t go there, girl. Just fall in lust.

I tried to treat him as a Friend with benefits, a Fuck buddy. I didn’t want a partner, I just wanted someone to have fun with, then say goodnight. No emotion fucking with my brain. I’d managed to duck Cupids’ little arrows in the past. This time he aimed better.

Anyway, the affair was a hot one from the minute I first dropped my panties. I found a raging sexuality inside me I didn’t know existed. Seems I just needed the right man to open the door to the sensual me.

So here I am, greeting my lover with a little challenge in mind, for later in the evening.

I’d booked a table for dinner at an intimate little restaurant. It’s perfect. Secluded tables, candlelight, soft music, very discreet staff.

We sit opposite each other. He can’t take his eyes off me. I’m wearing a dress that drapes seductively over my body. I’m wearing a lace bra. The fabric shows just a hint of my large nipples through it. My cleavage is showing just enough to make him want to see more.

We don’t eat much, our appetites aren’t for food. The wine gives me a delicious glow. I feel my inhibitions slinking away. I slip off one of my stillettos and glide my toes along his calves. My gaze remains steady. I see the look of surprise in his eyes when he feels my toes between his thighs.

The waiter approaches our table to refill our glasses at the precise moment my toes reach the hard bulge in Vince’s pants. I’m enjoying this, he’s finding it extremely difficult to maintain his composure. The waiter takes what seems like forever to pour our wine, while I start to massage my lover’s hard manhood with my toes.

I lick my lower lip and bite down just a little. I’m feeling very naughty tonight.

Once alone, I tell him my rules for the evening. It’s a fantasy he’s told me about. A little challenge. Of course he agrees, he thinks he’ll win. He reaches under the table and runs his fingers across the silky nylon, bahis firmaları drawing little circles behind my knee. He knows what this does to me. My sharp intake of breath confirms it.

I signal the waiter for the check…yes, it’s my night remember, and order a cab for the short ride back to my apartment.

Before I turn the key in the lock, I feel his breath on my neck. His kisses trail down then up the length of my soft skin. I turn to him and melt into him for his kiss. Our lips part, our tongues play, our eager hands wander.

I push him away with a seductive, knowing look. Thirty seconds more and I would have surrendered to him. Once we step inside, he can’t touch me, and I can’t touch him. Which of us will surrender first?

The game begins. I reach into my purse and hand him a penny. I get to call the toss. Heads I win, tails he gets to call the shots. Of course I win, he doesn’t notice it’s a two headed penny. I didn’t say I’d play fair.

I point to the easy chair that sits facing my bed. It’s about six feet from the foot of my king size bed.

He removes his jacket and sits. I put on a CD, slow sensual sax. Scented candles scattered about the room are lit.

Our eyes lock. My hands caress my body. I begin to sway to the music, enjoying the feel of my own touch. His feet are bare now, next to go is his tie. Shirt buttons, one a minute.

I turn my back to him and reach behind me and slide down my zipper. I know he’s watching every move I make. My hips move seductively to the music, I love to strip for him. I let my dress fall to the floor and kick it aside.

I run my hands over the slinky fabric of my ivory slip, raising it just a little with my upward movements to give him a glimpse of my lace topped nylons and suspender. I feel my excitement build, I want him to surrender now, make the first move.

Slowly I turn to face him, swaying my hips, my hands moving to my breasts. I feel the rise and fall of my firm mounds. I want him to feel them too. He knows it.

I hear the familiar tinkle of metal that always turns me on. He has his shirt open to the waist. I watch him undo his belt, pull it all the way out and place it across his thighs. I raise an eyebrow. Hmm interesting. He opens the remaining buttons and opens his shirt. His chest is masculine and lightly tanned. He slides his hand over his abs, upward to his nipples.

I watch him gently draw little circles on each one. My tongue should be doing that. I bite down on my lip when I see them harden. He smiles at me, he knows I’m weakening. I’m sure he’s imagining me kneeling between his legs. But I won’t give in…yet.

I slip the straps of my slip over my shoulders but I only let it fall to my waist. He licks his lips at the sight of me now. My lace bra is strapless and sheer. He can see my hard nipples through the lace. Dark rose areolas, surrounding nipples longing to be licked and sucked.

I watch his hand slide down to his waistband. I hold my breath, while I see the button undone. I imagine every tooth of the zipper clicking in relief as the pressure from within is released. The tingles in my pussy go berserk when kaçak iddaa I see his hand reach inside his pants. My hand automatically reaches down. The slinky fabric feels so damn good over my hot mound. My eyes close for a few seconds, my thoughts focusing on the growing damp sensation between my legs.

I open my eyes. Oh my god. I see his beautiful manhood, rock hard and already glistening wet in the candlelight. He strokes himself slowly, watching me, knowing I want it. Three steps away, I could fall to my knees and take him, taste him, I don’t have to win…oh but I do.

I let my slip fall to my feet, I kick it away to join my dress. My hands slide over the tops of my breasts, along the contours of my little waist, my hips. I glide my fingers over the soft crease at the top of my thighs. My body shivers with delight. I love to touch there, be touched. My eyes never leave him, his hard cock, his hand, stroking a little harder now, His eyes are half closed, he’s so close to his happy place. It’s time to up the ante.

I turn my back to him, running my hands down my hips and across my cheeks. I reach behind and unclasp my bra. It joins my growing pile of clothing. I glide my fingers back up the sides of my body imagining his fingers there. I cup my breasts and lightly squeeze my nipples. I let out a soft moan, I want him to come to me now, I want him with a passion.

He knows my moans, he knows how much I want him to take me. I hear his breathing quicken, he’s torturing me and if I turned around I know he’d be smiling. But I won’t turn. I undo the little ties on each side of my thong and pull it slowly through my legs. I throw it behind me to him. I hear his deep breath as he savours my womanly scent.

I climb onto my bed. He has a ringside view of my vulva, glistening wet and swollen. I move up the bed on hands and knees like a cat. Like a cat on heat. I roll onto my back, my fingers making straight for my needy clit. I watch him, still stroking, slower now, he’s enjoying the show. I close my eyes, I can feel myself being carried on that awesome wave.

I’m so lost in my own pleasure, his next move takes my breath away. Vince has taken me by the ankles. He slides me back down to the foot of the bed, my legs are thrown over his broad shoulders. He takes my hands and throws my arms outward. Oh, when I feel his kisses on my tummy, his lips inching down, down…I know I’m seconds away from that delicious warm wave sweeping over me, through me.

But his kisses take a left turn, down one hip, down my inner thigh. He lifts my leg and licks that sensitive spot behind my knee. My fingers claw at the sheet. My nipples ache, my hips rise of their own accord. I call to him “Pleeeease, Vince!”

Then he’s upon me. Oh, his tongue, his tongue licks the length of my wet swollen lips. Then I feel it, the most exquisite sensation imaginable. I feel my clit sucked between his lips, his tongue flicking quickly over it, circling it. His hands reach up and find my nipples. His fingers squeeze my sensitive little buds. I squeeze the life out of the sheets. I cry out, call his name, I can hardly breathe.

I feel the heat begin to radiate. kaçak bahis It starts in my inner thighs just above my knees. I feel my skin glow, up my thighs, higher and higher until the pulsing starts. Every muscle in my body spasms, anticipating that one big contraction. Then I feel it. That delicious sensation of indescribable beauty. My breathing stops with a gasp. My orgasm washes over me. The intensity of it takes my breath away.

I lie there panting, my head swimming. I feel at that moment , I’m floating in an ocean of euphoria . He kisses me gently until I regain my breath. I can only manage a lust drunk smile.

I notice he’s let his slacks and boxers drop. My eyes have only seconds to feast on him, before he flips me onto my tummy. He grabs my hips and draws me up, kissing each cheek.

He pulls the elastic of my suspenders and lets it snap back onto my bare bum. The little sting sends a million volts straight to my supersensitive pussy. He unclasps my nylons, dragging each one down, gliding his hands down my smooth legs.

His hand grasps one ankle, takes it out a little wider. I feel his kisses on the back of my thigh. His fingers kneed the other. One solitary lick the length of my wet lips makes my juices start flowing in anticipation.

He stands and unhooks my suspender belt. I feel him between my legs, hot and hard. I push back to him, I want him inside me. He’s still playing the game. He rubs his smooth purple head along my lips, back and forth. It feels so wet and slippery. He holds me tight, not letting me take more. It’s time to up the ante again.

I reach down and dip two fingers into my hot sex. I gasp at my own touch. My fingers circle my clit..”oh yes, yes” Suddenly my hand is wrenched away, Vince has both my wrists pinned down above my head. Then I feel it.

He enters me, not slowly, no teasing, but all of him. His free hand is underneath me pulling me onto him, driving his beautiful hard cock all the way home. After two strokes he doesn’t pull me back, he doesn’t have to. I match his thrusts with my own.

We’re not making love any more, we’re fucking. He pulls out a little now between thrusts, grazing against my gspot. His moans and mine take each other closer and closer. Each stroke against my sensitive spot is pure ecstasy. His fingers grip into my flesh. My hot hungry sex grips him tight.

He lets my wrist loose, he has both my hips now. He steadies me against the relentless crashing of his hips to my butt. My fingers make a beeline for my clit.

My senses are at full height now. I know my orgasm’s imminent. I tune in to Vince’s breathing, he’s almost there. My fingers torture my clit. I hold back. I wait for the exact moment. Then I say the magic words “now baby, now!”

I let my fingers work their magic, I feel his beautiful hard cock grow just a little bigger. Our mutual orgasm hits. Our cries and moans fill the air. I feel his body shudder against mine. He’s buried so deep inside me, I grip tighter. I want him to feel me, feel what he does to me. We ride this wave together.

Vince rests his head on my back. His breathing is as ragged as mine. We stay resting till we regain a little strength and wait for that little “plop”.

Vince kisses my spine, my neck, behind my ears. He lifts me effortlessly back up the bed. We lie close together, spooning in the soft candlelight. He breaths in my perfume, I delight in his warmth.

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Surfing Ch. 3

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This is a continuation of surfing part one and two . . .

After mom (who likes to be called Donna since we became lovers) and I left the night club. On the drive home she started rubbing my thigh.

“Oh I can’t wait to get home all of the oral sex at the bar has my pussy on fire for some hard cock!”

Looking over at her in the short red dress that now was exposing her shaved pussy and the low-cut top that just hid the nipples of her 40dd tits. I knew that getting hard was not going to be a problem. She had re applied her bright red lipstick as we drove into my apartment complex. It still amazed me how sexy my mom (Donna) looked for her age. When she arrived for the visit with her new body (since she lost more than thirty pounds) and her animal appetite for sex. I was so glad that I tricked her on the internet.

When we got to my apartment there was a note attached to my door. It was from Dave my next door neighbor who had heard Donna and me having sex. He has no idea who Donna really is. He had told me outside that he would love to fuck a sexy older lady like that. I had told him I felt the same way about his sexy new redhead wife. The note said that when we got home to just walk inside their apartment, if the door was unlocked.

“So what do you think Donna?” The smile on her face told me that she was game for some action. As I reached for the door knob, she grabbed my arm.

“I will do this only if you promise that you will stuff me full of your big fat cock when we get done.”

I gave her firm ass a nice squeeze and winked. When we opened the door, the smell of fresh burning marijuana filled our nose. We walked in and found Dave sitting on the couch watching a porno movie. Dave looked up and his eyes drank in the red outfit and skin exposed by Donna. He jumped up and shook my hand, but his eyes never left Donna exposed cleavage.

“So dude are you really going to let me have some of this fine ass lady?” He asked.

“Depends, where is Julie?”

“Aw dude she is having second thoughts.”

Before I could say anything, Donna cut in.

“You go and get her and let me show her what my lover has for her pussy.”

As Dave went into the bedroom, she expertly pulled my cock out. Then sat on the couch in front of me and spread her legs so he would see her sweet shaved pussy when he returned. She tenderly started licking my shaft. Within a few seconds she had my thick cock at full attention. She rubbed her pussy lips as the tip of her tongue played with the slit on the fat head. Then she wrapped her red painted lips around the fat head as her tongue danced around it. Her hand slowly stroked the thick eight inches protruding from her hot wet mouth. She looked up at me then I followed her eyes over to where Dave and Julie were standing in the doorway. Dave was already into jacking his cock but my attention turned to Julie. She was wearing a white outfit with white thigh-high stocking. Her bushy red hair could be seen through the tiny white thong. Her long red hair covered her tits. I looked over at Dave’s cock and smiled to myself knowing Julie was going to have a nice tight pussy. Donna looked over at Dave.

“Are you going to jack off or would canlı bahis you like to fuck my mouth” She giggled.

He about fell over the couch getting to her. She easily devoured his cock into her mouth. She pulled him between her long silky thighs as she started deep throating him slowly. She slipped the top of her dress down to release her big firm tits. I held out my hand to Julie who timidly grabbed it and walked over to me. Her eyes glued to Donna sucking all of her husband into her mouth.

“I can’t do that with him, so I know I won’t get much of your cock into my mouth.” She stammered.

I pulled her to me and kissed her, her mouth opened hungrily for my tongue. Sliding my big hands down to grip her tight little ass. When we broke our embrace, I saw that Dave had started savagely fucking moms tits. I leaned in and kissed Julies earlobe and whispered.

“I have had two blow jobs so far today, so if you don’t mind I would like to try out that tight cunt of yours.”

I spun her around so her silky ass cheek glided over my shaft. Sliding her tiny thong down then moving in behind her. Her hands dug into the arm of the couch as I slid the fat head over her pussy lips. Mom looked up at me as she laid back on the couch, Dave moved in between her tanned thighs and plunged his cock into her awaiting pussy. A scream erupted from Julie as I slid in half of my cock into her pussy.

“Oh god, Oh god I can’t it is too big!” She squealed.

Mom reached up and brushed her cheek and smiled.

“Hunny just relax when he gets that cock all inside. You will be screaming a different tune.”

Slowly I started fucking her, giving her just a little more with each stroke. Dave was feverishly fucking mom now. Her hips were raising up to get all of his cock into her. She looked so sexy with that tiny red dress bunched up on her hips. Slowly I worked all of my thick meat into Julies very tight cunt. The timidness changed as she started pushing her firm ass back into me. I started thrusting into her harder and faster.

“Oh fuck yes, fill me with that big fucking cock!” She screamed.

I started fucking her like a machine. Her tight ass rippling with each hard thrust. I grabbed her tiny waist and pulled her back onto my throbbing meat. Dave started to lose some of his momentum so mom pushed him back on the floor and climbed on top. I was a perfect view of her outstanding ass as she rode him hard. I grabbed Julies long red hair and started pulling it as I rammed into her cunt faster. Dave started yelling “Holy shit” I knew he must be experiencing mom’s unbelievable pussy control as she ground her pussy on his cock. I knew it wouldn’t take very long, which it didn’t before he blew his cum into her pussy. I also knew that she would milk it dry with that pussy. My glistening shaft was pistoned in and out of Julies pussy faster. I felt her body tighten as her orgasm over took her. I felt the warm fluid coating my shaft. I pulled out and positioned her on her knees in front of me and proceeded to stroke the juice-covered shaft at her pretty face. Her mouth opened as the hot cum started splattering on her face. Mom stood up and positioned her dress into place. Then walked over to me and bahis siteleri we kissed as we looked down at our latest victims spent on the floor. Julie looked up at us and mouthed the words “call me.” Mom pressed the tip of her red high heel shoe on Julies clit and rubbed it gently.

Mom grabbed me as we walked into my apartment.

“I hope that cock is ready for some more because that did not do it for me. Now that you have shown me the ways of a big fat cock.”

I pulled her luscious body into me. “You go and clean up. Put on a sexy outfit and be my private stripper and I will give you want you want.” I slapped her ass as she hurried toward the bedroom. I went into the bathroom and grabbed a quick shower and put on my satin boxers then waited on the couch. I turned on some nice music with a good grinding beat.

Then I heard her yell “now close your eyes.” When I opened my eyes, I couldn’t believe what I saw. My sultry mom had transformed into one of the sexiest school girls I have ever seen. Her long blond hair was in pigtails on the sides her white blouse was tied around her waist and her cleavage was busting out on the top. My eyes traveled down her exposed stomach to a short plaid skirt. Below the skirt was a few inches of tanned thigh before it was covered up with white thigh-high stockings. She looked so tall then I noticed the 6″ white pumps she was wearing. I know my jaw dropped open.

