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Jasper Does It For Me

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Jasper was a thrilling new episode in my life. I had never been with a Portuguese before but Boy! Do they have spunk.

I met him at a barbecue when vacating in Spain, Madrid to be exact. He approached me with some zest making me feel really special offering me a spare rip freshly barbequed. Having just arrived I was peckish and was glad of his offer, there were hoards of people around the barbecue area so it would have taken ages to get served,

“Where are you from, mate?” he asked introducing himself as Jasper and in turn I said my name was Pete.

“I’m from Devon in England” I replied watching his eyes scan me with some relish. Straight away I knew he of my leaning and I immediately took to him. Just occasionally in life, and you the reader may have experienced the same, there is this person standing in front of you, who has suddenly come from nowhere and you feel you know that person. Such was the case with Jasper and I was told he felt exactly the same.

It did not take long for us then to get acquainted big time and he was a sheer delight, both physically and conversationally, he had a body like an Adonis of which I wanted to sample and a mind like a sparkling chasm – full of zest and interest, wanting to know all about me, my likes and dislikes and the rest of it, the intimacies too.

So the first time I felt his touch, his fingers stroking the back of my neck – I easily succumbed to him and felt the thrill spasm my being and that certain wonderful feeling I have not had since I shared the allotment shed with poor old Badger who sadly passed away last summer. I knew I felt lost about being with an old man but his urge was young enough to give me a good seeing too so when he went, he did so with a broad smile on his face, I had to pretend I had seen him collapsed in the allotment when I called the paramedics.

Interestingly, Jasper was a good ten years older than me at least, what it with me taking to older guys! I guess it maybe because I like maturity and experience, certainly Badger’s sweet fuck incensed me to the degree that when he was fully erect inside me I felt a passion unsurpassed with younger guys who had, me before. Well two that is, bahis firmaları I don’t want the reader to think I am that promiscuous although I have to admit I have had some rollicking affairs with both sexes. That’s the beauty of being bisexual, you get the best of both worlds!

But anyway back to Jasper and there was I in my element when he suggested we go to his holiday cottage and he’d show me his etchings ( laughing of course) I replied that I’d just adore to see his etchings and anything else he’d like to show me.

The smile he gave me was so broad and happy, his eyes wide opened like he really wanted me to agree.

As we took a stroll up a hill to his cottage, we paused awhile to take ion the view, that’s when he stroked my rear with a sort of touch that told me just how much he wanted me, and there was I willing, ready and able and longing for that very first experience with a lovely fresh new guy in my life, there’s something really special about that, when you have a mutual feeling that is – not like the first guy who had me, I just went for the fuck and not the personality, take it from me the combination makes for a perfect union and after that first guy who hurt me, although I was thankful to him for breaking me in, I was intent to put the sexual attraction aside if I did not fancy a guy for the person his personality too, because otherwise it was all rather clinical, especially experiencing that first male fuck in the back of a truck which was most stark and uncomfortable, and when he had me suck his cock, that was not good at all, I had been fucked and was not in the mood for anything more to do with him, but he insisted and thrust his prick into my mouth so I was forced to suck him off until he shot his lot all over, Ugh!

Jasper ticked all the boxes. Was a gentle guy and I knew his passion would be fruitful and I would enjoy him to the core, I would have no apprehension at all about having oral with him.

When we got to his luxury cottage he served me coffee, suggesting I slip off my gear down to my underwear like he was doing so we both had our beverage feeling cool and belonging. He said I had such a beautiful body and an ass to die for kaçak iddaa and my feelings for him were mutual, all the time I could not help glancing down at his lunch box, looking so good and snug inside those white and red rimmed boxer shorts.

Of course he noticed my admiring glance and asked if I would like to see. I was all of a shudder – the excitement was overwhelming as he slipped down his boxers and showed me his goods..

I was speechless watching him run his fingers beneath the stiff delightful shaft, lifting it up to reveal a gorgeous display of balls underneath. He had a simply gorgeous full girthed cock with a length I reckoned to be just about seven inches as he pushed it back against his tummy, stretching back its delightful foreskin revealing a delightfully crimson wonderfully bulbous knob which instantly made me tingle below, feeling that I wanted that gorgeous instrument working into me just as soon as ever possible.

“How is that, Pete?” he asked holding it there for me to examine.

I said it was perfect.

“Would you like a sniff and taste?” he said like it was expected and when he said that my heart started to double its beats and I felt the twinge vibrating in my boxers below,

“Go on then, enjoy, Pete” he said stretching it our for me. I leant down but not getting quite the right comfortable position top take him orally I went down to a kneeling position when he opened his gorgeous thighs for me to get comfortable, I wanted to enjoy this so much, it had been a long time since I’d tasted cock and already, as he was jerking the head for me, I took in the scent of cock which was such a turn on and I knew then I would have no hesitation whatsoever in taking it into my mouth to experience that exclusive taste I love so very much.

Closing my eyes I just opened my mouth and immediately felt the warmth of it enter my mouth, It was divine, especially hearing Jaspers appreciation, those certain throat sounds that said everything.

I took time to suck and taste it, the earthy pungency and flexibility of working full swollen cock inside my mouth was wonderfully soothing and lovely. I experimented sucking deeper, I wanted to swallow kaçak bahis it, I wanted to feel the length of it up my ass, just how it was, and grasping his firm balls I gently massaged whilst mouth fucking. I don’t know just how long I was sucking him, because I was in that certain frenzied world of my own, completely at ease enjoying the rapture of hot throbbing cock.

Jasper said it was divine, asked me to change position else he’d cum too early; “want t save some for your fuck” he said teasing my balls gently with his fingers, bending his head down to me and feeling the delight of his warm mouth enrapture my half mast cock which soon became full with his hearty sucking and balling.

I changed position little, lifting my left leg as I laid on my side on the bed, steeping it outwards as I say his head bobbing up and down as he did his business with my willing cock, it was a sheer delight and I wanted his fuck and soon, I felt his fingers tease down below my balls, the area between my balls and asshole which was so sensitive, it was diving, I managed to reach his cock again as I felt his finger teasing my asshole, it felt good and I wanted the taste of his p-hole again which really got me in the mood for a good deep throbbing fucking.

Licking his p-hole was divine and he moaned expressively starting to stretch and slap my ass cheeks wider and wider, feeling the sting of his slaps which somehow added flame to the fire and I was so alight for him by that time, “Fuck me, Fuck me! I plead and he took me with some ardor I didn’t know at first what had hit me, but I certainly knew what was inside me, I moved my hips to help him gain a full deep penetration and when he started to thrust in and out of me I knew this was going to be the perfect fuck I would want again and again, I felt I wanted top be just all ass for him to take me as he will, feeling his beautiful hard inside me, the pounding, the throbbing out of this world as we came so very strong together.

He must have fucked me three times after, each with more vigor than the last, and when it was done, and we were completely exhausted I lamented and felt like it was still there up inside me as I made my way back to my place, in my mouth still there the taste of him and in my nostrils; the smell of him.

It was wonderful and Jasper asked me if we could be regular fuck mates. Who was I to refuse the sheer delight of Jasper’s fuck.!

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In Pursuit of Mrs Kramer

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Move-in day!

Thirty years old and I finally had a place of my own. It was a nice condo in a development that was only a couple of years old. The place had a pool, club, tennis courts, and golf course; just about anything you could want. It was a two story duplex on a little cul-de-sac with a two car garage (well actually, two one car garages side by side and a mirror image unit on the right. Each duplex was separated by a small side yard and on the back side, a deck with a little wooden slat divider to provide some privacy. The first floor had a bathroom and an open floor plan with a living room area, dining room, and a kitchen with a breakfast bar. The kitchen had a slider that opened up to the deck. The second story had one master bedroom with a bath, and then two smaller bedrooms that shared another bathroom.

I had graduated from college with a degree in computer science and had gotten a job working as a network engineer for a large cable company in the network operations center. Even though it meant working shift work, it paid really well and provided me with an opportunity to move up and in fact, I had recently been promoted to a manager position. After living in several rather small apartments in some questionable neighborhoods, I had saved up enough money to buy a condo in a nice area because the previous owners had to short sell. Although it was in a suburb, it was still close enough to Boston that I had easy access and if I wanted, I could take the commuter rail in instead of driving.

My family lived on the West Coast and I did not get to see them but maybe two or three times a year for the big holidays. I’d had some girlfriends but my work had kept me pretty busy so dating had kind of taken a back seat. Still, I did find time to work out regularly and even though I worked a desk job, my 200 pounds was pretty well distributed over my six foot frame.

All those squats and deadlifts had paid off, I thought as I carted in the few possessions that I had. Even though I had been out of college for a few years I had never really bothered to buy a whole lot of furniture figuring I might eventually want to move back West. I finished bringing in the last of it, and after looking at the pitifully empty condo; I locked up and went outside to pull my SUV inside my garage.

