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Awakenings Ch. 01

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Chapter 1 – Orville and his Mom move into their new house and begin to make discoveries.

[Dear readers: This is an entirely fictional account with all characters at least 18 years old. The primary focus will be on breasts and nipples – coincidentally, my own passion! Oh, and the full story, when I have time to complete it (don’t hold your breath) will also have a lot of masturbation, voyeurism, exhibitionism, and finally incest and non-consent, although the latter could be debated.

But to understand the way the story plays out, you will need some background on the characters, most of which won’t be exciting. These paragraphs will be in italics.

But fear not. To keep your – um – interest up, I will alternate background sections with what you REALLY want to read – descriptions of boobs, nipples, and more!]

“NIPPLES! ENTIRE BREASTS! And they’re NAKED!” Orville then paused, remembering his Mom’s admonition about not using “bad language” unless the situation (like stubbing your toe badly) really called for it. This situation did. “DAMN!” Orv continued in his soft to whisper. Even though he was alone in the house, this needed to feel like a private moment.

Orville had been clearing off his deceased Uncle Milt’s desk when he jostled the last accordion folder, a thick, heavy one with “MISC” written on the cover that had been deeply buried. A few loose pages had started to slide out. The one on top seemed to be a glossy page from a magazine. Curious, he had reached into the folder and pulled out what looked like a the magazine; but really it was just the shell – the front and back covers from a Funguy magazine serving as folder for the loose magazine pages.

On the cover was a bosomy model in a revealing outfit; the girl’s breasts were bulging out from all sides of the top she was wearing (yes, even a bit of the underneath part of her breast was showing, Orville noted), which looked to be a very immodest bikini style bathing suit. Orville sucked in a big gulp of air and with hands that were starting to tremble, he opened the cover.

Inside, he discovered, were several dozen pages apparently torn out from a number magazines. Orville’s first view was of a pair of totally naked breasts that seemed to be staring back at him, in a somewhat cross-eyed fashion. Orville quickly sat down since his legs had begun to quiver, and his heart was thumping rapidly; blood was beginning to get trapped in his expanding penis.

There, plain as day, were two mesmerizing nipples; one nipple pointed straight at him while the other nipple poked out to the side. Those magical protuberances were hypnotizing him as surely as if they were the eyes of a magician.

At long last, his first frontal view of real breasts! The fact that they were not truly “in the flesh” hardly mattered to Orv, as his mother called him. The rest of the world disappeared as he was sucked into the vortex of those amazing breasts.

To say that Orville had grown up dirt poor and in virtual isolation was an understatement. His mother Katharine had given birth to him just shy of her own 19th birthday, just months older than Orv was now.

When Orville first went to school, his teacher asked for each child’s parent’s names. Orville explained that he lived with just his Mommy. Orville started calling her Katharine when he learned her name (Mommy now seemed too juvenile), and when he refused to go back to “Mommy,” the two agreed to call each other by “nicknames” – Kath and Orv. Katharine would have preferred “Mom” to “Kath,” but Orv had always been a little different, and with time, she began to like the familiarity of being called by her nickname. And there were times, more tender times, when he called her “Mom.”

Kath had been raised by her own single mother. Susan had escaped from a relatively short and unhealthy relationship with Kath’s father two years after Kath was born. Susan had turned to the bible for comfort, and took great pains to instill in Kath that all men were evil, that they were “only after one thing,” (though this “thing” was never truly explained) and most importantly that masturbation was a sin.

When Kath finally got the nerve to ask what masturbation was, it was explained that she should never touch herself “down there” except for personal hygiene, and that breasts were only meant for nourishing babies. Kath wasn’t quite sure what all that meant, but she gathered that those places were off limits for all but bathing.

[Author’s note – Orv had yet to learn all the slang terms for breasts, but to make the story less boring, I will use a variety of words from here on out.]

While staring, transfixed, at the most beautiful tits Orv had ever seen [fine, the first ones HAVE to be the most beautiful] Orv’s hands began shake and his penis [he’ll learn the other terms soon] began to bulge uncomfortably in his tighty whiteys.

Orv had great peripheral vision, so while his eyes began a most thorough casino şirketleri caress of this girls bosoms and their precious nipples, he could tell that she had a pretty face, that her hands were running through lusciously long, amber colored hair, and that she was sitting on a bed with her front leg obscuring the view of her lower abdomen.

Fine, and duly noted; now, about those tits! The girl’s body was at a slight angle, the result being that her right tit pointed straight at Orv while her left boob was seen in perfect silhouette. Orv didn’t know where to look first, but he started at the base of the left boob. The breast flesh rose at nearly a right angle to her rib cage, with just the slightest sag to create the shape of a reclining letter C. Actually, that wasn’t quite right, Orv realized – it was more the shape of a deep cereal bowl, since it didn’t curve back on itself the way a letter C does.

And then, for Kath, there was the Senior Prom incident. Biff, who everyone else knew was a crude and cruel bully, had asked her to the prom. While Kath was flattered, she knew that her mom also did not approve of dancing. Beyond that, there was no money for a prom dress.

Biff asked if she could sneak out her first floor window, which Kath said she could do. With that, Biff feigned giving her an apprising look up and down (in truth, his eyes never left what he guessed were either C or D cup tits, hidden as they were by her baggy clothing) and said, “I’ll bring you my sister’s dress. It should fit you fine. You can change in the bathroom at the hotel. I gotta think you’ve got some great tits hiding under those rags.”

Kath was embarrassed by the last comment, but also pleased to have been asked at all – it would be her first date! She gave a tentative nod of approval, then felt some unfamiliar tingling in those forbidden nipples of hers as she turned and walked away. She rubbed her right hand over her left breast and was surprised to find her nipple had gotten stiff and was poking through her bra and baggy shirt. With a shiver, she reminded herself that those nips should not be touched, and the tingling slowly faded away.

Rather than feed into folks looking for THAT sort of “non-consent,” suffice it to say that Katharine snuck out of her house to meet Biff in the empty school parking lot, but came home less than an hour later, having never gotten to the prom. Her clothes were in tatters and her body had been painfully violated in ways she truly did not understand. The warnings of her mother kept cycling in her ears – all men are evil, and any form of sex, other than for making babies with your husband, is a sin. She was now a true believer.