Mom looked at me. “Hunny close your mouth, that is my job around here to have an open mouth.” Then she proceeded to grind her sexy body to the beat of the music. She smiled as she saw the tent that was forming in my boxers. Her hands moved over her body, down her flat stomach to the bottom of the short plaid skirt. Slow she raised it for me to view her tiny white thong. Then she swung her hips as she turned around slowly. Bending over slowly until she was looking back at me through her silky thighs. Her hand gliding up the back of her thighs to expose that great ass. Then she raised her hand and gave it a hard slap. Turning back around slowly, not missing a beat of the music with her hips. She raised her skirt from the front again. Then grabbed the thong and pulled it up into her pussy hard. She held it up tight as she started to grind her pussy on the fabric. The thong was grinding back and forth across her swollen clit. Her other hand glided up her stomach to the bow on the bottom of her blouse. As she untied it, more cleavage came into view. As she ground her hips the blouse would open and flash her firm 40dd tits. Her big tits hung into view when she bent over to slowly slide the thong down her legs before she kicked it at me. She licked her lips as she now started playing with her pussy under the short skirt. She would raise the skirt and show that three fingers were buried inside, then drop the skirt again. After a few minutes of the teasing she walked slowly over to me, her sexy hips swaying. “Now sit on your hands!” I quickly obliged her command. She walked over bending over slowly until her ass brushed my face. Then her hand slid up my thigh as gripped the bulge in my boxers. As she stroked my cock through the silky fabric, her ass pressed hard into my face. My tongue darted out to the bahis şirketleri pleasant taste of a strawberry. She must have found a bottle of my flavors while she dressed. As she jerked my cock her ass rocked back and forth to fuck my tongue. Then she slowly slid her ass down my chest until she was sitting on my bulge. Her ass wiggled on my cock. Her body laid back into me as her hands groped her big tits as she ground down harder on my throbbing meat. Then she stood up slowly, when she turned around she had her tongue licking her hard nipple. She propped her foot between my legs and started rubbing my cock with the toe of her high heel. She moved her hand down again and gave me a close up view as she slid three fingers back into her pussy. She switched hands and put the pussy juice-covered fingers to my mouth. I quickly sucked them into my mouth and licked them clean as she finger fucked her pussy harder with the other hand. Then she walked to the center of the room and got down on her hands and knees. Her ass sticking up in clear view. She reached back and slapped it hard a couple of times. She looked back at me over her shoulder.

“Come here lover and give me what I crave!”

I quickly removed my boxers and got on my knees behind her. With one quick thrust I buried my long thick cock deep into her.

“Oh yessss, give me that real cock!” She squealed.

I pushed the skirt up to admire the total package. Then slammed into her hard. My big hand slid down her thighs and grabbed the firm flesh. I loved the sexy ripple of her ass as I slammed into her with a quicker pace. I felt her finger nails on my shaft as she rubbed her clit fast. As I plowed into her pussy, I stuck my thumb into my mouth. Then I quickly slid it into her ass at the same time my cock rocked into her pussy. Her body went rigid then I felt her warm orgasm covering my cock. She looked back at me.

“Baby that is the second time you have put a finger into my ass. I have never done anything like that and it makes me feel so slutty.”

I pulled mu cock from her pussy and rubbed the fat head on her ass. I gently pulled her back until it popped into the tight walls of her ass. She let out a loud squeal as the shaft slowly disappeared into her. Soon my big shaved balls slapped into her soaking pussy lips. I slowly started long stroking her ass. Her squeals turned to deep moans as I picked up the pace. Sliding my hands up her back until I could grab her pigtails. Then I started giving her the ass fucking she had been missing all of her life. She quickly started rocking, meeting my deep thrust into her ass. I slapped her ass cheek to the approval of her girly squeal. Sweat was rolling down my chest as I fucked her with a hard steady motion. I erupted deep into her awaiting ass, spraying my hot cum over her walls. When I released my firm grip on her, she fell into a heap on the floor. I laid beside her on the floor and we embraced in a passionate kiss.

“You know lover, that I have only been intimate with you for 24 hours and you have shown me what I have been missing for the past 40 years.”“Now how could I possibly re pay such a gift.”

“Don’t worry mom.” I covered her mouth with my finger before she could tell me to call her Donna. “Tomorrow is only Sunday and you don’t have to be home until Monday. Do you think aunt Linda would be busy tomorrow?”

“Oh lover, my sister! Now that sounds naughty.” She smiled.

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Sunshine’s Confession

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Double Penetration

(This story is a sequel to “Sunshine’s Needs,” so if you want to know who these people are you may want to read it first. If you like that one, you’ll come back to this one. For those who’ve already read it, enjoy.)


I awoke early the next morning wrapped around my sleeping wife. I was spooning her. My flaccid cock was nestled in the cheeks of her ass with the head pointing towards our feet. My left arm was draped over her hip where her waist dips sharply, and with my hand wedged in her cleavage, I cupped her left breast. Her arms were crossed over her tummy cradling both of her boobs as she snored quietly. Her head lay on my right arm that stretched out just below her pillow. My nose was buried in the back of her neck and I inhaled the wonderful aroma of her hair.

I thought about how much I loved my wife, and how good it felt to be wrapped around her as I was. I thought about how wonderful her ass felt pressed against my thighs. I thought about how great it felt to fuck this woman. Then I thought about how exciting it was to watch her fuck the shit out of her brother and swallow his cum. My cock began to harden immediately. Why wasn’t I repulsed by this, or jealous? Why wasn’t I angry that she had continued doing this behind my back and not told me? Why had she been so brazen as to fuck him again in that room there, next to where I was supposedly sleeping? Why did I feel so calm about all this? While I never felt threatened, or felt that our marriage was in jeopardy, these were still questions that I had to have answered.

Well, I figured that I’m not repulsed by all of this because I am, after all, a fucking pervert or I wouldn’t be writing about this in the first place. I mean, an erotic vision is an erotic vision, and what I saw happening in the sitting room of my hotel suite was hot as fucking shit. But when I realize it’s my wife, and she’s fucking her brother, and the motherfucker’s got a huge cock, and she’s fucking the shit out of it, the vision just gets that much hotter!

So I lay there thinking about all this and my cock begins to get hard. But lying as I was, my cock only had one place to go once it started to grow. She still had on that nasty little G-string, but the part that was meant to actually cover her pussy was wedged between her thigh and her fat vulva, leaving her pussy fully exposed. With the head of my cock nestled in between Sunshine’s thighs, as my cock grew longer and harder, it mushed itself into the slimy folds of her swollen pussy. She wiggled her hips and pushed back against it until her meaty lips finally parted and the head of my steadily hardening erection was enveloped by her hot, syrupy interior. The moment of penetration was audible.

“Mmm,” she moaned, still half asleep. “What nasty thought’s got you all hard?”

“I was just thinking about how nasty your ass looked when you were fucking Thor,” I said, as if a casual matter of fact.

As those words left my mouth, I slid as much of my cock into her pussy as I could, given the angle. Before she had time to really comprehend the magnitude of what I’d just said, I had withdrawn my cock until only the head remained stuffed in her opening, and then plunged it back in again, this time deeper and with a bit more force.

“Unnnh,” she moaned again. Then she gasped as she realized what I had said. She now knew that I had witnessed her union with Thor, but I had begun to thrust into her again and again, deeper and deeper, until I had eventually fucked her over onto her stomach. With my thighs, I kept her legs together as I pressed down on her lower back with my arms extended. From this position, I simply fucked the shit out of my precious Sunshine with a frenzy that had never been experienced by either of us in our three year relationship. My cock had never been as hard as it was at that moment, and I had never fucked anybody with stokes as long or as powerful as those I was using as I fucked my wife. She struggled to grip some bedding to prevent herself from being driven headfirst into the headboard.

“Oh my god, Jay, you’re so hard,” she said. Her voice, muffled by the bedding into which her face was buried, strained on each thrust. “You’re fucking me so hard!”

“Harder than Thor fucks you?” I said as I continued to pound away. My question wasn’t meant to be malicious, though it may seem so as I write it. It’s just that I was in such a frenzied state of arousal that what may have seemed like aggression on my part was actually extreme sexual excitement. Nevertheless, her answer surprised me.

“Oh my god, yes don’t stop! Keep fucking me!” she said, rotating her pelvis upwards to be able to take me deeper. The shift in position allowed her buttocks to rock freely back and forth as I fucked her. With her legs pressed together as they were, her pussy was extremely tight. I only made maybe ten more thrusts before I began to cum. I hadn’t felt it building and I had no control over it. I came fast and I came hard, and I came for a long time. I collapsed onto her back virtually sobbing bahis firmaları I was cumming so hard.

“Ooh, yeah, baby, cum for me,” she kept saying, flexing everything that was wrapped around my cock as she said it. She flexed, and I pulsed and I pulsed and I pulsed. I had never felt more a part of any other human being, physically or spiritually, than I did at that moment.

Once my convulsions had begun to slow, I allowed my deflating erection to slither from her soupy pussy as she relaxed her grip on me and spat my cock from her body with a little coo. I covered her like a blanket, and we lay listening to each other catch our breath. Eventually, she just began to speak softly.

“Becky Thompson asked me in the 9th grade if I’d ever seen my brother’s cock because the word around school was that Thor had the biggest cock in the school and he was only a freshman. That was the first time I heard about Thor’s cock being so big. Nudity was natural around our house, part of my parents’ hippie thing. They’d always taught us not to be ashamed of our bodies. I had seen Thor’s cock and my father’s cock many times, but I had no idea that they were both bigger than most. But it wasn’t until after our parents were killed that I actually saw it hard and erect. It was during the summer after we’d graduated. We were working at the garden center, and that was taking up all of our time. It helped to keep our minds off of our parents.

Thor had broken up with his girlfriend right after graduation so I assumed it had been a while since he’d gotten any. I’d just lost my virginity that spring, but I didn’t have a boyfriend or anything. My first time had been pretty awful.” She sighed and we adjusted our position so that I was again spooning her. Then she continued.

“So, I was walking by Thor’s room, I’d just gotten out of the shower and his door was ajar. I saw him lying on his bed on his back, masturbating. I just couldn’t look away. He had a magazine in one hand and he was stroking his cock with his other hand, really hard. I remember being amazed at how huge it was, and how good it looked, all shiny from the pre-cum he’d been smearing up and down the shaft. All the veins were bulging out and all. And then he moaned, and this geyser of cum just jetted from the tip like three feet into the air and I gasped, and he heard me and he turned his head and looked right at me, but he didn’t stop cumming. We stared at each other as he must have shot five or six more huge jets of cum all over his chest and stomach. I mean it was everywhere. When his orgasm finally overwhelmed his senses and he closed his eyes, I tip-toed off to my room.”

She paused and I gently caressed her and kissed the back of her shoulder as she settled in and continued talking.

“I mean, jeeze, all I could think about was how big Thor’s cock was and how could any woman take such a monster. Well, it turned out they couldn’t, but I didn’t know that at the time.”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, back up. What do you mean they couldn’t?” I interrupted. “I always thought all women craved big, long, fat cocks because it filled them up, or touched places other cocks couldn’t?”

“Well, it all depends on the size of the woman’s vagina,” she said. “I’d guess most women would find Thor’s cock…” She stopped. She giggled. Then she sighed. “This is so weird,” she finally said.


“I mean, I’ve never talked about this with anyone, and it’s kind of weird that the first person I do talk about this with is my husband.”

We both chewed on that one for a while in silence. She snuggled closer and I held her tighter. My cock was again nestled in her cool buns.

“I love you,” I said softly into the back of her neck. She turned her head and kissed me lightly on the lips. “I love you too,” she said.

She then turned completely to face me, slid a leg in between mine and curled her arms to her chest. I cradled her in my arms and kissed the top of her forehead.

“You were saying?” I prompted.

“I was saying that I would guess that most women would find Thor’s cock to be uncomfortable,” she said, snuggling closer under my chin.


“Uncomfortable, too big, painful, scary.”



“And what about you?” I asked feeling a little tingle and thrill in asking such an obviously naughty question about an exceedingly naughty topic.

“Well, that’s where I was going with this story before you interrupted me.”

“My bad. Please continue.”

“Well, I kept thinking about what it would feel like to be fucked by a really big cock, so I decided to buy a dildo. I felt really silly, but later that week I put on a baseball cap and sunglasses, drove to this sex shop on the other side of town, and bought the biggest dildo I could find. It was like twelve inches long, six inches around, and it even had a molded handle.”


“Yeah, and I bought a bottle of Astroglide and I went home and jumped in bed.”

“Where was Thor?”

“Thor kaçak iddaa had gone out with this girl to a baseball game, so I had the whole house to myself which was good because you know how I scream when I cum. Well, I got naked, lay on my back, and began teasing myself, playing with my nipples, rubbing the dildo around on the outside of my pussy. I squeezed some Astroglide all over the head of my dildo and slowly began to work it into my pussy. It was really tight but I was persistent. Finally, I had squeezed like eight or nine inches of that thing into me and I hadn’t bottomed out yet. It was really fucking tight, but it wasn’t uncomfortable, and slowly I began to loosen up to where I could slide that thing in and out, no problem.”

“How did it feel?” I asked, as my cock slowly began to get hard again.

“Really fucking good, but I couldn’t make myself cum! I began to really fuck myself with it, and I was rubbing my clit with my other hand and it felt really good and all, but I still couldn’t get myself off. However, I had managed to pack all twelve inches of that dildo into my pussy in the process, and that was, after all, what I had set out to find out if I could. And it made sense.”

“How do you mean?” I asked, enjoying the excitement of these revelations.

“Well, I figured since Thor has a huge cock, and we’re twins and all, it would necessarily follow that I’d have a vagina of similar proportions.”

“Makes sense to me.”

“So, I’m pounding away and rubbing my clit, and pussy juice is everywhere and I can’t quite get there; not that I even knew where there was.”

“You’d never had an orgasm before?”



“So, I kept at it, on and off, for like two hours. I’d stop and catch my breath and try again. I had worked up a sweat and all, and it felt really good, but I began to get frustrated that maybe I had orgasmmed and that mine just weren’t as powerful as I had heard they could be. I even thought that maybe female orgasms in general weren’t as powerful as everybody said they were.” We both giggled at that absurdity.


“So, I decided to try a little fantasy to get me there. I decided to do it in Thor’s room.”


“Yeah, I decided that seeing him all hard like that had gotten me to this point in the first place, so I figured if I were in his bed fantasizing about him fucking me, it would really make me cum.”

“Holy shit, you didn’t,” I said.

“I sure did, and of course you know what happened.”

“I can’t imagine.”

“I fell asleep!”

“You fell asleep?”

“Yup. The next thing I know, I’m waking up and Thor’s standing over me, naked, stroking that huge cock of his with one hand, while slowly working that dildo in and out of my pussy with the other!”

“Wow! What did he say?”

“He didn’t say anything. We didn’t say anything. He just slowly slid that dildo out of my pussy and tossed it on the bed. Then he pulled me to the edge of the bed so that my butt hung over the edge, lifted my legs up over his shoulders, and laid his cock down on top of my pussy. He mashed my thighs together around his cock and started sliding it back and forth over my clit.”

“Jeeze, he didn’t put it in?”

“Not right away. Not until I told him he could. Later on he told me that that was the only way he was used to having sex because every woman he tried to slide his cock into told him it hurt too much.”

“Fuckin’ A! So, you’re telling me that you took your brother’s virginity?” I asked amazed at what I was hearing.

“Well, yeah, I guess I did.” She paused for a moment in reflection.

“So, what happened next?” I asked, trying to keep the juicy details coming.

“Well, it felt really good and all, but I wanted to feel what it was like to be fucked by Thor’s cock, so I told him he could put it in, and he said, ‘I don’t want to hurt you.’ And I remember thinking that that was so sweet that he was worried about hurting me and all.”

“Did it?”

“What, hurt? Well, yeah kind of. It was really tight at first, but if I hadn’t done such a good job loosening up my pussy with that dildo in the first place, then it really would have been an issue.”

“Did he make you cum?” I asked, my cock growing hard again as I listened intently.

“My god, Jay, let me tell the story,” she said, pretending to be impatient with me. I think she was really glad that I was getting into the whole sordid tale as much as I was.

“I’ll keep quiet,” I said, not wanting to disrupt her flow.

“So, I told him it was OK, that he could put it in, and his eyes got as big as saucers.” She giggled. “He pushed down on his cock to slide the head of it into my open pussy and when it went in he got the biggest smile on his face and he was like ‘Oh my god this feels so incredibly good.’ He slid like half of it in and out like three times and then he just buried it.”

“All the way?”

“Yeah. I remember feeling his balls bump up against my ass, and I remember feeling his kaçak bahis heart beat as his cock pulsed in my pussy.”

“Holy shit,” I said as my own hard cock pulsed to an even harder state. It nudged against her belly and she ground herself into me smearing a dollop of pre-cum into a slimy trail along her lower abdomen.

“If I had known you’d get this turned on I would have told you about this a long time ago,” she said rolling me over onto my back and straddling me. As she opened her thighs to throw her leg over mine, a fat droplet of my recently deposited cum oozed from her pussy. Using the distended petals of her now gaping vagina, she slathered the gooey liquid back and forth along my hardened shaft. With a sexy moistening of her lips with the tip of her tongue, Sunshine reached down between our bodies and guided my excited member into the wet, wiggling flesh of her pussy and slid herself onto it in one motion. The cum that was forced out of her fuck-hole dribbled around my balls and trickled into the crack of my ass. I was buried balls-deep in my wife.

