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Tuesday Morning Fix

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“Good morning sir!” said young James as he passed me in the corridor, I greeted him back and added, “You’re in exceptionally early young man!”

“Yes Sir, I need to get on a computer before they all go.”

He rushed off and I span back around to continue on my original path, to be honest, I was a bit lost. A new school for me and I was still trying to find my way. On turning around after seeing young James off, a door opened into the corridor, nearly knocked me off my feet.

“Oh, sorry!” the man said after he closed the door. I noticed it was the head, Mr. Winters.

I said, “No problem, sorry, wasn’t looking where I was going.”

He coughed and walked on, he seemed a bit flushed and embarrassed for some reason. As I took another step, I just glanced at the door and it had a plaque on it which read ‘Cleaners only.’

I thought it strange the head should be in there! I walked on. I eventually got to my classroom and started to prepare for the lesson which was in twenty minutes.

My name is Sid; I’m a Geography teacher at a local secondary school. I’m fifty-four and medium build, not great looking but never mind. I play racket sports and cycle, I cycle lots. I always cycle to school, it keeps me reasonably fit and healthy.

About a week later I had a very similar experience in the corridor, I was walking along, and ahead of me the very same door opened and out popped Mr. Winters, I sidestepped behind some lockers and hoped he did not see me. After he had gone I walked on and passed the door.

And just before I turned into another corridor, I heard a noise and turned to look. It was the cleaner’s door, it opened slowly and I took another couple of steps and stood still; out of sight of that corridor. I heard the door close so I turned around and pretended to be walking into that corridor.

I saw a few students but they were too far past the door, there was one person that could have come out of that door, the other person was another teacher; Mary-Anne. She’s someone I had come to know in the new school and had only spoken to on a professional level.

We passed and her eyes averted mine, she looked shy, perplexed, and very rosy-cheeked. I started to wonder! Was I putting two and two together and getting an odd number? I thought ‘Nah.’

Mary-Anne looks like your very typical schoolmistress; late forties, she is medium build and fairly buxom. She has long auburn hair usually tied into a ponytail. She does have very piercing blue eyes, always makes you want to keep looking at them.

She always wares a typical ladies grey pin-striped two-piece suit, jacket and skirt; and always with a cream coloured blouse. I’ve never seen her in tights, she has very broad hips and her tight skirt enveloped and eccentuates her thick thighs. Of the legs she had exposed, they’re very shapely; her calves look very toned and taut.

I wondered how they came to get so close. Mr. Winters is not much of a looker; I was better looking than him! I thought to myself. Whereas Mary-Anne, well she’s no beauty queen, but had a very clear complexion and her face quite pretty looking, especially with those piercing eyes.

I took a few steps back, looked left and right to check for anyone, and I opened the door, it was dark in there, the only light that lit up any features was the light from the corridor. The room itself seemed to go deep and was full of cleaners stuff, what else!

I stepped in and closed the door, I looked for a light switch and there was one, but just before I flicked it, my eyes had adjusted to the dimness of the room. I noticed a bench faintly in the distance. I left the light off, I walked up to the bench and looked up to the right, a small window; a skylight, with flaky paint on it, sunlight came through but the dust on the window blocked out the full glare.

The bench was high enough to sit on and about six feet long, three wooden slats made the top. It was up against the wall. I noticed lines on the floor like the bench had been dragged a couple of feet away.

Although everything looked dusty, the bench was clean, spotless; like someone had cleaned it recently. I looked around further as my eyes adjusted more. I noticed all the cupboards had curtains in front, I pulled one back and it had shelves with cleaning stuff on them.

I went to another, it was further, pulled back the curtain and it was virtually empty, a few shelves with minimal stuff on it. I closed the curtain and I turned around to leave, I closed the door and went to my next class.

The following day, at the staff meeting I happened to be sat next to Mary-Anne, she again spoke but seemed very coy. Her eyes never really kept any meaningful contact with mine. We listened to Mr. Winters giving his talk, usual boring stuff, and one new item was the building of a new computer room. He was telling us that there would be some disruption as the workmen go about the construction work.

The bell rang and we all went to our classrooms.

A few days passed and I made it my mission casino siteleri to catch them, I wanted to know which days they did whatever they were doing on, and I was sure I had a pretty good idea what that was!

I made notes and a pattern emerged, it seemed to be around twice a week, every Tuesday and sometimes a Friday’s, as far as I was aware the action would be early in the mornings. Movement started around eight. Mary-Anne would go in five minutes before Mr. Winters. Twenty minutes later Mr. Winters would come back out first, followed by Marry-Anne a minute or two after he left, which seemed to be their routine.

One Monday evening as everyone left, I went to the cleaner’s door. I turned on the light and made my way to the far cupboard. I took off the few items on them and placed them into another cupboard; the shelves were not fixed so I was able to remove them and placed them onto the floor of the tall cupboard. I got in and closed the curtain; I crouched down low and I cut a small peep-hole with scissors I found there. I got out and made sure all looked as it should and left.

Then on Tuesday, I made my way in early, half-past seven as I got in. After I put my bags in the staffroom, I made my way to the cleaners door. It was quarter to eight as I hid in the cupboard. I crouched down and could see the bench clearly as the faint light from the window shone straight onto it.

Time seemed to pass so slowly as I waited, those few minutes seemed like hours. Then all of a sudden, there was Mary-Anne, I heard no noise of the door or anything, she just appeared from nowhere into view of my peep-hole.

She drew back the curtain on one of the cupboards and reached in, she went to the bench and pulled it away from the wall; she wiped the top of the bench and replaced the cloth, she also got out a small box, seemed quite light in weight and placed it at the end of the bench.

She sat on the bench and removed her shoes; she placed them next to the box on the floor. Then she reached under her pin-striped skirt and removed her knickers, she placed them onto her shoes.

She sat on the bench and looked at her watch; just then Mr. Winters appeared into the aperture I was peering through. Mary-Anne stood; they embraced and kissed for a minute. Mary-Anne looked at her watch and said, “We’ll have to hurry, I’ve got a lot on today. Need to make an early start.”

Seemed like Mary-Anne was the more dominant one in that relationship! She lifted her skirt and sat back down while Mr. Winters took his jacket off and hung it on a hook that was on the side of a cupboard. He dropped his trousers and rolled up his shirt and I could see his cock as it dangled under his pot-belly. He grabbed hold of it and gave it a few yanks.

Mary-Anne threw a leg over the bench and it was right in front of me, I saw her pussy as her legs hung over either side. And the most fabulous sight was of her amazing thick thighs. They seemed so strong like if you had your head in there, she could squeeze the life out of it. I’d love to have my head in there!

She tried to be quiet as possible, but in quite a forceful manner she said, “Come on get over here.”

As he stepped over to Mary-Anne’s head, his hand went to her pussy, she said, “Wet them first I’m not ready.”

He stuck them in his mouth and wetted them up; he then dribbled a bit of spit onto them and then went back to her pussy. Mary-Anne took hold of his cock and put it into her mouth, while he stroked her clit and inserted a couple of fingers into her pussy he stood motionless.

She let go of his cock and it seemed to be hard enough for her to just move her head along the short length of his dick. Her hips started to rhythmically move up and down on the bench, then in short bursts, her hips rose high and she grabbed his hand to make him stop his fingering. She must have had an orgasm.

She spat his cock out and said, “Come on get it in, I told you I haven’t got long today.”

He got onto the bench between her open thighs, ‘lucky bastard,’ he lay on top of her and began to prod his dick at her pussy. He was in and immediately started to fuck her. Her arms wrapped around his back, as he thumped away.

The meeting of their flesh echoed around the room as she whined and encouraged him on, “Oh yeah, fuck that pussy, fuck that pussy hard.”

He made no noise apart from the odd occasional grunt. But her demands carried on, “Fuck it harder, come on you old git, fuck it, fuck that pussy!”

If I hadn’t heard her with my own ears, I would never have thought Mary-Anne was a dirty talking woman.

He seemed to nearly be there as he lost his rhythmical bounce. He stopped, took his cock out, and grunted, a muffled grunt. And then he continued, back in her as she said, “You’re trying to make it last aren’t you. You and I both know you’re a three minute boy. And as I said, today that’ll do.”

He slipped back in, and that time her hips moved to meet him in mid-air. Only another two minutes and he was there, güvenilir casino he pushed in deep and stayed still. He must have been blowing his load. He pulled out and then back in, stayed about three seconds, and back out. He did that three or four times.

Mary-Anne patted his back and sarcastically said, “Well done old man you lasted at least three seconds longer than usual!”

He slowly withdrew and got off the bench; Mary-Anne flicked her leg back over and stood. She walked over to the end of the bench and grabbed the box she had put down there. Must have been tissues, she grabbed a few and threw the box over to him. She reached under her skirt and wiped herself.

She said, “Good thing you don’t cum more than a thimble full.”

He took out a couple of tissues and wiped his dick, they both put the tissues onto the bench, and then finished dressing. Mr. Winters pushed back the bench as Mary-Anne grabbed the soiled tissues and poked them into Mr. Winters’s jacket pocket.

He did not seem to complain or say anything; it must be part of their routine. He turned and kissed her on the lips and said, “See you later then,” he walked off.

Mary-Anne combed back her hair with her fingers and tightened her ponytail. Flattened down her dress and looked at her watch. She looked around the place and then all of a sudden she looked in my direction. Holy shit I almost had a heart attack… as well as shitting myself!

I tried not to move, tried not to make the curtain move or twitch; a great relief as she turned her head and walked away. I gave it another two minutes before I left.

That day when I went home I jerked off twice with the sight of Mary-Anne’s thighs in my head. I could not wait for Friday!

Both Wednesday and Thursday went so slowly and boringly. Again I jerked off both nights, again with the vivid images of Mary-Anne’s thighs flashing in my head.

And so came Friday morning and I was excited, I had a hard-on from the moment I woke up. And although I knew they didn’t always fuck on a Friday, I was really hoping they were going to.

I made my way to my viewing position and waited. And to my delight Mary-Anne entered and began her usual sequence of preparations.

Before she sat down she glanced around the room, in a slow full circle and then sat down. As she sat and waited, she opened her legs and began to finger herself, she continually looked around the room. She must have caught Mr. Winters coming in as she whipped her fingers out and stood abruptly. She said, “Go turn the light on.”

He must have wondered why as he asked, “What! Why? We never have the light on.”

She began to lift her skirt, looked vehemently at him, and said, “Cause I want them on, fuckin turn them on.”

He went back and the lights went on; on his return he took his jacket off and continued with the same routine, they kissed, she lay down, and she gobbled on his dick to harden him up while she got fingered by him. That time she did not seem to have an orgasm by his fingering, they went straight in for the fuck.

Oh god those thighs again, so thick, so strong, so fantastic! His same thrusting and her same demands, then all came to a halt after he ejaculated into her.

She said, “Even at your age you’ve not built up any sexual stamina. I don’t mind you not Cumming much, but would be nice if you managed at least five minutes… shit!”

Again like a well-rehearsed play, to the last detail of the tissues in his pocket, and him pushing the bench back, they left.

The whole of that weekend I jerked off so many times to her thighs wrapped around my head. I saw her on Monday after Mr. Winters’s usual chat with the staff.

We spoke briefly about some students and other work-related stuff. The only image in my head as we talked was her thick thighs.

I looked forward to Tuesday so much!

So there I was Tuesday morning back in the cupboard; that time the lights went on before I saw her at the bench. Again I had a bit of a shock as I thought it may have been someone else who came in for some items.

But then as I controlled my breathing and tried to calm my heartbeat, I saw her at the bench, my body calmed. As she came and did her usual routine, bench out, wipe, a box of tissues in their place, shoes and knickers off and placed at the end of the bench on the floor.

She stood and strangely she went to the far end and pushed the bench a couple of feet, closer to where I was. She came back and unzipped her skirt, she took it right off. She hung it on the hook where Mr. Winters usually hangs his jacket.

I would have thought ‘Odd,’ but my only thought was of those thighs, oh god, just look at them. Even more of them without her skirt on; her pussy in clear well light view, and my cock as hard as granite.

She strolled back to the bench and straddled over it; she lay down and started to finger herself with one hand. She licked a couple of fingers of her other hand and flicked across her clit with them.

I canlı casino was even closer to the action and saw in much more detail the work she carried out on herself, made my granite cock want to burst.

Her hips started to thrust up in time with her fingers slipping into her pussy. Then her cries started in sexual delight as her hips rose high off the bench, “Oh god, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh yeah, ohh.”

An obvious orgasm; her arse slowly returned to meet the bench slats. She laid panting, legs to either side of the bench; her arms had fallen away and dangled down to the floor.

Then a thought entered my head, “Where’s Mr. Winters?” I was sure it was past his entrance time. My cock was in pain and wanted release, but I daren’t do anything in the cupboard.

She lay there for another two minutes; I just looked at those glorious thighs. Then she rose and sat astride the bench. She placed her hands in front of her, just a few inches from her pussy.

Her head went up and she shook it, her ponytail flew from side to side. She stopped and looked straight in my direction.

She said, “I hope you enjoyed that, I fuckin’ did. Come out, come out, whoever you are, he’s not coming today, he’s not in today.”

I literally had a seizure, my heart stopped and my breathing continued no more. An instant red heat took over my face and body. I started to perspire and my hands started to shake.

She spoke again, “Come out, let’s see you, you’ve seen me, quite a bit of me!”

I was not going out! She may have just been fishing. If she knew she would have come here and drawn the curtain, not just across, but on my life. I could see her piercing eyes, fixed in my direction. She had her clothes on, but she grabbed her boobs and pushed them together, she blew a kiss in my direction.

Her hands went back down and she said, “If I have to drag you out, then you don’t get a ride.”

I swallowed deeply; my eyes closed and thought she knows, but how? Should I get out? Does she really know?

Again she spoke and my eyes opened, “If you don’t come out then you’ll never see me like this ever again.”

I wanted to see her, I wanted to see her get fucked and above all, I wanted to see those thick fleshy thighs. I still waited another half a minute or so then swallowed again as I stood up behind the curtain. She must have seen the curtain move and said, “Ah good, I knew you would see sense.”

I raised my hand to the rail and said to myself ‘Fuck,’ as I drew the curtain back ever so slowly. My eyes were closed and I heard her say, “Well, well, well, Sid how lovely!”

I slowly opened my eyes and stepped down off the stacked shelves.

I stood still, I had my head bowed and looked to the floor and could only think to say, “Sorry, I’m so sorry, please don’t report me.”

She said, “Report you! Now why would I want to do that?”

As I looked up she was beckoning me over with a finger, and said, “Come here, sit down,” she patted the bench in front of her.

I took slow steps towards her and asked just before I sat down, “How did you know? How did you know it was me?”

She sniggered; she looked so sexy, she said, “How did I know? Well, only he and I come in here… this far. But neither one of us go to that cupboard, take a look there.”

She pointed to the floor; I could see footprints, new footprints on the dusty floor. I scratched my head and said to myself, “Stupid or what?”

She placed a hand on my head and said, “And as for knowing it was you, I didn’t, not till you came out just now. Could have been female, I had no clue apart from I knew it was someone.”

I still looked at the floor and said, “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to spy.”

She laughed and said, “You’re a naughty man, and I knew there was someone there last time, I just wanted you to have a good gawk at me being fucked, not that he can provid a lasting show.”

My gaze drifted from the dusty floor along her shapely calves and stopped at her amazing thighs. She noticed as I stared at them, she asked, “You like… Sid?” As she dragged her fingers up each thigh from her knees to her hips.

I had my hands clasped together in my lap; I looked up at those sparkling eyes and said, “I love your legs, their fantastic.”

She smiled dirtily and said as she pointed to her pussy with both index fingers, “If my thighs do that to your eyes, you should see what this does to a cock.”

She rubbed her hands down her thighs and said, “Speaking of cocks.”

She reached over and placed a hand over my crotch, she enclosed my cock in her fist and said, “I see I don’t need to harden this one up, feels ready to go.”

She looked at her watch and said, “We shouldn’t be in here much longer, it’s nearly time for the cleaners, and they’ll need some stuff from here.”

I looked at her hand on my cock and she squeezed it and asked, “But we do have time if you’re game?”

My eyes closed and I said, “I think you can tell I’d like more than a quickie.”

