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Heart-Shaped Ass for Valentine’s Day

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Cum On


The cell phone in Dave’s pocket sounded, indicating an incoming message. He pulled the phone out of his jacket pocket and flipped it open. The identifier on the message was his wife, Sally. It took a few seconds to load, so he knew it must be a picture message. When the picture came up on his phone, he nearly spit the mouthful of coffee across his desk in surprise.

The picture that appeared on his screen was a rearview shot of Sally bent over her desk in her office. Her skirt was lifted up over her waist exposing the full, smooth cheeks of her heart-shaped ass. He could see the lace tops of the silky, black thigh-high stockings that hugged her legs. Between her slightly spread thighs, the moist meaty lips of her shaved pussy were clearly visible. However, it was the red-jeweled base of the butt plug that filled her ass and obscured her tight asshole that had caused his startled reaction.

Dave felt his cock become instantly erect as he stared at the lewd scene on his phone. He knew that his wife was now sitting in her own office with a dildo in her ass thinking all sorts of naughty thoughts and probably doing all sorts of nasty things. He wondered if she had left the house with it in place, or if she had put it in at work. The ring tone of a phone call from her suddenly put an end to the questions that were bouncing around in his brain.

“Hi sexy.” Sally purred into the phone. “Are you getting any interesting ideas for Valentine’s Day?”

“Hello, yourself.” He scolded. “You’re very naughty.”

“I know.” She answered breathlessly. “I think I need a spanking for Valentine’s Day. My pussy is soaking wet with this dildo in my ass.”

“Have you had that in all day?” He asked.

“No.” She teased. “I bought it at the sex shop around the corner at lunch time. They have a very interesting selection of items to help celebrate this annual pagan festival of sex. We may have to take a shopping trip there, sometime. Once I got back from my shopping trip, I used my private bathroom to thoroughly clean the butt plug and myself. Then, I lubed it up, slipped it into my ass and used my red satin panties to wipe up all the juices that were leaking out of my dripping cunt.”

“Where are your panties, now?” He asked.

“I took them off, because they were getting in the way of my fingers playing with my clit and pussy.” She moaned. “I’m using them as a makeshift towel to mop up my cunt juices after I cum. Then, I bring the damp panties up to my nose and breath in deeply, but that only gets me wet all over again. It’s too bad you’re not here to lick up all the creamy juices dripping out of my twat and pooling on my leather chair. My office smells like pussy, and my pussy tastes good on my fingertips. Mmmm.”

He listened to her noisily sucking her fingertips and moaning into the phone. The auditory teasing only served to increase his frustration.

“What happens when you have to drive home, tonight?” Dave asked trying to sound serious.

“I’ll have to be very careful, won’t I?” She replied coyly. “It’s going to be a little difficult driving with one hand rubbing my clit. Fortunately, my car has automatic transmission.”

“Just be careful on the road.” He ordered. “Since I can’t see you in person at your office, I’ll have to see you at home, soon.”

“I can’t wait, baby. You be careful that you don’t injure yourself or anyone else with that big, hard cock in your pants this afternoon.” She giggled as she hung up the phone.

Dave closed his phone in exasperation and put it back in his jacket pocket. Unfortunately, he could do nothing about the swollen cock that was straining inside his pants and making it difficult to sit at his desk. The rest of his day seemed to drag on as he thought about the naughty picture on his phone. The idea of his sexy wife sitting at her desk with a dildo lodged in her ass, and her fingers sliding in and out of her sopping wet pussy only increased his frustrated feelings of arousal as he waited for the clock to finally show that it was time to head home.

Just as he was about to head out the door, the ring tone on his phone signaled a new series of incoming messages. Dave opened the first message to see a picture of Sally lying on her back on their bed with her legs spread and her knees bent. She was not wearing her red satin, thong panties and the base of the butt plug was clearly visible between the cheeks of her ass. In the first picture, he noticed her fingers pushing the red, satin material of her panties between the inflamed lips of her pussy. In the second picture, he could see that the thong panties had been shoved almost all the way inside so that only a small bit of red material was visible between the lips of her drooling twat. The third picture showed the red satin material being pulled halfway out of her pussy. The fourth picture showed her holding the damp, red satin panties that had now been completely pulled out of her moist cunt. She had brought the scanty garment up to her almanbahis face so she could deeply inhale her own female essence. The last picture showed two fingers of her right hand buried deep inside her dripping pussy.

Dave snapped the phone shut, snatched up the dozen red roses for Sally that were laying on top of his credenza, and stumbled out the office door towards the parking lot. His painful erection strained against the inside of his trousers making it difficult to walk to his car. Once he was behind the wheel of his car, he made the maddeningly slow drive through evening traffic to his home. Parking his car next to Sally’s in the garage, he got out and walked into the house through the kitchen door.

He could see that the kitchen was illuminated by soft candlelight as he walked into the room. A bottle of champagne chilled in a silver ice bucket on the island counter next to two crystal glasses. Walking over to one of the cabinets, he retrieved a vase that he filled with water and the red roses. Returning to the island counter to set down the vase and pour the wine, he caught a glimpse of movement in the hallway leading to the dining room.

“Hello, lover.” Sally purred from the other doorway. “Are those flowers for me?”

He looked up at the sound of her voice to drink in the sight of his sexy wife. A short, red silk robe hugged her luxurious curves, the soft material straining to contain her firm, 34D breasts. The lower border of the robe ended just below the round cheeks of her ass offering a tantalizing view of her smooth thighs above the lace tops of her stockings. Sheer, black thigh-high stockings with lace tops hugged her long, curvy legs contrasting with the red, 4-inch stiletto pumps that embraced her sexy feet. Cherry red, glossy lipstick decorated her soft full lips, the color perfectly matched the nail polish painted on her fingers and toes.

“Hello, sexy.” He replied as he set the vase on the counter and poured two glasses of champagne. “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

“How was work?” She asked walking across the room towards him. Her hips swayed seductively and the heels of her sluttish shoes made a sensual tapping sound as she glided across the hardwood floor.

“Very difficult.” He responded handing her a glass of wine.

“Poor baby.” She replied. She took the glass with one hand and sipped the champagne. Her sensuous lips left a sexy, red imprint on the edge of the glass. With her other hand, she reached out and rubbed his hard cock through the front of his pants.

“Is that my other Valentine’s present?” She teased.

“I don’t know. You were very naughty today. Do you deserve it? Maybe, you need to earn it.” He said. He leaned forward and kissed her hard on the lips. His tongue delved into her warm mouth and danced with her tongue as his right hand slipped inside her robe to play with her nipples. Sally moaned into his mouth as he kissed and fondled her.

“How do I earn it?” She moaned.

“You can start by wrapping those red, moist lips around my cock and sucking it.” He said kissing her soft, full lips again.

“What do I earn, if I perform well?” She asked.

“I’ll replace the butt plug in your ass with my cock and give you the hard fucking you’ve been fantasizing about all day.” He teased. “Is the butt plug still in your tight ass?”

“Yes, it is, baby. I guess you had better cum with me, then.” She replied with a lascivious grin, grabbing his belt buckle and pulling him towards the living room.

Dave picked up the bottle of champagne and the glasses, following the pert, swaying ass of his wife out of the kitchen and towards the living room. He sat in the chair that she indicated setting the bottle and glasses on an end table. Sally stood in front of him and turned on her heel to face away from him. She shrugged the red, silk robe off her shoulders letting it fall to the floor in a pool at her feet. She gave him a sultry look over her bare, right shoulder teasing him with her tempting display. A large, red cardboard valentine like the lid of a box of chocolates covered her luscious ass. The red decoration was tied around her waist with a red, velvet ribbon. Reaching down to her waist, she untied the ribbon letting the valentine heart drop to the floor on top of her robe. Now, dressed only in her thigh-high stockings and sexy shoes, she stood with her feet apart and slowly bent forward at the waist. He was treated to the intoxicating view of her bare, moist pussy lips between her smooth thighs and the base of the butt plug clearly visible between the flawless cheeks of her ass.

“Enjoying the show?” She asked coyly, looking back at him over her shoulder. She swept her long, blond tresses out of her eyes and ran her wet tongue over her full lips.

“Yes, I am. You are one sexy slut.” He replied lecherously. “How does it feel, the plug in your ass?”

“Wonderful.” She moaned hoarsely. She slid her right hand over her breasts and pulled on her nipples while her left hand almanbahis yeni giriş slipped between her thighs to gently rub her inflamed clit. “My pussy has been a soaking wet mess all afternoon. I nearly wore out my fingers in my office today and I soaked the leather upholstery of my favorite chair. I don’t know if I will ever get the smell of pussy out of my chair.”

“That’s too bad.” Dave answered with a hint of sarcasm. “However, because of your antics, I’ve had an aching hard-on since you sent me that picture. I have not had any relief, today.”

“Poor baby.” She teased. “Let’s see if I can fix that.”

She dropped to her knees and turned back to face him with a hungry look in her eyes. Crawling on her hands and knees, she moved between his legs licking her lips seductively. She reached up and unbuckled his belt before unzipping his trousers and pulling his pants and boxers down to his ankles. His cock bobbed firm and erect in front of her face as she eyed it with unconcealed lust. Reaching out with her right hand, she grasped the thick shaft of his dick and slowly stroked it up and down eliciting a moan of desire from Dave. Opening her mouth, her tongue reached out to lick the silky surface tracing the underside of his cock from the base to the tip. Her tongue swirled around the swollen head savoring the clear drops of pre-cum that leaked out while her hand gently stroked the smooth shaft.

“Oh, yes!” Dave moaned closing his eyes and relishing the soft touch of her hand and the warm, wet strokes of her tongue on his cock.

Sally looked up at him with a ravenous look in her eyes. Then, she opened her mouth wide and swallowed him deep in her throat until her moist, red lips were clamped around the base of his shaft. Dave moaned as velvet wetness of her soft lips, tongue and mouth caressed his entire cock. She moved her hand down to fondle his balls as she started to move her mouth over the shaft of his dick. Her glossy lips were stretched obscenely around his thick cock leaving traces of her slutty, red lipstick on the shaft as she fellated him with noisy, sloppy enthusiasm. Dave closed his eyes and groaned as Sally sucked him deeply into her throat coating his cock with her saliva.

“Is there a nice, creamy load of cum in these heavy balls for me?” She asked. Her hand fondled his balls as her tongue reached out between her red lips licking his cock like an ice cream cone and swirling around the engorged head.

She grasped the turgid shaft of his dick with her hand and stroked it gently. Her hand slid up and down the saliva-slicked length of his prick pulling it upwards as she pressed her face into his crotch. She sucked each of his balls between her moist, red lips teasing the sensitive flesh with her wet tongue and leaving bright red lip prints on his scrotum.

“Does that feel good, baby?” She teased flicking her tongue across the underside of his cock just below the crown. She coated his cock with a slippery sheen of saliva that ran down the shaft and onto his balls.

“Yes.” He moaned. “You’re such a naughty cocksucker.”

“You like a sloppy, wet blowjob, don’t you?” She teased before sucking his balls into her mouth once more while she stroked his dick. “Are you going to fill my mouth with your creamy sperm? Or, do you want to cover my tits and face with your sticky cum?”

“Suck that dick, you dirty little cumslut.” He ordered guiding his cock between her lips and thrusting deep into her mouth. “I’m going to fuck your mouth and cum deep in your throat.”

Wrapping his hands in her hair, he thrust upwards fucking her drooling mouth with his cock. Sally reached between her legs with one hand to rub her clit as her soft, wet mouth accepted his thrusting dick. His balls slapped wetly against her chin as she moaned around the thick shaft stretching her mouth and her saliva dribbled out running down onto his nut sack. The wet embrace of her lips and tongue on his stiff cock was quickly bringing him closer to a mind-numbing orgasm as he thrust faster between her moist, red lips.

With a loud groan, Dave suddenly moaned out his climax coating the back of her throat with jets of thick, creamy sperm. Sally swallowed the hot blasts of cum that filled her mouth as quickly as she could. Although she was able to gulp down most of his load, a few drops managed to escape her lips and dribble down onto her chin. With a satisfied sigh, she released his cock and sat back on her heels, savoring his masculine taste on her tongue and looking up at her sated husband.

“Feel better?” She asked cleaning the few, stray drops of his creamy cum off her chin and licking it off her fingers.

Dave stood up and pulled Sally to her feet. Pulling her body roughly against his, he kissed her deeply on the mouth sucking on her tongue and tasting his semen on her lips. With one hand, he reached down to fondle her tits and tug at her nipples while he reached around with the other to squeeze her ass cheeks and play with almanbahis giriş the base of the butt plug. Sally moaned wantonly as he kissed and fondled her eager body.

He released her quivering body and she stood before him, panting with desire and rubbing her tits and pussy. He quickly stripped off the rest of his clothes until he was completely naked. Then, he guided her over to the couch and pushed her forward, bending her over the arm of the couch with her legs spread and her ass in the air. Kneeling behind her, he slid his hands up and down the back of her thighs and over the soft cheeks of her ass. Sally closed her eyes and moaned feeling his hands gently caress and tease her sensitive flesh.

“I love the way your pussy smells when you’re horny.” Dave said pressing his face between her thighs from behind and kissing the moist, swollen lips of her cunt. His nose pressed against the wet opening of her pussy as he deeply inhaled her musky, feminine scent.

Sally groaned lustfully and pulled his face tightly against her backside. Dave reached up with his right hand to push against the base of the butt plug with his thumb eliciting another moan from deep in her throat. His tongue probed between the folds of her pussy and lapped up her juices, while his left thumb rubbed her clit.

“Eat my hot cunt!” She screamed grinding her hips backwards against his probing tongue. “Make me cum all over your face!”

His nose pressed between the cheeks of her ass pushing against the base of the dildo lodged in her ass. He breathed in the sensual, earthy aroma of her anus mixed with the musky perfume of the juices leaking out from between her meaty pussy lips. He sucked on the slick, swollen labia savoring her seductive flavor and pressed his tongue into the moist opening of her pussy. Pointing his tongue so that it mimicked a small cock, he thrust his tongue into her, tongue-fucking her wet snatch. He alternated between tongue thrusts into her pussy, flicks across her engorged clit, and sucks on her labia, causing her arousal to quickly build. Sally thrust her hips backwards and ground her pelvis against his probing tongue trying to satisfy the erotic desires centered on her pulsing clit.

Reaching back with both hands, she pulled his face tight against her body, riding his tongue with her pussy. She started to rotate her hips faster as she felt his tongue flutter rapidly over her engorged clit. His hands gripped her thighs holding her drooling pussy tight against his thrusting tongue until he felt her body spasm with her climax. As she recovered from her intense orgasm, he leaned back with his lips and cheeks glazed over with her cunt juice. He gazed appreciatively at the smooth, upturned cheeks of her ass and the moist, inflamed lips of her pussy, savoring her sweet, musky flavor on his tongue.

Leaning forward again, he grasped the base of the dildo and pulled it partially out of her ass causing a deep, lustful moan to escape Sally’s lips. The widest part of the butt plug stretched the opening of her ass, and he leaned his face in closer to swab the stretched rim of her asshole with his tongue. A mindless stream of lewd comments erupted from Sally’s mouth as he licked and teased her sensitive anal opening. Then, he slipped the butt plug back into its snug nest and slapped her right ass cheek with a loud SMACK!

“Yes!” She screamed lustfully. “Spank me!”




A series of blows soon turned both cheeks of her ass a bright shade of pink. In between the loud slaps on her soft ass cheeks, his right hand gently caressed the pink, warm flesh of her backside while his left hand grasped the base of the butt plug and slowly moved it back and forth. The small, subtle motions of the dildo in her ass tantalized and tortured the sensitive nerve endings inside her tight ass.

“Who are you?” He teased. SMACK!

“I’m your dirty little ass slut.” She moaned. She felt the sting of the blows to her ass cheeks sending electric shocks to her clit and causing her pussy to gush with her arousal. SMACK! “I love it when you spank my ass! My pussy gets so wet and hot when I’m getting spanked!”

“What else do you love?” He asked. SMACK!

“I love to have my ass fucked like a dirty slut.” She groaned. “I love having my ass fucked after I’ve been spanked.” SMACK!

“Are you going to cum for me?” He teased. SMACK!

“Yes!” She screamed as her body tensed with her climax. “I’m going to cum! I need you to fuck my ass and make me cum!” SMACK!

Sally lay across the arm of the couch panting with her lust and need as she recovered from the intense orgasm triggered by the spanking. The cheeks of her ass were bright red and hot to the touch, and she could feel her slick juices leaking out of her pussy to coat the insides of her thighs. Her body tingled with post-orgasmic release as her mind tried to refocus on her surroundings. She suddenly felt the head of his cock pressing against the moist opening of her pussy. A surprised gasp exploded from her throat as his hands grasped her hips and he thrust forward plunging his cock deep into her pussy with one smooth stroke.

“Oh, god!” She moaned as she climaxed from the sudden invasion of her dripping cunt.

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It Happened Last Night

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Last night after my shower, I walked into the bedroom expecting to see my girlfriend curled up under the covers, which always gives me a feeling of contentment to end the day. However, instead of finding her half-asleep and ready to cuddle, I found her laying on the bed with the covers thrown back, wearing her black push up bra and some tiny little black lace panties….with an opening cut into the front of them to accommodate the thick, eight-inch-long, strap-on penis that she must have found in my nightstand drawer.

