Changes Ch. 07

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Thank you for your patience! This one took so much longer than I expected. This story does move slower than a lot of you would like. Do let me know what you think. Hope you enjoy!

The next week flew by. Heather was overwhelmed with work and had little time for anything else. On Monday she barely got to wave at Vanessa across the office floor. Her day was choc-a-bloc and Vanessa was busy all day as well. When she finally had time for lunch, she realized Vanessa had already left office for a meeting she was due at. Heather thought about dropping her a message but decided against it.

The rest of the day was a blur and when she finally left office at 7, she was exhausted. “Fuck, it’s only Monday,” she thought moodily as she pulled into her parking space.

She’d been home for about an hour when her doorbell rang.

“Vanessa! What are you doing here?”

“Hadn’t seen you all day. And I really badly wanted to do this,” she said, closing the door behind her as she pulled Heather in for a kiss.

It took Heather a few seconds to recover from the ambush before she responded to the kiss.

“I’m glad you stopped by,” she giggled, nuzzling Vanessa’s ear. “Come on in,” she said taking Vanessa’s hand.

“I’ve got to go, honey. Need to pick Jules up. Just stopped by for a kiss.”

“Just the one?”

Vanessa chuckled, before gently kissing Heather again. “Also, I won’t be at work until Thursday.”

“Oh, how come?”

“I, uhh… I have a couple of meetings on the other side of town.”

“Oh, alright,” Heather said, trying to conceal her disappointment.

“How about dinner on Friday? I’m buying.”

“Great! What about Jules? Is it her weekend with Joe?”

“Mhm,” Vanessa said, distracted by the soft skin on Heather’s neck.

Heather took a sharp breath, as she felt a nip on her neck. “How about we come back here after dinner? We could continue our little game of truth.”

Vanessa continued to nuzzle her neck, “Sounds like a plan. I’ll come prepared. Extra knickers and all,” she said, dragging her lips across Heather’s collar bone. “But, for now, I’ve got to go.” She stepped away and looked into Heather’s eyes. “One last kiss?” she asked softly.

Heather didn’t respond, instead, she took a step towards Vanessa and claimed her lips for a soft kiss. “Gnite,” she whispered.

Vanessa nodded, “Gnite, honey.”

The next two days were a drag. Just knowing Vanessa wouldn’t be at work, was enough to put Heather in a sour mood. Luckily both days were busy and that coupled with gym in the morning meant Heather was knackered by the time she was home.

It did give her some time to think though. Things had changed drastically in the last couple of weeks. In her mind there was only one way to go. She wanted Vanessa, and she was alright with it. Only thing she was determined to do, at least for now was not to rush into anything.

Heather had a long overdue Skype session with one of her oldest and closest friends the next evening. Laura was a no nonsense, straight to the point kinda girl and Heather loved her for it.

“Wait, let me get this clear. You have the hots for your boss. And she made the moves on you?”

“Oh Laura. Always so crass.” Heather said disapprovingly, shaking her head. “And no, she didn’t make the moves on me,” Heather said, making quotation marks in the air. “It just, you know, sort of happened.”

“Quit bullshitting me, Heath.” Laura was impatient, always. “Give me the timeline, now. And none of your skimming the surface stuff. Details, woman.”

Heather groaned. She told her everything from the beginning, their dinner and the ride back in Vanessa’s car, the first night stay and how just sitting next to Vanessa made her all squirmy. She also told her about that night, when Vanessa had slept with her in the guest room and the tiny kiss they’d shared.

“You guys are so hot,” Laura said, jokingly fanning herself. “Bet there’s more, carry on Heath.”

Heather hesitated and blushed through the retelling of her dream. She obviously didn’t get into the details, but Laura made sure she said enough. She went on and told her friend everything about the next morning, Vanessa’s chicken soup and how absolutely adorable Jules was.

“Ok, I get it. Cute kid, move on.” Laura said, looking at her keenly, her impatience evident.

When Heather got to the part about the game of truth they played, Laura was completely engrossed.

“Details,” she kept reminding Heather.

And when Heather was done catching her friend up, they were both quiet for a bit.



“I love you,” Laura said softly. “It’s a lot to process, I know. Especially for someone with a teeny brain like yours,” she laughed. “I know you. You’re struggling with the fact that you feel this way for a woman. And I know you’re taking this slow to protect her. She sounds like a lovely person Heath, but you could make the Devil itself sound like someone I’d like to have a cuddle with.”

Heather smiled. “I’m scared, Laura.”

“Of casino şirketleri course you are. You’ve had your heart broken and you’ve been let down by someone you loved and trusted in a way only you can. You love hard and that’s one of the best things about you. Don’t let that change.”

Heather nodded.

“I’ll tell you what. I think the best way to treat this is like any other new relationship. I mean, c’mon, just because this is with a woman doesn’t mean you need to look at it differently. You need the exact same things to be happy. Unless you guys fuck, you won’t know if it’s any good. So stop dillydallying!”


“What? I’m saying it like it is. How is drawing this out going to help? I mean, sure, it’s hot to not jump each other right away. But, if you want to move forward, you need to know, innit? All I’m saying is don’t hold back, don’t fight it. But, stop if you’re uncomfortable. You hear me?”

Heather nodded. “You make sense. I have been overthinking it. This is why I love you, you nut.”

Laura smiled, “I’m happy for you Heath. Call me whenever alright? You don’t need to deal with things that are hard by yourself.”

Heather felt so much better after the chat. She needed it and it helped her make more sense of what was happening.

Thursday, Heather had lunch in Vanessa’s office. She almost skipped all the way and couldn’t help the goofy grin on her face when she saw Vanessa sitting at her desk.

“Happy to see me?” Vanessa asked, softly.

Heather nodded, sitting herself on the chair she had occupied on countless occasions in the past 3 years. The desk between them seemed very out of place to her today.

Vanessa put her hand out, evidently feeling the same about the expanse of her desk. Heather hesitantly took her hand, the tension between them crackling as their fingers interlaced.

“This is crazy,” Heather whispered, her breath hitching as Vanessa’s thumb caressed her palm.

“Come home with me tonight,” Vanessa said huskily.

“Oh, uhh…”

“I missed you these last couple of days. Come be my little spoon,” Vanessa continued.

“I can’t Vanessa. I’d love to, but I have two meetings in the morning. I’ll make it up to you on Friday,” Heather added playfully.

Vanessa chuckled, “You will eh? Sucks that I can’t talk you out of those meetings though.”

They ate their lunch and chatted away, at times detesting and at times thankful for the table between them.

“I’ll see you tomorrow,” Heather said and then added, “Don’t forget to pack extra of what we spoke about.”

Vanessa cocked her eyebrow, “Don’t worry, I’ll pack extra. And if I run out, I hope you won’t mind if I go without.”

Heather’s eyes widened, making Vanessa laugh.

“Now get outa here before I do something stupid.”

Friday evening was soon upon them and before she knew it, Heather was seated in an Uber with Vanessa. They’d decided to leave their cars in office.

“So, where we going?”

“You’ll see. One of my favorite restaurants. Hope you like greasy Chinese.”

“Ooh! I love me some greasy Chinese!”

Vanessa laughed, “That’s great,” she said taking Heather’s hand in hers and Heather was reminded of the car ride they’d shared just two weeks ago. How far they’d come in two short weeks.

The restaurant was a small family owned joint which seemed to have been around for ages. A little woman behind the counter greeted Vanessa with a hug and led them to a table for two in a cozy corner.

“I’ve been coming here since I was 10 I think.”

“Wow. I can’t imagine a 10 year old you. You’ve got to show me pictures someday.”

Vanessa looked at her and smiled tenderly, “I’d love to honey.”

They had a lovely meal and a few glasses of wine each.

“You’re not good for me,” Heather groaned, sitting back in her chair, pushing her plate away. “Pizza, greasy Chinese and obscene amounts of wine!”

Vanessa laughed. “Don’t you worry, love. I bet I can give you a good workout if you’ll let me,’ she said with a devilish grin.

Heather blushed. “You really are bad, you know that?”

“You’ve seen nothin’ yet, honey. C’mon, take me to your place,” she said, offering her a hand.

“C’mon in,” Heather said, unlocking the door to her apartment. “You’ve never really had a look around have you? She led Vanessa in by her hand. “Welcome to my humble abode, dear friend! This is my bedroom. And that is my bed which I’m going to share with you tonight.”

Vanessa laughed. “Looks very enticing. Go on, get in. Let me see what it looks like with you in it.”

Heather giggled. “We should get out of these clothes first.”

Vanessa cocked her eyebrow, “Oh really? Want me to help you get out of them?” she said taking a step towards Heather and gently pulling her in for a hug.

Heather let herself be pulled in and sighed at the feel of Vanessa’s body against hers. She snuggled into her neck and whispered, “You know what I mean.”

“Yes honey, I know what you mean. God I’ve wanted to casino firmaları do this all day,” she said holding Heather close.

“Me too. Wanted to do this yesterday too. In your office,” Heather said, her voice muffled against Vanessa’s neck.

Vanessa chuckled. “Let’s change. The bed beckons.”

They took turns changing and freshening up. Vanessa went first and by the time Heather was done, Vanessa was already in bed and under the covers.

“The pillows smell like you,” Vanessa said softly as Heather got in.

“Do they?”

“Mhm, get in here.”

Heather crawled in and lay down next to Vanessa and gave her a peck on the cheek. Vanessa smiled at her and in that instance Heather noticed how tired she looked.

“Hey, you alright? You look exhausted.”

Vanessa sighed, “It’s been a long week.” She hugged Heather close.

“Yea? Give me the highlights?”

Vanessa sighed again. “Well, among other less important things, we finalized the divorce this week.”


“I signed the papers on Wednesday.”

Heather was shocked. First of all she didn’t know that Vanessa and Joe weren’t officially divorced. But that wasn’t Important. “Why didn’t you tell me?” she asked softly.

Vanessa shrugged. “I wanted to. That’s why I dropped by on Monday night.”

“You weren’t comfortable telling me?” Heather asked, trying to keep the hurt from her voice.

“No, it’s not that. I… I didn’t want to make it a big deal.”

Heather stiffened. “But, it is a big deal. Isn’t it?”

“Yes. It was harder that I thought it would be.”

Heather nodded.

“I mean we’ve been living separately for such a long time. It was just about signing a document. I don’t know why we put it off for so long.” She was quiet for a minute. “It was sad. We had a good marriage for the most part. Making it official brought back some stuff you know. I know it was hard for Joe too.” She was quiet for a bit before she chuckled. “We went for coffee afterwards. And talked about old stuff and laughed our asses off. It was good.”

Heather nodded, not trusting her voice. She was hurt.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you.”

Heather nodded and in the most casual voice she could muster, she said, “I would’ve like to be there for you.”

“I would have liked that too,” Vanessa whispered. “You’re a good friend, Heather.”

“I’m more than a friend, Vanessa. And you know it.” Heather said, her voice louder.

Vanessa was taken aback for a second. When she looked up to meet Heather’s gaze, her eyes were bright. “Yes. You’re right.” She put her hand on Heather’s cheek and whispered, “I’m sorry.” She then leaned in and brushed her lips against Heather’s. “I’m sorry,” she whispered against her mouth.

Heather kissed her back gently. Trying, in her own way to tell Vanessa that it was alright. They exchanged soft, comforting kisses, both trying to make each other feel better.

“One day, I’d like to hear all about him. If that’s alright.”

“Of course honey. He asked me about you over coffee the other day.”



“How does he know about me?” Heather asked, concerned.

Vanessa smiled. “Jules told him about her new recruitment. And she took a couple of brownies for him too.”

“Oh. What did you tell him?”

“Honey, I told him the truth. That we’ve worked together for some time and now we’ve become close friends. And also that I hope we can be more than that someday.” She was quiet for a moment. “Would you rather I said something else?”

Heather shook her head. “You guys are good friends, aren’t ya?”

Vanessa looked at Heather for a second before nodding. “Yes. A lot of what we had, we obviously don’t have anymore. But yes, we are friends and we’re there for each other and we’re always there for Jules.”

“I love that,” Heather whispered. She then looked up at Vanessa and said, “You’re a beautiful person.”

“Oh honey,” Vanessa said, pulling Heather closer. “Next Saturday is Jules’ birthday party. She’s made an invite for you, but I thought I’d give you a heads up.”

“Oh! Of course I’ll be there. Wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

In response, she got a sloppy kiss on her forehead from Vanessa. “So, should we start with our little game? Who gets to ask the questions this time?”

“Vanessa! You’re bloody knackered. We’ll continue some other day alright? For now all you get is a cuddle and a good night’s sleep.”

“You’re right, honey. I really do need that.”

Heather was woken up with soft kisses behind her ear and a roving hand on her hip. She stirred awake, a moan escaping her lips.

“Good morning, love.” She heard Vanessa’s voice in her ear and moaned again. She turned her head, seeking Vanessa’s lips, eyes still half shut.

Vanessa kissed her, sucking her lower lip in and running her tongue over it. Her hands bunching up Heather’s night shirt, exposing her belly.

Heather grunted at the contact, deepening the kiss.

Vanessa suddenly flipped Heather onto her back, breaking güvenilir casino their kiss. “Don’t move,” she instructed, straddling Heather. She attacked her neck, slipping the shirt off her shoulder to expose hidden skin. She kissed and nibbled while Heather tried her best not to squirm. Her kisses travelled across Heather’s chest to the other side of her neck, her tongue spending some time tracing the swell of her breasts visible above her neckline.

Heather couldn’t keep still any longer. She held the back of Vanessa’s head with one hand. Her other hand made its way to Vanessa’s ass, feeling the firm cheek through the light material of her shorts.

Vanessa growled. “Told you not to move, Heather,” she muttered, nipping the sensitive skin.

“You’re so fucking, ahhh so fuckin sexy. Ohh..Vanessa, can’t keep my hands of you.” Heather squeezed her ass cheek to make her point. She then lowered her hand, making contact with the back of Vanessa’s thigh. She heard Vanessa groan. Her fingers tentatively crawled up under Vanessa’s shorts, brushing the firm rise of her bare ass.

Vanessa froze and extricated herself from Heather’s neck. “You’re playing with fire, Heather,” she said in a deep voice.

Heather, emboldened by the reaction she got from Vanessa spread her fingers, lightly cupping Vanessa’s ass cheek, her eyes not leaving Vanessa’s. “I’m not stopping.”

“Two can play at this game, love,” Vanessa whispered. She was still straddling Heather, her weight on her knees, her thighs flush with Heather’s sides where her night shirt was bunched up. She moved forward, shifting some of her weight onto her left arm, her hips rising up, giving Heather better access. She moved her right hand to Heather’s cloth covered breast and flicked her thumb over her nipple. “I’m not stopping either.”

“Unh. Yes.”

“Yes? You likey?”

Heather nodded, her eyes betraying her arousal as Vanessa rolled her nipple between her fingers. Her own fingers now squeezed Vanessa’s butt, fanning over it, attempting to get as much of it in her hand as she could. “I like that you’re not wearing panties,” she whispered, amazed at how soft and supple her skin was.

“Good. I like that you’re not wearing a bra,” Vanessa said, hissing as Heather’s fingers brushed the inside of her cheek. “Although I do mind that your t-shirt is in the way.”

“Well, move it out of the way then,” Heather said, her fingers moving closer to Vanessa’s pussy.

Again, Vanessa froze, boring into Heather’s eyes. “Do you know what you’re doing to me?” she asked hoarsely.

Heather was amazed at how in control she felt. “Yes,” she said firmly. “I can feel your wetness.”

Vanessa growled and hitched Heather’s t-shirt up, revealing her breasts. “My god, Heather,” she whispered, “You’re… you’re so beautiful.” The aggression seemed to have left her as she stared, transfixed.

“Really?” Heather asked in a small voice.

“Oh honey,” Vanessa said softly, reaching out and gently cupping Heather’s breasts. “You have no idea.” She then leaned down further and kissed Heather, passionately claiming her lips, both hands softly kneading her breasts.

Heather was lost in the kiss and the sensations flowing through her as two gentle hands played with her breasts. God, no one she’d been with had ever been so gentle. Vanessa coaxed Heather’s tongue out to play, her thumbs flicking and brushing her nipples. Heather was oblivious to all else when there was a loud sound from somewhere and suddenly Vanessa was not kissing her anymore. It took Heather a few seconds to realize that it was Vanessa’s phone.

“…too early? Hadn’t we decided on 2 in the afternoon?”

She looked at Heather and mouthed an apology.

“Ok, you’re not leaving me with an option are you Matt? Fine, I’ll see you at 11,” she said and hung up.

“I’m sorry honey,” Vanessa said, getting back into bed and giving Heather a soft kiss. “That was the caterer. I was supposed to meet him at two, but he is rescheduling it to eleven.”

“Oh,” Heather said looking at the clock. “That gives you about 45 minutes.”

Vanessa nodded, pouting. “Not enough time to finish what we started,” she said. “But I tell you what, I’m going to make it up to you. Next weekend. Saturday night, I’m all yours.”

Heather giggled. “Saturday is Jules’ birthday, or did you forget?”

“I remember. After the party. You and me, on this very bed. What say?”

“I say, I doubt it’ll happen. I bet you’ll pass out in the bouncy castle before all the kids have left.”

Vanessa laughed her heart melting throaty laugh. “Have you not met my daughter? There’s going to be no bouncy castle at this party.”

“Oh damn. I like bouncy castles,” Heather joked. “Seriously though. It’s alright if next weekend isn’t possible. I completely understand”

“Oh no honey. I’m gonna make it happen,” Vanessa said, determinedly. And then seeing the look on Heather’s face, she said, “I see, you don’t believe me do you? Let’s make a wager. If I make it to your house on Saturday night, I win. If I don’t, you win.”

“Oh, alright. How much?”

“I’m not betting money, love. If I win, you have to make yourself cum for me.”

“Come whe… oh!”

“And if you win, I’ll cum for you. Deal?”

“I… uh.”

“You can lay down rules, that’s your call.”

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Boat Delivery

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Boat delivery

Well, never thought I’d be telling this story. I’m Bill, 32, 5’10” good shape, I swim a lot. Married to Mindy, she delivered twins a year or so ago. We’re schoolteachers, well, Mindy’s taking time off.