Sunshine leaned forward, posted her hands on the bed under my armpits, and mashed her breasts into my chest. She stared into my eyes, lifted her buttocks off of my loins and slowly began to fuck me as she continued her story.

“So, then he just started fucking me,” she said, dropping her herself onto my cock for emphasis as she said the last two words. Then, she drew her pussy off of my cock and slammed it down again as she said each word. “He…fucked…me…as…hard…as…I’m…fucking…you…right…now,” she said, each word breathy and strained. But the pace was too intense and she had to stop. She rested, impaled on my cock as she was.

“How long did he keep that up before he came?” I asked, wallowing in the pleasure of being buried in warm, wet pussy. I locked my arms around the small of her back and squeezed, mashing her tits into my chest. Blanketed as I was by smooth female flesh, I began to slowly saw my rigid penis in and out of her pussy. In this position, Sunshine’s clit grates along the veins of my shaft while the prominent ridge on the head of my cock drags across her G-spot just so.

“He probably only made about ten more thrusts into me before he got this really wild look in his eyes and said something like ‘Jesus Sunny, I’m gonna cum’ and he pulled out and just unloaded all over my belly and chest. I mean he spewed huge ropes of cum onto my stomach and all over my boobs, and one shot even went up my nose! We both started laughing it was so funny.”

“Wow,” was all I could say. I continued my slow deliberate strokes, pulling almost all the way out, pausing, and slowly grinding it back in, each time at a slightly different angle. Sunshine began to move her hips to accept each of the angle changes, squirming instinctively to increase the level of stimulation, every now and then audibly acknowledging the increasing pleasure.

“Yeah, and he looked so satisfied. He kept mumbling like ‘Ohmygod… thank you…that felt so good…that was so awesome…let me clean you off,’ and things like that. Oooh.”

“So, I take it you didn’t cum?” I quickened my pace slightly.

“Well, no… Not that time.”

“But, he did make you cum?”

“Well, yeah, but…”


“You know what I need to make me cum.”

I stopped thrusting momentarily.

“You took Thor anally?” She held her breath.

“No, but he’s got really big thumbs…nnh.” I slid completely back into her. “… and once when he was fucking me doggy style he slid his thumb into my butt and I came really hard.”

“Naturally,” I said bringing my right middle finger up and placing it on her lips. She slipped the digit into her mouth and sucked it all the way in. I then slid that finger along the crack of her ass and into her butt-hole. She shuddered and moaned deeply. Her pussy contracted around my cock and began to spasm uncontrollably as my finger plunged her rectum. It was as if I had hit the magic switch that allowed all of her other erogenous zones to kick in. I squeezed my index finger in alongside my middle finger and she began to tremble. Then the phone rang and we both looked at the night stand.

“Oh, fuck,” she said. Crawling up my body to disengage herself from my insertions, she grabbed the phone on the second ring.

“Hello?” she said, rolling over to sit on the side of the bed. She slid her fingers into her hair just above her forehead and grabbed a handful of it as she listened to the party on the other end.

“Ohmygod, I’m so sorry. I’ll be right there. Ok, bye.”

“What was that all about?” I called after her as she ran for the bathroom.

“That was Cindy. She’s hired professionals to do our make-up, and I was supposed to be there by now,” she said, turning on the shower. That’s when it occurred to me.

“Does Cindy know what you and Thor do?” There was no answer, only the hiss of the shower. I thought long and hard about it as she showered. What would be the right thing to do? Should she tell Cindy before she gets married and possibly ruin her wedding? How will Cindy react? What will I say to Thor the next time I see him? What will he say to me? Geeze, so many questions and not enough answers.

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Sunbathing Saturday

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Sunbathing Saturday

In the summer of 1973 Aunt Patricia came to visit. She wasn’t my real aunt, not a blood relation, but she was my mother’s oldest friend and I had always known her as ‘aunty’. I didn’t know much about her really, just the bare bones of her life. I knew she’d met my mother in London during the dark years of the Second World War, when she was 16. She’d been orphaned by the Luftwaffe during the blitz and had managed quite competently on her own despite her tender age. No doubt her pretty face and voluptuous figure opened doors for her, and she was a very wealthy woman in 1973.

Patricia arrived in mid July and was still there a month later on a hot Saturday afternoon in August. She’d made a fuss of me when she eased herself elegantly from her Bentley, teasing me mildly about how much I’d grown, how I’d filled out etc, and I was treated to a butterfly winged kiss on the cheek, her subtle scent gently enveloping me when she briefly held me close to her bosom. Patricia was grace and elegance personified. She was always tastefully dressed and immaculately groomed, simply oozing sophistication. Her face was still beautiful and her figure voluptuous and curvy at the age of 46. It was her figure that I noticed on that fateful Saturday afternoon when I spied her sunbathing on the patio at the rear of our house.

I’d been out, and mum and dad were away. We weren’t expecting them back until late Sunday, and it appeared that Patricia had taken advantage of being alone and decided to get in a spot of sunbathing. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I first saw her from an upstairs window. She was stretched out on a sun lounger gloriously naked, and I feasted my eyes on her magnificent, oiled body. My cock stiffened instantly as I gloried in Patricia’s total abandonment. Her full, round breasts and dark brown nipples glistened with the sheen of her sun oil and were a magnet for my hungry eyes. I was captivated by the sight of her crinkly haired pubic bush, as my eyes roved over every glorious, naked inch of her voluptuous body.

I’d never seen a naked woman before in my life and my stomach flipped and fluttered as I stood for long minutes, drinking in every detail of Patricia’s nakedness. The lust for the mature woman was an ache in my hard cock, and I conjured up vivid fantasy images of her in my fevered 18 year old mind. I longed to suck on her big, rubbery nipples, to maul her heavy tits with both hands, and to stab at her experienced cunt with my virgin prick.

I had a brief moment of panic when Patricia sat upright on the lounger. Her tits swung and wobbled weightily as Patricia raised herself, and I was relieved to see that she was just changing position, turning over to sun her back when she settled down on the lounger again. I committed the detail of Patricia’s shapely figure and fleshy buttocks to memory as I spied on her from the cool interior of the house. My cock was still throbbing stiffly, begging for release, and I found myself standing in the doorway of Patricia’s bedroom.

I had no idea how I came to be in her room. I had moved on automatic pilot and the first conscious moment I can recall is the remnant of Patricia’s scent wafting on the warm air of her bright, sunlit room. I went to the chest of drawers and, ever so quietly, slid the drawers open one by one. I found her underwear and pulled a lacy brassiere from the pile, a silky pair of cami-knickers dropping to the carpet as I pulled the bra out. I picked up the soft, velvety panties and felt the soft texture of the garment with my finger tips. I held the brassiere up to my nose and sniffed Patricia’s scent deeply, unzipping my jeans as I did so.

I wrapped the silky panties around my cock and wanked hard. I was filled with desire for the mature Patricia, and the closest I could get to fulfilling my fantasy was to masturbate into her underclothes. Looking back it was complete madness, pulling my cock in our guest’s bedroom, her underwear drawer hanging open. I was tempting fate, begging to be caught in the act, but the sight of Patricia’s unashamed, abandoned nudity sent me temporarily insane.

It didn’t take me long to come. With a low moan and a vigorously pumping hand, I spurted my hot semen into the delicate fabric of Patricia’s undies. The silken garment caught most of the flood, but a few thick drops of white, sticky goo dribbled onto the carpet. When my cock finally stopped its spitting, and my breathing had returned to near normal, I put the bra back in the drawer, cleaned myself up as best I could, and taking the ruined knickers with me, left the room.

I hid the panties in my bedroom and went down into the kitchen, making some noise so Patricia would know I was back and could get herself covered up.

‘Oh, hello Richie,’ she said as she padded into the kitchen on her bare feet. ‘Have you had a good time?’

‘Yes thanks, aunty Pat,’ I replied, allowing my eyes to flicker over Patricia’s now bikini clad body.

When I looked into Patricia’s face I noticed that she’d seen my brief appraisal of her voluptuous bahis firmaları curves, and I reddened at the fact of being caught in the act. If only she’d seen me 15 minutes earlier!

‘Well, I’d better go and make myself decent,’ Patricia said brightly. ‘I’ll go and cover myself up. It’s not nice for you to see me half nude,’ she added.

Was she teasing me I thought to myself as I watched Patricia’s lovely arse wiggle in her bikini briefs when she left me alone in the kitchen. She’d seen me ogling her big tits for sure, and I would have been happy enough if she’d stayed in her bikini all afternoon. Even though I’d spunked my load only 15 minutes earlier, I could feel my cock thickening again as I thought lewdly about my mother’s friend.

When Patricia came back downstairs I noticed a strange look on her face. I couldn’t define it, but it was a sly, feline look. A slight upwards curl at the corners of her mouth, and a narrowing of the eyes. What did that look mean? I asked myself. Or is it just my imagination? I wasn’t sure at all.

Patricia had bathed, washing the oily residue from her body, and was now dressed in a light coloured cotton summer frock. The dress that Patricia was wearing was showing a generous amount of cleavage, and I surreptitiously admired the light, golden hued upper slopes of her bountiful, braless breasts. I could see the outline of her thick nipples as they pushed against the thin cotton, and a vivid image of Patricia’s earlier nakedness flashed across the screen in my mind like a slideshow.

‘I’m going to have a glass of wine on the terrace,’ Patricia said as she opened the fridge door. ‘Would you like one?’

‘Er… sure,’ I replied as Patricia looked at me, her head tilted to one side questioningly.

Patricia poured the wine as we sat down together, the warm afternoon giving way to a balmy early evening.

‘Ah, that’s good,’ sighed Patricia appreciatively as she took a sip of her wine and leant back in her chair. She crossed her smoothly shaven legs as she relaxed and I noted the clean, elegant lines of her exquisitely sculpted calves.

‘So Richie, how are things?’ She enquired, opening the conversation.

‘Yeah, not bad thanks aunty,’ I responded. Not really giving too much away at all.

‘How’s college? You must be fighting all the young women off.’ Patricia said, a glint in her eye. Was she teasing me? I couldn’t fathom her out.

I reddened at the reference to girlfriends, and Patricia laughed softly at my discomfort when I mumbled that I didn’t have a female companion.

‘Well, I would have thought that a handsome young man like you would have any number of eager young girls to choose from,’ she said in a low voice, looking at me with those narrowed eyes over the rim of her glass.

My face burned as my embarrassment heightened. Why was she teasing me like this? I had the notion that Patricia was playing with me, and I was very uncomfortable with the way the conversation was going.

‘Hmm,’ Patricia studied me coolly. ‘Are you a virgin Richie?’ The question stunned me by its directness, and I could only stare at Patricia with disbelief written all across my features. ‘Well?’ she persisted.

I nodded dumbly and Patricia leant forwards, almost whispering her next question. ‘Were you in my bedroom earlier?’

My mind boggled. How did she know? Had she noticed the missing knickers? Had I disturbed something? It was irrelevant anyway; she knew I’d been in there, and that was all that mattered.

‘Sorry aunt Patricia,’ I said with a hangdog expression. I was ashamed of my behaviour, but I had been in the grip a lust fuelled insanity, powerless to resist.

It should have dawned on me then. If Patricia knew I’d been in her room, why wasn’t she spitting with rage? I had invaded her private space, rifled through her possessions and defiled her with my obscene act. Rather than being angered, Patricia seemed amused by the whole incident. Of course the shock of her questions, and being caught out in such an indecency had fogged my powers of logical thought. I was more concerned with the consequences.

‘Did you see me sunbathing?’ Another nod from me, I hung my head with the shame.

Patricia said nothing more for the moment; she just looked at me levelly. Then she spoke, ‘You don’t know much about me, do you Richie?’ I looked up into her face, puzzled. ‘I met your mother during the war.’ Patricia seemed to slip into some sort of reverie. ‘I was 16,’ – she continued absently, a distant look in her eyes as though she was actually looking back into the past – ‘and your mum worked as a secretary for a man at the Home Office.’ She paused there, and her eyes focussed once more as she looked directly at me.

Patricia told me the story of her early life. About how she met my mother during a party that had been organised for my mother’s boss, who was also Patricia’s lover. He was Lord ‘somebody or other’, a big wig at the Home Office, and had found the ripening Patricia very much to his taste. He had established kaçak iddaa the pretty, young girl in a smart little pied-à-terre, lavished her with gifts and taught her how to please a man’s carnal desires. Despite the circumstances of Patricia’s private life my mother and she had become firm friends after that party,. Whilst my mother followed the more conventional route of marriage and quiet suburbia, Patricia had trodden a path towards high class call girl when her lover took his interest elsewhere. She was the most sought after whore in London by the time she was 21.

I was shocked by the revelation that my aunt Patricia was a prostitute, and she left me to absorb the information when she went in search of a fresh bottle of white.

‘I have 3 houses house, and several girls working,’ Patricia continued as she returned with the chilled bottle. That explained the money and the lavish automobile, the collection of expensive clothing and shoes. A lot of pieces to the jigsaw suddenly fell into place now, but I was puzzled by Patricia’s decision to tell me such sensitive, personal information. As if reading my mind she explained. ‘I’ve opened my legs for lords and common men alike, and I’ve turned a pretty penny indeed,’ she said in a low voice. ‘But…’ She leant towards me, placing her elegant hand on my thigh. ‘I have a yen for young men.’ Her fingers squeezed gently and moved higher along my leg.

I just sat dumbly, my brain not making sense of Patricia’s blatant invitation. She had basically told me that she wanted to fuck me, that she liked young men and I was on the list for tonight, but I was pole axed by everything she’d revealed to me and incapable of acting.

Patricia stood up and held her hand out to me before she led me through the kitchen and up the staircase towards her room. I held her hand as we climbed the stairs, still not fully realising what was happening.

‘I know you saw me this afternoon, and that you came into my room,’ Patricia whispered as she released my hand. ‘That looks like cum,’ she pointed to where my spunk had spattered onto the carpet that afternoon. ‘You pulled your cock right here, didn’t you?’ She was very close to me now, I could smell her and feel the heat from her body she was so close. In spite of my fuzzy brain, my prick rose to the occasion and stiffened swiftly in my jeans.

Patricia kissed my dry lips gently and pushed the palm of her hand against the bulging front of my jeans ‘Did you like what you saw?’ she asked throatily. ‘I think you must have,’ she continued and answered her own question, ‘Otherwise you wouldn’t have wanked in my room. You’re such a bad boy.’

She unzipped my jeans and undid the button, allowing her access to my rigid cock. ‘Mmmm, you won’t have to wank any more darling,’ she said as she scooped my prick and balls out of my pants. ‘My, my, my,’ she said with genuine appreciation. ‘That is such a lovely specimen.’

Patricia peeled my foreskin gently back and revealed the spongy, purple dome of my cock head. I groaned out loud as she gently squeezed and massaged my prick. ‘Do you like aunty Patricia playing with your fat cock?’ she asked. The vulgarity of her phrase excited me beyond words, and the perverted reference to her being my aunt only fuelled my desire.

She laughed when I gulped and nodded. I looked down to see my thick cock held in Patricia’s slim fingered hand. She was expertly wanking me, bringing me very close to the edge, and she must have sensed my threatening explosion and stopped her manipulation.

‘Take your clothes off,’ she ordered, and pulled the cotton dress she was wearing down over her shoulders. She wriggled free of the dress as I hastily disrobed, and then stood in all her magnificent, naked glory, hands on her broad hips, looking at me with a haughty expression on her pretty face.

She strode over to me, her big jugs wobbling enticingly as she walked, and kissed me once more on the lips. She pushed her tongue into my mouth and we kissed like real lovers for the first time. I had kissed girls before, but this kiss was different. It was the first time I’d kissed a naked woman, and it held the promise of my sexual awakening, my initiation into manhood, and the taking of my virginity by this experienced, mature goddess.

As we kissed deeply I felt Patricia’s breasts squash up against my chest, and I could feel her slightly abrasive pubic bush against my thigh. I was in a state of high arousal now, and I was achingly desperate to penetrate the mystery of Patricia’s cunt.

Patricia, being expert in all matters sexual, knew that my need was urgent and sought to calm me down a little. She drew a hot bath, and after tenderly washing me down with soap and a flannel, she joined me in the steaming, foamy water. I lathered up the soap in my hands and soaped up Patricia’s body, not because she needed washing, but because I wanted to feel the texture of her skin under my hands. I savoured the feel of her springy, heavy tits and the thickly erect nipples that tipped her full globes. Eventually we left kaçak bahis the bathroom and made our way to Patricia’s bed.

I watched in delight as Patricia lay back on the soft bed and spread her long thighs for me. I gazed in awe at her sex and saw a smile of amusement flicker across Patricia’s face.

‘Come here,’ she said, her voice leaden and heavy with lust. ‘Get between my thighs and let me show you how to lick a woman’s cunt.’

Her use of the word sent a frisson of delight through me. It was shocking to hear Patricia use such profane language, but I did as I was bid and lay down on the bed, Patricia’s freshly bathed pussy inches from my face.

Patricia reached down and parted the thick folds of her loose labia with the tips of her fingers exposing her gooey pinkness. She gave me my first lesson in how to please a woman with my tongue, and I proved to be a willing, and apparently capable pupil.