Nine months later, Orville was born to her. Kath had never heard another word from Biff.

The outline of that amazing breast curved out and up for what looked to be four inches of depth, chest wall to nipple tip, based on the size of the girl’s outstretched arm. And then came the areola. Holy smokes, was it amazing! From top to bottom, it looked to be two and a half or even three inches in diameter. He looked down at his uncharacteristically naked chest to check his own areola – yes, less than in inch.

Wow, her areola was simply amazing! It was pigmented, Orv saw – a luscious, soft pink, only slightly darker than creamy white flesh-color of the rest of the boob, but the same color as her nipple. But more than that, the areola interrupted the smooth curve of the under surface of the boob, seeming to rise up maybe a quarter inch above the expected outline.

Orv knew it might be wrong, but he could not help but to reach into his shorts and straighten out his dick, which, on partial release, now stuck up a half inch or so above his shorts. The discomfort was replaced by a new feeling that reminded him of the more pleasant aspects (the dream parts) of his wet dreams, which had never abated.

Orville was named for Katharine’s beloved grandfather. It was not such an uncommon name at the time when Orville the elder was a child. Kath spent countless hours with her grandfather both before and after the younger Orville’s birth.

Despite the circumstances of his conception, Katharine loved Orv from the moment he arrived – deeply and with all her soul. But, as a girl of 19, it was tough bringing up her baby. She lived with her Mom, who just managed to get by with the irregular check from her absent husband. Kath never got her chance to go to college.

And then, there was the nipple. Sweet Jesus, did the sight of that projectile send Orville’s dick into spasms! He reached out and touched the photograph, hoping that he could feel the sweetness of it. Was it hard, like his dick was now, or kind of pliable, like his own nipples. He was dying to know.

The nipple in the picture was at full attention, though Orv did not know the difference at the time, since this was his very first view of those blessed protuberances. In the side view he had, it was slightly casino firmaları longer than it was wide, the nipple appearing to rise 3/8s of an inch – no probably closer to a full half inch above the areola.

It was SO much bigger than his own nipple; instead of being the size of a pencil lead like his own, this nipple was more like the size and shape of a good sized crayon, or maybe a gumdrop! He would have given anything if his fingertips could just touch that amazing nip. Without realizing what he was doing, he reached into his shorts and began stroking his now rock hard shaft. Subconsciously, he knew that this was “wrong” – but man, did it feel good.

When Orville the elder’s health began to fail due to emphysema, Kath spent much of her day looking after him while her own mother watched Orville the younger.

Orville the elder had taken up smoking, as many did, during the war; he managed to quit some two decades later, but the irreversible damage was done. The slowly progressive disability, the inability to breathe easily, and inevitable wasting of his once strong body was quite painful to watch.

Orv started school two days after his grandpa died, but by then, Kath had learned a profession – she easily found work at a nursing home just blocks from home. The pay wasn’t much, but she felt good about the service she was providing. Plus she felt comfortable there – there was no one under 50 either in residence or on staff, and the conservative uniform suited her view on sexuality – which was that there should be none.

As Orv continued to slowly stroke his cock, he noticed a slurping sound. Looking down, he saw that the head of his dick was wet. What’s that about he wondered? He knew it wasn’t pee, and he also knew it was not anything like the full load of thick sperm from his wet dreams. He grabbed a tissue, wiped off, and continued his close examination of the amazing tits in front of him.

Orv then followed the luscious contour of the model’s upper breast area, which seemed to reach nearly to her shoulder before flattening out. He had known for some time that tits fascinated him, but holy smokes, was it ever amazing to see this awesome form – and with no need to sneak a furtive glance down a lady’s blouse as he had done with Miss Smith last week.

No, he had all the time in the world to let his eyes adore this breast, this very symbol of femininity to him. Orv quickly determined that the nipple was the best part, then the areola, then the amazing under side of the boob – the side he never managed to glimpse of Miss Smiths generous curves.

Orv forgot that he was supposed to be bringing more of their belongings over from the apartment to the house – but can you blame him?

Kath had known that Orv was shy around strangers, and matters just got worse when he went to school. First off, since his name was unusual, it led to taunts, like “What’s cooking, Popcorn Boy?” “Did you bring any popcorn for us, ORVILLE?” Always tall for his age, he often got, “How’s the weather up there, spaceman?” It didn’t help that his mind often wandered and he didn’t know how to talk easily to the other kids. A loner before, he became even more withdrawn as the years passed.

Miss Smith. Orv kept his eyes glued to the model’s areola and left nipple, tracing their outline over and over to imprint it on his mind, while his mental video tape rewound to Friday and his view down Miss Smith’s top and into the depths of her cleavage.

It was a warm day, and the sun coming through the windows was more than a match for the school’s AC. Emma, as Orv called her in his mind (but never to her sweet face), had asked Orv to stay after the final bell rang to go over his last math test.

As the last of the other kids left and Orv approached her from the side, Emma grabbed the front of her blouse right at the depth of its generous V and fanned it in and out, simultaneously aiming a sharp exhalation down toward her ample boobs in an attempt to cool off.

Orv froze. Just two feet away, he could see her entire right tit, encased though part of it was in a lacy white bra and backlit by the sun bouncing off a nearby desk. Orv’s dick began to swell uncomfortably, and he broke out in a sweat. Never had he seen so much bosom before. Her tit appeared to be the size of a large grapefruit cut in half, supported only minimally by the undergarment.

“Orv,” Emma said, “you’re such a good student, I was surprised that you didn’t finish this test. It should have been easy for you.”

Orv mumbled something, but the truth was that, while taking the test, he had been distracted by the girl next to him at the time – Jan, a lovely kid with precociously large boobs who had a habit of stretching every five minutes, thrusting her tits into sharp relief and driving poor Orv to distraction. Moreover, Emma’s words faded into background noise as he gazed at her barely covered tits, making it hard for Orv (sorry about the pun) to güvenilir casino make an intelligent reply.