It was then that I first met my next door neighbor. She had pulled up in her black Mercedes S class and got out. I almost laughed because my first thought was that I had moved next door to Miranda Priestly out of “The Devil Wears Prada.” She had silver shoulder length hair and black knee length dress with platform heels and black nylons, finished off with a white silk scarf and sunglasses. I did notice that she had a little cushion around the middle but that was more than offset by a great pair of legs and of course some major league hooters that must have been at least a 38D. As long as they extend past the belly, I’m good to go. I guessed she was in her early 60s but still not too bad. I of course, was wearing an old t shirt from Sloppy Joes in Key West, gym shorts and sneakers and with a two day growth of beard, probably looked like a blonde surfer dude fresh off the beach. I smiled at her as I walked up and extended my hand. She looked at me with one of those dismissive looks down her nose that I thought only possible in a movie.

“Hi, I’m Chris Smith, your new neighbor,” I said.

Looking at me over her glasses, she did not take my hand and said in a rather haughty tone “You can call me Mrs. Kramer.”

“Pleasure to meet you Mrs. Kramer, I apologize for my attire but have been working pretty hard moving in.”

“I can see that,” she said as she gave me a disapproving look, “Oh and don’t forget, your vehicle is supposed to be parked inside at night. “And with that she wheeled away from and walked off.

Wow, I thought to myself, I guess we won’t be borrowing cups of sugar from her will we? The realtor told me that my next door neighbor was a widow who owned a dress store or something like that. Well she gets points for style and looks, but gets major failing grades in the social department. I had her pegged as old school, especially since she dressed to the nines and was still using her married title.

Over the next few months I would occasionally run into Mrs. Kramer either coming home or leaving for work, after a run, or whatever. Still, she would not wave or acknowledge me first but would always respond if I said something first, so at least she wasn’t totally rude. I helped her a few times here and there carry groceries and such but apparently not enough to initiate a full thaw.

Gradually, I started to get the place furnished and my parents came out to surprise me for Thanksgiving with my sister who was a senior in college. They came for an entire week so my Mom was thrilled to be able to spend my money to decorate the place and even my sister seemed to enjoy it. My Dad was pretty well bored with it all but was a good sport. Interspersed with shopping, I showed them the sites and at night, my Dad and I would watch sports güvenilir bahis on my new HD TV in the upstairs man cave which also doubled as my sister’s room.

Anyway, Thanksgiving Day came and we had gone out the day before and bought all the stuff to have a traditional dinner. On Thanksgiving, my mom got up early to get the turkey started so I volunteered to make a run up to the donut shop and get some coffee and donuts for all of us. When I got back, I noticed that the lights were on in Mrs. Kramer’s unit and that she was probably up. That’s weird; I thought to myself, she must not have any family or anywhere to go.

I came inside and set everything down on the counter.

“Mom, you know my neighbor I told you about?”

“Oh yeah, hon, come to think of it we haven’t seen her.”

“Well she keeps to herself a lot, but I think she’s home and doesn’t have anyone to spend the day with.”

“Oh that’s terrible, hon,” she said. “Why don’t you go invite her over here for dinner?”

“The dragon lady?” I said. “She would as soon kill me as have dinner with us.”

“Oh stop it. You go right over there and ask her. I didn’t raise you to be rude.”

Smiling, I kissed her on the cheek and said ok and went out the door. To say I was nervous was an understatement as butterflies were dancing around my stomach like a bunch of square dancers.

I walked up to the door, and rang the bell and stepped back so that she could see through the peephole who it was. I heard some steps coming to the door and then nothing for a moment. I figured maybe she had decided to ignore it and started to turn when the door opened revealing her in a long black robe and slippers. It was a silk robe that revealed a nice set of cleavage…I started thinking that she had some really nice boobs when she snapped me back to reality.

“What do you want? Do you know how early it is? You scared the life out of me?”

“I’m so sorry to bother you Mrs. Kramer, and yes its 8:00 and a bit early but I thought you were up. Anyway, I..”

“Well come on, I don’t have all day and its cold with this door open.”

“Sorry,” I said, immediately questioning the wisdom of what I was doing. “Anyway, my sister and parents are in town and we are having a Thanksgiving dinner and we thought if you weren’t doing anything, we wanted to invite you to spend it with us.”

For a second, as I looked in her eyes, I saw a slight break in the ice, and she looked at me. After staring at me and then looking off in the distance, she fixed her gaze upon me and said, “What time?”

“Um, I think we were shooting to eat around 2, but if you want to come around noon, we will have some apps and drinks. “

“Hmm, “she said, “Well actually, my plans have fallen through, so I’m available and I appreciate your gracious invitation. What can I bring?”

“I don’t really know, Mrs. Kramer,” I said, “but I tell you what. If you give me your number, as soon as I go home I will call you and have you talk to my Mom.”

“That would be fine,” she said in that aristocratic tone she used, “my number is 555-3456.”

“Great, call you in a few and again, I apologize for bothering you.”

As she closed the door, I swear I almost saw a slight smile and a tear in the corner of her eye.

I walked back into my house and pulled out my phone.

“So what did she say?” asked my mother.

“She said yes, but wants to bring something so here, you can talk to her. Her name is Mrs. Kramer,” I said as I handed her the phone.

“What’s her first name?”

“As far as I know, it’s Mrs.,” I said laughing and handing her the phone.

“Hi there, I’m Joanie Smith, Chris’s mother.” Pause “Nice to talk to you too, Donna. We’re glad to have you over, if you want, just bring a bottle of wine and maybe a dessert although we have plenty.” Pause “Sure, noon is fine and we’ll see you then.”

“She sounds really nice,” my mom said as she passed me back the phone.

“Well if nothing else, I know her name is Donna, now.” I said laughing.

The morning went by fairly uneventfully. My sister and I went out to run a couple of miles. It seemed like a fun thing to do and it had been a while since the two of us had done something together like that.

“So,” asked Terry after we got out of earshot of my place, “any hot women?”

“No, not really, I’m kind of busy and working shift work makes it difficult to date. “

“But you’re a good looking guy, even if you are my brother, “she said teasingly, “Your problem is you are just too darn shy for your own good.”

“Maybe, but right now, I’m just kind of focused on my career. Besides, after the crap Jenny put me through for all those years, I need some down time.”

Jenny was my high school sweetheart that I was madly in love with. We had this really crazy relationship where we would get together, break up, make up and repeat for 10 years. I finally realized that she was never going to leave home and was basically a control freak who figured she could always keep me on a string while she dated other guys.

“But türkçe bahis you guys ended that a year ago. Time to get back out there, big bro,” she said. “Maybe you should go after the ice queen next door,” and she laughed.

I sped up the pace and yelled at her, “A little less talking and more running. You need to make sure you don’t end up with a Kim Kardashian size bootie.”

I turned to see her response and all I saw was her tongue sticking out with a middle finger salute aimed in my direction.

Still, as we continued our run, I started thinking about it. I mean after all, Donna, I mean Mrs. Kramer did have a decent body for an older woman and like most guys I guess I did have that Mrs. Robinson thing going on in the background. However, I kept thinking about how most of the time when she talked to me it was like she was chewing off her face so I tried to put that out of my head, although a nasty thought of her in stockings with her legs over my shoulders and her tits bouncing around while I fucked her cause me to get a slight bulge in my running tights.

We got back to my place and as we walked around in the driveway to cool off, I noticed my sister take a quick look at my crotch and I thought I saw a quick smile as she quickly looked away.

“Nice job there little sister,” I said.

“Thanks,” she said and she gave me a big hug. I glanced over at my neighbor’s place and could have sworn I saw her looking out the window at me but figured it was probably my imagination. We went inside and the smells of a full-on traditional Thanksgiving meal filled our noses.

“So how was it?” my father asked.

“She did pretty well, Dad,” I said, adding, “For a girl,”

“For a girl,” she shrieked. And with that she jumped on my back and pretended to choke me. We wrestled around like old times and I finally was able to get her pinned down and afterwards, I rolled off of her and we all laughed.

“Alright you two, that’s enough. Get showered and get dressed,” said my mother and we both got up and went upstairs to get showered and ready.

Even though we were going to be hanging out, we had a family tradition where my mother would not accept jeans or sweats for Thanksgiving. It was understood that we would dress “up”. I put on a Blue, button down shirt, tie, and khaki pants and dress shoes which I laughingly referred to as the man uniform.

I went downstairs and mom asked me to set the table.

“Why do I always have to set the table?”

Laughing, my mother, in her best mock angry voice said,”You have been asking me that for thirty years and you can ask me for thirty more and the answer is the same…because I told you!”

After setting the table, I went into my living room. My father had already claimed the recliner leaving the couch and loveseat. Dad had a football pre-game on so I sat down in the loveseat. As soon as I sat down, my mom called me.

“Chris, where is your sister? Can you get call her?”

“Oh come on Mom, I just sat down.”

Before I could say another word, my sister called down from the steps, “Coming, mom.”

I looked up to see her coming down the steps and she winked at me as she continued down the steps.

Holy shit, I thought to myself. I must be really horny because she looks H-O-T.