‘Oh yes,’ she moaned as I tentatively dabbed at her large clit. ‘Lick my clit baby, that feels so good.’ I tongued at Patricia’s opening as she requested, and tasted the syrupy juice that she was dribbling. ‘That’s it baby. Oh yes, that’s beautiful,’ she cried as I moved from the rim of her pussy to her clit and back, licking and probing at her, her moans of delight spurring me on.

‘I’m going to come darling. Come on… that’s it… on my clit… harder… up and down, baby… ooooh!’ Patricia was panting as her climax built; her grunts taking on an animal quality as I furiously tongue fucked her. Finally she exploded into a noisy orgasm, her body shaking with the intensity I had brought to her with my tonguing. Patricia held my head tightly and pushed her sopping sex into my face, smearing her juice across my chin and cheeks.

‘Baby, that was fucking gorgeous,’ Patricia said when she’d calmed down a little. She manoeuvred her body so that she could kiss me again and she licked her own cum juices from my face before kissing me deeply and passionately. ‘Darling, I almost pissed cum,’ she said when she released me from the kiss. ‘You have great potential, if that’s the first time you’ve licked a woman… phew.’

Patricia pushed me over so I was lying on my back. I put a couple of pillows under my head so I could watch as I was about to get my first blow job. My toes curled when Patricia wrapped her lips around the head of my cock. Her warm mouth was wet and welcoming, and I felt her busy tongue move slickly around the knob of my cock as she sucked on me. She wanked the root of my cock with her hand as she sucked, and I knew I was going to blast off very shortly.

As she sucked and wanked at me Patricia managed to look me right in the eyes, winking at me as my thick prick distorted her lovely features. Her lips were stretched around the girth of my cock and I was staggered by how much of the length Patricia could get into her mouth. ‘I’m going to come aunty,’ I groaned out a warning. ‘Oh, God, I’m going to…’

The spunk spurted from my cock, forcing Patricia to swallow fast. It just kept on spitting from me and I kept my eyes locked on the sight of Patricia swallowing furiously, my seed overflowing from between her stretched lips and my shaft. She let my still spunking cock slip from her lips and was instantly rewarded by a jet of thick, stringy come spattering onto her cheek. More of the stuff landed wetly on the upper slopes of her divine breasts and finally, I was done.

‘That was a lot of spunk darling,’ said Patricia as she wiped the goo from her cheeks with the back of her hand. ‘That’s why I love young men, they’re so virile and can come buckets.’ She heaved herself to her knees, and before I knew what was happening she had squatted over my thighs, and was easing her thick lipped cunt down over my still hard cock.

I watched in amazement as Patricia’s sticky pussy lips enveloped my prick, and I felt, for the first time, the sublime sensation of a vagina gripping my thickness. I was in a strange place mentally. On one hand my senses were being overloaded as my brain tried to recognise all of the new sensations at once. The warmth and wetness of Patricia’s cock hungry opening, the tightness of it gripping me as she flexed her inner muscles, the sound of her moaning in satisfaction as she impaled herself on my manhood, the smell of her arousal and the heaviness of her weight as she used her hands on my chest to steady herself, all clamouring for attention within my tortured brain.

On the other hand I was somehow detached. I can still recall, with great clarity, the way Patricia’s big, heavy tits swayed and wobbled as she fucked up and down on my cock. I can still see the puckered texture of her nipples, as they stood out long and thickly erect with her excitement, and the look of ecstasy on her contorted features. Patricia’s eyes were tightly shut, her mouth open in a silent scream as she let herself be taken by the feeling of my hardness deep in her belly.

I reached up to feel Patricia’s breasts, and she opened her eyes to smile down at me when she felt my hands upon her skin. ‘You feel lovely baby,’ she said. ‘So thick, you’re stretching me open. It’s divine.’ Patricia continued to slap her fleshy buttocks down hard against my thighs, the sound of our fucking cracking sharply with each thrust.

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Lemons to Lemonade Ch. 03

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Gene and Roxy are a couple who have decided to explore their mutual sexuality, as a couple. They had been married for ten years and discovered, at the end of that time, that their sex life had lost most or all of its luster, and excitement. Both Roxy and Gene were used to fantasizing about other people when they had sex. It didn’t look good for their future because neither of them were willing to address the problem. Probably because they had no idea how to begin.

Both Gene and Roxy were exceptional looking people. Gene was 6’1″, with a full head of dark brown hair and a slight greying at the temples. He had clear blue eyes, a good complexion, and a very athletic build. He was a man who liked working out for the way it made him feel, not so much to show off his great build.

Roxy was 5’3″, with very light, creamy, smooth skin, a thick head of bright red hair, emerald green eyes, full, sensuous, lips, and a body that was surely an example of what an exceptional female body should look like. She was perfectly proportioned, with an athletic build, medium breasts with puffy aureoles, pert, pink nipples, full, wide hips, a small waist, an amazingly firm, round ass, and gorgeous legs, which looked spectacular in seamed nylons, and heels, or simply framed by a skirt or a dress. When Roxy crossed her legs in public, wearing a dress or skirt, she commanded the attention of every male within eyesight.

In terms of their sexual problems, everything changed one afternoon. Roxy had just bathed and had entered her bedroom with a towel wrapped around her body and one around her hair. She had a vanity where she usually sat to apply her makeup and brush her hair. She removed the towel around her body and used it to finish drying herself. She then removed the one on her head, sat in front of her vanity and began brushing her hair. As she brushed she began fantasizing about one of their neighbors, one she fantasized about a great deal. His name was Abel and she was taken by him. He was about 32, very handsome, well proportioned, about 6’2″, with a very muscular body, a well defined six pack, and, Oh yeah, he was also single. A problem for most of the men in the neighborhood because all of their wives were quite taken with Abel. She counted strokes as she appraised her naked body.

She liked the way her breasts looked. She remembered in college that all of the boys who were fortunate enough to see them, couldn’t seem to get enough of them. She liked her flat belly and the turn of her arms, firm but not muscle bound. She was fantasizing how Abel would react to her naked body, when she noticed a slight movement in the corner of her mirror. She looked at the reflection more closely and was shocked to discover that Abel was standing on a ladder, cleaning his gutters she guessed, and staring directly at her naked body as she sat in her chair.

She had decided that she would not let him know she had seen him because, that way, she would never have to openly acknowledge the situation. She didn’t know what to do at first. She didn’t want to move suddenly because she didn’t want him to know that she was aware of him. Instead, she forced herself to calmly continue doing what she was doing. As she brushed her hair she noticed that her breasts would jiggle and sway with her arm movements. She began to intentionally make them jiggle, and sway, hoping that he was as aroused by the show as she was. She could see his face and his expression was priceless. His mouth was slightly open, his arms limp at his sides, his eyes unblinking, and he kept licking his lips. She became very aroused as she continued to tease him. She even got out of her seat and moved around the room so that he could see and appreciate her entire body. Finally, she put her foot on her chair facing him, and began to fluff and comb her pubic hair. Blatantly exposing her beautiful mound of tight pussy for his pleasure, and hers.

She then dressed in her sexiest bra and panties and left the room. She stood outside her bedroom door breathing heavily and imagining Abel masturbating to her image later, when he was at home. Not that a man like Abel had to masturbate at all, she reasoned, which made the image all the more sexy because in her fantasy he did jack off thinking of her. Later that night she told Gene all about the experience. She didn’t know why she decided to tell him since she knew he was going to blow up, he was a very jealous man. Maybe she wanted to do something, anything, that could re inspire their love life. Risky, she thought, very risky.

Roxy waited until Gene had taken his shower and had just crawled into bed. She then said, “Honey, something happened today that caught me totally off guard. I am not sure if I should tell you about it because you have a tendency of going off the jealous end. What I am talking about was totally accidental, which means that nobody did anything intentional, well, except me I guess, a little I think. If I tell you, will you promise not to get mad or do something stupid?” she pled.

Well she bahis firmaları told him and his reaction was completely not the reaction she had been expecting. Instead of becoming angry he had asked a lot of questions, and wanted to know every detail. It was a turning point in their sexual relationship, and their marriage.

That night Gene and Roxy discovered a whole new world of eroticism and sexual excitement. Roxy had been completely blind sided with her husband’s reaction to her news about being spied upon. Instead of being upset he had expressed a real disappointment at not having gotten to watch her tease Abel. As they talked, Gene began to open up more and more, until he had confessed that the idea of getting to watch Roxy have sex with a strange man was extremely arousing to him. Eventually, they did invite Able over for dinner. One thing led to another, they had not had any intention of doing anything more than just share a meal and some conversation, and, at the end of the evening, Gene got to watch Abel fuck Roxy. Roxy loved getting to actually enjoy sex with her long time fantasy man, and, at the risk of getting ahead of herself, the prospect of potentially getting to invite other men to have her. Gene loved getting to watch his wife having sex with Abel and was inspired to consider other attractive, eager, capable, safe, and discreet men to possess his wife sexually. So far, Abel was the only real man who had gotten to enjoy his wife’s amazing body as the trade off to their own fantasies. Still, there were problems.

Abel had become a problem because he was always after Roxy to have sex with him. Gene and Roxy realized that they had made a mistake in allowing a neighbor to have sex with Roxy. He had as much as threatened them with exposure if he didn’t get another chance with Gene’s wife. Gene had placated him by telling him that they would seriously consider giving him one more opportunity. In truth, Gene had pretty much already decided that Abel was probably not going to have a second opportunity. During this exchange, Abel had introduced them to a woman who he had referred to as his girlfriend. Her name was Sandy. Abel had told Gene that he and Sandy had discussed swapping partners with other couples. Abel asked Gene if maybe he would like to consider swapping. Gene had to admit that Sandy was very attractive and had a great body, but it was something they had to think about. Roxy and Sandy had hit it off.

In the course of the evening that they all met, Sandy confided in Roxy, telling her that she was very attracted to Gene, and she thought he was super desirable and sexy. She also confessed that she found Roxy just as desirable and sexy. Towards the end of that first evening, and a few bottles of wine, Sandy added that she would love to have a threesome with Roxy and Gene, or just a twosome with Roxy or Gene. She also asked that Roxy not tell Abel what she had suggested. Sandy claimed that Abel wasn’t really interested in sexual experimentation, he was only interested in finding ways to have sex with Roxy, by the way he was always bringing her up in erotic talk.

This news alarmed Roxy, because it indicated that Abel had told Sandy about their unplanned experience with Abel. She was about to excuse herself so that she could go and tell Gene what she had learned, when Sandy, after a very inebriated long pause, finished what she had been saying. She said that she could see why Abel had such a crush on Roxy, but that it seemed a bit unhealthy because he talked about her a lot and almost as if he actually knew her that way. Sandy reiterated, “That’s why I asked you no to tell Abel. It is more for your benefit than mine.”

Roxy made no commitments but she also did not discourage Sandy outright. She only said that she was very flattered and would discuss it with Gene, if an opportunity presented itself. The very next day, Roxy met another potential candidate, a guy named James. The best thing about James was that he was intensely attracted and horny for Roxy, and he was married, which both Gene and Roxy decided was a good thing, no attachments.

Roxy and James had met when she and Gene had gone out on a date, during which Roxy had acquired his phone number. She was very excited about James, and it was obvious to Gene that she was very sexually attracted to him. At their meeting James had boldly told Roxy that he already had fantasies about her, and a lot of ideas of what he wanted to do with her. After talking with James, Roxy decided that it might be fun to see what he had to say if she called him. At first, Roxy had started flirting with James, which she realized had not included Gene. She confessed her desire for James and promised that she would always defer to Gene whenever it concerned whether she would spend time with a new guy or not, regardless how taken she was with a guy, or how much she wanted to have sex with him. She realized that she was already allowed to have sex with exceptional men, and she was also the one who picked them. It was Gene’s job to decide if he kaçak iddaa wanted them to have his wife or not. So for Roxy, the old adage, “You win some you, you lose some,” was kind of appropriate.

They had let a few days pass before Roxy called him. She dialed James’ number as Gene listened in on speakerphone. It rang for a long time, and both of them thought they would have to try calling back another time, when, just about when the call went to voicemail, James answered.

“Hello,” he said. For a few moments there was no one on the other end. He was about to hang up, saying, “Look, whoever this is, it isn’t funny, please don’t call again,” when he heard someone speak.

“Hello James, how have you been?” asked Roxy. “Do you know who this is?”

“Is this Roxy?” he asked excitedly.

Roxy liked that he seemed really excited to hear from her. She was still trying to decide what direction to take this. On the one hand, her animal side had already decided that she wanted to have sex with James. On the other, she didn’t want to let go too completely. She felt that, regardless of how she felt about him having her, he still had to work for it. He had to convince her that him seducing her was the best course of action. Of course Gene would have the final say, after all, her body belonged to Gene.

As soon as Roxy dialed James’ number, Gene began to unbutton her blouse. He reached in and cupped one of her breasts. She was leaning over the bed and he got up under her, reached around, unclasped her bra, and pulled it down along her arms. He supported her, lifted her hands off the bed, and removed her bra. He then began to suck on her right nipple. Rolling it with his tongue and drawing it into his mouth with his hungry lips. He alternated between the two nipples and he could hear Roxy panting softly. She began to talk on the phone but Gene didn’t stop plying his attentions on her tits.

“I don’t want you to get the wrong idea gut I have to confess that I am also married. I am calling you because I can see nothing wrong with talking with a friend on the phone. I love my husband very much and would not do anything that could hurt him or cause our relationship harm. I am sure that you feel the same about your wife. The fact that we are both married and talking on the phone at all, must mean that we feel like being a little naughty, but not with our spouses. I need for you to know that our friendship will probably not go beyond a phone call or two. I won’t do anything physical, so there seems no reason to meet. Don’t you agree? Also, I apologize for being such a tease at the club, too much to drink I think,” she confided. It wasn’t fair, she thought, that Gene was so good at pleasuring her tits. It was getting hard to concentrate. A couple of little gasps of pleasure escaped her lips.

“Well that is really disappointing. I do like talking with you on the phone but I would like it much better if I could look at you while we talk,” he complained. “You sound out of breath, were you working out?” he asked, then continued, “Or are you doing something very naughty to yourself?” He made no mention concerning her confession about being married. It seemed reasonable to assume that marriage was not a problem for him.

She thought quickly and said, “Busted! I have to confess that I am pleasuring myself as we speak. If you find it distracting I will stop.” She waited a beat, then continued, “I really should control myself, I know it must be giving you the wrong idea, but I am very horny and my husband had to leave on business this evening for two days.” she teased. She noticed that when he responded he also seemed a little out of breath.

“Hey, I know what you said, about keeping our physical distance, and I understand, I really do,” he shared. “Still, I know how it can be when we feel really horny and not have an outlet. That happens to me a lot, my wife’s libido is not quite as strong as mine. I have to confess that I masturbate a lot.” he revealed. Then he went on, “Listen, despite what you said about us not seeing each other, I really think that we can help each other out here. I would love the opportunity to help trim those horns for you, and, at the same time, you would be doing the same great service for me. Your husband and my wife never have to know.”

“So you are asking me to do what I swore I would never do, cheat on my husband. You know this is exactly the type of information that one person can use to blackmail another. I will tell you what, my husband and I have talked about expanding our sexual relationship. Although, we have talked about and experienced things like role play, pick up at a bar, sex in public places, sex on an airplane, flirting with strangers, things like that, but we have never discussed having sex with strangers. When he gets home, or maybe I might even work up the nerve to call him this very night, I will tell him about out conversation and also that I find you very sexy and desirable. Because he and I have never lied to one another, I will also tell him that kaçak bahis I fantasize about you seducing me. If he reacts favorably to the news and he allows me to meet with you, I will let you know and we can discuss it then. How is that?” she said.

“Roxy, I don’t know if you should share something like that with him. I know that if my wife told me something like that I would be really pissed. I just know that if you do share this with him that I will never hear from you again. I mean, I would love the opportunity to spend intimate time with you, but I just can’t believe that any husband would give his wife permission to have sex with a stranger, or just hang out with a guy, one his wife has already admitted she finds attractive and desirable.” he warned.

Roxy listened attentively to what James had to say. It was obvious that James wanted to keep their friendship secret and, in a way, she could understand his reasoning. After all, she thought, she wouldn’t take it well if Gene came home and told her he found a strange woman desirable and fantasized about having sex with her. “Well, I get what you are saying, but that is exactly what destroys a relationship, deceit. I will tell you once more, because I want you to hear this, I love my husband very much, and I will not do anything that will cause him pain or cause him to stop trusting me. You should know that I am not talking to you because I might be looking for some other man to satisfy me. My husband is an amazing lover and has that under complete control. But, like you, my libido is sometimes a little more active than his, almost always when he is away, which, thank God, is not very often.” she explained. Finally she added, “In any case this is the way it has to be. You never know, he might actually surprise us both, but if he doesn’t that is also OK with me. So I will say goodbye for now and we will see what happens. I may or may not be calling you back. If this is too much for you, then just tell me and I won’t bother calling you back at all.”