When Kath’s Mom passed away, the “estate” barely covered getting her in the ground. Kath found a small apartment, but between food, clothing from second hand stores, and rent, there was no money for magazines, a television, or a computer, let alone the cost for connections. Orv grew up reading his great grandpa’s books, since that was the one thing that was passed down to him and his Mom.

And he played tennis. He had loved watching the older kids play when he was younger, and one took pity on him, handing down an older racket when his folks bought him a new one.

Orv, only eight at the time, picked up used balls, still good enough to hit against the wall, and taught himself how to swing through practice and observation.

Eventually, two years later, another single player had come along, and he learned match play. Still tall and now developing a build, he got better and better. Will, his practice partner, was the closest thing he had to a friend, but he was too timid to go beyond “How are you?” and “Nice game.”

Orv’s mind snapped back to the present, where his eyes continued to caress the model’s right nipple while his hand, without conscious thought, was starting to work his dick with more purpose. Did Emma have nipples like these?

More dampness down below. Another swipe, then an inspiration. Tearing off a thin strip of tissue, he folded it up and tucked it inside his foreskin. Problem solved! The tissue should absorb whatever liquid that was leaking out. Orv was succeeding in suppressing any notion that touching himself was wrong. How could something that feel this good be bad?

Turning to the photo again, he glanced a little higher and was struck by the model’s welcoming smile. Did she KNOW that guys would get hard just looking at her tits? Was she GLAD to show off her nipples? It didn’t make sense, but it sure looked like she WANTED guys to admire her boobs, her amazing nipples.

The model had piercing green eyes, and amber hair, which she was caressing with both hands. Her hair was almost the color of his mother’s. He looked in the lower corner, and sure enough, her name was Amber.

Miss Smith’s hair, on the other hand, was jet black; would her nipples be pink, like Amber’s? Orv noted that his own hair was a chestnut brown and that his own nipples were much browner than Ambers.

Kath answered the phone 10 years ago and was surprised to hear her uncle Milt on the phone.

“Hey, cuz, it’s your favorite uncle, Milt calling.”

Kath sighed and replied warily, “Milt, you’re my ONLY uncle. Why are you calling?”

Undeterred, Milt shot back, “Nice to hear your voice too, Babe, long time. Say, I’m in town on business tomorrow and I’d love to take you and your kid to lunch. That sound good?”

“Milt, tomorrow’s a school day and I’ve got a lot to do on my day off,” she lied.

“S’aright, s’aright, I’ll catch the kid another time. Pick you up at 12:00?”

“If you really want, fine, but nothing fancy – I don’t really have anything nice to wear.”

“Got it – see you then.”

Milt, 10 years younger than Kath’s mother Susan, had disappeared to the West Coast for his BS and had stayed there for his law degree. The last time Kath had seen him was for his father’s funeral, and he had not stayed long then.

Milt arrived in his rental car the next day. He got out of the car and Kath noted that, while he might have once been handsome, his 6′ 2″ frame was easily carrying an extra 60 pounds.

He tried to give Kath a hug, but she held her arms in front of her breasts (almost a reflex now) to keep him from feeling her breasts on his chest. Even before the hug, she could smell the cigarettes on his clothes and held her breath until she was released.

In the car, Milt asked, “Mind if I smoke?” Biting her tongue, she simply said, “Please don’t.” They then drove to a local strip mall – a fairly apt adjective, as it turned out. They pulled into one of those joints that features bosomy servers in short shorts and too small tops serving beer, greasy burgers, and wings. Kath was not at all happy, but there was no time to go elsewhere.

“Whoooeee! I DO love to watch their titties when they bend over to serve. I keep hoping a nipple might slip out, know what I mean? Speaking of titties, don’t you have anything nicer to wear than that baggy old blouse? I gotta think you’ve got some great tits hiding under those rags.”

Kath immediately recoiled – Milt had used the same phrase as that brute, Biff. “Milt, I don’t really like you very much; your clothes reek of cigarettes and your language is crude. I seem to have lost my appetite; can you take me back home now?” She was startled at her frankness, but the memory was still raw.

Milt’s manner immediately changed from brash to conciliatory. “Listen, Babe, I’m sorry about that. The fact is that aside from my wife Candy and my daughter Angel, you and young Orville are the only family I’ve got. I know that you’ve had a rough go of things, and I wanted you to know that I’ve done well over the years, and I’d like to see if I can help you out.”

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Dick Out!

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“This dollar says you miss that putt,” John said, waving a crinkled dollar bill as George stands over a 6-footer. George glared at John for breaking his concentration, then re-focused and drilled the putt into the back of the cup.

“Pay up bitch!” George said with a grin, snatching the dollar from John as the walked toward the 15th tee.

John thought all the rain would have slowed the greens down, and he was hoping to cut his losses, as George had just closed him out 5-and-4 in their weekly match.

This is how it went most weeks. John and George were weekend duffers with similar handicaps, and they loved to bet each other on the golf course. They usually played with two other guys in their usual foursome, but the weather report said 80% of rain, so it was just John and George who showed up this morning, when it was only sprinkling. The rain had picked up steadily as they played each hole, and they were soaking wet when they made the turn about an hour ago.

“Why don’t you two give up so I can go home?” Stephanie asked when they stopped in the club house to replenish their cooler after the 9th hole. Stephanie was in her mid-twenties, blonde with a huge rack and a slim waist.

“No way,” John replied eagerly, “our match is all square and he’s going down on the back nine!”

“After I make you my bitch,” George countered, “you’ll be the one who’s going down!”

John looked at George and swore he saw a little twinkle in his eye as he delivered this witty retort. John’s cock twitched in his damp golf shorts, but he convinced himself that Stephanie’s low cut tank top was the cause, as she was bending over to pack their cooler with 12 more beers. Since the weather was so shitty and it was a holiday weekend, John and George were drinking right along, having already killed a 12-pack on the front nine. The buzz they were both feeling only increased their verbal sparring and the things they would find themselves betting on.

“Thanks Steph!” they called almost in unison as they walked back out into the rain to continue their round.

“I wish she’d go down on me,” John said to George, nodding back toward the club house.

“I wish SOMEONE would go down on me,” George replied with a laugh, “I can’t remember the last time I got head from Rose.”