My sister had put on a short black miniskirt with black tights, and a tight red sweater that although it was not low cut, hugged her just right, along with some flats. I guess the only thing I could think of was it was classic, sorority girl, I’m too cute look. However, all I could think about was throwing her down on the couch and doing her. Man, stop that, I thought.

“You look cute honey,” my mom said.

“What do you think big brother?” she asked, looking at me with a big smile.

“You look very nice, Terry,” I said, adding, “Who knew you cleaned up so well?” which brought me an immediate one finger salute with her tongue sticking out as she walked into the kitchen.

“Honestly, you two stop it! You’re acting like little kids,” my mom scolded with a smile on her face.

At that moment, my phone rang with a number I didn’t recognize.


“Hello, Chris, this is Mrs. Kramer.”

“Oh hi, what can I do for you?”

“Well I made an appetizer and a desert and I need some help bringing them over.”

“Oh sure, no problem at all. I’ll be right over,” I said as I punched the off button.

“Was that your girlfriend next door?” my sister said.

“Shut up. Girlfriend, right,” I said with disdain.

“What did she want?” asked my mom.

“She needs some help bringing over some stuff so I’ll be right back.”

“Ok, and you two had better start behaving or I’ll send you to your rooms!” said my mom.

I walked outside and thought it was pretty cold today as I went up and rang the doorbell.

When the door opened my jaw almost dropped as she let me in and closed the door. I thought I detected a hint of alcohol on her breath as she walked by me but that wasn’t why I was surprised. She was wearing a white blouse with güvenilir bahis siteleri a Blue sweater over it, and a black skirt with black nylons and heels. The skirt was knee length but had a generous slit on the side.

“Happy Thanksgiving, Mrs. Kramer.”

“Happy Thanksgiving to you too young man, “she said with a smile for the first time ever.

“Mrs. Kramer, if you don’t mind me saying so, you look very pretty.”

Upon hearing that, her smile widened a bit to display a perfect array of white teeth.

“Why thank you very much. It’s always nice to get a compliment from a handsome young man.”

Man, I must be a in a Twilight Zone episode, I thought to myself. She’s actually being nice to me. It’s either the weather, the booze, or something else, maybe sunspots.

“Here, Chris, grab this plate for me please and I’ll carry this tray.”

I opened the door and let her pass by and I caught a whiff of some perfume that absolutely smelled fantastic, like freshly cut roses. She locked the door and then we walked over and I opened the door for her to go in.

My Dad stood up and went to grab the tray from her.

“HI there, you must be Donna. I’m Fred, Chris’s father,” he said carrying it to the kitchen, “And this is my wife Joanie, and my daughter, Terry.”

As he made the introductions, I could see my Dad having a hard time taking his eyes off of her cleavage which was tastefully yet graciously displayed. While not low cut, the blouse definitely accentuated her ample bosom.

After exchanging pleasantries, my Mom and Mrs. Kramer gave Terry some apps to bring out while my Dad poured drinks for everyone. We all went out to sit down and of course, my Dad took the recliner again with my mother and Mrs. Kramer sitting on the couch, leaving me and my sister to share the love seat. Mrs. Kramer was on the closest side of the couch and when she crossed her legs, the slit revealed quite a few of her legs, to the point that I started to wonder if she was wearing a garter and stockings. My sister sat down next to me and as she did, her skirt rode up a bit giving me a very nice view of her toned nylon covered thighs.

Just don’t get caught staring, I thought to myself.

We sat around and had some small talk as Mrs. Kramer spoke about her little dress shop.

“So, Donna, are you originally from the area?” my Mom asked.

“Oh yes,” she replied, “Born and raised, I met my late husband in high school.”

“I’m sorry, dear,” my Mom said.

“Thank you sweetie,” she said. “We were married for thirty years but he passed away a year ago due to a heart attack. One day he was fine and the next…” her voice trailed off.

“I’m sorry I brought it up.”

“No, no, it’s ok. I have been doing fine and I love what I do now so things are really good,” Mrs. Kramer said.

We instantly all felt bad and my mother quickly changed the subject.

“Well I hope Chris has not been a bad neighbor.”

“Oh far from it. I hardly know he’s here. Although he does work a lot of hours, I’m guessing.”

My sister leaned into me and said, “He’s always been like that. No time for girls.” As she did so, she lightly rubbed my leg with her hand in a gesture that normally would be a loving gesture between siblings but in this case went through me like sticking your finger in an electrical outlet.

During the next few hours, we had a great meal along with lots of wine and beer. After dessert, we sat in the living room and continued our discussions. During this time, I found out that Donna had no children and was an only child herself, with barely any relatives, thus the reason that she did not have a lot of company. As I heard her story, my heart went out to her as she was essentially growing old and approaching retirement years alone, with no one to share her life with. As she talked, she would occasionally look over at me and smile.

Of course, my mom went through my history as a student and a runner and then of course bragged about my being an Eagle Scout and all that other stuff.

“Wow, I didn’t realize I lived next door to such a successful young man,” she said.

“I’m not sure about that, but thank you,” I said.

“He’s always been modest,” my mother said with a hint of pride, “I just wish he would take more time to enjoy himself.”

“Aw Mom, I get out now and then. Besides, I have a lot of responsibility.”

“Honestly, you need to get over that stupid girl,” my mom said.

Embarrassed, all I could manage was a “That is over and done with and when I’m ready I’ll get back out there.”

“It’s ok, Chris,” Donna said, “You have plenty of time besides, girls your age can be tough, I know,” and her and my mom both laughed.

Looking over at my sister asleep against me, Donna and my mom smiled.

“You and your sister are pretty close, huh,” asked Donna.

“Yes, we always have been, she’s a pain in the rear sometimes but she’s a great kid.”

“She is lucky to have you, “she said.

It was now getting to be about 9:00 and it seemed like everyone was starting to run out of steam. Dad of course had fallen asleep in the recliner, and my sister had fallen asleep with her head on my chest, with her legs draped over the arm of the loveseat, her skirt just covering her crotch.

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Jason’s Costume Ch. 02

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The same summer my wife and I rented a place on Long Beach Island for two weeks. This is at the New Jersey shore. The place we rented was on the beach and was the bottom level of a duplex. There were three bedrooms as we anticipated having some company (my best friend and his wife) during our stay. My friend was not able to go on vacation because of a work emergency so I suggested to my wife that she call her sister Carolyn and ask her if she wanted to drive down and enjoy the shore for a few days as there was certainly enough room. My wife called and left a message and the next day Carolyn responded and said that her husband Greg could not get off from work but that she would gladly drive down to get away. I had no idea that she would not be traveling alone. I knew that Jason was supposedly working with Greg for the summer.

Two days later I was sitting on the deck looking at the ocean and having a cup of coffee when I heard Carolyn’s voice. The time was about 11:30 A.M. I walked into the house and greeted her and (surprise!) also greeted Jason. I felt my pulse quicken. He had on a blue long sleeve oxford shirt with white denim shorts and flip flops. I helped him bring in the two bags from Carolyn’s car and got them situated in their rooms. I asked Jason how he was able to get off from work and he said that he just asked Greg if he could take off for a few days and Greg said that was okay. I tried to keep my mind off of what had occurred on the Fourth of July but I was having trouble. I felt like a giddy teenager. I was so nuts I actually wondered if he had brought his “costume” with him.

We served cold cuts and potato salad for lunch. Afterward Jason and I walked to the water and went for a dip. He had on a black Speedo. He had a bulge that was not huge but considering his thin muscular bulge everything he had showed. He did not have one ounce of fat on him. He had a sinewy type of build. He stood about five feet ten inches in height. He weighed about one hundred and seventy pounds He had perfect abs. He had muscular arms and had a tan from working outdoors. His hair was long. To some people Jason might appear to be effeminate. Women on the beach walking by did not seem to think so. He attracted so much attention it bahis firmaları was astounding. He was the male version of a young Farrah Fawcett look from fifteen years earlier but with a cock. He had full lips and perfect white teeth with dirty blond hair that curled into ringlets. He could have been a movie star in my opinion.

We rode waves and got knocked around a lot. At about three o’clock I told Jason that I was going for my afternoon three mile run. He had his track shoes with him (did he have his heels as well?) and we went for a run. I never could keep up with his pace as he was a track star in school but he kept his pace to my level as we ran. It was humid and hot and I sweated. We both ran on the road parallel with the ocean with only running pants but without shirts. Jason received a lot of verbal attention from women passing by. He made like he did not hear their comments. Girls from nearby houses shouted out to him. Girls and women joggers as well as bicyclists shouted out some funny and some very off color comments to him.

When we got back to the beach house I told Jason to get a change of clothes and I did the same. I bought out two towels and I pointed out the outdoor shower on the side of the house. While he was showering I went in and got two cold Heinekens from the refrigerator. I handed him a towel over the top of the shower door and also handed him the Heineken. He thanked me and asked me not to tell his mother about the beer. I told him my lips were sealed. I really wanted to seal my lips around his cock. He came out and I went in and showered. I was out in a few minutes and we sat on the deck. My wife and sister in law had gone shopping and had left a note. The note said they would be back by six thirty. It was four o’clock when I read the note. My heart started to pound because they were gone (and the house was empty) but I kept my cool. We chatted. He asked me how long we had planned on being at the shore and I told him two weeks. He was making conversation and it appeared that he wanted to really talk about something else.