She hung up and turned to Gene, who had stopped trying to distract her with his wonderful mouth, and said, “Well what do you think? I know we didn’t talk about it first, but I wanted to find a way to include you in this. I mean, you have expressed a desire on several occasions to watch me having sex with another man. By telling him that I wanted to talk to you first about being able to meet with him or not, well, that opens the door to you getting to be in the same room to watch him seduce me, if he is capable of performing in front of you, or he may not want to be a part of it at all. I think he will, I think that he would take me in front of a room full of people if that is the only way he could have me.”

Gene looked at his wife, then smiled. He said, “Actually, I believe that, because I would fuck you in front of a room full of people. Anyway, I kind of figured that is why you told him that you would have to speak with me first. The idea of getting to actually be in the room with you and watch you being seduced and then having sex with a guy is pretty exciting to me, but also a bit scary, and I know that I won’t take it badly, since I have already watched you and Abel have sex. I sometimes wonder, however, if maybe what I am feeling is a little bit sick? I mean, you know that I don’t want anything to come between us, and that if I thought, for even a moment, that I could lose you, or lose a grip on our relationship over this type of thing, then it all stops immediately, agreed?” he asked. He waited for her response, then went on to ask how she wanted to proceed?

“So, he said that his wife is due back in, what, like a week or so? You can wait two days, for when I get home, or you can just tell him that you called me on the phone. If you want to call him back tonight, and I get the feeling that is exactly what you want, you need to wait an hour or two. It wouldn’t look good that you called me only to ask me something like that. Besides, if I were really away, then I would absolutely expect to talk to you on the phone for a long time, because I know I would miss you terribly.”

“I get what you are saying. I do want to call him back tonight, and it makes me feel a little bit slutty. The fact that I want sex with certain men and I tell you about it. It seems a little bit perverted, but like you said, if this type of thing becomes even a small problem, for either of us, we call it over and quits, I agree!” she told him. Then she added, “So, if he does agree to take me in front of you, how shall we go about it? I mean, where do we do this, I assume that it won’t be here. I know we made a mistake with Abel and I don’t want to repeat it. Also, when would you like to do this? If I call him tonight, I know that he will want to do it as soon as possible. Maybe he might allow us all to gather at his house. After all, it isn’t like we would want to rattle his cage or blackmail him. More than likely though, it will probably be at a motel, don’t you think?” She explained, knowing full well that it didn’t matter to her really, all she wanted was the erotic thrill of a strange, beautiful, new, naked body up against her own and, more and more, the desire to have Gene watch her and watch him get really horny doing it.”

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Summer With Mom

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I moved away from home when I was 18. My dad and I hated each other. He was jealous of how my mother treated me. It was nothing for her to come in my shower just wearing a bra and sexy panties and wash my whole body, cock and all. She would give me a body rub down once a week, I lived for that.

Mom would come in my room wearing just a bra and panties, climb on my back rubbing and caressing my back and my ass. Then I would turn over, many times mom sat right on my cock while she rubbed my chest. My cock is great, 10 thick inches, “It’s a woman pleaser,” my Mom told me one night.

Dear sweet mom, the few times I ever saw her dressed up to go out, I almost shit myself. She was a nice looking lady, very tall, shoulder length brown hair, big green eyes and her body, 36C breast and a nice round 38 inch ass. And her long shapely legs with nice thick thighs would make me hard anytime. One day it all came to a end. I went for my early morning run, when I came back home, there was mom. Wearing what she called her ” cleaning outfit” a loose fitting see through white cotton blouse, a tight, short black spandex skirt.

I had never seen like this, she had a glow about her. She was dancing around like a girl in a strip bar. Moving her ass and hips all the place. My cock had never got so hard in my life. She must have saw it, then she came to me.

She pulled herself to my body, I mean close. Slow dancing, grinding her hips and pussy into my hard cock. Her hands caressed my ass, her soft full lips kissing my neck. Mom was turned on, and I was her target.

I couldn’t stand it anymore, ” Mom, stop it. Your killing me.” “Come on, play with your Mother.” she begged. But, I ran to my room to take a shower and beat my cock off. I soaped my hands and went to town. I guessed it would only take me a few seconds before I shot a big load.

The shower door opened, there stood Mom, in only little panties and her see through bra on. She took my cock in her sexy hands, stroking it the full length of the shaft, ” That’s mommy’s big boy. Let me fix this for you.” she said in a sexy voice.

She sure knew how to whack a guy off, her hands took control of my cock. Up and down, all around my shaft and the head Squeezing and pulling it. ” Does Mommy’s little boy like that?” she purred. After a few minutes of that she stood in front of me. And soaped her pussy and thighs up, and resoaped my cock.

She pushed her hot body into me, my cock between her long legs right on her hot pussy. She starting moving back and forth, grinding her hips. My cock was so hard. We locked into a French kiss, our tongues met lashing together as one. My cock slid across her pussy so nice with all the soap.

We were like two animals trying to fuck each other to death without being in each other. A few times while humping each other my cock would find her love hole, I would push just in her to open her pussy lips. It took all I had in me to not shove it deep inside her.

” Mom, I’m going to cummmmmmmm.” I screamed. She all but yelled.” Not yet baby, lets go in your room first.” In my room, she sat on top of me. Her pussy right against my rock hard cock, her hands stroking it as fast as she bahis firmaları could, ” Cummm on baby, shoot that stuff out. Cummm on, that’s my big boy. Mommy loves her big boy.”

BANG, Mom flew off of me. There was Dad, he looked like a mad man. ” You fucking whore, fucking your own son, how could you?” Yelling and punching her. I jumped up, grabbed my baseball bat and knocked him across the room. I left a few minutes after that. Mom was a total mess, she gave my all the money she had and took from my knocked out dad.

I put myself through college and got a good job in southern Florida making the big bucks. Mom and I wrote each other two or three times a week, neither of us ever said a word about that day in the ten years we wrote.

In one of her letters she told me the small college down the road was offering a computer Internet- email class. I sent her the money as fast as I could. I was already on-line and it would be great to chat with mom.

The day she finished the class I had set it up so a brand new computer with all the nice things, a scanner, printer and a camera would be on her front porch waiting for her. That night I was on line, there was mom. It was great getting email from mom.

I wrote her one day and ask, ” Mom, why don’t you tell dad your going to stay with grandmother and come and see me for a few weeks? It would be great seeing you after all this time?” She wrote back so excited about the idea, ” Oh, baby it would be nice to hold you close to me again. I miss doing things for you, even though it’s been so long.” My cock jumped in my pants, it remembered that fine day.

The day finally came, I paced back and forth at the airport, I was so ready for Mom. and then, there she was. Still looking very good for a lady of 50. Her legs looked as good as ever, and her breast still had their great shape.

We ran to each other hugging as tight as we could, I looked into her soft eyes and said, ” I have missed you so much.” and kissed her softly on her lips.

The drive to my place took an hour, so we talked about everything. Somewhere in our talk I told her I had a big business dinner later that night and I wanted her to go with me. ” Oh, I don’t have anything nice to wear out, honey.” she stated. I replied, ” Mom, we can fix that real fast.”

I drove to a beauty shop/dress shop I knew of just around the corner from where my office was. I told them to give her the works, cost was no problem. I did a few things at work but, she was on my mind the whole time. I couldn’t wait to see her all dressed up.

I went to pick her up a few hours later, there she was. Looking like never before, her hair fixed on top of her head. A black silk summer dress that was kind of short. Her big full breast sticking out like a 20 year old woman’s would.

” Wow, Mom. You look beautiful, I can’t wait to show you off tonight. Hell, I think I’ll just tell them you live next door to me.” I said. She looked dumbfounded, “Me, your date. Not your Mother?” I replied, ” Yes, that would be kind of sexy don’t you think?” Shocked Mom said, ” I better watch out for you.”

The dinner went well, all the guys from work kept asking were I had found kaçak iddaa her, how old she was, all kinds of things. I told them she lived next door to me and this was our first date.

After every body left I took Mom to a small quiet club I knew of. We could talk, drink and dance. After a few drinks I ask her to dance, she was kind of embarrassed at first. It didn’t take long before we were glued together, I was horny as hell and she never got any love at home from ” Ass Hole Dad”. I loved feeling her against me, her full breast pushing on my chest, her nice hips pushing into my, now getting hard cock.

She started kissing and sucking on my neck, my hands found her beautiful round ass. I was caressing and pushing her into me. Them we looked into each others eyes, and we kissed like two lovers. Ours tongues met, fire went through our bodies.

I knew what I wanted, my Mother as my lover. “Mom, I need you so bad.” I whispered. ” I know, I need you to baby.” She whispered back. We danced a little more, my hands went under her dress, finding her pussy. She was so wet and hot, I slid two fingers in her. Slowly I moved them in and out of her, making her even hotter.

We drove home, Mom sitting very close to me. Her hands feeling my hard cock. I made it home in record time. We stepped in the door, me behind her. I pulled her ass to my hard cock, kissing and biting her neck while my hands went under her dress.

Her breast were full sized, her nipples as hard as little bullets. I squeezed and twisted them, she went crazy. Pushing into my cock, moaning and gasping for air. I said,” Lets go to my room.” as I picked her up in my arms.

I stood before her taking off my shirt and pants, ” Still looking good as every I see.” Mom said as she reached for my cock. Then she went to her knees, taking it in her soft mouth. She sucked me like I was a little baby. It made me so hard, she looked into my eyes as she sucked.

I’ve had a lot of blow jobs in my life but, this was the sexiest ever. She moved her head back and forth, making sure she sucked every inch of my long cock. My head was her favorite spot, she would put her lips just over it and then suck and I mean suck. She went crazy.

I pulled her back to her feet, reaching to undress her. I did it slow, enjoying each second. Her dress fell to the floor, after all these years of waiting to she Mom in her glory, I just sat looking at every part of her.

I laid Mom on the bed, me beside her. I started kissing and licking every inch of her body. First her long neck and face, then down slowly to her breast. My tongue lapping at her big nipples, then sucking them in my mouth. Mom loved it, her back arched up and her hands pushed my mouth hard on the soft nipples.

At last I reached her thighs and panties, her smell was so sweet it made me dizzy. My tongue licked every inch of her long legs and the creamy white thighs. Then I looked at her wet panties, ” Mom, When did you shave?”

She gave me a sexy look and replied, ” They did it today at the Beauty Shop. The girl said, it really turns men on. I must say it was very embarrassing having her shave me.” I placed my whole mouth over it and started flicking kaçak bahis my tongue up and down the length of her pussy lips. Poor Mom was going wild.

Then I pulled her sopping wet panties off her and drove my tongue deep inside her wet pussy. She tasted so good, better than any woman I had ever had. I drove her wild, I was using my mouth and tongue to French kiss her pussy.

Mom started cumming hard, ” Oh yes, go baby go.” Mom screamed. My tongue was moving in and out of her sweet pussy, My hands squeezed and pinched her nipples. Mom came and came about six times. ” Wow, you are a master at that.” Mom said trying to catch her breath.

I climbed between Mom’s legs, spreading her legs open. My cock was ready to have some “Mom Pussy”. She looked at me with fright in her eyes and said, ” Baby, be easy, I’ve never had a man as big as you.” I leaned forward kissing her softly as my 10 inch cock penetrated her.

It was like being in a virgin, she was so tight. I had to push hard to get inside, one more hard push, my cock was buried deep in Mother’s hot little pussy. I whispered in Mom’s ear, ” We finally did it.” All the dreaming I did in my life of having Mom could never be as good as this. I moved my hard throbbing cock back and forth as Mom’s hips moved with me.

We made love for an hour or so, pumping and humping like two long lost lovers. Each time Mom would cum her nails dig into my back and she would pull her legs up to her chest, screaming, ” OH YES, BABY DO IT, FASTER, FASTER YES, THAT’S MY BIG BOY.” I would pump her like a mad man.

I still hadn’t cum yet, Mom looked at me and ask, ” Are you OK baby, you haven’t came for me?” I replied, ” I don’t know what’s wrong Mom.”

With the biggest sexy smile on her face, she took my cock in her hand and said, ” Turn over on your back, I know how to fix this.” Mom climbed on my hips like she did so many years ago. My long thick cock in front of her pussy. Her big breast hanging down in my face.

Then she stared talking in her sexy Mommy voice, ” Does Mommy’s little boy need help with this?” Her hands started stroking up and down, ” Does Mommy’s little boy’s cock hurt? Mommy will fix it.” She lifted her hips and drove my cock deeper than when I was making love to her.

Her face was right on mine, ” Cum on baby, lets get that bad stuff out of your pee-pee.” She was grinding her hips hard and fast. Up and down, all around my cock. ” Cum on baby, we need to get it all out, shoot it all into Mommy.” I started cumming like never before, I grabbed Mom’s tits and started sucking them. Her body was humping my cock hard. I shoot my load, it was like a flood in Mom. ” Oh yes, baby, fill Mommy’s pussy, cum on, cum on. Mommy’s boy has a lot of cum in there. Cum on, give Mommy more.” She fucked me hard and fast, her hips moving up and down on me so fast.

” Oh yes, cum on, give it all to Mommy. That’s my baby boy.” My cock just kept shooting, I never came that much before. When I finally stopped cumming, Mom looked at me with big tears in her eyes and said, ” You know I can’t go back to your Dad after this. I have never known anything like this until now. That was the first time in my life I have ever had an orgasm.”

Well, that was 3 years ago. Mom stayed with me never going back home for anything. We still make love every chance we have. When I have trouble cumming Mom gets on top, just like old times.

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Santa’s Naughty Aunts Ch. 04

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The day after I learned that the woman blackmailing me was my Aunt Billie, and after Aunt Billie and I had wild and thrilling sex in a hotel room, and after Aunt Billie told me that I had to stop having sex with her and with my Aunt Jess…wow, that was a pretty busy day. Anyway, the NEXT day I called Aunt Jess and told her I needed to see her right away. “Why?” she said, suspicious.

“Because I need to see you.”


Women, they just can’t do what you ask. Although I’d promised to end the affair, Aunt Billie told me to give Aunt Jess a last, good-bye fuck. So I told the sexy woman on the line, “Because Santa Claus is very HARD.”

She was knocking on my door twenty minutes later, and a minute later I had Aunt Jess in my living room, lying on the sofa in front of the Christmas tree, and Santa was sucking her nipples. “Mmm…ooh, Santa, what brought this on?” she sighed.

“Your tits,” I said. “Your big, yummy tits.” I spent a long time licking, sucking and nibbling at my aunt’s teats, knowing that this would be the last time I would enjoy them. I spent maybe a little too long on them, because Aunt Jess moaned, “Santa, honey, my nipples are sore! Please, lick me lower!”



For the second time in 16 hours I performed cunnilingus on one of my aunts. My beard, my beard…my beard was going to need dry cleaning. I caressed her thighs with my gloved hands as I tongued and, uh, bearded my aunt’s pussy. “Santa…” Aunt Jess moaned. “I want you to fuck me!”

“Well, it’s almost Christmas…” I said, sitting up. I rolled Aunt Jess on her stomach and she rose up on her hands and knees. I handed her an extra pillow and she rested her arms on it. “Ooh, I like it this way, Santa,” she said as I fumbled with my fly and pulled my erection through the hole.

“I want to look at that pretty tree while I enjoy this pretty lady!” I said.

“Which do you like better?” Aunt Jess barked.

“Santa likes a pretty tree,” I said as I slowly penetrated her from behind, “but I think this pretty lady knows that Santa likes her much more!”

She arched her back as I slipped every inch of myself into her pussy. “Oh, yes,” she hissed. “Grab my ass and FUCK me.”

Santa was more than happy to oblige. I pistoned my cock in and out of her moist sheath, her cushy buttocks rippling as I screwed her from behind. Her big, heavy breasts swayed back and forth as I did her doggy-style, and I reached under her to fill my velvet-gloved hands with her globes.

She looked over her shoulder, her dark blue eyes blazing with lust. “Santa, you’re the best, you’re the best fuck I’ve ever had!” Under my beard my sexy aunt couldn’t see the sadness on my face. This was going to be the last time, it HAD to be the last time, and I was going to miss making love with this sexy, crazy lady. As I fucked her I kneaded her big tits, tits I’d stared at and lusted for since I was in junior high, and I realized one last thing I wanted to do before I ended this most dangerous affair.

“Oh…oh…oh…” Aunt Jess panted. “Fuck me, fuck me with that big cock, fuck me Santa, fuck me!”

“Do you want to do something naughty, little girl?” I asked.

“What? Uh, ohh, this isn’t naughty enough?”

“Noooo,” I rumbled. “Santa has a very naughty idea indeed!”

“Not my ass, Santa!” Aunt Jess squealed. “You’re too big!”

“Not your ass, young lady!” I kept fucking her fast and hard, wanting to satisfy her lusting for my thrusting before I indulged myself.

“Then whhhhhaaaaatttt?” she cried as my cock pounded her like a jackhammer.