She took her hand away and I thought she was going to put her clothes back on. But she said, “Look, I’m married, he’s married, we just have quickies in here, but… I know you’re single, so if you’d like to invite me over sometime… and I hope you’re capable of a session rather than a quickie!”

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The Tinder Match Affair Ch. 02

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Tags: Gentle Fdom, Msub to Switch, Cheating, Age Difference, Older Woman, Mommy-Dom, Voyeurism, Riding, blowjob, Breast play, almost uncontrollable lust, teasing, Big Ass, worship. Creampie.


A week later, Alison’s husband comes homes. She wants to do the responsible thing and end the affair, but Andrew has other plans.

This story is written on commission.


Andrew awoke to a rather pleasurable sensation. The morning had come and gone as the midday sun shone through the closed curtains in the bedroom, He relaxed back into several large pillows that were piled up on the bed, each with a unique flora shape on the pillow covers.

Andrew didn’t particularly understand why anyone would need more than two pillows on a bed, but as he was not in his bedroom, he held back his immediate instinct to push several of them off the bed.

The pillow, the bed and the room Andrew was currently in belonged to the beautiful older woman who was currently under the bed covers, between Andrew’s legs, giving him a wonderful ‘morning blowjob’.

It had been one week since Andrew started his new ‘relationship’ with Alison, the young man had recently become the paramour for a woman almost twice his age. As expected, their relationship was very physical, Alison had been very forward with her intentions, she wanted causal ‘no-strings-attached’ sex and Andrew was very accommodating with the request.

Though both Andrew and the older woman knew full well what this was, they hadn’t discussed their ‘relationship’ in any other way since it had begun. Andrew had been coming over every night, the two would hook up and Alison would fuck him in any and every conceivable location in the house.

So far things were good, Andrew’s sex life was definitely stronger than ever since Alison proposed this little affair. Alison enjoyed being able to ‘dominate’ the young man, although Andrew did not see himself as a submissive person, Alison had a way with him that made him feel strange, but in a good way.

With each sexual act that she performed came an odd sense of security and he wanted more. More sex, more time together, more praise and attention. Everything else was secondary.

Andrew pulled the bed cover-up and was immediately greeted by Alison’s beautiful, brown eyes. Her lips were wrapped around his cock as her head bobbed up and down, Andrew watched on, slack-jawed a mixture of tiredness and sheer awe as the older woman refused to stop or even slow down.

“Oh fu-ck” Andrew groaned, the view alone would have been enough to bust a nut, the added feeling of her warm and wet mouth was just the cherry on top.

Instead, she picked up the pace, her eyes still locked with his, teasing him. Andrew looked away, the compromised position he was in, coupled with her intense stare proved too much for the young man. Alison took this as a personal victory as Andrew could hear a muffled giggle vibrate through his dick.

All Andrew could do was lie back and moan as he was at the mercy of the older woman. Inch by inch she made her way deeper onto his cock, almost determined to reach the base. Her tongue would slurp and lick its way up and down, causing Andrew to instinctively grip the bed for support.

Even though she was covered by a bedsheet, Andrew could see the vague, shapely outline of Alison’s ass swaying with delight. Her hand moved quickly across the bedsheets, occasionally running along Andrew’s stomach which earned her another loud moan from him.

“More,” Andrew growled, “Please”.

The older woman nodded enthusiastically, she continued her assault, moving even faster now until she finally reached the base of Andrew’s throbbing dick.

She held his length for an agonizing few seconds, cracking a smile as she achieved her goal before returning to quick movements up and down, faster and faster. Andrew tried his best not to cum already but Alison’s movements grew frantic.

“Fuuuck!” Andrew cried out loudly as the wave of his release overtook him.

Alison smiled in satisfaction and grabbed onto Andrew’s hips to steady herself against the young man, she eagerly held him down as Andrew climaxed directly down her throat. Alison didn’t let up, determined to milk every last drop out of the young man’s dick.

Her rhythm eventually slowed to a stop, then Alison pulled herself up, looking straight into Andrew’s face.

“Was that good, Baby?” She asked excitedly, letting out an exaggerated sigh to highlight the fact she swallowed it all.

Andrew felt a huge grin spread across his face as he nodded his head frantically, the boy could barely form words after such an intense orgasm. Alison chuckled in response to his weakened state.

“Good.” She replied happily.

After she finished, Alison crawled towards Andrew and cuddled up to him. They lay next to each other for a moment, neither of them wanting the morning to come to an end.

Unfortunately for the ‘new bonus veren siteler couple’, their exciting first week of adultery was coming to an end. A week of non-stop sex was about to be interrupted, as tomorrow was the day Alison’s husband would be returning home.

This would inevitably result in ‘the talk’.

The talk that Andrew was dreading but knew was inevitable. The serious discussion on whether or not Alison should break off their affair. Andrew was determined to continue his affair with Alison, he had already made up his mind after the first day and decided that he would do whatever it took to keep his affair with Alison going.

Andrew did not know how Alison felt about the matter. It was clear to him that she enjoyed having Andrew around as she mentioned on several occasions that this week had been ‘the best time in her life for some years’ but was she prepared to keep it going?

As much as he enjoyed the idea of seeing her, Andrew did not want to give himself false hope that their relationship would progress. Instead, he chose to ignore the impending serious talk and enjoy his final ‘stress-free’ day as Alison’s paramour.

Once Alison was satisfied with her cuddle, she climbed off the bed and walked towards the bathroom. Andrew’s eyes were glued to her ass as she moved away, he briefly considered joining her in the shower but decided he was too tired for a second round.

Instead, he chose to get some breakfast, getting himself dressed and then making his way into the kitchen. As Andrew poured himself a bowl of cereal, he made himself a mental plan for the day. His idea was to keep Alison so busy that neither of them would even think about any ‘serious discussions’ until later tonight.

Once finished with his meal, Andrew opted to tidy up the kitchen. He felt bad having Alison cook for him these past few nights. She claimed that she didn’t mind, but Andrew felt like a freeloader nonetheless. He figured the least he could do for her is clean up around the house.

Buzzing with excitement for another day, Andrew happily scrubbed away at some dishes. He was so focused on cleaning that he almost didn’t realise that something was off. Something in the air sent a shiver down Andrew’s spine.

Then, out of the corner of his eyes, the view of a taxi pulling up out front of the house quickly clued him into what his ears already noticed.

An older man stepped out of a taxi, collected some bags and walked towards the front door. The sound of keys scraped against the door as Andrew’s jaw dropped. His first reaction was to duck under a table or into another room, hiding out of sight from the entrance. Panic flooded through Andrew as the affair was about to come to a very short end, Alison’s husband had come home early.

As the door opened, Andrew was caught like a deer in headlights as the older gentleman locked eyes with Andrew. His face fell from a smile to a confused expression as he noticed Andrew sitting in his kitchen.

“Oh?” The older man mumbled, sounding very exhausted, “Hello there?”

The man looked to be in his forties, he wore a suit with an extra coat and was pulling a large suitcase behind him in one hand. His hair was short but also very messy, combined with dark circles under his eyes and a five o’clock shadow, making the appearance of a very tired man standing before Andrew.

“Who are you?” The man continued, still confused as he closed the door.

Andrew panicked as his mind came up with excuses and escape plans. It took several awkward seconds before he responded.

“An-Andrew” he stumbled in reply, “Y-you must be Alison’s husband?”

The man stared back at him, another long, agonising few seconds of silence between the two of them. Andrew could feel the man’s eyes analysing him, sizing him up. His expression was unreadable as Andrew couldn’t decide if he should lie to the man or apologise.

“Wow…” The man sighed, the sigh quickly turning into a scoff as he shook his head, “She finally did it…”

Andrew winced as the man took several steps towards him.

“I can’t believe it. After all these years.” He didn’t sound angry, more so, the man sounded disappointed. He sighed once more, then extended his arm towards Andrew.

Andrew expected a gut punch or for the man to go for his throat. Instead, the man held his hand out firmly, waiting for the young man to shake it. Andrew grasped his hand, confused yet relieved.

“I’m Jim,” The man said with a smile, shaking Andrew’s hand. “Can’t believe Alison actually hired someone to clean up around here.”

Jim laughed to himself as he shook his head, Andrew nervously laughed back. His arm swayed back and forth, Andrew was worried that his nerves had reduced his motor functions to jelly and attempted to pull himself together before realising it wasn’t him who was swaying.

A distinct scent of alcohol whiffed by Andrew’s nose. It was then that he finally took a proper look at the situation before him. Jim, the older bedava bahis man, was swaying side to side. The man was incredibly

intoxicated, using his own suitcase for support to stand up, he kept giggling to himself in a now obvious drunken stupor.

The door to Alison’s room opened, revealing a dressed and concerned Alison, who quickly walked towards the kitchen.

“You’re home.” Alison gasped in disbelief, still unsure as to what was going on between her husband and Andrew. “I thought you wouldn’t be home till tomorrow?”

“Don’t be too happy to see me,” Jim mumbled, letting go of Andrew’s hand and turning to his wife. “The thing finished a day early, surprise… I guess.”

“When did you hire the kid?” Jim continued, pointing back at Andrew, waving a finger in his face. His drunkenness was more apparent with his casual slurring and exaggerated movements. “You too lazy to clean yourself now? What else are you gonna do around here?”

“Last week,” Alison retorted through clenched teeth, the implication of her words lost on the intoxicated man, “Are you drunk? Already?”

This comment was met with a long drawn out sigh from Jim as Andrew zoned out of the conversation. Jim responded with another snappy remark, explaining to Alison why he had stopped at a bar before heading home. This upset her as the two launched right into an argument.

Andrew shrunk down as the little domestic dispute between the unhappy couple was beginning. He tried to walk away from Jim, figuring the best approach was to leave as soon as possible and hope that no one asked any questions. He gathered his wallet and phone as Alison gave an approving nod to his plan. His heart wouldn’t stop racing as he made his way towards the front door.

“Wait!” Jim called out, placing a hand on Andrew’s shoulder.

Andrew tensed up, not wishing to be here any longer as he turned back to Jim.

“Here you go.” Jim continued, placing fifty dollars into his hand, “Is that enough?”

Andrew stammered again in disbelief.

“For the cleaning?” Jim said, shaking his head, “You’re a weird kid, you know that?”

“I’m sorry?” Andrew replied, Jim, slapped his shoulder as a form of ‘goodbye’ before releasing him.

Andrew left the house and shut the door behind him, a little confused but most of all thankful for the ‘bullet’ he just dodged. He walked in a daze, unsure of how to proceed. He felt a little guilty for leaving Alison like that, but he knew there was nothing he could do but wait for her to contact him. With that, Andrew went home.

It took three days before Andrew received a message from Alison. His phone buzzed in the middle of the night. Andrew grabbed the phone immediately, he was waiting for this message.

The message from Alison read, “We should talk.”

‘Talk.’ Andrew hated that word. He knew it was just a code for ‘end things between us.’

“Yeah, I’m free. What’s up?” He replied to the message, inviting her to ‘talk.’

The phone was silent for what seemed like forever. Then it began to ring. This was it, the call that Andrew was dreading. He answered the call nervously.

“Hey, so uh…” Alison started. “Uh.. so about the, um,” she paused, clearing her throat, “about everything-“

Andrew fidgeted nervously on the spot.

“Yeah, that was… something,” Andrew replied, hoping to take charge of the conversation. “But-“

“We need to end this.” Alison interrupted bluntly.

Andrew felt a pang of sadness wash over him. Andrew must have made some kind of noise because Alison immediately reacted to his dejection.

“Don’t get me wrong!” She continued, “This, you, it was all so… amazing. But we both knew it was just a fling… nothing more.”

Andrew could feel his heart drop, it was over, she was putting her foot down.

“It’s not that I want to end this. It’s just not fair. For any of us. You, me… even Jim. Not that I still love him… It’s just complicated.”

“No, I don’t want it to end,” Andrew mumbled under his breath.

“I don’t either,” Alison said, moving slightly closer to Andrew. She looked into his eyes and smiled. “It was fun, so much fun… but we need to break up. We can’t keep doing this anymore. I’m sorry Andrew.”

Andrew opened his mouth to respond but was met with the sound of the phone being hung upon him. That was it, one fantastic week of sex was over, the hottest women in his life had come and gone.

Rejected and feeling like shit, he resigned himself to spend the rest of the day in bed. He pulled up his phone and looked at a picture he’d taken on Alison, she didn’t allow many pictures, due to obvious reasons, so this rare one was extra special to him.

Andrew stared back into her eyes, she was beautiful. He already knew that but seeing her now in this image. In her blue dress which hung loosely off her shoulders; it was truly mesmerizing. Even if only for a brief second, Andrew’s heart skipped a beat. Alison looked beautiful in every sense of the word. It was deneme bonus at this point he resolved himself.

“No.” Andrew retorted to himself, this time with confidence, he couldn’t imagine his giving up Alison now.

He hatched a plan, he wouldn’t let Alison have the last words. He knew that she felt the same way and that the only reason she called was that she couldn’t resist herself if they met up in person. So that was exactly what Andrew was going to do.

It took another three days before Andrew had the free time to enact his plan. He called it a plan in his head, but in reality, it boiled down to ‘Meet Alison in person and hope she didn’t shut him out’.

He strolled over to Alison’s house with confidence in his step. One last try, everything or nothing, it all depended on how it would go today.

He knocked on the door, preparing a speech in his head about how much he needed her, how great they were together, how she could come round to his place instead. Unfortunately, it was her husband, Jim, who opened the door.

Andrew stiffened up upon seeing the man, he looked cleaner than the last time they’d met. He was wearing a casual outfit, much less of a businessman. Jim looked over the young man, sizing him up before speaking.

“Oh, it’s you?” Jim grumbled, “I thought you weren’t coming around here anymore?”

Andrew was taken aback by this statement.

“I’m sorry?” Andrew asked.

“Alison said that you quit or something,” Jim continued, “Too busy to keep cleaning for us.”

“Oh,” Andrew said, understanding the lie Alison had used.

“So, what do you need? Did you forget something here?” Jim seemed very dismissive of him. “Or do you need your old job back, this place is getting rather filthy again.”

Andrew continued to be confused and thrown off by Jim’s assumptions but figured it was the best explanation he could use for seeing Alison again.

“Actually,” Andrew began, a new plan forming in his head, “I did come here to ask Alison for my old job back.”

“Great, you’re hired,” Jim interjected, slapping Andrew on the back, “Can you start right now?”

Andrew had to suppress a laugh, “Yes Sir” he agreed.

Within moments, Andrew was playing the part of the house cleaner. Vacuuming around the house while Jim watched television on the couch. It didn’t take long before Alison made her way into the living room. She had to do a double-take when she saw Andrew.

“What’s going on?” She said with a forced smile, her eyes on the other hand screamed, ‘What are you doing here?’

“Your boy wanted his job back,” Jim responded, not looking up. “And lord knows your not cleaning around here, so why not.”

“I see…” Alison said, her eyes trained on Andrew. “Can I see you in the hallway? Now.”

The two quietly moved to the hallway, away from Jim, who was oblivious to Alison’s distress.

“What the hell are you doing?” Alison demanded in a hushed tone, “I thought we agreed to end this?”

Andrew panicked a little after hearing Alison, he had hoped to meet her in a more open environment and whispering in a hallway behind her husband was not the ideal position. Nonetheless, Andrew pressed on with his plan.

“No” he replied. A simple and firm answer, what he should have said on the phone.

Andrew had never been this firm, or serious with her during their time and hearing him say he didn’t want it to end was shocking to her. He was scared that this would ruin everything; that he would lose her.

“No?” Alison questioned, confused by Andrew’s response.

“No,” Andrew repeated, determination dripping from his tone, nodding his head, his mind made up. “I can’t do it. I won’t let you break up with me.”

He was determined that his feelings for Alison were not meant to be fleeting. Andrew wasn’t sure if it was because he had a deep-seated desire for Alison or if something else was forming in him. He wouldn’t give up so long as he believed there was still a chance.

“I’ll fight for you. No matter what.”

His determination had its effect on Alison, her resolve faltered at Andrew’s declaration. Andrew could tell she was starting to waver, so he pushed ahead. She wordlessly pleaded for Andrew to stop, but he ignored her as he moved towards to kiss her.