He asked me what I thought about our “experience” on the Fourth of July. I told him that I had enjoyed various experiences in my life and that I had learned to put kaçak iddaa them into a perspective. I told him that in life that was no absolutes. I took each experience in life and just enjoyed the good ones and forgot the bad ones. He wanted to know what category ours had been and I said a good one. He smiled and said that was the first time he had come with anyone else (either boy or girl). He added that he had to jerk off three times that night after our experience in order to get to sleep. I told him I loved doing it. By this time I was seriously hard. I asked him what he actually thought about the whole experience. He said he said he was fearful of being gay but that he loved dressing up and having his cock sucked by me. He said he felt safe with me. I told him to be careful who he chose to do it with unless he wanted the general population to find out. I told him that sometimes people go through phases and that it would be awful to be going through a phase and have people prejudge him and label him.

I wondered where this was going. I was about to find out.

He touched my shoulder and in a gentle voice asked me if I was interested in repeating what we had done. I smiled and said that would be okay. We walked into the house. His room faced the area where the cars would be parked. I pulled down the shade of one of the windows facing the parking area so that only an inch of window could be seen.

I looked at his shorts and he was pitching a tent. He kicked off his flip flops. I told him if anyone drove up then he could stay in the room and I would leave. I sat on the bed and asked Jason to pull his shorts down. He had put the shorts on that he had worn on the trip down with his mother. He had not put on underwear after the shower. His cock stood at attention actually facing the ceiling rather than sticking straight out. I noticed a prominent vein running up the right side towards the tip. He started to breathe in quick gasps. He had very little hair on his balls or on the rest of his body. The skin was soft on his muscular legs. The head of his cock was actually bigger than I thought. I would guess he was about six inches plus in length. When I ran my hand up his legs and under his balls he trembled.

I touched kaçak bahis his cock with my thumb and forefinger and saw pre-cum form at its tip. I blew warm air on the head and pulled him closer with my right hand across his backside. His cock smelled soapy. He trembled. I licked the tip and he moaned. I pulled him into my mouth sucking slightly and after only about thirty seconds he blew his load. He warned me about the oncoming load only about two seconds before it started. The head of his cock was nearly at the back of my throat when he first came. I pulled back and tasted him while he continued to pulse. He was very salty. The head jerked in my mouth and felt like a garden hose looked when it was let loose. It seemed like a steady stream followed by a stoppage and then a stream followed by several pulses. I swallowed when I could. He held my head. I kept him in my mouth and like the first time we did this he did not get totally soft. I left him in my mouth with the head nearly down my throat. He pushed in and out and like magic became hard again in a matter of a few minutes. I was able to play and licked and placed my mouth over his rather large balls. I sucked hard and then soft, quickly and then slowly and also gave him gentle and then not so gentle bites to the head of his cock. This time he lasted ten minutes and he came again. I was holding his balls with my right hand when he came the second time. There was not as much come this time but it was not a dribble. I would say that he pulsed five times the second time. His come was not runny and not thick. It was a healthy load to swallow. This time I had him in my hand and jerked his with the head of his cock just inside of my mouth so he could watch his come shoot. At the same time I gently massaged his balls. I watched his face and expression as he came into my mouth. His mouth was open. At that moment in time I wanted to kiss him. His lips trembled as he gasped. The time was now about 4:30 P.M.

I was hard and I needed to come. I pulled my shorts down and sat on the edge of the bed. I stroked my cock. He left for a moment and came back with something in his right hand. It was a sheer black stocking. He removed my hand and draped the stocking over my cock. He used the gentle touch of his hand to jerk me slowly. I lasted about one minute and shot my load into the stocking. We both watched as my load pulsed again and again into the sheer nylon. I held on to him when I came and he hugged me in return.

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Bath Sunday

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It was a Sunday afternoon in February, in the UK. Typically, it was howling wind, rain battering against the window, and my girlfriend and I were just sitting around the flat enjoying the fact that we were at home together and had absolutely nothing planned for the rest of the day.

The TV ran typical Sunday afternoon nonsense: black and white movies about submarines and documentaries about long dead composers. We contentedly skimmed the channels without really taking anything in. It was in this mood of lazy decadence that I decided I would have a bath; a luxury to someone like me who generally values those extra minutes in bed in the morning far too highly and always starts the day with a rushed shower.

I announced my attention to the room as if it were of utmost importance to mankind, kissed my girlfriends forehead, walked to the bathroom and turned on the taps. As the room filled with steam I removed my clothes and casually examined myself in the mirror. When the bath was ready I gently lowered myself into the soapy water until I could lie horizontally with only my head and my knees appearing above the surface. With a deep sigh I felt all the stresses of the week soak out through my skin and into the warm water.

I closed my eyes and my hand absent-mindedly drifted to my penis, which was floating upwards and looked like a rather bizarre, tiny, soft erection. I pulled the foreskin all the way back to reveal the soft pink end, then released it, allowing it to return to its original state. I did this again and fanned some water against my exposed head, which felt mildly pleasurable and caused it to swell a little.

I sighed gently again and stroked the now semi erect length of my cock between two fingers, while lightly pinching a nipple beneath the water. As my dick became fully erect it protruded above the surface of the water, which amused me slightly. I closed my eyes again and tugged my balls lightly while tensing the muscles at the base of my cock and causing it to pop up out or the water.

“What a way to waste an afternoon” I thought bahis firmaları to myself, and smiled. As I did so I opened one eye, only to see my girlfriend standing by the bath wearing only her white panties and a big smile.

“having fun?” she asked, still grinning.

I felt a little embarrassed at having been caught, net really masturbating, more just playing with myself. I didn’t know what to say so I just smiled back, rather sheepishly.

“Is there room in there for one more?” she asked as she slipped one hand under the rim of her lace, semi-see-through panties. I could see her fingers travel over her narrow line of pubic hair towards her neat little pussy.

“Of course there is” I replied. “Come on in.”

I reached out ant tugged at her little panties. She used her other hand and together we slipped them over her pretty round ass to the ground while her right hand continued to massage her clit.

I shifted up a little to make room. She climbed in at the other end with her legs over mine so that her feet rested at either side of my waist and she sat on my legs.

“I hope I’m not disturbing anything” she said with a wicked smile, as she wrapped her fingers around my hard dick.

I just shook my head and smiled back at her.

“Sometimes I like to touch myself in the bath too” she said as she stroked my cock with long, deliberate strokes.

“Yeah?” I replied “well why don’t you show me what you do in here, when the door is locked?”

She smiled again. ” You want to see that? But that’s personal…”

“I wont tell”

I could see that she was getting turned on by this idea, and I knew that I was.

Slowly, she took her hand from my dick and moved it to between her open legs, then breathed deeply as she moved her fingers beneath the water.

“I cant see anything” I said, “there’s too many bubbles.”

She feigned annoyance then lent her other arm on the rim of the bath and raised her body up out of the water, pushing her dripping cunt towards my face.

“Look!” she commanded as she pushed kaçak iddaa two delicate fingers fingered into her wet hole. I couldn’t look anywhere else!

She rubbed her clit and cunt lips with her hand as she roughly fingered her little pink opening, for my enjoyment. I started to stroke my cock as I watched her.

“Does that feel good? I asked, “Are you going to cum for me?

She stared me right in the eye as she continued to work on her pussy. The look on her face alone was enough to drive me wild.

“Show me how you make yourself cum”

“Uuummm” she moaned as she bit her bottom lip.

I began rubbing my cock more quickly, in time with her.

“You’re a dirty girl really, aren’t you? I bet you love to make yourself cum when I’m not around. Don’t you?”

“uuuh, yeah” she moaned. “I love to cum”

She shifted slightly and stopped fingering herself, instead concentrating on her clit. She rubbed her fingertips rapidly across the swollen bud and thrusted her hips forward as the sensation raced through her. Her small pink nipples stood hard and erect.

I was really enjoying watching her fuck herself as I rubbed my cock in time with her fingers. As she thrust her hips forward her ass came right out of the water. I slid down the bath a little way so that my dick was right below her cunt. I slapped my cock against her pussy lips a couple of times, then I gently slid the end of my dick between her soapy, wet ass cheeks. I left just it there and enjoyed the feeling of being lightly squeezed between those soft fleshy mounds while I kept stroking the base of my shaft and watching her frig herself wildly.

She gave me another mischievous ‘what do think you’re doing down there’ look and then tensed her cheeks a couple of times. It felt wonderful, and I’m sure she could tell by my reaction. She started to squeeze me between her cheeks at a regular pace, which felt like heaven!

Her breathing was becoming slightly laboured and she let out soft little moans as she flicked her bean and occasionally delved into her pussy with two kaçak bahis and sometimes three fingers. As I wanked the base of my cock and she pumped my head between her gorgeous cheeks I couldn’t help pressing forward a little with my hips until I met resistance.