I waited until she buried her face in the pillow, nearing exhaustion. I pulled my penis out of her pussy and she screamed, “What the fuck are you doing! Get back here!”

I ran to the bathroom, and it’s hard to run in a Santa suit with Santa boots. I pulled open the cabinet and found what I was looking for. I returned with a bottle of aloe vera lotion and found a very irritated Aunt Jess waiting for me. “What the hell did you do that for, I…” she saw the bottle of lotion. “What’s that for?”

I handed it to her as I pulled off my pants. “First, Santa wants to watch you give him a little handjob.”

Aunt Jess liked that. “Oh, I get it. Santa wants to remember what it was like when he was a teenager and the most a girl would do was give him a little tug.” I sat down on the couch and Aunt Jess sprayed a generous amount of lotion in her palm, and then she held the dispenser over my cock and dribbled lotion over the big, purple helmet.

“Ooh, that’s cold,” I said as the lotion oozed down my shaft.

“Well, let me warm you up.” She put her palm on my cock and wrapped each long-nailed finger one-by-one around my cock. And then she started pumping. She started pumping my cock slowly, smiling mischievously at me as I started to groan with pleasure. “Doesn’t that feel good, Santa?”

“Mmm, yes it does, little girl.”

She laughed. “I guess I am a bad little girl, because giving a handjob doesn’t seem so naughty ankara escort to me. I’ve been giving handjobs to boys since I was in high school.”

“Oh, that’s very naughty.”

“When my parents would be out I would invite two boys over that I liked and have them take their pants off and sit on the couch, and then I would jerk them off just like I’m doing right now. The boy who came first had to go home, and the other boy could stay and fuck me.” She put both her hands on me. “Isn’t that BAD?”

“Oh, oh, very bad, very bad indeed!”

“I’ve always been a bad little girl.” She had both her hands wrapped around my cock and she caressed me from base to crown with every stroke. “Go ahead and come, Santa, I want to watch it spurt all over my hands.”

“No…” I groaned.

“No?” she said.

“No, I…uh…UHH!” Her hands felt so good, I loved watching her nails, covered with fruity-smelling goo, slide up and down my dick. “I…I…”

She slowed a bit. “Out with it, Santa baby.”

“I want to come…between your tits.”

Aunt Jess smiled from ear to ear. “Oh, I like that. I totally LOVE that! I haven’t been titty-fucked in years!” She lay back on the floor and fondled her huge breasts. “Come on, Santa, show me how naughty YOU are.”

I tucked my knees in her armpits and squeezed lotion into her wide cleavage. She grabbed my cock and stroked me until my erection was hard enough to hammer nails with. She put her tits together and I slowly fed my cock inside that mighty cleft as though I was penetrating her pussy. She eased the tension just enough to let my penis slide allow the way inside her big loaves, and her lips formed a big, dark red O. “Santa, fuck me, fuck my titties.”

Again I enjoyed this most unusual and exciting act, squatting over my aunt’s chest and thrusting my cock in and out of her canyon. Lotion squished and squirted as I slid my length through her gully, and I loved how her big, slightly saggy juggs wiggled as I fucked them, as opposed to Aunt Billie’s impossibly firm tits. It was this loose, wanton jiggling that excited me beyond belief, that made me snap my hips faster and faster in the lascivious grip of her breasts. “Oh, yes, yes!” I groaned as the time of my climax grew nigh. “Aunt Jess, Aunt Jess! I’m gonna come…you’re gonna make me come with your tits!”

I buried my cock deep in those slick mounds and my ejaculation was so powerful that come sprayed all over her face, thick, white ropes of semen splattered over her forehead, cheeks, chin and lips, and she beamed with ecstasy and licked up as much as she could with her tongue. She was laughing even as I was moaning in a combination of rapture and despair. Rapture, because of the pleasure this woman gave me, and despair, because I would never enjoy her again.

I pulled my cock out of her cleavage, and found inside the same slimy trail I’d left behind with Aunt Billie. “Oh, baby, that was about the best ever,” she said, smiling at me, her eyes glowing. “You are so delicious!”

It was hard to meet her eyes. “Wait here, I’ll get a towel so you can clean up.” I came back and she lay back and let me wipe up the fragrant mess between her breasts. She wiped the excess semen off her face and sat back on the couch with a huge smile. “We’ll have to do that again!”

I left to throw the towel in the laundry, and while I was there I stripped out of the Santa suit. I came back wearing just a pair of grey shorts and found Aunt Jess lounging on my couch, puffing away at a cigarette. I sat next to her and she tickled my thigh with her nails. “Do you know what really excited me?” she said. “When you called out my name when you came. You’ve never lost control like that when you’re playing Santa. That was nice.”

Well, here we go. “Well, I did get excited, more so than normal, because…that was the last time we’re going to make love.”

At first it was as though she hadn’t heard me, she just sat there with a smile on her face. She sat there a long time, and then she noticed that the ash on her cigarette was about to fall on the sofa. She tapped it on the dish she was using as an ashtray and took a long drag. “What do you mean?” she asked quietly.

I told her that I’d actually met the blackmailer the night before, and that she threatened to tell my mother if I didn’t end the affair with her. Aunt Jess sat there smoking as I told her the story, and when she stubbed out the cigarette she said, “Who was it?”

“I can’t say, I was ordered not to.”

“Did you fuck this woman?”

I decided not to lie. “Yes, she insisted. Afterwards is when she told me not to see you anymore.”

“It was that bitch Billie, wasn’t it!” Aunt Jess screamed. “She wants you for herself, she can’t stand that I have something she doesn’t! That fucking cunt bitch…that’s why you wanted to fuck my tits, isn’t it! Because you did it with her last night and it turned you on, fucking those big plastic balloons!”

I thought she was going to hit me. “I’m not going to deny or confirm who it is…” escort ankara I said.

“You don’t have to! I know who it is!”

I continued, “…but I’m not going to have sex with that person ever again, either. I promise you that.”

“Oh, and I can trust you?” she sneered. “And trust that bitch too?”

“You can,” I said. “Look, it was her, OK?” Rage filled my aunt’s pretty face. “I think one of the reasons she had sex with me was so you would have something on her too, it would mean she couldn’t tell on you without you telling on her.”

“Yeah, so what?”

“This way everything is even, neither of you has an advantage. Neither would have any reason to tell on the other…unless my affair with one of you continued. So, I’m not going to see either of you any more.” I looked her in the eye. “And as much as I adore you, and as fantastic as sex with you is every time we’re together, I want to end it. It’s just too big a risk, and I’m tired of being afraid of hurting my mother.” I put my hand on her knee. “Please, for me, don’t make this harder than it already is.”

A few tears fell down her cheek. “I’ll never forgive her for what she did,” Aunt Jess said. “She called me fat, and ugly.”

“You aren’t either of those things, and you know it. I told her I was very angry with her about that, and she apologized. I’ll make her apologize to you personally.” She still looked furious and I said, “Can I tell you one thing?” She shrugged. “Aunt Billie told me to have sex with you one more time, because she would feel guilty if we didn’t have one last fling after she and I did it. She doesn’t want you and her to be arch-enemies. She just doesn’t want us having sex anymore. And, I think she’s right.”

“It was none of her fucking business,” Aunt Jess said, and got to her feet. She dressed in silence, but she let me walk her to the door. “Will I see you Christmas Day?” I asked.

“Of course,” my aunt said. She kissed me on the cheek. “Good bye, Timmy.”

I watched her drive away, the relief like a drug to my over-stimulated nervous system. I hoped she would be OK, and I was pretty sure she would be. I hoped I would be OK, and I was less sure. A long, hot shower would help, I thought, and I headed off for the bathroom.


Somehow I survived to Christmas. My thighs were black and blue from having thousands of kids dropped on my lap, and my patience was worn to a thread by too many traffic jams and long lines at the mall. But Christmas Eve I had a nice time with the relative on my father’s side of the family, and then Christmas Day all my mother’s relatives came to the house for dinner.

I was dreading it. Aunt Jess and Aunt Billie in the same room, with cutlery nearby…the mind boggled. I kept imagining the last act of “Hamlet”, bodies lying everywhere, blood on the walls. I got to my parents house early and I had two glasses of wine in me before anyone else showed up.

Aunt Billie and Uncle Carl came first, Billie in a dark green blouse and black miniskirt, looking so luscious I wanted to crack my head against the wall. And then Aunt Jess and Uncle Don arrived, Jess wearing a white turtleneck that showed off the breasts I had enjoyed so completely. I poured another glass of wine, took a big sip, and went to greet my aunts.

“Hi, Timmy,” Aunt Billie said, and kissed me on the cheek, and when I said hello to Aunt Jess I got the same treatment. So did their other nieces and nephews, I saw, and I felt a little pang of jealousy. Shouldn’t I have gotten a greeting with a bit more, um, oomph? Then again, what did I expect, a quick blowjob on the kitchen table?

Everyone had a good time, the food was great, the wine liberally dispensed. My aunts seemed to get along very well, chatting away and laughing quite a bit. But I did notice a bit of a chill between my aunts and their husbands, nothing overt, but I certainly picked up on it. It made me nervous. What was the problem, and was the problem sitting in my chair.

We exchanged grab bag gifts. My father got Aunt Billie a gift certificate for a trip to a local spa, a gift she totally loved, and I watched my father blush with embarrassment, not arousal, as she gave him a big hug and a kiss. Uncle Carl liked the round of golf I got him, excited about playing at the new course that had just opened in our area. And then it was time to open the gift Aunt Billie got me. It came in an envelope, and I tore it open and looked inside. All I found was a piece of paper, and when I pulled it out I froze. The printing was sloppy and childish, and written in red crayon.

It said, “I gave you your gift in the hotel room, remember? I thought you’d enjoy fucking me more than a Borders gift certificate.”

I shoved the paper back in the envelope and looked around. Fortunately everyone was opening their gifts too, and no one saw me examining the paper. Except for Aunt Billie…and Aunt Jess, who were both looking at me with barely-contained smirks.

“What did Aunt Billie give you, honey?” Mom asked.

The ankara escort bayan fuck of a lifetime? “Um, ah, um, a gift certificate to Borders,” I stuttered.

“Oh, that’s always a great gift for you!” Mom said, doing her best to add to the Christmas cheer, and Aunt Billie mouthed the words, “Nice job”. Aunt Jess was grinning too.

I found a quiet moment to thank Aunt Billie for her “gift”. “I thought you wanted to make sure my mom didn’t find out about, um, what I’ve been up to.”

“Well, we don’t, but we couldn’t resist fooling with you a little bit.”


“Your Aunt Jess and me.”

“Wait, the two of you aren’t plotting on how to kill each other?”

“Of course not. We’ve been spending a lot of time together lately.”

“You have? Wait, I’m confused, I…”

“Oh, it’s not about you! It’s something else…I really don’t want to get into it.” For the first time I saw her look unhappy, and I said, “If there’s anything I can do to help.”

“Thanks, honey. But I’ll be fine.”

I talked to Aunt Jess a bit later in the evening, and heard much the same story. “Billie was right, and so were you,” she said. “We had lots of fun, but it was too crazy, even for me.”

“I’m glad you two are getting along so well.”

“Well, we have a lot to talk about these days,” she said mysteriously, but when I asked what she meant, she just laughed and said it was nothing. I got the impression it was SOMETHING, but perhaps I had to concede it was none of my business.

The party ended, I said my goodbyes, and headed home. I got a big box out of my closet and put the Santa suit away for another year. “And maybe forever,” I said aloud. “I’ve done my duty, maybe it’s time for someone else to pick up the torch.” I put the box away, and headed off to bed.


A week before Valentine’s Day I came home seriously dragging my heels. Valentine’s Day stresses me in a different way than Christmas. Christmas I have to go out and buy gifts, Valentine’s Day I WANT to go out and buy gifts, for that special girl who fills my life with sweetness and music. Trouble was, I didn’t have a girl in my life like that. I was girlfriendless, and with my seductive aunts strictly forbidden I was intercourseless as well. So I got a beer out of the fridge, took a long pull, and only then saw the flashing light on my answering machine.

It was Mom. “Honey, give me a call, I have some…bad news.” She didn’t sound despondent, like someone had died, but it sounded pretty bad. I called and ten seconds later my mother was saying, “Well, honey, Uncle Don and Aunt Jess are getting divorced.”

It was like a right cross to the jaw. “Whoa, wha…what happened?” I had an idea of what happened-Uncle Don had somehow found out that I was boning his wife.

And then Mom said. “That’s not all. Uncle Carl and Aunt Billie are splitting up too.”

Left hook to the breadbasket. “Whoooooa. Both of them? Why? Why?”

“I really don’t know, honey, it’s not really any of our business.” Which was bull, Mom knew what had happened. None of the four people involved were especially close-lipped. But I didn’t push Mom, I told her how sorry I was, how bad I felt, and I said my goodbyes. Twenty minutes later I called the same number I did before, but this time it was my Dad who answered.

“So what the hell happened with the two happy couples?” I asked.

Dad, who pretty much can’t stand his brothers-in-law, was more than happy to spill the beans. “They were cheating on them.”

If my father had been sitting in front of me I would’ve put my hands on his throat. “Pronouns, Dad, pronouns! Who was cheating on who?”

Dad spoke as if it was a stupid question. “Don and Carl were cheating, what did you think?”

It felt like an elephant wearing golf spikes had just stepped off my chest. “What happened?”

“Don was sleeping with his secretary and Jess found out.”

“Ouch,” I winced. I could well imagine Aunt Jess in a jealous fury-it would not be a pretty sight. “What about Uncle Carl?”

“He was sleeping with Don’s secretary too.”

“I…wait, he was what?”

“You heard me. They were both fooling around with her, and apparently with one of her friends. Billie found out, and she and Jess tracked them all down to some hotel they were staying at, and, well, they got busted.”

I imagined the scene, Aunt Jess and Aunt Billie together, in full fury. I shuddered. “I’m surprised they’re still alive.”

“When the lawyers get through with them they’ll wish they weren’t.”

I thanked Dad for the info, took a satisfying swig, and I called a number I used to know well. “Hello,” said a sharp, angry voice.

“Aunt Jess? It’s Tim.”

“Oh, Timmy,” she sighed. “I guess you’ve heard.”

“I did. I’m sorry.”

“I’m not. That lying, cheating, skirt-chasing bastard, shacking up with some 21-year-old slut. As if I don’t know how to please a man in bed…well, YOU know that as well as anyone.”

I conceded that I did. I found it interesting that for two years my aunt had been cheating on her husband with his own nephew, but not so interesting that I wanted to bring it up. I like breathing. “I’m guess I’m a bit surprised you and Aunt Billie worked together to catch them.”

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Sandy’s Demise

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Chapter 1: New Beginnings

Sandy, and her two daughters, Katie, 21, and AJ, 18, met Andy on the internet. There was some mutual attraction on both counts. The women were attracted to Andy’s dominant personality and his way with words, and he liked the fact that they were sexually open with each other, to say the least. Katie, was thin (34C-24-34) and brunette like her mom. AJ, who had apparently gotten her looks from her father, was blonde and 36D-24-34. Sandy’s measurements were a respectable 36C-27-35. While all of the women were quite beautiful, none of them had any question about who was the sexiest and prettiest. AJ stood tall above both her older sister and her mom in the looks department. Her face was prettier, her body was curvier, and worst of all for the other two, she was also smarter and more confident.

Sandy had to admit to herself that she wasn’t overly fond of the latest developments that had taken place. At Andy’s request, the girls had now started calling her “slut” or “mommy-slut” in private, and calling her by her first name in public. So while all of their friends would refer to their mothers as “mom,” Sandy was routinely called “Sandy” by her daughters in front of their friends, or worse, HER friends… or the girls’ friends’ parents.

The first time it happened was at a house-warming party for the family of one of Katie’s friends. Sandy and her daughters all attented the party, but Sandy didn’t quite realize what she was in for. Everyone was sitting around, talking innocently, when AJ, ever the bold one, loudly said “Sandy, would you be a dear and get me some more punch?”

Sandy’s cheeks turned bright red as everyone took note of such a minor thing as the girl calling her own mother by her first name… and also, the lack of a “please” of any sort. They also noticed that Sandy very quickly fetched her daughter some punch, and that AJ barely acknowledged her when she took the cup from her mom. Katie especially noticed.

By the end of the night, both girls had gotten used to calling Sandy by name. To her own horror, Sandy never really got used to it, and worse, she found that her pussy throbbed every time it happened. She knew that the girls were following Andy’s order, and that she, Sandy, was obeying Andy in obeying them. She hated that she enjoyed being treated so cruelly by her own flesh and blood, but she had to admit it… even if only to herself when she was alone in bed at night.

As they approached the car, AJ whispered into Sandy’s ear that she would be driving home. Sandy never felt so low as when she had to hold open the car doors for each of her daughters, with AJ in the driver’s seat… that’s where Sandy was supposed to sit. She’s the one who paid for the damned car. Unfortunately, her pussy was now doing her thinking for her, and it loved every bit of this humiliation. She opened the back door for Katie… surprised that she wasn’t going to force the mother to take the back seat, but of course there was a reason Katie’s choice of seat. Once they got into the car, the girls resumed their taunting of her, starting with AJ, the youngest, and most beautiful of the three.