Andrew leaned into Alison, her defence breaking as he went for a kiss. She made no attempt to stop him. His lips met hers as she leaned back into the wall. He pulled away, breathing heavily, his eyes half-closed. Her hands reached around his neck and pulled him back down to meet her mouth once more. He kissed her harder this time, not caring about the future or the consequences.

Alison giggled, pushing Andrew back and rolling so that she was atop him and he lay flat on the bed. She continued kissing until she felt something against her thigh. She blushed and pushed Andrew’s head aside.

“No…no…you need to stop Andrew. We can’t do this right now. What if Jim hears us?” she said, trying to push him away but he only held onto her tighter.

“I don’t care,” he replied, his hands working his way up Alison’s shirt. “I want you. I’m selfish, greedy and just…” he squeezed her breasts under her shirt and ran his hands down her body, causing her to gasp. “I don’t care what happens.”

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Shirley’s Adventures Pt. 06

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Fond memories of Mr. Bull

Shirley is in France with her camper-van and has hooked up with Mark.

My name is Shirley and at the time I had been a widow for nearly eighteen months. David and I had enjoyed almost 45 years of a somewhat unconventional marriage. I didn’t sleep with other men, I slept with my David. My David didn’t sleep with other women, he slept with me. That which we did, jointly and severally, whilst we were awake was another matter entirely.

Just before My David passed he told me that I should continue to enjoy myself and that he would be with me every step of the way. It took me a while to get things organised but finally I’m on my way, retracing the routes we enjoyed together. I am back in France with our camper van, remembering the past and looking for new adventures. My David is with me.

If this is your first visit to Shirley’s Adventures, please enjoy the previous chapters so that it makes some kind of sense.

I’d met Mark the previous afternoon in the car-park to the nudist beach. We hit it off immediately and fucked shortly after. Between fucks we’d talked. Mark explained how he, a twenty year old, had learned from his Mother and older Sister the many ways to please a woman. With all my experience I can honestly say he never failed to please me.

Mark was a graphic designer with plans to create an erotic, adult, comic book. He just needed a ‘hook’ he said. I’d started to tell him how my David and I had met, he listened intently and later that day he asked if he could illustrate my story, share the profits. Wasn’t worried about sharing the profits but I said that I’d be delighted.

That night we slept together and I awoke to find just me in the bed. Mark was up and working on his iPad, making up a story board, whatever that is.

We enjoyed breakfast in bed. He ate me out. I sucked his balls dry. While I made the coffee he walked into the town to get our breakfast food. Leaving my camper-van on the site we took his Split-Screen back to the beach. We woke ourselves up with a cold swim in the sea then warmed ourselves up with a hot fuck on the beach…

“So… Mr. Bull?” he prompted.

I smiled contentedly, my mind slipped back easily down the decades to when I was still a teenager. Nineteen years old, devoted to my fiance David, my only ever love. That’s doesn’t mean he was the only one I fucked, goodness me no, not by any manner of means BUT, crucially, he knew when I was enjoying some other cock. At the time of meeting Mr. Bull he was actually present, watching Mr. Bull’s big, fat cock driving into my cunt and making me squeal with pleasure….

=== === ===

The boys had gone pot-holing again and David and I were just doing the breakfast dishes in the ablutions hut when Mr. Bull poked his head round the door.

“You two fancy coming back to the farm-house after you’ve finished here for a little, errrm, cream tea? He asked with a naughty smile.

I didn’t have any knickers on so that saved them getting soaked. I couldn’t contain a little sigh of anticipated contentment as I visualised Mr. Bull’s fat cock filling me with his cream. I told him forty-five minutes as we both needed a shower.

“Fine,” he replied, “Wife’s away visiting her mother. We have as long as you want. Just come round the back and straight into the kitchen when you’re ready.”

I could hear Mr. Bull whistling happily as he wandered off. David and I got the washing up done at double speed and headed back to the tent for the wash bag. I needed to prepare for Mr. Bull’s cream to fill any or all of my three willing holes.

It was plainly obvious to myself and David that I was both an exhibitionist and a cock hungry slut. I knew I was happy with that situation and was delighted that my husband-to-be was equally happy. I had his permission, with his presence, to enjoy whatever sex I liked or wanted to try. I was, as he delightedly informed me, his three hole slut. I was happy with that!

In all fairness after inviting Mary to play with his cock. Having totally enjoyed watching her riding my David’s bare cock to his first ever unprotected fuck and subsequent ejaculation I knew, certain sure, that I had no trouble with my David enjoying another woman, as long as I was present.

=== === ===

After fucking my arse in the wee small hours of the day Martin had emphasised the necessity for care and cleanliness after being arse fucked. Namely that after a cock had been in my arse it shouldn’t return to my cunt before having been well cleaned. As he put it, if a cock cums out of your arse and then into your cunt you’ll end up with an infection and no sex for a month! Your choice!! It was a no brainer.

He suggested that a warm water douche might be advisable but not too often as it would remove the beneficial bacteria as well as the harmful ones. Turns out they were both medical students. I had my very own Doc Martin! But that’s a story for another time.

Both David and I were squeaky clean as we tentatively eased open the kitchen bonus veren siteler door and walked into the enormous farm-house kitchen.

“Would you like to come on up?” Mr. Bull’s voice drifted down from above.

In the far corner was a narrow stairway, a stairway to heaven? As I mounted the first tread David unzipped my dress. I walked up and out of it leaving it for David to pick up. At the top I was wearing flip-flops and a smile. My pussy was soaking, my tits firm and my nipples as hard as they would ever be. Mr. Bull greeted me with a big smile and held his arms out for me.

“Fancy a fuck, little girl?” he asked.

“Only one?” I replied, “I’m hoping for more than that!”

Like a good little slut I set about removing Mr. Bull’s few clothes then turned to David. He was already stripped and gently playing with his cock. I knelt and sucked Mr. Bulls fat cock into my eager mouth. I should explain, Mr. Bull’s cock was not a big, fat cock. In reality it was a lot shorter than David’s, even shorter than Phil’s. In fairness Phil’s was by far the fattest, until Mr. Bull came along.

I felt it grow in my mouth and nibbled the tip. David came and stood beside Mr. Bull. He stroked his cock invitingly, his own that is, not Mr. Bull’s. I was sucking that! David’s was good and solid the purple head shining with his pre-cum. I ran a finger encouragingly over the slick tip then added my thumb and stroked gently down each side of the glistening head. David’s cock had a beautiful, gentle upwards curve which made his cock run deliciously along the upper part of my cunt before scoring a bull’s eye right at the top of my pussy. Mr. Bull’s was just nice and thick. When it was ready to fuck I had no chance of taking it all in my mouth, it just didn’t open that wide. Mr Bull was growing in girth very nicely, I swallowed as much as I could then replaced my mouth with my hand and took David’s deep into my mouth and down my throat. Deep throating David was a skill I learned early (but I made sure I continued to practice a lot).

I quickly had two hard cocks to enjoy. Who’s first and where? There wasn’t really a choice, I wanted Mr. Bull to stretch my pussy, long and slow and give me his first cream while I sucked and played with David. I knelt on the big bed. David laid across in front of me and Mr. Bull took up position behind. I felt his cock head nudging my pussy lips apart. I waited expectantly. It was only a few seconds. My pussy was already flooded when he pushed steadily forward, opening me up to take his full girth. He was quickly balls deep, his powerful hands took a firm grip of my hips and pinioned me like a butterfly on a pin. I wrapped my lips around David’s cock and waited.

Mr. Bull, I had discovered, liked to savour the moment. Once he was buried to his root he would hold perfectly still for quite a few seconds then tighten the hold on my hips before withdrawing slowly. When the tip of his cock was nearly dropping out of my pussy he would again pause, gird his loins as it were, then holding me perfectly still, ram his fat cock hard into my dripping pussy. It was a steady, rhythmic fuck for quite a few minutes but then it became faster and faster as I panted and groaned with the power of his cock driving relentlessly into me.

Mr. Bull was a lot older than David or I, a great deal older and it was to my great joy that I realised that he didn’t cum very quickly at all. The earlier sessions up by our tent had often eased almost to a standstill part way through while he gathered his breath. So it was in the bedroom. I was reduced to stroking David’s rampant cock while I took Mr. Bull’s first glorious pounding. While he rested, still very firm and buried deep inside me, I was able to entertain David’s cock with mouth and hand. I didn’t want David’s spunk in my mouth, yet, but I did want him hard and ready to fuck me as soon as Mr. Bull had deposited his first load in my pussy. David had developed a taste for sloppy seconds over the previous week and I wasn’t going to discourage him.

Mr. Bull announced his recovery by thrusting my hips forward. I swallowed the entire length of David’s cock. I was urgently jerked back onto Mr. Bull’s cock then my mouth was rammed back down the hard length of David’s cock. Mr. Bull was not only fucking me for all he was worth, he was forcing me to suck my husband-to-be’s cock at the same time. Heaven! I did my best to squeeze Mr. Bull’s cock as he rammed deep inside me. Even after so few fucks with Mr. Bull I already recognised the pattern. I started to tense my muscles and thrust back onto his cock as he rammed it forward. He wasn’t going to last much longer. I felt him begin to tense. His breathing was becoming laboured and the grip of his hands on my hips started to weaken. I took over, I wanted his cream. I thrust back and rocked forward, eagerly fucking Mr. Bull’s cock while he just stood still holding my hips gently for support.

I heard him coming before I felt it. With one final thrust I drove my pussy back onto his cock and stopped, the cheeks bedava bahis of my arse hard up against his flat belly. A wonderful warm feeling started to fill me. Mr. Bull shuddered as he emptied the contents of his balls into my greedy pussy. I waited as my own orgasm flowed over and through me. It felt good! It felt right!

A tired Mr. Bull eventually slipped out. He came and lay on the bed in front of me and David took his place behind. I cleaned then played with Mr. Bull’s cock while David lubricated his cock by dipping it in and out of the spunk so recently deposited in my pussy by Mr. Bull.

I’d taken cock and the ensuing spunk in my bum a number of times in the previous twenty four hours and whilst the cocks in question had been longer than Mr. Bull’s none were as fat. David’s job was to prepare me. While I teased Mr. Bull back to a new erection David worked his cock in and out of my arse. Once he unloaded deep inside me I would be as ready as possible to take Mr. Bull.

David was always a considerate lover, taking pride in his ability to hold off until I was ready, then pumping his load wherever it was required. I started to push back onto his cock, my signal that Mr. Bull was ready. David picked up the pace and within less than a dozen hard deep thrusts he shuddered spasmodically as he filled my arse with his lubricating spunk. He softened and slipped out. He stepped back to admire his handiwork, as always then made way for Mr. Bull to resume his position behind me.

His knob head slipped easily into my well fucked pussy and picked up any lube that David had missed after a few deep strokes. Without further ado I felt it slide out and upwards where it rested against my dark rose then paused. I nodded my head in answer to his unasked question. He pushed gently forward and thanks to David’s careful preparation I was nicely relaxed and ready. The head slipped in with little discomfort then stopped. He pushed again, he stretched me and it hurt just a little but it was a good hurt, a deliciously new hurt. I pushed back a little to encourage a greater effort. He eased back, out and then immediately forward in one steadfast no nonsense movement.

The head entered, moved forward, the glorious pain came and remained as the shaft followed the head up my back passage. When he was in to the root he stopped and asked if I was OK? I told him I was but asked him to wait a few more seconds.

When I was comfortable I wriggled my bum and he started to carefully fuck my arse. My God! It felt wonderful! I just couldn’t keep still and was soon pushing back harder onto his cock than he was ramming it forward into my arse. David told me later that I was making a lot of noise and telling him to fuck me harder and to pump his spunk into my dirty arsehole whenever he was ready.

He duly obliged and let me collapse in a heap on the bed after shooting me full of his spunk. Once he knew I was OK David headed to the bathroom to prepare his cock for more action. He returned after about ten minutes and Mr. Bull took me with him to the bathroom. We showered together and I made absolutely sure his cock was perfectly clean afterwards by checking it with my mouth. David wandered in and asked if I wanted to check his as well.

For the rest of the afternoon I took cock in all three holes with usually two holes filled at the same time. We tried for a DP in both pussy and arse but it just didn’t work, that afternoon…

We eventually stopped around 4 o’clock having taken a breather now and then between sessions and showers. David and I were making the bed when Mr. Bull came out of the bathroom.

“What are you doing?” he asked. I told him we thought it would be better if the bed looked unused when his wife came home.

“Oh! That doesn’t matter,” he said much to our surprise, “Mrs. Bull knows you are up here getting seriously cunt and arse fucked. She’d like to join us in a foursome before you go home, if you like?”

I’m sure my mouth dropped open at his statement then the import of what he was saying hit me. She would suck my husband-to-be’s cock and he would no doubt fuck her. Mary had done that. I’d invited her to enjoy David’s cock. She’d even taken his bare cock and load at my suggestion before I could. Time for my lovely David to get some more greedy cunt from another woman.

“Perfect, sounds very interesting.” I replied without even thinking to check with David.

David smiled a beautiful smile and winked. Clearly I hadn’t needed to check with him.

### ### ###

Mrs. Bull (Oh! Please call me Jilly, dear) was fulsome, voluptuous, curvaceous but I don’t think quite Jessica Rabbit despite being a farmer’s wife. She was, as David, my-husband-to-be, succinctly put it when he saw her walking across the farmyard on the day we arrived, ‘I would!’

I looked where he was looking and could quite clearly see why he ‘would’ too. I no more realised that he ‘would’ before we left for home any more than I realised that I would be taking Mr. Bull’s fat cock in my mouth, cunt and arse on numerous deneme bonus occasions in the same time frame.

Jilly had prepared us a substantial snack for after our wonderful threesome which was devoured hungrily. Midway through the meal Mr. Bull again brought up the idea that his wife should join us for a foursome the following day. I thought of David’s response on seeing her the day we arrived and with a quick look at the excitement on David’s face agreed. As I agreed I realised that it wasn’t just for my-husband-to-be’s benefit. I wanted to watch my David enjoy fucking another woman again and I wanted that woman to be Mrs. Bull!

The boys, Martin and Phil, were leaving the following morning and I was slightly pleased that they couldn’t make a long night of it. David and I got up to see them off completely forgetting that the long windbreak would not be there to protect our modesty. While Phil was easing the final bits into the little van Martin asked if we would swap details. We waved them off and returned to our sleeping bag for a couple more hours where I dozed off with happy thoughts of Jilly and I playing with her husband and my husband-to-be. Breakfast was brunch in town and at four, all clean and scrubbed, we wandered excitedly down to the farm house for ‘tea ‘n’ tiffin’.

Jilly looked drop dead gorgeous! Her simple flowing dress showed off her breasts perfectly and was just snug enough to emphasis her waist and hips to perfection. It was long enough to be nearly decent. Jilly was wearing the same number of items as me, one! We were both dressed for sex!

To my surprise she stepped in close and pulled me into her arms.

“Oh! I’m so pleased to meet you my dear. Ralph has told me so much about you.”

She gave me a big kiss on the cheek and I found myself returning the hug and the kiss enthusiastically.

I saw Ralph and David shake hands then I was released into Ralph’s arms while Jilly embraced David. I heard some indistinct words and David laughed. I wasn’t concentrating on what they were doing as Ralph was unzipping my dress. I slipped it off without a thought. Even in those early days naked was my favourite outfit. Does that mean I had no dress sense?

David followed Ralph’s lead and there were suddenly two naked women in the kitchen even better dressed for sex. I expected to be led straight upstairs to the bedroom but Jilly said tea was required so that we could get to know each other a little better. As she put it, the boys can have crumpet later and we, she said smiling directly at me, could have tiffin. We sat and drank tea and enjoyed idle chit-chat, if Jilly asking how I had enjoyed Ralph’s fat cock the first time, could be classified as idle chit-chat? From there we explored my week of firsts, seconds and often repeats. I asked about her smooth cunt and was told that it wasn’t always smooth, just for special occasions. Ralph had prepared her that morning and I learned that I had Ralph’s shaved cock to look forward to. Unconsciously I looked at the door to upstairs which made Jilly laugh. She told Ralph to take us upstairs ‘so the boys could warm me up’ while she tidied up a bit.

“Have you tried one of these?” she asked holding out what looked like a small piece of material, as I rose from the table. It was a sleep mask.

“Slip it on when you get upstairs,” she suggested, “it adds a whole new dimension to the sensations”.