That was 5 holes and 8 beers ago, and in between the betting and drinking, the conversation centered on which one of them actually had the worse sex life.

Rose, of course, is George’s wife. They have lived down the road from John and his wife, Pam, since their kids were small. The couples were very close and the families always seemed to be at one or the other of their houses for dinner as their kids grew up and proceeded through school together. Now that their kids were all packed off to college, the couples did not get together as often.

“I just never thought I’d be still jerking off when I was 45,” George said to John, explaining how Rose is never in the mood anymore, as he pulled his driver out of his bag.

“Well, I’ll be 50 this year and am still jerking off regularly, so it looks like we’re in the same boat,” John replied, grabbing his driver and walking up to the 15th tee behind George, admiring George’s broad shoulders and slim waist as they both climbed the small hill to the tee box. John was once again aware that his cock was stiffening, but again he chalked it up to the beers and all the sex talk.

“Speaking of boats, this dollar says you’re going to need one to retrieve your tee shot,” George said to John, waving the crinkled dollar at him and pointing to the large water hazard that spanned the fairway about 150 yards away.

“Fuck you!” John replied jokingly, glad that the challenge diverted him from thinking about George’s athletic frame any longer.

George stood about 6-foot-2, and hadn’t gained a pound since he was a two-sport letterman in college. John, on the other hand, had been heavy his whole life, carrying 250 pounds on his 5-foot-9 frame. Both men were happy to still have all their hair, John’s being mostly white, and George’s showing just a few grey strands in his curly, black mop. John was a relentless flirt with a good sense of humor, so he never had problems with the ladies before getting married. George had no problem earlier in his life either, as he was an incredibly handsome man.

“Thank you!” John said sarcastically, snatching the dollar from George, after his tee shot successfully carried the water hazard, landing right in the middle of the fairway. “This dollar says it’s your shot that lands in Davy Jones’ locker,” John countered, as George addressed his ball.

“SHIT!” hollered George, as he hits his tee shot fat and his ball lands in the middle of the pond with a huge splash.

“Why couldn’t you fall apart earlier?” John asked through his laughter, watching George fish another dollar out of his pocket, along with another golf ball. Stepping forward to collect the dollar, John found himself looking at the unmistakable outline of casino şirketleri George’s cock under his drenched khaki shorts. Looking up to take the dollar, John sees that familiar glint in George’s eyes again, and he wonders if he got caught peeking.

“There’s still a lot of golf to play,” George said with a grin, after re-teeing and crushing a huge drive that landed in the fairway, about 50 yards ahead of John’s ball.

Getting into the cart, John handed George a fresh beer, and they toasted to blow jobs as they drove through the steady rain to their golf balls.

With about 180 yards to the green, John crushes a 3-wood and the ball whistles through the rain drops, bouncing twice and landing about 12 feet from the pin.

“Nice shot!” said George from behind him, “this dollar says I still beat you on this hole.”

Turning toward George, trying to think of a witty come back, John instead exclaimed “WHAT THE FUCK?”

“When you gotta go, you gotta go,” laughed George, as he stood in the middle of the fairway taking a piss. “It’s not like there’s anyone else on the course today!”

For what seemed like several long moments, John found himself staring at the huge slab of man-meat that was hanging out of George’s shorts. It was easily over six inches, and thick, with a golf-ball sized head. At peak erection, John’s cock was only five inches at best, and not very thick. All his life he’s had penis envy, and can’t help but slip into a jealous stare at the sight of a well-endowed cock. To add insult to injury, John also has a secret piss fetish, so he could feel his own cock hardening at the sight of his friend relieving himself just a few feet from him. He was hoping that George couldn’t see the small pup-tent rising in John’s black golf shorts as he watched.

“Why’d you bother even taking it out?” were the words John finally choked out, trying to break his gaze from George’s crotch. “We’re so wet that I wouldn’t have noticed if you pissed yourself,” John continued, walking back to their cart to put his club away, his fetish conjuring images of how good it would feel to release his bladder and fill his shorts with his own hot piss.

“Maybe I wanted you to notice,” quipped George, tucking his cock back into his shorts and stepping up to hit his next shot.

“Did I just hear that correctly?” John thought to himself, wondering if George really meant it or if it was just more mindless ball busting. Those words and the water sports images still rushing through John’s head were not doing anything to help reduce his now aching hard-on, and he put his hand in his pocket to try and casually adjust himself to a more comfortable position.

“Grab my putter too,” said George, after hitting a perfect approach shot which landed on the green two feet from the pin, as he turned and caught John in mid-adjustment.

“There’s that twinkle again,” thought John, wondering if he was just drunk, of if George was actually flirting with him. John knew that he was not gay, and he was pretty sure that George wasn’t either, but for some odd reason, George was uncharacteristically flirting, and John was finding it very alluring.

As they drove to the green, it seemed that George was now sitting closer to John in the cart, and the aroma of George’s cologne seemed to be adding to John’s intoxication. He downed the rest of his beer in one gulp.

“How’s it feel to have me inside you?” George asked with a wink as they parked near the green. John wash hoping he was just referring to his ball being much closer to the pin than John’s, but that wink made him wonder.

“Just get my dollar ready,” replied John, trying to concentrate back on golf. “I’m lying two and you’re lying four,” John added with an air of cockiness, knowing that even with George’s tap-in, John only needed to 3-putt to continue his mini-winning streak.

Standing next to each other behind the cart taking their putters out of their bags, George and John accidentally bumped into each other, and John actually shuddered as an unexpected shiver of electricity ran down his spine and through the length of his cock from the contact. John’s heart was still beating rapidly as he stood over his putt, which caused him to hit the ball too hard, rolling it 5 feet past the hole.

“You didn’t lose your turn,” teased George, noting that John was still away.

Trying to calm himself down, John hit his next put too softly, and it stopped 3 inches from the cup.

“I think you want to be my bitch,” George said, again with a wink, casually tapping in his 2-foot putt without even addressing the ball.

“Hold on a minute,” John snapped back, visibly getting flustered, “you bet that you would BEAT me on this hole, I still win if we tie. We’re playing by the rules still, aren’t we?”