I grew up in a boating family. During the summer Mindy and I had a business delivering or moving boats up and down the coast. The smallest was fifty-feet, the biggest so far, one hundred and twenty. The job pays well and it’s nice being on really expensive boats. We conceived the twins during a storm on a seventy-foot trawler. We both have a very dynamic sex drive.

After the twins were born, I needed a crew for a transfer from the west coast of Florida to a port up north. An older couple, yacht club friends, suggested Tara, their twenty-year-old daughter. Her credentials as a boat handler were perfect. It was just business for me but by the end of the trip, she had seduced me, and we were fucking and sucking all over that boat. No, I did not tell my wife.

Now, Tara graduated, and I need a crew for this summer. Tara suggested her little brother Chaz. What I wanted was another horny co-ed. I’d gotten rather used to naked boating with morning blowjobs. I stalled a little, nothing else came up. Tara figured it out and teased me remorselessly. Well, I had ­a sixty-foot motor yacht to deliver so Chaz got the job. With Mindy off work, we needed the money.

I was in the main saloon of the “Fun Surprise” when I felt it shift from somebody coming on board.

Chaz was a younger, male version of his sister. I’m not into guys at all but this young man was beautiful. He wore loose nylon shorts and a tank top. My height, a swimmer’s build, long lean, tight abs, wide shoulders. Brown sun-faded hair that would not behave and blue eyes that swallowed your soul. This kid must have girls, and their mom’s throwing themselves at him.

“Permission to come aboard, skipper?”

I extended my hand, “Granted and no need to ask again. I’m Bill.”

“Chaz, Tara’s my sister.”

“I see the resemblance.”

He gave me a soft smile, “Yeah, but her tits are bigger.”

How much did she tell him? Chaz laughed, “Gotcha. Sorry. Sis and I look a lot alike and I get that all the time. I drop that line to fuck with people.”

“Well, ya got me. We need to push off in an hour. Stow your gear and meet me on the bridge.”

Ten minutes later, Chaz came up in board shorts.

“Fuel tank is full, oil and fluids good on the engine. Sewage and gray water tanks empty, water tank full. Bilge pumps working.”

I hadn’t asked to do any of those things yet. This was going to be a good trip, but oddly distracting. I could not stop looking at this boy.

“Wow, thank you. You took the lead on that. I’m impressed. Let’s get underway.”

If the weather is good, I prefer to run out in the sea. The Intracoastal is nice but you have to pay attention more. Plus at sea, you can crank the motor up. This one has two v-12 diesels and an auto-pilot.

I was up on the flying bridge, wearing nylon shorts and no shirt, or briefs. Tara had gotten me a couple of speedos and that was my uniform on our trips; when she wasn’t pulling them down so I could fuck her. I didn’t think they would be appropriate for this trip.

Chaz came up the ladder and surprised me again. He had on a black speedo. I couldn’t help looking at his crotch. He looked like he had a nice package. I quickly reset to his eyes. He shrugged.

“I didn’t want to put this on in the marina, but I didn’t think you’d mind out here. I like to tan as much as possible.”

“Chaz, the boat rules are, ‘what happens on the waves, stays on the waves.’ Wear whatever you like. I’m good here for a few hours. Go relax, you can relieve me after lunch.”

Instead of finding a piece of deck, Chaz stretched out on the couch at the back of the flying bridge, past the tarp. He had a small bottle and rubbed oil all over before placing a towel and reclining.

We talked. He was just eighteen, going to college in the fall. Tara had told me about the family, mentioned him, but never gave much detail. Chaz was a much better student and was getting a full ride. The conversation got a bit more adult and we shared stories. My crew was a busy boy. He’s had a few girlfriends. He was currently un-attached since his girlfriend found out she was sharing him with her mother. We both got a big laugh out of that. I told him I was jealous. Having twins wore Mindy out and life in bed was pretty dull, for now. Chaz asked me what my most outrageous sexual adventure was.

I told, in graphic detail, how I met a professor’s wife, in her forties, at an event. She asked me to dance. I told him how it felt close to her curvy body, how she pressed against me. How she pushed her crotch into my cock bulge. I laid it on, reliving a great moment. I kept going, I had her number. I went to their house. She answered the door in a sheer robe. “Let’s just cut to the sex scene.” She says.

I glanced over. Chaz was hard. The head of his cut cock stuck above casino şirketleri the waist of the speedo. He didn’t seem to care. His hand lay on his thigh, fingers close to that fat bulge. I couldn’t look away and I couldn’t understand why.

I told, still in graphic detail, how this married woman stripped me and, on her knees, sucked my cock until I came in her mouth. Getting up, swallowing, she said, “Now you’ll last longer fucking me.”

“So, Chaz. I’m I this professor’s house, in his bed. His curvy wife is on all-fours in front of me facing the open door. I’ve got my hands gripping the flare of her hips as I ram her pussy. She’s howling ‘fuck me, fuck my pussy like you hate it!” I’m thinking it doesn’t get any better than this and then, there’s her husband, my English professor, in the door, watching.

“Don’t stop! She growls. I figured I’m screwed so I might as well see what happens. My professor, a nerdy, skinny guy watches for a few seconds and then comes in. I figure this is where I get hit. He steps up to his wife, drops his pants, and feeds his cock to her hungry mouth. I couldn’t believe it. Turns out the whole thing was a setup. He and I fucked her all afternoon. It didn’t feel weird either. I mean he and I bumped uglies a little, we did a DP and ended the day jacking loads on her face. College was good after that.”

Reliving the story got me hard too. Chaz had his fingers just running up and down his boner. I turned so he could see me in the same condition.

The marine radio squawked. A boat in distress. I answered and we headed that way, even though it was a couple of miles.

Chaz stood and took the other captain’s chair. After twenty minutes the Coasties notified that they were on scene. I got back on course and Chaz went below. I wanted to masturbate. Telling that story brought it all back, plus the other times I visited them. I was pretty sure Chaz was down below tending to his ‘down below’, but I didn’t want to get caught.

Why was my cock hard envisioning this boy on his bunk naked, stroking his cock? I shook my head to clear the thoughts and got back to driving the boat.

Chaz came up, right on schedule, to relieve me. Still only in that tiny black speedo. We chatted for a few. I told him what was going on the radio, which wasn’t much. He knew our course.

I went down to the master cabin, under the saloon to catch a nap. I had a small marina for an anchorage tonight. I don’t run at night unless the owner authorizes it in writing. So, the nap is just killing a little time. Sliding off my shorts, I lay on the king bed, naked. As I pictured Chaz in his speedo, my cock grew. I’ve never even looked twice at a guy and this happens. I resisted the urge to masturbate and purged my mind of the visions of my beautiful crewman with his sleepy blue eyes and tousled sun-faded, brown hair. I dropped off to sleep with half an erection. Twenty minutes later—I’d set an alarm—I woke up and slid my shorts on.

I climbed the ladder to the flying bridge and as my eyes cleared the deck, I got quite a sight. Chaz was naked. Standing between the two Captain’s chairs, the bimini top folded back. His body, shaved for swimming, shone with a sheen of oil in the tropical sun. His young ass was firm, perfectly round, and tanned. He really was a male version of Tara. His long lean legs, showing cords of muscle as he swung with the action of the boat were slightly spread, and from my low angle, I could see his ball sack swinging and the tip of his cock. I stood on the ladder and just watched, admiring his firm young physique. I finished climbing up and Chaz noticed.

“Oh, hey. I hope you’re not mad. I figured we were way out to sea and no other ships or boats. I really like an all-over tan.”

I laughed. Now I could see his penis. Fully shaved, maybe five inches, soft. He looked like a well-hung twelve-year-old, “Well, I did say you could wear whatever you want so, by extension I guess that would mean not wear anything you want. If you’re comfortable, that’s fine with me.”

Chaz checked the compass and the RPMs on the twin diesels, “Don’t know if Tara told you, we’re a nudist household.”

I laughed, “No, she never mentioned that.”

“Am I better looking than Tara?”

Chaz caught me flat-footed. I had never told Tara to keep us a secret, I just assumed she knew that. But maybe Chaz is fishing?

Chaz gave me a couple of seconds to answer, then just jumped in, “I know my sister. She loves the sun as much as I do, and she has no shame. I’ll bet she was just like me.”

“Chaz, I, um…”

“S’ok, Bill, what happens on the waves, stays on the waves, right?”


“So, you wanna join me? It’s very relaxing and free.”

At that point, I decided to just let things happen. Chaz’s easy-going casual demeanor made it easy. Hopefully, my confused penis would not embarrass me. I also admitted to myself I found this young man very easy to look at. I dropped my shorts.

“There ya go. You probably should get some sunscreen, you casino firmaları know…”

“Good idea.”

I went below and sprayed myself. Since Chaz was on the bridge, I made lunch for us. Sandwiches, I yelled up and asked what he wanted, telling him it would be a few minutes.

I got done quickly and put the sandwiches and a couple of sodas in a bucket to take to the bridge.

As my head cleared the deck, I saw Chaz. His cock half-hard and what looked like a stream of cum on the bulkhead. He quickly turned towards the bow. I ignored all of that and announced lunch. Chaz seemed nervous and I said nothing at all. Like I never saw anything. I admitted to myself that his erection, or part erection, was beautiful too.

I left Chaz on the bridge and went to the master cabin. I got a towel, lay on the bed, and, for the first time in my life, masturbated to the vision of another man, well, boy, Chaz. I pictured him, oiled glistening in the sun, stroking that magnificent penis as the boat surged over the waves. His tight ass flexing as cum jetted out of his cock, hitting the bulkhead as he groaned his release. I came hard.

In the afterglow, I questioned myself, wondering, worrying. Finally, I decided, what happens on the waves, stays on the waves.

We pulled into the marina at dusk. Yes, we got clothes on first. The boat needed fuel and I had a berth reserved for the night. Showers on shore water are always better.

We had dinner and went to shower, me in the master cabin head and Chaz, the head across from his cabin.

The lights were off in the companionway when I stepped out of the master cabin, wrapped in a towel, to get a bottle of water. Don’t know why I bothered with the towel. Force of habit, I guess. I took a few steps. The door to the head opened as I passed in front and Chaz stepped out. The passage is narrow, and he didn’t see me. We collided and I ended up with my back against the wall and naked Chaz pressed against me.

Neither of us said a word. Pale blue eyes captured mine. The teen’s hands landed on the bulkhead behind me, over my shoulders. I stood, feeling his lithe body against mine, and had no words. Then I felt his penis, his young shaved penis, rubbing against mine through the towel as a wake crossed the marina. He was getting hard. As the wake faded, Chaz moved, just a little, enough to get friction against my cock, hidden and hardening. I needed to respond, either stop this or encourage it. I moved my body a few inches away from the bulkhead, pushing my erection into his as I felt the towel lose its knot. I backed off an inch and let the towel fall away before Chaz pressed against me, his face inches from mine. We ground our hard cocks together. I moved my hands to hold his trim hips. His young smooth skin under my fingers. I felt his breath on my neck as he panted. My hands now clenched his ass. He felt like his sister. We stood in that narrow passage panting and rubbing our erections together.

Chaz moved his hands to my shoulders. The silky firmness of his young cock felt amazing touching mine. We stood, two men, in that dark place, grinding our naked bodies together, racing to cum, savoring the forbidden, the wrong. I felt his warm sweet breath on my face as we panted, needy, surrendering to an unknown desire. His ass felt amazing in my hands. I moved my fingers deeper, toying with his hole as he gasped and rubbed harder. Strong fingers dug into my shoulders as he need grew frantic. This boy was about to cum all over me. I wanted it. I wanted to cum all over him.

Chaz’s blue eyes went wide, his lips nearly touching mine. He groaned and I felt the hot jolts of his orgasm bathing me. I erupted, adding my cum to his, spreading it over our overheated skin.

As the euphoria wore off, Chaz backed up. I let my hands fall away as he faded back into the head and slowly shut the door.

Towel and water forgotten I bounced off the bulkheads back to my cabin, cleaned up, and dropped onto the bed. My mind flooded with thoughts, regrets, confusion. It was going to be a long night.

Wakes from departing boats stirred me in the early morning. I had fallen asleep instantly after wondering if I could. Now I lay in the dawn glow, uncertain about what lay ahead.

We still had a lot of the trip. I got up, looked at my shorts laying on the deck. No.

After a quick shower, I sat in the main saloon, the curtains tightly drawn, savoring my second cup of coffee, and wondering what the day would bring. At least, if I needed to, I had a good chance of getting a new deckhand in a marina.

I didn’t want a new deckhand.

I heard the compartment door, then the head flushing and water running. Showering.

He moved through the galley, making a cup of coffee. I saw his head as he came up the stairs. With each step more of his taut, young body came into sight. No shirt. Nude. My deckhand was naked.

And half hard. I sat on a towel on the lush sofa, my coffee cup on the table. Chaz moved to me, in front of me. That magnificent cock güvenilir casino now a little harder. Our eyes met.

“I’m not gay.”

“Me either,” I replied as Chaz put his cup down.

I spread my legs as the young man kneeled between them, taking my growing cock in his hand, his mouth moving closer.

“I’ve never done this before.”

My eighteen-year-old deck hand slipped my growing penis into his mouth. I’ve had plenty of blowjobs, but this was intense. The wrongness of it. A boy, sucking my cock, me raging hard, enjoying it, and wondering what he will feel like, taste like. Chaz ran his tongue over the head of my cock as he sucked me. Each time, he took a little more until he had most of my cock in his mouth. His untamed brown hair brushed my abdomen, his hand cupped my balls, a finger rubbing just below. As his mouth moved up, his lips clutched at the head of my cock, nurturing, nursing, that tongue, that hot wet tongue slavering over the sensitive skin. He was a natural.

Chaz never looked up. He concentrated on giving his first blowjob. I lay back on the couch savoring the sensations and the growing need to orgasm, cum, shoot my semen into this boy’s mouth.

“Chaz, I’m going to cum soon.”

No pause, no stopping. His finger moved lower, now teasing my hole, rubbing pressing. It was all too much.

“Cumming, Chaz, I’m cumming.”

That electric buzz that grows from your balls, flowing through my cock as hot jets bathed the boy’s mouth. He never paused, never balked. He swallowed and kept nursing on my cock until the sensation was too much. I gently tapped his head and he reluctantly released my shrinking cock.

My high was fading. I knew I had to return the favor and right now, even though my need had waned. I got up.

“Now it’s your turn.”

Chaz dropped onto the couch and spread his legs.

Beautiful, shaved, smooth. So hard and long, pulsing with need. The head, larger than the shaft, big, round, silky. I dropped to my knees and moved closer. I’ve only seen one other hard cock in real life. But never held one, sucked one. I wanted this. I wanted to suck a boy’s cock, taste his cum, hear him groan with relief.

“I’ve never done this either,” I touched him, he twitched,

The skin of his cock was smooth, soft, under it, hard, turgid, needy. I explored him with both hands, so strange to handle a hard penis not my own. I loved that he shaved. My mouth, inches from the head. A drop of clear fluid at the tip. I extended my tongue, took it in, tasted it. He gasped. It tasted like more.

I pressed my pursed lips to the head of his cock and moved down, letting my wet lips engulf his penis.

“Ohhhhhhh, fuuuuuccckkk, “He sighed.

I moved my hand up to cup his balls, tight in the skin of his scrotum. As I felt the head of his cock touch the back of my mouth, I let my finger massage lower, looking for his hole to tease.

Now I know why some women like to suck cock. Chaz was in me. I savored the feeling of my mouth full of forbidden pleasure. The boy panted as I moved my mouth up and down his penis, loving the way it twitched. My finger found his hole, shaved too, tight. I released his cock and drooled on my finger. Now my mouth full of teen cock and a wet finger pressing against his hole.

“Oh, Bill, Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum.”

That young smooth cock got harder, pulsed and my tongue tasted the musky fluid that jetted into my wanting mouth. It felt amazing to give this pleasure, I swallowed, he gave me more, groaning, writhing under me as I fingered his asshole and he came in my mouth.

Three hot jets of cum, long, voluminous and musky. I was going to be doing this anytime he wanted me to from now on.

Our collective lust satiated; awkwardness sat on the horizon. I stayed on my knees, released his penis, and looked into his eyes.

“I liked that Chaz. I really enjoyed that. I want to do it again.”

He smiled that lazy, sensuous smile, “Me too, Bill. Never ever thought of it, just happened.”

I got up and offered him my hand, “What happens on the waves…”

Chaz took my hand and pulled himself up, “Doesn’t have to end on the waves. Breakfast?”


Sex makes you hungry. We made breakfast together in that small galley, our bodies rubbing together, Chaz, like any teen boy, hard. My cock revived and we rubbed on each other as we worked.

Sitting across from each other at the table, Chaz took a sip of coffee, “Bill, any rules?”

“No, no rules. Let’s just see what happens. If it gets weird, we say so, until then, let’s not overthink this.”

The young man gave me that warm smile, “Good, I like that. You wanna do it again before we leave here?”

I didn’t have to think, “Yes, let’s go to the big bed.”

Walking behind this naked teenage boy, his hard cock pointing the way and my hard cock pointing at his firm, round, ass. We climbed on the bed and just fell into a sixty-nine. Chaz took my erection into his mouth. It felt just as good as the first time.

“I love your mouth on my cock.”

He spoke around me, “I love sucking your cock. Never thought about trying it. Glad I did.”

“I have never even had a thought about having sex with a guy. I may never do it with any other guy.”

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Boner’s Ribs , Special Sauce Pt. 03

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Back…And Forth. Back…And Forth. Jack’s ass wiggled as he climbed the stairs back to Earl’s office. He was hosed off but still gritty. His feet picked up some dirt and grime off the basement floor as he made it to the top of the stairs.

He paused to spread his toes and scrape off the grime a bit and Earl turned and paused.

“Ha. I wouldn’t worry too much about that Jack. I have a feeling that you will be more ‘soiled” as the night goes on.”

As he nodded to Jack, he caught him with what looked like a smile starting on his face.

* * *

Jack was smiling. This was the closest Jack had every come to being an exhibitionist. Truth be told he was excited about the sex. But he was also excited about being so exposed. He was getting hard thinking about being the center of all the attention.

He could feel the apron press against his hardening cock. He could feel the blast from the air conditioning caress and cool his naked ass.

Jack followed Earl through the center office and toward a connecting door to the kitchen. Earl turned and paused t the door, brushing the front of Jack’s apron with his strong hands as he turned.