I bought the strap-on after a night of wild sex during which we discussed the fantasy of my having two penises so I could fuck her pussy and her ass at the same time. Although we haven’t made that particular fantasy a reality just yet, the sight of her lying there wearing that penis made some other crazy thoughts run through my head. She must have been having the same type of thoughts, because she propped herself on one elbow, and motioned me to the bed. As I came closer and sat on the edge of the bed, I could see that she had a bottle of lube and a set of handcuffs on her nightstand.

She moved over to the edge of the bed, and patted the mattress beside her and told me to lie down. As I began to lie back, she smiled, and said “No baby, on your stomach.” With some doubt and uncertainty about the way this was going, I decided to just go with it, and I rolled over onto my stomach. She pulled my hands behind my back, and handcuffed me, then straddled my thighs. I could tell she was reaching over to the nightstand for something, but I was hoping she wasn’t going straight for the lube. I was willing to try this, but I needed a couple of minutes first.

I should have known to trust her — I still wasn’t sure what she had taken from the nightstand, but it seemed to be some kind of powder which she was applying to my back and my thighs and my ass — with what felt like a tiny little feather duster. I couldn’t believe how the teasing touch of that feather aroused my nerve endings. She leaned low over my back to replace the container of powder on the nightstand, and whispered in my ear that she hoped I was ready for a night like I’d never had before. I was starting to feel like I almanbahis şikayet was ready for anything, but I never expected what happened next.

She slithered down lower on my thighs, and leaned close enough to me that I could feel her hair brushing over my ribs; then I felt her tongue slowly tracing the length of my spine. She murmured something about my tasting like honey — I hope I remember to find that powder when she lets me up — and then as she licked her way down my spine and around on my ribs, and ever lower, lower, moving seemingly at random around my back with quick little kisses and licks, I felt her hand moving on my thigh. With her hand moving up my thigh from my knee, and her mouth moving down my back, I could concentrate on nothing but the desire to feel her hand…or her mouth…on my ass.

I didn’t have to wait long, as her hand reached the top of my thighs and briefly cupped my balls before sliding her fingers between the cheeks of my ass. She slid one finger teasingly across my tingling asshole while giving me a quick love bite on one cheek; then I felt her tongue sliding ever nearer my tight hole. The feeling of her tongue moving in a slow circle around my opening was incredible. I was biting my pillow trying to contain my moans, feeling my cock swell and fighting the urge to roll over and take command of this situation — but after trying to move my arms, I remembered that she had me handcuffed and helpless. I reflexively raised my hips to allow my hardened cock to find a more comfortable position beneath me, and she immediately took advantage of the situation by pushing her tongue into my ass. The burst of pleasure that encompassed my entire body is something I’ve never felt before, and something I really can’t adequately describe.

She thrust her tongue into my ass repeatedly, reaching down under my belly to grasp my cock in one hand, and with a quick detour every few seconds to lick my balls, she continued pleasuring me until I thought I was going to cum just from the pressure of her hand on my dick and her mouth on my ass. Just as I was getting to the point of no return, and thinking that this “fantasy” was going by too quickly, she left a kiss on almanbahis canlı casino my ass, and moved away from me. I lay there, every part of my body tingling with anticipation and passion, feeling a pleasure in my helplessness, and just waiting to see what was going to happen next.

She whispered throatily in my ear for me to roll over, because — as she continued– she wanted to see my face when she fucked me in the ass. It was difficult to roll over with my hands behind my back, but I managed to do it. I couldn’t believe how incredibly sexy she looked to me, posing on her knees between my legs with that heavy cock protruding from her lace panties. She spread her knees further apart, forcing my legs further apart, and reached across me for the lube that I had seen earlier.

She poured some of the lube into her hand, and began stroking her cock with it. I could see that with every stroke, she was pushing the base of the cock against her clit, and she wasn’t much further from orgasm than I was. I could see that she was using her favorite flavored lube, and I briefly wondered why, but was so enthused by watching her stroke that cock and stimulate her clit that no thought stayed in my head for long. She continued rubbing lube on that dick, and then with her other hand reached down and stroked my dick with the lube at the same time. Having a cock in each hand seemed to excite her even more, and she stroked her cock more vigorously, obviously using the motion to masturbate herself, until I saw a shudder pass over her body as she came.

She smiled at me and leaned down to lick the length of my engorged cock, and swirled her tongue around the base before engulfing my dick in her mouth. I closed my eyes to enjoy the sensation, but she almost immediately pulled my dick from her mouth, and placed a kiss on the very tip, and began moving up my body. I wasn’t sure what her intention was in the beginning, but it didn’t take long to figure out that she intended to put her cock in my mouth. I guess it’s only fair, right? I kept eye contact with her as she moved closer to my face, and when she bumped the end of her penis against my lips, I just opened my mouth and let it slide inside. almanbahis casino

I have to say I enjoy blow jobs more when she’s giving them to me…but seeing the look on her face as I sucked on her cock totally turned me on even more, which I didn’t really think was possible. I could tell she was getting close to another orgasm by her moans, but before I could manipulate the strap on against her pussy, she moved away and quickly regained her position between my thighs. She reached again for the lube, and quickly rubbed it over her cock and then reached down and rubbed a generous portion of the lube on my ass. At this moment, I had no second thoughts about what was obviously going to happen. I could feel my cock throbbing against my belly, and I just wanted to be fucked.

She sat flat on the bed with her legs spread wide, with my ass pressing against the hardness of her rubber penis, and with a slow, gentle thrust, she pushed her cock inside my ass. With the position she had taken, she was almost underneath my hips, so my weight was resting on her hips and forcing the cock deep inside me. I couldn’t believe the pleasure and the sensations I was feeling all over my body as she slowly pushed her cock into me again and again. She began moving faster, and I spread my legs further apart so that she could fuck me faster and deeper. She fucked me hard and fast, and as each stroke pushed the base of her cock against her pussy, we were both ready to come in a hurry.

She grabbed my knees and held my legs as she forced that heavy cock into my ass over and over again. She let go of one leg so that she could stroke my cock, and with every thrust of her cock into my ass, she stroked my cock. I could feel my control weakening, and my legs beginning to shake. With one last push against me, I could feel only the pressure of that big cock in my ass and the grasp of her hand on my dick. With a cry of pleasure, she thrust into me one more time, and as she began to come, I did the same. She slowly pushed her cock into me as she milked the cum from my dick, then let her big cock slide out of my ass as she collapsed onto my chest.

It took a few minutes for us to regain our strength, and for her to find the handcuff key, and then I just held her close as we both fell asleep….but that is a night I will never forget. The only other thing I have to say is stay tuned, because one night soon I’m going to be the one wearing the strap-on, and I’m going to fuck her senseless.

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Friends Satisfying Each Other

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Friends are there for friends

It was a most curious end to a disappointing night of cruising the bars and pubs looking for pussy. ‘Disappointing’ is a mild term given the state of our arousal, but there just wasn’t a lot about, despite the searing temperatures that began defining an above average English summer.

My friend Lyndon was studying in the northern industrial town of Leeds about an hour from where I lived. He had just completed his final exams of a three-year engineering degree, and his roommates had already departed the city, so he asked if I wanted to drive over for the weekend. I had one more week at uni before the summer holiday officially began and that week was crammed with exams that I should have used the weekend for studying. My time at Sheffield Uni had been a drab, dreary and sexually dry experience. The previous Easter, I spent a weekend in Leeds with Lyndon and pussy was both plentiful and willing.

Lyndon is two years older than me, and we had been friends since childhood as our respective fathers worked for the same company. He was like an elder brother to me, but as we matured, we grew apart, and I always resented his success with the ladies. Lyndon had confidence with them that I did not. During our secondary school years, he was usually shacked up with one squeeze after another and would boast to me about the sexual conquests knowing that it annoyed me because of my inexperience.

When I turned 18, Lyndon, to his credit, put in a word for me at the local leisure centre where he worked. It was my first real job that paid well and gave me access to a pool of pussy – co-workers – that helped overcome my shyness. Over time, I graduated from lifeguard, to swim instructor, badminton trainer (and local champion) and centre administrator. It was the best job ever and needless to say, my sexual experience gathered pace.

Lyndon was first to go to Uni, and I followed two years later. We frequently caught up during the holidays and cruised for English pussy any chance we got. Success was mixed, and that measure depended on our ability to restrain our alcohol intake. Leeds was a far better hunting ground than Sheffield for reasons that still don’t make sense to me. One reason might be its massive urban regeneration in the 1990s that swept away the last vestiges of Victorian architecture. As a result, the cityscape was modern and vibrant. Pubs and bars were lively places to hang out on the weekends, and Leeds developed a unique character which appealed to young men whose testosterone levels couldn’t be tamed. Needless to say, when Lyndon’s invite was received, the choice between potential pussy or exam studying was easy one to make.

When the unending cloud cover disappears, and the sun shows itself, English summer evenings are glorious as the sun doesn’t set till after 11pm and rises again several hours later. It’s possible to go pubbing and clubbing and never see darkness. This weekend of Lyndon’s invite was one of those times.

I arrived into Leeds around 7pm and went over to Lyndon’s place to drop off my gear and freshen up. We ordered Chinese and listened to some music. His taste tended towards Motley Crüe and Poison, whereas I was Iron Maiden and Megadeth, but that didn’t matter so much. After dinner, Lyndon reached into the drawer and pulled out a large box of condoms.”Grab yourself a handful of these if you don’t want to end up like last time!”

He was referring to last Easter when I scored with this frumpy brunette who was all over me at a pub. She had the biggest mouth, and I had trouble keeping up with her furious kissing. Shortly, she invited me outside and took me to the back of some foetid alley where she was prepared to fuck me. After some wonderfully drunken four play, I was instructed to fuck her. As I was about to mount the slag until she turned around and said, “Got a condom?”


There was this almighty scream of frustration as she stood up, pulled up her knickers and jeans, pushed me into the stinking bins and marched off. I was left humiliated with my pants around my ankles and a rapidly deflating cock. Shortly after regaining my composure, I walked back into the pub and purchased a condom from the gents. I searched around for this unnamed plumper, but she was nowhere to be found

And neither was Lyndon. I found out the next day that he had been more successful than me. And he had thought ahead. It was a stinging lesson for me to learn. Always be prepared!

I grabbed a handful of ribbed prophylactics and stuffed them into the back pocket of my jeans. We drained our beers, took back a handful of vodka shots and hit the streets. The bus trip into town was an uneventful ten minutes and, as I stared out of the window, I noticed the city streets to be quieter than usual. Lyndon told me not to worry as it was still early. Nine in the evening didn’t seem all that early to me, but there was a distinct lack of pussy in the city centre.

The situation failed to improve over the next three hours. Sure, there were the usual groups of hen almanbahis parties that had enough wingmen to stop us penetrating their shields. There were groups of old boilers that we kept on standby but nothing of real quality that was worth investing in. This unexpected turn of events became frustrating for us.

“Shall we try a club?” I asked after the witching hour commenced.

“Can’t see it getting any better than this.” Replied Lyndon, gloomily.

True, on our past attempts, a club was never a requirement because success had been achieved at the pub level.

“Options?” I asked.

“Curry and beers at home?” Came an unenthusiastic response.

We continued trying the pubs till 1am, even going over old ground but it was the same depressing tale. Shortly after that, we gave up the task and headed back to Lyndon’s place.

“Maybe Saturday night will be better?” He offered, rather optimistically.

I wasn’t sure I could afford another assault as barren as Friday night had been.

Presently, we found ourselves back at Lyndon’s where the options weren’t appealing.

We sat back with a couple of beers on the couch and channel surfed for a while. I was having trouble staying awake.

“My roommates got German pornos. Fancy watching them?” Came an alternative offer.

“Yeah, go on then,” I replied in a flat tone. I wasn’t sure watching French actresses dubbed into German getting fucked silly was going to change our situation.

Lyndon took off upstairs and came back with a bag full of original pornos that his mate had picked up on a recent trip to Hamburg. Flicking through the selection, I was astounded by the price of these videos. Lyndon picked a Carol Lynn flick directed by the legendary Harry S. Morgan. Seconds later, European filth burst forth in pristine CRT clarity.

Fuck it was good and despite the alcohol, I was instantly roused to the hardness of a diamond as scene after scene remorselessly flickered by. How was I going to be able to escape to the toilet for hand-driven relief? Lyndon would know, and he would tease me mercilessly for my lack of self-control.

Three videos down and I was at breaking point. I didn’t dare remove my eyes from the screen nor did I place my hands anywhere near my straining bulge.

The tension had the tautness of piano wire that was instantly shattered.

“Get your cock out if you want. I’m going to.”

My body reacted as if I’d just been shot, but I kept frozen still, half in fear. From the corner of my eye, I could see Lyndon raise himself up and pull down his jeans towards his knees. He repeated that action with his underwear. It was then that I saw the silhouette of his meaty pole reflect against the CRT light.

Of course, Lyndon and I had been naked in front of each other numerous times when we worked together, but this was different. He had his hard cock out in front of me and he was stroking it.

His voice pierced the tension. “It’s ok. This doesn’t make us fags or anything.”

Two blokes masturbating to porn? I suppose not, but this development had come as a complete shock me. Still, I was overly horny and desperately needed release, so I followed Lyndon’s actions but at no time diverting my gaze from the screen.

When I touched my engorged member, I found that I was covered in pre-cum and the hardness was of a magnitude previously reserved for sex which, up to this point, had been with women.

Where was this leading, I thought to myself. Was Lyndon gay? I couldn’t conceive it given his easy success with women. I knew very little about gay sex other than it involved anal penetration as a substitute for a wonderfully wet woman pussy. However, as these three video Eupoean porn binge was demonstrating, anal sex was not confined to the gay community. If truth be told, watching these sexy french girls that speak in overdubbed German and were happily accepting man meat up their shit chutes was the stimulus that was making me lose my reason. I grabbed my shaft and squeezed it tight, and let out an involuntary gasp.

“Fucking hell, look at that!” Exclaimed Lyndon.

I opened my eyes and saw a pretty blond insert her whole hand up the arsehole of a big-titted brunette. My head was spinning, and I felt sweat drops on my brow.

Lyndon leant forward towards the screen to watch in more details something I never thought possible but watching it was making me even more light headed. He was now furiously discarding his jeans and when done were kicked aside. His legs were spread far, and he was pumping his shaft rhythmically in sync with the blond’s fist pumps. This went on for maybe ten minutes. I couldn’t keep up. Otherwise, I would have blown my stack easily.

That lesbian scene was the last of that video. Lyndon seemed frustrated, but he turned to me and asked if I wanted to watch another. Doing my best to remain calm and measured, I acquiesced. The next cassette inserted into the VCR was exclusively heterosexual anal scenes. This wasn’t going to end well for me. almanbahis yeni giriş

“Beer?” Lyndon asked. Given the situation, his question was almost Pythonesque.

“Sure!” I replied still trying to keep it together.

Seconds later, he came back and handed me a can. His penis was centimetres away from my face, and it looked grand, erect, and majestic like. I could easily have reached out and taken it in my mouth, but I was frozen in fear. Lyndon wasn’t inviting me anyway as his eyes were glued to the vision of some strumpet getting DPd. I grabbed the proffered beer and inwardly breathed a sigh of relief as Lyndon resumed his seat on the couch next to me but at a respectable and safe distance.

Getting through the rest of the scenes of that video was tough going, but I was impressed by the action. I made a mental note to ask Lyndon to pirate it for me that if I survived the night.

Lyndon, for his part, seemed to get frustrated as if he was looking for something specific from these videos to get him off. The frustrated frequency with which he chopped and changed cassettes was bewildering. He’d settle down to a scene only for it to not give him the visual feast he needed. I wasn’t fussed as whatever fucking action I caught a glimpse of got me more excited. I was looking forward to getting to bed and blowing my load.

Lyndon’s preoccupation with selecting the perfect scene had seen me drain my cam ahead of schedule. Despite my diamond cutter and the pre-cum oozing from the tip, my bladder told me that I needed a toilet visit but for a different purpose. I got up off the couch and attempted to pull up my jeans.

“Too much for you?” Asked a frustrated Lyndon without taking his eye off the screen.

“I really need to piss!”

“Sure, you do. Hold off till I get to the scene I’m after. It’s fucking awesome!”

Perhaps that was the point where we were supposed to climax together? After all, I’d witnessed, I couldn’t imagine another scene that could be better. Taking him at his word, I decided to discard my jeans and went to the toilet anyway.

Pissing with an incurable hardon was next to impossible, and pressure on my bladder was becoming uncomfortable. In the end, I managed to drain the vein by thinking about my upcoming exams, and this tactic reduced the strength of my tumescence.

Upon returning to the lounge room, I found Lyndon sitting back on the couch, legs spread and with one hand stroking his cock. This image made me feel funny, and I felt my cock regain some of its hardness. On the screen was this flat-chested, short-haired women fisting the cunt of an older, massive-titted woman while this long-haired bloke arse fucked her.

“Beer?” I asked.

“Sure.” Came an automatic reply.

I cracked two cans and wandered over to Lyndon to offer him the beer. Onscreen had reached a crescendo with the old woman with thoroughly abused holes had semen dripping from her face. The no-titted, short-haired brunette had her pussy poised above the old woman’s face.

Mesmerised at this pure filth unfolding on screen, I was suddenly jolted out of my trance by a warm feeling enveloping my hard cock. I tore my eyes away from the screen to see Lyndon with his lips on my shaft but eyes glued to the screen watching the action. His smooth, sucking action was in contrast to some of the clumsy female equivalents I had experienced. It seemed to me that watching pornos had rubbed off on Lyndon.