We had explored this aspect of our sex life before and I respected the fact that she didn’t really enjoy it and I had no intention of ruining this moment by trying anything silly, so I held back and enjoyed the amazing sensations that I was experiencing already.

She let out a louder moan. One I had heard before many times and I knew she was about to cum. Her fingers flew over her pink, engorged pussy.

“Uh yeah, you want to see me? You want to see me cum? Oh fuck…”

Her body was flushed deep red and the look on her face was a sort of strained determination as she pounded her clit.

She had forgotten about squeezing her ass against my cock but I didn’t mind. I was stroking myself quickly and squeezing my balls as the head of my dick slid back and forth between her wet cheeks and I could feel I was going to cum really soon too.

“Uuurg…” she screamed as the first wave of orgasm rocked through her tensed body, and she moved to squeeze a nipple with her left hand, but as she did so her left arm that had supported her weight until then slipped from the edge of the bath. With nothing else to support her she fell.

My dick was already pressed up against her asshole and when she fell it had nowhere else to go but inside.

“Aaagh, my god!” she screamed as the combination of the pain of sudden anal penetration and the pleasure of her orgasm hit her at once.

I also let out a cry. I was only moments from cumming and suddenly I was buried up to my balls in her hot ass. I shot my load instantly. She was already gripped by orgasm and kept rubbing her clit as I grabbed her hips and pumped shot after shot of cum into her ass.

After a few moments we regained ourselves enough to move.

“Oops” she said timidly, still with a wide-eyed look of shock on her face.

She got up and, with a little difficulty, pulled herself off me. My cum dribbled from her asshole into the soapy bathwater. She lay in my arms on top of me with her head on my chest as our breathing returned to normal.

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On The Edge Ch. 05

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This story is a work of fiction and all sexually active characters are age 18 or older.


Ann smiled at Janice as she finished realigning her thong and straightening her skirt. “Thanks for the tune up. I feel a lot more relaxed now. Alex is bringing one of his classmates over so we can hang out as a foursome.” She sniffed at Janice. “You’d better brush your teeth and wash your face. I can smell pussy from here.”

Janice stuck her tongue out between her V’d fingers. “You loved getting that skanky twat licked out, you bitch. I could taste a bit of Alex’s cum in there. I assume you fucked him before I came over.” She smirked at her girlfriend. “He doesn’t know the lengths I go to keep you all fresh for him.” The svelte beauty pulled her sweater on and headed to the bathroom across the hall with her permanent Lewis residence toiletries kit.

“What’s this classmate look like – goofy nerd or jock?” Janice queried as she rinsed her toothbrush and applied some lip gloss. “‘Cause I’m going to screw your brother this afternoon, come hell or high water. It’s been 2 weeks since I had that cock in me. You’ve had it how many times since then?” Janice queried as she walked back into Ann’s bedroom.

Ann finished straightening the bedclothes and opened the window. “Let’s see; we’ve managed 3 mornings and 6 times at night after Mom and Dad went to bed. It’s nice that Alex oiled my bedroom hinges so I can sneak out without worrying about getting caught.” She snickered, “Then he oiled my pussy and throat. It’s nice to go to class all stress relieved and with that yummy taste in my mouth.”

They heard car doors slamming. “That must be Alex and his buddy now.” Janice craned her head out the window. “Not bad, from the glance I got. He looks about Al’s size and build.”

“Alex said this guy’s a really good soccer player and no dummy,” Ann said. “He has a science scholarship that gives him pretty much a free ride plus tutors math and physics to make spending money. He accelerated through a couple of grades so got into university pretty young. Alex really likes him, says he’s one of the nicest guys he knows. Apparently he’s a little introverted and shy, so don’t scare him off.”

Alex walked into the house deep in conversation with his classmate. Catching a faint whiff of female pheromones in the air, he shouted up the staircase, “Are you ladies decent? We have company.”

“Of course we’re decent. We’re just killing some time and watching a movie. Mom and Dad said you aren’t supposed to have a bunch of people in,” Ann remonstrated.

Alex and his friend walked into his sister’s bedroom to find the girls sprawled on the bed with an action movie blaring from the tiny computer speakers. “Ladies, this is Wilson,” he gestured with a pointed thumb, “and this is my sister Ann and her best friend Janice.”

The girls responded with waves and smiles, “Hi Wilson, nice to meet you.” Ann was taken with the young man’s shy but friendly demeanour.

Wilson quietly responded, “Friends call me ‘Wils’.” His eyes roamed over the attractive duo, pausing briefly at the hem of Ann’s short skirt and her smooth, slim legs dangling off the bed. He cast a quick glance at her breasts tightly encased in a thin T-shirt and sheer bra before raising his view to lock eyes with her before shyly looking away. His averted glance took in Janice’s figure with her breasts showcased in a snugly fitted V-neck sweater and LuluLemon yoga pants clinging to her thighs and highlighting the smooth cleft of her mons.

“Let’s go down to my room and I’ll throw a Netflix show on my TV,” Alex suggested. “It’s going to be a while before our parents get home and Mom starts on dinner. You OK to stay for something to eat? Our parents are used to having lots of dinner guests. Janice practically lives here.”

Janice rose from the bed, displaying generous cleavage as her V-neck top flopped forward under the pressure of her firm breasts. “Yeah, but I don’t eat as much as you.” She walked up to Ann’s brother and wrapped her arms around his neck, grinding her breasts into his chest as she nuzzled his neck.

Alex responded to the affectionate display by picking her up and walking out of the bedroom with the squealing bundle slung over his shoulder. Ann saw an opportunity to make friendly contact with Wils and took the gawping lad’s hand to lead him to Alex’s basement lair.

“Come with me to my brother’s subterranean empire. I’m jealous that he has such a big bedroom and mine is so small.” Ann smiled up at the bemused lad’s handsome visage and dragged him through the house. “Mind your head when you get to the bottom step. My brother’s whacked his skull on the edge there. Probably why he’s addled,” she smirked.

“I heard you! Just for that, Janice and I are hogging the bed. You guys are going to have to use the chairs or the floor.” Alex was gratified to see Ann holding hands with his classmate.

“Floor it is. Pillows please!” bahis firmaları Ann demanded as she directed Wils to the rug beside the bed. Janice threw a couple of large pillows at the pair and they settled onto their stomachs to watch ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’. Ann sprawled on her stomach with the pillow supporting her upper body, Wils following suit beside her.

Alex sat with his back against the headboard and Janice curled up under his arm, a leg thrown over his and her breasts pressed against his side. He started the movie and nuzzled her hair as they watched the onscreen action unfold.

The pair on the floor watched movie enthralled until Ann rolled onto her back, complaining that the rug was hard on her knees. Wils looked down at the reddened flesh and averted his eyes to be confronted with Ann’s breasts pushing against her snug T-shirt. His face turned crimson as he realized he’s been caught looking. She winked at him and rolled onto her side, craning her neck to see the screen and resting her upper arm and leg against the shy young man’s stiffened form. He slowly relaxed as Ann’s attention fixed on the screen, enjoying the unaccustomed feminine contact.

Alex and Janice were quietly making out, Janice having unfastened his pants and reaching into his briefs to caress the firm pole. Alex had slid his free hand under the sweater and unclipped the front closure bra to fondle her crinkled nipples and stroke the smooth flesh of her breasts and stomach.

Janice sucked her stomach in to ease the way for his fingers to slide under the waistband of her yoga pants and inside her damp thong. Alex stroked her slit and gradually hooked his middle finger between the flowering lips. Her grip tightened on his throbbing member and precum flowed over her hand as his arousal heightened.

Janice flicked her tongue between Alex’s lips and they battled for possession of the other’s mouth. The combined sounds of their kisses, his finger squelching in her sopping pussy and the slick slide of her hand on his penis caused Wils to look over his shoulder in the dimly lit room to see shadowed forms writhing on the bed.

Wils gasped and quickly looked back at the screen, catching Ann’s eye. She looked at the pair on the bed and smiled at the awestruck boy. “They’ve been quietly dating for a couple of weeks. If we ignore them, they’ll ignore us. Are you OK?” she asked, noticing his faint trembling as he tried to wrap his head around people in the same room practically having sex.

“I-I’ve never done this, or seen this, or…” Wils whispered. “Should we leave?”

Ann draped an arm over his broad shoulders and touched their foreheads together as they whispered to each other. “Nope, we can stay right here and watch the movie,” she paused and grinned “or we can make out, too.” Without waiting for his response, Ann tilted her head and gently kissed the quivering young man. She rolled onto her back, pulling him with her. He whimpered in fear and excitement as her tongue and lips tenderly massaged his mouth open and he felt the pressure of her breasts against the hard muscles of his chest. The dryness in his mouth was replaced with the moistness carried on her probing tongue.