“Best wait here a moment Jack,” Earl offered. “I like to set the mood before I introduce the new help.”

Jack waited with bated breath as he watch Earl disappear through the kitchen. He caught sight of him again as he appeared on the security camera monitors as he made a grand entrance on the deck.

Earl was making large arm gestures to the group of men who were enjoying their ribs and beer. They in turn were yelling, slamming down beer mugs, and generally approving of whatever

Earl was saying and likely selling.

Earl made some small hand gestures. He touched his pointer finger to his thumb as if to say “choice” or “perfect” and the men again, yelled with delight.

For half a moment, Jack thought maybe Earl was referencing the rib recipe to his customers.

That was until Earl acted out having Jack over the barrel and fucking him in his virgin ass.

“Right. Of course.” thought Jack.

As the men saw this they stamped their feet, yelled again and a few even slapped the table or their knees in approval. One, who looked like a local deputy, even got up and gave old Earl a high five.

Earl was all smiles. HE WAS LOVING the moment like a ring master in a circus. Jack even caught himself smiling. He was nervously shifting side to side, foot to foot, as he recalled being bent over the barrels, and having his cheeks parted and ass filled by Earl’s big cock.

He bit his lip nervously and rubbed his cock through his small apron.

The moment passed as Earl clapped his hands together, shook a few hands and turned out of view to enter the kitchen to apparently go and fetch Jack.

Jack broke his gaze with the monitor only to turn to another and see Katie in the front room. He saw very clearly how she once again bent down to scoop up more peanut shells in front of another customer. She didn’t even bother to hide the game this time as she showed off her pussy lips to to the very pleased trucker.The trucker licked his lips and adjusted his crotch as he watched Katie take a very long time to resume as standing position.

“Bitch” thought Jack.

But he didn’t have too much time to dwell as Earl entered the room again with a huge grin on his face.

“Ready?” Earl asked.

“To get bent over the barrels again Earl?”

Earl didn’t miss a beat.

“Maybe later. But it’s time to make your entrance and meet the guys!”

Earl pulled a long orange napkin from a box. “Tun around Jack.”

“What? Why?”

“I’m gonna blind fold you. It’ll make it more exciting for you and my customers.”

Jack turned, exposing his tight naked ass again to Earl. Earl reached over and tied the napkin around Jack’s eyes so he could only see the floor, much like he experienced with his own shirt in the basement.

When he finished tying and looked down appreciating Jack’s body again.

“Mmmmm.” Earl moaned. “Glad I got to have you before they did.”

With that, he slapped Jacks naked ass and spun him around.

“Here we go,” Earl said and took Jack by the hand into the kitchen and out to the back deck.

* * *

Daylight was fading but Jack could still feel the light on his body.

As soon as Earl brought him into view he could smell the beer, the sweat, the lust, and lots of bar-b-cue sauce.

Jack was greeted by cheers and lots of “Hey Now! and Earl found a good one!”

“Come on over Jack” Earl gently ordered. “How’s about you let them take a look at ‘cha.”

“Step on up on the bench, son. Don’t be shy.”

Jack tried not to smile. Jack tried to keep his cock hidden beneath the apron. What the fuck had he gotten himself into?

He did as ordered and stepped carefully onto the picnic table bench with Earl guiding him.

“Give them a little turn! Earl shouted. Jack gingerly pivoted in a small circle atop the bench.

He could feel the rush of air from the ceiling fans cascade down his casino oyna exposed body.

More cheers. More clapping and stomping.

“You boys feel free to get acquainted with my new host” Earl offered.

With that, Jack could feel the steamy humid air shift around him as the body heat of the men drew near. Then he felt the hands.

Tentative at first, and just the one to start, but quickly another and another. Jack was being groped, touched, studied, and molested by a room full of drunken horny strangers.

One rather rough hand found his nipple and massaged him there causing Jack to utter a soft


More hands, firm and strong were running up and down his legs. These were skilled hands, perhaps the hands of a tradesmen. They felt electric as they caressed up and down, up and down brushing his leg hairs.

Naturally other hands found they way to Jack’s exposed ass. Slap Slap Rub Slap and repeat on the other cheek. Slap Slap Rub Slap.

Jack was vocalizing his pleasure at all the attention and not holding back. His cock started to peak out form beneath the apron. His stiffening dick didn’t go unnoticed as a hand soon shot it to greet its hard presence,

“OH,” Jack moaned.

The new hand on his cock pumped him lightly but with painful pauses so Jack couldn’t quite get to cumming.

“That’s a good start, everyone.” Earl cut in and the hands began to pull away as Jack whimpered under his breath. How could they take all that feeling away?

“Ok, Ok. Jack let’s show em everything. Knees on the Bench face the table.”

Jack was absentmindedly rubbing his chest and smoothing out his apron. He did as he was told and got down on his elbows resting on the table showing all the men on the patio his naked and recently fucked hole.

“Spread those cheeks for us Jackie,” Earl ordered. It was a subtle change. Calling him Jackie instead of Jack, but Jack cocked his head in reaction as he slowly brought his hands back. He rested his head against the table as his fingers fumbled across his ass cheeks as he presented his hole to the men.

More hoots and hollers followed and this time a rough hand gave him a decisive slap on his ass that made Jack wince.

“Hell YEAH!” Jack heard and could feel a change in mood as the alcohol and evening wore on.

Then the audible sound of a zipper. No two zippers.

“That’s right boys’, Earl more growled than spoke “Ease him into it.”

With that Jack felt two different semi hard cocks rubbing across his ass cheeks. At first it was one on each cheek. Then one dropped lower and just stopped against Jack’s exposed hole.

The other cock kept slapping against his cheeks making him jump. His cock jumped too and was quickly hard again.

The cock against his ass didn’t attempt to enter. But it was being guided up and down. Up and down. For a moment it was on his hole threatening to invade. Then it was slowly drifting down to his balls. Resting. Then gliding back up to his ass. Jack could feel a trail of precum being passed between his balls and asshole. It made his cock leak too.

For a moment there was silence as everyone watched the two cocks tease and warm Jack to the heat of his customers. Jack could hear the crickets starting to chirp as the cocks slapped and teased him moment by moment.

“Ok Jackie. How’s about turn over for us?” It wasn’t a question really. Jack understood that now. And again, the amazing feeling he had from the two naked stranger’s dicks vanished and left him wanting more. So much more.

Jack lifted his face off the table still smelling ribs and freshly made sauce. He moved slowly and deliberately now. He was trying to remember the movements of a stripper he had seen once at an all nude joint. Shift gently on one hip. Slowly push his feet away from his tight stomach. Turn. Spread your legs. Lay down on the bench. As he thought it, he did it.

Laying down on the bench he spread his legs pulling his knees in toward his chest. Feet up and out. The erotic energy of the heat, of the evening, of the men, he was so turned on.

He even started rubbing his nipples and his cock through the apron.

“DAMN.” Jack heard a voice let out. “See, boys, I told you he was ripe and in need.”

Jack could hear at least one man zip his cock back away. But not the other.

“All right Boys. It’s the moment you’ve all waited for. Time to Initiate Jackie here to Boner’s. everyone pick a side.”

Wait pick a side? Where they just going to tear into him?

There was quite a bit of jostling and mumbling as Jack heard the man gather around him.

Wait? This couldn’t be a circle jerk or bukakke? Were they all naked and stroking?

“Ona Count of 3. One, Two, Three!”

And with that Jack was hit from all sides by…wait? What was that? It wasn’t cum.

No, It wasn’t cum. It was sauce. Earl’s famous recipe from 15 different squirt bottles. Covering Jack from head to toe in sweet sticky barbecue sauce.

EVERYONE broke out laughing. There were a ton of high fives and beer spilling as everyone slot oyna enjoyed the moment. Jack sat up and started laughing too. In fact he was laughing so hard with a seriously hard cock that he left his mouth wide open. Then it hit him right on his tongue.

Rope after rope of hot white cum shot passed his lips and toward the back of his throat! Jack closed his mouth as another three shots plastered and stuck to his face. Not even the blindfold kept it all out. Jack…or should we all just call him Jackie’s face was a mixture of sweet barbecue flavors and cum.

Jackie swallowed the cum.

“Yessssss!!” Jack heard one man scream.”

Was the guy who just plastered his face?

“I told you. I told you,” the man said. ” I knew he would swallow his first load. He didn’t even blink he just gulped it down. Pay up Bob! Oops! Sorry Pay up stranger man. Hahahah.”

It was like being at a super bowl party. Except Jackie was the half time show after a last second touchdown.

He wanted to be pissed but he enjoyed the taste of the cum mixed with Barbecue sauce. And his cock was still rock hard.

“Ok, OK. Well done Jackie! Well done my boy…er…lady.” Now Earl was cracking jokes too.

“All right, all right. Y’all take your seats again and I will make with the beer and ribs. And…

AND (almost yelling) Since Randy won the bet, young Jackie will be starting at the very lucky Table 3!” More cheering mixed with a few moans of disappointment followed.

“Be sure to tip your hostess. Have fun Jackie.”

And with that Earl was gone. Jack’s blind fold was removed and he wiped the cum away from his eyes.

“C’mon over Jackie. Time to provide good service to the winning men of table 3.”

Jack did not resist. He was SO horny and had just had his first taste of cum without a cock no less!

He followed Randy back and took his place beneath the table marked 3. While every other table kept their pants on the three guys at 3 didn’t bother. They just dropped their jeans and underwear and sat naked below the waist on the benches around the circular wooden table.

It was going to be a long night.

* * *

Jack could see the shadows of the moths dancing against the lights hung against the tin roof. He was also face to face with three naked cocks.

He could see two of the guys were cut and the third was not. Each was adorned with a fair amount of “pubeage.” Two of the guys cocks were average but the third, one of the cut guys was bigger. No he wasn’t just bigger. Jack realized that his cock was thick, and long, and…beautiful.

Wait. Had his own mind just used the word beautiful to describe another man’s cock? It had.

The bigger cock was softened but it was still dripping cum. He must have been the guy who shot in Jack’s mouth. There was really only one way to tell for sure.

Jack leaned in and smelled the semi hard cock. The three men had gone back to watching the game and were for the moment ignoring Jack. But as he drew in closer the guy with the nicer cock, Randy, rapped his beer repeatedly to the table.

“I don’t feel you sucking Jackie. And I don’t see my friends squirming and smiling. You best get to work if you want to earn them tips.”

Jack didn’t need another reminder. He leaned in close and lightly and applied his tongue to a stream of cum sticking between Randy’s cock and his leg. IT WAS HIM.

Jack lapped at the string like a cat drinking milk. Randy continued his conversation but shifted so Jack could get better access to his stiffening cock.

Jack completed eating the pearls leading to the source and lips found they way to his cock head. Randy had just cum a few minutes before and he was still sensitive. His cock danced around Jack’s open mouth until Jack at long last corralled his prey.

And with that, in that moment, Jack or Jackie became an official cock sucker.

Jack inhaled Randy’s cock and slid his fingers to Randy’s ball sack. He was pumping his face up and down Randy’s dick and squeezing his balls to build back up his next load.

Randy grunted. “How is he Randy?,” the uncut cock asked. Randy nodded and let out an audible… “Ahhhhhhh.”

“He’s pretty good.” At hearing that, Jack’s new found cock sucking honor was offended. He paused briefly and doubled his pace. “OK OK He’s REALLY GOOD.”

Jack slowed his pace but made it worse for Randy. He pressed his fingers to his lips and made a fist. Each time he went down on Randy’s cock he tightened his grip and urging toward another load.

“Easy. Easy kid.” Randy said. I’m good for now.

Jack reluctantly released him with a soft pop. But he gave Randy’s head a final lick.

“Me next,” the uncut cock demanded.

Jack turned his ass to Randy and crawled over to the uncut cock. It felt different but also fun to get him hard. Jack set about his work getting the guy worked up. His flaccid cock stretched as Jack kissed and sucked his cock.

Over his shoulder, Jack could see Randy still hard and gently stroking his cock as Jack sucked the second man who canlı casino siteleri he overheard called Bill. Bill was getting hard but was more involved than Randy. He grabbed the back of Jack’s head and held him in place while Jack worked his dick with his tongue and fingers.

He started lifting his hips while Jack kept the pressure on. He wanted this. He realized that he didn’t just want the tips any more. He wanted the cum. He wanted to pleasure this man humping his face.

Bill grunted and unloaded into Jack’s hungry mouth. “Awwwwwww mmmmmm yeaaaaah.”

“What did I tell you?”

“Yeah, you’re right. He’s a natural.”

Jack swallowed as much of Bill’s load as he could but he was still licking it off his lips when the third guy grabbed him by the hair and nudged him over to his hard dick.

Jack was on autopilot. Tease, please, suck, squeeze, and repeat.

He was working Frank’s cock for a good five minutes when he felt a sense of heat and pressure at his ass.

Bill was fully recharged and without much fanfare or asking for permission he was lining his hard cock up with Jack’s ass.

“Well let’s see if Earl was right about his ass too.”

The table was rocking and squeaking as Bill lowered his body down into Jack.

The back deck fell silent for a moment as the other 12 men watched Bill slide into Jack’s ass. Jack had to pause sucking as he got used to Randy’s beautiful cock fucking him.

Frank slapped Jack’s face not hard but enough for Jack to be surprised.

“Back to work sunshine. I need to drain these balls.”

Mmmmm Mmmmm Mmmmm Jack was half muttering to himself have agreeing to be a better cock sucker.

Randy was now fully engaged in fucking and not satisfied with the access he had beneath the table. In a quick motion, he half stood keeping his cock in Jack’s ass while he flipped the table onto its side.

“Better grab them beers boys!” He grunted as Bill and Frank scrambled to get hold of their mugs.

Jack was giving two loyal customers all he could in front of 12 more. And it was more than he could handle. The pressure of Randy’s dick in his ass, the cum in his mouth as he sucked another, it was too much.

Jack grunted and blasted his load all over the wooden floor of the deck. His load triggered the other two that followed. First Frank pull out and sprayed Jack’s face at point blank range. Judging by the size and thick nature of it, it must have been weeks since Frank had released a “healthy” load.

Randy followed right after, cumming deep into Jack’s naked and unprotected hole.

“Wheeeeeeew,” Randy almost whispered. “I needed that. Lucky you aren’t really a girl or you’d be having my baby after that deep load.”

Frank Laughed heartily. Bill sprayed beer all over his beard and Jack’s back. and the other 12 men got a sense of just how special their new back deck host was going to be for them.

“Three cheers for Jack!” Earl bellowed as he arrived back with Katie and fresh plates of Ribs and beer.

“Hip Hip Hurray! Hip Hip Hurray! Hip…Ha hahah Hurray!”

Sloppy drunk didn’t describe the state of affairs on the back deck. They were all getting pretty ripped. And as they did, as they each got their cocks serviced and balls emptied, Earl kept taking more cash and swiping more credit cards.

“Nice job kid.” Bill offered and slapped Jack’s ass. He stuffed a $20 bill into the apron and made his way to the men’s room. Frank added a $5. “Yeah not bad but next time focus on my cock not Randy’s dick…even if he is balls deep in your man pussy.”

Randy added another $30 saying “That’s more than I tip my masseuse. Of course I don’t fuck her.”

The trio made their way out and Jack moved on to the next table and the next.

He sucked under the tables. He sucked out in the open. He was laid across the end of the long picnic table while each next drunk guy attempted to fuck him. Four more actually succeeded, some shooting cum into his ass and others pulling out to keep the trail on his face moving along like a milky river.

The eight others tried to get it up and some managed to jerk off on Jack’s body in one way or another. Some used his hands while he was being fucked or just jerked it while watching and stepped to his mouth to unload their balls.

Some even used his toes and dirty feet. They just rubbed his sticky feet and toes against their dicks until they creamed his toes.

It was close to One AM when everyone stumbled off the deck and into their cars or at least into the back of their pick ups to sleep it off for a while.

Jack was like a pink hue of cum mixed with sauce. And his apron was stuffed with cash.

He made it to the mens room and stared at his body. He needed a shower or at least a hose again. He went back out to the deck and leaned against the door.

He counted his tips and managed a cool $400.

“Not bad for a first night huh Jackie?” Earl staggered over and looked him over with a tired smile. He didn’t wait for Jack’s reply but set about resetting tables and cleaning up.

Jack realized that in the space of just a day he had opened more than just his mind. His ass and jaw were sore. Maybe he was gay now, he wasn’t really worried about labels. He was too tired to think about that.

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Accidental Forbidden Fun

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My husband was away again, his work kept him out of town and out of country often for weeks at a time. After twenty some years of marriage and few kids, our love life was not as active as it was, and in last few years I started discovering all the fun things on internet that had to do with sex. Various sites with pornography – video, stories, photos, and lately I discovered webcam chats. They became my favorite way to turn myself on.

I’m in my late 40s, not really having a sexy body after a few kids – I have been losing weight and getting back into shape, but still on the chubby side. Upside of that is that my breasts are large, downside is that my stomach and waist are not flat and shaped. But on web chats, I would only have to wear a tight shirt and hot bra under it, and younger men would get hard for me. It is such a powerful ego boost. I made so many boys cum without even taking off my shirt and it would make me wet and hot. I never showed my face, maybe a dozen times took off my top and showed my boobs, and only twice showed my pussy on camera before I met him.

Three weeks ago, I ran into a guy online and he was local. Was a refreshing change to speak in the same language. He had a nice body, sitting there topless with a really nice outline on his gray sweatpants. I was wearing yoga pants and a tank top with a sports bra – I was exercising and doing yoga just before it and felt frisky, so I came on webcams to have some morning fun. We chatted for 15, 20 minutes while I watched him grow against his pants. We both had our heads out of frame – he said he had a girlfriend, and I told him I’m married. He was 19, I told him my age. He said that made him even hotter. We made small talk about this and that, turns out he lives in the same town, and is studying. We even had family barbecue picnics at the same park the previous weekend.

I asked him to pull down his pants, I was curious how much bigger he was than my husband. He asked if I had many dicks. I told him, embarrassed, that I only had his dick in my life. He pulled down his sweatpants and had nothing under them. He was huge compared to my husband.