The sucking motion came to a sudden end as soon as it began. While my bellend was still in his mouth, his attention was focussed on the tv. I turned around to look at what caught his attention. The short-haired, titless lady was pissing into the mouth of the old woman. The guttural grunts from both parties indicated a mutual enjoyment, but I had never seen anything like it. I don’t think my maturing brain could conjure up a scenario so fantastical. Instead of being repulsed by this scene of debauchery I was fucking inspired by it. At the first onscreen swallow of woman piss, my cock jumped in Lyndon’s mouth, and he resumed sucking my shaft.

“Oh, fuck that is amazing!” Exclaimed Lyndon’s he disengaged his mouth from my cock to get a better look at two women sharing piss.

“Yeah. I’ve never seen anything like it.” I said, truthfully but now I was intrigued by the sexual possibilities open to me.

In the hear and now, I was receiving the best blowjob of my young life, by a man! Onscreen I was watching men fucking women’s arses, something that I was to experience later and golden showers! Every nerve in my body was jumping with adrenaline-fuelled excitement.

Alas, the pissing scene came to an end, and Lyndon seemed to lose interest in the rest of the video. He laid down lengthways on the couch with his magnificent cock standing erect and took a swing of beer.

“You know, we can do some of those things on the videos if you want.”

Oh, I want to but what would that make us?

Lyndon seemed to read my mind.

“It won’t almanbahis giriş change anything about us. Doing this won’t make us bent.”

“How do you know?” I asked, hesitatingly.

“I still like girls and you’ll still like girls after tonight.”

Tonight? I was morning, and the sun was coming up at 3am.

“You’ve done this before?” I asked, suddenly sussing on to the situation.

“Yeah. With the guys here.”

Figures. Go on.

“If we’ve been unsuccessful, we watch some vids and help each other out. None of us is gay, and if you want to do it with me, it won’t make you gay either.” Came a smooth response, as he wanked his still-hard cock.

“One rule though?”


“No. Kissing is not allowed.”

I hadn’t thought about kissing Lyndon tonight or on any other occasion.

“We just fuck each other, and we come. That’s it.”

This seemed a pretty good proposition, given the dire straits we found ourselves in, pussy-wise.

“Fuck each other?” I asked with some trepidation.

“Oral and anal sex.”

“Two men doing anal sex makes them gay!” I spluttered out, naively.

“No kissing.” Lyndon reminded me, before adding reassuringly, “I thought the same until I tried it. Done right, it’s amazing!”

“What is?”

“Being arse fucked!”

Lyndon came across as so confident that my fears of being arse raped were abated

“Ok,” I said, with a bold enthusiasm, “What do we do?”

“Let’s suck each other’s cocks.”

“Sounds good to me.” His mouth on my shaft felt better than any girl so I was keen to see what a dick in my mouth would be like.

With consent given, Lyndon pulled out the bed from the couch to provide us with the room we needed. He laid on his side with his back to the backrest of the sofa and instructed me to do the opposite.

I tell you, with Lyndon’s massive cock just millimetres from my mouth, I felt an exhilaration that is never felt before (or since). I tentatively grabbed hold of his pulsating shaft and breathed in his manly scent. I’m sure I smelt to same to Lyndon.

I felt petrified about what I was going to do but then Dutch courage came to my aid, and I closed my eyes, opened my mouth and reached forward.

The first sensation I felt was how big he felt in my mouth. I thought his girth was going to split my mouth open and I suddenly tensed but with the fear of taking this monster cock up my virgin arsehole.

Almost simultaneously, I heard the muffled choke between my legs as Lyndon was grappling with the same issue. I remembered that Lyndon was much more sexually experienced than me, and if he had overcome his fears in a similar circumstance, then I should be able to overcome mine as well.

I made a superhuman effort to open my mouth as wide as it would go and took Lyndon’s meat as deep into my mouth as I could. The task was easier than I expected and his length slid right down my throat, quickly each time without any gag reflex. I surprised even myself at how much I was enjoying throating Lyndon’s massive length and girth. For his part, my cock was receiving a beautiful reception, and I was surprised that my self-control held given the last three hours of European filth I had been exposed to. Pissing earlier probably helped.

Then the game suddenly changed.

For the better.

As we settled into the practice of taking each other’s man meat down our throats, I felt Lyndon reach around my arse and make digital contact with my balloon knot. I tensed up, in fear of a perceived pain that might follow if he stuck his fingers inside. He sensed my resistance but persisted by adding more lube to his penetrating fingers. With my mouth full of throbbing meat and fingers seemingly about to enter my dirt locker, I needed to find a way to relax, and then I remembered that a few years earlier I was able to finger my own arse in the shower and that I could make it pleasurable. This memory enabled me to relax, a signal Lyndon quickly exploited. First one finger, then two and before long, his fingers began sliding in and out with ease. This new sensation seemed to divert more blood to my engorged member that made Lyndon gag slightly.

For my part, my first ever cock throating technique was too enthusiastic for Lyndon, who frequently told me to slow down. Slow down for what, I asked? I was told, through muffled breathing, that if I didn’t slow down, he would release something in my mouth. Ah, cum – a substance I’d only released into the wombs of a handful of women. Did Lyndon want to cum in my mouth as I would have been happy for him to give me what he had? I didn’t pose the question but allowed myself to be directed by his experienced hand.

That hand of experience wasn’t long in administering another lesson.

A hand of his reached around and directed my fingers to his arsehole. Lyndon’s arse was hairy, and as I attempted to copy his technique on my baby buttocks, I tentatively began exploring my way to his rusty sheriff’s badge that was hot and greasy. As the cheeks parted, I could smell his musky arse, an aroma I was unfamiliar with, but its dirtiness turned me on all the more. His O-ring was dry, so I copied my mentor’s technique and wet my fingers, temporarily expelling Lyndon’s meat from my mouth.

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Lucky Alan Ch. 09

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Alan had been lying in bed all Sunday afternoon trying to recuperate from the wild and raunchy fuck fest he had last night until the wee hours of the morning with the high school varsity cheerleading squad. By the end of the exclusive party, he had given his last load to the bustiest and most untouchable girl in school right in the face. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to burst her cherry as she had to return to work following her tremendous facial and he was quite exhausted and drained from fucking seven hot cheerleaders.

The hung nerd was all alone in his house as his mom was away at work. He got up out of bed and headed upstairs to grab a bite to eat. Before he could take a bite out of his sandwich, the doorbell rang. Wearing only a large yellow Pikachu t-shirt and matching blue shorts, Alan walked over to the door and answered it. Sobbing at the first door was his former childhood friend, Elizabeth. Besides the torrent of tears running down her beautiful, snowy-white face, she looked absolute jaw-dropping in a pair of tight, denim blue jeans and a plain white t-shirt.

“Hey Lizzy, what’s wrong?” Alan asked.

“Jake… The son of a bitch cheated on me,” she sobbed. “Again.”

“Please, come in,” Alan invited.

Alan stepped aside and allowed Elizabeth to enter. His eyes couldn’t help but to zero in on the very large pair of tits she had jutting from under the flimsy t-shirt. Before she grew those huge boobs, Alan knew Elizabeth as a tomboy since grade school. They were very close, like brother and sister. They used to live on the same street, played at the park everyday during the summer time and had sleepovers every weekend. By the time they entered high school, Elizabeth’s mosquitoes bites turned into swollen grapefruits and she went from a tomboy to a full fledged woman, attracting a lot of guys whom would had never spoken to her while she was a flat-chested. Slowly but surely, Alan’s and Elizabeth’s close friendship drifted apart with the occasional; hi, how are you when they crossed paths. Elizabeth became hot and popular while he more or less stayed the same puny nerd, but little did anyone know at the time that Alan would go through his own growth spurt of 9 ½ solid thick inches between his legs.

“Can I get you anything to drink, something to eat, perhaps?” Alan politely asked.

“No, no thank you,” she replied.

“At least have a seat and tell me what’s wrong?” he said.

Alan escorted Elizabeth over to the sofa and they sat down.

“Listen, Alan, I know things haven’t been the same between us but you were always there for me when I needed someone to just listen or when I needed to vent and when I needed a shoulder to cry on. I know I haven’t exactly been a good friend to you over the last few years and I am truly sorry for that. I guess that’s what happens when you fall into the wrong crowd,” Elizabeth sadly explained.

“And that hasn’t changed Lizzy. I’m still here to listen and I still have shoulders if you need to cry,” Alan encouraged.

Elizabeth wiped her tears away and gave Alan a warm smile.

“Why can’t I ever meet guys that are as nice and charming as you Alan? Jake is the complete opposite. I gave him the best two years of his life and he still can’t keep his penis out of other girls. He says he loves me and this is twice I’ve caught him fucking some 2-bit slut. My friends insist that there are other times he has cheated on me not just the two that I know about. I’m sick and tired of being the helpless, defenseless, weak girlfriend. It’s time for me to strike back and play his stupid little game. I’ve been faithful to that man for far too long. It’s time I find a guy that I know can satisfy me in ways he could possibly never dream of,” Elizabeth solemnly pledged. “And I know I came the right guy.”

Alan was startled by Elizabeth’s hand moving up his bare thigh and into his shorts. She gasped the second she felt his large cock beginning to bulge.

“I can’t believe you’ve been hiding this huge penis from me Alan,” Elizabeth said lovingly, as she fondled his growing erection.

“Liz, we shouldn’t…” before Alan could finish, his words trailed off as his former childhood friend stroked his increasingly rising meat stick.

“Girls talk, you know, especially that loud mouth Missy. Bragging about fucking a puny nerd with the biggest cock she had ever seen. She was wondering how come since you and I were so close that I never knew you had just such a big dick. How you never laid me across your bed and fucked my pussy until it hurt?” said Elizabeth, becoming fully aware that a single hand couldn’t firmly clutch his erected swollen cock. “Hmmmm. Better late than never.”

Alan moaned deeply as the 5’4, long brunette-haired splendor softly stroked his rock-hard cock out of his shorts, getting her first look.

“Oh Goodness!” Elizabeth panted, continuing to gently stroke his beast from the wide base to the large bulbous crimson-red head. She felt pre-cum oozing from almanbahis şikayet his fat dickhead and rubbed the salty fluid into the hard skin of his tool. “It’s just as magnificent as the stories said it would be.” She leaned over and tenderly kissed him. Her absurdly large breasts pushed softly into his chest which caused his cock to throb harder in her hand.

“Shall we take this to your room?” Elizabeth asked, breaking the gentle kiss.

Alan lustfully nodded yes and the two got up off the sofa. Elizabeth kept her hand on his enormous cock and led him to his own room. Alan got a nice view of her enormous breasts swelling out even while he was behind her and her petite round ass being perfectly molded in her denim jeans. The second they reached the bottom of the basement stairs, Elizabeth released his hard cock, wrapped her arms around his neck, and resumed tenderly kissing him. She felt his ragging hard member pressing up against her crotch and abdomen.

As they continued kissing, Alan reached behind her and slid his clammy hands up her t-shirt. He felt the thick strap to her brassiere and started to unfasten the three snaps. He held her close as he undid the final snap and felt the bra strap go loose at the back. He moaned from the weight of her ponderous melons being supported by his scrawny chest. Elizabeth reached under her shirt and to Alan’s amazement, managed to remove her massive beige-colored bra completely and it fell at their feet. He moved away from her slowly and he felt her huge bulbous knockers slide down his chest in such a pleasantly stimulating manner. Alan watched with lust in his horny eyes as his former childhood friend peel off her t-shirt and revealed her whopping FF cup breasts. Each snowy-white globe was the size of her head and hung naturally from her chest before swelling outwards, grapefruit-sized with large copper-colored areolas and nipples that were indistinguishable.

“What can I say? Once that growth spur hit, it just kept going and I swear, my breasts are still growing every day,” his female friend stated, adding emphasis by feebly cupping her very large breasts in her small hands.

Alan was completely entranced by her beautiful naked breasts and how they overflowed her little palms. Elizabeth relinquished her massive hooters, took off her shoes and escaped out of her tight jeans. She stood partially naked in front of Alan in a pair of black lacy panties and tube socks. She was enamored by the enormously hard cock jutting towards her.

Alan finally woke up from his trance and was naked in mere seconds. Elizabeth took Alan by the hand over to his foldout bed and pushed him back onto it. She climbed up onto his bed and teasingly dragged her soft heavy tits across his naked feet and ankles then further up his skinny and short hairy legs and thighs until she was kneeled between his legs and her beautiful, hazel-eyed face hovered above his jutting bloated erection.

Elizabeth spat a few times on his cock and used both hands to massage her saliva onto his pulsing shaft and fat dickhead. Alan leaned forward and watched her enormous tits rocked and sway from side to side from her actions.

“God, you’re so fucking big. How the hell did you get so big? Have you always been this big?” stated Elizabeth, as she gently pumped her fists up and down his spit-slicked cock. “Jake has a good sized penis but he uses it to fuck other girls more than me. And he’s not much of a boob guy as he makes me keep my bras on when we fuck. I haven’t had anybody paid close attention to my breasts since in over 2 years. I hope they’re not too big.”

“Ohhh god, no! They’re perfect,” he moaned. “I want to cum on them so bad.”

“And you will once I’ve had my fun,” Elizabeth replied with a warm smile.

She spat on his rock-hard cock a few more times and then she swooped her head down and sucked half of his large cock between her pliable lips. She bobbed her head energetically up and down his dick. She had to use muscles in her jaw she never knew existed before closing her mouth over his extremely bulbous cock. She could taste his cum and her saliva saturated on the thick skin of his swollen hard meat as she milked him with her mouth.

“OH LIZ! OH LIZ! OH LIZ! OHHHH!” moaned Alan repeatedly, as he felt more of his cock meat disappear down her throat. He looked down and saw Elizabeth’s snowy-white face was now beet red while she slurped and sucked his huge veiny cock without taking a breather.

As she feverishly engulfed his dick between her lips, Elizabeth felt Alan’s massive cock-head probing her cheeks and throat. She ran one hand over his flat abdomen while the other seized his enormous cum-filled balls. Elizabeth grunted when she felt how big, full and fat his hairless balls felt in her hand. She groped and rolled his swollen testicles around like Chinese stress balls.

Alan’s toes curled while he had his eyes closed and mouth hung wide open with deep moans and heavy breathing coming almanbahis canlı casino out. He was never expecting the flat chested tomboy he knew from a long time ago to have such a skilled mouth and tongue. Elizabeth released his dick and applied her mouth and tongue skills to his big balls. She sucked one in her mouth and ran her tongue in circles over it. After she thoroughly licked and sucked one testicle, it wetly popped out of her mouth and she scooped up the other one and repeated her oral assault sending Alan into a loud howling frenzy. He was sure glad his mom wasn’t home for the afternoon as his ridiculous loudness could had been heard all the way upstairs.

Elizabeth alternated between intensely sucking his hard cock and balls for quite a while, pushing her nerdy childhood friend to the point of nearly cumming and passing out but before that could happen, she removed her mouth off his dick, sat back on the bed with her massive knockers spreading off her sides. She pulled down her soaked lacy panties and kicked them right in his face. Alan gladly took her wet panties in his hands and inhaled their cunt-juice scent. Elizabeth’s pussy was surrounded by a patch of light-brown fuzz as she spread her cunt lips apart and gave Alan a seductive wink.

Alan took his cue and sat up. He leaned forward and pressed his lips against hers. His chest smashed up against her big tits and he moaned in her mouth. Alan tasted a little sample of his own salty spunk as he lodged his tongue in her mouth. Elizabeth suckled on his tongue for a few seconds and then stuck her tongue into his mouth. They wildly French kissed for a few brief moments before Alan surprisingly pulled back and stared down with lust at her two hanging bulbous jugs.

“You have no idea how much better my life had become once I grew tits. Being a late bloomer wasn’t so bad,” stated Elizabeth, as she gave her torso a little shake, bouncing her glorious pendulous breasts on either side of her ribcage. “Men of all ages flocked to me as soon as I grew these big juicy breasts. They wanted to get their hands on them. They wanted to lick and suck them. They wanted me to wrap my fun bags around their hard cocks and whack them until they unload between my boobs. I love my girls and judging by the look on your face, I would say you love them too.”

Alan planted his face in the middle of her chest and cupped her large FF melons with his unrivaled hands and squeezed them around his head. Alan motor-boated between her enormous tits and bounced them around his head while his tongue zealously lapped the inside of her cleavage and along the inner sides of her great big warm breasts.

“OH ALAN! OHHHH!” moaned Elizabeth, running her hands up and down his boney back.

Alan pulled his head from her cleavage and held her overflowing breasts in his palms. He squeezed them and watched their soft resilience flesh sunk between his skinny fingers. He mercilessly alternated between licking and sucking her copper areolas and diminutive nipples. They grew into rock-hard pebbles in his mouth. He nibbled and sucked Elizabeth’s nipples causing her to moan louder and louder.

“Oh god YEEEESSSS! OHHHH GOD! OHHH ALAN! Suck my titties! Oh baby, suck em!”

She cradled his head against her chest, running her fingers through his hair as he sucked as much soft flesh between his ravenous lips as her tits would generously allow. His hands stayed squeezing and groping both breasts as he feasted on them. Alan squashed her giant tits together to form one mammoth areola and ran his tongue over it.

“Ohhhhhhhh daaaaaaaaaaaum! Ohhhhh yeeesssss!” Elizabeth cried, as cum gushed from her pussy and onto the bed.