I laid on the bed and slipped the mask over my eyes while the boys got undressed. It was totally black! Only the sound of the boys talking softly penetrated the darkness.

“Lift your knees and open wide.” It was Ralph’s voice.

Warm breath blew on my inner thigh and started to move up towards my cunt. There was nothing to distract me and my whole being focussed on the warm caress as it crept ever closer to my cunt. Warm breath ruffled through my bush then worked it’s way down the inside of the other thigh. Silently I screamed ‘No! Don’t go! Please come back!’ but the breath didn’t hear me and continued down until it disappeared.

I waited and waited. It seemed like an age then something wet started up my thigh. A probing tongue, circling, switching from thigh to thigh. It reached my cunt and teased my pussy lips, sucked briefly on my clitty and disappeared. I would have sobbed with frustration had I not been so very turned on. A pair of lips encircled my nipple, the tongue flicked back and forth over it as lips pulled my breast up and suckled on my nipple. A finger stroked gently across my clitty and worked down to part the lips as it searched out the wetness of my greedy cunt. It slipped in without any resistance and found my special spot instantly, perfectly. One mouth left my breast and I felt lips tracing a route directly to my cunt. I opened my legs wider to make it welcome.

Arms held my legs wide, fingers parted my pussy lips and a soft tongue probed deep. The orgasm that had started to build as soon as I slipped the mask on quickly gathered momentum. When the mouth sucked deeply on my clitty I came and shook and came again. The mouth didn’t stop, nor did the fingers. The mouth on my nipple abandoned me to my pleasure as I sensed a leg swing over me and reorganise itself so that both my arms were pinned to the bed. Orgasms rolled over me until I was forced to ask for a rest.

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Crotching Tiger , Ridden Dragon Ch. 08

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The class was standing at attention as Tiger walked around them slowly. He glanced at Little Dragon and nodded and she went into the back room where the supplies were kept. This was a new class full of beginners. The usual first day jitters were present in most of the students.

“The White belt is the first belt you receive. It represents purity and freshness. A new beginning as that of freshly fallen snow. It also represents The Crane.” Tigers arms were folded behind him as he walked slowly around the studio’s mat.

Little Dragon came running back with the sheet in her hand, smiling. She always enjoyed the lesson of the Crane. The first experience of the first day in a karate dojo. All the students eyes widened with curiosity at the large white sheet. Tiger bowed to her and took the sheet in hand.

“The Crane, is no match for a Tiger. There is no comparison to their abilities to fight head on. So the Crane must use evasive tactics to survive an attack from such a creature as the Tiger, Serpent, Jaguar and Dragon.” Tiger looked at Little Dragon and smiled. A student near the back raised their hand.


“What’s the sheet for?” A young boy asked with curiosity.

“I’m getting to that.” Tiger snickered. “Every creature on this Earth has something the others don’t. Do you know what the Crane has to help it in a confrontation?” Tiger asked. Little Dragon was the only one to raise their hand. Tiger gave her a half hearted smile. But being the only one to raise their hand. “Yes, Dee?”

Little Dragon giggled, “A wide wing pan!”

“Yes, the Crane has a very long wing span which it can use to ward off attempts at mid body attacks. For example…you,” Tiger pointed to a student on the front row.

“Me?” The little boy asked nervously.

“Yes you, come bonus veren siteler at me and attack me.” Tiger said with a serious tone. The little boy looked around the room and swallowed deeply then took two slow steps forward uncertain what to do. Tiger whipped the sheet in the air and it covered the little boy fully. The boy was trying desperately to pull the sheet off him with several attempts before he got it removed. The class all giggled.

“The Crane can use it’s wing span to cloak its movements from its opponent. While getting away or taking flight. The wings flutter before the eyes of the tigers attack, the tiger closes it’s eyes and that is just enough time for the Crane to take flight.” Tiger looked at the little boy, “Thank you young man.” Then pointed for him to return to his position in line.

“You take away a persons sight for a split second or longer and that gives you an advantage for a brief moment. Then what you do with that moment is critical because the tiger will not fall for this to many times.” Tiger walked back and forth in front of the class while explaining the techniques of the Crane.

“Ok pair up and practice,” Tiger said while helping the students find a partner and begin using the movements needed to defend as a Crane would. Little Dragon helped several also while the class began to catch on and take turns doing their (Hol sin sols) movements.


That night, Tiger and Little Dragon were in the hot tub on the back porch of their home. Enjoying the steaming, warm, swirling water. Dragon had on a two piece bathing suit while Tiger was in his shorts. Little Dragon stood up and smiled.

“See the Crane,” she said laughing as she stood on one leg, raising her arms high and one leg pulled bedava bahis up out of the water.

“Oh Daniel San, you all wet behind the ears,” he said laughing. Dee reached up behind her and unfastened her bikini top and as it fell into her hands Tigers mouth dropped open with delight. Exposing her perky little breasts and hardened little nipples. “You no Daniel San,” he said with a snicker.

Little Dragon swung her arm wide as a Crane movement and her top went flying towards Tigers face hitting him square in the eyes. Dragon quickly fell on top of Tiger and by the time he got his eyes open again Little Dragon was kissing him as her hand rubbed between his legs.

“Oh my, the Crane is crafty,” Tiger said between kisses.

“The Crane likes the water,” Little Dragon said playfully while rubbing his cock to erection. Then reaching down and pulling his shorts off. Her smile grew and she whipped her pony tail behind her and dove under the water. Tigers eyes got wide as he felt her mouth envelope his organ and he melted into the hot tub seat where he sat.

She came up for a quick breath and dove back down again. Tiger was in heaven and laid his head back on the rim of the tub while Little Dragon once again took him in her mouth while submerged. When she arose again Tiger stood up and allowed her to freely engulf him without the interruptions of gasping for breath. Well, she still had to gasp for breath as she took him fully into her throat and swallowed him whole.

“Oh God,” Tiger yelled out with delight. “Good thing the Crane has a long neck.” And both Little Dragon and Tiger laughed at that response. She playfully licked him and stroked him till he was about to explode. Tiger pulled Little Dragon upwards and turned her around. Pulling her bikini bottoms off quickly deneme bonus and pressing her to bend over.

Little Dragon placed her hands on the tubs rim and wiggled her ass a bit. Tiger gripped her hips and steadied her while pushing into her slowly. She moaned out softly while he pushed himself in deeper. Then began to pump slightly in and out of her wet warm slit. Holding on to her waist he started thrusting harder and harder. Their strides became insync and their moans of pleasure grew louder.

Grasping tighter at her waist, Tiger began to hump feverishly while swelling fully inside Dee. She took her hand and run it around Tigers balls slowly then lightly pulled on them softly.

“Tiger’s tail is wonderful,” she whispered.

“I love to ride the Dragon,” Tiger gasped.

Tiger wildly thrusted himself at her ass while he exploded inside her. Dragons smile grew as she felt the warm surge deeply. He slowed his pace then stopped, jerking slightly from being sensitive. Then withdrew from her and sat back down spent.

“The Crane has tamed the Tiger,” Little Dragon said with a smile. Tigers eyes rolled while slightly shut. Panting lightly he pulled her into his arms and they melted into each other.

“They say cats don’t like the water,” Tiger started. “But this Tiger loves to play with the Dragon in the pool of passion.” They both smiled.

“Well, you know what I like,” Little Dragon said.

“Yeah I know, Crotching Tiger and Ridden Dragon,” Tiger said with confidence.

“Well, that too, but I was going to say, Steamy, hot, mad, passionate sex.” Little Dragon snickered then gave Tiger a deep kiss. They wrapped their arms around each other fully and settled into the pool of passion.

“I’m growing fonder of the way of the Crane,” Tiger said with a slight laugh.

“Yeah, well I’m growing fonder of you every day,” Little Dragon said with a huge smile. Their lips mashed tightly and their tongues twirled each others. The steam rose into the air as the crickets serenaded them into the night, at the pool of passion.

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Community Service at the Courthouse

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Big Dicks

On Thursday, I returned to the courthouse for my first day as a file clerk in juvenile court. I wore my favorite low rise jean mini-skirt with lacy black tank top. As I approached the building I noticed an elderly man struggling to open the door, so I ran to hold it open.

“Thank you, young lady.”

My mouth fell open as I realized this smiling man was the mean old judge who hated me. I watched him enter the door to the juvenile court’s office and waited until he was gone. I then signed in for work and reported to my supervisor.

Mrs. Stoner introduced herself and showed me around the office. She introduced me to all of the staff and legal aids. I don’t believe it was for the purpose of being friendly as much as making sure everyone knew who I was and why I was there. It was very humiliating, none, the less.

She showed me to the mailroom and gave me the pile of mail to distribute. Office to office I was free to roam about the building. If a judge didn’t have their door closed, I was allowed to go straight inside and deliver their mail. I approached Judge Freeman’s office and it was ajar. I lightly knocked on it but heard no response. The judge had fallen asleep in his leather chair while reading some legal paper. Who could blame him?I placed his mail in his inbox and left.

Since court wasn’t in session, I cut through the courthouse to reach the other. However, I couldn’t help myself, I just had to see what it was like to sit in the judge’s chair.

“Shame on you for being with men and boys in the middle of the night. Shame on you for loving how it feels to have a dirty old man touch you where you shouldn’t be touched,” as I pinched my nipples.

“Young lady, you are bad, bad, bad. You have probation. You will be my slave. You bad little girl.” I giggled and raised my legs ontop of the desk.

“Uh hmmm,” I heard someone from behind. “Do you aspire to be part of the judicial system one day young lady?”

I was completely dumbfounded. “Uh uh…”

He stumbled past me to retrieve the reading glasses he left on the desk. I slid past him and looked down on the floor trying not to smile. I then ran out the door and finished my mail delivery without incident.

After my shift, I ran to the badge office to say hi to Mr. Washington. He was already locking up when I reached his office.

“Hi Mr. Washington.”

“Well, if it isn’t badge
04, my favorite number.”

“How was your first day?”


“Well, it’s usually not as exciting as last week was now. That was a special day for Mr. Washington. I love to look at your little picture sometimes. I should have taken more but they were for the badge. As pretty as you are you should be a model?”

“Really? I love having my pictures taken. Modeling would be ok I guess. Modeling for you though would be sweet.”

“ One day you come in and Mr. Washington will some fine pictures with 304 ok, baby?”

“What kind of pictures Mr. Washington?” she whispered and smiled.

“We’ll see. Next time. Come on young lady, I’ll walk you to the bus.”

Today was the day Mr. Washington promised to take pictures of me. I wonder what kinds of things we’ll do together? Will he only take pictures of me or will he be in them too? I hope it will be both of us. I ran passed the long line to his office as soon as I got off the bus. Although I was all hyper and excited, Mr. Washington’s professional composure made me want to crack up. “5:00?” I whispered?

“No actually 4:00. I arranged with Juvenile to have you help here the final hour. OK young lady.”

“Cool, bye see ya at 4:00.”

I rushed through my list of things to do. After delivering the mail and making copies, I was summoned to Judge Freeman’s office.

“Young lady, could you kindly return the pile of books on the floor into the wall? I’m afraid I am unable to climb up the ladder. They are numbered by year and volume. I can help you.”

“Yes sir.”They were all state law books that looked like encyclopedias.

The judge handed me the books and steadied the ladder as I placed them in their proper order. It was a short five-foot ladder and I was not that far above the old man since he stood 6-4 so I didn’t feel too funny about him looking up my skirt, until I had to reach to the top level for the final book. I climbed the final two rungs on the ladder and reached up to the top level where the book left the space. I turned around and as I began to climb down I froze as I realized I was most to the ceiling.

As I looked down at Judge’s baldhead, I started to panic. I sat on the rung and Judge looked up at me.

“What’s wrong?”

“I can’t move. Yes you can. Just move your feet down to me. I’ll place it on the ladder.”

“I’m scared.”

“First of all, you need to turn around. You can’t climb down a ladder facing forward.Turn around. I’m right here.”

Tears began to stream down my face as I attempted to release the grip my hands had around the sides of the ladder. I felt the judge’s strong hand grab my ankle.”

“Relax your ankle, bonus veren siteler hun. Come on. Now scoot down the ladder and I’ll place your feet on the rung.”

Judge Freeman gasped as he placed my left foot on the rung. He had a clear view up my skirt and was able to see my ass as well as my pussy lips since I didn’t wear underwear for Mr. Washington. He looked away and I was able to climb down the rest of the way. Both of us were out of breath after I reached floor level.

“Sir, are you ok?”

“Yes, of course. Of course.”

“Judge Freeman you were so strong and smart. Thank you for helping me down the ladder. I reached over and hugged him. You made me feel very safe.”

He melted and sighed during my hug. And held me tight against his chest. His hand wiped the tears from my face and I lightly kissed his cheek.

“Thank you, I whispered.”

Since he didn’t refuse my kiss, I kissed him again and this time he closed his eyes and enjoyed my shower of kisses. I leaned into his burly chest and nuzzled his neck and kissed on his chest.

“You were so nice to me.” I whispered as I kissed his chest and nipples.

“Ohhhhh,” he sighed.

His hands gripped my face and he stuck his elderly tongue out for me. I slipped my tongue in his mouth. His tongue bathed my neck and ears and while it was not the most romantic or sensual thing I’ve ever felt, his grunting was turning me on.

Then he pushed me down to my knees and pushed my face into his crotch. I opened my mouth and felt his hard cock through his slacks.

“Ohhhh yes” he whispered.

He rubbed his hard old cock on my face and dry humped my mouth. I squatted up and unbuckled his belt and slid his pants down. I was not surprised to see a large tent to substantiate the strength Judge Freeman showed me on the ladder.

My tongue traced his hardness and he smiled in approval when I kissed his balls. As the judge pulled his cock through his boxers I smiled. It was definitely one of the best looking cocks I have ever seen. His cock did not look like an old man’s cock at all. It was around eight inches long with a pink tint to it. My tongue licked the dripping and leaking pre-cum from his shiny bulbous head.

“Mmmmmm” I moaned as I bathed his incredible cock. I loved the taste of his old prick juice leaking in my mouth. My tongue danced around the head and I felt it expanding wider in my mouth.

The judge pulled his cock out of my mouth.

“You are exquisite young lady.” He stated as he pulled his cock over his boxers and I pulled them down the rest of the way. Now I had complete access to his shaft and balls.

Judge Freeman rubbed his cock along my lips and I kissed the head. I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out to receive his perfect cock. My hand began to fondle his balls while he rubbed his cock on my tongue. He then began to thrust his hips toward my face and pushed his cock further inside my mouth. My hands pushed his ass to swallow more of his cock while he held my long brown hair.

“Uhhhh uhhhhh uhhhh”his grunts were increasing as he thrust his cock in and out of my mouth. I moaned as I sucked and slurped his honor’s cock. His sweet precum was freely flowing and I couldn’t wait to taste his cum. He grabbed my hair and fucked my face for an eternity before I finally felt him cum on the back of my throat.

“UUUUUUUUUUUhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” as he held his thick cock inside my mouth. I choked on his copious jism and smiled as I swallowed his cum.

I kissed and licked the rest of his cum from his cock. “Ohhhh Judge Freeman, your cock is incredible.” I kissed on his cock as I pulled his shorts back up. I then pulled his pants on, tucked his shirt back in and buckled his pants.

“Did you enjoy my thank you Judge?”

I kissed him and invaded his mouth with my tongue. I must go now. I have an appointment at 4:00 in Administration.

Mr. Whitaker’s office was locked so I knocked lightly on the door. His sign read out of office return 8:00 am. I heard the door jiggle and could hardly stand myself as the door opened but was surprised to find another black man open the door.

“I’m sorry. I’ll come back another time.”

“Are you Whit’s young lady? Come on in doll. We’re expecting you.”

I almost left when I realized another man knew what I was doing there. My nervousness was not subsided when Mr. Whitaker came from the back of the office.

“Well there’s the loveliest young lady in the county.”

“Who is he Mr. Whitaker?”

“Oh baby, he’s the picture taker. Don’t be afraid. Old Mr. Whitaker is gonna take care of you ok? You and I gonna have a nice time together. I been thinking about you every day. You been thinking about Mr. Whitaker?”

I nodded my head.

“Ok baby, go to the back of my office back there. You’ll see where we’ve set up.”

As I walked in the back, I saw three wrapped boxes with my badge number on it.