He asked me to show him my boobs, and I told him I don’t really do that, but I’ll show him my bra if he would be ok with that. I pulled off my tank top, and showed him my bra. It was a smaller one, covering less, and had a zipper down front. I asked him what he liked in sex and how often he stroked his dick, how often he fucked. He asked about me, and was shocked when he heard how little sex I was getting from my husband.

He told me how hot he thought I was, and how he’d love to do me. He kept stroking his dick all the time and I got so turned on that I unzipped my bra almost all the way down to tease him a little more. He told me to sit and open my legs so he can see my crotch. I did it. He told me to play with my breasts, and I just did it. I never obey commands on camera, I just do what I want.

It felt so hot to do it.

Then he had me rub my pussy over my yoga pants. It felt so good. I asked him to tell me about girls he fucked, and what he liked to do with them, while I rubbed myself. I was getting really into it, and roughly squeezed my breast, pulled a little too strong and the zipper undid itself last few latches. He got a full view of my breasts and nipples. They sagged, but he said it was so hot.

I let them hang out like that and pulled the bra off all the way. I played with my nipples for him and then he told me to push my hand inside my panties and finger myself. I listened to him. It just felt right to do it, I liked how he sounded and how his dick was hard for me for over an hour now.

I was already close to cumming, it didn’t take me much to get there once my finger was directly on my clit. He waited until I calmed down and paid attention, then he came on his chest. There was so much cum, he sprayed almost to his throat, and it rolled down his chest, over the muscles.

We talked a little more, and I told him how much I enjoyed this. I asked him if he ever tried another site, and told him how he can find me there to talk again if in mood.

Asked him what he was doing later, he said his girl was coming over. I told him I was envious, she will enjoy that dick. He asked when I will be on that other site, I told him I go there often, sometimes daily or more. We said goodbyes, and I went to shower.

Two days later, I was logging into that other site, and there was a friend request. It was him. I accepted and sent him a message. In the evening, we were both online at the same time there, and we again went on cam to chat. He was naked, in the dark, with headphones and whispering. I asked why, and he told me because his girlfriend was asleep in another room.

I got him to tell casino şirketleri me about what they did, and how long ago. Less than an hour ago, he was inside her, and then came in her mouth. I was in a bra and panties and had him tell me in detail what he did to her. I pushed my hand in my panties and slid two fingers inside me. Lowered the camera so he could see more, and turned on light in the room. I could hear my oldest son walk by the room twice. Probably went to the bathroom from his room. It only made me hotter. I told him what I heard, he told me I was a naughty mother and that made me so much hotter. I undid my bra but left it covering my boobs. I didn’t stop it when it started sliding off as I was closing in to my orgasm. He waited until I came then came on his stomach again. I went to bed after.

Next few days, I was online with random guys, but it was not as hot as with him. I came back another evening, after a long day at work. Husband was back home, but we got into an argument and by the time I got into the room he was asleep and snoring, smelling like brandy. He was out for the count until the morning. I opened my laptop and went to look for fun.

He was on the other site again, waiting for me. We typed, since neither of us could talk. His girl was asleep next to him, he showed me how she was in panties with her back to him. I showed my husband in bed next to me. It took only moments to position our laptops so I could see him stroke for me and that he could see my boobs and between my legs.

I pulled up the nightie above my boobs and spread my legs with my laptop between them so he could see my fingers move inside my panties. I was wearing a thong to bed, practically see through and barely covering my crotch. It did not leave much to his imagination. I’m certain that he got to see, more than once, my pussy lips open up wider than the crotch of panties as fingers spread them and slid inside me. I came so hard that I was shaking after. He also came, but I could barely see in the dark. It didn’t matter, it felt so hot. I told him I would be online in morning, if he was up for it. He said he would.

After my husband and kids left in the morning, I started tidying up, and left him a message that I’ll be on from a certain time to a certain time. I took a shower, put on a really sexy lingerie set I got for an anniversary from my husband, and found a mask I used at a masked party for halloween a few years ago to cover my face, to finish the outfit I put on black sheer stockings and black 14 cm heel pumps. When I came online, he was already waiting. I asked if he was ready, then turned on my camera and moved away. I put on light music and started slow dancing for him. I was teasing him, removing my bra slowly, bending this way and that, sliding my hands all over me, talking to him all the time.

He came as I was bent over showing him my ass, and how the string barely covered anything down there. I was a little disappointed, but then he told me not to stop. He kept stroking himself, keeping it hard. I slowly teased pulling down my panties, stretched it over 10 minutes before I finally had them off. Then I started fingering myself. He told me to use something. Only thing at hand was a fat candle. It was almost as fat as his dick.

I tried to slide it in, but it didn’t want to fit. I started licking and sucking on it, showing him what it would look like if I was going down on him. Then after a few minutes he told me to kneel on the floor and lower myself on the candle. I did. It was almost painful how it was opening me up. But it felt so good. I lowered myself a little, then pulled back up. Then a little more next time. A little faster. A little lower again. I came after two minutes, maybe, but he told me to keep going. It was so hard to go up, my legs were so weak after orgasm. I leaned back and laid with my back on the floor, still on my knees. I started using the candle as a dildo.

I couldn’t see what he was doing from that position, but he kept telling me what to do, how hot I looked doing it, and I had another orgasm. I wanted to stop, but he kept me going. I was pushing two thirds of the candle inside me, I could feel the wick and tip against my cervix. It felt so good. My husband never touched that deep with his dick. I came again thinking how he never reached it. I was shivering now, and he still had me continue. It was such a powerful feeling doing what he told me, almost as strong as the physical sensation of that thick piece of wax sliding in and out of me.

I was on my fifth orgasm, and started to cramp in my legs from that position when he told me he was cuming and then he let me stop. I was shaking all over when I straightened my legs out. I looked at the clock and realized we have been playing for casino firmaları over an hour, and I had to go. Then I realized I was so covered in sweat that my stockings were soaking and puddles of sweat and juices were under me. I told him bye, and quickly cleaned up and showered again. I had to throw out the candle, where I was holding it I left deep finger marks.

I was too busy for next week to meet him on cam again, so we only left messages for each other. He told me he had a surprise for me next time he saw me. I told him I will be away for the weekend, we were going with my sister and her husband and our families to celebrate her birthday and their anniversary.

I checked from the hotel to see messages, but he was not online. I was feeling distraught, missing the fun. Husband drank too much over dinner and was asleep before I could even get him to fuck me. It’s been 2 months since he fucked me. I was very frustrated. I saw in the brochure that the hotel had a pool, so I put on my bathing suit and light dress over it, then took my phone, checked on kids in the other room, and went to get some fresh air and see if the pool was open at this time of night. I stopped at my sister’s suite, but she was already in bed. Nephew asked if I wanted company, he was not sleepy.

We got to the reception, and they said the pool was not open yet. It was an outdoor pool, and it was still spring. They said there were hot tubs out by the pool, if we wanted to use them. It was better than nothing. One of the employees went with us to show us where, and to make sure water heating was working properly. We also ordered some drinks to be delivered to us, and we sat in the tub and relaxed. We talked about his university classes, made small talk, until our drinks arrived.

Then, after a while, my nephew asked me “Aunty, what did you do with the candle after I used it?”. I froze. So many things passed through my head, how did he know about the candle? Was that guy recording and putting me online somewhere? I was mortified and just staring at my nephew in shock. I barely could form words when I asked him what he meant.

He told me then, that it was him I was playing on camera with. He told me how the first time he ran into me, he couldn’t believe who he was talking to when he saw my living room in the background. He was so turned on by the idea it was me, and kept talking to me. He could not believe his luck when I gave him my contact and kept in touch. He told me how much it all turned him on, how many times he fucked his girlfriend thinking about me since then. How much he looked forward to this trip so he could try and get some time alone with me and talk about it.

I was just sitting there quiet, trying to process it all. I just told him I need another drink, it was too much. He went to the bar and brought back a couple of tequila shots for each of us, and another mojito for me, and beer for him. I downed both tequila shots immediately. I was still not sure what was happening. So many confusing thoughts. He let me sit there, thinking, sipping on my mojito. In a while, alcohol started working and I was not as tense anymore, but I was still confused and afraid of what this all could mean.

I asked him what happens now, will he tell someone what happened. He told me that he wants to do it again, because it was so hot. He was never so turned on in his life as he was when he watched me. I admitted that I was never as turned on as when he would tell me what to do. He asked if that was true. I said yes. He told me to flash him right there. I looked at him and told him he was insane, I’m his aunt! He told me he knows that, and repeated it. There was something in his voice, I wanted to do it. I also was disgusted by the idea. He told me again. I was so tempted. I looked around, if someone was near us, listening or watching. I repeated he was crazy, what if someone saw me do it. He told me he didn’t care about that. He told me to flash him now.

I looked in his eyes. Between alcohol, adrenaline from the shock, situation… I was turned on and disgusted by the entire situation. I looked around us again. I took my time thinking it over. My hands went to my bikini top a few times, but I stopped myself each time. I looked back at him and saw so much lust in his eyes that I decided to fuck it and do it. I pulled up my top for 2 seconds and pulled it back down. I could feel my face burning. I was probably red as a tomato.

“I am so hard right now,” he tells me. I am shocked. I whispered to him that he is crazy, someone will see. He laughed. He told me no one can see us here. If he pulled down his shorts, no one would see even if they sat next to us. I repeated he is crazy. He told me I didn’t notice his shorts were lowered and his dick out, and güvenilir casino I’m sitting right across him. I literally put my hand over my mouth from surprise after hearing that.

I told him he was lying to me. He just started to stand up and then lower himself again after he proved to me he was hard and his shorts were lowered. I looked at him and mouthed “you’re insane”. But I was excited. I was feeling so naughty, like a little girl. I told him to put it away, he can’t do it there. He told me he is going to cum in here because of me. I kept telling him he was crazy. He told me to show him my boobs again. I looked around, feeling like a naughty child, and pulled up my top again, showing my nipples. He moved next to me, to see better in the low light.

I asked him to put it away again, we’ll get caught. He said no. Then I felt his hand on my breast and tried to push him away, but he put his hand back on my breast. I kept angry whispering to stop it. He told me to let him, it felt so good. He would be done faster if I let him touch my breast. I didn’t want to cause a scene, so I let him hold it, kept looking around. I could feel his dick touch my thigh as he was stroking next to me, kneeling between my legs. I was completely embarrassed by the situation, and so turned on at the same time.

I didn’t even realize my hand moved between my legs until I felt myself rub over the bottoms. He realized what I was doing the same moment as I did. He asked me if I liked it so much. I could not look him into eyes, I felt my face burning up. He said my shame was so cute and sexy. I felt his hand leave my breast and then he was grabbing my crotch roughly. I just looked at him and hissed what the fuck he was doing, and he said to keep quiet. And I did. I just looked to the side and let him.

I knew I should stop him, but I didn’t. I’m still unsure why not. It was just that hot to have him do what he wanted to me, even though I was not sure I wanted him and it was wrong. He kept rubbing me over the bottoms and I felt good, it was electric. Then his finger found the edge and moved inside the crotch, direct on my skin. I hissed at him to stop, he said to keep quiet. Soon his entire hand was inside my crotch, rubbing me, probing with his finger between my lips. I closed my eyes and turned my head to the side. I decided I will not enjoy it, and hate the feeling. I lied to myself.

It felt so good that I kept fighting not to make little mewing sounds. Then his finger entered me and I could not stop from bending my back and pushing hard onto his hand. He started finger fucking me in that hot tub and I forgot everything. I am not sure how long it lasted, because next thing I know I was cumming with my hands wrapped around him, my face buried in his neck. I calmed down, realized he had his other hand around my back, telling me to be quiet and still fingering me. I tried to push him away, but he was stronger than me, and still finger fucking me hard. It felt so good. I was not far from another orgasm, and I was so ashamed.

When I came again, I pushed hard on his hand again, my legs wrapping around his waist pulling more into him. I was gasping for breath, pushing my face in his shoulder and neck. I was still cumming when I felt his finger come out of me and I was so relieved that it was over.

Then I felt him fiddling with the edge of panties, pulling it to the side, but I was too weak to move my hands from his shoulders and stop him, and then he started pushing in me and it felt weird. I didn’t realize it was not his finger until the tip was in. I tried to push away, but my back was only centimeters from the tub wall. I had nowhere to go and he kept pushing in. It felt even thicker than the candle and I didn’t know what to do, so… I did nothing. Just closed my eyes and let him. I hoped he would be done fast.

He was not done fast. He fucked me in the tub for 20 minutes, I came three more times with his dick inside me. I felt so dirty each time, but it only made me hotter. He kept telling me how good it felt inside me, even better than he thought. I couldn’t lie to him, so I said nothing the entire time. But it felt so much better than the candle. He was thicker and also pushed against my cervix a few times. But it felt alive, not an object.

In the end, he stood up and pushed his dick into my face and told me to open my mouth. I did, he pushed the tip inside and started to cum and I instinctively started to suck. It tasted good, and there was so much I thought I would choke on it. But I handled it.

I pulled down my top, fixed my bottoms, stood up, slapped him hard, and left without a word. I went to the room, showered and went to bed. I fell asleep immediately, but I did have bad dreams about divorce and fighting.

I woke up the next morning, everyone was still asleep. It was barely dawn. I went to the bathroom, sat on the toilet and opened messages. He was asking when I wanted it again. I was furious with his arrogance.

I answered “soon”.

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Born to Suck Ch. 07

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Walking in just his hiking boots and white socks, Sven still looked incredibly sexy. Like a little puppy with its master, I readily followed until he stopped a few feet away from the bank of the stream next to the trunk of the big willow tree we were under.

“Take a look there,” Sven said as he pointed towards the stream. I turned and saw a little pool of calmer water nestled amongst some boulders. “That’s a nice little spot to take a swim. You’re gonna need to go in there soon.” I wasn’t exactly sure what he meant but I guess he figured I’d go in and cool off after he let me suck him off again.

“It looks real nice,” I said as I looked into the clear little pool and then turned back to him. That big piece of meat hanging between his legs looked pretty nice too.

“Remember when I asked you about the things Mr. Jarvis and you did? One of the things I asked was if he’d ever mentioned “purification through urination”. You said he hadn’t mentioned that.”

“No, sir,” I said with a slightly confused look on my face. “I don’t ever recall him saying that. I’m pretty sure I would have remembered words like that.”

“Okay. Well, that’s one of the things my doctor told me I could do to help someone. When they were doing the tests on me, not only did they test my semen, they also tested my urine. He told me that it contains certain enzymes that provide systemic internal purification.”

“What does that mean?” I asked as I looked at him curiously.

“It means that it will help prevent any potential kidney problems for you. And trust me, we’re on well water here and you can never be too careful.”

“I…..I guess you’re right,” I said tentatively.

“Sure I’m right, Kid. And hey, it’s not just me saying that, that’s what the doctors told me. They also told me those same enzymes are good for the skin. So it’s gonna be important to give you some applications of that as well. It helps skin cells retain moisture that they need to work efficiently. The good thing is that it just has to be on your skin for a short time to be effective.”

“Oh….uh….okay, I guess,” I said, still slightly confused.

“You do want me to take care of you like Mr. Jarvis did, don’t you, Kid?” The look on his face made it seem that he was hurt that I might be unsure about what he was telling me.

“No, I mean yes, I do want you to take care of me like Mr. Jarvis.” I hung my head in shame at having questioned him. “I…I’m sorry Sven,” I said softly. “I’m sorry I don’t understand all those big words. I…I feel kind of stupid.”

“Hey, that’s okay, Kid. This is something new and of course you’re gonna be a little unsure. But I’d only do what’s best for you; you know that, don’t you?” he said as he reached out and put his hand on my shoulder tenderly. The touch of his big hand on my little shoulder seemed to make all my anxiety fly out of my body in an instant. I looked up at him and my face slowly broke into a grin as he gave me a comforting smile.

“I do know that, sir. I know you’ll take good care of me.” He gave me a little nod after I said that. “Wh…..what do you need me to do?” Now that I knew everything was going to be okay, I was anxious to get started learning what he had to teach me.

“I need you to get down on your knees,” he said nodding to the grassy spot right in front of him. I dropped to my knees instantly, my face mere inches away from his long heavy member. “Good….good. Now since this is new for you, we’ll start you off nice and easy. I’m gonna start by pissing on your body and slowly work my way up. When I’m ready to start feeding it to you, I’ll tell you. We’ll just start you with a little at a time. I’m sure once you get used to it, you’ll love it.” I was starting to get excited and nodded eagerly that I was ready. He reached forward and took a couple of leisurely strokes along his big cock to sort of loosen it up. He then adjusted his stance slightly with his booted feet a little further apart. He then stopped the movement of his hand and just held it around the mid-part of the shaft.

“Okay, here we go,” he said and I watched as the glistening stream of piss burst forth from the tip of his cock. The powerful first blast hit me in the stomach and I felt the intense warmth as his piss quickly ran down my body. I could smell the acrid scent as it invaded my senses. It smelled like him; strong and masculine. He started moving that heavy stream up and soon I felt it pelting down against my chest and shoulders. I loved the warm feeling as it hit and then ran down over my smooth young skin. He started moving it higher and I felt a few trickles run over my shoulders and down my back.

“Okay, Kid, open up,” he instructed and I obediently complied. I opened my mouth wide to give him a nice target and I immediately felt the warm stream hit my chin before he directed it right in between my open lips. My mouth quickly filled with the gurgling liquid and then I felt the stream instantly stop. I looked at Sven and saw that he had closed his casino şirketleri hand tightly around the shaft to shut off the flow. I knew he was doing this for my benefit to allow me to get used to the new sensation of having a mouthful of his piss. I could taste the strong salty flavor and I was surprised at how warm his urine was. He had filled my mouth almost to overflowing and he watched intently as I rolled the warm liquid all around my mouth and over my tastebuds before swallowing.

“Mmmmm,” I let out a little purr of satisfaction. It felt nice and warm as it slid down my throat. It kind of reminded me of apple cider but with its own distinctive taste; a taste I knew instantly that would always remind me of Sven. The intense manly flavor of his urine lingered in my mouth and I ran my tongue over my cheeks and gums, searching for more.

“You like that, eh Kid?” he asked with a big smile on his face. I’m sure the look of rapture on my face told him all he needed to know.

“Yes sir,” I said as I looked up at him adoringly. “Could I…could I try some more?”