Alan felt his throbbing hard on discharging large amounts of pre-cum while his face was buried in the one gigantic boob, licking and sucking every inch. He even licked beneath where her boobs formed. He was delighted and pleased to have given Elizabeth’s stupendous boobs the oral attention they rightfully deserved and then some.

After several minutes of coating her heavy tits profoundly with his saliva, Alan slid his mouth down her gorgeous body until it was planted on her extremely wet cunt. He lapped and drank at her womanly cum. Elizabeth began breathing hard and heavy and fell back on the bed. She draped one leg over his shoulder while the other spread across the bed. Her huge wet knockers fell away to her sides but each thick fleshy globe still bulged upward towards the ceiling. She moved her hands down and held Alan’s head in place as he ravenous ate her pussy. His devouring mouth found her clitoris and he began nibbling on the little swollen bud.

“OHHH YES! ALAN! ALAN! OHHH ALAN!” she cried madly.

Alan wedged a finger inside her gushing cunt, thrusting it in and out as he nibbled and licked her clitoris with gusto. He looked up wanting to see her breathless flushed face but it was hidden by the blockade of boobage. He loved the view either way and kept up his oral almanbahis casino assault.

While his finger continued to probe her open snatch, Alan moved his mouth down a bit further, wetly licking the space between her cunt and asshole. Alan remembered briefly having his asshole licked and how it drove him insane. He hooked both of Elizabeth’s toned legs behind her knees and bent them towards her chest lifting up her round petite ass off the bed. He planted kisses on her cute little butt cheeks, then used his tongue to lick between her butt crack and against her pink little hole with long repeated swipes. Alan had obviously never done this before but he was consumed with overpowering lust for his childhood friend and wanted this night, if it’s their last together, to be one of their most cherish memories.

For several minutes, Alan’s tongue licked and lapped intensely against and inside her pink butt hole causing her body to thrash on top of the bed in an orgasmic state. Elizabeth cried and howled as she came. Her cum leaked from her cunt and trailed down to her pink anus where Alan drank and lap it up. Even after she came seriously hard, Elizabeth took over the duties of holding her legs and pressing them against her big boobs while Alan used his free hands to spread her ass cheeks further apart and fasten his mouth against her tiny asshole. He sucked and slurped her anus while wiggling his tongue inside. He could still taste remnants of her pussy juices on her pink butt hole.

“I need you inside me, Alan! Fuck me!” Elizabeth pleaded.

She let her legs fall onto the bed as Alan lifted his head up and stroked the throbbing deep-purple head of his cock against her swollen wet vagina lips. He slowly filled her cunt up with his hard tool and began steadily thrusting in and out.

“OHHHHH MY!” Elizabeth cried, as Alan thrust more of his slobbery meat between the folds of her pussy.

The moment Alan opened the door Sunday afternoon and saw the new Elizabeth, he knew their relationship would never be the same. He was taken aback by how beautiful she had gotten and especially surprised by how massive her boobs had grown that were barely covered by her little, thin shirt. Although she had transformed into a big-breasted goddess, there was still a little bit of tomboy Liz left inside her. She wanted to wrestle Alan for the very last chocolate chip cookie like the good old days and things got awkward with their hands roaming all over each other’s well-endows. Now Alan was sliding his thick veiny member into the depths of her womanhood.

“OHHHH! AHHHHH GOD! OHHHH! Oh! Oh! Oh!” Elizabeth screeched loudly with her pussy being power-fucked by the biggest cock she had ever seen.

Alan held onto the back of her knees, keeping her legs spread apart and enjoyed the sight of his monster cock drilling in and out of his busty childhood friend. His giant balls slapped violently against her ass, shoving more of him inside her tight cunt until his pelvic slammed against hers. He rested her ankles on his shoulders and fucked her harder and faster. Her toes curled in her tube socks and the stank smell of her feet made him hornier.


“OHHH LIZ! OHHH GOD!” Alan moaned right back.

He released her legs and crashed his sweaty body on top of her equally perspiring body. Her extremely large breasts squashed between the two as they locked lips in a heated kiss. The old springs to his foldout mattress squealed loudly and felt as if they were ready to give way from his hard, furious fucking. Elizabeth moaned in Alan’s mouth and warned of her cumming. Her hot pussy had completely consumed his drilling cock as she came.

Alan relinquished the passionate kiss and looked down at Elizabeth’s sweaty, beet-red face. He gave her drenched cunt a few long, hard thrusts while her orgasm subsided. He bent his head down and gave each of her sweaty large areolas and hard nips a thorough, slobbery sucking before rolling over on his back with his messy fuck stick still lodged inside her.

Elizabeth locked her sock-covered feet under his thighs and began bouncing up and down. Alan held onto her firm petite ass as she controlled the pace, working his massive cock at her own desire. His horny eyes stayed glued to her invitingly marvelous bouncing jugs, and he couldn’t help but to reach up and squeeze them while she milked his rock-hard stiffness with her pussy. Tit flesh bulged between his skinny groping fingers as he heard Elizabeth squeal loudly. Her cunt squeezed around his big dick as she started cumming.

“OHHHHHHHHHHH, I’m cumming! AHHHHHH!” moaned Elizabeth, her body quivering as another powerful orgasm surge through her.

Alan felt his huge balls tighten up against her cum juice-flowing pussy signaling he was near his climax.

“Why don’t you fuck me in the ass and finish off?” Elizabeth shockingly suggested to Alan.

He smiled with glee as she climbed off him and positioned herself on all fours. Alan kneeled between her legs and slowly pushed his bloated, deep-purple member into her asshole.

“Don’t worry about me Alan. I’ve had anal sex before but not with a dick as big as yours,” Elizabeth stated.

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Girls Night Out

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When I was 22 years old, I was in a relationship with a guy named Dave. He was a great guy and we had known each other for quite a few years before we started dating seriously. At this point, we lived together and had been dating for a year and half. He was very close to his sister brother Jeff and I was close with Jeff’s wife Kim. Kim and I had a lot in common, even though she was almost 10 years older than me.

Dave and his brother decided (spontaneously) that they were going on a road trip together and we weren’t invited. Naturally, Kim and I were scorned and angry to say the least. With each day that passed, we became bitterer. We decided that we were going to the bar to dance, flirt and generally misbehave ourselves.

Kim had a friend who worked the bar at a little town located half an hour away. When we walked in, it was surprisingly busy. It felt like the entire town was in this bar. We met Kim’s friend and he gave us a couple shots while he made our drinks. Drinking them back quickly we gave each other the wink and the beginning of girls night had officially started.

Guys bought us drinks and danced with us trying to make their moves. We weren’t buying though and I think it became apparent after a bit.

Exhausted we sat at our table talking about the assholes that left us behind. Two good looking guys walked up to us with drinks in their hands for us. They joined us at our table and told us they were brothers who were town visiting their father and out to blow off steam. After a lot of conversation, we explained that Kim was married and I was in a committed relationship. They didn’t really care; they just wanted to have fun. The drinks flowed and we danced with the guys for the rest of the night until last call.

Terry (the younger brother) suggested we all keep the party going and head back to his Dad’s house down the street. Kim and I gave each other the look and told the guys not to get the wrong idea and they assured us it was all good. We walked to the house and their dad was in the living room watching television. Tim and Terry introduced us and asked if wanted to come down to the basement for a beer with us.

The five of us were hanging out listening to music and talking. I was sitting between their dad and Terry. It was very obvious where his boys got their good looks. He looked to be in his mid 50’s with salt and pepper hair, a very handsome looking man.

After finishing his beer, their dad made his way back upstairs. Terry sat closer to me as we talked. At some point I looked up to notice that Kim had disappeared with Terry. Before I knew what happened, Terry was kissing me and I was kissing him back. He was a great kisser and I melted back in to the couch as his hands wandered over my body. I wanted to tell him to stop, but I couldn’t.

His hand slid up my thigh, raising my dress as he did until he was touching me through my panties. Instantly he slid my dress off my shoulder exposing my breast. Never letting his lips leave mine. One hand teased my pussy and the other squeezed my breast as his tongue probed my mouth. Suddenly he stood up and took my hand guiding me back upstairs. As we headed towards a hall of bedrooms, I saw his dad was still awake and watching television, but he didn’t acknowledge us.

Terry pushed me gently back on the bed and began to kiss up my thighs. Slowly removing my panties he proceeded to lick, kiss, suck and finger my pussy. I laid back, the room was spinning and I was in disbelief that this was happening. I was letting a complete stranger eat my pussy. Eventually he came up for air and undid his pants and let them drop to the floor. He positioned himself beside my face and his huge cock was an inch from my mouth. I instinctively grabbed it and took him in my mouth. He groaned and slowly fucked his big cock in and out of my mouth. His hands squeezing my tits as he fucked my mouth. In between his moans he kept saying how badly he wanted to fuck me. I squeezed his cock and sucked him harder trying to make him explode. He started begging me to let him fuck me. I asked if he had any protection, but he didn’t. His reply was beyond disappointing. I told him we couldn’t have sex because I wasn’t on anything and that I would suck him to completion.

His hands moved to my head and he began fucking my mouth faster. Pushing himself deep in my mouth, he made me gag and I felt his cock get even harder. Each time I gagged he got harder and fucked my face faster until I felt his cum start to flood in to my mouth. I swallowed what I could and the rest just poured almanbahis şikayet out the corners of my mouth and down to my breasts. Terry cleaned me up and kissed me again saying next time he would have protection because he needed to fuck me. With that, he turned and told me I could spend the night in this room and left down the hall.

Sitting in disbelief for a bit, I tidied myself up and decided to check on Kim. As i walked down the hall towards the kitchen, I saw an open door and glanced in when I heard Kim’s voice. She was clearly being fucked silly. Tim was behind Kim pounding her doggy style. Even more surprising was that Terry had climbed on the bed and Kim was sucking his cock. I couldn’t believe my eyes and hurried to the kitchen to get that drink of water.

As I filled my glass, I heard a voice ask if everything was alright. I turned to see their dad smiling at me. All I could mutter was “yeah”. Your friend is a noisy one isn’t she? He chuckled. We walked in to the living room together and he insisted I stay and chat with him. As we sat on the couch all we could hear was Kim, so it was pretty much the focus of our entire conversation. It was very evident that he was enjoying the sounds coming from the bedroom.

He moved closer to me on the couch and looked me in the eyes and asked me point blank. How come my other son isn’t fucking you right now? I was shocked and certainly I blushed. I told him I was in a relationship as my rationale. He chuckled again. I watched you take a load of his cum in your mouth sweetie. Now I know I was blushing. Don’t be embarrassed. You are gorgeous woman and I couldn’t help but watch you empty his cock.

He didn’t try to hide his eyes going over my body. Come with me, I want to show you something. Before I could react he grabbed my hand and walked me down the hall. As we passed the open door I glanced in to see that Tim and Terry had switched places and Terry was now getting the pussy he craved so badly.

Their dad kept walking and pulled me along by the hand. Once we entered his room, he closed the door behind us. He pointed to a chair and motioned for me to have a seat. I sat and he walked up in front of me. Reaching down he grabbed my hands and lifted them. His eyes never lost contact with mine. He grabbed my hands and lifted them up and placed them both on the bulge in his pants. Would you like to suck my cock too? I was speechless. He unzipped his pants and revealed himself to me. His cock was much bigger than his son Terry’s and I could not take my eyes off of it.

His hand grabbed my hair gently and guided my face closer to his stiff cock. I opened my mouth by reflex and he put the head to my lips and slowly guided it in to my mouth. His cock was oozing so much cum. He was clearly very excited. My mouth could barely fit around him, but he kept sliding it deeper in to my mouth. Now with both hands on my head he began to fuck my mouth faster. I couldn’t help but swallow the pre-cum oozing out of his cock. He slowly pulled his cock out of my mouth and realized just how big his cock was. It had to be 10 inches long and I couldn’t close my fingers around it.

Tell me why you didn’t let my son fuck you. I sputtered my answer indicating that he didn’t have any protection. His dad nodded and said he understood. He grabbed my hand and pulled me to his bed. I have good news for you sweetie. I’m gonna give you the fucking you need. I asked if he had protection and he said he did. His hand reached up my dress and felt my soaking wet pussy. He slid his fingers in me easily and smiled. You really do need to get fucked don’t you?. I nodded.

He grabbed his cock and ran the head up and down my soaking wet pussy opening. I tensed up thinking he was going to fuck me without a condom. You afraid of getting pregnant sweetie? I nodded looking deep in to eyes. Don’t worry sweetie, I can’t get your pregnant. Without any hesitation I felt his big head stretching my pussy open.

He worked his big tool in to me slowly at first, letting me adjust to his massive cock. Very slowly he moved his huge cock in and out of me. Each time deeper until he hit bottom. Then he just held it there and kissed me. His cock moved faster and now I gasped loudly with every thrust. Each time he bottomed out in me he pushed firmly causing me to scream out. Mmmm sweetie, let me hear you.

Let them know you are getting a good fucking sweetie. I moaned loudly and he fucked me harder and harder in to my tiny pussy. Slowly he backed his cock out of me and he pulled me to my knees in front of him. almanbahis canlı casino His hand on the back of my head he guided his cock back in my mouth. Get that cock nice and hard sweetie. I sucked him for a couple minutes then he lifted me on the bed.

Get on your hands and knees. He climbed up behind me and I felt that familiar head against my pussy again. He slid his cock back in to me pushing me until he hit bottom again. I want you to take all my cock sweetie. We need to get that little pussy broke in so you can take all of me. With that he held my hips and started fucking me each time pounding deeply in to me. I couldn’t believe how loud i was screaming out as he pounded my pussy open. I could feel his balls slapping my clit as he fucked me hard and fast.

You want to feel me cum in that little pussy sweetie? Tell me! I want to hear you say it! Beg me to cum in your pussy sweetie. I screamed out “please cum in me”. That was all it took. He buried himself in me and I felt his cock explode in me. His load oozed up the shaft as he pumped it in me. I collapsed under his weight and he rolled off me. His hands grabbing at my ass and rubbing my cum filled pussy.

He slowly fingered my cum filled pussy enjoying himself. Rubbing his fingers all over it. His big hands squeezed my ass cheeks, spreading them open and closed. You have a gorgeous lil ass sweetie. Then he leaned his face in and pushed his tongue against my ass. I tried to pull away but he had me pinned. His tongue licked and poked my tight little ass. It felt good, but I wasn’t giving him any ideas that he could fuck my ass.

I wanna fuck you again sweetie! Playing with you like this will get me hard again. I relaxed knowing he wanted my pussy again. His tongue opened my ass and he kept licking and fucking it with his tongue. His big fingers slowly fucking my pussy, I was delirious. He slowly slid one of his cum covered fingers up to my ass and pushed his finger tip in. He moaned loudly and i felt his cock stiffen against my leg.

Mmmm, tight little ass sweetie. I’m gonna pretend this finger is my cock. He slowly fucked my ass with his finger continuing to add the lube from my pussy so it moved in and out easily. Why don’t you suck this cock again while I play with your ass sweetie? He sat up and I laid on my side putting his firm cock in my mouth. His finger went right back to my little ass and pushed in me. As i sucked up and down his cock, he matched my movements with his finger in my ass.

Every few strokes he slid down and pushed his fingers in my pussy getting them soaked. Slowly i could feel him start working a second finger in my ass. I stiffened in protest but he just pushed my head down on his cock. I could tell how much he enjoyed playing with my ass because his cock responded.

It didn’t take long before two fingers were sliding in and out of my ass. He started thrusting his hips pushing his cock in and out of my mouth. You ready to get that pussy fucked again sweetie? I nodded.

He put me right back on my hands and knees and pushed his cock to my wet opening. Getting the head all slippery with cum. Pushing the head in and out, toying with my opening. Pulling it out he slid it up and down my slit. Over my clit and back to my opening making me gasp. Then he would push it in a bit before going back to teasing my clit and slit. At one point he slid his cock up the crack of my ass then back down to my clit quickly before pushing it in my pussy. Now he was teasing my entire crack occasionally passing over my bum.

After pushing his cock deep in to my pussy and pounding me until I screamed out he pulled it out and ran his cock up my crack. Holding the head at my ass I begged him No! He chuckled and said he just wanted to play with my ass. He began rubbing his huge head over my little ass. It felt scary but exhilarating at the same time. I could feel him grinding his big head against my ass, pushing gently. He was very focused on my ass.

He pushed me down on my stomach and said he want to fuck my cheeks. Squeezing my cheeks he pushed his head in and out towards my ass. Each thrust poking at my ass forcing me open a bit. His cock forcing my ass open a bit each time while the tip pushed against it.

He slid his cock down my crack to my pussy and pushed himself in me deeply. His fingers returned to my ass and fucked it too as I lay flat on my stomach unable to move. They feel good in your ass sweetie? I didn’t answer, although it did feel surprisingly good. My ass got wetter and wetter as his fingers slid in and almanbahis casino out of me. He pulled his cock back until it left my pussy and lined it up to my asshole. I gasped as he pushed his cock against my ass. I could feel his head spreading my ass. He just kept pushing half the head in to stretch me open more. He put his hand on the back of my head and slowly pushed more in to me. I bit the pillow as his head popped in to my ass. I screamed in to the pillow as he held his head in my ass. Slowly pulling it part way out and popping the head in and out of me.

I turned to see his eyes, but he was entranced starring down at his cock in my ass. I could see that he kept spitting on my ass making me wetter. This continued for what seemed like eternity until he had to pound me. Then he would put it back in my pussy and fuck me hard for bit to get it out of his system so he could continue to work my ass slowly.