“You’re good,” George said while holding out a dollar smugly, the joy of watching John blow an easy par situation worth the price, “if that’s what I said, then a bet is a bet.”

“I’m better than good,” John casino firmaları instinctively replied, then blushed, realizing he was now flirting back. As John bent down to pick up the conceded putt, he found himself at eye level with George’s crotch, where his cock seemed to be pressing against the wet khaki material. John stood up quickly and walked back to the cart without making eye contact with George, fearful of seeing that gleam in his eyes again. He quickly cracked another beer.

The 16th hole was a 160-yard par-3. John hit first and put his ball on the green, battling not only the constant rain, but now the straining issue in his shorts. George was up next, and he topped his tee shot, dribbling the ball just 30-yards in front of him.

Without thinking, John immediately yelled “Dick Out!” the supposed punishment when someone’s ball doesn’t make it past the ladies’ tees. Although, it’s a rule that nobody ever enforces. John watched in a mixture of horror and amazement, as George unzipped his fly and started fishing around in his pants.

“You don’t have to do that,” John said, a hint of disappointment in his voice, thinking George was again just busting his balls.

“Hey, the rules are the rules, right?” responded George, as he flopped his cock out again. It looked even longer to John this time, and slightly thicker, as it stood out a little straighter from his crotch.

“Put that thing away before getting in this cart,” John demanded, unsure what he might do if he found himself in such close quarters to George and his cock. John finished another beer as he watched George walk the 30-yards up to his ball to hit his second shot, his cock bouncing and getting harder with each step. Adhering to the letter of the rules, George hit his next shot with his dick out, landing his ball on the green.

George zipped up and walked over to the cart, leaning on John for an uncomfortably long time as he turned in the seat to retrieve a fresh beer from the cooler in the back. Driving to the green, John couldn’t get the image of George’s cock out of his mind, and he wasn’t sure if it was due to his penis envy, or something else. They both finished the hole with pars, George rattling John with just a simple smile, forcing him to 2-putt.

As they approached the 17th hole, a long par-5 lined with trees, John was thinking to himself “two more holes and then I can get myself home and jerk off.” John hit a beautiful tee shot that landed to the right of the fairway. George hit his tee shot, which looked good coming off his club, but then started slicing to the right. It crossed the tree line almost 100 yards down the fairway while it was still about 30 feet in the air, and was going in hot.

“It kicked out!” George said excitedly.

“Bullshit,” replied John, knowing that George could barely see beyond 50 yards without his glasses, that he only seemed to wear while driving. Besides, it’s highly unlikely that the ball would kick out entering the woods so high and so hot.

“It kicked out I tell ya,” George repeated stubbornly.

“If that ball kicked out, *I’LL* give you a blow job,” John offered in response, then thought curiously about what he just said, hoping that George knew he was only kidding. John found himself saying a silent prayer in his head as they drove slowly up the tree line looking for George’s ball.

“There it is!” were the words that John was hoping not to hear, as the cart pulled up next to the Titleist Pro-V1 with marked with three red dots, leaving no doubt that George’s ball had indeed kicked out of the woods. John pulled out his phone and pretended to be checking for messages as George got out of the cart. John was avoiding eye contact and conversation, his idiotic promise echoing through his head.

“Why would I say that?” John thought to himself, “and what am I going to do if he presses me to pay up?” The internal alarm clock in John’s head was going off. Plenty of time had passed for George to select a club and hit his second shot, but John was sure he didn’t hear the rattling of clubs in his golf bag, or the swoosh and ping of a club striking a ball. Giving into curiosity, John glanced over to where they found the ball, and there stood George, with his cock hanging out of his shorts again, slowly rubbing his shaft.

“I’m ready whenever you are big man,” George called to John, who just sat in the cart like a deer caught in headlights.

“You didn’t think I was serious,” John replied incredulously, “you KNOW I was joking, right?”

“Hey, a bet’s a bet,” George said with a smile, still slowly rubbing his cock.

As John was searching for something to say to get out of this situation, there was a sudden flash of lightning, and a huge clap of thunder, indicating that the center of the storm was immediately above them. Without bothering to tuck himself back in, George jumped in the cart and John took off for the storm shelter they passed just before the 17th tee. Driving like mad over the bumpy fairway amid güvenilir casino the thunder and lightning, John couldn’t help but sneak a few peaks at George’s cock as it stood out from his shorts, bouncing and twitching along with the cart.

Safely in the storm shelter, John turned to George and said, “OK, the joke’s over, now put that thing away.”

“We are still playing by the rules, aren’t we?” replied George, using John’s own words to indicate just how serious he was. He had seen the way John had been looking at his cock all day, mistaking his jealous and envious stares as genuine interest.

John was dumbfounded, lost for what to do next. He prided himself on promptly paying his debts, and had little tolerance for welchers. He never considered having sexual relations with another man, but on the other hand, he couldn’t deny that George’s cock was indeed magnificent, and found himself thinking about what it would feel like to take it into his mouth. He knew they would be waiting in the shelter a long time before the lightning storm passed, and he also knew there was nobody else on the course.

“Promise you won’t tell anyone?” John asked, almost in a dream state, resigned to the fact that he had no choice but to keep his word.

George just smiled and winked, and there was that twinkle again in his eyes, making John weak at the knees, and the next think he knew he was kneeling in front of George holding his erect cock in his hand. George’s cock smelled of his cologne, and it was much bigger up close, and felt very heavy in John’s hand. John’s fist was wrapped around the base, yet there was still a good five inches of shaft sticking straight out of his hand, pointing directly at his face. John closed his eyes and reminded of the number of times he would watch porn and secretly wish that he had a cock that big. Today it seems, his wish had come true, finally holding a porn-star sized cock in the palm of his hand.

John’s eyes flashed open as he heard George hiss from a quick in-take of breath, and he saw that the reason was that John’s subconscious must have taken over while his eyes were closed, and the head of George’s cock now rested on the flat bed of John’s tongue. John felt the salty taste spread across his tongue and realized that George’s cock was leaking pre-cum. The taste was not at all unpleasant, so John leaned his head forward, taking more of George into his mouth, closing his lips around the shaft as he did. The head of George’s cock nudged the back of John’s throat, and he fought off a gag reflex, as he slowly pulled his head back, so only the head was left in his mouth.