“Sure, Kid,” he said with a big smile on his face as he lifted his cock and pointed the tip back towards my face, “you can have as much as you want.” I saw his hand release the tight grip he had on the shaft and I got my mouth open just in time before the new blast of piss grazed my cheek before he directed it right in between my pursed lips. My mouth quickly filled and this time I could feel it overflowing before he shut off the flow again. I fought to keep as much as I could in my mouth but I could feel the excess from that initial blast running down my neck and chest. I closed my mouth and swirled the hot delicious liquid lovingly all around the inside of my mouth.

“Mmmmm,” I sighed in pleasure again as I swallowed the warm salty fluid. The strong taste and the warm acrid smell combined in a delicious assault on my senses. All I could taste and smell was his piss; and I wanted more. I looked up at him again and opened my mouth willingly.

“Hey…hey, slow down there, slugger,” he said affectionately as he kept his hand firmly locked around his cock. “I can see that you like that, but I want you to take things nice and easy right now, so I’m just gonna finish this off by pissing all over you.” He could see the disappointed look on my face that I wasn’t going to get any more into my mouth right now. “Don’t worry, Kid, I’ll give you some more tonight. Yeah, you won’t have to worry about every going thirsty again.” This brought a smile to my face and then he let loose with another ferocious blast of piss. It hit me full on the chest and he directed it all around my shoulders and upper body. It felt wonderful to feel the force of his piss against my skin. I could feel it running in warm rivers down my body onto the ground beneath me. His tremendous flow finally let up and the powerful stream started to recede.

“Open up,” he said as he quickly moved forward. I instantly opened my mouth and he slipped the big head still issuing forth the diminishing stream of piss, right in between my parted lips. I quickly closed my mouth around the big spongy head as he deposited the last of his warm acrid liquid onto my tongue. There wasn’t nearly as much as when he’d filled my mouth earlier but I was grateful for the last ounce or two. I relished the feeling of having his big cock-head trapped within my mouth at the same time as I was enjoying a mouthful of piss. I swirled the warm liquid all around the spongy membranes of his glans before swallowing.

“Mmmmm,” I purred with satisfaction again as the salty fluid made its way to my stomach. With my mouth empty, I instantly started sucking on his flaccid cock.

“Easy there, Kid,” Sven said as he pulled his cock from my mouth. I had already been sucking so hard that it made an audible “POP” when he pulled it out. Once again, I was left kneeling there with my mouth gaping open like a fish out of water.

“Go and get cleaned up, Kid,” he said as he motioned to the little swimming hole behind me. “Don’t worry, I’ll let you have another mouthful of cum once you’re done.” I turned and quickly stepped into the cool water of the little pool. The water dropped off to about four feet quickly in that spot and I ducked down totally beneath the water. When I came up from beneath the surface, I remained squatting with my feet on the smooth pebbly bottom with just my head above the surface. It felt so good to be enveloped in the cool clean water. It was a hot day and I could feel the sweat as well as the remnants of his piss washing off my lean young body.

I looked up and saw Sven pick up the blanket that we had spread out on the ground. I watched as he folded it a couple of times and then laid it over the big log that he’d been sitting on earlier. He sat on the blanket facing the stream and turned in my direction. He was still wearing his hiking boots and white socks and he gave me a devilish leer as he picked up one booted foot and moved his legs well casino firmaları apart. I felt myself gulp in anticipation as his big limber cock came into view. He kept looking at me intently as he reached down and hefted that beautiful piece of meat in my direction. Like a moth drawn to a flame, I felt myself stepping out of the water as if mesmerized.

“That’s a good boy, come and get it,” he said in a lulling voice as he continued to wave his long heavy cock in slow hypnotic circles. My feet were moving unconsciously as I stepped towards him, the cool water running slowly running off my body. My eyes never left his beautiful cock as I got closer and closer until I dropped to my knees between those thick tree-trunk like thighs of his. I could feel myself salivating as he took a couple more leisurely strokes along that gorgeous monster.

“Is this what you want, Kid?” he asked teasingly as he reached out and pulled my head closer. I tried to capture the broad flared crown between my lips but he was too quick for me and drew the tip all around my face. It felt beautiful to have the velvety soft skin of his dick caressing my face and my eyes closed with pleasure and I let out a soft squeal of delight. I rolled my face against the thick heavy log and surrendered myself to the blissful sensation of this big beautiful man allowing me the supreme pleasure of servicing his majestic cock.

“I’ll take that little squeal as a yes,” he said as I nuzzled my whole face into his crotch and inhaled deeply of his strong masculine scent. I could feel my little cock starting to harden again as the feel and smell of his cock invaded my senses. I let my lips start to slide along the side of his shaft towards the tip and I let out a low groan and looked up at him with lust-filled eyes. He smiled down at me broadly as my lips approached the tip.

“It looks like you need it bad,” he said.

“Oh God, yes,” I said breathlessly.

“Okay, you can take this one out of me as fast as you want; but tonight, back in the bunkhouse, we’re gonna take our time and I’ll show you how I like my cock sucked.”

“Can….can we start right after supper, sir?” I asked eagerly.

“Oh yeah. We’ll start as soon as we can. And don’t tire yourself out this afternoon. I plan on putting that mouth of yours to good use most of the night.” My eyes flew open as I thought about what he’d just said. The idea of having my mouth on his beautiful cock all night long was overwhelming. It felt like a dream come true. I felt my cock throb as I thought about it and quickly slipped my lips over his broad flared crown and coated it in a warm bath of saliva.

“Oh yeah, that’s it. Get it nice and wet, Kid. I like that,” he said as he leaned back slightly and put an arm out to each side as he supported himself on the log. I could feel the big knob swelling in my mouth and based on what he’d said about taking this load out of him as quickly as I could, I reached out with my hand and slipped it around his thick veiny shaft. He didn’t knock my hand away this time like he had last time.

“Mmmmm,” I let out another blissful purr as I felt my little hand wrap around that smooth warm shaft for the first time. My circling fingers couldn’t even touch my thumb and it wasn’t even hard yet. I inched closer on my knees and reached out with my other hand and slipped it around his long cock below my first hand. It was quickly lengthening and thickening beneath my shucking hands and vacuuming mouth. I moaned and groaned in pleasure at the luscious feeling of that stiffening monster finally within my grasp.

“Oh fuck, Kid, you’ve got a great mouth,” Sven said as I let a big mouthful of saliva wash over his cock-head. I let my stretched lips open slightly so the slick fluid oozed out the corners of my mouth and ran down his hardening shaft in glistening rivulets. I kept pushing more saliva to the front of my mouth and let it feed down towards my shucking hands. They were becoming slipperier and slipperier and within another minute or two, my hands and mouth were totally filled with 11″ of hard thick cock.

“Mmmmmm,” I moaned in pure rapture as I sucked and licked at the huge knob trapped within my mouth. I could feel my own cock sticking up hard as a rock between my legs as I set myself and started to bob my head up and down on that huge glorious cock.

Somebody would have had quite a sight if they happened upon us unexpectedly. They would have seen this big rugged man sitting there on this fallen leg while the much smaller body of a boy was kneeling between his muscular legs bobbing his head rhythmically up and down on the man’s rigid erection. It would have been apparent that the boy enjoyed what he was doing as he wantonly sucked at the enormous erection sprouting like a powerful weapon from the big man’s groin. They would have seen gobs of saliva dripping from the corners of the boy’s mouth and sliding down the stiff glistening shaft. Gobs of the warm saliva were gathering on the underside of the rigid güvenilir casino monster and dropping in silvery strands onto the ground beneath them.

I could feel the slippery saliva running beneath my hands and I spun my jacking hands slowly in a tantalizing corkscrewing motion up and down along the exposed shaft beneath my sucking mouth. I slowly swirled my tongue all around the big plum-shaped head and tasted the silky nectar of his pre-cum. I slid the tip of my tongue right into the opening at the very tip and teased it mercilessly.

“Oh fuck, yeah,” he said with a low groan and then rewarded me with pulsing gob of his silky fluid. I slid my tongue back and swallowed the tasty morsel. As the salty nectar slid down my throat, I slowly licked all around that big pulsing cock-head with the flat of my tongue. My own cock was absolutely throbbing with need as wave upon wave of desire flowed through me. The warm silky taste of his pre-cum had only been a teaser, I needed more. And this time, I wanted the real thing; all of his massive creamy load.

“Oh yeah….not much longer Kid…..and then you’ll get a nice big reward,” he said as I flicked my eyes up and saw him looking down at me lasciviously. My head was bobbing up and down quickly now as I voraciously closed my lips just beneath the dark purple ridge of his corona. I sucked and licked wantonly at the engorged cock-head as I transformed my mouth into a moist vacuuming orifice for his lustful pleasure. I could hear him breathing more raggedly so I slid my hands down to the base of his cock and started scratching all around the taut skin there.

“Oh fuck, that’s good,” he growled as I tortuously drew my nails all around the smooth shaven skin at the thick hard base. I could see little pink traces left on his skin by my scratching fingers but it seemed he liked it just as much as Mr. Jarvis had. I could feel his cock get just a tiny bit stiffer in my mouth and I saw his balls drawing up closer to his body in their smooth protective sack.

“OH FUCK, KID…..HERE IT COMES,” he bellowed out a warning just as he started to flood my mouth. The first shot spat forcefully against the back of my mouth but I was a little more ready for it this time. I could feel the scintillating sensation as it pasted itself on the warm moist surfaces at the back of my mouth before falling in a big puddle on my tongue. It was incredibly thick and I could taste the strong masculine flavor of his delicious cum already as it settled on my taste-buds.

“Mmmmm,” I let out a mew of blissful pleasure as the second, third and fourth shot jettisoned forth into my welcoming mouth. His spewing cock was throbbing in my mouth as he continued to unload. Gob after thick creamy gob spat forth onto my waiting tongue as I sucked and licked voraciously from his erupting cock. My mouth quickly filled and I could feel little trickles of the warm cream sliding from the corners of my mouth and down my chin. I took one hand and wrapped it around the veiny shaft and tried to pump as much of the delicious seed out of him as I could. His cock just kept shooting as he fed me wad after wad of his massive load. I swallowed and when my mouth filled once more, I swallowed again. I was purring constantly now as his pearly semen left a smooth silky coating along my throat as it made its way to my stomach.

“GET IT ALL, KID,” he told me as his pulsating cock oozed out the last few drops of that delicious silvery seed. I was tingling all over and as I sucked and lapped up those final tasty morsels, I dropped my hand to my own lap and started pumping away at my own rock-hard cock.

“MMMMMM…….MMMMMMM……..MMMMMMMHHHHHH!!!!” With my lips still wrapped around his huge flared knob, I squealed noisily as my own orgasm hit. My whole body was shaking with pleasure as I felt the exquisite orgasmic tremors shoot through me. I looked down and saw a thin stream of whitish fluid shoot forth from the crimson tip of my cock and splash against the bark of the tree beneath him. As my hand pumped furiously back and forth, a second and then a third silvery rope shot forth. I was shaking and my body felt almost totally out of control as the spine-tingling sensations of a wonderful release washed over me time and again. Finally, I felt the delicious sensations start to subside but not before my own hand was covered with the filmy residue of my own climax.

“Looks like you enjoyed that one too,” Sven said as he stood up and pulled his cock from between my sucking lips. “I’m gonna go and get cooled off. Join me when you’re able to stand.” He looked down at my trembling form beneath him with a knowing smirk on his face. I remained there gasping as my heart rate slowly started to return to normal. I watched as he pulled off his boots and socks and stepped into the water and lowered himself into the little pool I’d just been in. I lifted up my hand and looked at the pearly slithers of cum coating my hand. I brought it to my mouth and licked it clean. I could feel the gobs of Sven’s cum clinging to my chin and once I was done with my hand, I used my fingers to push that delicious overflow into my mouth. I closed my eyes and savored those final morsels as the distinctive taste of his potent seed lingered in my mouth.

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Christmas Joy

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Winter was early this year as the young woman fought the streets of New York. Snow was falling in magical array as she dashed for her doorway.

Christmas Day was upon her as she slowly walked the floors to her apartment.

Ellie opened the door and stepped inside with her packages. Her and Jasmine had been seeing a lot of one another lately.

Their last night together had been over a week ago and both were caught up in the holiday season. Both had their own places and stayed over night with each other when they could.

Their relationship had started nearly a year ago. It had been kismet that they had met and both desired the other.

Ellie pulled her coat off and put the packages she had been carrying under the Christmas tree. The windows beckoned her to walk to them and she watched the tops of the buildings as the new snow fell.

Their love making had been explosive for both of the women. Jasmine could really fire her sometimes as Ellie thought of the hot nights they had spent together in each other’s arms. The year was twenty forty and this century was for women.

Relationships had changed so much over time she thought as she went to undress for a bath. Men had turned her off more and more .

She had been single for four years when she had met Jasmine one night at a party.

Clothes had changed a lot too as she thought back to that night a year ago.

Sex was not something you hid anymore. The more you showed and didn’t wear mattered in this casino oyna day and age. Ellie didn’t care for the office parties much , but for some reason she went this time.

They all seem to be the same old thing all the time. Shortly after arriving a man had tried to stick his finger into her and she had moved away to the windows at the sky scraper party.

She had been looking out the window onto the city when she heard a soft gasp behind her and she had turned.

Standing there looking at her had been the most exquisite woman she had ever laid her eyes on.

Her hair was jet black to her waist and her eyes were almond shaped and the darkest blue eyes she had ever encountered stared back into her green ones.

Both women sized each other up with cool eyes that steamed a heated fire as they seemed to approve of each other.

Both wore the regular see through outfits of the parties and both liked what they saw as they looked at each other. The tops were so skimpy that their breasts clearly showed firm.

Each looked at the others curves and then lower. Ellie had died her hair a darker shade than a mound and the blonde hairs could be openly admired by Jasmine. Jasmine on the other hand had kept natural but shaved in a perfect v.

Both liked what they saw and the rest of the night stayed by each others side. The night had went well for both women and they had walked home to Ellie’s place for a night cap.

On entering the apartment Jasmine had put her arms slot oyna around Ellie and kissed her deeply . Ellie felt the heat as they stood there and reeled in the freshness of sweet sensuality.

That night they had settled down in front of the fireplace on Ellie’s white bear rug with a glass of wine and talked till the early morning hours.

As Jasmine was leaving she gently reached over and took Ellie’s mouth and savored her lips. Gently and so sweetly that Ellie thought she would crème right there and then.

Coming to Ellie thought of that kiss so long ago and it brought fire to her insides . Running water steaming hot would settle her urges some as she slipped into the bubble bath.

Jasmine did not rush their relationship as she knew Ellie had not been with a woman before. They both worked ad took time to see each other when they could.

The first night that they had made love to one another was at Ellie ‘s place in front of the fireplace. It had been the best lovemaking she could have hoped for.

That night had been so different as they had come in from their evening out. Jasmine had watched her all night with heat in her eyes every time she had moved.

As they sat down on the rug with their glasses of wine Jasmine had looked deeply into Ellie’s eyes and saw the want there and then proceeded to kiss her hungrily and then slide down to her breasts which were already on fire.

Ellie thought she would go out of her mind as Jasmine teased each bud harder canlı casino siteleri with each lick. That night the girls bonded to each other as the juices flowed . Jasmine did things to her she had never enjoyed fully with any man .

With her bath over Ellie prepared for bed. Christmas Day would be here in a few days and she wanted this to be the best Christmas the two had ever had. Snuggling deeply into her blankets she thought of Jasmine as she drifted off.

Dreams came easily to Ellie as she drifted into Jasmine’ arms once more. The night passed in brilliant love making and Ellie wanting more as she woke for work.

The next days would be hard for both women as their jobs surrounded them with massive work.

The nights pure ecstasy as the other thought of the other. Christmas Day came and work left off early.

The two women met up and proceeded to have some eggnog at a diner close to Ellie’s apartment.

Leaving there they walked the city and enjoyed the season together with all its Christmas cheer and caroling.

Just before ten o’clock both tired and happy ascended the stairs to Ellie’s place.

As the two stood at the windows taking in the city both turned and looked at each other and giggled .

Jasmine ad her walked to the fur rug and snuggled in front of the fire together enjoying the warmth and love they both felt for each other.

As midnight approached and the church bells rang out Christmas morning Jasmine handed Ellie a boxed present she had hidden.

Looking into her eyes she had proposed to Ellie and on this Christmas night Ellie accepted her offer of being together forever.

Both had accepted the other and love and joy had come Christmas night.

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Ad For Swinging Ch. 02

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As we relaxed Terry and I waited for the girl’s final word which to my surprise was that they really wanted to go for it as, at least, being sisters they could trust one another not to blab to anyone else about their bicurious experiment if it didn’t work out for them. Suddenly I was nervous for the first time as I knew, for certain, that I would soon be alone with Terry and was expected to get sexual with him.

After dinner Terry and I strolled to his car and drove to my house. We hardly said anything along the way. As we stood in my living room we decided to pretend to begin as if each of us were with a woman as the first part of love making would be about the same whether it was a man or woman you were with.

It was obvious that Terry’s encounter with me was not going to start out rough and tumble. We were not sure at all about what we were doing. Tentatively I placed my hands on his shoulders as we faced one another and I drew him closer. His arms went around my waist. We closed our eyes and timidly pecked each other’s lips.

His lips felt the exact same as Theresa or Karen’s. So we kissed again this time our tongues touched; I liked the feeling. The third time was truly the charm as I pushed my tongue into his mouth. It didn’t take long for Terry to return the kiss. Taking a deep breath we kissed yet again and this time our tongues danced merrily together and our hands caressed each other’s back.

Still kissing my brother in law I grabbed both of his ass cheeks and began kneading them. As he unbuttoned my shirt Terry was nibbling on my neck. I ground my cock hard against his and then shoved my hand between us. In a matter of seconds I had unfastened his pants and pushed them and his underwear out of the way of his pulsating cock.

Falling to my knees I could still smell the faint aroma of Karen’s pussy on his cock and balls. I had never given another man a blow job before and his large eight inch cock was a bit intimidating to me. I just thought of how I liked it done to me and wrapped my hand around his fat member and began running my hand up and down its length.