“Did you have a good time tonight, slut? I just loved the look on everyone’s faces when you had to pee so badly, and I asked you to get me some more punch and you actually got me my punch rather than going to the bathroom. When I didn’t take it from you right away (actually not even looking at her or acknowledging her presence), I soooo hoped you’d pee yourself right there. I’ll admit that a big part of me was disappointed that the bathroom opened up right when it did for you.”

Blushing even worse, Sandy replied: “Yes, dear… I did have a good time… but I wish you hadn’t been so cruel in there. Andy told you to start calling me by name, but he didn’t say you had to start odering me around like a maid or something,” she said, almost in a whine.

Katie joined in “No, slut, but it sure did add to the fun, didn’t it? I’ll bet that pussy of yours is wet already, isn’t it, mom… mmee-slut?” She giggled to herself as she added the end part. Sandy wasn’t sure if Katie had said it that way to torment her more or if she had almost slipped into reverting to calling her mom, but either way, she had to admit the truth.

“Yes, Katie… my pussy IS wet.”

AJ smiled and said “Why don’t you pleasure yourself, then, slut? I know that a slutty pussy needs attention.”

Sandy, sinking deeper into her own humiliation, resisted “Thank you, but I think I’ll wait until I get home to do that… errr… I mean… IF I do it, it will be at home.” She blushed at her slip… her admission… but knew that the girls knew her too well anyway, so it there wasn’t much point in fighting it.

Katie leaned forward and whispered into her mom’s ear “But nobody will ever know, but us, slut. I know that Andy has forbidden you from wearing panties, so it’s just a matter of lifting that short skirt, spreading your legs, and moving your fingers to wear they so desperately want to be. You DO want to touch yourself for us, don’t you, mommy-slut?”

As if in a trance, Sandy’s ankara escort hand moved between her legs as they spread as far as the car seat would allow. She starting rubbing her juices over her clit, and was humiliated ever more to learn just how drenched her cunt was from the ordeals of the evening. Katie spoke up once again:

“Do you want to know my favorite part of tonight, mommy-slut?” Sandy just whimpered and nodded.

“It was the fact that Andy only told us to start calling you Sandy in public and slut in private. He never told you that you HAD to obey us. You did that ALL on your own!” Sandy’s mouth dropped as she realized the truth of Katie’s statement, and her cunt spasmed all over her fingers as her orgasm hit her like nothing she had ever felt before. It was true. She wasn’t ordered to submit to her daughters’ humiliation in public, but a part of her craved that, loved it… ate it up and came back for more… almost begging for more. A tear ran down Sandy’s cheek as her second orgasm hit her.

Chapter 2 – Sinking Deeper

Within a week, the girls were taking newer liberties with their mom on a daily basis. The Saturday of that week, the girls decided to stay in and watch a movie. They urged their mom (okay, ordered might be a more fitting term) to stay in and watch the movie with them. Katie rented the movie, and to Sandy’s astonishment, she had rented a lesbian porno movie. AJ ordered her mother to strip as the movie started getting good. Both girls enjoyed pinching their mother’s nipples and holding her hands away from her sex as she tried to relieve her own frustration. She was now beyond caring if they saw or not, she wanted to pleasure herself.

AJ said, “Really, slut, if you’re that horny from this movie, I really think you should try to think about something else. Or maybe you should just stop watching.”

“No, really honey, I’ll try not to touch myself. Please don’t make me stop watching. I’ll be good,” Sandy replied.

But AJ insisted “Mommy-slut, I don’t think you got my meaning in that stupid cunt-thinking brain of yours. Maybe this will give you a clue.”

With that, AJ spread her legs and pushed her mom’s head between her thighs. Sandy subserviently got to her knees before her youngest daughter and began to lap at it like a woman dying of thirst. She had secretly wanted this for longer than she could even remember, and how appropriate that AJ, everyone’s favorite, should be the one she should service first. She lapped at AJ’s beautiful shaved pussy and eased her tongue inside as her nose rubbed against AJ’s clit.

In the mean time, Katie moved next to her sister and began kissing her. They were both so turned on that they kissed like long lost lovers. They had played together before in the past, but neither of them had been near this excited. Katie lovingly squeezed her sister’s perfect tits as their mother nursed at AJ’s cunt. Her perfect cunt, Katie admitted to herself. Everything about AJ was perfect. She sighed as she kissed her sister more passionately, thanking her lucky stars for the chance to be this close to her perfect sister.

Sandy did a fine job on AJ’s pussy, and was soon rewarded with a gush from her daughter. AJ pressed her mom’s face hard against her pussy as her orgasm hit her, and Sandy dutifully lapped up ever bit of cunt juice that was offered to her. Sandy looked up at her beautiful daughters as they kissed and, instead of feeling anything close to negative feelings about the whole thing, just felt an overwhelming sense of RIGHT. She felt at home between AJ’s legs. She felt right serving her daughters. She felt at peace, a blissful peace, as she watched them kiss each other.

As AJ’s orgasm subsided, she pulled her mother up and kissed her eagerly, tasting herself on her mommy-slut’s lips and tongue. She sucked Sandy’s tongue into her mouth and licked and sucked the juices from it. Sandy couldn’t help herself anymore. The intensity of AJ’s kiss pushed her over the edge, and she had a mindblowing orgasm without even touching herself. As AJ and Sandy’s lips parted, they both turned toward Katie, looking like hungry wolves as their eyes ate up the naked older sister… not quite as pretty as AJ, but still sexy enough that men would beg for the chance to be where her mother soon found herself.

Two days later, AJ had a couple friends over. Her mother, by now used to being a bit of a servantgirl in her own house, brought some sodas in to the girls and asked AJ if she could get them anything else. AJ looked at her mom sastistically and replied:

“No, that will be all, mommy-slut.” AJ’s friends’ jaws dropped and then they broke up into a fit of giggles as they saw Sandy, the mother of their friend, turn a bright red and then meekly smile and walk out of AJ’s bedroom, closing the door behind her. Sandy realized that AJ was perfectly within her rights to call her slut in front of her friends. They were at home, after all, and this wasn’t exactly in public. She went to her room and masturbated furiously and came within seconds, wallowing in her own degradation in front of her daughter’s friends.

On Saturday escort ankara mornings, Sandy and Katie both normally woke up relatively early. On one particularly bitter cold Saturday morning in February, Katie had taken an extra long and hot shower. Sandy got in shortly thereafter, and used up the last of the hot water. When AJ woke up, the hot water heater had not replenished the supply yet, and she was left without any hot water. Shivering, she got out of the shower and went into the kitchen where her older sister and mom were eating breakfast. She walked right up to Sandy, fuming, and slapped her HARD across the face! Sandy’s jaw dropped as she was punished like a naughty child, and worse.

“How DARE you use the last of the hot water, slut? Do you think I can look the way people expect me to look without a hot shower? FUCK! You’re such a selfish little bitch, mom!”

Sandy was awestruck by the outburst. Worse, she was ashamed of her own behavior. AJ was right. She should have been more considerate.

“I’m sorry, baby. Please… how can I make it up to you?”

AJ walked from the kitchen to the living room and sat in a nice cushy chair. While she was still naked, the adrenaline caused by her outburst had helped to warm her body a bit. The thought of what she was about to do, helped too.

“Crawl to me, slut. Crawl to me so that you can worship my cunt. Crawl like the little horny bitch you are, mommy-slut, and come suck your daughter’s pussy. That will be the beginning of how you can make it up to me.”

Sandy sighed, and got to her hands and knees in the kitchen, her breakfast forgotten. Katie was now fingering herself while watching the whole display. She loved seeing her mother be humiliated, and loved it even more when her mom snapped into place so quickly before her daughters.

As Sandy approached her youngest, AJ spread her legs for her invitingly. Sandy licked her lips and dove right in. She lapped at AJ’s cunt eagerly. She wanted to make AJ come, but more than anything, she wanted to make her feel good… to make AJ happy, and if this is what AJ wanted, then this is what she would do. AJ taunted Sandy as her orgasm approached.

“Mmmm… you’ve got such a wonderful tongue, Mother! Oh yeah, right there. Ohhh…” AJ really liked to use maternal names for Sandy when Sandy was servicing her daughters. She liked reminding her of how naughty a mommy she was for being so quick to dive between AJ’s or Katie’s legs. For her part, Sandy knew that any man in town, and half the women, would chew off their right arm to be able to service either of her girls (especially AJ, of course), but she also had to admit that, beyond just how sexy and beautiful they both were, she loved the perversity of the lesbian incestual pleasures, and of the humiliation when they taunted her. AJ spoke up again, almost echoing Sandy’s exact mindframe.

“Oh, Mom… you’re so good to Katie and me, isn’t she Katie? You really ARE a good mother to do the things you do for us. And face it, Mom, you feel at home serving us, don’t you? You feel RIGHT by doing as you’re told. It feels almost natural to you to be between your daughter’s legs, doesn’t it… slut?”

Sandy couldn’t stop herself. She nodded as she continued to lap at AJ’s cunt, her nose rubbing against AJ’s clit now as Sandy nodded her head so enthusiastically. This vocalization by AJ was almost too much for her. Sandy reached back between her legs, and with the first contact of her fingers to her clit, exploded in an intense orgasm. Her moans into AJ’s pussy sent her daughter over the edge too. Katie, who had now moved close enough to see and smell the action, got herself off at the exact same time also. Mother, daughter, and daughter, a 3 way simultaneous orgasm. What a beautiful thing it was. On that day, a new rule was made in the house. On weekends, Sandy was not allowed to shower until both of her daughters had already taken theirs.

Chapter 3 – Better to be…

A few days later, Katie, being the twisted slut that she is, got a new idea for humiliating her mother. Sandy was now used to sucking each of her daughters to orgasm at least twice a day. Usually, she would have to pleasure them each as soon as they woke up, and then occasionally in the afternoon or evening, or her favorite, right before bed. She liked how peaceful they looked as they fell into a deep sleep shortly after their pussies had spasmed all over her face.

On this morning, Sandy was dutifully and eagerly lapping at Katie’s cunt. As Katie’s second orgasm was subsiding, she held Sandy’s face hard against her pussy, with Sandy’s mouth open to accept the flow of Katie’s juices. With Sandy in position, Katie released her bladder… just just a little squirt. She wanted to see Sandy’s reaction. To savor the humiliation as Sandy realized that her daughter planned to piss in her mouth.

As Sandy tasted Katie’s salty piss… strong as it was because it was Katie’s first bladder release of the morning, she felt a mixture of emotions: horror, shame, and… well, calm acceptance. She had had a dream once that her daughters had pissed all over her. ankara escort bayan She woke up from the dream with a gut-wrenching orgasm. As much as the thought horrified her during her waking hours, she had never really forgotten the intensity of that dream… or the orgasm.

Being the good little cunt-lapping mommy-slut that she had now become, Sandy obediently drank all of the piss that Katie offered her. Katie didn’t want to release all at once, though. Instead, she would let little squirts go into her mother’s mouth ever few seconds. It gave Sandy time to keep up and not have to worry about choking, but it also prolonged Katie’s perverse pleasure that she was taking as using her own mother’s face as her personal piss bowl.

“Oh, Mommy (she had learned, like AJ, that maternal words were dirtier during some of the deeds), you look so sexy as you drink my piss. Oooh, get ready, here comes a little more. Ahhhh… You’ll learn to like it, Mom. Don’t worry. I’ll teach you to love drinking my piss. I’ll TRAIN you to. Won’t we, AJ?”

AJ had just walked in to see the last of the performance. She just smirked and nodded. When Katie was through, she offered Sandy’s mouth to AJ, but AJ was in a hurry that day, so she had to decline. Katie loved having her mother as her piss bitch so much, that she added another rule to the Saturday shower one. Sandy was not allowed to drink ANYTHING but their piss until she had taken a shower. If she brushed her teeth, she would have to ask one of them to piss in a cup for her… or to piss onto her tooth brush. She got no orange juice… no coffee… nothing until AJ and Katie showered so that Sandy could shower.

That first saturday was tough for Sandy. Katie literally pissed in her Corn Flakes, and grinned as she watched her mother eat her breakfast while forcing a smile. She endured Katie’s taunting as her daughter watched her tilt the cereal bowl to her mouth so she could drink the last of the piss. The ultimate humiliation for Sandy, and the ultimate rush for Katie, however, came around 11 that morning.

AJ slept in until noon that day, and to Sandy’s horror, she found that she was beginning to get quite thirsty. Meekly, she approached Katie and, with her face bright red, explained her dilemma. Katie smirked as she pushed her mother for a more detailed request of what she wanted. Sandy couldn’t believe she was actually having to say the words.

“Ummm… Katie, sweetie, can I please have a drink of your piss?” There, the words were out. Unbelievably, Sandy’s pussy was dripping wet at having to ask her own daughter for permission to have a drink of her urine. Katie ordered her mom to go get their finest champagne glass, which Sandy eagerly did.

“Okay, mom, hold the glass up to my pussy… now watch… ahhhhh…” Katie relieved her bladder into the crystal glass as her mother held it up and watched. Sandy started to get nervous as the glass filled up. Luckily for her, the flow ended right at the top of the glass. Careful not to spill a drop, Sandy held the glass to her lips and took a big gulp of her daughter’s hot piss. Katie couldn’t believe her eyes when Sandy literally swished it around her mouth and then swallowed, savoring it like it was real champagne. Sandy couldn’t believe she was so eager to please her daughter that she would make a show of this, but she had to admit to herself that her own cunt was absolutely drenched.

Katie watched as her mom ran to her room. As the door was slamming shut, she stopped it and walked in to watch Sandy’s hand move between her legs. The orgasm was instantaneous, and Sandy’s orgasmic moans were quite intense.

“You really like being my little piss bitch, don’t you, mommy-slut?”

Limply, both from humiliation and exhaustion from the power of her orgasm, Sandy nodded.

Chapter 4 – Preparations for a New Guest

Andy’s next order was not much of a surprise to Sandy. She now had to call her daughters Miss AJ and Miss Katie. Her daughters loved how obedient their mom was getting. They used her quite often. They even made Sandy service their astonished friends. The absolutely loved it when Sandy started calling them “Miss” in public.

For her part, Sandy felt like her pussy was wet ALL the time. She had more orgasms every day than she could possibly count. When she wasn’t working, it seemed like her hands were always between her legs. She looked forward to serving as her daughters’ toilet, and absolutely adored getting to lap at their horny pussies… especially AJ’s beautiful bald cunt. Naturally.

Andy’s next order, two weeks prior to his arrival to their house was that Sandy’s bedroom door was put out to the trash and she was forbidden to ever close the bathroom door. Therefore, she had no personal privacy at all in the house. She still masturbated quite regularly she could, and now didn’t care whether her daughters, their friends, or (worst for her) their boyfriends were home or watched. She had become a total exhibitionist humiliation slut, and her daughters loved that about her… well, most of the time. Sometimes they just couldn’t believe how disgusting their mother was, but they knew that Andy wanted her that horny (and that they themselves were partly to blame), and what Andy wanted, Andy got. They loved their new life and knew that, at least to some extent, they had Andy to thank for it.

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Housemate Ch. 02

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We lay on the floor for a few minute. I couldn’t move, I was so surprised and bewildered by what had happened. Kate had her hand on my deflated cock and then raised her head, leaning it on her other hand, her elbow just above my shoulder. She smiled down at me, gave me a quick kiss on the lips then said, “That was pretty intense.”

I was in a swirl of emotions and couldn’t find words as I looked up at her smiling face.

Finally, I said, “Kate, I don’t know what to say. I didn’t want this to happen. I didn’t want to make love to you.”

Kate laughed, “We didn’t make love. We fucked.”

I was stunned by her bluntness. “Well, whatever, I didn’t want to take advantage of having a young woman in my cabin. You’re young enough to be my daughter.”

“You didn’t take advantage of me, Jack. I was horny and seduced you.”

“I should have stopped you. I knew you were drunk. What I did wasn’t right.” I said.

“Bullshit!” Kate said. “I saw how you looked at me. I know you wanted to fuck me.”

“I’m old enough to be your father, Kate. I should know better.” I said, sitting up and zipping my jeans.

“There’s nothing wrong with what we did,” Kate said. “Nothing and I know you liked it. Tell me you didn’t like it.”

“Okay, I liked it but it can’t happen again. It’s not right for me to take advantage of a young woman like you.”

“Well, if that’s the way you want it, Jack, but I don’t know what’s wrong. If you think you’re too old for me then that’s your problem. Age is just a number. I loved fucking you. I think you’re great looking, but you’re being silly.

“Maybe I am. Maybe I’m old fashioned or something. I just can’t have sex with someone young enough to be my daughter.”

“Then why do you look at my tits and ass the way you do?” Kate asked. “You’re being a hypocrite and the way you fucked me shows me you love fucking. You didn’t do anything wrong.”