His head was huge, but his shaft was thicker. After pulling his cock from my cum filled pussy he was so slick with my juices that he pushed his head in me and continued to put pressure forcing his cock a bit deeper in me. With shallow strokes he continued pushing his meat deeper in me. All the time I was screaming out. He was very vocal to ensure everyone in the house knew it was my ass he was fucking. Your ass is so fucking tight sweetie. I’m gonna put my whole cock deep in that ass and fill it with cum too.

At this point he stopped holding back and started to fuck me faster, pushing his cock deeper and deeper. Occasionally returning to my pussy for more of my cum lube before returning to my ass. His mouth kissed my neck as he pushed himself completely in to me. You got that whole cock in there sweetie. My big cock is in your tiny little asshole. He became an animal and fucked me with long strokes.

He pulled me back up to my knees and held my hips as he pushed himself in and out of me. I screamed out in pleasure as he enjoyed me like he was an animal. Pulling my head back his lips met mine and he kissed me hard, breathing heavily in my mouth as he fucked my ass faster. I’m gonna fill you with cum sweetie, you ready? I nodded. Tell me he yelled. Please cum I moaned. Where do you want me to cum sweetie? Let them know where I’m going to shoot my load. I screamed out. CUM IN MY ASS! I WANT YOU TO CUM IN MY ASS!

He kissed me deeper and gasped, his body jerked and his cock stiffed as he unloaded himself in my little ass.

When i gained coherence, I noticed the sun had come up. Terry was standing at the door with a big smile on his face. You know Grace, that’s not really fair, I didn’t know your ass was on the menu. His dad laughed and said it wasn’t.

I made my way to the bathroom to wash up and their dad followed me. Kissing me again he handed me some towels and said I should feel free to shower up.

The warm water felt amazing on my skin. I was just starting to wonder how Kim was doing when the bathroom door opened and closed. I suspected it was Kim and poked my head out the curtain. To my surprise, it was Terry. Without a word he dropped his clothes and climbed in the shower. Kissing me and telling me how happy i made his dad. His hands slid right to my ass. I have to fuck that too Grace.

He fingered my pussy and ass cleaning me out, before soaping me up and cleaning me off. I cleaned his cock off for him and it wasn’t long before i was on my knees in the shower with his cock in my mouth.

His cock was rock hard quickly. I looked up and smiled. You have to be quick though, my ass can’t take much more okay? He smiled. That ass will have me cumming too fast he said. We dried off and he leaned me over the bathroom counter. I felt oil slide down my crack and his head was at my opening.

He ran his cock over my pussy first. Mmmm, I bet this feels wonderful too. Without warning his cock slid in to my pussy. Oh yes it does, nice little pussy. Sliding in and out of my pussy to get his entire cock in me, I told him he had to stop but he just smiled and kept fucking my pussy. Don’t worry I’m not going to cum yet. His fucking became more furious and he said he wanted to get himself ready to blow so he would cum faster in my ass. I leaned over and he fucked me hard like I was a fuck doll. He smashed my thighs against the vanity until he buried his cock deep in me and his cock stiffened. I knew he shot his load in my pussy and turned around in disbelief.

By the time Kim awoke and we got cleaned up it was after lunch. On the walk back to her car, she told me that Tim and his dad fucked her when they first disappeared last night. It started as a blowjob for his dad and ended up with his cock exploding in my pussy.

I felt like such a sexual deviant, but took solace in the fact Kim was worse because all 3 guys had fucked her and that made her a bigger slut.

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Life Ch. 04

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After the party-goers finally woke up and made their way home, I made my brother start cleaning the inside of the house out while I worked on cleaning the pool. I found Danni’s purse in the poolhouse fridge, and decided I might return it to her next time I needed a good blowjob. Joan called me groggily around 3pm and asked me why her shirt was ripped up and Ricky wasn’t answering her calls. After a little explaining, she regained her memory and told me she’d call me later after she got her shit from Ricky’s room. And as much as I wanted and waited, I never found anything of Deedee’s she might come back for, and she didn’t call.

Around five, I decided I deserved a break, and went for a swim. Not long after I dove in, I heard a car door slam, and I looked up to see Linzy, wearing a black mini-skirt and matching corset-like halter top, coming through the back gate. “What are you doing here?” I asked, wiping water and hair from my face.

“What? I can’t come visit my cousins?” she asked. “I mean, I woulda came to the party, but somebody forgot to tell me there was one.” She accused as she sat down on the dividing wall between the concrete around the pool and the grass in the backyard. “Why have you been avoiding me?” she asked after I didn’t respond.

I swam to the shallow end and leaned on the edge of the pool. “Um, because you lied to me and tricked me into committing incest.” I offered sarcastically, then kicked off and started back stroking around the pool. Linzy laughed and leaned over on her knees. “I might’ve lied, but did it really take that much convincing to get you to fuck me?” She stood up, kicked her shoes off, and walked around the pool as I swam. “I mean, honestly Jeremy, you wanted me as much as I wanted you, and you always have.”

“That’s beside the point.” I said and kept swimming. “I’d like a free Corvette too, but I’m not gonna go steal one. I’d like to run over every person that pulls out in front of me, but I don’t.” I stopped to tread water. “And do you know why?” Linzy smirked at me. “Cause it’s wrong, Linzy. Theft, murder, and incest.”

Linzy sighed. “But wasn’t it worth it?”

I shook my head.

“Really?” Linzy asked and started untying the ribbons on her top. “Can you look me in the eye and tell me it wasn’t the best sex you’ve ever had? Or at least in the top ten?” she asked and dropped the corset on the ground, letting her tits fall into open air.

I couldn’t help but look at those gorgeous orbs. “Once again beside the point, Linzy.”

She pulled her skirt off next, leaving her naked body before me. “Jeremy, I lied about being adopted, and for that I’m sorry.” She told me as she sat on the edge of the pool with her feet in the water. “But I wasn’t lying when I told you I loved you, and I don’t mean the way family member’s love each other.” She spread her legs and showed me her shaved snatch. “Just tell me the truth, even though it’s incest, didn’t it feel right to be with me? I mean, Christ, at least give me the satisfaction of knowing I was good!” she begged

I laughed. “You were good, great even.”

She smiled at me. “Top ten?”

I swam closer to her, admiring that pale and soft body of hers. “Top five, maybe even second or third.” I offered putting my hands on her knees.

She put hands over mine. “It really hurt me when you started treating me like you didn’t care about me.”

“I’m really sorry.” I told her. “It’s just hard when spend all of puberty trying to tell yourself that your cousin’s off limits, then this happens.” I said as I pulled myself to her and kissed her.

She smiled wider. “Thank you. And I think as long were careful, there’s nothing wrong with us being together.” She kissed me again and moved my hand up her thigh. “I mean, we can’t keep going and getting morning after pills.”

I pushed her legs open wider and moved my hand to her pussy and started rubbing along her slit. “Agreed, but maybe we’ll havta go get one more.” I said as I spread her lips and pushed two fingers inside her.

Linzy stiffened up and gasped. She scooted closer to the water and clung to the edge of the pool. I leaned closer and sucked her clit between my lips. She cooed and I started pumping my fingers at her pussy. Linzy started pushing her hips at my hand and nearly fell in the pool, so I wrapped my arm around her and held her by the ass while I finger-fucked and sucked on her dripping pussy. She started shaking and spasming, her cunt tightened around my fingers and sprayed juice on my hand.

Linzy knocked my hand away and pushed me back from the edge and fell in the water on top of me. Her tongue was in my mouth, seeking out her own juices, and her hand was pulling my trunks out of the way, fishing for my cock. She jerked my cock under the water for a few short seconds, then wrapped her thick legs around my waist and started humping her cunt against me until she felt my cock pop into her pussy. She froze halfway down the shaft, a groan caught in her throat as another orgasm hit her. Before she almanbahis could recover, and start moving on her own, I started pushing my cock deeper inside her. I held her by the underarms and worked her body up and down my shaft until I felt the barrier at the back of her vagina.

She grabbed my shoulders and lifted herself almost all the way off of me, but allowed me to pull her back, filling her cunt up again. Gasping for breath, we developed a rhythm of my dick invading her body over and over. “Cum.” She told me after our fucking had pushed us against the edge of the pool. “Cum, Jeremy, fill your cousin’s pussy up again!”

I pulled her head to mine and kissed her, forcing my tongue into her mouth as my cock exploded inside her. Our thrusts got more erratic and my cock slipped out, spilling jizz and pussy juice into the pool. We kept trying to fuck though, and Linzy brought herself to orgasm again by rubbing her clit on my stomach while my cock was rubbing up and down her asscrack. When we finally caught our breath, I kissed Linzy again, then said, “Lets go up to my bed, I wanna try something else.”

Linzy untangled herself from me. “Like what?” she wondered.

“Just hurry up before Robert sees us.” I told her and climbed out of the pool, then turned to help her. On our way inside, I stooped to grab a tube of suntan-lotion someone had dropped the day before. Upstairs in my bed, Linzy and I lay next to on another, kissing and feeling all over our naked bodies.

“So, what did we come up here for?” she asked impatiently and obviously still horny. I just smiled and told her to get on her hands and knees. I got behind her and squeezed a huge dallop of lotion directly onto her asshole. “Christ that’s cold!” she screamed and jumped to wipe it away.

“Relax.” I ordered and started rubbing my hands into the puddle, massaging her crack, hole, and even down to her clit to mix the lotion with her natural lube as I warmed it up. Linzy started moaning as it got warm and pushed her ass back at me. I pushed my middle finger into her pussy and swirled around, pulling it out slowly and dragging it through the lotion on my way to her ass. She groaned as I pushed the tip of my finger past her last piece of virginity, and got louder and louder as I pushed the rest of it into her rectum until my knuckles were on her skin.

“It kinda hurts.” she gasped out.

“Relax.” I repeated, then put my other hand on her pussy, hooking my thumb inside her and groping at her clit with my fingers. “Just loosen up, like you’re trying to fart.” I told her as I started pumping my finger at her back door. Less than ten seconds later, Linzy was moaning and humping my fingers, enjoying having attention at both holes. I pulled my hands away quickly and Linzy started to complain before I shoved my cock back into her snatch, electing a short yelp just before I pushed two fingers up her ass, twisting them as I fucked them into her asshole. I put the head of my cock at her cervix while I continued to work her brown eye with my middle and index fingers.

Linzy screamed into the pillows when she came again, spraying my balls with pussy juice, and I felt her asshole loosen up just enough. I pulled my cock from her cunt, and my fingers from her ass just in time to push my cock in that rapidly closing rear entrance. “Holy Shit!” She screamed as three inches of my dick sank into her and she tightened up to keep me from moving.I tried to push in further but Linzy’s ass wouldn’t let me. “Hold on!” She screamed. “It hurts!”

I held her by the hips, keeping her dimpled ass cheeks spread. “Just relax baby.” I reassured her. “Tell me when you’re ready.”

Linzy sighed, and eased back down on the bed, and I felt her asshole loosen up ever so slightly. “Ok… Fuck me.” she finally cooed. I pulled on her hips and sunk my cock deeper in her, making her moan louder. I squeezed into her until I felt my balls slide up against her pussy lips. “Ohh.. God.” Linzy moaned. “How much of your dick is up my ass?”

I looked down to see her sphincter stretched around the base of my shaft. “The entire thing.” I answered.

“I can feel it in my stomach.” she groaned. As I started to pulled out, I felt her fingers grab for my nutsack, then give up on them and sink into her own pussy. I pulled all but the last inch out of her ass, squirted more lotion up and down the shaft and forced it back into her. Linzy’s masturbating was making her body shake, warping her anal passage as I pushed in for the second time. “I- I’m cumming!” She stammered. “Fuck- Fuck my ass!”

I clenched my hands around her ass and started pounding my cock into her. At first she only screamed as I pushed it further up her rectum, but as her orgasms started rolling over her, her scream became constant. I felt pussy juices spraying out of her around the fingers she had worked up her cunt and told her. “I can’t hold back anymore.”

She thrust her ass back at me, wrenching my cock at oddly up her ass. “Cum inside me!” she squealed less than almanbahis yeni giriş seconds before my cock swelled up and started pumping cum into her bowels. I pulled out of her ass with an audible pop, and her legs collapsed out from under her as my cum started seeping from her ass.

I told my brother that her boyfriend had cheated on her, so she wanted to stay with us, and would probably sleep in my bed that night. He didn’t suspect anything and went back to the basement to go to sleep. Later, as I was eating Linzy’s pussy again, She told me between gasps that the reason she wanted to talk to me was that when she was 15, I had promised to take her to get her first tattoo when she turned 18. As I fucked her pussy and ass with my fingers, I told her that we’d go tomorrow to get them together. That night, after Linzy rode me until I blasted another load of cum in her pussy, I held her to me and fell asleep with her gorgeous tits pressed against me and my cock still inside her.

I woke up the next morning with Linzy sucking her pussy juice off my cock. She stopped when she saw I was awake. “I woke up cumming on your dick again, and I figured I owed you one.” she said as she jerked my shaft up and down before popping the head back in her mouth. It didn’t take long before I started spurting sperm into her mouth. This time she was able to keep it all in and swallowed my load.

We stopped by her clinic again, this time getting birth-control from a smug looking doctor, before heading downtown to find a tattoo parlor. We finally found a place that suited my cleanliness standards, and had a cute Asian woman covered in tattoos as the only one in the parlor. I let Linzy go first, seeing as she had 3 years to figure out what she wanted inked into her skin, and I had the previous hour or so. Watching the thin, ink-covered woman hunched over Linzy’s shirtless back was interesting, and the fact that I could see up her skirt every time she twisted to get more ink started to turn me on. Linzy called me over to see the finished result. A flaming Celtic knot with the words “Little Miss Hellfire” around it on the base of her neck.

“It’s lovely, and very fitting.” I told her. “I’m having trouble deciding myself.” I admitted when she asked what I was getting.

“Well, it’s simple, get something that you know you’ll always love.” She told me. “Like… say… A picture of your daughter?”

She shocked me there. When I was 14, I got a 23 year old woman pregnant because she said her husband was infertile. Being 14, and horny, coupled with the fact that she was the most beautiful woman I ever laid eyes on at that point, I literally jumped at that opportunity. Erin, the woman, died when our daughter was 3, and after her husband learned the truth from her will, he went more than a little nuts and poisoned Alexis with sleeping pills before swallowing a bullet himself.

I kissed Linzy’s forehead. “You’re a genius, and I love you.” I fished my wallet out of my jeans and took Alexis’s picture from in between my driver’s licence and social security card. The artist, who’s name was Nani, took about half an hour to turn my wallet sized photo into a portrait the size of my palm and pasted the outline on the back of my left shoulder before readying a fresh needle.

“So is Linzy your girl?” Nani asked with an accent I guessed was Polynesian as she tested the needle with water to see how I responded to the pain.

I flinched slightly and winced. “Well, we’ve known each other for a long time, but our families wouldn’t accept it, so we’re just trying to keep it quiet.” I explained as she started putting color in my arm.

“I can get that, my parents freaked when they found I was marrying a white guy, even though my mom’s Samoan, and my dad’s Chinese.” she told us. About halfway through the tattooing, Nani asked again. “Why wouldn’t your families go for it?”

I glanced up at Linzy, who was sitting in a spare chair. “You can tell her, I think she’d understand.” She told me and winked.

I sighed and glanced down at the fingers working on my skin, most of which actually had tattooed rings on them instead of metal. “Well, it’s cause my family and her’s are the same family.” Nani stopped what she was doing and sat back from me. “Linzy’s my cousin, a lil less than a year younger than me.”

Nani looked at Linzy and she nodded. “Whatever, I always knew American’s were nuts.” She said and went back to the tattoo. “Besides good fucking’s good fucking.” she added.

I glanced at Linzy, who seemed to notice the same thing I did before about Nani’s skirt as she was staring at Nani’s crotch. “What about you, Nani?” I asked, “When’s the last time you got good and fucked?”

“I’m married.” She answered holding up her free hand. “See the ring of hearts on my finger? My husband gave me that instead of a real ring, it was my first tattoo.”

Linzy chimed in. “So when’s the last time you got good and fucked?”

Nani sighed as she wiped my shoulder clean. “You’re done. And almanbahis giriş a long time, Greg, my husband, is in Iraq.” She cleaned up her station and took my picture with a Polaroid for their book and my own keeping. “Really sucks too, because even when he gets back, I still won’t get what I really want.” she said.

“Why’s that?” I asked as I tried to find the bottom of my shirt.

Nani smirked. “Cause Greg refuses to fuck me in the ass.”

“That does suck.” Linzy said. “Jeremy fucked mine for the first time last night, it was pretty damned incredible.”

“Oh, really?” Nani said and stopped adding up prices on the counter. “So you’ll give a girl a sperm enema if she asks for it?”

I looked at Linzy as if to ask permission; she nodded. “Are you asking for one?” I asked.

Nani chewed her lip for a minute, then walked over to the front door and locked it, turning the sign to closed and pulling the blinds close on the parlor. “Only in the butt, okay? My cunt’s his and his alone.” she said as turned around and walked over to me, unbuttoning her halter top. By the time she reached where I sat, her A-cups were fair game for my lips as I pulled her skirt down. She cooed and ran her hands through my hair as got my hand under her thong and slowly pulled it from her crack. “Linzy, be a dear and go behind my register.” She said. When my cousin got there, she added. “There’s a little bottle of oil on the third shelf, bring it here and pour some in your cuz’s hands.”