Wils cast his parents stern teachings on modesty and propriety, and fear of his inexperience with the opposite sex aside and let Ann direct the activities. She felt his body relax and his tongue begin to probe her own mouth, and smiled. The girl writhed under the handsome youth, rubbing her breasts against his chest and pulling at his hips to get their bodies aligned.

Wils stiffened again as his erection grazed Ann’s leg. Ann moaned into his mouth and spread her legs around his thighs. She held his head with one hand and a firm buttock with the other, grinding her crotch against his erection. Wils whimpered and climaxed in his pants. Ann realized what was happening and held the openly shaken and shamefaced Wils tightly to her.

“It’s OK, enjoy the feeling, it’s OK,” Ann soothed. “Come with me and I’ll clean you up.” She allowed the youth to rise to a kneeling position and took his hand again as she stood. With a finger to her lips, she pulled the embarrassed Wils toward the bedroom door. They quietly exited, unnoticed by Alex and Janice as they stroked each other toward orgasm.

Leading Wils to the second floor bathroom, Ann turned on him and cradled his blushing face with her free hand. “You have nothing to be ashamed of. You’re a great kisser and I want to continue our fun.” When he relaxed, Ann reached for the closure of his jeans. Wils flinched, slamming his back into the edge of the door. “It’s OK, let me clean you up,” Ann soothed. “I’m not going to hurt you. Look, I’ll even the playing field. Think of this as a soccer style ‘green card’.” Ann reached back and unzipped her skirt, letting it fall to the floor. She stood in a pool of fabric, wearing only her T-shirt and a tiny red thong. “See? I’m excited to be with you! Now let me help kaçak iddaa you get cleaned up.” She reached for the front of his jeans and Wils simply stood there, completely dumbfounded and enthralled with the scantily clad beauty undoing his pants.

“There, your jeans aren’t soaked through but the underwear will need to be rinsed and dried.” Ann tugged the jeans down to his ankles. “Step out.” Wils obeyed but covered his hardening cock. The kneeling girl reached up and seized the waistband of the saturated underwear. “Hands away, Mister,” she joked as she tugged the briefs down. A firm pull released his stiff prick to slap against his six pack. “Oh, look at him, he’s beautiful!” Ann exclaimed, stroking the young man’s ego before reaching out to stroke the target of her lust. “Stay put and I’ll clean you up.” She reached for a fresh facecloth and soaked it in warm water. Carefully wiping his abdomen, hard shaft and swollen testicles, Ann commented, “This is pretty much new territory for me too. I’ve only been with one other guy.” She grinned up at her prospective sexual partner. “Right now, I really want have fun with you.” She kissed the head of Wils’ penis and said, “Let’s go to my room.”

Ann led Wils by his circumcised staff across the hall to her bedroom, directing him to sit on her bed. She pulled his golf shirt up and he lifted his arms to assist. Ann pointed at her shirt and said, “You need to help me get my shirt off. Wils eagerly pulled the clinging shirt off with trembling hands, leaving the equally excited girl clad only in a bra and thong. Ann’s nipples made peaks against the lace of her bra.

Ann stepped out of her thong and reached back to unfasten the bra, letting both garments fall to her bedroom floor. Wils’ eyes greedily surveyed the length of Alex’s sister’s slim body, visually devouring the swell of her hips, the split of her waxed labia and her firm young breasts. His gaze travelled up to her smiling face as she moved in to kiss him again. He eagerly responded, sticking his questing tongue deeply into her accepting mouth.

Ann pulled away after a few minutes of kissing and having her breasts gently fondled by the quivering male. “I have something that I want to do for you. Lie back and let what happens, happen. OK?” The naked beauty pulled a pillow out and tossed it at the far side of her bed.

Wils nodded and lay across Ann’s bed, his head propped up and lower legs hanging over the side. Ann spread his knees and rested her breasts against his thighs, stroking the hard, dripping object of her desire. As she felt Wils relax into the hand job, she pulled his prick toward her and delicately licked the copious precum off the crown. His head shot up and Ann looked into his eyes with a broad grin as she engulfed the top third of his prick with her wet mouth. Running the side of her thumb up the underside of his cock flooded her mouth with a fresh gush of clear pre-ejaculate. She hummed with pleasure, sending vibrations into the tip of his sensitive spear.

Ann kept looking into his saucer-wide eyes as she plunged and retreated along the length of his staff, sucking hard and swirling her tongue. Further and further she worked, until her chin rested against his nutsack and her nose pressed into his abdomen. Wils goggled at the sensation of his erect cock being completely inside a woman for the first time. This was nothing like his hand!

Ann swallowed a few times to massage his cockhead with her throat, then pulled off to catch her breath. “Come whenever you want to – this is your time to enjoy. Don’t hold back, just let it go! You’ll be returning the favour on me sometime soon.” She returned to her blowjob, licking around the head, painting each side of the shaft with a flat, wet tongue before returning to sucking the young man’s brains out through the end of his penis.

Wils’ head was spinning. His classmate’s naked (except for socks, he’d noted) sister was sucking his cock and actually deep throating him. She didn’t mind that he was inexperienced with women and didn’t care that he’d come in his pants. She’s beautiful and wants him. Him!Wils stroked her hair and cradled her head with 1 hand as her wet lips slithered up and down the length of his fleshy shaft, his other hand hovering over the sheets, clenching and opening a fist as Ann’s busy mouth sucked and laved him toward a massive climax.

Ann felt Wils tense up and knew she was going to get a mouthful of cum. She fondled his balls with one hand and interlocked the fingers of her free hand with his. Squeezing his fingers, she increased her suction and sucked back up to his swelling crown. Her hand released his balls and stroked up and down at the base of his shaft. She could feel him shaking as the freight train of his orgasm overtook his senses. Ann sucked, swirled her tongue, hummed and bobbed about 2 inches as her hand stroked the rest of the imminently erupting penis.

Wils tensed every muscle in his body, arching his back kaçak bahis and pushing his prick deep into Ann’s eager mouth. His orgasm hit and his mind whited out, leaving him groaning and grunting through clenched teeth as volleys of thick white semen blasted into Ann’s mouth. There was no thought, only feeling, and what a feeling it was!

Wils finally finished pumping the girl’s mouth ful of cum. His muscles unclenched and he exhaled with a huge sigh. He released Ann’s hand and stroked her hair. “Oh god, I, oh god, I’ve never…” he petered off, embarrassed.

Ann pulled off the panting lad’s prick with a slurp and showed him his load resting in her mouth. The teen smirked and made a show of swallowing his jism. “Wils, the pleasure was all mine – well, yours too,” Ann giggled. Sex is fun, and funny, and messy and unexpected. I love it, I love oral sex, I love the taste and smell and I like you. Would you like to return the favour?”

Wils propped himself up and looked at the girl in awe. “I’ll do anything you want!” he exclaimed. “Won’t Alex and his girlfriend wonder what we’re doing, though?”

Ann guffawed, “If we went back downstairs right now, all we’d see is the pair of them fucking their brains out! I doubt they noticed we were gone until the door closed behind us, and they certainly wouldn’t care much, except to hope we were having as much fun.” Ann signalled Wils to turn lengthwise on the bed. “Scoot down a bit. We’ll need some room at the top of the bed.” She plumped and folded the pillow and placed it under his head. “now you’re going to get some practical experience in eating pussy. It’s almost my favourite activity,” she said, not adding that she loved giving as much as receiving.

Ann crawled up on her new lover’s body, gently kissing and nibbling as she went. Wrapping her arms around Wils’ neck, she lowered her face to his, their mouths meeting in a hungry kiss, his arms roaming her torso, holding her head to deepen the kiss and finally grabbing her firm buttocks to help grind their crotches together.

“Lick and suck my boobs,” Ann demanded as she slid her body up to support herself on the headboard. “All over please, not just the nipples,” she requested.

Wils eagerly complied, laving each orb with a flattened tongue, sharpening it to a point to attack the pebbled darker flesh at their centers. He bobbed his head up to suck first one, then the other breast into his mouth, opening his jaw to capture as much of the wonderful womanflesh as possible. His tongue swirled lightly around Ann’s aureoles and flicked her crinkled nipples with a dexterity she hadn’t expected from her brother’s classmate.

The girl’s pussy creamed, smearing a trail of her sexual juices across Wils’ ridged abdomen as Ann writhed in pleasure. She knee walked up the bed until her knees were above his head and her glistening vulva over his mouth. “OK Sweetie, time to return the favour. You did really well with my boobs, now you get to get me off with your mouth. Are you ready for it?” Ann looked between her saliva coated breasts at the awestruck lad.

Wils grabbed Ann’s hips and pulled her onto his mouth. His flattened tongue licked her crotch from perineum to the top of her already sopping slit. Moving down from her hooded clit, his tongue tip slid between the inner and outer labia on one side, then the other. Ann shuddered at the contact, amazed at his ability to push her toward a climax so quickly.

“Ohmygod, how did you learn to eat pussy like this?” Ann panted, gripping the headboard tightly as she rocked her hips back and forth against the young man’s face while he speared her slit, driving his tongue deeply into the soaking mouth of her vulva.