“More tongue,” George whispered from above, causing John to chuckle to himself, as this was the usual request he made of Pam on those rare occasions when she would agree to give John a blow job. Still holding his massive root at the base, John started swirling his tongue around the bulbous head, eliciting a moan from above. George’s moan helped ease the embarrassment of the situation, and John started sucking up and down George’s shaft with more enthusiasm, swirling his tongue all over the sensitive head and the underside of his shaft.

John’s hand moved easily up and down the length of shaft that would not fit in his mouth, as George’s cock and John’s hand were thoroughly soaked from being in the rain all day. John realized the thunderstorm must have passed, as the only sounds he heard now were the slurping noises that his mouth was making as it slid up and down George’s shaft. Knowing it was now safe to either continue their round, or quit and drive back to the club house, John could have easily stood up and put a halt to this ridiculous situation, pretending he was just calling George’s bluff. But the truth was that John was really enjoying the feeling of George’s heavy cock on his tongue, and the musky aroma of cologne, sweat and piss that was filling his nostrils, as he breathed through his nose, since his mouth was full of his good friend’s cock. The intense erection in his own shorts left no doubt that John was going to see this through to the end, concentrating on giving a better blow job than Pam or anyone had ever given him.

While still bobbing on George’s cock, John reached up to undo his belt and unbutton the waistband of his shorts. Opening his shorts, John released his lip-lock on George’s cock long enough to push his shorts and boxers down to his ankles. As George clumsily tried to extract his feet though the mess of twisted wet shorts and underwear, he fell back on the wooden bench in the shelter. John yanked the wet material off over his golf shoes, and crawled back between George’s legs, resting his elbows on his muscular and hairy thighs. Pushing George’s cock up against his belly, John flattened his tongue and took a long slow lick up the underside of his shaft, dragging the tip of his tongue through is piss slit when he got up to the head. John repeated this process a half dozen more times, licking a little lower each time, to where he was now sucking one of George’s balls into his hungry mouth before beginning the next long, slow lick. The moans from above were letting John know he was doing a good job, and he was shocked when he felt George’s hands running through is soaked white hair.

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Autumn Blues Ch. 02

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BRRRRRRRRT!! Scott was roused with a jolt and immediately pulled the duvet over his face. It felt like his head had only just hit the pillow so he refused to open his eyes, let alone get up and ready for school! He fumbled around blindly trying to turn off the alarm, but quickly realised his phone had already ceased vibrating on the desk. When he lifted his head he was surprised to see it was still dark and that he had indeed only been asleep for a matter of minutes. While his chaotic waking-brain tried to determine whether he dreamt hearing his alarm, the little LED on his phone flashed and everything began to fall into place.

[Txt msg from Bailey]: Are you awake? x

Scott: Just about, though my phone just gave me a fucking heart attack!

Bailey: lol sorry! Just wanted to make sure you didn’t get into trouble, what did dad say?

Scott: Just to get to bed, I don’t think he put two and two together.

Bailey: I can’t believe how bad his timing was! Hope it didn’t put you off 😉

Scott: The absolute worst!!!

Bailey: Did you not finish? 🙁 I panicked and just closed everything down!

Scott: No, I stopped because I didn’t know if he was going to come in or not!

Although his phone was now on silent, he remained mindful of being caught awake for a second time that night. Pausing typing every time the house made a noise outside his room; even drawing his phone to his chest to drown out the brightness of his screen when he heard the bathroom light chord being pulled. He lay there motionless, even trying to breathe quieter until he heard it being pulled again and finally a door being dragged across the carpet to a close; the hormonal rollercoaster he’d been on all night had left him drained and a nervous wreck!

[Txt msg from Bailey]: There’s a present in your basket, don’t let mum or dad find it! Good night x

Scott lay there for a few seconds, placing his phone back on the desk and staring up at his ceiling through the darkness. As much as he didn’t want to draw any further attention to himself, he gathered from the message that it wouldn’t be a good idea to wait until the morning. Plus he was curious as hell, so he got out of bed and silently crept to the bathroom. Leaving the light off he made his way over to the wicker basket drawers and carefully pulled out the third one down. Even in the dull moonlight as it splintered in through the frosted glass window he could make out a crumpled up pair of turquoise panties. His eyebrows nearly shot off the top of his forehead! He picked them up and hid them inside his fist before shimmying back to his room excitedly, just about refraining from sprinting down the hallway. Once back in his room he hopped into bed and began inspecting his ‘present’. He’d already noticed their dampness from holding them so tightly and although he could pick up the faint familiar whiff of his sister, there was another, new smell, that was bombarding his senses. This exciting aroma managed to speak directly to his carnal instincts and in no time at all he was erect and masturbating again. The hairs on his arms and legs rose with a gentle shiver from the intensity of his excitement as he inhaled his sister’s intimate scent. His head was spinning, thoughts of what he was smelling and what it meant that Bailey had done this for him were both incredibly arousing and acutely confusing. But they didn’t linger, all negative thoughts were chewed up and spat out in all directions by the hurricane that was rampaging inside his brain. While his fist pumped up and down his rock hard cock and the sensations grew almost ecstatic, his mind did away with words; experiencing pleasure on a completely different plain until everything when white and he was enjoying the strongest orgasm he could remember having. Writhing and moaning into his cotton draped palm until eventually plummeting into a blissful sleep.

The next day..

Standing alone on the stage, Scott gripped the sides of the podium as he looked out at a sea of unrecognizable faces, surprising himself with how passionate he sounded as he put his case forward for how the World Health Organisation had been badly let down. He called on the world’s leading governments to reverse the cuts made to their financial contributions over the last three years, before being interrupted by a short banging and a voice from amongst the crowd that called out “Are you not up yet? You’re going to miss your bus..” the unmistakable sound of his mum’s voice plucked him from his dream.