As I continued to suck and bite Nani’s diamond-hard nipples, Linzy crossed back to us and instead of pouring the oil into my palm, she put the top of the bottle at the top of Nani’s ass and squeezed. Nani squealed as the cold oil was virtually injected between her cheeks and I made quick steps to get my hands covered in it, spreading her ass and working the tip of my finger into her asshole. I kept prepping her pooper for my cock, which by now was raging, and Linzy sat back down, squeezed some oil on her left hand and pushed it down her pants to give her own body some attention.

After I got three fingers into Nani’s ass, and Linzy had worked herself into shaking. Nani nearly fell over and had to hold onto my head and shoulders from the orgasm. “Come over here, I need you in me.” She ordered and pushed away from me and nearly ran to what looked like a massage table for doing large back pieces. She jacked it all the way up in the air and laid on it as I was losing my pants and boxers. She had to straddle the seat so her pussy was splayed and pressed in the studded leather under her, and her ass was pulled apart simply by the position. I took the oil from Linzy while I kissed her and sucked her tongue. I smeared oil on my cock as I walked to Nani and got behind her and aimed my cock at her still stretched out rectum. She moaned around biting her own lip as I pushed my dick in her, not stopping every few inches like with Linzy, but making sure every last inch was inside her ass before I stopped with my balls resting on the seat behind her pussy.

As the last inch was being pushed into her, Nani gasped and said. “Linzy’s a lucky little bitch to have a cock that big to play around with.” I just laughed and grabbed the arms of the table and started going in and out of her butt slowly. “Ohh…” Nani groaned and I felt her pussy juices flooding the seat. “Fuck me like you mean it, Jeremy.” I looked at Linzy to see her with her pants on the floor, legs spread wide, with her thumb on her clit, two fingers in her pussy and another in her ass, and moaning like she had been shot. “Hey, girlie.” Nani shouted as I started shoving my dick in her ass harder. “Com’ere”

Linzy stopped masturbating and sauntered over to us, propping herself up on the tool counter in front of Nani. I pushed on Nani’s back with my dick fully inside her and the table rolled to where she could reach my cousin’s pussy. I watched in slight awe as Nani rolled her pierced tongue onto my cousin’s clit while she was pushing two fingers in her pussy. “Ohhh, my god.” Linzy crooned and started tracing the tattoos on Nani’s back, making her shiver and arch her back at my cock. I started fucking that Asian asshole again just before Linzy hissed “She’s butt-fucking me with her fingers Jeremy, make her scream around that mouth full of pussy.” I looked down at the ass stretched around my throbbing dick and pounded back into her over and over until I saw a flash. I looked up to see Linzy holding the Polaroid camera. “Smile” she moaned and snapped another one. I took the camera from her and aimed it straight down, I took a picture of my cock barely inside Nani’s ass, and then with my balls on her cunt. I took five or six of Linzy’s naked body with Nani’s head in her crotch before handing it back to her.

When Linzy and Nani both started screaming, I felt my balls seize up. “You want my cum in you?” I grunted.

Instead of answering, Nani bit down on Linzy’s clit. “OH GOD!” She howled and started to spasm. “Fill this bitch up!” I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her body back to me, three, maybe four strokes back into her ass and I started pumping cum into her shitter. I kept pulling her body back on me until my cock started to shrink up and my cum was squishing out of her backdoor around me.

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Kittten’s Surprise Morning

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Double Penetration

Most Saturday mornings Elle was the first one up, it was her morning routine to be awake and have Daddy’s morning coffee going and They would soon sit at the table and discuss the day’s events. This morning though, Daddy had gotten up before her, quietly turned off her alarm and left her sleeping.

At 9:15 a.m. Elle rolled over in bed, her eyes still closed she wiggled to His side of the bed. Oh no! He wasn’t there. Instantly Elle sat up in the bed, her messy curly hair falling all over her shoulders and hung into her eyes, pushing it back she looked at the clock.

“Oh Elle…you’re in trouble.” she softly whispered. Leaning over to grab her robe she saw a note in its place.

“My dear kitten, by the time you find this note it’ll have you slightly rattled. I’m sure you’re curious as to why I didn’t wake you, simple fact is, I couldn’t. There was such a peaceful glow and the sound of your breathing was too sweet to wake. So this morning I have completed your chores. Today I have a very special day planned for you; I hope that you are ready. Once you’ve finished reading this, I want you to go into the bathroom. You’re to start the bath water and don’t add bubbles. For this isn’t going to be your usual Saturday play bath. As the tub fills I want you to come into the living room and get Me. Is this understood, kitten?”

Quickly and quietly Elle climbed out of bed, she didn’t even bother with her robe. She wanted to be completely bare to Daddy when she went in to get Him for Their bath. As she reached down and turned on the water tingles began to fill her small frame.

It was the familiar touch of Daddy’s hand, softly she gasped and giggled “Daddy, I was supposed to come and get You.”

His hand slipped between her legs and gently cupped her cookie, His middle finger instantly pushed between her lips checking to see how wet His kitten was.

“I know princess but Daddy was standing at the door just peeping through the crack, I saw you get up and get all frantic for a moment. Which I have to say was one of those cherished moments of yours. And then I waited for you to come in here.”

Slowly He leaned into her ear and whispered “Daddy has a special day in store for His kitten, think you’re up to it?”

The night before Daddy had spent several hours teasing kitten, making her so wet, pushing her to the limit and then stopping. A few times He’d even had her make a drink with her legs still weak from His pleasurable torture. She was only allowed to cum once, when He did before bed.

He took His usual blow job and let her grind her well past soaked cookie on His foot as she knelt before Him. He had picked her up and carried her to bed. It was always Daddy’s style to remind her the next day how amazing she was, and how even at her darkest dirtiest moments she was still His princess.

“Yes Daddy.” Elle purred as He slowly helped her step into the tub.

Looking up to Him from the tub she noticed all He had on was His sleep pants. She smiled softly to Him and watched as He gathered a towel for Them both later and sat them along the counter. His eyes locked on hers, He reached over and pushed play on the radio she kept in the bathroom.

It was the second part of her surprise. He’d taken and asked her to make a mix of all her favorite relaxing seductive songs to a CD for Him at the beginning of the week. This made her heart glow and she sank down into the tub a bit to get her hair wet, laying there she watched Him slip off His pants.

Sitting up in the tub kitten scooted forward and let Daddy climb in behind her. He scooped up water in His hands and let it run down her bare breasts, mixing with the water that stopped at her nipples.

“I know last night you experienced a lot of self control, something that you do so well and I am so proud of you babygirl. And so today I wanted to take another step in your training, one last hole yet that Daddy’s not taken with His cock.”

His large hands began to slide down into the water, gently cupping her large beautiful breasts and squeezed them together. Pinching at her nipples and pulling them as He let go. She moaned and laid her head back on His shoulder. The idea of finally almanbahis şikayet feeling Him take her in the ass was all that had been on her mind since the night He teased and played with it at the back door.

“Does My kitten like this idea?” Elle hung on every world of Daddy’s as her curvy frame shivered in the water. Closing her eyes and nodding softly she whispered.

“Yes, Daddy, I would love that.” Relaxing back against Daddy she let Him caress and kiss on her, leaving trails from her shoulders to her ear, turning her head a bit and making her kiss His lips.

“Daddy…may I turn around and face You in the tub?” Elle purred as she playfully kissed at His cheek.

“Yes kitten, you may.”

Slowly without splashing any of the water in the tub Elle turned herself around to face Daddy. She ran her legs over His and slowly wrapped them around His waist. Left arm slinking into the tub she reached between Them and let her hand brush against His hardening meat. Her eyes still locked on His she searched for His permission. Nodding slowly He smiled to her and that was all she needed.

Daddy knew that kitten loved playing in the tub; it meant lots of lubrication and that meant lots of pleasure. Each finger wrapped around Daddy’s thick hard shaft and she began to stroke Him. His hands grabbed at her breasts in the water and continued to play with them. Each squeeze of her big tits together made her moan; gently He tugged on them until she was belly down in the tub. Daddy placed His now hard member between her globes and began to smile.

“You have such beautiful breasts kitten, Daddy loves fucking them.”

Elle wasn’t sure who loved it more, her or Him. Placing her small hands over His she pushed gently with Him and held herself so she could stroke Daddy’s cock with her breasts. Tilting her head a bit she stuck out her tongue and licked at the tip each time it appeared from the top of her breasts.

Laid back against the tub Daddy relaxed and enjoyed His kitten’s play time. Before long Daddy was moaning and He grabbed at kitten’s hair, pulling up on her and pressing her lips hard to His. Passion rolled through the kiss as Daddy’s tongue explored every inch of her oral cavity, teasing her as He’d often done her cookie and ass.

Reaching down with His free hand Daddy slipped His fingers back between the swollen lips of Elle’s cookie and He moaned in Their kiss. He could feel her heated pussy and her own sweet juices even under the water, she was a soaked lil slut and He loved it. Instantly her walls clenched around His fingers and she purred in His kiss, her tongue wrapping around His and mimicking the movements of her walls.

She loved when He played with her cookie, always making it so wet before He’d slip deep inside. Only today He had no plans of taking her pussy with His fingers or cock, He’d be placing those in her tight puckered hole. It had been coming for a long time and she was ever so ready.

Pulling from Their kiss He pulled her up onto His lap and whispered in her ear “Grind princess, and don’t stop until Daddy tells you to, understood?” “Yes Daddy.” Elle purred.

Elle did just as Daddy said; slowly her hips began to work their magic. Grinding and rolling in circles and figure 8’s. The tight walls of her pussy clenched wishing they could be filled with His cock as she felt Him press and glide along her slit. Elle placed her fingers in Daddy’s hair and let her arms rest on His shoulders, His hands placed on her hips He pushed her down a bit more and helped her to grind.

Just when Elle thought she couldn’t take it anymore and she could feel the tingles in her toes He’d read her mind. Nipping at her lips His words were quick and short.

“Stop, you need to wash that sexy cookie of yours and then make sure that ass is clean and smelling fresh for Daddy. I want this done in ten minutes, then you dry off and join Me in the bedroom. Got it kitten?”

A little caught off guard by His actions she bit her lip and nodded with a sweet whisper “Yes Daddy, ten minutes and I will be in there.”

Looking at the clock Daddy looked back at the bathroom door and there she came, swaying her full almanbahis canlı casino hips as she crossed the floor. Stopping at the bed she knelt before Him and locked her almost blue eyes into His and she smiled. Her whole body shivered and tingled, she could feel her nipples so hard and aching forcing her sweet cookie to remain warm and moist.

That cute little button of hers was aching and she wanted Daddy so badly, but she sat there patiently awaiting His orders. His left hand slipped into her hair and gently He pulled her head back, arching her neck before He attacked it; leaving a trail of wet kisses and then licking down that trail and back up.

His words flooded her ears like a melody “Crawl up here kitten, knees on the edge of the bed and present yourself just like Daddy likes.”

His right hand reached down and slapped at her cute full ass.

“Mmm…yes Daddy.”

Elle moaned and gracefully climbed up into the bed, presenting herself just as Daddy liked. She reached back and pulled her plump ass cheeks apart and she could almost feel Him smiling behind her.

“Good girl, Elle. Now relax, Daddy’s going to make your lil body tingle and shake. And remember, no cumming until you ask. I won’t deny you; I just want to hear you.”

And with that Daddy lowered His frame to the floor behind her and flicked His tongue along her swollen pussy lips. Instantly she moaned and clenched at her ass cheeks, gripping them tightly as she paced her breathing. She was going to hold off on cumming until it just was too much. This built up her self control and she loved that. There wasn’t a fold, crevice or drop of her pussy He didn’t devour and all she could do was wiggle and moan.

After what felt like forever Elle bit her lip and whimpered “Please Daddy may Your kitten cum?”

With the muttered words escaping her lips He slapped her ass hard and granted the permission she needed. “Cum for Me kitten, soak Daddy’s face now.”

Ellen’s back arched and she pushed her face hard into the bed sheets as she cried out in pleasure. Her sweet cookie trembled and the juices began to flood Daddy’s face, never missing a drop of her honey. Slowly she caught her breath and He chuckled at how sexy and cute she looked all hot and bothered. Reaching for the small clear bottle on the night stand He opened the top and spoke gently.

“Kitten, I think you’ll love the feel of this.” And with that she felt the cool sensation of liquid roll down her puckered hole and her opening clenched and released.

The sensation just got cooler as it dripped down her sweet slit and He placed His finger on her and rubbed. Biting her lip Elle whimpered and purred, she loved the cold sensation on her hot cookie, and His finger just relaxed her.

“Don’t forget to breathe kitten like Daddy told you too. It’ll help you to relax.”

Normally she would vocally answer Him but at this very moment a muttered moan escaped her lips and she wiggled her ass up to Daddy. His fingers made gentle but firm circles and strokes relaxing her tight hole. Pushing in to His first knuckle He could hear her moan and her body relaxed still, she loved it.

Slowly He forced His finger deeper until He was at His last knuckle and carefully He began to wiggle it around and slip it in and out. His free hand slipped to her sweet cookie, found that swollen pearl and rubbed. He wanted to make sure she was relaxed.

She couldn’t hide the fact she needed to cum again and His words filled her ears “Go ahead, ask kitten, I know you want to.” He was right, she couldn’t and she moaned again.

“Please Daddy can Your slut cum?”

“That’s My good girl, yes you may.”

His permission muffled in her sweet cookie as she began to tremble and shake again. Her ass cheeks aching from the clenching nails of hers. She could feel her juices just pouring from her and He smeared it along her ass.

“Does my kitten want Daddy to fuck her sweet little hole now? To take the last part of you and own you?”

His hands now taking the lube and slowly pouring more along her puckered hole. The cooling sensation making her shiver. Tossing it on the bed His hands pulled almanbahis casino her cheeks apart for her instead and she gripped the sheets.

“Please Daddy, please fuck my sweet ass. Own all of me.”

And with that she felt the very tip of His cock push against her sweet hole. Elle bit her lip and moaned but He reminded her to breathe once again. Slowly the tip pushed until it was hidden and He checked to make sure she was ok. Taking in each breath and her movements He knew she was ready. Another inch slipped deep into her tight anal cavity and she purred.

“Reach down and play with that swollen clit Elle, I want to feel you relax even more because Daddy’s going to feed you the rest of His cock.”

Softly she purred “Yes Daddy.”

Gently He began to feed each inch into her tight ass. Once He was fully buried into her ass He held Himself still and He could feel her walls molding, stretching and tightening around Him. It was all He could do to keep from cumming Himself. This was the moment He’d been waiting for since the first time He laid eyes on her sweet ass. His hands held her cheeks spread apart and slowly He inched His way back out. The tip never slipping free as He pushed back into her again.

“Oh God Daddy…You make it feel so amazing.”

Elle purred and moaned as Daddy slowly worked His cock in and out of her ass, stretching it to fit Him. Continuing in her firm and teasing circles she rubbed at her cookie making it wetter and wetter, dipping her fingers into her cunt and wiggling them around deep. He never spoke a word to her, just closed His eyes and enjoyed the bliss of His kitten’s ass. Owning the very last bit of her.

Within about 6 long strokes into her ass Elle was whimpering and moaning again as the tingles built up in her toes.

“Oooh Daddy…please can I cum? Please I’m going to fall apart.”

Within seconds she felt His hands grip around her hips and dig into them. Her ass cheeks and puckered hole kept hold of Him and He moaned loudly “Cum Elle, cum for Daddy.”

His words echoed in her ears and she arched her back, trembling she fell to the bed face to the side and chest heaved as she cried out “OH DADDY…DADDY!”

He slammed into her twice before His deep growl filled the room and pelvis met her ass. Fast and hard His load shot into her ass, filling her full and dripping along her sweet slit. Elle bucked and wiggled back into Him as her anal walls clenched and released in time with her pussy and she milked Him dry.

Her heart beating in her ears she still managed to hear Him sigh a sigh of contentment and satisfaction. Very carefully He began to slip Himself free of her now owned ass. Watching the mix of His seed and her juices shine off her slit made Him smile and He reached between her legs and slapped her pussy.

“Mmm damn kitten Daddy’s proud of you.”

Elle’s heart beamed with pride and she blushed as she whispered to Him in complete satisfaction.

“Thank You Daddy, it was amazing and so are You.”

She carefully crawled around and faced Him, cleaning His cock without ever being asked to do so. Her soft blue eyes looking up to Him and she was one proudly owned kitten, His slut. This is where she wanted to be forever. Smiling down to her He cupped her face and kissed her forehead.

“You are amazing too kitten, you were so perfect. Now the next time it’ll be slightly different. But you’ll love it just the same. Daddy promises. Now get that sexy ass up here and hug Me.”

Doing just as Daddy asked she could feel Their cum run down her legs and she wrapped her arms around His neck and hugged Him tight. A soft passion filled kiss was shared before He smiled.

“It’s time for you to get dressed; I don’t want you showering yet. And no panties. Just the lil skirt and top I laid out for you. We’re going out for lunch and then Daddy needs to run a few errands. You’ll find everything you need in that bag at the foot of the bed. 15 minutes kitten. Don’t be late.”

Wearing the biggest smile ever Elle nodded to Daddy before kissing His cheek.

“I’ll be ready Daddy. I promise.”

Scampering off Elle dressed herself for lunch with Daddy in the cute blue jean skirt He laid out and the form fitting tank styled top that read “Daddy’s kitten” across it with a cute lil black cat wearing a collar with a bell. He knew her so well. Smiling she met Him at the doorway of the kitchen. Together They ventured out the door.