I smiled then ripped open the first box to find a white sheer lacy teddy with matching crotchless panties bedava bahis and stockings. The other box had a pair of silver stiletto heels. The final box had a portable cd player.

“Am I wearing these for you Mr. Whitaker?” He grabbed my hand and kissed me, “I had hoped so. I thought white was appropriate as you are my angel.” I picked up the outfit and walked into his office to change.

I placed my ear against the door and heard the men in the other room talking about shots, angles and positions they wanted me in.

“Whit, are you sure she’s not going to squeal?”

“No way, she’s here for part of her sentencing. If she fails then she’ll get in big trouble with Freeman. So she won’t say a word. Whit’s gonna have a grand ole time with this one. I’ll take care of her. Don’t you worry.”

Mr. Whitaker came to the door and lightly tapped, “Are you ready baby?” He then let himself in and saw me sitting in the chair.

“Whatcha doing baby? I’m waiting out here for you.”

“I don’t feel comfortable about this Mr. Whitaker. Can’t that other man leave?”

“Didn’t you say you wanted me to take some sexy pictures of you? Well, Mr. Anderson is going to take the pictures instead?”

Mr. Whitaker then closed the door and walked over to me. His strong but gentle hand reached out mine and he raised me out of the chair. He twirled me around to get a better view of my sexy outfit.

“Mmmmmm, you make Mr. Whitaker happy. Look at you. You are an angel. Mmmm Mmm Mmm. You should have your own magazine”

I smiled, “Really, you think I look like one of those sexy models?”

“Young lady, you look better than Carmen Electra. Damn, you are so hot. Why don’t you show me how nice you look? Do a little dance for me while I sit in this chair. You come and take my clothes off for me.”

“What about the other man?”

“Forget about him baby. This is all about you. OK?”

“Now come here and let me watch you be your lovely self.”

I carefully walked in my stilettos swaying my hips and twirling around the room and towards him.

“Turn around and touch your toes”

I turned around and bent over and his hands rubbed my thighs and ass. The calluses scraped my skin like sand paper. Then I swung around and kissed him on the lips and slithered my tongue into his mouth. I took off his bi-focals and began to unbutton his uniform shirt. As I pulled his shirt off, I bent over and licked his nipples and kissed his chest.

I felt his hardening black cock pocking my ass as I grinded my crotch against this thigh on the easy chair. Mr. Whitaker then pushed me down off the chair and directed me to the floor.

“Take my shoes off.”

I turned around on the chair and bent over to unlace this work boots.

His hands caressed my ass while I untied his laces. I raised up but could barely stand while his hands caressed my thighs and ass. I pushed my ass back toward his face, but he pushed me back down…. “not yet my angel. In due time.”

I sighed in lustful frustration and continued to pull his boots off. As I bent over further, his fingers began to rub the outside of my pussy.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmm” I moaned.

I hadn’t even noticed that Mr. Anderson had snuck into the room while I was kissing his chest.

Mr. Whitaker continued to rub his fingers along my lips. His finger easily slipped inside my pussy and he rotated it around my sopping shaved cunt. He grabbed me by the hair and pulled me back to his chest and slipped his juicy finger in my mouth. I licked and sucked my teen juices off his finger to the gasp of the photographer who was clicking away. I then took Mr. Whitaker’s hand and stuck it back in my pussy then sucked my juices off again.

Mr. Whitaker then began to rub his cock into my back and began to pull and pinch my nipples. I so wanted to just pull that big black cock out and fuck him right there but he wouldn’t let me touch his cock. I was so hot and wanted to be fucked I thought I would just scream.

He pushed me off his lap and I spun around to face him. I leaned over and we shared a long passionate kiss while the shutter continued to flicker. I licked and kissed my way down his chest and large belly to his belt. As I grabbed this belt buckle, Mr. Whitaker raised his hips to allow me to take his pants off. His cock popped out from his white briefs and slapped me on the side of my face with a thud. I looked up at him and laughed then leaned over to kiss his experienced cock.

The photographer who was right behind Mr. Whitaker in the chair, then whispered, “Stick your tongue out baby.”

I looked up at Mr. Whitaker and he nodded in approval. “Just look at me baby. It’s all about you and me ok?”I smiled while Mr. Whitaker’s cock was still leaning against my face. My tongue stuck out of the side of my mouth and I faced the camera as slowly grazed his long black cock with my small tongue.

Mr. Whitaker grabbed my face away from his cock.

“Not yet, young lady.”

I smiled at him and continued to quickly pull his pants down and deneme bonus take the rest of his boots and socks off.

“Ok, now you’re naked. Fuck me.”

“Baby, I don’t fuck young white girls. What kind of man you think I am?”

“Oh yeah? I bet you’ll fuck this one?” as I lay on the floor and rolled around humping and grinding myself against the floor. I then raised a leg on the chair for him to see my swollen wet pussy. My hands pinched and pulled my nipples. I then rolled over on my hands and knees and rubbed my pussy from behind. I watched him lick his lips as I plunged two fingers into my pussy and began to fuck myself. I arched my back and circled my clit with my fingers then reinserted them inside me. I held them out to Mr. Whitaker who no longer had the strength to tease me and he dove down at me from the chair.

His tongue bathed my fingers clean. He then posed me in various positions for Mr. Anderson. First he spread my lips real wide and plunged a few fingers inside but wouldn’t fuck me with them. I moaned in frustration and tried to satisfy myself but he swatted my hands away from my own pussy.

“Not yet angel. Be patient ok?”

Then flipped me on my hands and knees and spread my ass for the camera. I almost passed out when I felt his soft wet tongue lick my ass and then circle my pucker hole. Mr. Whitaker indulged himself in giving me a rimming and felt that familiar feeling. Mr. Anderson told Mr. Whitaker to stick his tongue in my ass which set me off. My first wave came so hard that I pushed myself back on Mr. Whitaker.

“Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh GOD Mr. Whitaker. I’m cumming already.”

Mr. Whitaker replaced his tongue with a finger and sucked my cum juices which started another wave of climax. I began to hyperventilate and came close to passing out.

Mr. Whitaker and Mr. Anderson continued to pose and photograph me. I was on my hands and knees on his desk while his cock was the entrance of my pussy but he would not enter, I was so hot for him to enter me. Then he had me masturbate for the camera some more but would allow me to cum. Then I stripped the rest of my clothes off and they shot me totally nude in about the same poses.

Mr. Whitaker dressed me in his uniform shirt then laid me back on the coffee table. Finally he let me lick his balls while he stood over me on the table. I stroked his long cock while his balls hung low on my face. He then spun me around and arched my back over the table. Mr. Whitaker reached under the table and pulled something out of a bag. While my body was completely arched over the coffee table, Mr. Whitaker plunged a flexible purple dildo into my pussy. I was so excited to finally have something inside me that I spread my legs as wide as I could. The room was filled with the sloshing noise my pussy gave as he fucked with me that toy.

“Turn over”

I felt him tonguing my ass as he continued to fuck me with the purple toy. “


I knew I was close again. Then he replaced the toy with a vibrating dildo.

“Whit, look at the camera while u tongue that pink asshole. Oh yeah…fuck that’s hot.”

As he continued to fuck me the dildo kept vibrating against my clit and I started to cum again. I held onto the table for dear life and screamed as that wet tongue continued to bathe my ass. My legs and body shook with orgasm and I was completely spent.

They let me drift to sleep a bit and they continued to take pictures with various props. I relaxed on the couch as they dripped wax and chocolate on me which felt incredible.

“Ok. Mr. Anderson, we have enough pictures I think. My baby deserves her reward.”

Mr. Whitaker joined me on the couch and he kissed and cuddled me. We wrapped our legs around each other and passionately kissed and felt each other. Mr. Whitaker gently kissed my neck and licked my ears with no noise from the camera. Just passionate love making. He slowly covered my body in kisses and gentle licks.

I shook when he took my nipple in his mouth and circled it with his tongue. He gently pulled it with his teeth and it stood in attention. He was an incredible attentive lover whom made me completely insatiable. Mr. Whitaker then made his way down my body and kissed my inner thighs for an eternity. He sniffed my glistening pussy and kissed it slowly.

“Mmmmmmmm damn girl you taste so good to me.” As he gently lapped my dribbling cunt.

“Ohhhhhh” I groaned as I felt his tongue swirling my clit then licking up and down my pussy.” I raised my hips and wrapped my arms around the arm of the couch. As I did my hand brushed against a hairy leg. I looked up and saw Mr. Anderson completely naked stroking his small black penis. I closed my eyes as Mr. Whitaker sucked and pulled gently on my clit with his tongue. I held on tighter to the couch and started to buck into his face harder. My fourth orgasm hit me the hardest and longest and I yelled and panted in satisfaction.



Then he climbed ontop of me and slowly inserted his long cock inside me. I could hardly move but that didn’t stop this sexy grandfather of seven. He slowly thrust his cock inside me and then pulled out. I was shocked when he got off top of me and signaled me over to him. He laid back on the couch.

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Cottage at the Lake

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My husband and I had planned a week’s vacation at our lake cabin and I had gone up early to open it and buy food for the week. I was sitting on the glassed in porch late Friday afternoon, watching the sun on the water and gulls swooping about when my cell phone rang. I got up to answer it and it was my husband. He has a good job as a tech consultant. Unfortunately because he is very good he has to be on call.

“Honey, I’m sorry, but one of our top clients server system crashed last night. I have to go out of town to get it back up and running, then do the clean up and try to figure out what went wrong.”

“Damn! When do you leave?”

“They have plane tickets for me. I leave in two hours.”

“Oh, shit. When will you be back?”

“I expect I am going to be gone all week.”

“Jesus, don’t they know you have a life?”

“Honey, it’s my job. It pays the bills and then some. Just stay up there and enjoy the lake. Get some sun and swim. I’ll call as often as I can. Maybe I can get the job done quickly and I can come up. Don’t let me not getting there spoil the good time you can have.”

“All right. But we have to talk to your boss. This crap is getting old.”

I know my husband was remembering the two years that he missed the lady’s golf championship. He was so apologetic for that when it happened. I remembered it too and blushed, glad that he wasn’t there to see my scarlet face. I hadn’t been the good little wife on either of those weekends, even though I had never had sex with a man.

“Look, I’m sorry. I’ll try to make it up to you after I get back.”

“I’m sorry too. Please don’t think I am angry with you. I am just disappointed. I wanted to be with you this week. I love you. Have a good time and don’t work too hard.”

“I love you too and I am going to miss you.”

“Me too. Now you should get going so you can catch your plane. Call me.”

“I will.”

As I disconnected I sighed. Then I went to the fridge and took out a bottle of wine. I uncorked it and poured myself a glass and went back on the porch. Just absolutely fucking fantastic, I thought. All alone with no one to keep me company. I gazed out at the water again, sipping my wine and feeling sorry for myself.

I soon found my glass empty and filled it again. After I had finished the second glass of wine, I got up and walked down to the beach. Our dock and boathouse beckoned to me. I got up and walked into the boathouse. Shit! I had no clue how to run our boat; my husband always did that. I walked out and slipped off my sandals, digging my toes into the sand. The sun felt warn and soothing on me. With a deep sigh, I walked back to the cabin and got another glass of wine. Then I walked back out and sat on the end of the dock, dangling my legs and feet in the water.

As I sat there I heard the sound of a boat motor and shortly after a good sized runabout came into sight. There were four guys on it and they looked at me. I waved to them, still feeling sorry for myself. The boat turned and slowly motored towards our dock.

“Hey, Mrs. Johnson.”

“Oh my god. Is it Billy? And Jack?”

“Yeah, it is, but I prefer Bill now.”

I looked at the two young men who I used to baby-sit for our neighbors at the lake over ten years ago. God how time flies! Now they were young men. And as I looked at them and smiled, I realized that they really were young men. And I also realized that I was alone again. My mind flashed back to the caddies and the golf tournaments and I felt my face heat.

“These are our friends from college, Rob and Mike.”

“Pleased to meet you boys. Did Bill and Jack tell you that I used to baby-sit them?”

“No, but I am sure it was their pleasure. Nice to meet you Mrs. Johnson”

I smiled at all of them feeling the heat leave my face. “Are your parents up too?”

“No, they gave us the cabin for the week to get away after school let out and to rest and relax before we have to find jobs for the summer.”

“Oh that’s too bad, I would have loved to see them again. It’s been a while.”

As we talked I could feel eyes on me, interested eyes. I felt a little nervous.

“Is your husband up?”

“No, he had to go out of town for work. He was supposed to be up tonight, but he is flying out about right now.”

The looks I was getting seemed to get more intense, more appraising, as they looked at me.

“Well, Mrs. Johnson, maybe we can come around and take you for a ride or some skiing.”

“That would be nice although I don’t ski.”

“Well we have a inner tube too, we could pull you on that. It’s a lot of fun.”

“We’ll see boys, good to see you again.”

I got up and began to walk down the dock towards our cabin after waving goodbye. Obviously some one didn’t know how well sound carries over water.

“Did you see the body on her? Christ!”

“Jesus, Rob, she has to be close to forty if not over it.”

“I don’t care, she looked hot.”

I was shocked, but inside I was pleased. For the last five casino siteleri years I had worked out, trying to get my youthful body back for my husband. I had lost weight and toned up quite a bit. Because I had gained weight, I had put away my bikinis and purchased a couple of one-piece bathing suits. Now I wondered how I would look in a bikini again. The young man who had seen me as woman, not some old middle aged bat kind of excited but embarrassed me. God, I was almost twice as old as the boys were!

I walked into the cabin, still hearing the voice calling me hot and suddenly felt very naughty. I hurried into the bedroom and stripped naked. Then I dug in dresser drawers until I found my old bikinis. I looked in the mirror at my body, the body that was white from just below my neck to my thigh tops. I had to admit that I looked good for a forty something woman. I slipped on the white bikini; noting that it was loose on me. I had lost weight! I stripped it off and tried on the blue one. It was loose also. But it looked good on me except for my white skin. I got some lotion and a towel, deciding that I was going to tan for my husband. I walked back out with another glass of wine and put my towel on the beach. Then I spread lotion on my exposed skin, especially the white parts. Then I lay down on the towel in the sun, sipping my wine, working on my tan. After I had toasted both sides and finished the wine, I strolled back to the cabin and fixed a light dinner. I had more wine with dinner, not wanting the bottle to go flat and was a little tipsy still after I cleaned up. It was getting dark out and I wanted to get in the water.

Still in my loose blue bikini, I walked down to the shore and slowly walked into the water. It felt cool and wonderful on my skin. I dove into the water and felt a tug on my bottoms. Ignoring that, I swam out deeper. After a few strokes and kicks, I felt my bottom slipping down a little. I was still feeling blue without my husband, but naughty too. I just kept kicking and I felt them slide below my ass. The cool water felt good on my skin

It was pretty dark and I felt devilish. So, I stopped swimming and began to tread water. Once the bottom had slipped past my ass it was much looser and headed south. I got nervous and swam back in towards shore, with my bottom easing down to my knees. Once I knew I could stand and have my head above water, I did. I reached down for my bottom to pull it up. As my hands touched it, I felt that naughty part of me come to the fore.

I glanced around, I was alone. I stood still for a while, listening. I could hear the boys talking further down the shore. I couldn’t see them, just a hint of shadows and instead of pulling my bottom up, I pushed it down. I lifted a foot and then the other, removing the bottom and stood, naked below the waist in the water. It felt so good! My husband and I had skinny dipped a few times, but usually there were too many people around for that. Now it was as though I was on a deserted island. The murmuring sounds of the boys talking made me feel nervous. I breast stroked to our dock, holding my bottom in one hand, feeling the cool water slide across my naked skin.

Once I reached the end of the dock, I didn’t want this feeling of freedom to end. I quietly set my bottom on the end of the dock and looked around once more. It was dark, just a hint of the sun peering over the western horizon. I giggled at what I was thinking and then unclasped the top. I slid it down my arms and off and crouched naked in the water and the dark. My top joined my bottom on the dock.