“I’m up! I’m up..” he replied groggily, turning to face his alarm clock. The fact that the news was being read out was already a bad sign. “7:30, Fuck!!” He turned the radio off and ran to the bathroom to get ready; brushing his teeth in the shower and getting out with shampoo bubbles still running down his back, he wrapped a towel tightly casino şirketleri around his waist and scuttled down the hall like a penguin on acid. Once in his room he dried off and rifled through his wardrobe for anything that didn’t need ironed and threw it on. Picking his bag up on the way out of his room and slinging it over his shoulder he placed his hands on both banisters, running down the first half of the stairs and jumping the rest before ducking into the kitchen to find his trainers. Just as he placed his hand on the handle of the back door he heard his mum cry out again.

“TOAST!!” She hurriedly spread some butter over a slice of toast and brought it over to him, putting it straight in his mouth. “’s better than nothing!” As he ran down the street he told himself he was never staying up that late again!

Although last night’s events were never far from his mind he had to keep up appearances to avoid people asking why he was so quiet, so it was still a few hours before he could be alone with his thoughts. It wasn’t until the mid-morning assembly, with his friends forced into silence, that he finally tried to work out what had actually happened. But he couldn’t of course, how could he? It was all so surreal. Images popped into his head but he honestly couldn’t tell if they came from his memory or his imagination. It definitely wasn’t a dream, but at the same time he could remember points when it felt like he wasn’t in control, almost as if he were watching another version of himself. Someone that he recognised but at the same time, completely did not recognise. It seemed comfortable and familiar like the hundreds of other conversations he’d had with girls online, but throw Bailey into the mix and it was completely foreign and out of character for him to act like that. How could I have spoken to her that way? Surely I didn’t?? Maybe it was just a dream ..because I’d been online all night?? But it couldn’t have been.. I definitely feel like I was up til 3 in the morning!! So what the fuck!?!? What about Bailey, she wouldn’t have spoken to me like that.. would she? I didn’t force her into anything. Did I?? No she was totally complicit, she even gave me her underwear!!

As that final thought echoed around in his head something at the back of his mind was guiltily suppressed, an idea nipped in the bud before it was even fully formed. Just like trying to remember a dream immediately after waking, the more he tried to focus on it the further it drifted out of reach, until suddenly everyone around him was standing and starting to file out of the hall. He stood up and joined the ambling crowd. Thumbing his phone in his pocket he debated texting Bailey but, what to say? Was the fact that she hadn’t text him significant?? What if she’d woken up and in the cold light of day regretted what they’d done? Could he blame her? Should he feel the same way?? As they all made their way outside and a football appeared on the scene, it seemed much easier to stuff his anxious thoughts into a box and avoid them, so that’s exactly what he did.

After a relatively quiet day the bus pulled up outside Scott’s street. He stood up and told his friends that he might see them later that night, before flipping them the V’s and telling them all to go suck themselves! He laughed as they screamed his name out of the window but as their voices faded his mind turned to what was waiting for him at home. Upon stepping in the back door he called out his usual “Hello” and headed to his room, eyeing his sister’s door the whole way up the stairs. Practically daring himself to just go and talk to her before their parents got home, but losing his nerve as the opportunity neared. Just thinking about how you would even start that conversation made him all tense, so he sheepishly continued to his room; dumping his bag and firing up his laptop out of routine more than anything else. As ever, messenger popped up and automatically signed him in. Sitting there in silence, looking at the disappointing list of inactive names took him right back to last night and how dejected he felt when their dad came and ruined everything. Visions of Bailey on his screen began to come back to him, the things she said, the things she did. He reached over to his bed and slid his hand under the pillow, almost proving to himself that last night wasn’t a dream. Despite everyone appearing offline, a new message quickly appeared.

*~°Starlight_Sparkle°~*: Hey
*~°Starlight_Sparkle°~*: I’ve had the craziest day! But wanted to check you’re ok?

Scott was wary of reading too much into so little but he was certainly relieved to finally hear from her! Though he was curious about her choice of words.

Player_1: Crazy day?

*~°Starlight_Sparkle°~*: Yeah, Hannah fell over and broke her wrist this morning! Grossest thing I’ve ever seen!!

Player_1: Grim!

*~°Starlight_Sparkle°~*: casino firmaları Yeah, then when we got to the hospital they said she’d dislocated it as well, so she needed an operation. Then they couldn’t get hold of her mum or dad so asked if I would stay! I was in the hospital for nearly 7 hours!! Hence why I couldn’t text..

Player_1: Ahhh. I did wonder if you were avoiding me

*~°Starlight_Sparkle°~*: Why would I?

Player_1: Because of last night.. I thought I might have gone a bit too far?

*~°Starlight_Sparkle°~*: We probably both went a bit too far but I’m certainly not mad at you or anything! It was just a bit of fun that went further than either of us were expecting.
*~°Starlight_Sparkle°~*: I hope you’ve not been worrying about this all day? 🙁

Player_1: a little bit, yeah..

*~°Starlight_Sparkle°~*: Awe you shouldn’t. Look, I know it’s a bit weird and I’m not about to go telling everyone what we did; but the way I see it is we were just messing around, we happened to catch each other when we were both horny.. and we helped each other out, that’s all.
*~°Starlight_Sparkle°~*: It doesn’t mean we fancy each other, or that we’re in some dodgy relationship.

Player_1: Ha!
Player_1: ..and you were practically powerless because I’m so funny and charming?? 😉

*~°Starlight_Sparkle°~*: Lol that’s more like it!

It was in Scott’s nature to always look for the ‘catch’ whenever something good happened to him, so all day he had had this foreboding feeling that he just couldn’t shake. He knew that what they had done would be considered ‘wrong’ and therefore he should feel guilty, but try as he might he just didn’t know where to place his guilt. That’s why it was such a relief to finally talk to Bailey; the candid way that she chatted was so calming and reassuring that he immediately began to relax. What he didn’t know was that Bailey had been thinking about last night for much of her time in the hospital. Waiting rooms are very boring places and her mind had a lot of time to wander; by the time she left, she was happy that she’d comprehensively dealt with it and felt no shame at all. Even the shock and embarrassment of leaving him her panties eventually gave way to curiosity.