I didn’t know how to respond. Kate stood up and squirmed into her tight jeans. Her long hair was disheveled making her look wild. I had to admit to myself how beautiful and sexy she looked. There was an awkward silence.

“Jack, do you believe in destiny?”

“I’m not sure,” I said, surprised by her question. “Why?”

“Well, here I am a stranger in this town –a town I just picked by putting my finger on a map. I find your number at the co-op because I need a place to live and here I am in your cabin. You’re alone. You probably haven’t gotten laid in a long time. Why don’t you consider me a gift? Maybe fate sent me here to be your fuck angel?”

“That’s pretty wild thinking,” I said. “I never thought of anything like that.”

“Well, pendik escort maybe you should stop being so damn moralistic and just accept the fact that you’ve been sent a fuck angel. Be grateful.”

“This is crazy. Things like that don’t happen. It’s just a coincidence that you came here and I made a mistake taking advantage of you.” I paused. “It won’t happen again.”

“Have it your way, Jack.” Kate said. “I’m tired now and think I’ll hit the sack.” Kate reached out and took my hand. “Let’s shake hands, Jack. No more fucking.”

I shook her hand and said goodnight. I have to admit I was surprised by her openness with language and her body. As she walked away, I couldn’t take my eyes off of her round ass and thought, “This is going to be a challenge.”

Just as she got to the other room, Kate turned and smiled. “Like what you see,” she said, teasingly, looking me straight in the eyes, challenging me. “She’s no angel, she’s a devil,” I said to myself and shook my head in disbelief at what was happening to my quiet life.

Later that night, I was having difficulty sleeping. The full moon was glowing through the skylight and illuminating the room. I glanced at the clock and saw it was 2:00 o’clock. I was thinking how strange it was having a woman as a housemate–a young, sexy housemate and how this was the last thing I expected. I got up to go to the bathroom and then to the kitchen sink to get a glass of water. I sleep nude and was standing at the sink looking up at the moon when Kate came in from the other side of the cabin.

She headed to the bathroom and didn’t see me standing in the dark kitchen. There’s only the kitchen counter separating the bathroom from the kitchen area. I didn’t want Kate to see me, so I moved to the corner of the kitchen by the pantry and stood in the dark. I assumed she would go back to her side of the cabin, but she didn’t. She came into the kitchen, stood at the sink and got a glass of water. She was wearing a thin tee-shirt that barely covered her ass. Then she turned around, leaned against the sink and drank her water, looking up at the skylight. In the moonlight, I could see her round tits though the thin material of her tee-shirt. I was getting aroused seeing her long smooth legs and the tee-shirt barely covering her cunt. My cock was getting hard and big. When she turned around to face the sink, she leaned forward to wash her glass and her tee-shirt lifted up revealing her round ass.

Suddenly, looking at her ass as she leaned against the sink, I was filled with lust. “Oh no,” I said to myself, looking at my cock sticking straight out. “I have to control myself. I can’t do this,” I thought. escort pendik “It’s not right, but looking at her round ass was too much. My lust was overwhelming me. I wanted to rub my cock against her ass. I wanted to grab her tits. I wanted to come out of the dark and bend her over the table and fuck her, but I was afraid to move. I felt like a voyeur with my cock in my hand. I was crazy with lust. She looked so sexy and I was so horny from looking at her luscious body I didn’t know what to do.

Kate was leaning against the sink, looking up at the moon, her tee shirt just above her round ass. Finally, I lost control. I came up behind her, grabbed her tits and place my cock on her ass. Kate was shocked at first then looked over her shoulder and realized what was happening. She smiled at me and wiggled her ass against my cock, “So much for our deal,” she said.

I had both hands on her tits, pulling her against my hard cock, which was pressed into the crack between ass cheeks. I was moving my cock against her ass. She was responding with moans and pushing her ass against my cock. Her motion was really turning me on as I pressed my cock harder against her crack, moving up and down, kneading her firm round tits harder and harder.

“Ummmmmmmm” Kate moaned. “I like this. Keep doing that.”

I still hadn’t said a word. I knew I shouldn’t be doing this, but her body was more than I could stand. I had to take her and fuck her.

Finally, I pushed her towards the table and bent her over. I spread her legs. My cock was at her cunt. Her arms were stretched in front of her grasping the other side. I moved my cock up and down her wet slit. It felt so good to play with her, tease her, get her wet and hot.

Kate turned her head towards me and shouted, “FUCK ME!”

“You really want it don’t you, Kate.” I said, leaning over her, whispering in her ear.

“Don’t tease me you bastard. Take me! Come on fuck me!”

I was enjoying teasing her, getting both of us so on the edge we were driving each other crazy. I looked down at my cock at the entrance to her cunt, her ass wiggling for me to take her. I put my cock in a little deeper and felt her pushing back, wanting it.


“Tell me again. Tell me what you want,” I whispered in her ear.

She grasped the end of the table harder with her hand and pushed back against me. “FUCK ME NOW. DAMN IT. I CAN’T STAND IT! FUCK ME I WANT IT SO BAD!”

Finally, I rammed my cock into her tight wet cunt. “You’re so tight” I said. I had to push hard to open her up. I pulled out and rammed in even harder, grunting pendik escort bayan with each thrust—”Ughn. Ughn. Ughn.” Each thrust going deeper into her tight wet cunt.

“Your cock’s so big,” Kate said, as I picked up speed. “You feel so good.”

I was pounding into her–ramming my cock into her with all my strength. “You like this don’t you. You like being fucked by me. Tell me!” I couldn’t believe the words coming out of my mouth. I had never been so out of my mind with lust before. Fucking this young tight cunt was like nothing I had ever experience before.

“I love it,” she said. “I love how you’re fucking me. Don’t stop. Do it harder. Fuck me harder. Fuck me! Fuck me. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhgod. Keep fucking me.!”

I don’t know where my strength or energy came from. I didn’t want to ever stop. I loved how her tight cunt felt. How she begged me to fuck her. I was deranged with lust as I rammed into her with an intensity I didn’t know I had.


I was fucking her like a wild man, my balls bouncing against her ass, her cunt juice spilling out. I could feel my sperm getting ready to rise. I knew I was on the verge of cumming and pounded her even harder.


Her screaming urged me on and I rammed my cock as deep as I could go, pulled out and rammed into her even harder, grunting with each thrust. I could feel myself getting ready to burst as my sperm rose with a tremble up my legs. My cock was swelling inside of her as I moved in and out. I was getting ready to explode in her and screamed, HERE I COME. I’M CUMMMING. I’M CUMMING. OHHHHH HERE I COME!”


I exploded in her. This was the wildest fuck of my life. Spurt after spurt pouring out of me and into her cunt, spilling out onto the table. I couldn’t budge and just lay on top of her with my cock in her wet cunt. We were both exhausted, gasping for air. For a second I forgot where we were. The room was dark except for the moonlight coming in the window. I let her up and we hugged and I kissed her. “That was pretty wild, mister.” Kate said. “I don’t think I’ve ever been fucked like that,” she laughed. “I’m still dizzy.”

“Me, too,” I said. “I don’t know what came over me.”

“That’s because you came all over me,” she laughed.

Somehow I didn’t feel uncomfortable standing in the kitchen completely naked with my cock hanging limply. “You’re some housemate,” I said.

“Wrong. I’m your fuck angel,” she said, giving me a light kiss on the lips and then went back to her bed. “See you in the morning.”

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House Party

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Another Saturday night house party at my best mates place. It was almost a ritual these days, we’d have a massive blow out once a month at his joint. He lived in a huge 2 story house, massive pool out the back, jacuzzi on the back patio, and a huge wrap around balcony that surrounded on side and the rear of the house, overlooking the pool.

These parties became almost legendary within our group of friends and their extended friends for been an amazing night, full of booze, music and debauchery. You see, it wasn’t uncommon for people to start getting it on anywhere in the house, no matter who was around. You’d get people screwing in the pool, the jacuzzi, lounge room or one of the may bedrooms in the house.

I’d been there since about lunch time, drinking and generally enjoying an amazing time. I’d seen 2 girls getting it on in the jacuzzi, a chick I’d known for years get gang banged in the pool and a whole bunch of first timers to one of these parties getting their dicks sucks, pussies eaten out and making out throughout the house.

I was sitting with a friend of mine, Charlene, a French exchange student who had been here for a little under a year. Charlene was a petite girl, about 1.6m tall, long brunette hair, slim athletic body with long slender legs that ran up to a shapely ass and nice C cup boobs.

She was wearing a short, white skirt and tight blue top that accentuated her boobs and ass nicely. She’d heard about these parties and wanted to come to one.

At that moment, we were sitting on the outside lounge on the balcony, looking over the pool. She was snuggled up beside me, my arm wrapped around her slowly stroking up and down her side. Her gaze was glued to the scene below. In the jacuzzi, 2 petite girls were in a 69, moaning and writhing in pleasure, their full attention focused on each other.

As we watched, 2 dudes walked out from under the balcony and towards the girls. They slide up behind a girl each, and without warning, slide their hard cocks straight into their pussies, without breaking stride they began to slowly slide in and out, the moans of pleasure becoming more insistent and lustful.

I felt Charlene push into my harder, her hand coming to my chest, slowly tracing patterns onto my front, I leaned over her ear and whispered,

“Do you like what you’re seeing?” slowly tracing my fingers down her side and over her ass.

“Oui” came the laboured reply, her body tensing slightly at my touch, eyes never leaving the scene below.

I pushed her head back slightly, planting soft kisses on her forehead, as she push up, her lips meeting mine, tongues intertwined in each others. I ran my hand up her body as we kissed and cupped her tit, gently massaging it through her top. She moaned louder into my mouth, almost in time with the moans from below. Her hand slide down to the front of my shorts, as she began to rub my semi erect cock through the fabric.

I could tell she was getting tuzla escort quite turned on, but know she’d never been to anything like this, done anything like this I didn’t rush her, I decided to let her lead, for her to choose what she wanted to do, how she wanted to do it. She broke of the kiss, placing her head back down on my chest as she looked back down below. I let my hand wander back down her body, over her taught stomach and down her thigh, my finger hooking under the hem of her skirt and slowly pulling the skirt up towards her hips.

My hand slid down the front of her panties and over her smooth shaven pussy, this elicited a sudden intake of breath and her gripping my cock even harder through my shorts. I let my fingers slide over her clit, her body tensing and jolting as i she was been shocked by electricity. I slid two fingers into her pussy, Charlene now quietly moaning in pleasure as I slide in and out, thumb flicking over her clit occasionally.

Charlene’s hand had worked itself past the waist band of my shorts and now had a firm grip around my cock, stroking it. I felt her move, raising her right leg giving me better access to her pussy. Charlene wasn’t a very experienced girl, having only slept with 1 other person before coming to Aus. I knew she wouldn’t last long under the attention of my fingers. I brought my other hand across in into the top of her top, gently tweaking a nipple between my fingers as I stepped up my assault on her soaking pussy.

I was rewarded a few moments later as her body tensed, her grip becoming vice like on my cock as she moaned out in pure ecstasy. She came, body quivering, panting and muttering french. I let up, allowing her to regain her composure as she resumed her stroking on my cock. She looked up ad me again, her hazel eyes gazing up at me and kissed me again,

“Do you want to go inside?” I asked, breaking off our kiss.

“Yes I would like that” she replied.

I stood up, picking Charlene up under her knees and arms, cradling her close to my body as I carried her through the house. People were partying it up hard inside, the music was pumping out form the stereo, please sitting around drinking, dancing and enjoying each other company, in the corner a girl was on her back on the table, her boyfriend pumping in and out of her ass like a man possessed, her hands pawing at her own tits, eyes closed lost in a sea of pleasure.

I carried her down the hall, as she sat up in my arms, kissing my neck. We wandered into a room down the back, kicking the door closed with my foot as I laid her down on the bed. She locker her legs around my hips, pulling me into her as we kissed hard. I pulled her top over her head unhooking her bra with one hand. Charlene pushed me over, rolling onto my back as she rolled on top, straddling me. I sat up, taking her tit into my mouth as I sucked on her nipple, my hand pulling her hair back behind her forcing her to push her chest forward thrusting her perfect tuzla escort bayan tits closer to my face, I alternated my attention between each tit.

Her moans got louder as she squirmed in my lap. She stood up, turning away as she bent forwards, legs crossed, pulling her skirt and panties down giving me a perfect view of her bronzed ass and legs. She turned back, biting her lower lip as she grabbed my shorts and slid them off, my cock springing up and sitting on my stomach. Charlene crawled back up onto the bed, straddling me, as she reached behind and grabbed my cock.

She gave me a few hard, long pulls before guiding the tip of my cock to her pussy “base moi” fuck me she whispered,

“Due basie moi” (fuck me hard).

I placed my hand on her hips and in one hard thrust, buried my cock deep inside of her.

“OUI” she exclaimed, as I began to fuck in and out of her tight French pussy.

Moans of pleasure escaped her lips as we built up a rhythm, her hand resting on my chest to hold her upright, her other reaching down between us to rub at her clit. Suddenly I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock as she screamed out,

“I’m cumming” As she fell forward.

I clamped my arms around her waist as I pistoned into and out of her, feeling her body shake and tremble as I slowed her through her orgasm. I looked over her shoulder to see 2 girls standing at the door, hands rubbing each other’s pussies, pawing at each other tits, fully engrossed in what they were watching.

“We’ve got admirers” i said as I lifted her off me, turning her around as I scooted to the edge of the bed.

She either didn’t notice or didn’t care, as she knelt on either side of my legs and sunk back down onto my raging hard cock. She rocked herself back and forward, bringing herself up until just the tip of my cock was inside her and then slamming herself back down my full length. She did this over and over, moaning, and gasping as she did. I reached up and fondled her tits, kissing her shoulders, her neck.

We sat there, fucking each other for what felt like hours. I glanced over occasionally to our admires, who were now totally engrossed in themselves to notice what we were doing. I’d noticed that they had found a purple dildo and one of the girls was intent on slamming it into and out of the other.

Charlene laid her head back onto my shoulder as she turned her head and whispered

“Encule-Moi, s’il vous plait…” (fuck my ass, please she pleaded).

I lifted her off my cock, slightly, positioning my hard thick cock at the entrance to her ass. She sat back slowly and in one deliberate, slow movement she pushed herself back onto my cock, taking me in one go. She sat there, panting, not moving, letting herself get used to my cock.

“So full” she gasped as she slowly began to rise and fall on my cock.

“Mmmmm, this feels amazing” she said as I reached around her and started to fuck her pussy with my fingers, escort tuzla plunging into and out of her in time with her rise and fall on my cock.

I could see her reflection in the mirror at the base of the bed, her eyes we closed, her brunette hair flowing around her beautiful face, a look of ecstasy on her face. She leaned back on my chest, me still buried in her ass as she rocked back and forth, me bucking my hips to trust into her as deep as I could.

Sounds of pleasure escaped her lips as I had an idea. I beckoned to the girls at the door to come over. They sauntered over toward me, standing beside the bed. I reached up to them, withdrawing the dildo from the girls. They seemed to know what i was about to do as they sat on the desk beside us, their fingers going back to each other. I brought the dildo to Charlene’s mouth, and without opening her eyes she took it in, running her tongue around the dildo as she slowly sucked it. I pulled it out, trailing it down her body, around each of her tits, her nipples, over her navel and onto her pussy. This brought a sharp inhale as she turned to me as said “do it”.

I reversed my grip on the dildo and, as I paused my fucking of her ass, slide the dildo into her pussy, Charlene screaming in joy as her ass became even tighter with the invasion of the dildo in her pussy and my cock in her ass. I built into a rhythm, pushing my cock in her ass as I pulled the dildo out of her pussy, then alternating.

The feeling was exquisite, as she panted, gasped and yelled phrases in french I’d never had the chance to learn. I managed to hook my free arm around her arms and behind her back, pinning her arms and forcing her to push her chest high once more. I built up a furious pace, could feel my release near.

“I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum” she started to chant.

I focus my attention on bringing her another earth shattering orgasm I nibbled and kissed her neck, building up a furious pace with my cock and the dildo. One of the girls had an idea, and as she crawled over the bed and began to suck on one of Charlene’s nipples. This proved too much and she suddenly tensed up ass clamping onto my cock as she screamed out as she came. The vice like grip on my cock was too much and with one final thrust I buried myself as deep as I could, feeling jet after jet of cum shoot into her ass. The girl sucking on her boob suddenly cried out as she came, her friends face planted firmly on her busy form behind. I kept thrusting, determine to make this feeling last as long as possible.

I felt Charlene’s weight collapse onto me, her energy completely spent. I looked over at the girls, mouthing thank you as they smiled and withdrew from the room, closing the door behind them, but not before the girl sucking her nipple reached down and withdrew the dildo from her pussy, give her clit a quick flick with her tongue. I felt Charlene’s body jump at this contact. I rolled onto my side, gently rolling Charlene with me, cock still buried into her ass “Merci” she mumbled, turning her head to kiss me tenderly once more “Thank you” she said, as she snuggled back into me, wrapping arms around her as she fell asleep in my arms.

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