I took a deep breath and quietly swam out deeper, naked. It felt so good to have the cool water caressing my naked skin. Without thinking, I found myself swimming towards the cabin the boys were at. I paddled along quietly until I was in front of their cabin. Then I swam in slowly until I felt sand under my feet. I was looking at them, sitting on the beach. I was partially crouched down, so I was under the water. Feeling even naughtier, I slowly stood up, shivering as my body came out of the water. I forced myself to straighten up. I was covered to just above my pubic hair, but the rest of me, the naked me was out of the water. My nipples felt so hard! The combination of the cool air and what I was doing excited them. I faced the boys, bare from below my waist up. I wanted them to see me and I didn’t want them to see me. I wanted them to come out with me and I didn’t want it. I was conflicted. I was remembering my caddie slowly undressing me in front of him and the other caddies. I felt tingles in my nipples and pussy. I remembered the embarrassment and excitement of being naked in front of them. I staggered a little as I shuddered. The water splashed.

“What was that?”

I watched as one looked out toward me and I hurriedly crouched down, hiding.

“Nothing, just a wave.”

“No, I’m sure something is out there.”

“Most likely a muskrat or otter.”

I slowly began to edge deeper and as soon as I was covered I güvenilir casino took a deep breath. Stupid girl! You could have been caught. I quietly swam back to our cabin and hurriedly picked my suit. Idiot! I was going to put it on, but my mind teased me again and I just held it in my hand and walked up to the cabin naked. I shivered as I did. Thank god, no one was here to see me!

I had another glass of wine, way too many for me in one day. I sat on the porch in the dark, a towel wrapped around me, sipping it. I teased it open and finished my wine, bare to the dark. I set my glass in the sink and went to bed naked. For the first time in a long time I dreamed of my caddie stripping me naked. I woke up, tangled in the sheets with my legs spread open and one hand over a breast with an erect nipple.

I got up and wrapped a dry towel around myself. I made some toast and coffee and sat on the deck, eating and enjoying the lake and the sun. The boys cruised by in their boat, waving at me. I felt deliciously naughty, sitting in just a towel. I saw a glint from their boat and thought nothing of it. Eventually I got up and put on the white bikini. I walked to the shore and spread lotion on my skin again and lay out in the sun. I ignored the sound of the boat as it passed. They still didn’t know how well sound carried over water.

“Look at her. God, she can’t be over forty.” “Well, if she isn’t, she’s close to it. She could be all our mothers.”

“Yeah, well my mother doesn’t look like that. You saw her this morning when we went by. She was naked under that towel.”

I almost jerked upright. Shit! I hadn’t meant for them to see anything.

“So what, the towel covered everything.”

“Yeah, but she was naked under it. You saw her too in the binoculars.”

Oh, the little shits! They were spying on me! They were spying on an old woman. I was a little upset. But my body tingled once more. I stayed on my towel, sunning. My skin turns dark so fast. I was starting to lose my whiteness, except for the bits my bikini covered. I swam a couple of times, carefully, as this suit was loose also. Eventually I undid the top and sunned my entire back. They kept going back and forth. I knew the little shits were peering at me through binoculars too. It sort of excited me! All the sun tired me out and later in the afternoon I went inside to rest where it was cooler. I took off the suit to wash the lotion out of it and the devil hit me again. I stayed naked, sitting on the porch, reading, but making sure I watched for them. I was sure they couldn’t see anything, but I was kind of nervous. Kind of nervous but enjoying being naked, at maybe being caught naked. Finally as they made another pass in front, I stood up and faced the windows for a few moments and then turned so my ass faced them. Then I walked into the main room and put on a tank top and a pair of shorts. Then I walked down to the dock and dangled my feet in the water again.

Sure enough, they came by again and motored in closer. My nipples were erect and I could see them easily.

“Hi, Mrs. Johnson. Would you like to go for a ride?”

All four of them were staring at me. I felt really naughty.

“No, I don’t think so, today. I got a lot of sun and I am not thinking clearly right now. I just think I will enjoy the water on my legs.”

“OK, we’ll check with you again.”

“Bye, boys.”

As they went back out, I could hear them.

“Fuck, did you see her nipples?”

“Jesus, yes! God did they stick out!” I blushed but I was enjoying them looking at me too. I made me feel younger and perhaps not that alone. I was sort of proud that an old woman like me could excite a bunch of college boys. I went in a fixed a light dinner and took the wine bottle. I sat on the porch watching the lake and birds and occasionally the boys going by. I could see the glint of light as they used their binoculars to see if they could see me undressed. My nipples tightened as I thought of them wanting to see me. Jesus, get a grip, Beth.

Soon it was getting dark and I was tipsy again. I stripped off on the porch and put on the blue bikini. I looked out and could see nothing. I stepped out on our deck and looked again. Nothing was in sight. I walked to the dock and stood at the end, trying to decide. I made up mind, stripped off the bikini and slipped into the water naked. Damn, it felt good to be naked in the cool water!

Without really thinking, I swam out and then turned towards the boy’s cabin. Slowly and quietly I swam down until I was in front of their cabin again. I swam in closer and listened to them. They were just talking, not about me, and I was slightly disappointed. I got into waist deep water and duck walked in closer. Then I stood up, until I was upright. The water only came part way up my thighs. My pussy was bare! As I listened, my hands cupped my breasts. I teased myself, pretending that they were watching me. God, I was hot!

Before long they were talking about me again.

“Goddamn, she has canlı casino great nipples!”

“Yeah, well, don’t get your hopes up. She isn’t going to show them to you.”

“I can dream can’t I?”

“I guess we’ll know who is beating off tonight.”

That was followed by some laughter. I felt my body tingle as I thought of one of them jacking off, thinking of me. And he hadn’t even seen anything! I couldn’t stand it. I slipped back down and slowly swam deeper, feeling the cool water sliding over me. It made me hotter. I got to our dock. With an evil grin, I hung my suit on the posts on the end and walked into the cabin naked again.

The next morning I was on the porch, drinking coffee. The boys motored by, slowly.

“Shit, her suit is on the end of the dock.”

“No way.”

“Take a look.” “Damn, it is. I bet she was skinny dipping last night!”

“I’d pay to see that!”

I felt my pussy clench. I stood up, turned sideways to the window and slipped off my robe, standing naked. I ignored the boys and just stood there. I wondered if they were using the binoculars. I didn’t know if I wanted them to see me, but I was excited. My nipples were hard; they almost always were now that I had started teasing the boys. I felt good and bad. Good, that they were interested in me, but bad that I was teasing them. I listened.

“Fucking screen, I can’t tell.”

“Can’t tell what.”

“I think she is naked, but the screen distorts so I can’t be sure.”

I didn’t want to find out if they could see, so I walked into the cabin and put on the white bikini. Taking my towel and lotion, I walked out to sun again. I laid out the towel, spread lotion on and lay down, my feet facing the water. I ignored them and they watched when they came by after I had lain out. I pretended I was dozing and listened.

“Oh god, that ass!”

“Look, her top is undone.”

“Oh Jesus, you can take me now.”

I giggled to myself. I had forgotten how horny young guys get when they think they are seeing something. I stretched and sat up, holding my top over my breasts with one arm.

“Oh, boys, I didn’t hear you.”

“Hi, Mrs. Johnson, nice day, isn’t it?”

I blushed and tried to slip an arm into the top’s strap.

“Yes, it is. Don’t you boys have something better to do than sneak up on an old lady?”

They flushed. I was still blushing.

“Sorry Mrs. Johnson.”

“That’s all right, I was just teasing you. But try to make a little more noise next time. You surprised me.”

A chorus of sorries followed that but their eyes were focused on my breasts under my arm and loose top. I was feeling very warm.

“Turn around boys.” They turned their backs and I slipped my top on and clasped it.

“All right.”

They turned back, disappointed to see me dressed again.

“See you later boys.”

“Bye, Mrs. Johnson.”

I walked back to our cabin, giving a little extra wiggle to my ass, smiling to myself. I knew they all were staring. I made me feel hot and younger and desirable. The teasing I was doing was making me feel less lonely.

I made a light lunch and took a short nap. When I woke up it was raining and overcast. I sighed. Then I smirked to myself. I hadn’t seen the boys for a while and they surely wouldn’t be out in the rain. I slipped outside. Even with the overcast and rain it was light out. I walked into the water and to the end of our dock. I tossed my towel on the end of the dock under the awning. Devilishly I removed my bottoms. I stuffed them underneath the dock on a cross member. I looked around again and crouched down, removing my top. That joined my bottoms. Then I began to swim out to deeper water, reveling in the feel of being naked. It felt so damn good!

I swam and floated enjoying the feelings. Enjoyed until I heard a boat motor. I jerked my head up and spluttered as I sank underwater. My head broke water and I looked around. Shit! The boys were coming by from further out in the lake! I began to swim as fast as I could but I couldn’t get away. They had spotted me and motored up behind me. I wanted to cry. I stopped swimming and began to tread water. They pulled up close.

“Hi Mrs. Johnson.”

“Ah, hi, boys.”

I kept turning so my back was to them, but they kept circling me. I was afraid they knew.

“Do you like swimming in the rain?” “Ah, boys, why don’t you go home.”

“Mrs. Johnson, don’t you like us?”

“Not at the moment. Now, please leave.”

“Problems, Mrs. Johnson?”

“Fine, just stay here then.”

“Sure Mrs. Johnson.”

I peeked over my shoulder at them, smirking at me. I began to swim away, watching them carefully. Then I got my naughty shot. I jack knifed my body and my bare white ass was above the water for them to see. I swam in and they followed me.

“Did you see her ass, I bet that she’s naked!”

I felt my face heat in the cool rain. I kept swimming and they kept coming behind me. I reached the dock and crouched down in the water. They slowed the boat and idled about ten feet away.

“Boys this is not a good idea.”

“Mrs. Johnson, we think it’s a great idea.”

They were all smirking at me. I tugged my suit from under the dock and sighed.

“I don’t suppose you would leave.”

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Discount Auto Ch. 02

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Alright folks, here it is, the Final two chapters of Discount Auto. I apologize for it taking me so long but it was very difficult for me to follow this story to its logical conclusion. For a while it looked like I would never finish this story until I received a message from a fellow author. Sa2222 told me politely to get off my ass and finish the damn story. I told him how busy I was and the difficulty I was having. He had none of my excuses and even offered to write part of the story. I read all of his work and was amazed. Needless to say if it weren’t for him you wouldn’t be reading this story now. These last two chapters are as much his as they are mine. So do yourself a favor and check out his work. Chapter 3 is already written. You should see it in a few days. As always thanks for all the kind words and take care.

Rachel Rowland’s eyes slowly opened as the morning sun made its presence known through her bedroom window. As she stretched underneath her blanket she ran her hands over her naked body. She usually never slept completely naked, at least wearing panties, but here lately, the reason for her nudity was becoming a bit of an annoyance. For the last several nights Rachel had been having a great deal of trouble getting to sleep. The last thing she did before going to bed the night before was to bring herself to a huge orgasm. In and of itself, what she did wasn’t why she was frustrated. It was who occupied her mind while she pleasured herself. She sat up in bed and ran her fingers through her long dark hair, and then she grabbed an old t-shirt and her panties from the foot of her bed. The t-shirt was three sizes too large and covered her to mid thigh; it was her favorite outfit to lounge around the house in. As she made her way downstairs Rachel was looking forward to a relaxing day of lying in the sun. Every Saturday she followed the same routine, it was her favorite way to unwind. Once downstairs Rachel looked out the living room window and noticed that her son’s car was gone.

“He’s going to drive the wheels off that thing.” Rachel smiled to herself.

It had been a couple weeks since her son had gotten the car of his dreams and Rachel still smiled every time he got in it and drove off. He deserved the car and Rachel was happy she could get it for him. The only problem was that every time Rachel thought about her son and his car she also remembered what she did to get him the car. As Rachel poured herself a cup of coffee images of her son’s friend David and what she did with him flashed through her mind. Rachel could remember almost every detail of her short time with the young man. The thoughts of David were becoming harder and harder to get out of her mind. She knew it was kind of strange for her to be so fixated on her son’s friend but she couldn’t help herself. It’d been forever since Rachel was with a man, any man, let alone one as cute as she thought David was. Rachel felt a tingle run through her body and as she glanced downward she could see her nipples clearly through her shirt.

“Ok…that’s it. I need a shower, a very cold shower.” Rachel thought.

Once upstairs Rachel took off her t-shirt and peeled off her panties before stepping into the hot shower. She had somewhat come to terms with what she’d done, and now if she remembered fondly what happened, she’d just have to use her fingers or one of her toys to satisfy herself. Speaking of which, as Rachel’s hand glided over her breasts her nipples were very sensitive. A shiver ran down her spine and stopped right between her thighs. Rachel bit her bottom lip and did her best to finish her shower. She wasn’t about to let herself lose control so soon after pleasuring herself just last night.

“If David were here right now…” Rachel thought before chastising herself for thinking such a naughty thing.

Down the street Rachel’s son Will was walking very slowly towards his house. He was covered in dirt and looked like hell. Will was shaking his head and talking to himself as he made his way up the driveway.

“How the hell am I gonna explain this?” Will asked himself.

Last night Will had gone out with a very pretty girl who, until he got his car, wouldn’t give him the time of day. The night started out fine but after some drinking he had managed to wager his car in a street race with some huge Mexican guy named Chino. Long story short, Will lost the race and his car. He had to walk the ten miles or so back to his house in disgrace. The last he saw of his cute date was the back of her head as his car vanished into the distance. Thinking about how his mother would react made his stomach hurt. She worked so hard to get him the car, Will felt like a big bag of shit for being so stupid.

In her bedroom Rachel had finished her shower and was putting on her sunglasses and her swimsuit. She’d put on a purple bikini before tying her hair back into a pony tail. Rachel looked herself over in the mirror just to make sure she wasn’t dressed too sexy. She liked playfully teasing casino siteleri her neighbors but she didn’t want to be known as the neighborhood slut. The contrast between the bikini and her dark skin was something to behold but still on the appropriate side.

Just as Rachel walked out the back door Will stumbled in the front. The only thing on his mind was a hot shower and some sleep. He looked around timidly for his mother and was very relieved to see her in the back yard. Giving the neighbors a show would keep her busy for a few hours. Slowly Will made his way upstairs and got into the shower.

Outside, Rachel immediately noticed her usual crowd. She smiled and waved at a few of them. After unfolding her lawn chair Rachel laid down on her stomach. Across the fence there were two middle-aged men with beer-bellies, one of which was her neighbor, drinking beer and glancing in Rachel’s direction, unsuccessfully trying to be discrete about ogling the attractive woman. Taking advantage of the fact that her sunglasses allowed her to glance at her fans without them being able to tell, Rachel smiled as she noticed Mr. Billings fumbling with the hedge clippers while staring in her direction. The nice old man would probably have had a heart attack if he’d seen Rachel this morning walking around in her favorite t-shirt and not much else.

Rachel was as relaxed as could be. The sun felt wonderful. Everything in the world felt great right now relaxing in her bikini on her day off while her son, Will, was probably out driving around in his dream car that she bought for him. The only thing missing was a male companion in her life, she thought. Dating was not a priority because she knew it would upset Will, but she had come to the realization that the reason she looked so forward to her weekends with her fans was because she liked being wanted. If she had someone to be with maybe she wouldn’t need the stares from across the fence so much. As she lay there thinking she was also aware of how uncharacteristically horny she had become as of late, as evidenced by her giving herself to Will’s cute friend to buy the car. Maybe she was just now reaching her sexual peak? As she pondered this, she noticed a familiar warmth between her legs and her nipples began to get hard.

“My god, I don’t know what’s gotten into me lately.” she thought as she slightly rubbed her pussy against the fabric of the lawn chair.

Thanks to the afternoon sun Rachel had gotten really hot, so she sat up and fanned her face with her well-manicured hand. Rachel thought about going inside to relieve some of her pent up sexual energy, but she decided to stay outside because there was plenty of time for that later, whereas the sun was only going to be over the back yard for another hour or two so she needed to take advantage.

About this time, Will had gotten out of the shower. He slowly got dressed and sat on his bed for a while still trying to think of something to say to his mother about the car.

In the back yard, Rachel reached over and grabbed her sun block. As soon as she popped the top, she noticed someone walking through the back gate towards her. The glare from the sun was so bright that she couldn’t tell who it was.

“Hi Ms. Rowland, how are you?” Todd asked staring at Rachel.