Wils paused and lifted Ann’s hips to respond, “I’ve never done this before but am really good at researching available literature. Ann, you taste wonderful!” He pulled her cunt back to his eager mouth and resumed his attack, sucking up her copious cream and exploring the textures in her honey hole.

Ann sped up her gyrations on his face as she neared her first orgasm with this no longer shy young stud.

Wils shifted his hold on Ann’s ass, gripping both cheeks in one hand while he tilted his head back to suck on the swollen clit that had rubbed against the tip of his nose and slipped a finger past his chin to penetrate the weeping hole his tongue had been ecstatically tasting.

Ann convulsed, arching her back to let the questing finger stir her juices while her clit was punished by suction pulling it into Wils’ mouth as his tongue tip rapidly basted the exposed, reddened nerve bundle. Ann shrieked her orgasm as she shook and creamed against the face of her enthusiastic lover.

Downstairs, Janice snickered as she basked in the afterglow of a vigorous fucking administered by Alex. “From the sound of it, I would say Ann and your friend Wils are getting along fine.”

“Wils is very fit and a good student. He will certainly give my sister a run for her money once he figures out how all the parts work together.” Alex shifted to cuddle Janice and avoid the wet spot. “I’ll bet you a fuck in a public place that Ann has his cock up her ass by the third date.”

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Cousins Reunion Ch. 01

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Chapter 1: The Arrival

The blizzard seemed to be abating and the temperature was dropping below zero, or so the local Boulder radio station informed me as I struggled to keep my eyes open. The road signs were difficult to read in the early morning light, but there it was, my cousin Kay’s house. I could hardly wait to get inside to the warmth and to a bed.

I dragged myself along with my bag to the front door. A musical tone sounded distantly as my finger released the doorbell button. I heard the patter of feet running to the door and there she was with a huge smile on her face as the door swung inward letting a flow of warm inviting air envelop me.

Kay grabbed my coat and pulled me into the warmth of her home. After closing the door of the coat closet where she had hurriedly hung my coat, Kay turned and flung her arms around my neck pulling us together in a big welcoming hug.

“I’m so glad you came. I’m so glad you are here,” she exclaimed. She released me and backed away taking a long up and down look at me. “God, how long has it been since we saw each other last Jay?” she asked.

“Dunno,” I replied with a smile of my own, “four or five years I guess.”

“It is so good to have you here. You must be beat though.”

“Yeah, not to bad yet though. What I would really like to do is take a shower, have breakfast and some hot coffee and just hang out and talk.”

“That sounds good. Let me show you your room and the bathroom and I’ll get some breakfast going. I already have some good coffee on.”

Kay took my bag and led the way to the bedroom and pointed out the bathroom I was to use.

“Where is Parker?” I asked about her husband who everyone I knew who knew him thought he was a monumental jerk.

“He stayed in town at the Denver office last night. Big case going on and he has been spending a lot of time there. He should be home later this evening though,” Kay replied. Her husband was a personal injury lawyer. A guy she married when she was just barely out of high school.

Kay put my bag on the bed, as she turned around, her robe fell open and she did not pull it back together. I caught a glimpse of her breasts through the V of her loose fitting top as she straightened up.

“Hmmm,” I thought to myself. This brings back memories.

Kay reached over putting her arms around me again, smacked me quickly on the lips, walked out of my room and said, “Jay, I am so glad you are here. Take your time. I’ll fix some breakfast.”

I got my toiletry articles and headed for the bathroom with thoughts of Kay, where we grew up together, some of the history we had when we were younger, more naive and did stupid kid stuff. Just thinking about it now caused a tense swelling to occur between my legs. Jesus, I could not believe it. I had tried to not think about what had transpired between us several years ago. My older cousin had actually seduced me. It had been brief, fun and never discussed in later years.

I now wondered if she thought about those times much. Was she thinking about them now?

I got in the shower and was enjoying the hot pulsating, soothing message of the water caressing my body when I heard the door to the bathroom open. I turned to see Kay walk in, place a cup of coffee on the counter, briefly look at me through the glass shower door a slight smile on her lips as she turned and left without saying a word. I looked down at myself. My cock had been heavy and somewhat long between my legs, but now it was rising up as it filled with blood.

“What the hell?” I thought. I finished my shower, put on a clean shirt and pulled on my jeans.

Kay was pouring orange juice as I walked into the kitchen. We ate breakfast together talking about the past few years and filling each other in on our lives. She married, no children, me not married, no steady girlfriend. I noticed that when we talked about our past, she had a beautiful smile on her face. When I steered the conversation to her current life, she lost the smile, her shoulders slumped, she drew in on herself. Nothing was said about her walking in on me in the shower.

I held on as long as I could but finally had to surrender and tell Kay I needed some sleep. I headed to the bedroom as she cleaned up our breakfast dishes.

I came slowly awake. I dragged myself out of bed, went to the bathroom, relieved myself and brushed my teeth. It was early afternoon and the house was quiet. I went looking for Kay and as I walked by the master bedroom, the door ajar, I could see Kay was standing in front of the mirror, naked. Her brunette hair was brushing her shoulders, her long legs sweeping up to a round firm ass, her ass flowing gently into a narrow waist. Hands on her hips, she contemplating the reflection of her breasts; the gentle slope tracing down toward the fullness supporting round, dark pink, silver dollar sized nipples. No sag; pert. I could see her face in profile, just as cute as I remembered it. She turned and disappeared beyond the wall. I bahis firmaları took a deep breath. God she looked good. I could hear the water of a bath being drawn, then turned off, and then the sound of rippling water. I imagined her lithe body sinking into the inviting warm water. My cock swelling as I wondered if she remembered.

Kay was younger, but just as beautiful the first time I saw her naked. We were young, hormone driven and my cousin somehow had determined I would be willing to satisfy her curiosity about males, penises, her own body and sex. I wondered if she reflected on that time as fondly and as often as I did?

We spent the afternoon talking. We were beginning to discuss what to do for dinner when the phone rang. Kay answered the phone in the hallway, her voice a soft unintelligible murmur. “Parker is not coming home until very late if at all,” she informed me as she walked back into the room. After some hesitation “I want to take you somewhere special to eat. Do you have a dinner jacket or sport coat along?” she asked.

“I have a leather sport coat in the car, would that be adequate?”

“Yes, that will be adequate. I am going to put something nice on. Plan on 30 minutes and we’ll be off?

“Sounds good,” I replied.

I ran out to the car and pulled my leather jacket out of the trunk, went back to my room and pulled on my nicest pair of pants and comfortable white shirt. With my leather jacket in place, I looked quite presentable. I waited in the living room watching the last of the evening news.

“What do you think?” Kay sighed seductively as she swirled into the room.

I looked up and did a sharp intake of breath. “Wow” I said slowly, softly and very sincerely. She was wearing an evening gown that literally caressed her body. the sleeveless top flowed from her shoulders down across her chest, her breasts lightly molded as it continued down her body and clung to her slender hips, falling to just above her knees. Kay twirled, raising her arms above her head revealing the long opening of the dress from her shoulders to her waist. A flash of her breasts, no bra as the twirl caused the fabric to balloon out for the briefest of glimpses, then falling back to again caress her flesh. As she walked to the coat closet I could clearly see the outline of Kay’s long legs through the sheer fabric of the dress. She opened the door and as she reached in to get her coat, the fabric stretched across her bum, smooth, no hint of panties. An unspoken question flashed through my mind, “Thong or no panties at all?” and my penis was getting the uncomfortable swelling between my legs. I needed to adjust it, but couldn’t in front of Kay. “Would she see the bulge forming” I was wondering silently.

Kay handed me the coat and I slipped it over her arms and onto her shoulders. Her perfume wafting over me as the coat enveloped her body.

“You are just stunning Kay,” I finally managed to get an intelligible compliment out. “Too bad Parker isn’t here to enjoy this, but lucky me. You look fantastic and that dress is to die for.”

Putting her arms quickly around me, she reached up and gave me a quick peck on the lips, then headed to the garage door. Kay drove. On the way to the restaurant, she reached over and patted my thigh, “Jay, I can’t tell you how happy I am that you are actually here. I have thought about you so much since you said you would be able to come.” Her hand remained on my thigh. At first I did not think anything about it thinking it was just a touch that was conveying her pleasure at my company. Her hand moved slightly. Was it the bump in the road, or was it intentional. Her palm was now resting just above mid thigh, her fingers curling to the inside, lightly touching not more than an inch below my yet again swelling penis. Did she realize where her hand was resting? How could she not?

As we pulled into the parking lot, she placed her hand back on the steering wheel. She pulled to the entry and the valet opened her door and admired her as Kay swung her legs out of the vehicle and stood up. I walked around, offered my arm and we strolled into the restaurant.

Kay had me check her coat. I again enjoyed the fragrance she was wearing as I lifted the coat from her body. My breath caught as I noticed her breasts and especially her nipples were visible through the less than totally opaque fabric of her dress. The direct and brighter light of the cloakroom penetrated the black fabric highlighting the the contours of the body so perfectly draped by her gown. When I handed the coat to the check girl I caught her staring at Kay. I wondered if she was staring because she looked so great, or had she noticed the sheerness of the gown as well?