*~°Starlight_Sparkle°~*: If anything, I’m the older one, perhaps I should have stopped it. But it’s happened now.

Player_1: Yeah, come to think of it, things only got kinky after you started talking about retard porn 😉

*~°Starlight_Sparkle°~*: LOL!! I think what I actually said was “retarded porn”.
*~°Starlight_Sparkle°~*: And anyway, you’d already sent me your little video clip by then!

Player_1: Haha! Sorry I didn’t realise you’d memorised the entire conversation! 😛

*~°Starlight_Sparkle°~*: Shut up! To be honest I did feel a bit guilty about what happened, so I reread the conversation this afternoon to make sure I hadn’t said anything too inappropriate.

Player_1: Oh right… did you read the entire conversation?

*~°Starlight_Sparkle°~*: Well I had to, just to be sure 🙂

Player_1: So does that mean you’re now level with the girl in the video?

*~°Starlight_Sparkle°~*: oh right, 2 orgasms. Very funny!
*~°Starlight_Sparkle°~*: Not quite 😉

There was something strange going on that the pair of them were seemingly unable to avoid. There genuinely were no romantic feelings held by either sibling and Bailey was honest when she said that last night’s fun didn’t mean anything, but there was definitely an attraction of sorts present. Although they had both made noises about drawing a line under what happened, as the minutes flew by things started heading right back in the same direction. Nerves probably played a part in the light-hearted way they approached the subject, but as the jokes and teasing resumed they quickly took on a familiar flirty tone. Even their attempts to rationalise and apologise for what they did were thinly veiled excuses to revisit last night’s antics. The sexual tension began to creep back in, rising slightly with every memory they offered; visions popping into their heads of what they saw and the naughty things they secretly did just stirred-up their excitement; and it was this feeling that they were both drawn to. The security of being alone in their own bedrooms; the freedom to type when their voice would normally get stuck in their throat; and the knowledge that they were the only ones that would ever know, gave them all the encouragement they needed. The fact that they were both willing participants made it a victimless crime; the taboo güvenilir casino just added a little spice.

Player_1: So is that why you’re pretending to be offline? So nobody can interrupt you reading your depraved conversations?

*~°Starlight_Sparkle°~*: Ha! I did it to stop random pervs sending me porn clips, I guess I’ve ruined that by messaging to you!

Player_1: You roll the dice, you take a chance. You know the risks of chatting to me!!

*~°Starlight_Sparkle°~*: I didn’t know you were going to keep me up til 3 in the morning!! I’ve looked like death all day.

Scott’s fingers sat on the keys, primed and ready to type. Unlike their last conversation he had the presence of mind to stop and consider if he should send the first thing that came to him; but there was no telling how long that would last. As ridiculous as it sounds, he was getting excited again and he was powerless to resist that buzz. Despite the hours he’d spent agonising over the way he acted last night, all that guilt and all the regret he’d carried around with him at school was seemingly shrugged off at the slightest hint of fooling around again. Pivotally, something was happening in the small dark corner of his mind that had been silenced in the assembly hall. It wasn’t coming to him in clear, concise thoughts, he just had the feeling that the door that was suspiciously slammed shut on him, was now unlocked. He didn’t know what that meant, but subconsciously his resolve had already begun to soften and as a result he didn’t see teasing Bailey as repeating the same mistakes, preferring to believe: It doesn’t mean anything, she said so herself…

Player_1: You never look like death. I on the other hand have been walking around with a face like a rolled up sleeping bag!

*~°Starlight_Sparkle°~*: Hahahaha! Trust me, I think I was still asleep when I did my make up this morning!

Player_1: Prove it 😉
Player_1 has invited you to start video chat Accept or Decline

*~°Starlight_Sparkle°~*: Hmmm didn’t this lead to trouble last time??
Starting video chat..

While the cameras loaded Bailey sat up and quickly straightened herself out, as their faces appeared on each other’s screens they couldn’t help but beam with embarrassed smiles. Bailey of course, looked as pretty as she always did and Scott, being male, couldn’t tell the difference between last nights make up and todays; but he at least knew better than to mention it.

Player_1: See, you look fine.

*~°Starlight_Sparkle°~*: Oh gee “fine,” thanks! 😛

Player_1: Haha obviously I meant “Dayum shorty, you iz fiiiine!!”

Bailey was secretly pleased about the renewed flirting. Despite Scott making a joke of it, re-reading their conversation actually had put her back in a playful mood. However, as much as his story did turn her on again, throughout, she couldn’t stop thinking about the sight of her brother’s erection; the wanton way he tore his boxers down to masturbate in front of her and the fact that she came whilst watching him. She could tell by his enthusiasm that he was close to his own orgasm and felt so cheated when their dad made her miss it. She had thought about it a lot throughout the day and every time she relived that injustice, it just stoked her fires further! Once again she had an almost permanent grin on her face and when she caught the miniscule movements of his eyes she immediately knew he was taking in every inch of her. Far from feeling like an object being ogled, she had to admit the compliments and genuine looks of approval made her feel good. Despite who they were coming from, it felt nice to be appreciated, perhaps even admired.. With this new found confidence she pressed on; she’d been teased far too much these last 24 hours and wanted to take back some control.

*~°Starlight_Sparkle°~*: So did you like your present? 😉

Player_1: ha, yes….they certainly helped!

*~°Starlight_Sparkle°~*: What did you do with them?

Player_1: You want specifics??

*~°Starlight_Sparkle°~*: Yes.

Scott knew he was starting down a slippery slope but once more he just couldn’t keep himself on the right side of morality. Last night’s approach of referring to unnamed ‘characters’ to direct the conversation was much easier, but they’d gone past that. Now they were talking on a personal level and it was terrifying because he still wanted to fool around just as much! The door to that dark room in his mind was not just unlocked but now hanging ajar and he could feel the influence of whatever was inside. His body was revving up and the voice inside his head was toying with the idea of being as naughty as possible with his answers, just to see how she’d react. Again his imagination ran wild, evoking images that began to turn him on absurdly quickly and causing his jeans to feel increasingly restrictive. He grinned a wicked grin and then spoke directly into the camera “Hang on, need a drink..” before slipping off-screen and out of his room.

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