“Oh, hi Todd, I didn’t recognize you from a distance. How are you?” Rachel replied. She was slightly annoyed that it was Todd, of all Will’s friends who happened to catch her in her bikini. Rachel had overheard Todd talking about her inappropriately to Will several years ago. Most of the time Rachel thought it was cute when Will’s friends had a crush on her or acted nervous around her. Todd however, was a little older and cockier about what he would do to her if he could.

Todd was a car buff and ever since Will had gotten his car they had started to hang out more and more. Once, Rachel had asked her son why Todd needed such a supped up sports car, he replied that Todd was into street racing. Rachel didn’t like hearing that, and told Will he wasn’t allowed to be in Todd’s car during the races. It was simply too dangerous. Todd was a couple years older than Will and out of school, so he spent a lot of free time devoted to his street racing hobby. Todd was no different than Will’s other friends in that he was in love with Rachel Rowland and jerked off fantasizing about her all of the time. He was well-shaped and good looking, but he was a bit rough around the edges.

“I’m fine. Looks like you’re having a nice, relaxing day,” Todd said towering over his friend’s mother’s scantily clad body as she sat on the lawn chair. He had his sunglasses on, so she couldn’t tell that his eyes were roaming over her glistening body.

“It’s sooo relaxing out here in the sun,” Rachel said followed by a deep sigh. “So what brings you over here? Will’s not home right now.”

Todd wasn’t sure if she knew about Will’s car trouble, she at least appeared to be in a good mood, so he figured he’d güvenilir casino better not say anything. Todd was there to talk the situation over with Will. He was the one who introduced Will to Chino in the first place. Will was out of his league when dealing with Chino, so it was no surprise he was hustled out of his new car. Todd told Will he wasn’t sure if he could do anything to help get the car back. Chino was a tough guy to crack, and Todd simply didn’t have a say in the matter. He told Will he would come over and brainstorm about ways to get his car back from Chino, but it would likely cost them something.

“I was hoping Will was here, but he must be out with David or something,” Todd said, purposely leaving the car out of the discussion. Todd had ringed the doorbell, but nobody answered because Rachel was in the backyard and Will was upstairs, so he came around through the back gate. To his pleasant surprise, the gorgeous Ms. Rowland was sunbathing in a bikini. He figured this opportunity didn’t present itself often, so he wanted to take advantage.

“Yeah, he’s never around now that he’s got the car, but I’m so happy he’s enjoying it. It was…difficult for me to get the car for him,” Rachel said, smiling nervously. A mental image of David crossed her mind, and she felt chills run down her spine. They were good chills though. She scolded herself for continuing to feel horny when thinking about her escapade in the front seat of Will’s car.

“Do you mind if I pull up a chair? This sun feels nice and relaxing,” Todd said not waiting for an answer as he walked over to the patio.

“Um, sure,” she said surprised that the young man wanted to stick around even though Will wasn’t there. She figured the bikini had something to do with it, which made her grin slightly. It was very flattering for her when one of Will’s friends got that way around her, even if it was Todd. The young man grabbed another lawn chair and set it up right next to Rachel. To her surprise, he removed his shirt.

Rachel looked his body over behind her sunglasses. He was young and fit, and with his shirt off she had to admit he looked pretty good. Like all women do eventually when sizing a man up, Rachel’s eyes eventually wandered down to Todd’s crotch. She stared just a bit too long for her comfort.

“Rachel, what is wrong with you?” she thought as Todd sat down in the chair.

Todd was a bad boy, unlike David who was sweet. She had always preferred the sweet kind of guy, but Todd’s cocky demeanor was having an effect on her libido.

“Do you mind if I use some of that suntan lotion?” Todd asked, eyeing Ms. Rowland’s sexy body, noticing her nipples poking through her bikini top.

“Sure, I was about to put some more on myself,” she said snapping out of her daze and handing the bottle to him. Rachel glanced casually at Todd while he rubbed some on his chest, and she couldn’t help continuing to be aroused. She cursed herself for not going inside to masturbate instead of staying outside in the sun.

Todd glanced over towards Rachel and felt his mouth water a bit as he watched a drop of sweat follow the curve of her breast as it cascaded down between her tits. He figured there was no harm in having a little fun with Will’s mom.

“Ms. Rowland, do you mind putting this on my back and arms? I can’t reach everything,” he asked casually.

Once again he didn’t wait for an answer as he handed her the bottle and turned his back towards her. Rachel was caught a bit off guard. Todd was so sure of himself she figured she’d play along for now. Normally she wouldn’t do such a thing if Will were around because he would be embarrassed, but since he wasn’t home, she figured what the hell. Besides, her hormones were clouding her judgment.

Rachel squirted some in her hand and reached up to his shoulders. As soon as she started rubbing, Todd turned towards her and caught her wrists.

“Come sit over here, Ms. Rowland,” he said tugging her wrists towards him. “You won’t be able to get every spot from that far away.”

Before she knew it, Rachel had slid over into his chair and her legs were on each side of him. He felt her warm body all around him as she positioned herself behind him as if she was hitching a ride from him on the back of a motorcycle. Rachel didn’t wait to start rubbing the lotion over his shoulders and upper back. Todd grinned to himself, the fact that Rachel was willing to lather him up made his year. His eyes were roaming all over her silky smooth thighs below. Todd laid his hand on Rachel’s thigh and gave it a little squeeze. Rachel’s eyes opened a bit more but she let the boy have his little thrill, besides it felt good. She almost stopped right there as she noticed her neighbors watching her. The thought of them watching her with the young man however, did little to dissuade her.

The two of them made small talk as she put the lotion all over his back. She was a bit uncomfortable at first, but as they chatted she began to relax. canlı casino While they talked Todd continued to massage Rachel’s thighs and the feeling it was giving her was hard to ignore. Rachel moved her hands over to his arms and started rubbing the lotion there. Todd began sliding his butt back slowly so that he could feel the crotch of her bikini. At the same time, he leaned his torso forward and extended his arms to the front so that Rachel had to lean forward to rub the lotion on him. The result of this was her breasts pressing into his bare back. Todd was all smiles as he took advantage of the situation. Rachel’s breasts rubbed against his back, which felt wonderful to the young man. The feeling wasn’t entirely lost on Rachel either, feeling the young man’s muscular back rubbing against her chest was feeling a little bit too good.

“Ok, I think you’re safe,” Rachel said pulling away from him and getting back into her chair.

She smiled to herself as she knew the game he was trying to play. She had to admit it was exciting flirting with the young man, and despite her putting an end to the lotion rubbing, she was still in a playful mood.

“Well now the only thing that’s left is for me to return the favor.” Todd said in a cocky manner.

Rachel gave Todd a glance over her sunglasses to let him know she was very aware of what he was doing. Todd gave her a sly grin which made Rachel smile.

“Sure.” She said as she moved her hair out of the way.

Todd gave a cocky look to some of the neighbors before sitting down behind Rachel on the lawn chair. He slowly started to rub lotion on her shoulders and arms before moving to her back. Rachel was really turned on and really liked having a man’s hands on her. She wasn’t sure what had come over her, usually her flirting never went this far. The thrill of being naughty was turning her on more and more. Rachel was so in-tune to the boy rubbing her back that she forgot the neighbors were watching, and she certainly didn’t know Will was home either.

Todd chatted with her casually while he finished putting the lotion on her back, but he wasn’t done by a long-shot. He was going to see how far he could get. Todd squirted some more lotion on his hands and reached around Rachel so that he could rub it on her chest. From the neck all the way down to the swells of her breasts he applied the lotion. Once his finger tips touched the upper portion of her breasts Rachel almost stopped him. The feeling was so good that she let Todd continue as long as he didn’t get carried away. Todd continued rubbing the lotion into Rachel’s skin debating whether he should keep going. His cock was standing at attention and had all but taken over the young man’s actions.

“Man it’s burning up out here.” Todd said as his hands slipped further into the Rachel’s bikini top.

“Ummhmmm….” Rachel moaned as Todd’s hands caused a shiver to run down her spine.

Rachel was in a daze as she stared forward while Todd’s hands crept ever lower. The daze was short lived however; Todd’s fingers grazed her erect nipples causing a jolt to fly through her body. She knew she had to stop him but she didn’t really want him to.

“Ahem!,” she coughed with a playful elbow jab to let him know her breasts were now off limits.

“I know, I just don’t want you to get burned,” Todd said disappointed she wouldn’t let him go further, but he was not deterred.

Next he reached down to her belly and started to rub. He was amazed at how tight her abs were as his fingers crept closer and closer to her bikini bottoms. Todd was on a mission and soon enough his fingertips had made their way under the fabric of Rachel’s bikini bottoms. Rachel’s pussy was throbbing, but when she felt his hands slide into her bikini she let out a little gasp causing Todd to stop momentarily. For whatever reason, Rachel said nothing and Todd continued to explore the inside of her bikini. Rachel tilted her head to one side and bit her bottom lip seductively. Todd couldn’t believe his luck so he decided to push it just a bit further.

“Oh hell yeah…” Todd thought to himself as his middle finger bumped up against Rachel’s swollen clit.

“TODD! I mean….thanks….. I mean thank you Todd but I think I need to go get cleaned up.” Rachel said very out of breath.

Rachel was surprised she let it go that far, and she realized her neighbors were likely watching, which embarrassed her. She grabbed her towel and walked toward the house. Todd was stunned she all of the sudden up and left. He knew she was hot and horny, so he thought he’d be able to get a little further.

“One day.” he thought, cursing under his breath.

“I’ll tell Will you stopped by,” she said not looking back at him as she went through the back door into the house. Todd watched her curvy ass and long legs until she disappeared. His cock was rock hard and he knew he had to go home and do something about it. He considered going back into the house to apologize, but instead he put on his shirt and headed home to take care of his aching cock while thinking about Ms. Rowland.

Just as Rachel was coming in the back door Will sat down at the table. He ran a few scenarios through his head while nervously tapping his fingers on the table.

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DeLuca’s Pleasure Pt. 01

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I am the luckiest man on earth. I’m lounging by our beautifully landscaped pool soaking in the rays. I’ve made millions over the years working at my brother’s software company and our lifestyle reflects that. Julia, my wife of 26 years, is stunning. No one can believe she will be fifty in a few years. Julia and I both have taken care of ourselves by working out regularly and eating healthy. We have two great kids. Michael is starting his senior year at UCLA next month. He is vacationing with friends in Hawaii currently. Our daughter Kara is married to a successful lawyer and lives in Florida. She just had her first baby a couple of months ago. Julia flew down to help with our new grandson last weekend. I was supposed to fly down to join her today. I sprained my ankle at the gym last week though and I’m getting around ok, but I didn’t feel like hobbling around the airport. I’ll call Julia later and tell her the two of us can visit the kids again in a couple of months. I already cancelled my flight.

I’m watching Katie swim laps in the pool. She is our housekeeper Marilyn’s niece. Marilyn had surgery last month and asked if Katie could fill in while she re-cooperates. Katie is starting college next month also, as a freshman and could use the extra money. We’ve gotten to know each other pretty well the past few days. I got lonely at the pool since Julia’s been away, so I invited Katie to join me each day. She turned eighteen earlier this year and broke up with her boyfriend after graduation. She plans to major in physical therapy and gives a great massage. She’s done a great job with my ankle. And I have no doubt she wants me to fuck her. She hasn’t come right out and asked yet though, and that’s what I’m waiting for. She is on the shy side and her innocent flirtation is sweet. The bikini she’s wearing is nearly see-through. My board shorts are uncomfortably tight right now and I’m sure she’s well aware of her effect on me. I don’t chase pussy though. I’m sure as hell not chasing eighteen year old pussy. On the other hand, if it’s offered to me I’ll gladly accept.

Yeah, I know. What about my perfect marriage to Julia? I’ll admit I fucked around behind Julia’s back many times during our marriage. The first time was when my brother Tony, then eighteen, talked me into having a ménage a trois with his girlfriend and him. Julia and I had only been married a few years at the time. I got together with Gina and Tony several times that summer. A couple of years later, when I was helping Tony get his software business off the ground I traveled a lot. If I was out of town for a few days and a beautiful woman came on to me, more often than not she would end up in my bed. But like I said, I never pursued them. I just can’t resist when they come on to me. No man, married or not, can resist pussy when it’s offered to him if he thinks he can get away with it. I’m no exception. I was always very careful though. I didn’t want to hurt Julia. I admitted to Katie when we were talking yesterday that I’d cheated on Julia in the past, but I made it clear that Julia would never find out. If I’m considering fucking this girl she needs to know where I stand. Katie said she was going to school back east and would be leaving at the end of the month – I took that as an indication that she wouldn’t tell. I’m on thin ice here. Katie and I both skirted around the issue, but we’re laying the groundwork. I’m planning to fuck an eighteen year old girl. Julia would castrate me if she ever found out I cheated on her with this girl, in our house. She can never find out.

Katie gets out of the pool and walks over to me. She and Julia are both beautiful, but opposite in many ways. Julia is somewhat petite, her dark eyes, olive skin and thick, nearly black hair, a tribute to our Italian heritage. Katie’s fair complexion is lightly tanned, but she generously applies sunscreen to avoid burning. Her toned, shapely legs are a mile long. The kind men like to imagine wrapped around their hips. Her tits are a generous C, maybe a D and her nipples are visible. They’re so hard I’m surprised they don’t cut right through the thin material.

Katie settles into the lounger next to mine, face down, and asks me to put sunscreen on her back. This is how a lot of my one-night stands started out. The main reason I hung out at the hotel pool when I traveled was because I would undoubtedly take a beautiful woman up to my room to fuck. I still associate the smell of sunscreen with sex.

“How is your ankle today Mr. D?” Katie is untying her bikini top to prevent tan lines.

“Much better today, you have the magic touch. And remember, I said you can call me Nick when it’s just us.” My hand glides up and down her back.

“Sorry Nick, I forgot for a second. I think you have the magic touch too. Your hand feels really good on my back. I know Mrs. DeLuca takes really good care of you, so the least I can do is help with your ankle while she’s gone.”

“Thanks Katie. Julia and I spend nearly bonus veren siteler all of our free time together, so when she’s gone it’s strange for me to be in this huge house alone. Since I’m not working this week I’ve been alone a lot, except when you’re here.”

“Yeah, I’ve come to work early a couple of times and heard you & Mrs. D. together. She screamed your name several times.” Katie giggled. Our conversation is quickly progressing in the right direction.

I chuckled. “Julia and I generally start each day with a long, slow fuck, or sometimes a quick, hard fuck if we’re running late. I’m sorry you heard that.”

“Oh, I’m not sorry I heard it. I think it’s great that you give your wife so much pleasure. I wish Todd had done that for me. We might still be together. To tell you the truth Nick, I’m worried there might be something wrong with me. I’ve never had an orgasm. Todd and I dated nearly two years and it never happened for me. My girlfriends bragged about their guys and the amazing sex, but I had nothing to contribute to those discussions.”

“I’m sure you’re fine. A lot of eighteen year old boys have no idea how to pleasure a girl. They do what feels good for them, but don’t have the experience to make it good for their girl. Maybe when you start college you can date a guy a couple of years older and see what happens with that.”

“That was my thought exactly Nick. I need to be with someone older. I was thinking… it must be hard for you with Mrs. D. gone for a week. When you’re used to having sex daily I mean.”

We’re almost there Katie. Unfortunately though you have to come right out and ask. “I’ll admit, I’ve been jacking-off in the shower the past few mornings. Of course that’s nowhere near as good as sliding into a hot, wet pussy. But since Julia won’t be home for a few more days, I do what I have to.”

Katie rose up from the chair, giving me an unobstructed view of her lush breasts. They seem overly large for her slight frame, but I’m not complaining. Her hand reached over to stroke my dick straining against my shorts. Fuck yeah. “You don’t have to do that Nick. I mean, I don’t mind taking care of all of your needs while Mrs. D. is away. And maybe you can take care of mine too.” She took my hand that had been on her back and brought it to her pussy.

My finger traced the line of her pussy lips through the wet material. “Are you sure about this Katie? You’re only eighteen and I’m forty-eight.”

“I’ve never been more sure of anything. Besides, you don’t look forty-eight, you look much younger, and really sexy. Does it bother you that I’m eighteen? Do you not like the idea of fucking a tight, eighteen year old pussy? I really want you to fuck me Nick.”