Leaning forward I swiped my tongue across his piss hole as he kicked off his shoes and clothing. Terry moaned while taking off his shirt as I took his spongy head into my mouth. I rolled my tongue all around the head as I worked at stripping myself. I was surprised at how much I like the feeling of sucking on the head of his cock

“Bob Fuck it’s great but, let’s lay down on the floor,” he whispered in a husky tone. So, I Backed off his cock for a second and Terry practically dove to the floor. His eight inch pecker was pointing straight up at the ceiling. In a heartbeat my mouth was covering his prick and I began mouth fucking his organ. He grabbed my head and slammed it all of the way down to his pubic hair.

There was nothing more I wanted in the world than to make him cum. Frantically, I shoved his legs apart and sucked him with a fury. As I squeezed his balls and mouth fucked his cock his moaning grew in intensity. His cock twitched then he filled my mouth with his salty seed.

I had no more than finished making him cum when Terry pushed me to the floor and feverishly sucked me off. It only took a couple of minutes for me to explode in his mouth. After resting for a few minutes we took turns fucking one another’s asses. I didn’t know what to expect when he shoved his cock up my poop shoot but was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked it.

Meanwhile, Karen and Theresa were exploring the world of lesbianism. On the way to Theresa’s house they discussed whether or not either of them had any prior same sex experience. Karen said she had occasionally got moist in her crotch when looking at or thinking about other women but had never done anything about it.

Then Theresa told my wife about an experience she had near the end of her freshman year in college. It was the middle of the night and Theresa was in her dorm room bunk masturbating when suddenly her roommate climbed out of the top bunk. Theresa was really into her fantasy and didn’t hear the girl climb down.

Quietly the girl stripped off her night clothes and straddled Theresa’s head. Gently she moved Theresa’s hand from her pussy and took over pleasuring Theresa. By the time Theresa realized what was happening she was having her first orgasm and her roommate’s pussy was inches above her face.

The next thing she knew they were into a hot sixty nine and made love for a couple of hours. That was the only time they did anything as they both felt weird about it the next morning. Karen got extremely turned on by her sister’s story and had to hold back her excitement at least until they got to the house.

Sensing Karen’s excitement Theresa unlocked the door and ran as fast as she could back to her bedroom not wanting to take a chance of being attacked in the front room. She didn’t want anymore sex on the floor. Hot on her heels Karen caught up with her just inside the casino oyna bedroom door and threw her arms around her sister’s waist drawing her body against hers.

“Your story made me so fucking hot; I never knew another girl could turn me on so much and certainly not my own sister,” Karen panted in Theresa’s ear. Theresa turned to face Karen and their tongues met instantly in pure unfettered lust. Clothes dropped to the floor around them as the sisters fell to the bed.

Neither of them submitted to the other as hands and mouths busily traveled every inch of the other sister’s body. Their thighs were entangled as their crotches rode each other’s legs. Feverishly they sucked each other’s boobs as their mouths paused on their journey south to their heated crotches. Lust was in full control of them.

Karen laid there admiring Theresa’s pussy, never having seen another pussy this up close and personal before until she felt Theresa’s tongue swipe across her clit. She moaned her guttural approval as a second tongue swipe came across her hot button. Then grabbing Theresa’s ass cheeks Karen lowered her face to her sister’s pussy and began flicking her tongue around the lips and over the clit.

The two sisters rolled around on the bed caressing one another as their mouths ate pussy as if they were possessed by a spirit. As the aroma of honey filled the room the girls became even more filled with lust and before long they were using Theresa’s dildo and vibrator on each other.

Karen told me later that she lost count of how many times she came and was sure that the same could be said for her sister. When Theresa brought Karen home the four of us sat down for a brief talk. We quickly decided to go for the final level of our experimentation on the very next night.

Since this was our idea Karen and I invited Terry and Theresa over for dinner. Apparently Terry and Theresa could not wait to get the evening started as they were 15 minutes early. We kept it simple as I stopped for a bucket of fried chicken and some wine on the way home from work. No one worried about their dress figuring that our clothing wouldn’t be on very long although I did notice that Theresa didn’t have a bra on under her T-shirt.

My wife started off the sexual play as she ate her chicken leg as if she were sucking a cock. Not to be outdone Terry followed suite by sucking on a chicken breast as if it belonged to a woman. Greedily I sucked down my food smiling at the playfulness. Then reaching under Theresa’s shirt and grabbing her big boob I coolly said, “I’d rather have the real thing!”

“Go for it,” Theresa replied as she pulled the shirt off. Then she surprised all of us as she spooned a dab of mashed potatoes on her breast quickly followed by a drizzle of gravy. I just couldn’t pass this opportunity up. I was hungrily licking and sucking on her boobs in seconds. Her hands were all over me undoing my buttons and zipper.

Theresa kicked the chair she was sitting in out from under her and attached her mouth to my prick. Seeing this Karen scurried around the table and pulled down her sister’s shorts and undies and voraciously ate Theresa’s ass and pussy. Terry came over and, while milking one of Karen’s boobs, stuck his rigid pole right in my mouth.

Excitedly I sucked his entire length into my throat as I watched the heads of the two women working on their respective crotches. I was the only one still sitting at the table but this soon changed as somehow we all ended up on the living room floor just a few feet away. It was a mass of flesh with bodies intertwined.

The moaning rose to a crescendo. Just as I shot a load of spunk down Theresa’s throat I received my reward for sucking Terry’s cock as a jet of his cum slammed into my mouth. Immediately I looked for Karen’s mouth and delivered Terry’s cum to her. At one point I was sucking a tit and wasn’t sure which of the ladies it belonged too.

The smell of pure sex filled the air as I thought I heard a door open and close. I looked up and saw nothing and resumed eating out Theresa’s pussy while someone sucked my cock. Then Terry sat his ass on Theresa’s face and began pinching and twisting her titties. Sliding forward he rubbed his cock from one of her C cups to the other before letting it settle in the valley between his wife’s orbs.

I watched his cock poking in out of her boobs coming straight at my head. Karen was working her magic on my cock and made me yelp when she gave my tender balls a tortuous squeeze. We continued to sweat and play for the next two or three hours. I don’t think any of us missed out on trying any possible combination of ecstasy.

The only negative thing for Karen and myself was that night after they left we didn’t have enough sexual energy to play around before going to sleep. On Tuesday night we all took it easy and talked on the phone and decided to get together at Theresa’s and Terry’s house on Thursday evening after work.

Karen and I had fantastic slot oyna sex on Tuesday night after talking about our new foursome. She asked after we were finished if we could do one on one Thursday night instead of another foursome as she wanted to have Terry over to fuck his brains out. The next morning I called Theresa and told her of Karen’s request.

She readily agreed as she had thought of the same thing. After calling her husband Theresa called me back and things were set for a saucy Thursday night of Swinging family style. The kink in our plans came on Wednesday evening when our daughter, Gina, dropped by having driven an hour from college.

Now Gina is the oldest of our three kids at 22 years old and, of course, we are very proud of her. At 5’7″ and 150 pounds with D cup boobs, long legs, and a nice large heart shaped ass she is never lacking for a date. That Wednesday evening she walked in and I instantly knew there was something different in her demeanor. She seemed to float around the room and was wearing much more suggestive attire than she ever wore in front of me.

“So, Gina, how did I earn the pleasure of your company this evening,” I asked alone in the house as Karen had a meeting across town. Then she dropped the bombshell.

“Well, dad, I came over to do my laundry like I do every week or two. I came over Monday evening and I think you and mom were too busy,” she let the words roll out nonchalantly. My face turned crimson as I realized that I really did hear the door open and close while I had been eating Gina’s aunt’s pussy.

“Oh my gawd, Gina I’m so sorry, I can’t explain what happened,” My entire face felt hot.

“Don’t apologize dad; I watched for over an hour. What you guys and Aunt Theresa and Uncle Terry were doing was better than any porno I’ve seen,” she whispered almost shyly. I couldn’t help it but my cock suddenly became rigid in my pants. My mind was racing remembering what we had done two nights earlier and wondering why Gina was spilling the beans about what she saw.

“Gina, this is so fucking embarrassing having my own daughter catch me like that! I can’t believe you watched us, I don’t know what to say sweetie,” I was more embarrassed and excited than ever.

“There is nothing to be embarrassed about daddy; you looked like you were having the time of your life. I wanted to join in especially after watching mom suck your big cock and watching Uncle Terry fuck Aunt Theresa’s boobies. Gawd, I’ve always wanted to fuck a big hard cock with my tits. Oh my daddy, looking at your lap it looks as though your cock would be perfect as it is big and hard right now,” Gina was almost purring.

“Ah, ah Gina I was just thinking about the other night. Ah, ah, I can’t, I mean we can’t; you are my daughter,” I muttered trying to hide my bulge.

“We can’t what dad? Yes I’m your daughter but Aunt Theresa and Mom are sisters and I saw them take turns eating each other out,” she cooed. She was now on her knees right in front of me and slowly peeled her shirt off over her head and then equally slowly unfastened her bra and removed it. I gulped when I saw those huge globes directly in front of me with thick nipples surrounded by half dollar sized areolas.

I was frozen in a kind of state of shock as Gina bent down and unzipped my trousers. Quickly she undid the fastener of the pants and worked my pants and underwear off of my hips. I unconsciously lifted my ass to allow the garments to come down. My cock sprang out as if on a spring excited to be free.

After she gently pulled my hips forward in the chair she wrapped her breasts around my rock hard member. Slowly she worked her boobs up and down and up and down. My cock disappearing and then reappearing in a smooth rhythm. Running my hands through her hair I gave in saying, “Ok sweetie you’ve got me but we’ll talk later.”

“Oh your big cock feels so good between my boobs. Sit back, relax and enjoy; I’m gonna make you cum all over them,” Gina said with renewed confidence. She alternated between straight fucking my cock with her orbs and having one tit go up while the other went down; it was quite the sensation.

Periodically my daughter would pause momentarily and suck the top of my cock into her mouth swirling her tongue all around it. Needless to say I was grunting and squirming under her boobies in no time. It didn’t take long for my first shot of spunk to shoot out like a fountain and splash all over the tops of her globes.

Not stopping she continued tit fucking me until I shot two more times making her tits into a sticky gooey mess. Sitting back on her ass she carefully took her fingers and spread the jism out evenly over her chest as I watched in fascination. After she licked the stuff from her fingers she reached for her bra and started to put it back on as she asked, “So, dad, when is mom supposed to be home?”

“She should be back in just over an hour or so,” disappointment obvious in my voice as my little canlı casino siteleri girl was now putting her top back on. Then she tucked my semi-hard cock back into my pants after helping me pull my garments back up. I was afraid we were finished but then Gina climbed onto my lap and sensually kissed me.

We did this for several minutes and I couldn’t figure out what kind of game my daughter was playing. She let me fondle her tits through her clothes and even through just the bra but wouldn’t let me go any further. Then licking my ear she moaned, “Daddy, my pussy is on fire. I want you to put the fire out; eat my pussy daddy.”

Standing up she lifted up her short skirt showing off her silky white bikini panties to me. Gina then twirled and thrust her ass toward my face to display the huge wet spot in the crotch before walking over to the coffee table. Once she got there she shimmied out of the panties and lay back with the skirt around her waist and her feet flat on the floor.

Slowly she spread her legs giving me quite an eyeful of her furry bush and bright pink pussy. It took me only five seconds to climb down between her thighs. The table was actually low enough that her knees were higher than the table causing her hips to be thrust slightly upward so I was pleasantly surprised to see her puckering asshole when I assumed my position.

“Oh my gawd, sweetie, what a magnificently beautiful vision your glorious pussy is. I will never forget this sight for as long as I live; unfucking believably sexy,” I huskily whispered with a large lump in my throat. Sensually, I began by caressing her upper thighs and then running my fingers through her bountiful hair before softly planting a kiss on her outer pussy lips.

Wrapping my hands around her thighs I gave her little butterfly kisses all over both lips before sliding my tongue into her steamy depths. Her honey was smooth and sweet as I scooped it into my mouth. Gina caressed the top of my head gently pulling me into her snatch. I licked her more and more vigorously working up to her magic button.

Folds of flesh seemed to melt away as my tongue traversed deeper and deeper into her honey pot. Loud groans of pleasure erupted from my daughter as I continued. It was time to move her to the next level so I cupped my hands under her ass cheeks and slid my tongue to her little button.

As her ass moved around on my hands my thumb grazed her butt hole. An inspired idea came over me as I sucked her clit in between my lips. Gently I pushed my thumb little by little into her tiny rectum. Her hands gripped my hair even tighter as she yelled, “Fuck yes daddy; shit, awesome!”

Shudder after shudder ran through my daughter’s body as I felt each and every tremor run through her while thumb fucking her asshole as I brought off her pussy with my mouth. It didn’t take long for me to be rewarded as honey poured from her cunt. Hurriedly I lapped her sweet flow. As her body relaxed from multiple orgasms I got up on my knees and began to unfasten my pants.

Suddenly I found myself falling backwards onto the floor. Gina had clamped her legs together like a door slamming with such force that she pushed my body right out of the way. I couldn’t believe her lower body strength as I felt like I had been tackled by a linebacker as my ass hit the carpet.

“What the hell; Gina did I do something wrong? I just assumed that you wanted to have sex,” I asked trying to regain my dignity. I sat back looking directly at my daughter’s knees that were fused together. The aroma of her pussy still filled my nostrils as her cum dripped from my chin.

“Oh no daddy you are great! I want to fuck you so bad; but, I want to join in with all of you guys. So, until I am invited to join in and until I’ve at least kiss mom’s pussy in a mommy, daddy, and daughter threesome you can’t fuck me. If you are as hot as I am you’ll do whatever I say to get your big cock in this pussy,” she cooed and slowly spread her legs showing off her sloppy snatch.

“But, Gina, I am so fucking turned on. I need to have your body, I complained loudly. Her pussy disappeared from my view as my little girl with the big ass rolled over and displayed her hot rump for me.

“I tell you what you can kiss my ass while we discuss our future plans,” she cooed. For the next twenty minutes I fondled and kissed her ass while straddling her legs. When I reached her asshole she pushed it up against my mouth and we both enjoyed the tongue fucking I gave her tight shithole.

I promised her that I would talk with her aunt and uncle and guaranteed that they wouldn’t be a problem. I had seen the way Terry had gawked at her tits and thinking back it occurred to me that Theresa had licked her lips admiring my daughter a few times. No, Terry and Theresa wouldn’t be a problem at all as they would readily welcome their niece into our little incest circle.

If there were a hang-up it would be Karen but Gina had a plan already worked out in her mind which she told me about. I wasn’t about to disagree as I would have done anything to fuck my daughter’s twat at that moment. Once she had revealed my role in her plan she put on her panties and smoothed out her skirt.

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Cell Mates

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Veronica was a hardened criminal, she’d been arrested at least twenty times in the past four years. She was currently doing a three year sentence. Today she was getting a new roommate. She couldn’t wait, she’d been aching for a new cell mate so she could finally satisfy someone besides herself.

Coraline was only nineteen, she’d been arrested for shoplifting for her second offense. The girl she was with had told on her so she was now serving six months for it. She arrived at the county jail on time, with nothing but the clothes on her back.

Officer Mattern did the normal check in procedures for Coraline before showing her to her cell. Number seven was the first cell on the upper level, there was an older woman on the upper bed. She hard short black hair, spiked up and wore an angry look.

Coraline was a little nervous, as a petite girl with long blonde hair, she was used to girls being jealous. However, she’d never had to share a room with someone who didn’t like her. She worried about what to do.

Veronica sized up her new cell mate. She was pretty and very feminine, the way she liked them to be. An ample chest which was perky without a bra, a tight ass and a beautiful set of lips. Her own frame looked giant next to the new girl, even though she too was attractive.

Veronica knew at a young age she wasn’t going to go far, unless you count the time she went to the jail on the other side of the state. So she used her looks to get what she wanted. She had tiny breasts with poke you in the eye nipples and a tight ass.

Her boyish looks were used to being turned away by men, but she was hardly a little feminine thing. She was rough and solid which attracted the sexiest women. Especially while in jail, they couldn’t resist being her lady. She could protect them from the others during the day and make them scream casino şirketleri her name at night.

When the guard walked away, she decided to introduce herself. “Hi, I’m Veronica, what’s you’re name doll?”

“Um, Hi. My name’s Coraline, but everyone calls me Cora. I’m sorry you have to have a cell mate.”

“Oh sweetie, it’s ok with me. I’ve wanted a cell mate for a while now.”

As Cora began to arrange her things, she couldn’t help but notice that Veronica was watching her. “Do you need something?”

“No doll, I just noticed what a fine ass you have.”

She was shocked, “What? I’m not that kind of girl. I’ll be here to do my time and then go home. Sorry Veronica.”

Laughing, she replied, “You’ll change your mind by tomorrow, I’m sure of it. You can call me Roni, it’s my nickname in here.”

Cora just turned her back to Veronica. When she finished putting away her things, she marched out to the complaint box and wrote out a complaint asking for a new cell mate.

After dinner, so of the other girls were getting on her. They called her names like fancy and too hot. That is until Roni came over and took the seat next to hers. They started chatting about their lives and she realized Roni was a rough girl.

Later, back in their cell for pill call, Roni was again eying her up. Since they had started getting to know each other, she knew Roni was a joker. When the guard passing out medications arrived at their cell, she flashed him her tits.

Roni’s laughter was contagious and soon they were laying on their beds laughing so hard they were turning red. “Good one doll! I’d like you to flash me next time!”

Cora laughed it off, she wasn’t here to be someone’s girlfriend. When they were released from pill call, they settled at the tables to watch some television before bed. casino firmaları

A short, chubby brunette sat next to Cora, taking the last seat at her table and leaving Veronica to sit somewhere else. Throughout the evening, Roni shot dirty looks at the brunette.

Cora soon learned her name was Charlotte and she was here for assaulting her ex-boyfriend. She told Cora about Roni’s past cell mates. She also began to bad mouth Roni, saying she was possessive and an abuser.

When they were locked in their cell for the night, Cora confronted Roni on these accusations. She didn’t want to be in a cell with someone like that.

Roni told her that Charlotte was jealous because she had tried to get to Roni but wasn’t the right type. Her mouth formed a smile before she said, “I like cute blondes, not chubby brunettes.”

Later that night when the lights were out, Cora lay in bed crying. She was missing her home life and wasn’t ready for six months of this.

Roni slipped onto the poor mattress next to her. She wrapped her arms around Cora and rocked her. They fell asleep like that, Cora’s head resting against Roni’s chin.