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Joel and Carrie Ch. 08

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“Hey,” Carrie said, her voice coming from the computer speaker. I could see she was tired despite the poor quality of the picture. I felt my chest tightened.

“Hello beautiful!” I said with a forced smile, trying to sound upbeat. God I missed her! “How have you been?”

“Lonely,” she replied.

“Me too,” I sighed, no longer smiling or making the attempt to seem happier than I was. Carrie knew me too well to buy it anyway.

“How’s school?” she asked.

“Okay,” I answered. “You?”

“Okay,” she replied. We looked at each other in silence for a few seconds. I took a deep breath and let it out.

“Well, this sucks,” I said.

“You think?” she asked rhetorically. She wasn’t quite smiling.

“This is even harder than talking on the phone,” I said, shaking my head.

“It was your bright idea to try video conferencing.”

“I just wanted to see you,” I said softly, taking the sight of her in.

“We should never have agreed to this separation,” she sighed.

“What choice did we have?” I asked. “It’s not like our parents gave us options. Besides, your school is better for your major anyway. It was your first choice.”

“That was before I met you,” she replied. “Right now, I’d settle for community college if it would let us be together.”

“Like I would let you do that,” I smiled sadly.

“We have to do something!” Carrie cried. “It’s only been a month and I’m going crazy! It was bad enough at home those last couple of months sneaking around to see each other, but this is impossible!”

“Please!” I snorted. “My father is going to flip when he sees my grades if I don’t find a way of focusing soon.”

“Serves him right for forcing us to be so far away from each other!” she snapped angrily.

“His reaction did surprise me,” I said calmly. “Although, your mother’s was just about what I expected.”

“She’s talking about moving,” Carrie said. “She says she’s still too embarrassed to face any of her friends.”

“What about your father?” I asked.

“He barely talks to me,” she replied sadly. “And he won’t look me in the eyes when he does.” We fell silent.

“Remember how bad we thought Valentine’s Day was?” I asked with a shake of my head.

“Me and my bright ideas! I should never have planned such a big graduation party,” Carrie shook her head.

“That’s not really fair,” I said. “The plan was fine. It was the party crashers that caused the problems.”

“That was scary,” Carrie sighed.

“I can’t believe Jimmy was stupid enough to crash with two guys he met at a bar!”

“I can,” she said. “Thinking things through was never Jimmy’s strong suit and he was drunk on top of that. I am so sick of him!”

“I wouldn’t worry about Jimmy anymore,” I said, trying to calm her down. “Between the cops and his parents, he won’t be bothering us again.”

“You know, I still second guess myself on calling the police,” she said.

“It was exactly the right thing to do,” I insisted. “Those guys were bad news. It would have been real bad if the police didn’t arrive when they did.”

“You call what happened not bad?” she asked in disbelief. “You had to pull one of the guys off of Maria!”

“That was unpleasant,” I admitted, but then couldn’t stop myself from grinning and adding, “But Deana kicked him so hard between his legs afterward that I’ll be amazed if he’s ever able to do much in the sex department again.”

“Thank God you got to him before anything really bad happened!” Carrie said, not sharing my amusement. I didn’t blame her.

“How is Maria doing?” I asked.

“Okay,” Carrie answered. “Truthfully, I think she was more traumatized by her parents finding out she was gay. Not that it stopped her from moving in with Deana.”

“I bet they’re happy,” I said wistfully.

“We could always tell our parents off and move in together,” Carrie joked darkly.

“If you really wanted that, I’d agree to it in a second,” I said. “But the way your parents reacted, they’d disown you and that would kill you.” We fell silent again.

“Well, I’m more depressed now than I was before,” I said, forcing a laugh.

“Just think,” Carrie sighed. “Only a month and a half to Thanksgiving.”

“Yeah,” I said glumly. A month and a half sounded like a lifetime. “I spoke to Robbie and Tara. They’re doing well. Have you heard from anyone else?”

“Sure,” Carrie said. “Jill and Tara keep in touch constantly via text and email. They’re both having a blast at college. We speak on the phone about once a week.”

“Did Tara say how Brian was doing?” I asked.

“Good,” she replied. “She didn’t out and out say it, but I think Brian’s roommate spends most nights at his girlfriends, leaving them his room.”

“I’m so glad that we convinced them and the others to take off just as the cops arrived. Could you imagine what Tara’s father would have done if he knew they were involved?”

“I’m surprised the police let them go,” Carrie said.

“They were being smart,” I grinned half-heartedly. “Most of your friends have pretty affluent parents. The rumors almanbahis flying afterward were bad enough. Could you imagine how it would have been if the cops decided to take everyone in?”

“Still,” Carrie said with a shake of her head.

“All they really needed was Deana, Maria, me and the crashers,” I insisted. “I wish you’d listened to me and left with the others.”

“I couldn’t leave you like that,” she said stubbornly. It wasn’t the first time we’d had this discussion. “Besides, it was my party. I doubt they would have let me go anyway.”

“Doing anything fun this weekend?” I asked, changing the subject.

“Not really,” she answered. “My roommate is trying to get me to rush a sorority with her, but I’m not really all that interested.”

“Might be fun to go through the process even if you don’t want to join,” I offered. “I’d do it if I were you. It will at least get your out of your dorm room.”

“We’ll see,” she said. “What about you? You doing anything interesting this weekend?”

“I’ll probably spend most of it daydreaming about a certain blond haired girl,” I offered.

“It better be me you’re talking about buster!” she smiled. It wasn’t full, but it was better than I’d hoped for.

“Always,” I promised. “You’re my blond goddess and you know it.”

“I love you,” she said softly.

“And I love you too,” I said. “As long as we have that, the rest will work itself out.”

“I know, but that doesn’t make now any easier,” she said. Her eyes were glistening. I could tell she was close to tears despite her trying to hide it. She forced a smile and added, “I’ve got to go. I can’t miss my next class.”

“We’ll talk soon,” I said, but she’d already disconnected. I knew it was because she was about to cry and didn’t want me to see.

I sat in my room staring at the screen for a long time. My classes were already over for the day. Tomorrow was Friday. I had two classes. One was a joke. It was one of those huge lectures that half the people skipped. The other was actually my favorite class. The professor was interesting and it was one of my few classes actually in my major.

“You okay?”

I was startled to look up to see my roommate Tommy. He was a tall guy who looked like he could play middle linebacker for a football team, but he wasn’t really a jock. His muscles came from being a farm boy in one of Midwest states. The truth was that despite his size he seemed pretty focused on his classes. He wanted to be a lawyer.

“Sorry, I didn’t hear you come in,” I said.

“Yeah, I know,” he grinned. “That’s why I was worried.”

“Just distracted,” I said.

“You video conferenced your girl, didn’t you?” he asked.

“Yep,” I answered. “It was good to see her.” He looked at me carefully before shaking his head.

“You want a moment?” he teased.

“I want to see my girl!” I snapped, suddenly angry. I shook my head and quickly added, “Sorry.”

“Don’t be,” he shrugged. “I understand. My girlfriend is still back home.”

“How do you deal with it?” I asked.

“It’s different with us,” he answered. “We knew this day was coming for a long time. I think half your anger is from being forced apart. I’m guessing it makes the separation harder.”

“You’re probably right,” I sighed, and then decided to change the subject. “Let’s go out.”

“I’ve got a test…” he began, but I cut him off.

“It’s only a quiz and you’re already ready for it,” I interjected. “Besides, we’ll only go for a drink or two. You’ll be home early enough to study some more if you really want.”

“You want to go to O’mally’s, don’t you?” he grinned. “And you need me to give you a ride.”

“Well yes,” I admitted. “But I’d enjoy the company as well.”

“What is it about that place you like so much?” he asked.

“Well for one, it’s not a meat market,” I answered.

“True,” he laughed. “I think when we walk in the average age drops by ten years.”

“Very funny,” I said, but didn’t deny it.

Three hours later we were on our way back to the room. We had a few more than a couple of beers, or at least I did. I wasn’t really drunk, but mostly because Tommy forced me to eat toward the end.

“I’m sorry for talking your ear off,” I said, more than a little embarrassed. I pretty much poured my heart out to this guy I’d only known for a month.

“No problem,” he smiled. “You needed to vent.”

“What I need is to see Carrie,” I sighed.

“So then, why don’t you?” he asked. “If you really feel that strongly, then go for it.”

“Go for it?” I asked in confusion.

“Yeah, they have these thing called planes,” he teased. “They can get you to see your girl in like six hours.”

“You don’t think I’ve haven’t thought about doing something like that?” I sighed.

“What’s holding you back?”

“For starters they’re expensive,” I frowned.

“I have some money I can lend you if you need it,” he offered, surprising me. “It’s not a lot, but I’m willing to chip in for a good cause.”

“You really are a farm boy,” I said, shaking my head. “You barely almanbahis yeni giriş know me! How could you offer to lend me money?”

“What, you’re not good for it?” he asked with a smile.

“I am,” I said slowly.

“So, think about it,” he said.

There were a thousand reasons why it was ridiculous to blow so much money to travel across the country for a few days at best, but at the moment I couldn’t focus on any of them. I desperately wanted to see Carrie.

We fell silent for the rest of the trip. It was late by the time we got to our room. I took a quick shower and went to bed. Tommy was already asleep by the time I put my head on my pillow. He liked to shower in the morning. I did too, but for some reason showers help me think.

I lay there for almost a half an hour before getting up. I put my computer on quietly and spent fifteen minutes typing. I grinned to myself when I was done and got up from my chair. I turned the room light on and shook Tommy awake.

“What?” he asked groggily.

“I’m going to visit Carrie,” I said, shifting my attention to my dresser. I started pulling out clothes for a few days and stuffing them in an oversized gym bag.

“Now?” he groaned.

“Now,” I answered with a grin. “Hey, it was your idea.”

“And I supposed you want a ride to the airport?” he asked, sitting up and rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

“I just checked the flights going out,” I answered. “If we hurry I can catch a redeye.”

“I’m going to be exhausted tomorrow,” he grumbled.

“Just think,” I teased. “You’ll have the room to yourself all weekend. You can study to your hearts content.”

“Very funny,” he said, standing and throwing some clothes on.

“If this works out, I’ll name my first kid after you,” I laughed. “Now let’s go!”

“Give me a second!” he cried. “I need to open my eyes!”

We were in the car not long after that. We stopped at a donut shop and got him some coffee. Thankfully the airport was only thirty minutes away at this time of night.

“Next stop, an all night ATM,” Tommy said. “How much do you need?”

“Don’t bother,” I said. “I have enough based on the costs I saw online, but barely. I saved all summer for spending money for college this year.”

“You sure?” he asked.

“Yeah, thanks anyway,” I smiled. “Of course, I may need to borrow a bit when I return, at least until I get a job.”

“A job?” he asked.

“Yeah,” I shrugged. “This probably won’t be my only visit if everything works out. I’m going to need money.”

“I thought your father didn’t want you to work while at school?” he asked. “Something about focusing on your studies.”

“Then he shouldn’t have insisted on separating Carrie and me!” I snapped in irritation.

“One of these days you’re going to have to tell me what happened to make him and Carrie’s parents want to split you two apart so badly,” he said.

“You don’t want to know,” I said cryptically. Tommy frowned at me, but then shrugged and let it go.

I could just picture his reaction to the news that the cops arrested us for instigating an orgy. Damn Jimmy! If he’d just shut up this could have all blown over, but he kept blabbing about seeing everyone naked. Thank God Carrie’s father got the charges dropped! Of course, that didn’t stop the news from spreading all through town.

“You know,” I said to Tommy as we left and made our way to his car. “Carrie and I agreed we wouldn’t visit each other. It just didn’t make sense to spend all that money for a couple of days and chancing pissing off our parents if they found out.”

“And yet here you are going to the airport,” he smiled as he unlocked the doors to his car. We got in quickly.

“I can’t help it,” I sighed. “I want to see her. I need to see her.”

“Think she’ll be mad that you decided to visit after you agreed not to?”

“No,” I answered, but then grinned and added, “But I’m blaming you just in case.” He looked at me and laughed.

The trip to the airport was uneventful. I thanked Tommy when we arrived as I jumped out of the car. He shook his head, smiled and waved before driving off. That’s when the problems started.

They couldn’t get me on the flight I wanted because it was cancelled and the one they could get me on was a lot more money than the price I saw online. In fact, it was more money than I had. I cursed myself for not taking Tommy up on his offer.

I was finally able to get a more reasonably flight at one of the other airlines. The only problem was that it wasn’t direct and didn’t leave for a while. Of course, when we finally did get off the ground, I couldn’t sleep. The connection wound up being a couple of hours late getting off the tarmac as well.

In the end, I finally landed at 3:00pm Friday, totally exhausted, but relieved to finally be done with airports. Of course, there was the trip back, but I refused to think about it now. I grinned to myself. I was going to see Carrie soon!

I took a bus from the airport to her school. There went a few more hours. It took me a while to find her dorm almanbahis giriş once I arrived and of course she wasn’t in her room. It was diner time so I figured she was out eating.

I found the lounge at the end of her hall and settled in front of a television. I don’t remember what was on because I fell asleep before I really focused on it. It had been a long night and day.

“Hey bud!”

I woke up with a start. There was a group of guys standing not quite over me. I closed my eyes and groaned. The sleep seemed to make me feel more tired then before. My eyelids felt heavy. It was an effort to even open them.

“Wake up!” the same voice said, sounding a bit annoyed. It was quickly followed by someone shaking my shoulders.

“Hello,” I mumbled as I opened my eyes and rubbed the sleep from them.

“You’re not from this dorm,” a brown haired guy said with the same voice I’d heard already. “In fact, no one recognizes you as a student at all. What are you doing sleeping here?”

“Sorry,” I said, standing slowly and stretching. There were actually quite a few people in the room looking at me, some of them nervously. I couldn’t help it, I laughed.

“What’s so funny?” the guy asked.

“Do I really look that bad?” I asked in reply. “You all look like your ready to call the police on some vagrant who wondered on campus.”

“Maybe not that bad,” the guy replied, smiling slowly.

“Actually, with a little sleep and a shower,” a girl added. “You’d probably be okay.”

“Cute even,” another girl put in. It was followed by some laughter from some of the other coeds present.

“Thanks,” I said, blushing slightly.

The first girl was very attractive. In fact, she was beautiful. She had the look of a girl who knew what she did to guys, but didn’t let it get to her head all that much. The second girl wasn’t nearly as beautiful, but she was attractive in her way and had a sexy smile.

“Don’t mind Candice,” the guy said, referring to the hot one. “She’s the dorm slut.”

“You wish!” she laughed.

“Please, some of the guys back home still swear she’s going to be a nun one day,” the second girl said.

“Summer, that’s not true!” Candice cried in embarrassment.

“Ah, so now the truth comes out,” the guy laughed.

“This is the last time I volunteer to baby sit one of Andie’s friends from back home,” Candice said, giving the other girl a nasty look.

“And the fact that I’m your little sister had nothing to do with it?” Summer asked with a laugh.

I blinked and looked between the two. They looked nothing alike. Candice was tall, blond and light skinned. Her features were fine and delicate, pretty in a European way. Summer was shorter, though not really short. Her skin was reddish and her hair black. She had strong features that went well with her wide shoulders.

“Step sisters,” Candice said, seeing my confusion. “Although our parents got married so long ago that little Summer was still in diapers.”

“Ha ha,” Summer grumbled. “Very funny.”

“I’m Kip,” the guy said, ignoring the girls bickering and sticking out his hand. I shook it.

“I’m Joel,” I offered. “I’m on a bit of a road trip to visit my girl.”

“Joel?” Candice frowned. “Are you Carrie’s Joel?” I smiled. I liked the sound of it.

“Yes,” I replied. “I thought I’d surprise her with a visit.”

“That’s some road trip!” Kip said, sounding amazed. “Don’t you go to school on the other coast.”

“I wanted to see her,” I shrugged.

“I can understand that,” he grinned.

“Carrie?” Summer asked.

“You remember her,” her sister said. “The incredible looking blond…”

“She’s dating you?” the red skinned girl asked in surprise.

“Summer!” Candice cried.

“Shocking, isn’t it?” I laughed.

“I’d say amazing,” Summer grinned.

“Well, even you said you thought I’d be cute if I cleaned up,” I said.

“Maybe,” she replied.

“Summer, stop flirting with Carrie’s boyfriend,” Candice said with a shake of her head. “First, it’s pointless. No one dating Carrie is going to dump her for you.”

“Ouch!” I laughed. “I’m starting to see the family resemblance.”

“What? Am I wrong?” Candice asked. I shook my head and she returned her attention to her sister. “And second, you’ll be gone on a couple of days. This is my school and Carrie is a friend.”

“Oh relax!” Summer cried. “It was just some harmless flirting.”

“You forget little sister,” Candice said. “I know you. Your innocent flirting sometimes turns into a bit more than that.”

“Really?” Kip asked with a grin.

“Don’t even think about it,” Candice said to him. She might have been defending her sister, but it seemed like there was something more to it.

“Um, I hate to break this up because it’s certainly entertaining, but where is Carrie?” I asked.

“She’s going to be so happy to see you,” Candice said, ignoring her sister for the moment. “You have no idea how much she misses you.”

“If it’s half as much as I miss her, then I think I do,” I said.

“How sweet,” Summer smile.

“I think I’m going to be sick,” Kip grinned. I shook my head, but smiled. The rest of the crowd started to dissipate.

“Carrie?” I asked.