That’s all I was waiting for. My finger slipped past the material of her bikini and delved into her slick folds. Fuck! Her cunt is soaked. Her juices quickly coated my finger. I traced her wet slit a couple of times before slipping my finger deep into her hot snatch. I groaned. So fucking tight. “Sweetheart, I can’t think of anything I’d like more than to ride your sweet little pussy. But we need to move this inside because I’m not fucking you by the pool.” I pull my finger out of her and raise my hand to my face inhaling deeply. The smell of sunscreen and pussy made my dick even harder. I’m afraid I’ll explode before I ever get inside this girl.

I leisurely followed behind Katie, getting a glimpse of the gentle sway of her lush breasts as she walked into the house. I’m limping slightly, but I think an afternoon in bed with my personal masseuse is just what the doctor ordered. “Katie, are any of the guest rooms available?” I could fuck her in my bed, but I don’t think that’s a good idea for many reasons.

“Yeah, Mrs. D. has us clean the rose room once a week in case you have unexpected guests. I was kind of hoping you would suggest that. I’d feel weird if you and I have sex on the bed you share with Mrs. D. I wouldn’t want you thinking of your wife while you’re with me.”

“Oh sweetheart, there’s no danger of that.”

Katie immediately took off her bikini bottoms as we entered the bedroom. She turned down the bed covers while I took my cellphone and laid it on the nightstand. I ripped off my shorts and threw them on the floor next to her bikini. Katie lay back on the bed and spread her legs wide, fully exposing her juicy pink cunt. “I’m so wet for you Nick. Come play with me.” Her fingers slipped between her legs.

I watched, mesmerized as she played with her pussy. “What happened to the shy girl that flirted with me the past few days?”

Her giggle was husky. “Now that she knows you want her, she isn’t afraid to go after what she wants. And she most definitely wants you.”

I get on the bed and settle between Katie’s legs. Her fingers are still working at her pussy. “Can you make yourself come like this sweetheart?”

“No… but I expect a certain handsome, sexy man can make my pussy bedava bahis purr.” Her voice sounds like pure sex when she’s horny. And she seems to know all the right buttons to push to make me want her. I can’t remember ever needing a woman this much.

“I think between the two of us we’ll make you come. Keep playing with your pussy. Do what feels good. I’ll make you feel good too. Use your fingers to spread yourself open for me, I want to see all of your sweetness.” I leaned down and ran my tongue up her slit. She tastes as good as she looks. I give Katie a thorough tongue lashing, leisurely exploring her soft folds. She moans as I lap at the juices flowing from her fresh, young cunt. “Finger yourself Katie. Push your finger in and fuck your pussy while I eat it.” I pushed her hand aside enough to flick my tongue over her clit. I catch her clit gently between my teeth and flick the tip of my tongue over the hard nub. My fingers tangle with hers and we each slip a finger deep inside her tight channel. My mouth is still working her sweet spot. My teeth let go of her clit and I suck hard, pulling the swollen nub deep into my mouth. I am obsessed with giving this girl her first orgasm. Her hips began to jerk. I pull our fingers out of her and replace them with my tongue. I tongue-fuck her little honey hole, and Katie bucks her hips, pushing her wet snatch in my face as she rides my tongue.

“Nick!! Oh, your tongue feels so good! Oh, I’m coming!! Nick!” Katie’s fingers thread through my hair, holding me to her while her body spasms. Just then, my cell phone goes off. Shit!! The ringtone is Julia’s. I should have called earlier to let her know whether or not I was coming down to join her. I reluctantly raise my head from between Katie’s legs.

“I need to get this sweetheart. I’ll keep it short. Don’t make a sound, ok?” I reach for the phone, hit the speaker button and toss it on the bed next to me. “Hey Hon, what’s up?” I bury my face in Katie’s pussy and quietly start eating her out again as I listen to my wife.

Julia spends the next few minutes giving me an update on our grandson Alex. I quietly lap at Katie’s sweet juices while she talks. Katie is calming down after her orgasm. I’m a little pissed off that Julia interrupted us. A girl’s first orgasm is a big deal and I wanted it to be memorable for her. Although I imagine she will remember my wife interrupting as I went down on her. My tongue continues its silent exploration, gently probing her soft folds. I bring her fingers to my mouth and suck them a few seconds, before pushing them into her pussy again. It’s hot watching this girl finger herself. My mouth locks onto her clit again and I nip it gently, causing her to jump. I look up at Katie as I soothe her with my tongue and she smiles at me. I smile back and realize suddenly that Julia is no longer speaking. Fuck. Guess I should be paying attention to my wife instead of my teenage lover.

“Sorry babe, I didn’t catch that.”

“I said, what time is your flight arriving this evening?”

“Oh, uh, listen Julia, I was thinking since my ankle is still kind of sore, maybe I’ll stay home this time and you and I can go down in a few months to see the kids, closer to the holidays.”

“That’s fine. I know I mentioned before that if you didn’t join me I’d probably come home this weekend. Kara and Brad both want me to stay an extra week though. I just wanted to make sure you would be all right on your own for another week.”

“Julia, honey I’m fine. I know it’s hard on you with Kara living so far away, so take your time and visit another week. I’ve been doing surprisingly well here on my own.” I go back to licking Katie’s pussy, I can’t seem to get enough. Her cunt is soaked again. I didn’t even realize the wet noises I made as I ate her out, but Julia heard me.

“Did I catch you in the middle of lunch Nick?”

Fuck! “Ah, yeah, I was just having a quick snack.”

“Nick, I just realized with Marilyn still out for a couple more weeks, you don’t have anyone there to prepare meals. No doubt you’ve eaten nothing but fast food since I left. Maybe I should make plans to come home this weekend.”

“Stay and enjoy your visit Julia. I’ve grilled out a couple of evenings and Katie made my snack today.”

“Katie? Oh, yeah, Marilyn’s young niece. She’s barely out of high school. You’re probably sitting there eating a bowl of ice cream. You need hot meals Nick, you can’t live on junk. We will have to hit the gym twice as hard when I get back.”

I chuckled. “Babe, you know there’s no ice cream in the freezer. You only buy healthy snacks. Actually Katie made me something hot, and it’s delicious. And I plan to work out after I finish eating.” My tongue slices through Katie’s wet folds, she is most definitely hot and delicious. I’ll be fucking her hard once I get Julia off the phone, that’s the best work out I can think of.

“Well Katie only comes to clean a few days a week. Maybe you can deneme bonus talk her into coming over to fix you something every day until I get back. We’ll have to make sure and give her a bonus for the extra time she puts in. Hey Nick, I need to get going. I hear the baby crying and Kara is taking a nap. I love you.”

“I love you too babe.” I check the phone to make sure the call ended and thrust my tongue into Katie one last time before raising up.

“Well you heard the lady. You need to come over daily and let me eat you. You take good care of me for the next week and you’ll get a nice bonus for your hard work.”

“Nick, that was so hot, you talking to your wife, telling her you love her while you licked my pussy. I want you to eat me every day. I’ll take really good care of you while Mrs. D. is away, I promise. Please Nick, I need your cock, I’m aching.”

“I do love my wife Katie, you and I having a little fun doesn’t change that. I’m glad Julia will be gone another week though, it will take at least that long to get my fill of you.” I reach for my dick, run it down her wet slit and push into her tight cunt. “Are you sure you’re not a virgin sweetheart?” I only give her a couple of inches and pull out. Next thrust I give her a couple more inches, I obviously can’t slam into her. It takes several thrusts before I’m balls deep in Katie’s hot little pussy. “You ok baby?”

Katie smiles up at me. “Kind of feels like you split me in half. Todd was nowhere as big as you. I like it though. I like having you inside me. Do you like being inside my eighteen year old pussy Nick?”

“I love your tight teenage cunt. I love that I’m the first real man to fuck it. You won’t go back to teenage boys after this, they can’t satisfy you. Squeeze me baby, show me how much you like my dick inside you.” I look down and watch my dick sliding in and out of her pretty pink pussy, glistening with her sweet juices. I settle into a slow, steady rhythm, her hips arch into mine with each thrust. Her breasts jiggle as I plow her. Fuck she’s hot. I reach down and flick my finger over her clit and she gasps. Within a few seconds I feel her start to spasm around my dick. Her little clit is so sensitive I knew it wouldn’t take much effort to make her come again. No orgasm before, my ass. Either her boyfriend was totally clueless or she lied to make me feel good. It worked though, I do feel good.

I keep thrusting as Katie’s cunt spasms around me, I’m not gonna last – I knew this first time would be short and sweet. “I’m gonna come baby doll. Should I pull out?” Fuck, I don’t want to pull out. I want to spill deep inside this girl.

Katie’s legs lock tight around my hips. “No, I want you to come inside me Nick. I’m on the pill so we’re ok. Please.”

I don’t think Katie wants to have my baby, so I’m taking her word for it. I thrust deep and my body shudders. I shoot my load into her womb, my dick moves in and out mixing her juices and mine in her sopping wet channel. Her muscles continue to squeeze my dick, milking every drop of cum out of me. I thrust a few more times, enjoying the wet ride, before pulling out.

I roll onto my back, pulling Katie on top of me. Her delicate hands are all over me, stroking my chest, gliding up and down my arms. “I love your muscles Nick. The first time I saw you I wanted to touch them, see if they’re as hard as they look. And they are. I was so jealous of your wife, that all of this belonged to her. I can’t believe I finally got a chance to fuck you. I’ve been dreaming of you every night for the past month.”

I stiffen at her words. “Ah, Katie you know we’re just having some fun while Julia is away right? I love my wife very much and I don’t want to hurt her.”

“Of course Nick. Mrs. D. is great. I would never tell her that you and I had sex while she was away. But I’m hoping this isn’t a one-time thing. I mean, she did just say on the phone that she wouldn’t be home for another week. That leaves us a lot of time to play doesn’t it?” Katie’s teeth graze my left nipple, then she soothes it with her soft tongue.

“Mmmm, that it does.” I’m enjoying the attention she’s giving me. “Would you want to sleep here in the guest room until Julia comes home? Since I’m off work the next week we would spend a lot of time together. Who knows what we will get into.” My right hand glides over her ass and slips down between her legs. I casually play with her soft, slick folds while we talk. She feels so fucking good. “What do you think Katie? Wanna play house with me for a week?”

“My folks are out of town, so yeah, I’d love to stay here with you until Mrs. D. gets back.” Katie grinds against my teasing fingers. “Make me come again Nick.” Fuck. I push two fingers into her and prepared for round two with my eighteen year old lover.


Katie spent the rest of the week with me and we basically fucked like rabbits day and night. Julia is due back tomorrow and this is our last day together. I was careful to only fuck Katie in the guest room and I told her to clean it thoroughly before I left this morning. The room reeked of sex. Makes me horny as hell when I walk in and smell our cum, but it needs to be disinfected before Julia gets home.

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Danielle Gets a Visit

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“ok so, your grandparents house…3 days..that means, saturday?”

“Yes Daniel, saturday, and you better be there!”

“Dont worry Danielle, ill be there.”

“ok, well i have to go to work. i love you.”

“I love you too sweetheart. Bye”


Danielle was at her grandparents house, for the whole summer. They rent out cottages, and there was an open week for one of the cottages. Daniel decided that since its been so long, he’d come up, and rent the cottage for that open week.

3 days passed, and finally, it was the day he’d arrive. She waited for him at the end of the driveway. She was wearing a blue plaid skirt, a low cut blue shirt, and she had her converse shoes on. He finally drove down the driveway, and he stopped his car as he approached her, and jumped out. She started giggling, and tears formed in her eyes. he ran to her, and picked her up, swinging her around in circles. She lifted her hands above her head, leaned her head back and laughed.

They were in their own little world, and he laughed too, and smiled, as he swing her around in his arms. He put her down, and they hugged. He squeezed her tight, and she felt so secure, that nothing in the world could ever hurt her as long as she’s with him. She looked up as he hugged her, and looked deep into his eyes. Then, they both tilted their heads, closed their eyes, and kissed for what seemed like only 3 seconds, but was nearly 10 minutes. they couldnt get enough of eachother when they were together. it was very rare that they were with eachother, so they were going to make casino siteleri the best of it. She helped him set up his things in the cottage, and finally they were done. She said that she had to go to bed in the main house, because her grandparents insisted on her being in by 9:00. It was ten of, so she left. She grinned on her way out, because already she was planning her escape.

It was 11:00, and Danielle was still awake. She had put a “school girl” outfit on. Short red plaid skirt, a white pressed button down shirt, and her hair was in pigtails. Innocent was what she was goin for. She made sure everyone was asleep, and she easily snuck out. the door to the cottage is never locked, and stealthly, she walked in without a noise. she knew the cottages like the back of her hand, and avoided every noise. She got to the main bedroom, and found Daniel sleeping there. He was laying on his back, and she decided to wake him up. In a little bit more of a different way than tapping him awake.

She slid under the covers, and started rubbing his balls, and gently licking them. His cock grew hard in an instant, and he started moaning in his sleep as she licked the very tip of his cock. She then suddenly deepthroated it,and started sucking hard. this woke Daniel up, and he moaned extremely loud upon his awakening. He said “OH MY GOD! THIS IS THE BEST WAKE UP CALL IVE EVER GOTTEN!” she continued giving him head until he finally came. He stared at her, shocked in amazment. He didnt expect this at all, and from then on, he would cherish her even more. He put her güvenilir casino on her back, and started unbuttoning her shirt. With one swift movement, he slid off her bra, then slid off his own shirt, over his head. She spread her legs a bit, and he started rubing her clit with his first finger. She moaned softly, then, unexpectidly, he inserted two fingers from his other hand, into her already wet pussy. he had his palm facing up, and he pushed slowly in and out.

He then curled his fingers up, hitting one of her spots, and she arched her back and screamed. he knew exactly where to hit her. 3 times he curled his fingers against her spot, and finally, she came. Her cum spilling out of her pussy like a kettle of hot water being pourn. he leaned over, and licked her up nice and dry, and crawled on top of her. She was going to say something, but he put his finger on her mouth to hush her, and then inserted his hot, hard, cock in her hot throbbing pussy. He started gently riding back and forth, making the sensation of want fill her more than what thought possible. She started rubbing her clit, and moaning loudly as he rocked back and forth. She started bucking her hips against his cock, wanting to feel him deeper in her pussy.

He warned her, and said to hold onto something, and she did. She grabbed hold of the sheets, and he started thrusting and banging her so hard, she was screaming out in pleasure. she was grasping onto the sheets, and arching her back at the same time, as he fucked her as hard and as fast as he could. she started pushing into canlı casino him as he pushed into her, making it even harder. She couldnt take it anymore, and came again. this almost made him cum, but he wanted to hold it, to make it more amazing later.

He stopped, and let her rest a minute, then, she climbed on top of him, and with her pussy, she started rubbing her juices into his chest, making him hotter than ever. She then slid her hot wet pussy down to his cock, and let only the very tip of his cock enter her pussy hole. He thrust slightly, but she pulled back in time so that it wouldnt go in. She made him close his eyes, and about 10 seconds later, she shoved his cock into her. She leaned over all the way, with his cock still in her. her breasts were completely pressed against his chest, and he could feel her hard nipples against him. She started pumping her ass up and down on his cock, the hottest thing he has ever had happen to him. No one has ever ridden him that fast.

He moaned and groaned in pleasure, and she started going faster at evry moan of his. Finally, she was going so fast, she couldnt moan, groan, or talk because she had to concentrate on breathing. she came once again, but didnt say anything about it because she was panting so hard. she fucked him faster than he could even wack off, so he was about ready to cum. He finally tensed up, and shot a hot load of cum up her pussy. She kept pumping, making his orgasm last for the longest time ever. she slid off, and rolled to her side. she fell asleep with her right arm on his chest, and her right leg on his thigh. When they woke up, they went at it again. they were completely in love. all they could do was yell out that they loved eachother every time they did it. by the end of the night, they fell asleep holding each other, whispering that they loved each other.

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The ecstasy of cheating

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Claudia’s red bra and panties stood out from the trail of clothes leading up to her marital bed, where her moans of pleasure drowned out bahis siteleri the sound of her ass clapping on the thighs of the man who canlı bahis siteleri was replacing her husband.After years of an unfulfilling canlı bahis sex life, she surrendered to lustful temptation. She ceased to be a loyal housewife.Her anxiety and guilt dissipated to the rhythm of his thrusts. The punishment for being a bad wife was the delicious sting of her lover’s hand on her ass.Her descent into depravity was in full effect.

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