They were awakened at two in the morning for a count. As each woman was counted, the light for that cell was flicked back off. When the guards left the cell block, Roni climbed into her own bed.

Cora’s small voice whispered, “Please don’t leave me to sleep alone.”

Roni slipped out of her own bed and back to the bed with Cora. Before Roni could get settled, Cora’s lips met hers. A long passionate kiss, she pulled back long enough to breathe in before locking lips again.

Roni was stunned, but not one to resist a hot blonde, she slipped her tongue between Cora’s lips.

Their kisses were hot and heavy, soon their hands roamed over each other’s body. Roni’s güvenilir casino hands couldn’t hold the size of Cora’s breasts, so she cupped them together before tasting each nipple.

Cora’s sighs were enough proof that she was good at what she did. She liked making a woman feel good. When Cora’s nipples were solid rocks, she let her hands fall lower.

She slid the regulation pants and underwear off. She was greeted with a freshly shaved pussy, sopping wet because of her. As their lips locked again, she found Cora’s sweet spot with her fingers.

As Roni’s fingers danced across Cora’s clit, she couldn’t help but gasp. She hadn’t had sex this good in a long time. She opened her legs wider, giving Roni room to slip her fingers inside.

As Roni’s fingers went in and out of her, she relaxed and enjoyed herself. When she came, Roni’s lips were on her neck and her fingers on her clit.

She moaned and her body shook. Roni pressed her lips against Cora’s ear, whispering, “Doll that was good, I’m here to please you as long as you want.”

Before Cora could reply, Roni moved down between her legs. Her lips were just inches from Cora’s dripping cunt. She flicked her tongue across her clit. Cora trembled.

She was still about to orgasm from roni’s fingers. Her mouth would send her over. Roni teased the edges of her clit, then licked down the full length of her slit.

After teasing her til she came again, Roni was ready for the grand finale. She parted Cora’s pussy lips and poked two fingers inside. Then she nibble on her clit and began fucking her with her fingers.

Cora’s body was rocking, easing into orgasm. Slowly Roni got rougher, biting her clit and fucking her faster. Within moments, her mouth was soaked with pussy juice and Cora was saying her name.

After an orgasm like that, Roni cradled Cora in her arms. They awoke moments before the guards were at the cell door. As soon as count was over and Cora was free of her cell, she went to the complaint box and removed her note from yesterday.

Six months with Roni wouldn’t be so bad after all.

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Blowing in the Wind

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**This is a fantasy story about gay sex in the US Military. It is based on a tale from a former US Army Corporal told during the Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell/Don’t Pursue/Don’t Harass era in the US Military.

If you do not like gay erotica, this tale may not be for you…just a warning. Also, no one under 18 is allowed to read these stories. I don’t want you to read them, LitErotica doesn’t want you to read them, and the Powers That Be will be kind of upset if you do. They have not been written for you.

Also, this story is a prequel to a previous story presented called “The Most Amazing Thing.” Please feel free to comment.**


The sky was tremendously red on the evening this story begins. No one in my unit really thought anything about it, except to remark how different and beautiful it was. In the area we were located, Afghanistan was mostly desert anyway. The men in my platoon often wondered why the Afghani people would even want to live there. Our captain even told us that some of the land was so barren it resembled the surface of Mars in contour and layout.

We had come here after Osama Bin Laden’s Al Qaeda groups blew up the World Trade Center and damaged the Pentagon. The appreciative people that we had come to help were questionable allies themselves at first. Soon, however, after the temporary removal of the religious extremists, the Taliban, trust developed between the Coalition forces and the many different tribes that were trying to exist as Afghani.

I had never been overseas in my life. I remember as my deployment approached, my mother confided in me that she never thought she would see me again. I , however, knew deep inside that I would return home unharmed. Many of the soldiers in my platoon did not share that view. Many were so negative about our lot that they kept alive a rumor that we would be deployed to Iraq after our tour. No matter their opinion, whether like mine or opposite, I had grown to depend on these men; they were my “band of brothers.”

Many nights we sat around shooting the shit. The particular night’s red sky brought wishes of being on the beach at home with their girlfriends or hitting golf balls until the sun went down. Some thought of the Grand Canyon, others the Painted Desert, and still others the panoramic view of the Pacific coast as the sun went down on America for the final time each night.

The sixteen men, including myself, had become so close that we knew each others’ likes and dislikes; what we ate at the last meal; or when we took our last shit. We knew whose sister was hot and whose would put out. We had been determined to know each other so well that if something did happen to one of us, the rest would remember who we were and what we had lived for.

We heard stories of some of veteran soldiers during World War II who would exclude new recruits from everything because they were afraid to get to know them. They didn’t want to spend their time mourning someone who would be a shadow part of their life. They were afraid to get attached, fearing that close attachments would lead to emotional distress, which, of course, could lead to lack of decision on the battlefield.

My platoon was much different from that. The men I bunked with wanted to know for a variety of reasons, but the most important reason of all was that they knew if they died, fifteen other soldiers would bring back memories to their families and each would live on through those recollections. I don’t know why we were different than the soldiers of World War II. Maybe it was because modern society better understood the nature of the horrors of war or maybe we just approached death much differently. One thing is for sure, the men I shared this moment in time with had become close.

Sergeant Daniel Teal was a rather large man. Six foot, five inches tall and muscle bound, allowed him to be a huge target, but his speed and athleticism countered the dangers he might face as a lesser man. His short, curly blond hair accentuated the rugged, chiseled features of his face. The total look gave the man the appearance of an Adonis-like farm boy. Many had made the mistake in confusing him as fast in physical ability, but slow in thinking. The truth was when he opened his mouth their opinion changed immediately. The sergeant was educated…well educated, as a matter of fact, having a master’s degree in criminology. When he told us his plans for when he got out of the service, the pride in his craft illuminated his entire character. He had already been guaranteed a job with New York City’s finest and would bypass the normal track to take the test for detective immediately after graduating from the New York Police Academy.

Corporal Matthew Demorski had two little girls he would never shut up about. We didn’t care really if he talked forever about them, although it sometimes became monotonous as he droned on. He never talked about his wife, just his two little girls. We found that extremely strange, but we gave the man the benefit of the doubt and left the subject of his wife casino şirketleri alone. His main topic was simply what he planned to get his two little girls when he got out of the service.

I am Corporal Thomas Wright. Although I am the author of this little story, I am also third in command of our little platoon. My life was spent at home until I joined the Army. Since, I learned a little more about the ways of life and found out that I no longer live in Kansas anymore. Most of my ties from home, high school and the neighborhood have been severed. Even my girlfriend, Amilee, cheated on me last month and we mutually broke up. I don’t really care, however, because i care for her and I know she is lonely. After all, I am over here with my new set of friends and my new relationships and she was stuck over there twiddling her thumbs. I would have probably done it myself, if she had gone off and left me while she went to college. If she turns out not to be the girl for me, oh well!

Of the rest of the platoon, most were privates or Private First Classes. There was Tony, Jack, Halburt, Jonas, Billy Bob, the kid we called Hormone, Whiskey Jack, Martin, Joey, Jo-Jo, Sammy, George, and finally, Prothrow. Prothrow had been wounded once and we thought he was going home, but we found out that he wasn’t hurt as bad as we thought and all he needed was a little recoup and bed rest. Three days after the bullet grazed his forehead, he rejoined us.

We were tight. There were several who were a little tighter than the captain would like, however, making the frightful sounds of grunting lovers late, late at night. We all simply avoided the issue and never questioned who it was. My attitude was simple: “Let them do whatever they wanted to themselves as long as they left me alone.” Even though I knew the sounds were coming from men, I sometimes became very turned on whenever I heard them. The idea of homosexuality had always been bizarre to me and I developed that particular attitude about being left alone, but the more it the sounds occurred the more they made me curious, very curious, indeed. I found out later that it made all of us curious.


One afternoon, the sergeant and I were returning from the captain’s latest briefing on the situation with the remaining Taliban forces around Kandahar and the extraordinary fight they were making. The sergeant was unusually jovial, smiling and talking about a friend in South Dakota that he went to college with. There was a soothing calm in his description of his friend that made me feel as if I had known him for many years.

“I’ll tell you that Freddy was as close to me as I’d let any man be. Not even my father was that close,” the sergeant continued.

“You sound like you and he were more than just friends, Sarge. You sound as if you were more like soul mates,” I commented casually. “Were you really that close? I’ve never had a male friend that I could share everything with.”

The sergeant stopped and eyed me carefully. “It’s not like you make it sound,” he said gruffly.

“I didn’t mean anything by it, sarge. I mean, I would’ve loved to have someone I could tell my deepest and darkest secrets to, someone I could share little intimacies with.”

“What kind of intimacies?” he questioned cautiously.

“Oh, I don’t know. You know the kind that guys talk about when they are telling about their girlfriends or such…I guess that’s what I mean.

“Oh,” he said quietly. After a brief thoughtful pause he continued. “I thought you meant…intimacies, that men experience together.”

“Oh, now wait a minute, sarge. I would never accuse you of being gay or anything like that. I was simply talking about things that guys share…secrets you know…”

“We shared those too, I guess.” His eyes were blazingly fixed on mine. There was searching in those deep blues and I felt rather disturbed. I couldn’t figure exactly what he was trying to tell me at first, but then it dawned on me. I had inadvertently stumbled on the man’s secret. The sergeant was gay. Imagine being hit by a ton of bricks and then multiply that feeling by one thousand and you might have gotten close to the impact I felt as realization suddenly washed through my little mind. I am sure my face gave away my shock.

“Please keep my secret,” was all he said. We walked the rest of the way in silence. I imagined him making homosexual love to one of my bunk mates. I wondered if the sergeant was the source of those sounds late at night. It hadn’t sounded like him, but who knows what a man sounds like in the throes of passion. When we reached the entrance to the tent where we were billeted, he threw me a look of pleading. When I nodded my agreement to keep quiet and shook his hand, he seemed relieved and pleased.

I lay in bed all night long, looking at the ceiling of the darkened canvas tent. I listened intently for those sounds I had heard before, but heard none. On one occasion as I imagined the sergeant with one of the others, I found myself with my cock in my hand gently stroking casino firmaları it. It was unconscious, of course, but it spooked me to no end to realize that I had become even more curious about what it would be like to make love to another man. I now had an object of fantasy, the sergeant.

I got out of bed early the next morning and was almost ready when the others began stirring. I had never been one for getting up early and some of the guys were quite astounded. Some began throwing the jokes around.

I never said anything about the sergeant and never felt guilty about not divulging it. The military had declared a don’t ask, don’t tell rule for homosexuality, so I was not about to tell. I felt different around the sergeant, but not in a bad way. I sort of respected him even more realizing what he had to deal with on a day to day basis. The army was filled with testosterone laden young men whose thoughts were on getting back to their families and sweethearts. The women who were in the service, for the most part, made sure they didn’t make a mistake by getting knocked up. Most of them wouldn’t have anything to do with the enlisted men anyway, but every once in a while you would hear one of the soldiers bragging about the piece of ass he had gotten from one of the women. No one, however, would ever admit to getting a piece of male ass and that was for sure.

Around two weeks after our fateful walk, the sergeant approached me. I was walking the food waste from the mess tent to bury at the far end of the bivouac area. The sergeant came along and grabbed one side of the huge pot that the waste was in. He smiled at me and I smiled back.

“I want you to know that I appreciate the fact that you didn’t tell anyone about my leanings,” he quietly said after we got out of hearing distance.

“It’s all right, sarge. I don’t believe in gossip and I sure don’t believe in invading someone’s privacy.” And then I opened my mouth in the biggest lie I have ever told. “I have always wondered what it would be like sucking a cock or getting my ass drilled.” The truth was that until about three weeks before it had never entered my mind.

“You really want to know or are you just trying to fit in.”

“What do you mean?” I asked sort of surprised.

“Of this platoon’s sixteen guys, you, Whiskey Jack, and Hormone are the only heterosexuals here. Every one else smokes cock.”

To say that I was shocked would be a lie. I was suddenly flabbergasted to the point I stopped, slapped my hand on my forehead, and looked at the sergeant with open mouth and popping eyes.

“Is that so hard to believe?” he asked softly.

“I’m supposed to know all about you. I’ve been told stories to tell your families. Not one of you has mentioned that you were gay.”

“Does anyone really want someone to go tell their mother after their death and tell them, ‘Your son was really brave and he was one of the best cocksuckers among us’?”

“I understand your point completely. Thirteen of us are gay?”

“Well, not everyone is gay. Most of them are bisexual. I’m probably the only dyed in the wool gay guy here. Corporal Demorski is close, but I will do anything, he will not. He loves to suck cock and even loves to fuck ass, but he’ll never take one up his ass. Until he does that, he’ll only be a wannabe. I, on the other hand, will do anything with anyone…that is male, of course. I tried it with a woman one time and I couldn’t cum. I stayed hard throughout the ordeal, but I realized then that I would never have a fulfilling experience with a woman.”

“Wright, have you ever…?

“Ever what, Sarge?” I replied cautiously.

“Ever done anything sexually to another man?” he asked.

“Never, Sarge, never,” I said, taking my voice to a whisper.

“You said you wondered what it would be like. Would you like to experience it so that you can truly make up your mind?” he asked, again keeping his voice in a tone that was as calm as a smooth sea caressed by the slightest breeze.

“Me, sarge, I never really thought about it,” I replied meekly, feeling my internal tension rise.

“I’m a little worried about you. You see, you know about me and I’ve told you about some of the others, so now I am kinda concerned that you forget about your promise to keep our secret.” The sergeant had never changed his expression and still mumbled almost imperceptibly.

“Sarge, you know I’d never tell on you. I don’t believe in telling on anyone, especially those that I consider friends or people I respect…I just don’t believe in it.”

“I’m still not sure, Wright, not sure at all…”

“Look sarge, I’ve wondered about it. Every since I found out you were gay…I mean…,” I said correcting my little white lie.

“Yeah, Wright?” he prodded.

“I’ve never done it. I don’t even know where to begin. I’ve had more fantasies lately about it, but I’ve never even tried to approach anyone about it. I figure all guys think about it, but most never act on it. Am I right?” I asked looking the blond, blue güvenilir casino eyed giant directly in his eyes.

“Wrong! More men try it out than don’t. I heard somewhere the figure is about eighty per cent.”

“You’re just trying to convince me that’s the way, so I’ll succumb to your little plan.” I paused momentarily. “I know how you work in other ways, sarge. You get us to believe that everyone else is concerned about something or everyone else has done something, simply to lead us on that there is validity in what you are trying to accomplish. All you want me to do is suck your dick.” My temper flared a little, but I remained under control.

“That would be nice,” he thought out loud. He looked around for a moment. Realizing that we were several hundred yards away from the nearest soldier and completely secluded by the fences of the dump area, he yanked down his zipper and released his very erect ten inch cock from his desert camos. “Its been aching for attention lately.”

I was enamored by the sheer size of his dick. I had never seen a bigger erect dick on anyone. Actually, I had never seen an erect dick other than mine ever. The tip of his penis was like a small light bulb, the appliance kind like the ones that are in a refrigerator. The shaft was thick and lined with veins that stood out proudly underneath the looser skin covering the muscle mass. It jutted from his camouflaged fatigues like a proud flagpole would from just conquered ground. I sank to my knees feeling quite conquered myself.

I looked at it, confused with my feelings. I had never seen another man’s cock so close in anything other than pictures. Never in my life would I have imagined being in the position I was in at that moment, kneeling as if in worship to his idyllic phallus. His cock was straining to be touched, helped slightly by the pelvic thrust he was straining in my direction. I know I had fantasized about this moment many times, but the reality caused me to consider this moment a little more carefully. If I touched his cock, would I immediately become a homo? The images of Jimmy Jefferson, the high school queer, kept creeping into my mind. Would I be ridiculed like he was? I did not want to be different from the norm, but now days what was the norm? Would my mom and dad still love me after I did what I so wanted too? Then I realized that no one back home would know. I would not have to bring this image of me back to my mom and dad’s little house located in a suburb of Topeka.

I looked up at the sergeant as if waiting for an order. There he was, a giant in my eyes, thrusting his giant cock into my face, waiting patiently till I complied. There was still doubt in my mind, but my mind was reasoning a little better. There would be no way, unless I got killed that these guys would ever meet any of my family. My death would probably kill my moralistic Midwest raised parents and if it didn’t I was sure my rashness would. My brothers would never look at me again, but if I was dead what did it matter? I would have to be loved, no matter what the guys in my platoon came home telling. They would pity me and they would love me. Soon enough they would forget about my single indiscretion, my single moment of weakness as I succumbed to my masturbatory fantasies.

I looked up once again. The impatience had grown. I had to make my mind up. There had to be a decision. I blinked my eyes to clear them slightly. I don’t know if it was the dust or the emotions I was experiencing that caused my eyes to water, but they seemed to burn incessantly. Finally I shook my head in compliance and scooted closer to the prize. The sergeant took the cue.

“Touch it.” I did. I could feel him shiver in added anticipation.

“Kiss it.” I only had the slightest hesitation, but soon I planted a French kiss on the tip, long and lingering, my tongue slid deliciously round the glans and into the pee hole. I had wrapped my arms around his legs and it was a good thing I did, because his legs almost buckled from the new sensation. How did he know I would do this?

“Lick it.” I lifted it up and moved my head toward the underside all the way down to his testicles and then licked the length. I was completely his at that moment.

“Suck it.” I brought my head to the tip once again and soon he was slowly fucking my mouth with gentle thrusts. I knew I would not be able to take the whole thing, but at that point, I was a lost puppy. I was amazed at how good it felt in my mouth. It was intoxicating, the muskiness, the man sweat became the simplest pleasure.

I moved my mouth away when a felt a globule of something hit my tongue. Investigating the new sensation, I examined his cock head and saw that seminal fluid was leaking from his penis. I pulled from the base of his dick tightly forward and produced a droplet of seminal lubricant almost as big as the end of my little finger. Reaching out with the tip of my tongue, I gathered the clear fuck juice and slowly rolled it around in my mouth. It certainly was not unpleasant. I was only able to get about three inches of the massive member into my mouth. The two most impressionable things I would always remember about this first time was the smoothness of the head of his dick and the wonderful aroma that accompanied the experience.