As Kay turned from the brighter light, the image of her breasts faded, just a hint of darker nipple still present as the fabric caressed her breasts. She must have known that the lighting here was subdued. I admired the play of fabric against her ass with each step she took as we followed kaçak iddaa the receptionist across the room.

Kay obviously had called earlier in the day and made reservations. They took us to a small curved booth in the corner. The restaurant was busy, but not completely full. The usual murmur of conversation and clinking of dishes and silverware surrounded us, but not unpleasantly loud. Several heads turned as we walked between the tables on the way to ours. Could they appreciate the sheerness, or was the light subdued enough that they could not see how translucent the fabric actually was, I wondered. I enjoyed the play of the fabric across her ass I wondered, panties?

“All the women are hating you right now Kay. Their guys couldn’t keep their eyes off of you,” I complimented her.

She smiled with pleasure, scooted close to me took my arm in both of her hands and hugged it to her chest, her breast pressing firmly against my upper arm. “Thank you Jay. I don’t get many compliments and I don’t get to go out very often. This is fun,” she said as she pressed my arm into her breast again.

God, what was she doing to me. My cock was swelling uncomfortably between my legs again, caught folded down between my legs. I squirmed just a little.

“Are you OK?” asked Kay innocently while releasing my arm.

“Oh, yeah, just fine,” I mumbled.

Our waiter arrived, ignored me, gave us our menus and went over the specials. I watched him intently enjoying the affect Kay was having on him. His eyes kept wandering to her breasts. He couldn’t keep his eyes off of them. Kay played like she didn’t notice, but she had a smile on her face the entire time.

“You are having fun aren’t you Kay?” I asked.

She smiled into the menu without answering, wiggling a little closer to me in the booth, her thigh now touching mine lightly.

She told me what she wanted, and asked me to chose the wine. “I’ll be back in a minute” she said while standing. I watched her walk slowly through the restaurant. I could see the light passing between her legs all the way to her crotch. Jesus she was bold. I noticed all the heads turning again. “Did they notice as well? Who cares?” I asked myself rhetorically.

Our orders placed, I anxiously awaited her return. I wanted to feast my eyes on her more. And there she was, flowing across the room toward me with her eyes intently focused on mine. I slowly took her all in not caring that she would see me looking at all of her. My eyes were drawn to her breasts, enjoying each one individually, noticing the dark outline of each areola. Admiring the now firm nipples pressing through the thin fabric. Tracing down her body, my eyes stopping at her crotch trying to catch a glimpse as the dim light passed through the thin fabric of her gown.

“Was that dark area her pubic hair?” I asked myself. Jesus, she wasn’t wearing any panties. I reached between my legs and adjusted my cock so it could have room, now pointing up and becoming incredibly erect and hard.

As I adjusted myself, I caught Kay’s eyes looking at my arms under the table. A smile coming to her lips as her eyes came back up to mine. She slipped into the booth, leaning over, the deep V of her neckline falling from her chest, her breasts clearly visible for a brief moment.

She scooted around next to me again and asked “Are you sure you’re OK? You looked a little uncomfortable.”

“Kay, I think every guy in this place is uncomfortable right now, including your cousin.”

“Why would you think that?” she asked demurely. I felt both her right hand gently touch the top of my thigh as she put her left arm around my upper arm, pressing her breast against me.

“Just watching you walk through the restaurant in that dress…” I didn’t finish.

I couldn’t. Her hand had moved up and was at the top of my thigh, her fingers almost touching my penis, the fingers just grazing the edge of my scrotum. My penis was now fully erect. Jesus.

Mercifully, the waiter returned and served our food, poured the wine and left us alone in our own little world. The food was wonderful, the wine even better. While we were waiting for the desert to arrive, Kay asked quietly, “Do you ever think about it?”

There it was. The past. The past we had tried to keep hidden and silent. I looked up and met her eyes. I briefly thought about playing dumb, but instead simply said, “Yes.”

“Me too,” Kay breathed softly with relief. And with that, her hand cupped my hard cock, the warmth of her hand welcome on my erect penis. I moaned softly.

I reached up and slipped my left hand under the fabric of her dress eagerly cupping her left breast. Enjoying the fullness of her breast in my hand. The nipple became erect and firm under my palm. Kay sighed and squeezed my penis.

Our desert arrived, we sat up hoping the waiter had not noticed, but of course he had. Trying to hide his smile, he placed our deserts and coffee on the table and asked us “Do you need anything else?”

“No” kaçak bahis we both replied, just wanting him to leave.

“What do you remember most?” Kay asked as she picked up her fork and cut into her cheesecake.

“Seeing you naked for the first time,” I answered as I closed my eyes and saw the vision in my mind. lying there in the field, her breasts bare, the mysterious thatch of dark pubic hair, the pout of her labia visible between her spread legs. I opened my eyes, hers staring at me.

“Tell me,” Kay said. “Tell me what you were just thinking about.”

“It is a vision of you burned into my brain. We are in that bean field, remember?” I ask.


“You undressed in front of me and laid on your back with your hands behind your head, your face tilted and watching me. You had a shy smile on your face. But, I wasn’t looking at your face. I was devouring you with my eyes. Your boobs, the wonderful naked mounds on your chest moving with each quickening breath you took. Your nipples hard and erect pointing at the sky, pink areola tight around them. You spread your legs as you saw my eyes go to your crotch. You wanted me to see your pussy didn’t you?”

“Yes,” she was smiling.

“Your pubic hair was a magnet for my eyes, dark on your skin. When you spread your legs and exposed your privacy to me, do you know, I almost came in my pants right then?” I asked.

“Hmmm,” smiling again.

“I was mesmerized. Your labia were clearly visible, lightly furred with your dark pubic hair. Did you know, do you remember that you were wet? Moisture was glistening between your labia. I did not know until later that it was because you were so turned on by exposing yourself to me.”

“Oh yes, I remember very clearly.”

“Then, you asked me, “Are you hard?’ Do you remember?”


“I could barely breath much less talk. I was in pain I was so hard.”

“Then I asked you to show me,” Kay interjected softly with excitement in her voice.

“Yes. I undressed in front of you. I remember a little gasp when I pulled my underwear off and my fully erect cock sprung free.”

“The size of it surprised me, it was so stiff and stood so straight, it looked like a sword. Do you remember what happened then?”

“How could i forget? You reached over and took my cock in hour hand and I came. Just exploded and I ejaculated all over your hand. I was so embarrassed.”

“You shouldn’t have been. It was incredibly exciting for me. Feeling your cock pulsate like that. Feeling it pump your cum out, seeing it spurt and feeling it land on my skin. I almost came too. Then feeling your penis soften in my hand. I loved the feel of it. I didn’t want to let go ever.”

“Then I asked if I could touch you.”

“Yes. And I was desperate for you to. I could hardly wait for you to touch me.”

“Your breast were heaven when I first felt them, soft and warm in the afternoon sun. I can remember so clearly the firmness of your nipples, already erect but the surrounding areola soft and warm. My penis started getting hard almost immediately I was so turned on.”

“I loved it when your hands touched me. An electric shock went through my body, making me shiver with pleasure with your caress. But, I remember clearly how my pelvis arched up. I wanted your hands between my legs in the worst way. My clit felt swollen, the tension so intense. I needed release so badly.”

“I remember wanting to touch your privacy, to feel your labia, to touch that moist area and explore your sex. I was too shy. I didn’t know how to start. I was so shocked yet so pleased when you took my hand in yours and guided it between your legs. You took my fingers and pressed them between your labia, your hips pushing into my hand. You held my hand there guiding my finger to your clit. I remember your moan of pleasure so clearly.”

“Oh god, I am so wet now talking about it. Re-living it like this with you. You were so gentle. I came so quickly I couldn’t believe it. It felt so wonderful.” Kay was nuzzling my neck with her lips. I felt her tongue touch my skin giving me goose bumps.

“I was so excited by your moans. I didn’t even know until later that you had an orgasm. I just knew I loved the feeling of your wet pussy. I loved the tightness that enveloped my fingers as I explored your vagina for the first time.”

“And I loved the feeling of your fingers pushing deep inside of me. I loved it so much, but I wanted more. I wanted you to put your cock in me so badly. When I saw your penis becoming erect again, I had an uncontrollable desire to have you inside of me.”

I suddenly realized that my hand was inside of Kay’s dress, fondling her breast and nipple. Kay’s hand was on my swollen cock gently rubbing and probing between my legs.

Kay pulled on my shaft saying, “Do you remember how I pulled you to me? Held your cock and guided you to my wet pussy. Your cock growing in my hand as it approached my opening, becoming hard and stiff as the head of your cock split my labia and entered my vagina, sliding into my canal, filling me?” she purred into my ear, my cock twitching in her palm.

“I remember,” I sighed. “I am going to cum right here if you keep that up.”

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

artık karısı oldum

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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