“It seems that someone convinced her to go to a sorority rush party,” Candice grinned.

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Hot Homecoming

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We’ve been married for nearly twenty years. Callum wasn’t my first lover, of course, but I soon knew that he was my life partner. We are now in our late 40s and, although we have thickened in several places, Callum has lost hair, my breasts hang lower, we are still very attracted to each other.

In that time, sex has been varied and satisfying. One of the results is that different sex acts have different significance for us. For example, straight missionary sex is our comfort zone – it is our standard and we both get a satisfying orgasm out of it. When we’re a bit tipsy, especially if I’ve been teasing him, Callum will do me doggy while I talk dirty. Also guaranteed cums – especially if he slaps my flanks and paddles my butt as he rides me. Oral sex is mostly for foreplay, and Callum usually takes me all the way (once I’ve had that initial orgasm, I’ll have at least a couple more while we fuck). But sometimes oral sex is for quickie fun. I love it when Callum flirts with me as I’m dressing for work or we’re getting ready to go out, then pushes me onto my back on the bed, tugs down my panties and mercilessly tongues me to a hot cum. Guaranteed to send me on my way with a grin!

Fellatio is a different story. Of course I suck him to get him hard when we’re going to fuck. And sometimes our foreplay involves me giving that fat log a long teasing suck, along with his heavy low hanging balls. I really love this, especially in a 69 situation, but Callum nearly always swings round and fucks me – also good, even when I’ve been wanting the hot gush of his jizz along my tongue.

Fellatio has grown on me over the years. I have always liked the hot satiny texture of a penis between my lips, but what I’ve come to really love is Callum’s reactions – the groans, the shudders, the loss of control – and especially that urgent pulsing of the underside of the shaft as the semen jets forth. As for the taste, well, I don’t much like it but I always savour it because it seems to vary – sometimes stronger and more bleachy, other times almost sweet; sometimes lumpy, other times watery; sometimes copious, other times not. I try and guess why – is it because of what we ate that day, the time since we last had sex, and so on. And then I swallow it – at first because I didn’t want to break the intimacy of the moment, then because Callum gets a charge from seeing me do it. Anyway, the taste grows on you…..

But mostly, fellatio is restricted to foreplay. Callum just loves to bury that rod in my snatch! However, there are two types of sex where I do get to taste his semen. The first is the quick and nasty blow jobs I give him in semi-public places – a restaurant loo, in the car on the way home from a party, on the edge of the swimming pool in the backyard. Usually it is preceded by lots of flirting and touching and his cock is usually hard by the time I free it from his clothing and wrap it in my lips. Alcohol is always a factor on these occasions and, even though I try and draw them out, Callum usually comes like a train. In a way this too is foreplay ‘cos we always have sex – nice lusty energetic fucking – as soon after as we can.

The other time where he comes in my mouth is after anal sex. In the last three years this has become a special loving act for us. Sure we had anal sex before, especially at the beginning of our relationship. It was first an exciting pushing back of the boundaries, then an occasional variation. I never got much from it and, once we had a baby and got into that exhausting family routine, it kind almanbahis şikayet of dropped off the agenda. On our tenth anniversary Callum said he wanted to do it again, but I said no because I was satisfied with our sex life and thought our days of experimentation were over. Over the next couple of years, Callum brought up the subject several times and I always denied him. However, I began to see that he was fixating on it and, worried that he would go elsewhere for it, finally succumbed.

Well! The way his face lit up and he got all animated, I realised I should have done so earlier. He promised he would make it real good for me and I said he’d need to get me in the mood with a massage and a bit of licking. He arranged candles and warm oil, gave me a long massage – including lots of attention to my buttocks, finishing with some gentle probing and stretching of my anus that was quite pleasant. Then, without taking his finger from my butt, he rolled me over and lapped at my puss. It was a wonderful combination – tongue and lips working at my labia and clit, oily finger moving in my rectum. I came pretty hard and Callum gave me a huge grin before dipping his face back to my steamy twat and bringing me off again – this time with two fingers pushing back and forth through my ring.

By the time he was ready to ease his cock in my back entrance, I was so full of love for him that I wanted to make it a complete gift. He went gently at first – after all it had been eleven years and he is over nine thick inches fully erect. And was he fully erect! The initial stretching was a bit painful and I gasped a couple of times as my brownie resisted the brunt of his pushing. But I shook my head when he offered to withdraw and use his fingers to stretch me more. I wanted to make this sacrifice to show him how much I would do for our love. Once he was in, he was gentle and patient. I was on my hands and knees and was looking back over my shoulder, seeing the love and pleasure in his eyes. Eventually I bore back and whispered at him that it was OK.

What followed was perhaps the most intense sex of my life. Callum stroked that big cock slowly and steadily into my bowels, touching deep in my gut each time, causing me to groan with the unbelievable fullness. It was as if his cock was becoming part of me and I just wanted it to go on and on – which it did. His hands stroked and squeezed my lower back and reached under me for my breasts. I twisted back and sucked his fingers and told him to fuck me hard. The feeling of that meaty ram relentlessly battering my innards made me feel weak and submissive. When I finally felt him approaching orgasm, I wanted to give him even more and had the sudden inspiration to take his cum in my mouth. I told him to pull out then knelt on the floor and told him to fuck my mouth. He seemed to know what I needed and didn’t hesitate to step forward and ease his thick greasy tool between my lips. I felt a deep thrill as I sucked off the traces of arse butter, the thrill deepening as I tilted my head back and passively accepted that hot meat fully into my mouth. I diddled my clit as Callum thrust steadily, his cockhead touching the back of my throat. He sensed my submissive need and grabbed my tits, using them as leverage to thrust. When his cock pulsed and a huge gush of jizz burst into my mouth, I felt my orgasm begin – a low key but deeply satisfying cum that rolled gently on as the cock in my mouth pumped the last of its sperm and slowly wilted.

I nursed on the flaccid tube until my almanbahis canlı casino own climax had passed then stood and kissed my lover. He was panting, but his tongue searched my mouth eagerly and I knew he was tasting what I’d tasted. We cuddled on the bed for ages before drifting off to sleep, my love complete.

Even though it had left my anus smarting and insides mashed, we did it again the following night. This time Callum tongued my butt while he fingered my puss to an initial orgasm, his probing tongue and sucking lips sending delicious waves through my nether region. Again the stretching invasion, the deeply plunging rod thicker here than it had ever been in my snatch, and again the overwhelming sense of love and need to be submissive, ending with me kneeling while Callum fed me his rampant tool. The fetid smell and earthy taste only seemed to intensify my desire and the orgasm that flowed through me again had that sense of fulfilment.

And so anal sex has become associated in our life with wifely submission. Last night was a typical occasion. Callum had been away on business for over a week and, although we’d talked most days on the phone, I had keenly missed his physical presence. We had a nice welcome home dinner and after our daughter had gone to her room to watch TV, I poured us each a final glass of wine and, at my husband’s signal, stood by his chair. I inched my skirt up over my hips, revealing a new sexy red satin thong and oohhhed and aahhhed as he nuzzled away and slid a finger up my damp cunny. Then he turned me around, bent me forward and, as I braced my forearms on a chair, tugged aside the thong and buried his face in the creamy crack.

It had been more than a month since he’d last had his mouth down there and we were both ready for it. He slobbered away for long minutes, continuing to finger my cunny, until I came to a shuddering cum, that necessary first one for the evening. Callum withdrew his fingers, but continued to ream my butt. I could feel him probing deep inside and I moaned to let him know how good it felt. Eventually he pulled away and I turned to him for a kiss, feeling the heat and tasting the mustiness. I knelt, shifting into submissive mode, and he stood and allowed me to undo his belt and get his pants and shorts down. His cock was already semi hard and I kissed and licked it, giggling as it twitched and thickened. Callum hissed that it was my turn to show what I could do with my tongue, then turned and bent over the table. He loves having his butt tongued and god knows I enjoy doing it. Last night it was all sweaty and musty – afterall he’d been travelling most of the day – and I spent a while cleaning the salty crack and washing the tight rosebud before pushing my tongue against the pulpy muscle. It opened readily, the rank taste, the pungent smell, his gasps and moans all fuelling my lust. His cock of course was hard as the proverbial nail and I stroked it lightly as I lapped.

We were in danger of over heating so I eased back and finished by sucking on his low hanging balls, easily accessible at this angle, making him gasp and grunt afresh. Then he took me by the hand and we headed for the bedroom. We undressed and while Callum searched for the KY gel, I arranged a pile of pillows and got up on my hands and knees. He greased my butt, I brought him back to full attention with my mouth, then he slowly worked the big head into and gently through my date – after all it had been more than a month and he’s a sizeable lad! We both let out long sighs almanbahis casino and I shifted a bit to better accommodate him. Then hands on my hips he asked if I was ready. I told him to fuck me deep, fuck me long and fuck me hard.

God! The feeling as he drove that cock up my pooper! His thighs landed against me with a thud and I felt his full weight behind that girder in my guts. Then he was back and lunging forward again. And again. Then setting up a good rhythm that had me grunting and gasping in quick succession. It was so physical, so powerful. He fucked me like a machine then suddenly pulled out and told me to roll over and sit up. He grabbed me by the hair, tilted my head back and slotted that pulsing monster between my lips. I sucked like a demon and worked his balls with my hands.

He pushed me onto my back on the bed, hoisted my legs onto his shoulders and told me he was going to fuck me till my teeth rattled. Then his cock was plunging back up my shitter and mashing my guts into a different configuration. I pulled his face down onto my hot heavy tits and he worried at the nipples with first lips then teeth as he bucked away. Then, when I didn’t think I could take any more, he stood upright, jagging in yet a different place, and ground his palm over my twat. I lifted up so that my clit was being pressed and that let his cock go in just a fraction deeper. And then I was unexpectedly, overpoweringly cumming. For long moments I was only aware of the physical assault deep inside me and Callum’s fingers between my teeth as I tossed and thrashed. Christ I came hard!

When I came to, Callum was still thrusting away, face gleaming with sweat. I flexed my sphincter and he gave me a lusty smile saying he was close. He pulled back and I struggled up and then knelt on the carpet. He may have been close, but I was in no hurry. Hell! It had been more than a month and I wanted to suck that cock for a good while. He called me a teasing bitch as I licked and kissed it clean before letting it in past my lips. The delaying tactic worked and he had to face fuck me for a good while before I got his load – a nice big scummy week’s worth. He grunted and shuddered as it gushed out and I continued to suck, my cheeks hollowing, until he went all limp. He gasped at me to show him and I stood and opened my mouth so he could see the gooey mess, lightly wanking his wet cock as I did so. As I rolled the spooge over my teeth and blew bubbles, I felt a definite surge in his cock. I knelt down and took that lovely tool in my mouth again and washed it all over with the thick jizz, pulling back so that Callum could see it coated and dripping, then tonguing and slurping it back. Amazing! In less than a couple of minutes he was fully hard again. I continued to play the messy game until Callum pulled me up and kissed me. When he does that, I know he is hot! We shared what remained of the semen, tongues thrusting back and forth, licking teeth; and I kept him hard with gentle wanking.

Now it was my turn to be demanding. It had been some time since Callum had risen to the occasion a second time and I was going to take full advantage of it. I pushed him onto his back and quickly mounted him, my puss stretching deliciously. Then I rode him, hanging my tits in his sweaty face and getting a good boob workout. The wet squishing at our groins was turning me on and I urged him to fuck me harder as I raised and dropped myself on his pole. A few minutes of this and then we rolled over and continued in the missionary position. Very nice long loving, lots of kisses and whispers, slow build up and nice cumming. Just what I needed after the days apart.

We woke late this morning and had to rush to get off to school and work. I would have liked a bit of loving, but I’m sure tonight I’ll get all I need……

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I Love the Way He Takes My Ass

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We were lying naked on top of the blankets. I was stroking his chest and belly, nuzzling my face into his neck, breathing in the smell of him. He took my right hand and slid it down to his soft penis. I obediently began to pet him, gently running my fingers up and down his shaft, around the edges of the head of his dick, dipping my pinky finger into the hole on the top of it. I pushed my body against his harder. He began to harden.

“Suck it,” he instructed me, in a tone indicating he had no doubt I would do as I was told.

And I did.

I rose to my knees beside his head, and lowered my face to his groin, cupping his balls in one hand and taking his half-erect cock into my mouth hungrily.

He immediately began to get harder, which encouraged me and made my mouth water. I opened my mouth and pushed him as far in my mouth as I could, letting my tongue hang out of my mouth, licking his penis as good as I could. This made my mouth water more, and I realized I had spit running down my chin. I didn’t care. He tasted so good. Smelled so good. He was getting so hard. I slid my tongue into the hole on the top of his penis and tasted some of his pre-cum that was welling up there for me. He was moaning. I was pleasing him.

I was enjoying this more than I thought I might. I hadn’t had his cock in a couple of weeks, and I’d been in heat for him all week, and I had thought that I would need him to fuck me as soon as he was hard, but I had forgotten how much I enjoy sucking his cock. I decided to reposition myself to get more comfortable, I wanted to stay here a while. I moved from kneeling beside him to straddling his chest, my freshly waxed pussy in his face. almanbahis

“What a pretty little pussy you have,” he said to me.

“Mmmmm.” I agreed, as I continued to slobber on his cock. I wagged it in his face.

I felt him pull my ass cheeks apart.

“What a pretty pink little asshole you have.”

This excited me. I moved my mouth up and down on his cock to, slurping loudly, hoping he could tell.

I could feel his hot breath against my asshole.

“Did you clean that asshole out for me today?” he asked.

I take his cock out of my wet mouth long enough to say, “Yes, sir.”

“What a good girl.”

His approval excites me, and I eagerly took his cock back into my mouth, pushing it way back as far as it would go. I gagged a little, and that produced a fresh layer of thick slobber. I grasped the base of his cock and stroked him as good as I knew how while I continued to suck the head of his sweet cock. He was so hard. He tasted so good.

I felt his tongue in my ass. He’d never done that before, so this surprised me. I stopped and gasped. Just for a second, then I went back to servicing his throbbing penis. It was very hard now.

I felt him run a finger along my slit. Oh! I was so wet. It felt so good for him to touch me.

“You’re always so wet,” he marveled.

“You always make me so horny,” I mumbled, my mouth full of cock.

He raised his hips, sliding his cock into my throat, and that same time he plunged one of his fingers, wet with my juices, right up my asshole.

I gasped, and began to eagerly suck and stroke him.

I felt wetness in my asshole. I realized he was licking me sloppily, almanbahis yeni giriş salivating heavily. Soon, he had two fingers in my cunt, and another in my ass. I pushed my hips back against him, to show my appreciation. I licked and sucked more excitedly on his strong hard cock.

Then I was overwhelmed by pleasure. I had to stop sucking. I raised my head up, panting. He was making me feel so good, I thought I might cum. I felt my pussy muscles tighten. I grabbed his cock and tried to stroke it, but I was pretty caught up in what he was doing to my ass and pussy.

He continued to stroke my holes for a while, but then he stopped, pulled his fingers away. The fingers he had in my pussy were slick with my cum, and he pulled my asshole apart and rubbed the juices there.

“I didn’t say you could stop,” he said to me, not harshly.

Oh god. I scrambled to get his cock back in my mouth as quickly as I could manage.

“You like sucking my cock, don’t you?”

I mumbled yes and nodded in agreement. He pushed my head down and lifted his hips up, gagging me again. He knows I like it. He knows I like it when he pushes his cock way back in the back of my throat, so I have a sore throat for days after.

“You better get that cock nice and wet, girl. Cuz when you’re done, you know what I’m going to do to you, don’t you?”

I nodded eagerly, up and down on his cock. He was throbbing. I was afraid if I didn’t stop soon he’d cum in my mouth. I love the taste of his cum, but I didn’t want him to cum in my mouth. Not now.

I slid my mouth up and down, slobbering as much as I could, so excited I couldn’t stop moaning. I was gasping almanbahis giriş for air. I love it when he’s so hard and I know I made him that way.

His cock was big and hard, throbbing, covered thickly with my saliva. My pussy was wet, also throbbing, and my ass was full of my pussy juices and his saliva. I was about as ready as I was going to be, so I pulled myself reluctantly away from his cock, climbing off of him.

“How do you want it?” I asked him.

“Get on your back.”

I did as I was told.

“Draw your knees to your chest, like last time.”

I did as I was told.

He stood over me, his hard cock in his hand, gazing down lovingly. “God you look good”, he said to me.

I looked him straight in the eye. I knew what he was going to do to me. I knew he wouldn’t hurt me, but I was still a little scared.

He bent forward and kissed me gently. “Are you ready?”

I nodded.

Then I felt him spread my asshole apart. I felt the head of his cock against my asshole. I felt him push into me.

I moaned. Equal parts pleasure and pain.

He pushed harder. I closed my eyes. “Are you okay?” he asked me.

I nodded and I then I felt him plunge deeply in my ass. Completely past the pain now.

I felt so full. I moaned again, opened my eyes. He was still gazing down at me. When I made eye contact with him and smiled, his nostrils flared and he began pounding me. Nothing but pure pleasure and desire in his eyes. I was pleasing him. I belonged to him. I closed my eyes and he lowered himself down on me, really pushing in deep now.

“Still okay?”

“Oh baby,” I whimpered, opening my eyes, and looking right at him, “I have never been better.”

And then he grabbed my hips and fucked me mercilessly, harder than he’d ever fucked my ass before, filling me full of his hot cum and making me scream with pleasure.

And this is why I love him.

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