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Abducting Mom Ch. 03

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Three weeks ago my buddy Steve and I kidnapped my mom and fucked her luscious body for almost three days. I read in her private journal that she couldn’t stop thinking about those three days and wondered where she could find more young cock. Last week I arranged a home “break in” so Steve could come into the house, have his way with her, then “force” me, her son, to fuck her all night. I was anxious to see what her journal had to say, if anything, about the most recent fucking.

The day of the “break in” Mom and I both slept in. We had been fucking until daybreak, we were both exhausted. That afternoon we saw each other for the first time since.

“Mark, about last night,” Mom stammered.

I cut her off. “I already know what you’re going to say, Mom. We were forced to do it. We’ll never speak of it again. It never happened.”

She took a sigh of relief. “Yes, exactly. We’ll act like it never happened. Thank you.” She paused. “Want me to make you something to eat?” she said, trying hard to act like we hadn’t spent the better part of the night fucking each other’s brains out.

A few days after the “break in” she was at her regular appointment at the racquet club and Dad, as usual, was out of town. It had been a few days, it was time to see what the journal had to say. I found it in her nightstand and opened it to the final pages.

“We had a break in at the house last night! It was one of the men who kidnapped me two weeks ago! Not the one with the huge dick though. Maybe I wouldn’t have minded it so much if it had been him. But this bastard made me have sex with my own son! It was perverted!” Then the next day. “I can’t believe how big Mark’s cock is! He’s so much bigger than his father. For some reason it felt so…familiar. Like I’d had it before. The feeling of him inside of me. The taste of it in my mouth. The thickness and saltiness of his cum. I don’t understand why it felt like we’d had sex before. God forgive me, the feeling of his fat cock in me was incredible! He made me cum so many times I lost count! Does that make me a horrible person? A horrible mother? A cock hungry slut like they said?” Then the next day’s entry. “I can’t stop thinking about Mark’s huge cock fucking me! He fucked every hole I have! My body aches to be fucked like that again! But I can’t! I’m his mother for God’s sake! I have to find another way to satisfy my yearning. I guess it’s back to my huge dildo under the bed. Good night.”

Ha! I knew it! For the next few days I didn’t bring it up. I tried to act as if nothing ever happened. Even though seeing that 38D-24-36 body gave me a hard on every time I saw it. Hell, just thinking about fucking her again gave me a hard on. But I didn’t act on it. What I did do, however, was test her willpower as best as I could. I spent the days walking around the house shirtless to show off my tan, chiseled torso and shorts that made my trouser snake plain as day. I could tell she was struggling more and more to fight off her urge to pounce on me. Every night, and sometimes multiple times during the day, I could hear low moans coming from her bedroom.

Finally, after nine days, I decided it was time to act. I saw my opportunity and took it. She was out back sunning that incredible body next to the pool. Her long blonde hair cascaded off her shoulders and designer sunglasses protected her laser blue eyes from the glaring sun. She was wearing a peach colored micro bikini that always gave me a stiffy. I had jerked off more than once looking out from the bathroom window while she sunbathed. Today I intended to do more than jerk off.

She didn’t realize I was outside until my shadow ran across her face. She looked up at me and smiled. “Oh! Hi, honey. What’s up? Is there something wrong?” I could see her eyes behind the sunglasses bounce back and forth from the noticeable bulge in my shorts to my face.

I shook my head. “No, nothing’s wrong. Not really. Can we talk for a sec?”

“Absolutely! What would you like to talk about, honey?”

“Well…you know the other night? We said we’d never talk about it again, but…”

She cut me off. “Stop right there! We agreed. It never happened.”

“I know, I know. But it did happen. I can’t stop thinking about it!”

Mom took a deep breath. “I know, honey, I know. But we have to put it out of our minds, as tough as that might be.”

A tough time, huh? “Are you having a tough time forgetting it, too?”

She gasped. She’d slipped up. “No! No, that’s not what I said. I meant…”

“How can we forget? I mean, you were begging me to fuck you in the ass. I think you said something about what a huge fucking cock I had.”

She was stunned. She tried to gather her thoughts. “I…I…I, uh, well, that was in the heat of the moment. I mean, we had guns pointed at our heads!”

“Mom, you sucked my dick. You begged me to cover you in cum.”


“I mean, I get a fucking hard on just thinking about it.” I whipped my 9″ of thick muscle out of my shorts. It bounced a few inches from her face.

I saw her eyebrows nearly fly off her head. Her first casino oyna reaction was shock. Her second reaction was a dampness between her legs.

“Put that thing away!”

“C’mon, Mom, just this one time. Suck my dick just this one time and I’ll never say anything about it again.”

“Suck your…what if somebody sees us out here?!”

I felt a crooked grin cross my face. Gotcha. “Nobody’s gonna see us out here. C’mon, just a quick blow job. You suck dick like a pro, Mom.”

She gasped. “Don’t talk to me like that!”

I chuckled. “I meant it as a compliment. I’ve had a lot of girls suck my dick, but you’re the best cocksucker I’ve ever had.”

She gasped again. “Don’t talk about me like that! I’m your mother!” Despite her protest, she got some gratification knowing that she sucked dick better than the little hotties I was always bringing home. But she couldn’t let me know that. Despite her protests, her body gave her away. Her gumdrop-sized nipples were trying to shred her thin bikini top. I could see a streak of wetness in her bikini bottoms.

“C’mon, Mom, just this one quick blow job.”

She looked around the property for possible prying eyes. She forgot all about going inside. “Fine! But just this once.”

I nodded my head. “Just this once.” And if you believe that I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

She sat up and grabbed the bouncing pole that was staring her in the face. I can’t believe how much bigger he is than his father! She licked her lips without even thinking about it. She searched the property again. She opened her mouth and moved in slowly. The thought of tasting my meat again made her heart race. I felt her hot breath rush across the tip. The swollen head entered. Her lips clamped down at the halfway point.

My head leaned back. “Ohhhhh fuuuuuuuck! That’s the shit right there!”

My rod began to slam against the back of her throat when she started to bob her head. Her hand followed her mouth with a firm grip, essentially giving me a hand job and a blow job at the same time. I pulled her head towards me and held it there while I tried to stuff it down her throat. I watched her hand slip between her legs. She gave a light moan at the first touch of her own hand. I reached under and grabbed one of her large globes and massaged it. The thin triangle of material fell away easily. The pinch of an erect nipple brought a muffled squeal.

I could feel her throat muscles trying to open. I held her head with each thrust of my hips until she gagged. Then it happened.

“Ohhhhhh fuuuuuuck!” I moaned again when i slipped into her throat. “Goddamn, Mom, you know how to suck dick!” She got a strange sense of satisfaction from the comment.

This went on for several minutes before I felt a change in her pattern. Her muffled moans became louder. Her body tensed.

“You’re about to cum, aren’t you? You’re about to fuckin’ cum, aren’t you?” I asked while I continued to fuck her throat. She nodded and moaned. “You fuckin’ slut! Go ahead, show your son how a fuckin’ slut cums while he fucks your face.”

I could see her hand moving frantically between her legs. I squeezed her breast and tweaked her nipple while my balls bounced off her chin.

“Mmmmmhmmmm! Mmmmmhmmmm! Mmmmm! Mmmmm! Ggggggffffff!”

Her body exploded with a blast of energy. Her fingers pounded her vibrating clit. The grip on my post was tight. She wanted this feeling to last as long as possible. She moaned and groaned while my meat filled her throat.

I saw her pull her hand from between her legs. I drove my plunger into her throat as far as I could. I held her head against me. Bubbles of cum slipped out from her lips while her body begged for air. I pulled back just long enough for her to take a breath, then drove forward again. Her hands pushed against my hips.

I finally pulled back and pulled out. She looked up at me. “You…you…you didn’t, uh, finish,” she panted.

I grinned back at her. “Nope, not yet. Roll over.”

“Roll over?” I grabbed her waist and started to twist her body. “Wait. What?!”

She finally got into a position on the lounge chair with both hands gripping the edges of the lounge chair, one knee on it, and one foot planted on the cool cement. I tugged at the tiny bottom of her bikini and it broke away from her body easily. Her naked, heart shaped ass was staring me in the face. I slid between her legs.

“Wait! You said a blow job!”

I chuckled. “You want this as much as I do.”

She looked back at me. My swollen purple head touched her still quivering cunt lips.

“Wait! No! No! You said a blow job!” she said plenty loud enough for the neighbors to hear. I threw my hips forward. I easily slid past her velvety folds and stopped when I was balls deep. Her back arched. “Oh holy shit!” she screamed.

“Fuck yeah,” I moaned. I grabbed her ample hips and began to jackhammer away at her slit. “C’mon, Mom, tell me you love this. Tell me how much you love me fucking you,” I hissed.

She shook her head. “No! No! It…it…fuck! It’s not, mmmmm, true!”

“Liar!” I slammed my hips slot oyna forward as hard as I could, bringing a loud bark from her. “Tell me how much you love my cock fucking your slutty little cunt!”

She shook her head again. “No!”

I reached around and pinched her excited clit, bringing a loud yelp. “Do it!”

“Fuck! Yes! God help me, yes! I love you fucking me with that fat fucking cock! Ohmagawd, yes! Fuck your mother’s slutty little cunt with that fat fucking cock!”

I laughed. “Ha ha ha! That’s right! Goddamn you’re tight, Mom! Fuck!”

She looked back at me as sweat rolled off my face onto her ass. “C’mon, fuck my tight little pussy! C’mon, do it! Fuck my tight little pussy hard!”

“Ha!” I said loudly as I threw my hips into her ass. I reached around again and flicked at her trembling bean. She squealed. I rubbed my fingers across it. Her body trembled. I pressed her button with my thumb.

“Ohmafuckinggawd!” she screamed.

I leaned into her as I continued to punish her slit. “C’mon! Cum for me! I wanna see what a slutty mother looks like when she cums with her son’s cock buried in her fucking cunt!”

“Yes! Yes! Ohmagawd, yes! Fuck! Fuck! Yaaaaaaaas!”

Her cunt trembled around my meat while it slid in and out of it. She felt like a California earthquake was tearing through her body. She screamed and moaned and begged me not to stop. I wondered if the neighbors were calling 9-1-1 for fear somebody was dying.

The earthquake finally subsided. I felt her body relax around my muscle. That’s when I pulled out.

Her head snapped around. “What’re you doing?”

I gave her an evil grin. “I’m gonna give you what you really want.” I pressed the swollen head against her rosebud.

“Wait! What?! You’re still not done?!” I shook my head. “Wait! Wait! I’m not ready for that fat fucking thing!”

I pressed harder. “Then you’d better get ready ’cause it’s goin’ in one way or the other.”

“Shit! Shit! Give me a second, goddammit!”

Mom took several deep breaths while I kept the pressure on. Then, suddenly, her backdoor swung open and I marched through. My balls were the only thing that stopped me from shoving it into her throat.

Her head flew back. “Oh you motherfucker!”

“Ha ha ha!” I laughed as I pulled back. “You love it up the ass, don’t pretend like you don’t,” I mocked as I slid forward.

“Ohmagawd, you’re so fucking big! You’re tearing me apart!”

“Bullshit! You’ve taken my cock up your ass more than once and begged for more. Don’t give me that shit.” I started pumping my hips a little harder and faster.

“Ohmagawwwwd,” she moaned.

“C’mon, Mom, tell me how much you love taking it up the ass. Tell me how much you love my cock fucking your ass.” She growled and gripped the lounge chair tighter. I threw my hips forward hard. Skin slapping skin filled the air.

“Fuck!” she yelped.

“Goddamn, Mom, your ass is so fucking tight. It feels like it’s sucking me in! Do you want it deeper? C’mon, admit it, you love it!”

“Ohmafuckinggawd! Yes! Fine! Yes! Ohmagawd, yes! I love your fat fucking cock fucking my tight little ass! Ohmagawd, yes! Fuck my tight little ass!”

“Ha ha ha! You’re such a fucking slut! Admit it, you’re nothing but a cock loving slut!”

“Yes! Yes! It’s true! I…I…mmmmmm…I love a fat cock fuckingggggg my slutty little holes! Oh fuck, yes!” I reached around and flicked her excited clit. She nearly jumped off the chair. “Oh fuck!” I flicked it again. “Fuck!” I rubbed it hard while I pounded her ass. “Ohmagawd you sonofabitch!”

I could feel her body tightening. We could both feel my cock throb inside her. “C’mon, Mom, you fucking slut, cum for me again. Cum while I fuck your ass. Yeah, mmmmmhmmmmm, cum for me! I…I…gggggggaaaaaaa!”

I grabbed her hips and threw my body into hers. Load after load of hot cum shot deep into her cavern. She felt the warmth filling her up with each pulse of my pole. It was more than she could take.

“Yes! Yes! G-g-give it to me! Give it to meeeeee! Ohmagawd, yaaaaaaaas!”

She was having her third orgasm of the session with her son’s cock shoved up her ass. But she didn’t care right now. The rush of electricity racing through her body blinded her to any sense of morality she might have and any worry she might have had about being spied on.

After what seemed like hours, our bodies stopped trembling. I pulled my skewer from her gaped hole and stepped back. A trail of white followed it and fell down the insides of her silky thighs. Mom collapsed onto the lounge chair like a rag doll, panting for air.

“There’s a nice little cream pie for you, Mom,” I chuckled.

“You bastard,” she moaned.

“You’re such a fucking slut, Mom.”

“Don’t talk to me that way. I’m your mother, goddammit,” she said, still panting for air.

“Yeah, well, you fuck like a slut,” I said as I started to walk away. “I’m gonna go take a shower. Don’t stay out here too long or you’ll get a sunburn. Thanks, Mom! I feel much better!.”

“Bastard,” she muttered under her breath.

The canlı casino siteleri next day I checked her journal again. Sure enough…

“I had sex with Mark by the pool this afternoon. I could have stopped it but I didn’t it. He fucked every one of my holes. Anyone could have seen us but I didn’t care. He made me cum and cum and cum again with that fat cock of his. It’s so fucking big! He even came in my ass! I can’t get it out of my head! It feels so good! But I have to. I can’t let him know that every time I see him I want him inside of me. He called me a slut. He called me a cock loving slut. Maybe he’s right. I can’t let it happen again! What kind of mother am I?! Constantly thinking about her son’s cock?! Maybe I should get help. In the meantime, I’ll have to satisfy myself and try not to think it’s his fat cock fucking me instead of a huge piece of rubber. Good night.”

I felt a grin cross my face. Fucking slut.

For the next couple of days she had trouble looking me in the eye. I could tell she was making every effort not to notice the bulge in my pants. I tried to act nonchalant as if nothing happened. As if I didn’t know she was nothing but a cock hungry slut who wanted nothing more than to have her own son’s knife slicing her in half.

After about a week I decided it was time to test the waters again. That evening Mom was lying in bed reading before shutting off the lights and I was in the process of getting ready for a shower. I got a huge boner just thinking about what was about to come. I wrapped a towel around my waist and headed for her bedroom.

I turned into the open doorway of her bedroom. “Hey, Mom, my shower is acting up again. Do you think I can take a shower in your bathroom?”

Her eyes went straight to the huge tent I was pitching under my towel.

“Uh, yeah, sure,” she stammered. “I’ll, uh, I’ll call the plumber in the morning.”

I took a few steps into the room when my towel “accidently” unraveled and fell to the floor, revealing the full extent of what was hiding underneath it. Mom’s eyes grew wide and she gave a loud gasp. I tried to act surprised but made no effort to hide it or pick up the towel. Quite the opposite. I actually turned to face her.

“Shit!” I said in mock horror.

“Mark Allen! You…you…cover yourself up right now!”

“Why? It’s not like you haven’t seen it before,” I said as I took a step towards her.

“Yes, but…”

I took another step with my engorged member leading the way. “But what? Do you not like my cock anymore?”

“No, it’s not that, it’s just…where are you going?!”

I was standing beside the bed now. My bouncing stick was mere inches from her face. Her eyes darted from my grinning face to it.

“See what you do to me, Mom? Just being around you gives me a hard on. I can’t stop thinking about what a great cocksucker you are, what a slutty fuck you are.”

She gasped. “Don’t talk to me like that!” She gathered her thoughts. “You have to stop…you have to stop thinking about all of that. We can’t…we can’t be doing that anymore!”

“C’mon, Mom. You love my cock just as much as I love your cunt.” She gasped. I grabbed her hand and pulled it up with little resistance from her. I placed it on my swollen weapon. She instinctively wrapped her long fingers around its shaft. Her hand was soft and warm and comforting, just as a mother’s hand should be. Most mothers don’t have their comforting hand wrapped around their son’s cock though. “C’mon, Mom, just one more time. I promise, that’ll be it.”

She started to stroke its veiny shaft. The tip glistened with precum. She ran the palm of her hand over it and proceeded to slide it up and down.

“Mark, we…we can’t. It…it…it’s not right,” she said in a forlorn tone.

“C’mon, Mom, be honest. Tell me you don’t think about it and I’ll walk away. Be honest.”

She continued to stroke the beast. “Well…I…I…”

“See? You can’t say it. You want me to fuck you as badly as I want to fuck you. Admit it. Say it. You love a fat cock stuffed in your holes.”

“No. I…I…no. I can’t.”

“Bullshit!” I hissed. “You were fucking screaming it the other day. I’m surprised Mr. Jones didn’t come out to see what was going on. Say it!”

My tone startled her. “Fine! Yes, it…it’s true. I love a fat…” Her grip grew tighter. “I love a fat cock stuffed in my holes.” The tone of her voice changed from defeated to desire.

She jumped when I grabbed a handful of her 38 specials. “Admit it. You want my cock. You love my cock. You want to fuck me right now, don’t you?”

She paused for a moment. “Oh my God, yes,” she said breathily. “God help me, I…I…I want you to fuck me with that fat fucking cock of yours. I want you to make me scream. I want you to cover me in ggggggffffff…”

Before she could finish I pulled her towards me and rammed my stiffness past her lips. Her throat distorted when she took my full length in. Soon she was sucking me with gusto while I molested her fabulous chest. I reached down to grab the hem of her nightshirt and tugged it. Mom lifted off the bed enough to let it slide up her torso and expose her breasts. I pulled out of her mouth just long enough to pull it over her head and tossed it aside. Without me asking, she quickly took me back into her throat.

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